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Lovely Leggies is back  

Captainsbabygirl 47F
4330 posts
8/26/2013 3:45 am
Lovely Leggies is back

I have to say I'm a little upset that this contest is back up and no one told me. How am I supposed to compete if I don't even know I'm competing.

I also would have liked to have been given the choice of what picture I would like to have had posted for the contest. I really don't like the one she has up now. It's ok but I submitted better pictures.

So, here's my delema do I put the energy into this contest and ask again for you to vote for me or do I just lose in the first round. The contest has been up since the 21st and ends Wednesday. I am tied for last

What's everyone's thoughts on the matter?


Here is the link to the contest tryin it againround one leggy lovelies round one


jimishorny01 47M

8/26/2013 6:01 am

It really isn't fair you weren't able to choose your own photo. You take great pictures and had you known about the contest you could have taken the time to plan something special. I wouldn't stress about it considering there are only a few days left.

Captainsbabygirl replies on 8/26/2013 7:57 am:
I know right. Thanks for the encouraging words

JustHere2Cam 53M
14229 posts
8/26/2013 6:26 am

I voted for you.

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Captainsbabygirl replies on 8/26/2013 7:56 am:
Yr the best

veryfunnycple64 57M/57F
21770 posts
8/26/2013 1:21 pm

well, I voted for you....don't drop out....maybe your last minute plea...will send you to the next round...see ya, VF

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Captainsbabygirl replies on 8/26/2013 1:50 pm:

milfordctguy 51M
44 posts
8/27/2013 9:25 am

I voted for you!

Chuckk48 64M
1385 posts
8/27/2013 11:08 am

I liked the picture they used. And even though "tied" strikes me as a good position for you I believe you deserve a position far from last so I voted for you.

Captainsbabygirl replies on 8/27/2013 2:40 pm:
Hehe, why thank you

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