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Social Mores, Trends, Fads, and Taboos  

CandyShark 54M  
16 posts
1/8/2021 12:20 pm
Social Mores, Trends, Fads, and Taboos

So … now I’m sort of hooked on the idea of writing up some quick posts just to engage others in conversation—see what others think, gain perspective. I also have to get some work done today, so it will have to be fast.

Let’s talk about what the sexual norms are these days, what the fads are, what’s always been a thing and what is absolutely verboten.

So here’s a premise to chew on: true or false, porn makes fads and trends spread more quickly, makes things more socially acceptable (Linda Lovelace’s shaved pussy was different to see in the late 70s but totally the norm by the 90s in porn and also out here in the civilian world ).

Many profiles here will mention prohibited things like: no pee or poo games, no pain, etc. Oddly, some of these same profile owners will post videos of squirting (yes it’s peeing) or some sort of bondage where there appears to be some measure of pain. Most would probably agree that having sex in a public restroom sounds like hanging around a Superfund site (gross, possibly dangerous, and … totally weird) yet some will pee all over the bedroom without hesitation — and at some point that lovely bedroom is going to smell just like the disgusting restroom down the road at your favorite pub. Yes? No? There’s some sort of psychological duplicity happening here. Like<b> fantasy </font></b>life re-defined or maybe vice versa.

As a trend or fad, something like peeing or attempting to pee at the same time as an orgasm seems fairly recent-ish. I think? When I was younger, before the marriage and divorce phase of existence, I don’t know anyone who’d have ever thought this was a thing. Certainly, no one I knew was doing this (pre-Internet, people still talked).

Alright, naughty monkeys, what’s the norm, what are trends and fads? What’s still totally out-of-bounds?

BiggLala 49F  
30144 posts
1/8/2021 6:00 pm

"Many profiles here will mention prohibited things like: no pee or poo games, no pain, etc. Oddly, some of these same profile owners will post videos of squirting (yes it’s peeing)...There’s some sort of psychological duplicity happening here."
-I'm going to disagree with your assertion of a "...psychological duplicity," as I think you're comparing apples to oranges.

Sure, IF people don't properly prepare and/or clean their bedrooms before/after pee play ( lol ), the smell and bacteria will be off the charts. However, sex in a public place, such as in a restroom, isn't [usually] about being able to pee there. It's about the thrill of people seeing or knowing what's going on, or perhaps getting caught. Squirting at home is another "thrill", and most likely done in a controlled, trusted, and comforting environment.

Plus...the pitfalls of public restrooms are because it's just that...PUBLIC. There's maybe...ummm..."samples" from scores of people...ewwww. Bedroom pee...more than likely...it's just a few...ummm..."samples".

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CandyShark 54M  
17 posts
1/9/2021 4:37 pm

Samples!! Hahaha.

I needed a laugh. Thanks for that

bulehyatt 63M  
1714 posts
1/29/2021 9:37 pm

Jury is still out for me about whether squirting is peeing.

Logically, that explanation makes sense. On the other hand, in the real world, I have had the pleasure of tasting the pussies of several different women who were squirters.

I should be clear that 2 of them were absolutely prolific squirters along the lines of jets of fluid from their pussies strong enough to evict my dick from their vaginas entirely. Of course, I plunged right back in.

None of the spurts/squirts from those 2 women, nor the other - less powerful - squirters who have fucked me smelled at all like urine, despite literally creating puddles on the floor next to the bed.

I have no better explanation than that they must be peeing when they squirt. But it has never smelled or tasted - yes some got in my mouth, during 69 - like pee to me. Hmmmm . . .

CandyShark replies on 2/9/2021 10:59 am:
I mean ... liquid squirting under pressure from the urethra is urine, so ...? Women don't have the same mechanism as men (during erection) that prevents urine from leaving the body. Many women are actually mortified of the idea of some sort of incontinence during sex.

There's some belief that glands surrounding the urethra can produce semen-like fluid consistent with what is produced by the prostate in men, but belief is something else.

Clearly though, what most are seeing is urination and not some sort of female ejaculation.

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