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The First Time You Went to a Foreign Country  

CharmingAsianCY 39M
191 posts
11/11/2018 2:39 pm

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2/18/2019 12:12 am

The First Time You Went to a Foreign Country

When was your first time you actually went to a foreign country (as tourist/traveler, expatriate, international businessman/businesswoman, student, teacher, conference/gathering attendee or lecturer/speaker)? Please tell us your age at the time you visited a foreign country for the very first time, the first foreign country you visited, and the purpose of your visit.
4 years old or younger
5-9 years old
10-14 years old
15-19 years old
20-29 years old
30-39 years old
40-49 years old
50-59 years old
60 years old or older
I have never gone to a foreign country before.

Leegs2012 47M
54559 posts
11/17/2018 8:27 am

Italy with my parents, when I was 12

fashionablegma 77F
7743 posts
11/12/2018 3:28 pm

Oh think I was about 50,went to Tunisia,and,morocco to get away from things at home,and had my eyes opened

FresnoWoman 49F
798 posts
11/12/2018 12:08 pm

My parents did a month-long tour of some of the European countries, and took me along. It was a lot of touring.

Koffla 64M
55792 posts
11/11/2018 5:36 pm

Visited Canada for pleasure for the first time, when I was 47 years old. Attended a Bloggers Convention in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) at 50.

dabrown33 46M

11/11/2018 3:49 pm

Canada, as a kid, sometime between 8, 9 years old. Vancouver. Choir trip.

Canada isn't very foreign, though.

Mexico, Tijuana to be precise, was a bit more foreign. 19 or 20 at the time. Dumb sailors wanting to get drunk. i don't drink, so spent the whole time there in a near panic wanting to get out, and eventually my buddies walked me back to the border. I caught the trolley back to SD and they went back into TJ. They got mugged within 5 minutes of returning.

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bitchkitty2017 67F  
5289 posts
11/11/2018 3:28 pm

I am Canadian and I respect everything about Canada .I consider myself very lucky to have reached the age where I know I will be looked after ..I have visited a few places in the USA and it was ok I didn't get to see a lot because my guy was trucking across the border so we were on the move a lot.The most amazing thing is when I was there during the filming of the movie jaws..was lucky enough to be on the dock when the mechanical sark Bruce was brought in for an over haul to fix some thing..That was the most awesome sight.

CharmingAsianCY 39M
130 posts
11/11/2018 2:58 pm

The first foreign country I had gone to was Canada when I was 9 years old. (That was back in 1989.) I actually mentioned this earlier in a poll called "One Thing You Love About Canada". I was with my maternal grandmother to visit my uncle and aunt on my mother side in Scarborough, a former suburban city next to Toronto, Ontario province, which is now a suburban district in Toronto. (It was amalgamated into Toronto on New Year's Day of 1998.) I went there partly as tourist and also partly to get an immigration visa to the United States, which is where I'm currently living right now. (I was originally from a city that was once a British dependent territory and is now a special administrative region of motherf***ing Communist mainland China. I had to go to Canada first so my relatives can arrange us to go to Washington, DC, to get the immigration visa. It was a long journey, but absolutely worth it, since I really want to escape from those Chinese Communist bastards who would take over my birthplace.)

Aside from Toronto, we both went to Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side), which was literally spectacular. It was so huge, and yet it gave off the mist that resembles myself being in a dream, and that really stays into my mind for life, even though I have never gone to Canada for 29 years.

After my first visit to Canada (and my first visit to a foreign country), I do have positive impression on Canada, and if I have the opportunity to go to foreign countries for natural scenery, I will consider going to Canada again before I die.

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