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How many spanks do you think it takes to get my bottom red?  

Captainsbabygirl 46F
4336 posts
9/3/2013 11:19 am
How many spanks do you think it takes to get my bottom red?

Lets image for a sec I'm bent over the bed, pants pulled to my ankles, and my ass exposed. You have your belt in hand and are ready to spank my white bottom. How many spanks will it take till your satisfied my bottom is to your liking?
1- 25
25 - 50
50 - 75
75 - 100
100 - 150
150 +


JustHere2Cam 53M
14242 posts
9/3/2013 11:42 am

If I'm spanking you, prepare yourself for a big number. I'm not going to go swinging for the fences and make you red on the first hit. I would want to draw it out, give you lots of little hits, build up your endorphins for some harder seats, then ease off when even the endorphins won't save you. ?*

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Captainsbabygirl replies on 9/3/2013 2:29 pm:
That sounds tempting

iwant2lickuthere 53M  
3428 posts
9/3/2013 12:22 pm

Sorry sweetie, with the mood I've been in recently it wouldn't take more than 5. Probably a good thing I don't play that way...

Captainsbabygirl replies on 9/3/2013 12:31 pm:
poor baby. Maybe u need a nice massage to take your troubles away.

veryfunnycple64 56M/57F
21770 posts
9/3/2013 12:58 pm

Do you mean a little red or fire engine red...LOL! If it is the latter then I will take up to 75 to 100 spanks...grins! See ya!

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Captainsbabygirl replies on 9/3/2013 2:30 pm:
That would be up to you

thax013 43M
1089 posts
9/3/2013 1:11 pm

One spank from my hand has left bruises, I try to tame it down to just reddening. Using a tool such as a belt or whip lessens the impact that my cold hard hand has.

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Captainsbabygirl replies on 9/3/2013 2:30 pm:

Chuckk48 64M
1336 posts
9/3/2013 8:04 pm

Bent over the bed, you're panties pulled down? First of all spanking you wouldn't be my first thought. However if I was going to multi-task and spank you also I would have to go for 1 to 25. (BTW I'm more of a paddle type guy, when you're multi-tasking like that belts can get out of control)

Captainsbabygirl replies on 9/4/2013 4:11 pm:
That's not the first thing that comes to my kind either.
Paddle are good too

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