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Well now  

Captainsbabygirl 47F
4330 posts
8/12/2013 1:30 pm
Well now

Here is a shot.

What do you think? Did you have a favorite out of the last series?

Mine was the second picture because it allowed for the imagination to explore.

Hope this picture helps with all those naughty thoughts


JustHere2Cam 53M
14229 posts
8/12/2013 2:57 pm

I'd want all of the buttons undone... And me restrained on the bed so you can ride my face.

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Han54boat 68M
11637 posts
8/12/2013 2:59 pm

Two buttons is very nice. This one drive me wild. It is so hard to choose.

Cum to my blog and respond. Have a great kissing fun time.

jimishorny01 47M

8/12/2013 7:39 pm

The long answer:

The first one is great because it leaves the viewer in charge being able to imagine helping you undo the buttons and see what lies beneath.

The second one is great because it also entices the imagination into wondering what else there is to see. So close yet so far.

I like this one as well because we now know the exposed nipple rubs against the fabric. I wonder how that feels and how much it might arouse you.

The short answer: 2

Chuckk48 64M
1385 posts
8/12/2013 9:16 pm

Tonight I would go with the last picture, just because tonight I'm a bit lazy imagination wise but overall it's a great series of photos

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