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Your Favorite Card Game  

CharmingAsianCY 39M
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11/10/2018 10:59 pm

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2/18/2019 12:12 am

Your Favorite Card Game

I am certain many of you out there have played cards before, especially with a deck of 52 cards consisting of 4 suits (spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts), and each suit has ace (A), two (2) to ten (10), jack (J), queen (Q), and king (K). I also know some of you who have played cards have also played more than one kind of card games.

What is your favorite card game? (If you have more than one favorite game, choose the one that you love the most or you are most passionate of.)
Gin Rummy
Spite and Malice (Cat and Mouse)
other (please specify)

CharmingAsianCY 39M
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11/11/2018 11:46 am

I love Hearts. It's my favorite card game in my life. I have played Poker, Spades, and Solitaire, but none has the same appeal to me as Hearts. It's a very exciting card game which involves some on your skills and some on luck. But here's a catch: instead of getting the highest point like in most card games, you need to have the lowest score at the end to become a winner.

Just in case you have never played Hearts before, let me explain how to play Hearts. Just like most card games, you need 52 cards from all four suits (no jokers, please). All cards in heart suit is worth one (1) point each (which is why this game is called Hearts), while queen of spade is worth 13 points. All other cards have no points. This game required four players.

At the beginning of each round, all the 52 cards are shuffled, and each player gets exactly 13 cards (no more and no less). The player who holds two (2) of clubs starts the round and the first trick by putting the card with two (2) clubs at the center of the table. The next player sitting on the left of the leading player (the one who put his/her card down first) must use the card with the same suit. (For example, if the leading player uses the card with diamond suit, the other players also must use the card with diamond suit.) Then the next player, in clockwise order, does the same thing and so on until reaching the last player. (If the player after the leading player in each trick does not have cards with the same suit as the suit of the card from the leading player, he/she can choose any card with any suit. However, he/she can NOT use a card with heart suit or queen of spade on the first trick of each round. If he/she has only cards with heart suit or a combination of 12 cards with heart suit and queen of spade, he/she can use a card with heart suit on the first trick after the leading player, but NOT queen of spade.) The four cards are placed at the center of the table like a compass. The one who throw out the card with the highest rank within the suit that is the suit of the first card of each trick must take all four cards and put them faced down besides the player. (For example, if player #1 has five (5) of diamond suit, player #2 has ace (A) of diamond suit, player #3 has king (K) of diamond suit, and player #4 has nine (9) of diamond suit, then player #2 wins these four cards. If player #1 has three (3) of club suit, player #2 has ace (A) of spade suit, player #3 has king (K) of heart suit, and player #4 has seven (7) of diamond suit, then player #1 wins these four cards because players #2-4 have no cards from club suit, even though player #1 has the lowest rank among all four cards.) The player who just take all four cards will do the next trick by putting out his/her card, and the other players in clockwise order do the same, and the one with the highest rank within the suit that is the suit of the first card of this trick take all four cards, and the cycle continues until they all run out of cards. At the end of each round, the score from each player will be calculated based on who has the queen of spade and how many hearts do they have. Then the cycle continue with the next round of the game and the score from each player will be added to the score from the previous rounds. Once at least one player has reached 100 or more at the end of a certain round, the player with the lowest score is declared a winner.

If a player was lucky enough to get all 13 hearts and queen of spade, then this player gets zero points, while the other three players get 26 points each. This action is called shooting the moon (no, I'm not talking about somebody using a gun to aim and fire at the shining moon), also known as getting control, capmangoe, or running the cards.

I hope you have learned some basics on Hearts. Enjoy Hearts!

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