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A First Meeting ;-)  

CarpeDiem22202 58M  
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5/24/2015 6:51 am
A First Meeting ;-)

Well we only just met online so I'm a bit nervous about meeting you in person,... we talked several times online and you have sent me some very revealing pictures of yourself and friends,... I always get excited when we talk live or I read one of your letters but this is different,.. this is in the flesh,... I know we discussed this,.. meeting,... having a wild sexual encounter,.... no games,... nothing but two adults meeting to share each others bodies,... still a bit nervous though,.. you just never know,... the other night when we talked on the phone I could hear the nervousness in your voice as well,... like school we talked and planned this,... despite the numerous times we talked about our desires,... we told each other what we would do if we met,... listened to each other as we touched ourselves over the phone,... so many times I envisioned your hands caressing your body,... your breasts,... pinching your nipples,... pulling on your nipple ring,... your hands gently gliding over your taunt stomach,.... your legs spread and your fingers tracing the outside of your lips until I talked of flicking my tongue across them,... I often envisioned your fingers driving into your hot pussy as we spoke,... I could hear your breath quickening as you drove your fingers deeper and deeper inside of you,... faster and faster you would thrust them in and out,... sometimes using your vibrator to thrust in deeper,... your fingers still blindly moving across your clit,... mmmm I get hard just thinking of that,... but now it was different,... you will be here any moment,... how will it go,.. I have the room lit softly,... the ice and Champagne on the night table,... I have my set of toys and oils readily available for the fun,... I'm nervous,.. my cock is hard just thinking about you,... a knock comes at the door,.... I take in a deep breath then look,.. it is you,... I open the door,... we sort of shyly greet one another and you come in,... you’re so beautiful,.. I take your coat and hang it in the closet,.... You are wearing the dress from the photo,... thin straps at the shoulder,.. your chest and back exposed,.... I move behind you and grab your shoulders,.... You smile and turn your head slightly to the left,.... I pull you back to my chest and kiss the side of your cheek,.... I kiss your left shoulder,.. and your back,... up to the back of your neck,... your right shoulder,.. I move my hands down to your waist as you press your ass back against my hips,... you can feel the firmness of my hard cock pressing against your ass,.... I know you can feel it throbbing through the fabrics of our clothing,... I reach around your waist and place my hands on your stomach and right hip,... I continue to kiss your neck and your head falls forward a little,... I know you like it,... I can feel your body melting away,... I move my right hand up your side,... up under your arm and just barely touching the side of your breast,... I feel and hear your breath gasp,... you are consumed by the moment as am I,... My right hand continues up your body and I raise your right arm up and you bring your right hand to my head, now on the right side of your neck,... and caress it,... your fingers flowing through my hair,.... I move up and begin to kiss your neck then ears,... your head falls back as I begin to nibble on your ears,... my left hand still caressing your stomach,... I move it to your left hip,.. I glide it up and down your hip gently touching you,.... I feel as your ass grinds against my hard cock,... I so much feel like I could just explode,... I want you so much but don't want to rush things,.... As I continue to kiss and nibble your ear and cheek my right hand comes back down and traces the line back down your right side,... as I pass your right breast I slow my movements,... I reach around and pass my hand over the outside of your breast,... your chest heaves as you feel my touch,... I raise my left hand to touch your left breast similarly,... your ass presses tighter against my cock,.. your left hand reaches back between us and rubs my cock through my jeans,... I press your breasts together slightly as I cup them in my hands,.... I can feel the softness as they fill my hands,... I begin to trace a line down your chest,... down your cleavage,.... I run my fingers up and down the lining of your dress,.... I reach up and pull the straps off your shoulders and your dress falls to the floor,... to my delight your are wearing a thin lace bra with matching panties over a lace garter,... I grasp your tits in my hands and squeeze then tightly then lower my mouth to your bra hooks,... with my tongue and mouth I unhook your bra,... I loosen my grip for a moment and your bra falls to the ground,... we step toward the bed and then I pull you close to me once more,.. my hands firmly against your skin and against your breasts,.... your nipple rings between my thumb and forefinger,... pulling slightly as I massage your tits,... I feverishly kiss your back, neck, and ears as I turn your to face me,... looking deeply into your eyes for a moment,... I see the passion and lust,... those oh so seductive and inviting eyes,... I run my fingers through your auburn hair as I pull your head to mine and our lips meet,... I drive my tongue forward to meet yours as you throw your arms around my neck,.... your body feels so good,... I love the way you feel against me,... I reach down and run my hands up and down your back,.... my finger nails scraping up and down your skin,... you reach out and pull my shirt over my head and then kiss my chest,... you reach to unzip my fly,... your hands tremble as you tear open my pants and push them to the floor,... you look and see my hard cock pressed against the fabric of my briefs,... with one motion you pull them from my hips and my hard cock swings free to meet you,.. you sit on your knees and look at it for a moment then without hesitation you put my cock into your mouth,... you have wanted it for so long,... I couldn't stop you if I had wanted to,... your hot mouth feels so good,... you effortlessly drive your head down on my hard cock, taking all 7+ inches with ease,... the head swelling,.. I warned you that my head gets large,... mmm,... you feel so good,... I love the feel of your hot mouth on my cock,... you pull me from you and flick your tongue across the tip and up and down the shaft,... your hands stroking the shaft,... my gosh you drive me wild,.. It feels so good,... your mouth again all over my cock and your hands stroking me,... I tell you that you will make me cum soon if you continue,... the sound of that only strengthens your resolve,.. you quicken your pace and flick your tongue faster and faster across my hard swollen head,... harder it gets,... you feel it as it begins to pulsate with every stroke and flick of your tongue,... I know I will not last much longer,... I feel the intense pressure building as my cock gets firmer and I announce I’m going to cum,... I look down as I feel the first streams of my hot cum jet forward deep in your throat,.. you pull my pulsating cock from your mouth as another jet of cum shoots into your mouth and down your chin,... you look up at me as you continue to stroke my cock as more cum pours forth onto your tits and chest,... you smile as if you just won first prize at some contest,... my cock still pulsating in your hands,.. reaching up with one hand you spread my cum over your tits,.. and lick your fingers,... mmm,... that felt so good,... I pull you up to me and kiss your lips,... my tongue driving deep within your mouth,... your so hot,.. I can still taste the salty taste of my cum on your lips,... I walk you back to the bed and push you back,... I fall on top of you and move you to the head of the bed,... I kiss my way down your neck,... your legs wrapped around me,... your hands and finger in my hair,... in a frenzy of excitement I work my way down to your tits,.. I run my tongue along the outside of your breasts,... down and across the underside,... then up to your hard nipples,... Your nipples are so hard,... I pull your nipples and nipple rings into my mouth and suck them,... softly then hard,... drawing them in and out,.... pinching and pulling firmly,... your hands pulling me against your chest hard,... I reach up and press your breasts together and put both your nipples in my mouth at the same time,... your so hot,... I can feel the heat from your hot pussy pressed against my stomach,... I flick you nipples in and out of my mouth faster and faster then suck hard one last time,... I move my mouth farther down your body across your belly,... I get to your garter and panties,... with my teeth I remove your panties,... I can tell they are ever so wet,... I look down and see your black garter and stockings,... I look at your whole body for a moment,... so beautiful,... so sexy,... so enticing,... I pull your legs up to my mouth and kiss your feet,... then I begin at your left ankle,... kissing and licking my way up to your knee,.. then up your inner thigh,... slowly kissing and licking my way up farther and farther,... I find the top of your thigh,... where your pussy lies,... I can see and taste your juices as they have flowed from your pussy,... your legs are damp with your juices,... I ever so gently pass over your pussy with my outstretched tongue,... I feel your body quiver as I pass over them,.. you attempt to drive your hips to meet me but I withdraw,... I kiss your right thigh and work my way down to your ankle then again kiss my way up your leg to your knee then inner thigh,... this time when I get to your pussy you are so wet and excited you can’t stand it any more,... you want my tongue deep in your pussy,... I kiss your waist above your pussy and slowly run my tongue and lips down along your pussy lips,.. I stick out my tongue and feel the wetness of your pussy,... I ever so gently press my tongue against your lips and part them slightly,... your body stiffens with the feeling of my soft yet firm tongue against your lips,.. mmm,... you taste so good,.. you are so wet,... I run my tongue slowly up and down your lips,... going deeper each time,... I feel the barbell you have pierced through the hood of your pussy,... I flick my tongue quickly back and forth across it,... I thrust a little deeper and find your swollen clit and grab it between my lips and suck gently while flicking my tongue across your clit,... your body trembles a little and I feel your grip tighten on my head as you press yourself against my face,... I suck a little harder and then begin to thrust my tongue deep into your pussy,... thrusting deep then licking up as my tongue flicks across your clit,.. then thrusting deep inside again,... up and across your clit again,... over and over,... your pussy getting oh so wet,... so many times I told you I loved to do this,.. now here I am,.. between your legs,... and your pussy tastes better than I could ever imagine,.. You’re so good,.. I love it,... I reach up and insert first one then two fingers into your pussy,.. thrusting them in and out,... moving them deeper with each thrust,... I can feel it as your hips try to meet me thrust for thrust,... you want it deeper and faster I can tell,... I continue to flick my tongue across your clit and suck on your pussy as I quicken the pace and fuck your pussy with my fingers,... You’re so wet,.. I pull my finger from your pussy for a moment and raise my fingers to your lips,... you take them in to your mouth and suck your sweet nectar from them,... Oh how I love it when you do that,... tasting yourself,... I smile and put my fingers back and thrust them as fast and deep as I can,... sucking your clit in my mouth,... you hips are going crazy with all the attention,.. I feel it as your pussy gets even wetter,... I look up and you look down at me and in no uncertain words you say "Fuck Me, I need your cock", I smile and always want to please so I kiss my way up to your mouth,... without hesitation you throw me over on my back and straddle my cock,... thrusting your full weight down on my cock you begin to roll your hips into mine and fuck me hard,... your pussy is so wet,.. so hot,... my cock slips in and out with ease,... you’re so tight and oh so wet,... I love the grip your pussy has on my hard cock,... you drive yourself down on me then up and down again,... I begin to meet you thrust for thrust and drive my cock up to meet you,... your tits are bouncing up and down,.. I reach out and pinch your nipples and pull your rings,.... you feel so good,... I feel you tense and grab my shoulders as I feel your pussy tighten,... I can tell your about to cumm,... I love the look on your face as you concentrate,.. my cock driving deeper and deeper,.. I try to keep your rhythm as you begin to buck sharply,... driving my cock in and out erratically,.... You look at me and I feel your juices flowing out of your pussy and down my balls and ass,... you’re so wet,... I can tell you’re exhausted,... I ask if you want to stop and you say "No Way, but how about a switch”,.... mmm,... I grab you and hug you to me then roll you over,... my hard cock still in your pussy I raise your legs up to my shoulders and begin to thrust my hard cock deep inside you,... thrusting my hips forward hard and firm, driving my hard cock as far in as possible in a sharp quick motion,.. then I slowly pull my cock almost out of your pussy,.. then thrust it in again,.. mmmm you’re oh so wet,.. each time I thrust into your pussy I can see and hear you gasp a little,... your hands are up at your chest,... massaging your tits,... pinching your nipples,... I love the feel of your pussy grabbing me,... I flex my cock inside and look at you as you smile then return with a little pussy gripping of your own,... flexing your pussy muscles to grab at my cock,... you feel so good,.. I can feel my cock getting harder and closer to cumming,... I lower your left leg and move your right leg to my right side,... fucking your pussy from the side,... thrusting in and out,... I can feel you getting ready to cumm again too,... you tell me how much you love the feel of my cock,... I kiss your leg then move it further over,.. until I have you on your knees,... I grab your hips as I thrust my cock faster and deeper in to your hot pussy from behind,... your ass is so nice,... I love the feel of your hips as you push back to meet me thrust for thrust,... your hips curling slightly each time I drive deep within your pussy,... you’re so good,... I can feel my head spinning as I get closer to my next cum,,.. your pussy so wet,... so hot,... griping at my hard cock,... I can feel you reach back and rub my shaft and your clit between your legs as I thrust faster and faster in and out of your pussy,... it feels so good,... I can tell it won't be long for either of us,... You move your hips and roll over,... I pull my cock from your pussy then move between your legs again,... I slap my cock against your clit a little then rub the head up and down your lips,... You look at me wantonly,... then I place the head between your lips and look you in the eye as I thrust deep within you,... you gasp as I bury my hard cock deep inside,... your hips meeting mine,... your legs wrapped around my waist, heels digging into my ass,... you scream for me to fuck you harder and harder,... I try to fulfill your desires,... your head turns side to side and I can feel your pussy beginning to spasm a bit as you get ready to cumm,... I feel as my own cumm builds,.. I know I won't last, but long enough for you have yours I hope,... I look at your face and all of a sudden your eyes open wide,.. you mumble something and I watch as you begin to gasp for your breaths,... your heels driving my ass and cock harder into you,... I can feel your pussy explode with fire and your juices flow heavy,... your hips moving wildly,... I know you are cumming,.. cumming hard,... one of those deep cums from well within your pussy,... beginning like a slow rumbling then quickly erupting like a tidal wave,.. consuming your body,... I watch as you begin to convulse over and over,... this is just what I needed to throw me over the edge,... I can feel it as my cock stiffens as hard as possible and I can feel the head get as big or bigger than I can remember,... then like a volcano I can feel it as my hot cummm erupts,... I feel it build in pressure then erupt out of the tip of my cock,... spewing forth deep within your pussy,... splashing against your pussy walls,.... you can feel it as my cumm jets forth deep inside your pussy,... filling your pussy with each big blast of cum,.... my cock twitching with each stream of cum spilling forward,... I can't stand it,... I don't remember cumming so much,... jet after long jet of cummm,... you feel so good,.. the feeling of my hot cumm filling your pussy prolongs your own orgasm,... you begin to shudder like me,... still looking deep within each others eyes,.. we both melt together,... my semi-hard cock still in your pussy I come down on you and we embrace,... kissing lightly,... then looking at each other again,;... I look at you and say how much better it was than I ever imagined,... you concur,... We pop the cork on the Champagne and get ready for round two!! I wonder what that will have in store for us? Any thoughts?

Mmmmm,… I hope you enjoyed that!!

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6/25/2018 8:11 am

Sexy Daddy?Master

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