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Thanks for swinging by my Blog. I have written a few erotic stories that reflect some of my favorite fun thoughts and/or experiences. I hope you enjoy them and they stimulate your imagination as well! Carpe Diem ... Cheers!

OH, and love to get feedback, especially if you had a favorite part!
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Amateur Video Preference
Posted:Jun 27, 2020 8:50 am
Last Updated:Jul 8, 2020 4:02 am

I have been on AdultFriendFinder for quite a while and really appreciate all those that share their pictures and videos … the more explicit the better … Thanks!

I have noticed that many people will share videos that are short (10 to 15 seconds) and sometimes share 3 or more from what appears be the same scene rather than a longer one. Also, there are some super-hot longer scenes that seem cut off right at the point of the “pop shot” (women and/or men Cumming).

Not part of this poll, but I also prefer it when the participants are more vocal … a good video of a hot scene can be an awesome video by adding vocal expression. Weren’t “silent movies” something from the 1920’s and earlier? LOL

My question is: What do YOU enjoy seeing in other members vids?
Short videos are fine, keep the coming.
Short videos are fine, but include one with the “pop shot!”
I prefer longer videos that show more of the action, “pop shot” not important.
I prefer longer videos that show more of the action, including a “pop shot.”
Length doesn’t matter, I have no preference but enjoy them.
I don’t like any videos
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Beach Massage
Posted:May 24, 2015 7:10 am
Last Updated:Oct 3, 2020 1:02 pm

Let me tell you of some exciting thoughts I had recently. You and I were on a beach somewhere,... very warm,.. cool breezes and the ocean lapping at the shore,... we were laying at the beach sunning, then we were each receiving massages by a couple of women, either Asian or island in appearance,... we were on tables fairly close to each other,.... wrapped in only a towel,... the warm breeze flowing over our bodies as the women went to work on us,.. I could feel the cool/warm sensation as she squirted some oil across my back then began to rub it in,... pressing firmly into my muscles,... as I watched I saw you watching me,... I saw your masseuse doing the same to you,.. you got this look of complete satisfaction as she continued to massage you,... you would close your eyes and take in the pampering as her hands glided over your body,... I to was so caught in the moment as her hands continued to kneed and flex my muscles. As I watched I saw as yours worked her way down to the small of your back and poured more oil, rubbing it in as some dripped down your sides,... I could see your breasts pushed firmly against the table and towel you were laying on,... how I wanted to run my tongue along the sides of them,.... I felt as my girl began to massage my feet and toes,... rubbing oil into them and pressing firmly all around,... as I gazed over at you I saw the same happening,... you seemed to really like the feel of her massaging your toes and feet,... your eyes closed and the pleasure filled smile crossing your face,... I had seen that smile many times,... I knew you were getting horny feeling her touch against your skin, whether you wished that was me or your desired her for your own I could not say,... maybe both,... as she worked her way back up your legs I could see you willingly parting your legs a little,... probably subconsciously,... as she approached your knees and thighs I could see the ever so slight undulation of your hips against the table,... your ass flinching just a little through the towel covering it,... I became readily aware of my cock growing very hard and pressing against the table,.. I had to shift my body a little to allow it to lay freely forward and not break through the table,... I continued to watch as your eyes remained closed,... I knew you were getting very horny,... she reached your upper thighs and pulled at your towel slowly,... this shocked you back to reality from where ever you drifted to,... she told you not to worry that she would do your buttocks,.. you had no worries,... you looked at me and said this was a great idea,... you commented on how good the massage felt,.. I knew what you meant,... you were telling me how incredibly horny you were getting,... this only made me harder,... just then I felt my towel being pulled away,... the feel of the towel passing over my hard cock almost made me cum right there,.. I had to raise up a little to let it go,... you looked and I know you saw my hard cock,... you smiled and said it looked like I was enjoying the massage too,... the girls remained silent except for an occasional how is that,... do you like that and such but they continued to smile and shoot playful looks at each other,... it was all so stimulating,... such a paradise,... I looked and saw her hands moving up and down your ass cheeks,... I could tell that the pressure she was putting on them was causing your hips to move back and forth against the table,... I knew by your expression that the movement was translating directly to your pussy,.... she poured oil directly on your ass,... this time letting it flow where it may,.. I could tell as you shook a little that some must have ran down your ass and flowed across your hot wet pussy,... the sensation of that touch must have sparked and incredible fire because you exhaled like you do when my hot mouth is on your pussy,... just then I felt some oil running down my ass and across my balls,... mmm,... I know now how you felt,... your girl starts to innocently work the oil into your ass and thighs,... moving up and down between them,... you part your legs a little,... this time I feel it is deliberate and with purpose,... I do the same,... she continues to massage your thighs and ass but with every pass she gets closer and closer to your hot pussy,.... I know you want her to touch you,,... you want anyone to just touch your pussy,... you feel her fingers move to the very top of your thighs,... then travel up between your ass cheeks,... then back,... ever so slightly touching the lower folds of your pussy lips,... then you feel her touch getting firmer as she begins to massage your ass hole with each pass,.. letting her fingers rub across the opening a little firmer each time,... you think of how nice it would be to have my hard cock thrusting in and out of your ass now,.... The sight of all this has gotten me so hard I finally realize that I'm ever so slowly thrusting my cock against the table,... I can feel her hand on my own ass and passing ever so close to my aching balls,.... At that moment I hear your girl tell you to roll over,... you look at me,... wondering what is next,... I tell you go ahead and you turn,... rolling over onto your back ,... I watch and am filled with desire as I see you turning,... your scrumptious breasts,.. hard nipples,... you tasty pussy all neatly trimmed,... I can see how your lips have swollen and how moist you look,... oh how I want to just devour your hot wet pussy,... when you are situated she pours oil along your tummy just above your pussy all the way to your breasts,.. she spreads the oil over your body making it glisten in the sun light,... she massages your breasts,... cupping them both in her hands,... still very professional,.... I can see the expression on your face as she kneads your breasts and pinches your nipples between her slick fingers,... your head goes back,.. there is no pretending,... your beyond hiding your excitement,... I look at her and see her eyes light up with an expression of surprise then sub-siding to a smile of excitement as I look and see that you have reached over and put your hands between her legs,.... rubbing against the swim suit,.. she moves to give your better access and continues to massage your breasts and tummy,... at that moment my girl tells me to roll over,... immediately you laugh and look my way and say coyly,.. go ahead,... I'm embarrassed as I know my cock is rock hard and will be standing like a flag pole,... but I'm too far gone to resist,.. I role over and sure enough my cock is standing almost vertical,.. a slight arch to the left,.... throbbing it jumps up and down a little,.... I can feel my face turning deep red,... you just say,... hummm honey or something coy like that,... the girls look at each other and laugh playfully,... I lay there and look as I see that as I was turning you mischievously untied her bottoms and they had fallen to the floor giving you unhindered access to her pussy and ass,... I looked to see you stroking her pussy as she continued to spread a new helping of oil all over your chest, tummy and poured directly on your pussy lips,... not that you would need any further lubricant down there,.. your body winces at the feeling and your neck flings your head back,... arching as your eyes close at the touch,... at that moment I feel the oil being spilled all over my chest and stomach,... she avoids my throbbing cock,... I so much want her to grab it and stroke it,.. or to devour it with her mouth,... or your mouth,... mmm,.. yes your mouth would feel mighty nice on my cock about now,... she slowly and agonizingly massages my chest and arms,... I reach to touch her pussy as you did and she backs away a little so I stop,... I really want to touch her,... I look as you stare at me and smile more,... like you have something I can't have,... you do for now,... she works her way down across my tummy,... then down my legs,... skipping my cock,... as she works her way back up I part my legs a little hoping for some relief,.... as she rubs my inner thigh she ever so slightly brushes against my balls,... my cock jumps with each touch,... she eventually works her way back up to my shoulders and chest,... I reach up to touch her breasts,... she does not move,... I lightly run my hand along the outside of her top,.. I feel her hard nipples pressing firmly through the material,... I reach around and pull the string at her back and at her neck as the top falls to the floor,.... I see her smallish tits,... hard nipples,... I reach to cup them in my hand,... as I pinch them I feel her body tense a little but still she continues as the professional she is,... I look at you for your approval and you smile approvingly,... I notice that your girl has her hand working back and forth over your pussy,... I watch as she buries first one then two finger into your hot wet pussy,... as she withdraws her fingers I can see how wet they are by the glistening sunlight,... your wetter then I expected,... I see as your body tenses and arches as she drives her fingers in again,... your breathing is sharp and short,... mmm,... I so much want to lick those fingers,... just then she draws them to her mouth and looks me straight in the eye and suck your juices from them,... I could explode at the sight,... then she places them back into you pussy,... thrusting them in and out faster and deeper,... I instinctively lower my hand to my girls pussy and pleasantly find that she is no longer wearing her bottoms,... she spreads her legs slightly and I find her pussy wet and inviting,... I rub her pussy lips softly and feel as she tenses,... I look and watch as she pours oil all over my hard cock,... as it flows over the head of it I can feel the blood pump stronger into it,... I see the head swelling larger,... she reaches down and begins to stroke it,... moving her small hands up and down the shaft and over the head,.... my head is spinning out of control with her touch,... I look and you are in awe watching this happening,... one girl stroking my cock and the other fingering your pussy,... we are both so consumed by pure lust and sexual submission that we are powerless to stop even if we wanted to,.... your girl soon bends down and begins to flick her tongue across your nipples,... this drives you wild and you finger her all the faster,... you can't believe it as you have never done anything like this before,... you had thought of women on occasion but never actually dreamed of really having sex with one,... and now you were so extremely excited that you couldn't think straight,.. just then she lowered her mouth to yours,.. in that second all your inhibitions must have dissolved away because you thrust your tongue deep within her mouth and reached to pull her head to yours in a tight kiss,...I couldn't believe my eyes,,.... her fingers were thrusting in and out of you faster now,... deeper,... you breath faster,... you pull back and look my way,.. I glance my undeniable approval and you look at her,... asking her if you can taste her,... with that she climbs up and straddles your face in a 69,... she lowers her pussy to your mouth and you hesitantly reach out with your tongue and touch her lips,... she winces at the feeling then rolls her hips to meet your mouth,... you reach around her legs ad spread her lips and begin to flick your tongue up and down her pussy,... mmm,.. you like the taste,... like yours,.. you love to taste yourself on my hard cock or from my fingers when I offer,... or to put your own wet fingers in your mouth when your alone and fingering yourself,.... this was like that,... then you felt it as she lowered her mouth to your pussy,... flicking her tongue up and down your lips,... pressing more firmly into you with each stroke,.... you feel as your pussy gets wetter and wetter with the feel of her hot mouth,... you can feel your own juices running out of your pussy and down your ass,... I can't believe my eyes and then feel as my girl lowers her head down to my hard cock,... running her tongue around the head of it the devouring it deep in her mouth,... my head immediately goes back as I arch my neck and hips,... I thrust my fingers deeper into her hot little pussy,... I feel as she rhythmically fucks my fingers,... I know that with all I have seen and felt I will not last long,... she cradles my cock in her small hands and strokes it with ever increasing intensity as she takes my cock deeper and deeper in her mouth,... it feels so nice,... As she continues to suck my cock I feel the pressure building within,... I know I will cum soon and can hardly wait,... I announce my impending cum and she quickens her pace,... sucking and stroking my cock ,.. I reciprocate by burying my fingers deep within her pussy,... I look and see you deep within your own moment as your entire body is tensed and convulsing as you experience your own deep penetrating orgasm,... your girl following suit with her own at the touch of your hot mouth on her pussy,... as it subsides she pulls off and turns around to kiss you and share hers and your juices from both of your glistening mouths,... you both watch as my girl continues to fuck her mouth with my cock,... all of a sudden I feel my body go ridged and a thick jet of cum shoot forth from my cock into her mouth,... she raises up slightly and continues to stroke my hard cock as several more streams of cum splash against her mouth covering her face and tits,... the white cum from my cock is readily apparent against her brown skin,... you applaud bravo and the two of you join us,... your girl kisses her,.. sharing my cum as you bend to lick my cum from her tits,... stooping to suck them a little,... then you look and see my cock still hard as steel,... you look at me and tell me to guess what you want,.. I smile and pull you on top of me, ... the girls grab my cock and guide it as you lower yourself down on it,... your pussy is so incredibly hot and wet,... I slide in with ease and you begin to ride my cock with such vigor,.. your so hot and excited,... each time you lower yourself on to me my cock thrusts deeper,... you feel it swelling as you fuck me hard with fast deep penetrating strokes,... I look and see the girls on either side of you,.. rubbing your chest,... your back ,... your ass,.... the light glistening off your oiled body,.. the sweat drops covering you,... I feel your pussy pulsing with each thrust,... you feel my cock throbbing at your touch,... you are so tight,.... you feel so good,.. I raise up to suck and bite your nipples, ... your back arched forward,... I feel as your body begins to spasm again and feel the river of your juices running from your pussy and down my ass,... mmm,... your so hot,... I look and see head back as your body finishes convulsing,... I lift you a little then lower you from the table to the towels in the sand,... you get on your knees and thrust your hot little ass back toward me,.. I move behind you and place my hands on your hips and the girls guide my cock to your pussy,.... you can't wait and with a final thrust you back into my cock,... consuming it with your hot hungry pussy,... I thrust in and out of you as deeply and as fast as I can,... your breathing is so erratic and your head spinning,... you feel another hard deep orgasm coming on,... I know I will cummm soon but hold off as long as I can,... the girls move off to the side and watch as they continue to kiss and suck and probe each other,.... their eyes watching in awe at the intensity between us,... I see your head fling back almost violently and your sighs turn to screams as I feel your pussy gripping my cock firmer and firmer,.... I thrust my cock in deeper and deeper as your orgasm skyrockets,... you collapse to the bed and I pull my cock from your pussy and flip you over,.. you body so flexible right now,.. I lift your legs and bring your calves to my shoulders,.... I reach down and guide my cock to your pussy,... so hot and wet,.... I begin to thrust my cock even deeper into your pussy,... faster and deeper,... You pussy is so wet I,.... you feel so good,... you look into my eyes and beg me to fuck you faster and deeper,.. I quicken my pace as much as I can and thrust harder into you,... I can feel my cock swelling and the head growing even larger,.... I feel my hot cum boiling within,.. the volcano of hot cum just waiting to explode,.... faster and deeper I thrust,... faster and deeper,... then I feel my balls tighten and my cock become even more ridged,.... just then the first blast of erupting cum spews forth,.... you can feel it as it splashes forth against the deepest realms of your hot pussy,.... then I pull my cock from your pussy and lower you legs,... just as the next blast of cum rockets forth and lands on your neck leaving a trail back between your tits and across you stomach,.. the next ones follow a similar path,.. several spots of hot cum dripping from your breasts,.... the sweat dripping from my brow,.... the girls watching with excitement,... you are so hot,... you reach down and spread the cum between your tits and lick your fingers,... I lower myself and kiss your lips,.... mmm,... what a hot afternoon in paradise!!
3 AM Sex
Posted:May 24, 2015 6:56 am
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2021 2:40 am

It would be really nice to spend a whole night together, would love to wake up in the middle of the evening with your naked body lying next to me... I awake with my body spooning yours... our naked flesh pressed against each others. Your ass pressed against my cock... I can feel it stir... my hands reached around cupping your breasts, your hand on mine … the nap of you neck just in front of my mouth... what a nice way to awake at 3 AM... I get up to go to the bathroom and return to find you laying on your back... your legs spread a bit... I can't resist... I roll the covers to the side to expose your beautiful legs and your succulent pussy... I really want to taste you... I move up between your legs and slowly, trying not to wake you... I move my mouth above you pussy... reaching my tongue out slowly to rub up and down your lips... as I touch you I see your head move slightly, your still asleep,. I wonder what sort of turn your dreams just took with my touch... what were you dreaming... I move my wet hot tongue up and down you lips slowly and deliberately... parting them further with every lick… I can tell your juices are beginning to flow... your hips are starting to move just slightly... I can hear your breathing getting a little quicker now… I work my tongue up to your clit which is beginning to swell... placing my mouth on your clit I suck gently... rubbing my tongue against it as well,… your breath and hips begin to move more now,.. I cannot tell if you’re still fully asleep but I'm fairly sure you’re not fully awake. I reach up and press first one then two fingers into your pussy... slowly until I have them deep within.... I withdraw and press then in again as I suck firmly on your clit... I feel your body jerk spastically for a second then I feel your hands come to rest on my head... I look up and see you smiling down at me... you mention that this was an unexpected pleasure... I smile and say how you were irresistible!! I quicken my efforts now that I know your awake... I thrust my fingers deeper and deeper within you pussy... I flick my tongue wildly against your clit and my fingers... sucking harder on your clit... I briefly pull my fingers from your hot wet pussy just long enough to let you lick them, tasting your own sweet nectar... I return them to your pussy and continue to thrust then in and out.... Your pussy getting wetter and wetter... I love the taste of your juices... I love the thrusting of your hips... I go faster and deeper and faster... I can tell by your breathing your close to cumming... I want to feel your juices fly from your pussy and cover my face... your hands grab my hair and force my head firmer between your legs... your body convulsing to fuck my face harder and harder... I flick my tongue across your clit and drive my fingers in and out as far and quickly as I can... I feel the river of juices gushing from your pussy... I love it... I drink down as much as I can.... covering my hand and chin... you pull me up to your mouth... you want to feel me in you... you lick the remnants of your pussy juices from my face and I raise your legs to my shoulders... I find your pussy with my cock and thrust it in... oh you are so tight... the feeling is so soft and wet... I drive my cock as deep as possible... I can feel the head already getting larger... the sensation of your pussy gripping my cock is so good... I want to cum right now but I want it to last... I thrust my hips forward to drive my cock deep within you pussy... you raise you mouth to mine and kiss me then tell me to fuck you harder... harder... Your hips are like a wild woman... meeting me thrust for thrust... I look and see your hands kneading your breasts.... pushing them together and pinching your nipples... you want me to drive my cock deeper and faster in your hot wet pussy.... I comply... your ankles firmly on my shoulders... your fingers pressing firmly against your nipples... sort of pinching them then stroking them... I lower your right leg and let you roll to your side just a little... I move your left ankle to my left shoulder and grab your thigh as I rise up to drive my cock deeper in to your pussy... faster and faster... your body convulsing again... I can feel the juices flowing from your pussy as they trail down both our legs... your hips making sharp jabs at my cock... I see your squeezing your tits tighter now... it is too much for me I know I want to cummm now... I must... I tell you I'm going to cummm you tell me to hold on for just a second,... you want me to cummm in your mouth... you want me in your mouth... you tell me to stand on the bed,.. I stand up and you crawl up to me and take my cock into your mouth... you feel so good... such a good feeling being in your mouth... you reach up and tickle my balls a little and tell me how much you want to taste my cummm.... you want me to cummm in your mouth and on your tits... you want it bad.... I hear you and can feel the pressure building in my balls.... I can feel my cock swelling in your mouth... the head getting so big... throbbing with the touch of your tongue.... you feel so good.... taking me deeper and deeper.... my hands running through your hair... I want to cummm... I can tell it is a big one because of how long it is building.... I can feel the throbbing of my cock as you flick your tongue across the tip and stroke the shaft with your hand... mmmmmm... I can hold on no longer.... I feel the pressure release and a feel the cummm fly from my cock.... racing across your tongue deep back into your throat... another... covering your tongue... you grab my cock and begin to pump my cummm onto your tits... several more shots of hot cummm draining down the front of your breasts... you put my cock back in your mouth and suck out the last few drops of cummm... your tongue flicking across my head sending me deeper into never never land... mmm... you take my cock from your mouth and begin to spread the cumm on your tits around and licking it off your fingers... I look down and smile... as you finish licking your fingers I drop down to meet you... I grab you and hold you tightly... our mouths lock... our tongues entangle... we fall to the bed and there we drift back to sleep..... smiling....

Mmmmm… what a nice way to wake up!!
Library Fun!
Posted:May 24, 2015 6:53 am
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2021 2:40 am

Well, I have thought of you in many ways and often thought of ways of meeting you in various fantasies. Do you like the Library? Maybe you would like it like this, let me know!

Meeting in the library!
For so long I have watched you from afar,... I see you in class,... in the yard,... studying in the library,.... I have memorized every inch of your body,... the way your hair bounces just a little when you walk,... the way you sort of lower and tilt your head when you laugh, ... you have such a devilish smile,... for so long I have wanted to touch you,,... kiss the nap of your neck,... hold you close,... your body is so hot,.... every curve from your firm shoulders,... down across your ample breasts,... across your tasty stomach,.... around to your tight little ass,... those shapely legs,.... I love to see your legs,.... your calves,... I long to run my tongue all over your body,.... tonight is no different,... the day after some holiday,.. I find myself in the library again,...only a few people here tonight,... not expecting to find you but there you are,... you are as beautiful as ever,... I have never dared to talk to you,... only to gaze at you from afar,.. tonight you are exceptionally hot,... no doubt dressed up to go out somewhere,... you’re wearing a very tight black mini skirt,.... as you sit there your thighs are almost completely exposed,.... I can see your legs stretch all the way from your shapely ass to the ends of your delicate feet covered with stiletto heels,.. as I scan your thighs you shift your ass and cross your legs,... I'm amazed,... I swear I see your pussy,... bare,.... as your legs cross it is as if time went into slow motion,... and that you sort of pause just at the point my view is the best,... I must be imagining things,... I look up your body and see the tight fitting blouse your wearing,.... your breasts are pressed together showing a grand cleavage,... oh how I would like to run my tongue between them,.... to touch the outline of your breasts,... trace the paths around your hard nipples,... you get up and set your book down and go up stairs to the back of the library,.. as you walk away I see the hypnotic way your ass sways back and forth just enough,... almost seaming to be purposefully accentuated,... oh how I would love to have those thighs and legs wrapped around my waist,.... hypnotized I follow behind,... I time it just right so that I can be behind you as you ascend the stairs with your beautiful ass at my eye level,... oh how I would love to kiss your ass checks,.... I would love to put my hard cock in your ass and feel you sway,... I feel like I'm staring,... which I am,... we get to the top,... you go right so I go left so you don't think I'm following you,... I try to circle around to catch you on the other side,... but where are you,.. I see you nowhere,.... I guess you have went to make your date,... I go to the very back of the library,... still no luck,.... then I turn sharply to go to the stairs and "Bammm" there you are right behind me,... I bump you and knock the books out of your hand,.... instinctively and embarrassed I drop to my knees to help you pick up your books,... you sit back on your heels and I glance to see your skirt rise up on your legs,... you spread your legs a little and I was right,... no underwear,... I say I'm sorry,... which at this point I certainly am not,... I try to draw my eyes away from looking at your beautiful pussy,... I force my gaze up your body,.... the mere sight of your breasts heaving is enough to make me feel like I need to find a bathroom to release my now full engorged cock,.... I fight past your breasts and come to your face,.. your eyes so devilish,... I'm still mumbling something about being a klutz and being sorry,... you stand and I look up at you,... you stand there right in front of me,.... you pussy just inches from my face,... only a few inches of hem covering,.... I ask if there is ANYTHING I can do to make up for my clumsiness,... with that you ask what I have in mind,.. at that moment you step forward even closer,.... placing your hands on my head,.... I look up at you and smile,... I cannot control myself,... I quickly glance around and see no one else is around,... I reach up and place my hands on the back of you thighs,.... up under your skirt,.... I raise your skirt a little,... and stare face to face with our beautiful pussy,.... I gaze at the sight,... I can see the wetness which has obviously been there for a while,.... your clit already swollen,.... it is obvious you have been aroused for a while,... then it is clear,... you planned this,... you planned for me to knock your books away,.... with that I I lean forward and kiss your thighs,.... running a tongue from one to the other,... never quite touching your pussy,... I sense your impatience to a more direct approach,... you want to feel my mouth against your pussy,.... I pause just a little longer then I gently run my tongue up and down your pussy lips,... I feel your hips buckle slightly at just the moment I touch you,.. I also can feel a stream of your pussy juices emerge as I run my tongue up and down your lips,... just barely parting them,.... as I get closer to your clit I can feel it growing,... I look up and see you propped against the book shelves,... your hands up cupping and squeezing your heaving breasts,... as I draw your clit into my mouth I can feel your body beginning to shake a bit,... your hips are moving rhythmically against my mouth,... motions as if you were fucking my face with your pussy,... riding my tongue and mouth,... I reach up and insert two fingers into your pussy,.... you are so very wet,... my fingers slide in effortlessly,... you pussy is so tight but so wet,... a flood of your juices gushes forth to cover my face,... fingers and hand,... so hot,... I pull my fingers out and raise my fingers to your mouth,... offering you a taste of your own juices,... you go wild and take my fingers into your mouth,... suck on them like a hard cock,... licking them clean,.... mmm,... I love to see you taste yourself,... I have dreamed of that so many times,... I insert my other hand into your hot pussy,... thrust them in and out as my tongue flicks wildly against your clit,.... I bring down my hand from your mouth and place a finger at the entrance to your ass,... I slowly insert a finger into your ass,... moving it in and out in the opposite rhythm of my other fingers in your pussy,.... as I flick my tongue back and forth against your clit,... fucking your pussy and your ass with my fingers,... I feel your body shaking,... trembling,... you become ridged and your hands come down on my head,... forcing my head tight against your pussy,... your body spasming,... sharp jabs of your pussy against my face,...mmm,.... your juices covering my face,.... all of a sudden you release your grip,...draw me up to my feet,... you finally say you were beginning to wonder if I would follow you or not,... with that you pull me in and kiss me,... licking your juices from my lips,... I thrust my tongue down your throat,.. so nice,.... my hands come to rest on your breasts,... I unbutton your blouse enough to see your bra,.. with a quick click I release your front bra hook,... letting your breasts swing free,... my hands squeezing your tits firmly,.. Kneading them,... pinching your nipples,... I lean down a little and suck your nipples both into my mouth,.... flicking my tongue back and forth against them,.. oh you have such nice tits,... with that you pull my face back up,.. step around and press me against the bookshelves,... you open my shirt and kiss my chest then you swiftly drop to your knees,... Your hands go to my pants and open the front,.... you reach in and grab my hard cock,... pulling it out you gaze at it,.. the head so big and bulbous,... it is so hard,... throbbing and bobbing in front of you,... I look down just as I see the head of my cock pass within your lips,.. oh how it feels,... your tongue flicking against the rim,.. running circles around my throbbing cock,.... taking my shaft deep into your hot mouth,... your tongue running the full length of the shaft,... then back to flick against that sensitive spot just under the tip,... oh you drive me wild,.. you hand pumping my cock as you suck it with such skilled precision,... you have had some practice at this I can tell,... I glance around and see no one in sight but all of a sudden remember where we are,... I don't care,.. I look back at you and see you smiling as you thrust my cock deep into your mouth again realizing what I was thinking,.. you too are so excited by the forbidden activities taking place,... both of us holding back our desires to roar out loud our passions,... speaking of roaring,... I feel a rumbling emerging from my hard cock,... I feel as the head begins to grow a little,.... you look at me as if knowing I'm about to cumm,... you quicken your pace and suck my cock even harder,... faster,... the hot cummm boiling more with your every touch,... I can hardly contain myself,.. this is better then I could have ever imagined,... my head falls back then I feel my cum filled cock pressuring to erupt,... I look down as I feel the first blast of cummm rocket from my cock deep into your mouth,... expected but surprising you still,.... the force strong against the back of your mouth,... another blast filling your mouth,... you pull my cock from your mouth, swallowing my cumm as the next jets of cummm fly forward landing on your mouth, neck and tits,.... my hot cumm landing on your soft skin,... you place my cock back in your mouth to suck the last drops of cumm from the tip,.. I look down and see you scooping up my cummm and licking your fingers clean,... smiling as you go,... you are so hot,... I pull you up to your feet and draw you to me,... kissing your mouth,... squeezing you tight,... my cock ridged again,... I back you against a bookshelf,.. your hands and arms wrapped tight around my head,... I raise your legs up and cradle your legs in my arms,... your pussy hanging just at my cock,... you reach one hand between us and place my cock at the entrance to your pussy,... one quick thrust and my cock drives deep within your hot wet pussy,... oh how good you feel,... a dozen books fall to the floor as we begin to fuck with ever increasing vigor,... still containing our sounds,.... our cries of passions reduced to mere whispers,... you curl your hips to meet mine,.... you are so wet,.. I feel your pussy gripping my cock,... like a hand clutching and releasing my hard cock,... you whisper for me to fuck you harder,... faster,... deeper,... telling me you need to feel my cock deep within you,.... I feel your juices running from your pussy down both our legs,... our mouths meet and our tongues begin thrust in and out of each of our mouths,... fucking our mouths with the same rhythm as my cock in your pussy,... our breathing becoming so heavy,.. so erratic,... I look down and see your breasts bouncing and jiggling with every thrust,... I start thrusting my cock with quick jabs into your pussy,... slowly withdrawing then jabbing back deeper and harder,... your breath sharp now,... gasping as your pussy begins to spasm,... your juices begin to gush forward,.. I feel your body shaking as you cumm,.. I quicken my pace,.. your gasps becoming small compacted screams,... not real loud but oh so forceful,... I feel my own cumm building again,... your own cummm still rippling through your body,... I announce my impending cummm,.. you tell me you want to feel me cumm deep inside your pussy,.... the words prolonging your own orgasm,.. and beckoning mine,... your head falling back your gasps drawing deep,... short deliberate gasps as your continue to cummm,... my cock swelling,... the head growing as I feel the hot cumm rocket forward,... I feel the force of my hot cumm shoot deep within your pussy,.. you feel the cummm firing against your pussy walls,... again sending electrifying pulses through your body,... shot after shot of hot cummm mixing with your own juices,... my body tensing as the last shots of an endless cumm spew forth deep within your pussy,... both our bodies becoming ridged as I thrust deep within you,.... no longer able to contain ourselves we simultaneously let out a loud cry of excitement, pain, exhaustion and above all pleasure,... realizing what we just did and where we are we laugh,... then hearing steps on the stairs we release and quickly pull ourselves together,... just as we finish someone comes around the corner,... we laugh and explain we just ran into each other and knocked these books down,... the librarian smiles as if she knew something,... then I look up and see the camera in the corner and wonder if she or others had seen the whole thing,... I look at you,... we smile and you say how long you have seen me looking,.. how long you wanted this,... I concur and suggest we go back to my place,... you smile and say you thought I would never ask!!!

mmm,... well next time you are in a library I hope you don't get too distracted by all this,... but then again I do!!! mmm,.... lick you later, til then
A First Meeting ;-)
Posted:May 24, 2015 6:51 am
Last Updated:Oct 3, 2020 1:03 pm

Well we only just met online so I'm a bit nervous about meeting you in person,... we talked several times online and you have sent me some very revealing pictures of yourself and friends,... I always get excited when we talk live or I read one of your letters but this is different,.. this is in the flesh,... I know we discussed this,.. meeting,... having a wild sexual encounter,.... no games,... nothing but two adults meeting to share each others bodies,... still a bit nervous though,.. you just never know,... the other night when we talked on the phone I could hear the nervousness in your voice as well,... like school we talked and planned this,... despite the numerous times we talked about our desires,... we told each other what we would do if we met,... listened to each other as we touched ourselves over the phone,... so many times I envisioned your hands caressing your body,... your breasts,... pinching your nipples,... pulling on your nipple ring,... your hands gently gliding over your taunt stomach,.... your legs spread and your fingers tracing the outside of your lips until I talked of flicking my tongue across them,... I often envisioned your fingers driving into your hot pussy as we spoke,... I could hear your breath quickening as you drove your fingers deeper and deeper inside of you,... faster and faster you would thrust them in and out,... sometimes using your vibrator to thrust in deeper,... your fingers still blindly moving across your clit,... mmmm I get hard just thinking of that,... but now it was different,... you will be here any moment,... how will it go,.. I have the room lit softly,... the ice and Champagne on the night table,... I have my set of toys and oils readily available for the fun,... I'm nervous,.. my cock is hard just thinking about you,... a knock comes at the door,.... I take in a deep breath then look,.. it is you,... I open the door,... we sort of shyly greet one another and you come in,... you’re so beautiful,.. I take your coat and hang it in the closet,.... You are wearing the dress from the photo,... thin straps at the shoulder,.. your chest and back exposed,.... I move behind you and grab your shoulders,.... You smile and turn your head slightly to the left,.... I pull you back to my chest and kiss the side of your cheek,.... I kiss your left shoulder,.. and your back,... up to the back of your neck,... your right shoulder,.. I move my hands down to your waist as you press your ass back against my hips,... you can feel the firmness of my hard cock pressing against your ass,.... I know you can feel it throbbing through the fabrics of our clothing,... I reach around your waist and place my hands on your stomach and right hip,... I continue to kiss your neck and your head falls forward a little,... I know you like it,... I can feel your body melting away,... I move my right hand up your side,... up under your arm and just barely touching the side of your breast,... I feel and hear your breath gasp,... you are consumed by the moment as am I,... My right hand continues up your body and I raise your right arm up and you bring your right hand to my head, now on the right side of your neck,... and caress it,... your fingers flowing through my hair,.... I move up and begin to kiss your neck then ears,... your head falls back as I begin to nibble on your ears,... my left hand still caressing your stomach,... I move it to your left hip,.. I glide it up and down your hip gently touching you,.... I feel as your ass grinds against my hard cock,... I so much feel like I could just explode,... I want you so much but don't want to rush things,.... As I continue to kiss and nibble your ear and cheek my right hand comes back down and traces the line back down your right side,... as I pass your right breast I slow my movements,... I reach around and pass my hand over the outside of your breast,... your chest heaves as you feel my touch,... I raise my left hand to touch your left breast similarly,... your ass presses tighter against my cock,.. your left hand reaches back between us and rubs my cock through my jeans,... I press your breasts together slightly as I cup them in my hands,.... I can feel the softness as they fill my hands,... I begin to trace a line down your chest,... down your cleavage,.... I run my fingers up and down the lining of your dress,.... I reach up and pull the straps off your shoulders and your dress falls to the floor,... to my delight your are wearing a thin lace bra with matching panties over a lace garter,... I grasp your tits in my hands and squeeze then tightly then lower my mouth to your bra hooks,... with my tongue and mouth I unhook your bra,... I loosen my grip for a moment and your bra falls to the ground,... we step toward the bed and then I pull you close to me once more,.. my hands firmly against your skin and against your breasts,.... your nipple rings between my thumb and forefinger,... pulling slightly as I massage your tits,... I feverishly kiss your back, neck, and ears as I turn your to face me,... looking deeply into your eyes for a moment,... I see the passion and lust,... those oh so seductive and inviting eyes,... I run my fingers through your auburn hair as I pull your head to mine and our lips meet,... I drive my tongue forward to meet yours as you throw your arms around my neck,.... your body feels so good,... I love the way you feel against me,... I reach down and run my hands up and down your back,.... my finger nails scraping up and down your skin,... you reach out and pull my shirt over my head and then kiss my chest,... you reach to unzip my fly,... your hands tremble as you tear open my pants and push them to the floor,... you look and see my hard cock pressed against the fabric of my briefs,... with one motion you pull them from my hips and my hard cock swings free to meet you,.. you sit on your knees and look at it for a moment then without hesitation you put my cock into your mouth,... you have wanted it for so long,... I couldn't stop you if I had wanted to,... your hot mouth feels so good,... you effortlessly drive your head down on my hard cock, taking all 7+ inches with ease,... the head swelling,.. I warned you that my head gets large,... mmm,... you feel so good,... I love the feel of your hot mouth on my cock,... you pull me from you and flick your tongue across the tip and up and down the shaft,... your hands stroking the shaft,... my gosh you drive me wild,.. It feels so good,... your mouth again all over my cock and your hands stroking me,... I tell you that you will make me cum soon if you continue,... the sound of that only strengthens your resolve,.. you quicken your pace and flick your tongue faster and faster across my hard swollen head,... harder it gets,... you feel it as it begins to pulsate with every stroke and flick of your tongue,... I know I will not last much longer,... I feel the intense pressure building as my cock gets firmer and I announce I’m going to cum,... I look down as I feel the first streams of my hot cum jet forward deep in your throat,.. you pull my pulsating cock from your mouth as another jet of cum shoots into your mouth and down your chin,... you look up at me as you continue to stroke my cock as more cum pours forth onto your tits and chest,... you smile as if you just won first prize at some contest,... my cock still pulsating in your hands,.. reaching up with one hand you spread my cum over your tits,.. and lick your fingers,... mmm,... that felt so good,... I pull you up to me and kiss your lips,... my tongue driving deep within your mouth,... your so hot,.. I can still taste the salty taste of my cum on your lips,... I walk you back to the bed and push you back,... I fall on top of you and move you to the head of the bed,... I kiss my way down your neck,... your legs wrapped around me,... your hands and finger in my hair,... in a frenzy of excitement I work my way down to your tits,.. I run my tongue along the outside of your breasts,... down and across the underside,... then up to your hard nipples,... Your nipples are so hard,... I pull your nipples and nipple rings into my mouth and suck them,... softly then hard,... drawing them in and out,.... pinching and pulling firmly,... your hands pulling me against your chest hard,... I reach up and press your breasts together and put both your nipples in my mouth at the same time,... your so hot,... I can feel the heat from your hot pussy pressed against my stomach,... I flick you nipples in and out of my mouth faster and faster then suck hard one last time,... I move my mouth farther down your body across your belly,... I get to your garter and panties,... with my teeth I remove your panties,... I can tell they are ever so wet,... I look down and see your black garter and stockings,... I look at your whole body for a moment,... so beautiful,... so sexy,... so enticing,... I pull your legs up to my mouth and kiss your feet,... then I begin at your left ankle,... kissing and licking my way up to your knee,.. then up your inner thigh,... slowly kissing and licking my way up farther and farther,... I find the top of your thigh,... where your pussy lies,... I can see and taste your juices as they have flowed from your pussy,... your legs are damp with your juices,... I ever so gently pass over your pussy with my outstretched tongue,... I feel your body quiver as I pass over them,.. you attempt to drive your hips to meet me but I withdraw,... I kiss your right thigh and work my way down to your ankle then again kiss my way up your leg to your knee then inner thigh,... this time when I get to your pussy you are so wet and excited you can’t stand it any more,... you want my tongue deep in your pussy,... I kiss your waist above your pussy and slowly run my tongue and lips down along your pussy lips,.. I stick out my tongue and feel the wetness of your pussy,... I ever so gently press my tongue against your lips and part them slightly,... your body stiffens with the feeling of my soft yet firm tongue against your lips,.. mmm,... you taste so good,.. you are so wet,... I run my tongue slowly up and down your lips,... going deeper each time,... I feel the barbell you have pierced through the hood of your pussy,... I flick my tongue quickly back and forth across it,... I thrust a little deeper and find your swollen clit and grab it between my lips and suck gently while flicking my tongue across your clit,... your body trembles a little and I feel your grip tighten on my head as you press yourself against my face,... I suck a little harder and then begin to thrust my tongue deep into your pussy,... thrusting deep then licking up as my tongue flicks across your clit,.. then thrusting deep inside again,... up and across your clit again,... over and over,... your pussy getting oh so wet,... so many times I told you I loved to do this,.. now here I am,.. between your legs,... and your pussy tastes better than I could ever imagine,.. You’re so good,.. I love it,... I reach up and insert first one then two fingers into your pussy,.. thrusting them in and out,... moving them deeper with each thrust,... I can feel it as your hips try to meet me thrust for thrust,... you want it deeper and faster I can tell,... I continue to flick my tongue across your clit and suck on your pussy as I quicken the pace and fuck your pussy with my fingers,... You’re so wet,.. I pull my finger from your pussy for a moment and raise my fingers to your lips,... you take them in to your mouth and suck your sweet nectar from them,... Oh how I love it when you do that,... tasting yourself,... I smile and put my fingers back and thrust them as fast and deep as I can,... sucking your clit in my mouth,... you hips are going crazy with all the attention,.. I feel it as your pussy gets even wetter,... I look up and you look down at me and in no uncertain words you say "Fuck Me, I need your cock", I smile and always want to please so I kiss my way up to your mouth,... without hesitation you throw me over on my back and straddle my cock,... thrusting your full weight down on my cock you begin to roll your hips into mine and fuck me hard,... your pussy is so wet,.. so hot,... my cock slips in and out with ease,... you’re so tight and oh so wet,... I love the grip your pussy has on my hard cock,... you drive yourself down on me then up and down again,... I begin to meet you thrust for thrust and drive my cock up to meet you,... your tits are bouncing up and down,.. I reach out and pinch your nipples and pull your rings,.... you feel so good,... I feel you tense and grab my shoulders as I feel your pussy tighten,... I can tell your about to cumm,... I love the look on your face as you concentrate,.. my cock driving deeper and deeper,.. I try to keep your rhythm as you begin to buck sharply,... driving my cock in and out erratically,.... You look at me and I feel your juices flowing out of your pussy and down my balls and ass,... you’re so wet,... I can tell you’re exhausted,... I ask if you want to stop and you say "No Way, but how about a switch”,.... mmm,... I grab you and hug you to me then roll you over,... my hard cock still in your pussy I raise your legs up to my shoulders and begin to thrust my hard cock deep inside you,... thrusting my hips forward hard and firm, driving my hard cock as far in as possible in a sharp quick motion,.. then I slowly pull my cock almost out of your pussy,.. then thrust it in again,.. mmmm you’re oh so wet,.. each time I thrust into your pussy I can see and hear you gasp a little,... your hands are up at your chest,... massaging your tits,... pinching your nipples,... I love the feel of your pussy grabbing me,... I flex my cock inside and look at you as you smile then return with a little pussy gripping of your own,... flexing your pussy muscles to grab at my cock,... you feel so good,.. I can feel my cock getting harder and closer to cumming,... I lower your left leg and move your right leg to my right side,... fucking your pussy from the side,... thrusting in and out,... I can feel you getting ready to cumm again too,... you tell me how much you love the feel of my cock,... I kiss your leg then move it further over,.. until I have you on your knees,... I grab your hips as I thrust my cock faster and deeper in to your hot pussy from behind,... your ass is so nice,... I love the feel of your hips as you push back to meet me thrust for thrust,... your hips curling slightly each time I drive deep within your pussy,... you’re so good,... I can feel my head spinning as I get closer to my next cum,,.. your pussy so wet,... so hot,... griping at my hard cock,... I can feel you reach back and rub my shaft and your clit between your legs as I thrust faster and faster in and out of your pussy,... it feels so good,... I can tell it won't be long for either of us,... You move your hips and roll over,... I pull my cock from your pussy then move between your legs again,... I slap my cock against your clit a little then rub the head up and down your lips,... You look at me wantonly,... then I place the head between your lips and look you in the eye as I thrust deep within you,... you gasp as I bury my hard cock deep inside,... your hips meeting mine,... your legs wrapped around my waist, heels digging into my ass,... you scream for me to fuck you harder and harder,... I try to fulfill your desires,... your head turns side to side and I can feel your pussy beginning to spasm a bit as you get ready to cumm,... I feel as my own cumm builds,.. I know I won't last, but long enough for you have yours I hope,... I look at your face and all of a sudden your eyes open wide,.. you mumble something and I watch as you begin to gasp for your breaths,... your heels driving my ass and cock harder into you,... I can feel your pussy explode with fire and your juices flow heavy,... your hips moving wildly,... I know you are cumming,.. cumming hard,... one of those deep cums from well within your pussy,... beginning like a slow rumbling then quickly erupting like a tidal wave,.. consuming your body,... I watch as you begin to convulse over and over,... this is just what I needed to throw me over the edge,... I can feel it as my cock stiffens as hard as possible and I can feel the head get as big or bigger than I can remember,... then like a volcano I can feel it as my hot cummm erupts,... I feel it build in pressure then erupt out of the tip of my cock,... spewing forth deep within your pussy,... splashing against your pussy walls,.... you can feel it as my cumm jets forth deep inside your pussy,... filling your pussy with each big blast of cum,.... my cock twitching with each stream of cum spilling forward,... I can't stand it,... I don't remember cumming so much,... jet after long jet of cummm,... you feel so good,.. the feeling of my hot cumm filling your pussy prolongs your own orgasm,... you begin to shudder like me,... still looking deep within each others eyes,.. we both melt together,... my semi-hard cock still in your pussy I come down on you and we embrace,... kissing lightly,... then looking at each other again,;... I look at you and say how much better it was than I ever imagined,... you concur,... We pop the cork on the Champagne and get ready for round two!! I wonder what that will have in store for us? Any thoughts?

Mmmmm,… I hope you enjoyed that!!
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