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What I WANT and NEED from cyber/role play  

CarnalAppetite 46F  
9 posts
1/17/2020 5:14 am
What I WANT and NEED from cyber/role play

I can not Bullshit , if that’s your style, move along and don’t bother wasting your time reading. I don’t want the ...Ahhhhh I’m cumingggggg

If this means your Cock needs to be shoved in a cunt to cum, I’m not interested in you, nor will I give you my effort. There’s plenty of other ways to make a man and women blow. Easy doesn’t cut it, it does nothing for me. I’d rather not .

Definition of Easy = no foreplay....grabbing me as I walk in the room, kissing me passionately, creeping your fingers down my pants....I’m not a piece of meat. I will ignore the play. Cyber takes skill.

Do not expect you will get cyber penetration every time you play. It happens when we are BOTH in that zone. It’s not about cyber sex to me. Its about feelings and emotions. The elevated heart rate , the bliss, the hunger, the paining throbs and aches burning through your loins. I don’t fuck on first dates so don’t assume I will crave you in an hour. I’m not into fake cyber remember.

SET A SCENE. MAKE IT INTENSE. MAKE MEMORIES. Sitting at the bar, telling me to go to the bathroom to take off my panties and put a vibrating bullet up me does not meet my expectations. I’m not after 50 shades of grey or stealing others work. Have an imagination and a bloody good one at that.

What I WANT and NEED.
I NEED to be edged..... It makes me crave and desire the person I’m with.
I WANT to be addicted mentally to the man who can make my body respond with his words ....that happens when I’m edged.
I NEED to WANT you.

I rush with excitement when things unexpectedly catch me unawares, that quick thinking on the spot. This will capture my undivided attention. Longing, hopelessly, for your response, anticipating your direction and what trump card you’ll use.

The idea is to work me up without your prodding fingers, tongue or cock into my treasure box. I want to yearn/ beg for it (believe me I’ll make you beg till your balls are blue if the roles are reversed)

Set the scene = Holding your coffee mug.....bending me over, sniffing my saturated panties (that you caused) tormentedly sliding them across my engorged labias. My slick deprived cunt on display, your ravenous eyes taking in their feast. Hearing the animalistic growl you make as you inhale my marinating sweet musky scent. Gripping your fingers around the mug...the handle now free to slide it over my ripe savoury slash

You have to tease me and yourself at the same time...USE your imagination, get us over the of no return. Build me up, watch me squirm, trying to keep my composure as you tease. I want to be pushed, I will push you, to the maximum limit. Turn me to mush, bring the slut out of me for our pleasure.

Make me yank your hand to my sex, watching as I mount your palm wantonly ....then TEASE me ... pulling your hand way /or slap my hand when I agonisingly reach for your cock. The ideas are limitless ...take a step backwards so my outstretched mouth cant suckle from your pearly weeping goblet, yet still close enough for me to inhale your intoxicating scent. Make me burn in pleasurable anguish. Let uncontrollable desire take over my mind body and soul.

I will tease, drive us wild and make our heads spin. Your cock will dribble, leaving little warm white blotches over the floor (much to your dismay) because you won’t want me to know how close to the edge you really are.
I hunger for this ...its euphoric..

Its arousing for me to tell you what I want. So ask what I WANT and NEED...make me tell you. I will not lie. I will say exactly what I want depending how worked up I am.
Example: slipping your hand down my pants ....raking your nails, down and up over my pubes...stimulating the hair follicles and roots...whispering in my ear....”what do you WANT my needy Trollop”.. Giving them a tug before easing your hand out...lightly brushing your fingers under my nose “smell your scent of desire...what do you NEED my quivering ball of mess”

End result =My paramount object is to give you a raging hard Cock ...weeping in real time, just as id like my sex to be...swollen and oozing in my creamy natural syrup.

It is imperative to be descriptive, detailed and on my level.

I am slow to respond, I do admit that. I need to touch myself real time as I read your words, so I can truthfully response how it felt/feels

Nsafun9876 32M
10 posts
1/17/2020 8:05 am

This is boring

CuriousCpl6774 52M/45F  
148 posts
1/17/2020 8:17 am

Ah, yes! Interactive, erotic storytelling can be quite arousing and tantalizing when done well! The mind is a very powerful sex organ! We hope you get to experience some amazing chats!

Leegs2012 47M
50231 posts
1/17/2020 1:55 pm

You are so right! Edging..Intense Foreplay is what it is all about!! The sexy things that are done before we climax!! I love you post and welcome to Blog Land!!

Knight_Skye29 64M
112 posts
1/18/2020 9:49 pm

Well worth the pursuit... I think

JackBnibbled 49M
29 posts
1/18/2020 10:42 pm

Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. refreshing from wham-bam in here. so much more enjoyable to use more of the mind, the largest sex organ we have to build that charge, that energy together, till we can barely stand it... love of to edge both mentally and physically, even spiritually if it reaches those heights. see you in the rooms

CockyChris2007 53M
139 posts
1/19/2020 2:50 am

Furiously making notes with one hand as the other imagines you.............

PartyPlayParty2 48M/38F  
1 post
1/22/2020 5:22 am

Very well written and explained...
it is simple in theory but out;ines who you are and what you desire

The need to be wanted has to alway sbe mutual and with grnuine trust and respct thernthe fun s unlimited

Daneflare 56M  
2 posts
1/30/2020 10:22 am

And the best cybersex experiences for me have been ....
1) In rooms that lack an implied or designated reference to cybersex.
2) in conversations that escalate and move from the room to private

Cybersex and sex rooms are kind of like bars in real life. The woman at the bar may be just having a drink or waiting for her boyfriend, but the chances are good that she is there in the hopes of meeting someone. So is the case in designated sex rooms...people are usually there because they are in the mood and interested in hooking up for a hot conversation. And like bars in real life.... sometimes "the action" starts almost immediately without the slow and gradual build up from point 0 that makes the journey more exciting. In real life ...it's more mysterious and risky meeting a woman at a company business meeting or at the grocery store than in a bar. In those more "innocent" places...one has to read the subtle cues of length of eye gaze, body language, and tone of voice to decipher the intent of the person of interest. In more general topic chat rooms...this can be similar in engaging a chatter in conversation and then dropping subtle innuendos and double meanings. If there is chemistry and connection...she will "get it" and join the game...and both of you will "know" while other chatters may wonder what a particular comment really meant. "Subtle" is sexy....blatant is usually rude and abrasive ...except at certain precise "moments" when it is sizzling.

As the conversation with the partner in the room escalates....there is a time when it gets too hot for the room and in order to move to the next plateau...someone needs to initiate a private conversation. Chatting in the room can be pretty revealing, but it's sort of like cavorting with someone at a sex club....there are some things that are really intimate and vulnerable that people will never do in public. The private online conversation is like her inviting you back to her apartment. Over the years...women have told me their secret longings and fantasies, wild risky affairs, and vulnerable feelings that they have mentioned to no one in real life. Cyber sex is certainly about "sex"....but the deeper purpose is to feel something genuine and real....and that kind of intimacy takes risk, openness, and vulnerability.

SoloFlyer19 48M  
1 post
2/5/2020 11:46 pm

'I can not bullshit" I like that

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