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Your Preferred Destination in Thailand  

CharmingAsianCY 39M
191 posts
10/7/2018 2:55 pm

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2/18/2019 12:17 am

Your Preferred Destination in Thailand

What is your preferred destination in Thailand? In other words, if you have been to Thailand, what is your favorite city, town, or village in Thailand? If you have never been to Thailand or you have never been to places you have never visited even though you have been to Thailand before, what is the city, town, or village in Thailand you really want to visit or you should put as the top priority in your travel list before your life ends?
Chiang Mai
Hua Hin
Ayutthaya (Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya)
Chiang Rai
Mae Hong
other (please specify)

bitchkitty2017 67F  
5289 posts
10/7/2018 4:56 pm

travelling to Thailand has never had any appeal to me no offence ..I would much rather travel to New Zealand or Australia ..But then if someone who has visited Thailand would maybe point out a real nice place that has is not over populated and quiet .I would consider it..

LovesAsiansNYC 59M  
77 posts
10/7/2018 4:28 pm

You need to do a bit of research about the actual place, not just the history before you make up your mind

CharmingAsianCY 39M
130 posts
10/7/2018 3:12 pm

I have never been to Thailand personally, but if I do have chance to go to Thailand, I want to go to a city called Phuket. The beaches nearby are beautiful, plus the local people there are more friendly and relaxed, as this city is once a trading port where ships from India, China, Portugal, and many other countries docked here to trade many different commodities. This city is also not as crowded and hectic as Bangkok. The population there is pretty mixed, with large majority of people are Thai (most are Buddhists), plus a good minority of Malays (most are Muslims) and Han Chinese, yet they live side-by-side in peace.

Surprisingly, Phuket is also the sister city of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, which is very, very unusual, since Las Vegas is an inland city famous for legal gambling dens and strip clubs, while Phuket is a coastal city that has neither of them. I have been to Las Vegas personally, but I want to see how great Phuket is once I get there. If you have any comments, suggestions, tips, or special advice you have for Phuket, please write it on the comment box. I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, tips, or special advice. Thanks for attention.

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