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Sunset Beach Fantasy
Posted:Oct 7, 2020 10:02 am
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 1:4 am
We walk along the beach, as the sun gets ready to set, and the clouds take on that first bit of orange tinge denoting the start of sunset...our hands touch by "accident" once, twice, three times as we walk by the water's edge. On the next touch, we intertwine our fingers and let the closeness stay. As the sun starts to touch the horizon, the sky looks bluer than a moment ago, and the clouds now take on the yellows and oranges that soften even the hardest heart...our hands now clasp each others more firmly, and our bodies touch lightly as we walk, each of us feeling a heat start to rise inside ourselves. This is really nice...

We stop and move back from the water's edge a few yards, to sit in the soft sand and just enjoy the serene beauty of nature's world, changing by the instant. As the sun now sinks more rapidly, its upper edge closing towards the juncture of sea and sky, yet new colors shoot through the clouds - brilliant reds, lavenders, oranges and more...we look at each other in the enjoyment of it, and our eyes lock, unable to move, our faces move closer as if out of our conscious control, and our lips touch for the first time. The feeling is almost indescribably good, as our lips seek each others, very softly at first, then slowly growing in intensity. Our arms go around each other and we roll onto our sides in the sand, kissing deeply now, our bodies beginning to press against each other with our growing passion.

I hear your breathing start to quicken as my lips graze your nipple, while my hands slide slowly down your back. You pull my face against your breast and moan slightly as my teeth capture your nipple and give a gentle bite. My hands slide around your gorgeous ass cheeks and pull you yet closer, one finger sliding between your cheeks and just teasing your anus.

I feel your hands on my head gently pressing me downward, as you spread your legs a little bit. My tongue traces that wonderfully sensitive curve beneath your breasts, before starting that slow inexorable slide towards the source of your heat and the womanly scent that I now smell from you. My God you are getting me hot. As my tongue explores your navel, and I pepper your stomach with kisses and nibbles, the fingers of one hand slide to the edge of your moist cunt lips, and start to trace the outline slowly, feeling your wetness, then sliding just between the edge of your lips up to the hood, to give your beautiful clit a quick tease, a taste of that which is to come.

The movement of your body tells me I am taking the right path, for it is my only desire to give you the most pleasure possible, and in so doing drive my own pleasure all the higher. I can't wait any more, the scent of your pussy is too sweet to resist, and my lips descend slowly over your pussy, the tip of my tongue tasting briefly between the lips to savor your nectar, and then sliding fully inside of you, before withdrawing to a kiss. My penis is hard as a rock and standing ready to inflict pleasure, throbbing like mad. You start to guide my body around, that your mouth may seek my raging cock - the thought of what you will feel like as your lips start to engulf me has me almost on fire with desire. Your hands grab my cock and begin sliding along its length, gently squeezing it as it nears your waiting mouth. I slide two fingers into your now very wet pussy so I can watch you as your tongue licks the head of my cock, then slides around the shaft to the base and back. I love to watch the head start to disappear between your luscious lips, that playful smile on your face, and then I bury my head between your thighs and try to send you straight to heaven.

....My head is spinning with the amazing feeling of you as you slide up and down on me, seeing your breasts move with the rhythm, the nipples swollen and hard, the look on your face as you approach a climax, and lean down and kiss me fiercely, my arms around your back holding you to me as close as possible. I love feeling your warmth, the softness of your skin, the scent of your hair as it falls around my face. I know you are very close when you start rocking, grinding your pelvis against mine, and I feel your muscles start to tense, your tongue more frenzied on my lips and tongue, God how I love it when you cum....feeling your hips shudder, your pussy contracting on my cock, every inch of you pressing against me like we are one in this instant.

Your excitement pushes me to the edge and beyond, and I feel myself explode deep inside of you, and for an instant I lose all awareness of having a body, and all is just an incredible white light and heat. As soon as I have finished, I take your hips in my hands and start to guide you up my body to straddle my face. I see the glistening of our mingled juices starting to ooze from the swollen lips of your very hot and wet pussy, and my tongue darts up to capture it, sliding just inside the lips in that spot that makes you moan so softly sometimes. You press down against my face and my tongue slowly slides all the way in you, tasting us, as you rub your clit against my nose, looking down at me with that beautiful smile of passion that makes me melt every time. Seeing our cum on my lips and face and tongue gets you racing towards another orgasm, your hips bucking against my mouth, my tongue in a frenzy against your clit now, feeling the cheeks of your ass tighten and squeeze as you explode once more even harder than before. Slowly you relax as the waves start to pass, and gradually slide off of me to lie close, and we kiss eagerly yet gently and stare into each others eyes at the pleasure we have unleashed between us......
After we finished I imagined us laying on the sand in each other's arms in the sun. Eventually we return to the room all wet and sandy from our adventure. You insist that I go into the shower first and you will take yours after. As I rinse the sand and salt water out of my hair, I don't hear you sneak into the shower with me! I will so love living a marvelous technique with you.... In that hot shower with the water raining down on us, we kiss long and deeply, our tongues entwined, our wet slippery skin sliding against each other, making us crazy in a hurry. The swell of your breasts is getting me incredibly hot, and I lower my head down to one and suck as much of it into my mouth as I can, feeling you push against my face and your hands in my hair as my tongue dances across and around your nipple, before moving to give the other tit equal attention. Your fingers are now sliding up and down on my once again blood engorged shaft, and your eyes tell me enough foreplay - you want me inside you now. I tease a moment longer as one hand cups your ass and squeezes firmly, while the fingertips of the other hand brush past your swollen pussy lips. I slip one finger inside you about an inch, and start to withdraw it...you try to lower yourself onto it but I have pulled it away, and your eyes flash fire at me. Smiling, I gently turn you, and you bend forward as your hands steady yourself on the shower faucets.

No more teasing, I come up behind you and quickly use the head of my big hard cock to rub your hot lips and tease your clit a few times before sliding it between your open pussy lips. The technique I mentioned involves bringing you so very close to the edge of orgasm, but never quite over, to then slide back down a bit as you quiver and moan, wanting me to let you finish. Two times, three times, four times and I realize I must let you go this time. Your whole body is trembling, your nipples are distended and hard, and your pussy is completely soaked. With just the head of my cock I slide in and out of you multiple times, bumping against your clit each time, before plunging myself deeply inside you as far as I can go. Almost instantly you explode on me, flooding me with your cum juices as your pussy contracts tightly around my cock. I pull out until just the tip is still between the red, swollen lips of your pussy, again giving several short quick thrusts against your now screaming clit before driving my throbbing shaft deeply inside you to the hilt once again. Your entire body shudders with a convulsing wave of pleasure and you cry out in ecstasy, as another wave of contractions ripples through your tight wet cunt....... this time on the first hard contraction I explode in a spray of thick white hot cum, buried deeply inside you, and each successive contraction milks more of my hot seed into your burning hot pussy. The two of us writhe like serpents with the force of our climax while your convulsing pussy keeps my throbbing penis tightly clenched deep in you. I arch my hips against your ass cheeks once, twice, three times as the last of my cum empties inside you. My hands cup your amazing perfect tits, fingers on either side of your nipples, squeezing them and pulling out as you gradually slow your movements and let out a mixed sigh/groan of pure pleasure and sexual exhaustion.

Slowly and easily I slide my still erect cock out half way and gently back in as you rock back and forth in rhythm, neither of us wanting this to end, and yet knowing we must rest a little while before the feast.....I come out from behind you and, toweling us off very briefly, lead you to the bed, and lay under you, my cock still hard enough to want to be inside you - to feel that wet heat you exude, the cushioning softness of your pussy walls engulfing me a bit longer. As you lower your pussy lips towards my red swollen head, a small stream of our love juices dribbles from your pussy onto my cock, slicking it up even more for the thrust inside you as you lower yourself onto me. We lie kissing deeply and tenderly for some time, my hands working up and down your back and massaging your lovely ass cheeks. Our tongues duel, lips locked together in a long deep kiss...

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