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Notes on Limp Dick  

Cebhion2 64M  
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4/9/2020 8:34 am
Notes on Limp Dick

Often the butt of jokes, erectile dysfunction really isn’t a laughing matter. Men tend find it embarrassing and don’t want to admit to anyone that their virility or vitality is on the wane. A few may blame their partner, claiming that it’s her fault because she isn’t young and sexy anymore or that she isn’t doing something right. They may be angry or afraid of being thought of as less than a man if it were known by anyone and so they suffer in silence pretending they aren’t interested in sex any more. Women are also affected, they come to believe they are less than a woman, no longer sexy or desirable men. This medical condition can destroy a marriage, and have a terrible and prolonged psychological impact on both partners. The sex drive becomes depressed as the couple shuts down but it begins to manifest in a negative way, people can become bitter, abrasive even hateful, full of resentment, and engage in constant bickering. In olden times when the king began to have erectile problems it was looked upon as he was loosing his virility and so was killed in a “hunting accident” so that a younger more virile male could take his place. Because it was believed that if the king was not potent, the land would suffer because it wouldn’t be fertile. But what causes it? Aging, genetics and health problems generally. I’ve seen medical findings that<b> smoking </font></b>and alcohol use also can cause it. We all know about “whiskey dick” Anyway high blood pressure, high cholesterol, I think are the main causes because plaque builds up causing arteriosclerosis, which takes away the elasticity of the blood vessels, preventing them from expanding which slows the blood flow and causes the heart to work harder to circulate the blood and so blood pressure increases. Or so that’s the way I understand it. Getting turned on or aroused is supposed to dilate the blood vessels in the sex organs increasing the blood flow which makes them more sensitive, and that triggers the release of an enzyme in men that causes the spongy tissue of the penis to become engorged with blood causing an erection. Without this mechanical process the man develops ED. Thankfully there is THE PILL Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, all work the same way, they cause the blood vessels to dilate, and trigger the release of the enzyme that causes the spongy tissue to fill with blood. The rest proceeds naturally. I myself got a 30 day supply of the 5mg daily cialis a few years ago. My blood pressure dropped to the good level and stayed there instead of the roller coaster ride of highs and lows as it generally does. My blood oxygen level increased because more blood pumping through my lungs picked up More O2 so I had more energy, felt better overall and had an overall sense of well being. In the erection department it was like the clock had been turned back 10 or 15 years. If a person was on this all the time, I think they would feel like getting out more, exercising, loosing weight and eventually no longer need beta blockers to lower their blood pressure and which do cause ED. Unfortunately the medication is very expensive and insurance companies tend to look at ED meds as recreational and Medicaid and I think Medicare won’t cover them. The thing is though if they would approve the ED meds they would save a lot of money in the long run on medications to control blood pressure, and pain (because the increased oxygen to the oxygen starved tissues would diminish pain ) as well as anxiety medications. ED is a serious condition that has an enormous impact on people, couples as well as physical and mental health. I just wish insurance companies would realize that it is a serious health condition not a recreational past time

Paulxx001 63M
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4/11/2020 4:04 pm

Interesting to know that there are options that work in a multitude of ways. 👍

... is there another way to look at it.
We Have Lost Forty Million Good Men WTF

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