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Playing with a couple
Posted:Mar 19, 2011 9:33 am
Last Updated:Dec 25, 2016 12:21 am

I have thought how fun it would be to be a sex toy or sex servant to a couple, guided by you on how I please!!! The two of you could be sitting on the couch and she could tell me to sit between his legs tell me to start out licking his balls as she licks his ear and whispers erotic thinks into his ear, he starts playing with her tits, she tells when his cock is good and hard suck it and don't let a single drop escape your mouth!!! While your kissing he reaches down and gentle starts rubbing her clit getting ready for me when I'm done with his cock, she starts purring in his ear urging him on to cum, to shoot a big load down my throat, his cock starts getting harder longer and I start sucking harder tighter as he shoots a big load down my throat, after milking his cock clean I move between her legs and start licking around her swollen lips every now and again flicking my tongue over her sensitive clit he is kissing her looking to her eyes as I slip my finger in and stroke her G-spot and lick her clit, she reaches down and starts stroking his cock getting it hard again, then she tells him to play with my butt plug he gets down behind me he grabs the lube and as he pulls it out adds some more lube also lubing up his cock and then pulls out my plug and pushes his hard cock deep inside me letting me get use to his big cock inside me then he starts slowly pushing his cock in and out of me, it feels so good I can't wait to feel him cumming deep inside me and I know she can't wait to be the one in the middle feeling to cocks inside her!!! I beg him to please let me know when he is going to cum deep inside me so I can suck hard on her clit and rub her G-spot so we all are in ecstasy at the same time, he says he is getting close so with one hand I press down while rubbing her G-spot and place the flat of my tongue on her clit and lick in long strokes when he says he is cumming I start sucking on her clit!!!! Then she says it's her turn and she wants are to cocks in her and the erotic fun goes on!!!!!!
Double Sided Strap-On And True Tantric Sex!!!!
Posted:Oct 5, 2010 2:13 pm
Last Updated:May 10, 2014 2:02 am
I'm at work having a busy day when I receive a text "Hi baby sex was great this morning, but wait till tonight!!!" right after that text I get another one "Baby I got a new toy!!! and tonight it's going to bring us closer than we have ever been!!!" before I can send her a text I get another one " Tonight I'm in charge, don't ask any questions just think Tantric and be home on time, Kisses" Well now I'm excited, I love it when she takes the dominate roll and we have been exploring tantric sex and have always enjoyed it and can't wait to see what she has in mind!!!! I get home and she meets me at the front door in her small satin robe kisses me takes me by the hand and leads me up stairs once we are in the bedroom she starts removing my clothes, I start to help and she stops me and says tonight I do everything tonight, after she gets me naked she drops her robe and leads me into the bathroom were she has the jetted tub filled candles lit and the whole room smells of honey we climb into the tub cuddle enjoying the warmth of the silky water and the jets circling the water around us, looking into each others eyes stroking each others skin, then she picks up the razor and starts with my face and shaves my entire body, after she has shaved me completely and we are lying in each others arms she reaches down and wraps her hand around my cock, after she gets me nice and hard she climbs on top of me and rides my cock and tells me after I cum in her we save my cock for the morning!! She rides me with passion both of us enjoying the moment and what's to come!! She has that look on her face that she is stating to cum and starts riding me harder needed to feel me cum deep inside and when I do her body milks the feeling trying to make it last much longer!! After laying and holding each other to savor the moment we get up and head to the shower were we rinse off and apply honey scented body lotion, we put on are robes and cuddle on the bed letting the lotion sink into are skin, I ask her about the new toy and she tells me you will see it soon and kisses me gets up and pulls out the silky nylons we will wear and tells me no high heels tonight then she shows me the new toy!!! It's a double sided strap-on, she has the big grin on her face and is eager to try it out and so am I!!! We lube it up and I help get into it, as it slides into her and we get it nice and tight on her she purrs with excitement, standing we hug feeling the side that will soon be in me between us!!! She tells me to get on the bed on my back and starts lubbing and playing with my ass to get me relaxed and ready for her to enter me, once I'm ready she gets between my legs and starts to work her silicone cock into me enjoying the feeling of the one in her! It's hard to explain the joy and pleasure of feeling my beautiful girl between my legs and in me, and knowing that she is also experiencing a cock in her at the same time makes it even more intense...TANTRIC.... Once she is all the way inside me, my legs wrapped around her and every little movement bring us pleasure at the same time is magical, as she lays on top of me looking into my eyes the two of us lightly kissing enjoying the sensation!!! In a word it is perfect!!!! TRUE TANTRIC SEX!!! All weekend long we tried different positions and stroke technics but I will not share them with you!!! I'D RATHER SHOW YOU!!!!!
How my girl likes it
Posted:Sep 3, 2010 5:49 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2016 3:46 am

When I get to her place and she answers the door by just look in her eyes and how she grabs my hand and the soft lingering kiss I know just how she wants it tonight! We start the evening with a nice meal and some red wine chit chatting about how are days have gone, after dinner I help with the dishes making sure to rube her shoulders and place my hand on the back of her neck and running my finger up along her ear. We go out on to the deck to watch the sun set and to finnish our wine, as we sit in the swing she snuggles up to me resting her head on my shoulder, my arm around her holder her hand I softly kiss her forehead, she looks up into my eyes and we start to softly kiss each others lips, we can kiss like this for a long time staring into each others eyes enjoying the feel of each others lips and tongues! But she wants more so takes my hans and leads me to the bedroom, once in there we slowly disrobe each other enjoying the touch of the other, after we are naked we kiss some more and I move down to here neck lightly kissing and licking her neck, I push her back onto the bed and lay next to her looking into her eyes and slowly stroking her body running my hand slowly up and down here side watching for the flush of her skin, I kiss her lips and then slowly work my way down, first caressing her breast with my hands then cupping one in my hand I start kissing the top of her breast and slowly work my way to her nipple licking it side ways and then lightly wrapping my lips softly around it while my tongue lightly licks the tip of it, her hands lightly holding my head, then moving to the other one, I slowly start kissing my way down her stomach, I position her on the edge of the bed so I can now start kissing her thighs as my fingers start working her lips rubbing up and down and in a small circular motion just they she likes, I slowly kiss my way down till my tongue rests fully on her, my tongue starts the same circular motions only now the tip of my tongue pushes in as I work my tongue up to her now exposed clit, I do this over and over again taking time to suck and lick her now swollen lips and clit, as I am doing this I slowly work my fingers into her till I finally hit her g-spot and start to rub it just how she likes it! After I'm sure she has had a few climaxes I pull her on top of me as I sit on a stool so she can ride my cock keeping deep in side her, as she sits on top of me her arms around my neck looking into my eyes she stays firmly sitting on me she rides me gyrating front to back to get maximum stimulation, the look in her eyes, her soft kisses, the moisture of her skin says it all! As her movements slow and her kisses get more intense I pick her up, still inside her and lay her on the bed with me standing next to the bed her legs around me and her eyes begging me to now cum in her I start thrusting into her until I cum deep inside her, her holding me tight inside her not wanting me to move! As we come down off of are sex high we lay in each others arms eyes looking into eyes and lips gently kissing till we fall asleep
More fun at the athletic club
Posted:Sep 2, 2010 11:24 am
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2020 10:57 pm
The guy I met in the spa told me there are a lot of hot guys here with smokin hot bodies and big cocks that would love to meet me, so i told him that if they come in and I'm here they should say "What do you know" and if it's me I'll respond with "That you have one hard body" with that he can invite me to feel it and boy will I!!!

So I'm in the spa it's around 3AM and in walks this hot guy his cock hanging down nice and thick likes it's ready to get hard and before I can look up he says "So what do you know" licking my lips I say " That you have a nice hard body" as my eyes go back down to his cock, his hand goes down to his cock to stroke it and I say no let me do that for you and slowly move towards him as I get close I run my hands up the back of his legs and as I come up I take the head of his cock into my mouth licking and sucking on just the head, when I feel him start to harden I take more of his cock into my mouth enjoying the feel of his big thick cock getting hard in my mouth, as he gets harder he steps further into the spa and I feel his hands gently holding my head as he enjoys me sucking him, his cock starts oozing precum and I can't resist to just suck on his cock head as I use my hand to milk out as much precum as I can, then I do a slow deep hard suck of his cock as my hand slides down his cock and then start sucking him deep and tight now wanting him to shoot a nice big load down my throat, as I feel his balls tighten as I lightly stroke them with my finger tips I know he is close so I suck really tight so I can enjoy his cock pulsing in my mouth as he gets to the point of no return I suck his cock as deep as I can into my mouth and suck as tight as I can pull back just little so I'm sucking as tight as I can and he explodes, his cock pulses and shoots a big load down my throat, I continue to hold his cock nice in tight in my mouth till he has fully relaxed and enjoyed his orgasm and then suck and milk all the cum out of his cock, his hands stroking my head he tells me how great that was and tells me he would do anything to keep getting blowjobs like that and asks how do I please you...to be continued
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Tri-Cities Athletic club
Posted:Aug 10, 2010 3:43 pm
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2013 1:52 pm

I just spent the day with my Bi FWB girl who I get together with for soft enjoyable sex, she loves to dress me up in lingerie and we enjoy soft kisses, soft petting, a lot of licking the only rule is only penetration (most of the time) is with tongues (she does want to use a strap-on on me but agrees to wait till I can feel a real cock, but don't tell her I can't wait to feel her between my legs on to of me inside me looking into her beautiful eyes and kissing her lips!!!) she loves how I lick her and massage her g-spot and I love when she sticks her tongue in my ass (she has taught me how to clean it inside and out and flavor it with cherry flavoring), as I'm driving home from her house I decide to go to the club and use the jacuzzi I love the strong jets it has, love feeling it shooting in my ass!! It's early in the morning and know one is there I strip down and climb in and joy the strong jets, as they do there magic I think about the time with my Bi friend, and decide to take a chance I pull my glass dildo out of my bag and my lube and push it in(little did I know there was this hot tall stud watching in the window as I did it) I enjoy the feel of feeling me up but start worrying some one might walk end so pull it out and put it away. As I'm laying over the edge with my ass hanging above the water I hear the door open and look over my shoulder and there is this hot 6'3" stud standing there with hard body and big hard cock, and he says don't move, it gets in the water moves right up behind me and places his big hard cock between my asscheeks and slowly moves it up and down stroking it between my asscheeks!! He bends over and whispers in my ear is this what you want!! All I can say is how good it feels as he is stroking his cock up and down he reaches into my bag and pulls out my lube and asks is it flavored, with my head swimming all I can say is cherry, pulls cock away and inserts the tip and fills me with some and pulls it out and squirts some on my excited little virgin hole. Next I feel his finger rub it in the next thing I feel is his soft tongue licking and probing my excited hole, I don;t know how long he was doing it all I can remember is begging him to fuck my virgin hole!!! He tells me to reach back and spread my cheeks he fills me with lube again, I finally feel the head of his big cock rubbing against my hole waiting to feel him push it in, he is careful and pushes it in slowly and he finally fills me fully it feels great! He whispers how good I feel nice and tight and I tell him I love feeling him so deep inside me, he slowly starts to pump in and out of and slowly increases how big he pumps in and out of me and slowly increases how fast, I'm in such ecstasy I love the feel of his big cock head deep inside me and can't wait to feel him explode in me!!! His pace quickens and he pushes it in as deep as he can and I feel him pulsing inside of me as he lays down on top of me, beg him not to move and not to take it out enjoying the feel of him deep inside me!!! As he finally gets soft and slips out of me he sits down in the jucuzzi I straddle his legs lay my head on his shoulder and say thank you I needed that, my hands go to his cock and start stroking it wanting it hard again! As his cock finally gets fully hard again I ask him to sit on the ledge of the jucuzzi, I crawl between his legs and while holding and stroking his cock start licking the head soon I'm sucking his whole cock deep in my mouth and as his precum starts flowing my mouth works on his head as my hands work it up to my waiting mouth, soon I'm back to sucking fully on his cock and as it starts to swell in my mouth I feel his hands on my head, I know he's close so I start sucking tighter waiting to feel his cock pulse and shoot down my throat, I take his cock deep as he starts to cum shooting big powerful shots I swallow and enjoy the big load he feeds me and suck his cock till he goes soft in my mouth!!! He tells me the next time will be in a bed and I tell him I want it every way he will give it to me, between my legs on of me, me on top of him, him sitting while I reverse cowgirl between his legs, standing with him behind me and ask him if I can wear my fuck-me high heels!!! He says of course and says he is looking forward to finding new ways to fuck me!!! I can't wait!!!!!
Home Delivery
Posted:Jul 22, 2010 7:47 pm
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2018 12:17 pm

NOTE: All stories and fantasies in my blog are just that, but hope that they could be real someday!!!!

We met on line and I'm excited he has agreed to me live out of my fantasies of being a delivery guy with documents he needs to sign right away and deliver back to the sender, I arrive at his house and knock on his door he opens the door and there he is standing in his bathrobe he is tall and has the body of a porn star I step in side and as he closes the door his bathrobe comes open and cut body and big soft cock comes into view, my lust over comes me I can't resist I drop to my knees and ask is this my tip??? I start licking his cock enjoying the feel of his big cut cock head on my tongue before taking the head into my mouth, I take his cock all the way into my mouth and suck tightly so we can both enjoy the feel of it growing hard in my mouth, I want to last forever and enjoy his precum oozing into my mouth but I also can't wait to feel his cock pulsing and shooting a big load down my throat! As I'm sucking and licking his cock I feel his hands holding my head and can't but think what it would be like to feel him fuck my virgin ass! As I suck on his cock I work taking him deeper into my throat, I hope he will let me practice alot on his cock so I can deepthroat his cock with ease so I can enjoy him fucking my mouth! I feel his cock starting to get harder and longer, I start sucking tighter and deeper I feel him holding my head tighter he gasps, I suck real tight and feel his cock pulsing and shooting cum down my throat, I suck hard with every pulse enjoying it and suck till he goes soft in my mouth!!! I thank him and ask if I can do this often and maybe more and leave thinking about are next time!!!!
Daddy's little girl (or should I say gurl)! Continued
Posted:Jul 10, 2010 11:17 am
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2010 9:12 pm

Daddy reaches down into the drawer and pulls out some cute little panties and says put these on, I start to take the dildo out and daddy says no leave it in, so I do as I'm told and pull the panties up, they hold the dildo in nice and tight! Daddy turns me around and pushes me down and daddy says no make your daddy hard, daddies big cock is right in front of my face I start licking it it feels so nice, I wrap my lips around his nice big head and suck slowly taking more and more into my mouth, it feels so nice getting big in my mouth and as I suck I feel the dildo deep inside me driving me crazy, daddy is completely hard now daddy is breathing hard now and says when I tell you to take his cock as deep in my mouth as I can suck tightly a start swallowing, I can taste him now and feel him getting bigger, then daddy says get ready daddies going to cum, I take him deep and suck so I can feel ever inch of his cock in my mouth and then the moment I've been waiting for starts!!! Daddies cock starts pulsing and I feel him shooting down my throat!!! It was amazing and keep sucking until daddy pulls me away, I'll daddy how much I'd loved it and hope he will let me do it some more! Daddy says I need alot of practice so I can learn to deepthroat him and be able to take daddy fucking my mouth, I can't wait!!! But daddy tells me to stand up so he can play with me and recharge his battery, he tells me stand up and lean against the dresser he says lets see how tight you are and pulls down my panties and he tells me to reach back and spread my cheeks and says he's glad I used the cherry flavored lube, he pulls out the dildo and starts rubbing me with his finger and then pushes it in and says he knows how to get me to relax and the next thing I feel is his tongue licking and pushing into me!!! My head was swimming it felt so good the deeper he pushed his tongue in the more I wanted, know it was my turn to breath hard and all I could think of was how much I wanted him to fuck me I started begging he just said not yet, I started getting hot I ddin't want to stop but also I wanted him to stop so I could feel him inside me!! I felt daddy work three fingers into me and he said I was finally ready, he stands up and for the first time I feel his cock start to slide into me, it starts to hurt alittle but daddy says relax it will be ok and then finally he all the way inside me, the pain goes away and feeling daddy in me, holding me, and feeling his body against me has me tingling from head to toe!!! Daddy tells me how good I feel and then starts pumping, I want it to last forever, daddy says he is going to cum so hard and I tell him I can't wait to feel him cum inside me, daddy starts pumping harder and then he pushes his cock as deep as he can in me and hold me tight and feel him cum in me, I beg him not to take his cock out of me, but daddy says he has to get back to work but says don't worry there are many other positions I need to learn and still need to learn to deeptroat, with that daddy gets dressed and leaves, I clean up mommies toys put them away and go to my room and lay on my bed thinking about other positions, deeptroating, and how great it will feel letting my daddy fuck my mouth!!! TO BE CONTINUED!!!!
Daddy's little girl (or should I say gurl)!
Posted:Jul 9, 2010 2:23 pm
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2010 4:35 pm

One of the days I was skipping school and in my parents room I heard the door downstairs, not wanting to get caught I hid in the closet, my mom rushed into the room already talking her close off after she was naked she open up one of her drawers and pulled out some sexy clothes and platform high heels, she looked really sexy! Then she pulled out a glass dildo and I watched as she lubed it up and bushed it into her ass, I watched as she stood there enjoying it, then I heard the front door again and shortly after that my daddy walked into the room totally naked, it was my first time to see a real cock and daddy had a nice one, then he said "you dirty little girl what are you doing home from school" and then my mom said "oh daddy don"t spank me I'll be good" and my mommy got down and started licking and sucking my daddies cock, as my mom suck my mouth started watering and all I could think about was how I wished it was me sucking my daddies cock and what it would be like! Then daddy stood my mom up got behind her and started rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks, my mom reached down and spread her cheeks and my daddy pushed his cock in, as I watched all I could think about was how I wished it was me daddy was doing it too! When they were done they got dressed really fast and both went back to there jobs, I now now what day they do this and make sure I'm there to watch, but one day when I got to the house I could see there was a message on the answer machine, it was my mom saying sorry she can't make it! All I could think of here I am alone in the house and soon my daddy will be coming home and he will get naked come up the stairs for sex!! My lust took over I went up stairs striped off my clothes and put my moms sexy clothes on, when I put moms sexy platform high heels on I felt so sexy and all I could think of was feeling daddies big hard cock against me, in me, and sucking him off!!! I found moms lube and her dildo and worked it in me, it was hard at first but once I got it in it felt ok. Then I heard the front door, I can't describe how I felt, I just hopped my daddy would not be mad and let me feel his cock!! As my daddy walked in I say "oh please daddy don't be mad but I've been watching you and mommy and I need to feel your cock, I'll be good daddy I promise" my daddy says "I you sure your ready for this" and he reaches down and spins the dildo around in my ass, as I gasp and say "oh yes daddy please" he says " will you do as daddy says" and pushes it in out, gasping I say yes daddy....TO BE CONTINUED!!!
Posted:Jul 2, 2010 8:40 am
Last Updated:Mar 15, 2015 6:32 am

I want hot sex, I don't want to talk about it, I WANT IT RIGHT NOW! It could be me crawling between the legs of a girl kissing my way up to here pussy and licling and stroking her G-spot to an incredible orgasm or a guy once through my door I greet him by getting down on my knees and pulling his pants down and licking his big cut cock till it starts getting hard then talking the head in my mouth to enjoy it getting hard at first slowly sucking it so I can enjoy the precum then sucking to enjoy it shooting down my throat!!! This could be a morning quicky or lunch time quicky(for both men and women) to be continued later or maybe even a long sex marrathon!!! I can't wait to meet the guy I let break in my virgin ass(getting tired of my glass dildo and nothing would turn me on more than while I'm sucking his cock to hear him say he wants me to sit on his cock!!!) With that being said I'm not looking for alot of people, I would like just one hot guy that I can be what ever he wants, don't like hairy or flabby, I like to find a woman who just can't get enough sex and love a guy who wants to please here on her terms!!!! I'd love to be a couples play toy, I can think of lots of fun things, but would love to hear some of your ideas!!!

I really can not tell who this interest so please email me and for those who have not made the commitment by becoming paying members, well you are just going have an figure out away!!!

I'm here! I'm waiting! I could be yours you just have to email me!!!
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Looking for people who "Get It"
Posted:Jun 22, 2010 4:18 pm
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2010 8:23 pm

What do mean? I'm looking for people who do not put restrictions on pleasure, who have realized how liberating it is to understand and enjoy pleasure!!! They enjoy the anticipation that comes along with that freedom and realize that it's not only the act of sex but the moments before that make all that more pleasurable!!! That's why I want to be the property of a couple, because there are so many possible exciting moments to be had!!!

Pleasure is what we make of it and if we free our minds and just enjoy all the things we can imagine think of all the joy and excitement we can have!!!!

so if that sounds like you I'll invite you over we can enjoy some wine and even a movie and if nothing else become friends!!!
Contact Me
Posted:Jun 13, 2010 12:22 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2013 4:49 pm

Out of respect for all on here, I will wait to be contacted by you because some people make mistakes on their profile (Put looking for a man by mistake), not ready yet for exciting kinky sex, or serious about what they want! If you are not a paying member I have to wonder if you really serious about what you say and their are ways to contact people without being a member, you can send a note when asking someone to join your friends network!!

I mainly just stay on the first page of the local contact page and I'm not here to collect pics, I want to make contacts for sex!!! That being said if you are overweight, flabby, or hard up I won't be interested in you! But if you are in shape and have sexy kinky mind and love multiple orgasms contact me!!!
Adventerous people let the fun begin!!!
Posted:Jun 13, 2010 12:05 pm
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2020 10:57 pm

I'm looking for adventerous people who are open minded, kinky and love taboo sex!!! There is nothing more exciting than exciting taboo sex but that takes a person who is ready to open up to what they want and be ready to go for it!!! I would love to find a woman brave enough to come over in a sexy little dress(and not wearing panties!!!) some sexy high heels and I promise when you walk through my front door your pay off is going to be worth it, after the door is closed I'll drop to my kness and start caressing your legs and ass waiting for you to pull up your dress so I can start gently kissing and tasting you, I love exploring the many ways a woman loves to be kissed and touched and stimulating your g-spot deep in side you! Every womans g-spot is differnt but once you find how she likes it stimulated(some like it gentle some like it firm, some enjoy circular motion while others enjoy an up and down motion) to bring multible orgasams and I love to find every way to excite you and I'm ready to explore every thing that excites you!!!!

For men brave enough to give in to their desires to explore every way to make your big cut cock to shoot lots of cum from the minute they walk in the door till they leave, but you have to have the balls to contact me and I'll explore every kinky way way to make your cock cum!!! I would love a straight guy who wants to explore exciting kinky sex, I want you to forget I have a cock and lets just focus on every way to stimulate yours!!!

Couples I want to play with both of you!!! I want to enhance the sex you all ready enjoy with each other!!! Being with each of you seperatly so you can go home to tell the other to get them all excited before fucking each others brains out, to all of us together for a three way how ever you want it to being directed by the other on what they want me to do to their spouse!!!

There are so many kinky and exciting things we can do and I am ready to help and enjoy every idea you have!!! Come on I dare you to share your fantacies with me!!!!
In no hurry to find what I want
Posted:May 31, 2010 1:02 pm
Last Updated:Jun 9, 2010 3:22 pm

I am in no hurry to find the right people to be with! My desire is to give the most erotic and enjoyable pleasure to the woman, man, or couple I am with, from the minute they walk in the door I want to start giving you pleasure!! I want to find a woman who loves being sexy and daring, I would like her to show up in a sexy short (mini) dress, sexy high heels, and no panties and once she in the door I will drop to my knees ready to please her every desire, I would want her to pull her dress up so I start pleasing her and as her pleasure builds holding my head and slowly stepping forward so I am slightly leaning back and she is riding my mouth and as her desire grows moove her over to the couch so she can put her legs in the air so I can more deeply pleasure her and also work on her G-spot bring her the most pleasur I can (I use to have a girl who use to drive all the way from Montana and or weekends would start this way, she told me no one ever made her cum like I did and no kisses as good as I do she said cuddling and kissing was as good as the sex we had)!!!

As for a man he will have to be sexy and willing to understand sex with him is all about his cock, I want him to forget I have one!!! Because the sex will be all about him and his cock I need him to have a great body and cock, so the minute he walks through my door I have to get his cock out so I can feel it, lick it, and suck it!!! I would like him tall because their is nothing I won't do for him, in fact I want to dress up for him in lingerie and sexy heels, even slutty stripper heels feel him standing behind me his big cock between my ass cheeks and for the right guy when I find him let him have my virgin ass!! I never want to ever want or even touch my cock but explore every way of pleasing his cock!!!

As for a couple of course all of the above but would be more flexable on their needs and desires, I would like a couple that would be open to me spending time alone with both of them to explore and to plan sexy fun ideas to try when we all together!!!

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