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Cumming inside you!
Posted:Jun 29, 2020 3:15 pm
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 8:44 am

She dressed for our date, and so did I. As we agreed, we were proudly and deliciously nude beneath our outer clothes. She and I were totally ok with seeing a married person. We met in the morning since we both could get away more often during the day. She and I had met online, emailed one another and traded pictures, and at last we decided to hook up. I loved sex outside as well as inside, and so did she. We both drove to the place and parked, then planned to walk until we found a secluded spot. I took my yoga mat and she took a blanket. We knew how this would end, and we were both ready. Our marriages were stable but they both lacked sex, and we both had had previous lovers. We also knew we liked each other, shared the same views, and were totally willing and able to kiss, suck, lick and fuck freely, openly and proudly without hesitation or shame.

When we got out of our cars, we smiled and exchanged small talk, then hugged and kissed. Arm in arm, we headed off on our new adventure. As we strolled on the trail, we began to softly stroke each other, then kissed again - this time a wet tongue kiss. She held me around my ass and I did the same to her. Soon, we found a nice spot just off the trail and spread my mat and her blanket. We removed our shoes and then we hugged again, this time sensuously. As we locked our mouths, we felt each other up. I slowly lifted her skirt, and she un buckled me and unzipped my pants. We also unbuttoned each other's tops. *Y*\8 Her breasts, happily unencumbered by a bra, were magnificent. I could tell she loved to show them off and have them fondled. She had nice nipples and big round areolae to go with her perfect roundness, and I complimented her extensively. So were her wonderful ass, great legs, and kissable mouth. She loved to help my cock grow and to fondle my ball sac. Gradually, we shed our clothes and sank to the blanket.

I knew that she loved to get her pussy eaten, so I proceeded to hold her naked ass cheeks as my mouth and tongue found her pussy slit and her clit. I did not stop until she shook with her first orgasm, squirting her cum juice proudly over my face. We then kissed so she could taste herself. "I'm ready for you now," she said softly as she smiled up at me. I spread her legs, exposing her to God and everybody, her pussy wet and willing for our fuc I held her legs back with my arms, then positioned myself. Slowly my penis head parted her inner lips and my shaft slid into her cunt, balls-deep. My precum mixed with her juices so that both her and my ball sac would quickly be soaked with our liquid lust. No sound interrupted us except our breathing as I began to fuck her. We had waited for so long! As we pistons lustily in unison, the warm summer air caressed our bodies and we exulted in nature's eternal dance, horny people lost in lust. In time, I began feel my loins get ready, and I told her I was ready to cum. She responded by holding tight, making sure I could not pull out of her. With a soft moan, my semen left my balls, raced up my shaft, and I proudly splashed her walls, filling her with my liquid offering. We kissed again, and I told her how gorgeous she was and how proud I was to be her lover. Then, as my penis plopped out of her, I reached down and gathered a finger-full of our mixed juices, then fed them to her. She took it eagerly, then kissed me again. We had at last done what we wanted - we had fucked openly, proudly and had cheated our partners shamelessly and without hesitation. We held each other, kissing and whispering, then decided we should dress and go back to the car. She insisted on keeping my penis out and happily held it in her hand as she pulled me along. She of course wore no underwear, and until we neared the car I lifted her skirt, kept her top open, and fondled her breasts and her ass cheeks. We were in lust, and we knew it, realizing that this was only the first of many times that her body would receive mine and I would proudly satisfy her. We got arranged before we emerged at the car, and I opened the door and laid a towel on the passenger seat so our juices that leaked from her cunt wouldn't stain anything.

A glorious start to a delicious affair!*Y*@!@\8happyf;...\

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