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Third Date - Part III
Posted:Oct 17, 2020 9:05 pm
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2020 4:29 am

As Mia sashays down the hall. Her body still damp glistening in the candlelight. Slowly and seductively she walks. Her sexy smile and warm eyes tells that she is really wanting . I hold my glass of brandy while i sit back and watch her come closer. I swirl the brandy in my glass as Mia stands in front of me. She leans forward kiss . Her nipples grazing my face as she lowers her head meet me. We kiss deeply and passionately. Her hands bracing on my forearms. She inches closer. She grabs the back of my head kiss deeper. Her body slithers like a snake onto my lap. Her knees on the chair resting next to my hips. I can feel her wet cunt as she brushes by my erect cock. She continues to rock slowly back and forth as I become hypnotized. She lowers herself down onto my shaft. Slowly I enter her. Inch by inch, she feels my throbbing cock deeper and deeper. I drop my glass of brandy on the hardwood floor, as my hands reposition to her hips. Mia starts fucking me slowly, deeply, sensually taking everything.

I want to speed her pace , but I refrain enjoying the pace that she's elected take. Her body grinding against . I feel her kisses deeper as she speeds her pace a little. Her moans echoing in my mouth. My hands her hips keeping her motion consistent. She stops kissing and holds my face to her neck. I smell her skin. The combination of Chanel and sweat fill my nostrils. I taste her smooth skin. As I kiss her neck, her head tilts back. She lets out a loud moan as I feel her juices run between my thighs. A small puddle develops on my chair.

Once she cums, she stays on my cock. Her body twitches as she attempts to catch her breath. After a few minutes of kissing her, I move her to the couch. She has me lay on the couch. My head against the arm rest. She straddles over my feet. He eyes looking . The eye contact continues as she slides her hands from my ankles my knees. Each advancement inches her closer. Her tongue licking my thigh. Moving closer and closer to my cock. She continues to slide . Her lips my thighs as she reaches her hand grab my throbbing shaft. She has not turned her gaze, as she licks the base of my cock. Her mouth tracing each vein. Her tongue reaching the head as she uses her tongue in a circular motion. Then she introduces her soft lips on the head...

...to be continued
Third Date - Part II
Posted:Oct 15, 2020 8:16 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2020 9:26 am

As Mia sits down across from . I watch her facial expressions. No words are spoken, I just concentrate and focus on her eyes. The candlelight illuminated in her eyes. She smiles as we stare deeply at each other. I look at her lips, soft with a beautiful rose color. She continues smile as she bites her bottom lip. I smile as I mimic her movements. She tilts her head to one side, her tongue lightly, subtly traces her lips. A small giggle as she continues to seductively stare into my eyes.

We leave deciding to add a little more anticipation to this very fun third date. We walk along the avenue, looking at different shops and restaurants. There is a slight breeze blowing between the shops. Holding her hand, I can feel how clammy her palm is getting. "Are you okay?" I ask her. "I'm fine", she tells me. I can feel that she's a little nervous about what is in store for the evening. We continue our walk to a small park where we see a pic-nic table. She walks ahead of me and sits on the top portion of the table, when she orders me to come closer. Her legs sitting on the bench as I get closer to her.

Her hands pulling me closer to her as she goes in for a deep wet kiss. The wind blowing her long flowing hair. As the chill of the air settles in, I can just feel the heat from her body. Our kisses become much more passionate. She slides her arms around my nec My hand on her thigh, I glide myself closer heaven. As my hand creeps closer her now very wet love nest, I feel her breathing intensify. I brush by her neatly trimmed pussy. In typical Japanese fashion, her hair is thick and soaked in her love juices. Her kisses increasing in intensity as my fingers with her pussy. She moans in my mouth as I rub her clit.

The weather seems be getting a little more windy as we feel the raindrops fall from the sky. This only increases our passion. Soon we are drenched in the rain. The raindrops covering our glasses distorting our vision. But, who needs to see when we feel and taste our way to paradise. Her hand goes right to my pants, she unzips and pulls my cock out. She tells sit on the table and she sits on the bench. My cock in her hand as she uses her tongue to lick the side, from the base to the head of the shaft. The combination of the rain falling down and her oral skills is bringing the edge.

This is hot, but I need take her home. I pull her off and we head my car. We get in laughing as she pulls her wet hair away from her face. She reaches over and decides give a hand job as I drive at warp speed my house. We enter the house and she asks where the bathroom is. I watch her walk down the hallway and disappear into the bathroom. I light some candles. Blueberry Brandy, I believe. I light another, just to lighten the room a little. I hear the door open from down the hall. I see Mia walking out, wearing nothing but her cute glasses and a smile.

...to be continued.
Third Date
Posted:Oct 13, 2020 8:28 pm
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2020 2:07 pm

Okay so we've all heard the rule that the third date means sex. Well, maybe not officially, but it could very well be a dating urban legend. All I know is that Mia and I are going have that third date tonight. We've fooled around the last date and I even received the best blow job ever imagined, but her restraint was impressive. I was ready, but she smiled and told hold off a little longer. "Fuck" I said myself.

We meet at La Jacques french bistro on the outside of town. I don't even know french food, except for the fries. Doesn't matter, she wanted to go there, so I was okay with it. I'll eat some snails if it leads me to eating her later. As I entered the restaurant I can see why she picked it. The dining room was dark, each table with a bouquet of flowers and a single candle. "I have to this right", I thought myself. I see her enter. She stops to look for , but I hesitate just stare at her. She's wearing a long dress that hugged every curve of her Japanese body. Her search stops as she sees in the corner.

She gets the table as I stand greet her. A nice hug, as she presses her lovely breasts against . We kiss, I'll admit I wanted throw her on the table and fuck her right there in this bistro. We sit down. Her face being lit by the single candle. Her little glasses reflecting the light as I stare at her. She looks at and smiles, covering a few giggles. "Are you okay?" I asked her. "I'm good" she giggles. I can't even tal I just want look at her.

Her sexy long hair, her lips, the way she traces her lips with her fingertip. I bite my bottom lip as we continue to stare into each others eyes. The sounds of the other guests become silenced as our world closes off. I can't stop watching her. I'm hypnotized by her Asian beauty. As she continues to seduce me without saying a word, I can feel my cock get harder.

"Third date" She tells me, "You know what that mean?" She smiles and glides her tongue across her rose red lips. Her finger touching her tongue slides down her chin, then onto her nec She continues glide it down her low cut dress. Continuing look into my eyes, she tells about her lacy panties are drenched. Well, you can't just tell that without proof. She glides her hands up her dress and a few wiggles later, she puts them on my lap. She smiles as I use my fingers feel her panties. As I look into her eyes, my hands examine the piece of fabric bestowed upon . I feel a wet patch and she smiles, "told ya"

...To be continued
The Understudy - Part V
Posted:Oct 11, 2020 3:31 pm
Last Updated:Oct 12, 2020 9:06 am

As I pound Jennifer's wet pussy from behind. I reach around and play with her nipples. Our bodies covered in sweat. I lean down kiss her back. The taste of her skin is a bit salty as I kiss higher and higher on her back. I kiss her between her shoulder blades and I feel her pussy tighten down on my cock. "I'm cumming" she cries out. "Fuck, I'm cumming", she repeats. Jennifer collapses on the couch. I turn around see Angela riding Jim's hog like a champ. She quickly gets on all fours, her head facing me. Jim mounts her from behind as Angela signals for me come closer.

Jennifer sits back and watches with her finger on her clit. As I get closer Angela, she grabs the base of my shaft and deep throats my beast. Jennifer gets off the couch and kneels beside me. She starts playing with Angela's nipples. Then as if she's a mechanic working on an undercarriage, she lies down under Angela and sucks on her tits. Angela's mouth slobbering on my cock as Jim and Jennifer work the rest of her. Jennifer rotates her body closer me allowing my finger play with her luscious pussy.

Jennifer looks up and says that she wants both Jim and I fuck her. "DP?" I ask. She tells me that she wants me in her pussy and Jim in her ass. She tells me that my cock is too big to fit in her little asshole. So, I lay on the stage floor and Jennifer climbs on top. Jim hovering over Jennifer enters her asshole. Immediately I could feel how tight she was getting. "Fuck" She screams. Angela mounts over my face, allowing me to taste her juices. Jennifer sucking on her nipples as Jim and I thrust deep inside her holes.

Angela is getting turned on so much that I feel her juices cover my face as she cums repeatedly. I feel Jennifer is getting her ass thrusted on pretty hard as Jim lets out a loud yell. He pulls out and shoots his load all over Jennifers back. Angela quickly using her fingers to wipe up Jim and taste his cum. Jim sits back in the chair while Jennifer focuses all her remaining energy fucking me furiously. "It's now down to the two of us", she says.

She continues to ride and grind on my cock until I can't take it any longer and I cum deep inside her pulsating love hole. I keep my cock buried inside her as all my cum shoots inside her. Jennifer collapses on me, and lays there for a few minutes.

Jim, being the professional that he is says, "Alright, let's clean this mess up. We have a show to get ready for." We all laugh as we try to reset the stage and hide any evidence of our fun times here.

God, do I love being a director.
The Understudy - Part IV
Posted:Oct 9, 2020 1:52 pm
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2020 10:05 am

As Angela bounces my hard cock. Jennifer kneels between my legs, Her face mere inches from Angela's hot pussy creaming my cock. Jennifer uses her tongue to lick Angela's quivering asshole. "Fuck" she yells out. I feel Angela stop riding so she can enjoy Jennifer. I keep my throbbing cock in Angela as I feel her walls pulsate against my swollen member. Angela leans in to me and buries her tongue down my throat. "I'm cumming" she whimpers.

As Angela climbs off my cock, my cock coated in Angelas creamy juices. Jennifer doesn't hesitate to suck every inch of my cock. Faster and deeper than before. Angela lies down on the couch next to me. She watches Jennifer suck my cock and begins to rub her wet pussy. She leans over and kisses my neck. She bends down to help Jennifer and share in the fun.

We hear the unlocking noise of a deadbolt from backstage. It's my stage manager again. He walks onto the stage and see's my cock being worshipped by my leading lady and her understudy. They continue on, ignoring the interruption. "I look over at Jim, and smile" Jim walks over to Jennifer, who pulls back allowing Angela to deep throat my cock.

Jennifer unzips Jim's pants and pulls his member out. She starts to suck on his cock the way she sucked on mine. This turning Angela on, she begs me to fuck her again. I get behind Angela as she bends over the back of the couch. Taking the base of my cock, I rub her sweet little pussy. My head brushing through her trimmed bush and onto her clit. I hover over her hot little love hole, before I slip the head in. I thrust deep inside her. Each thrust being harder than the last, Angela matches my thrusts with her own. Slamming against me.

I hear Jennifer moan out as she sits on Jims cock. Jennifer watches Angela and I fuck like animals. "Fuck her baby" she yells out. I keep pounding Angela, harder and faster. Angela yells out again as she climaxes. Her body shakes uncontrollably as her juices squirt all over me and the couch. Jennifer screams out as she matches her understudy's orgasm. Angela stops moving as she tries to recover. I stand up and tell Jennifer to move to the couch. Angela goes over to Jim and begins giving his cock some more attention, while Jennifer gets on all fours. She begs me to fuck her hard. "Fuck me like you did my understudy". I slide inside Jennifer and feel her clench down on my cock....

...to be continued.
The Understudy - Part III
Posted:Oct 7, 2020 4:49 pm
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2020 4:46 am
As the set was completed, the three of us, now fully clothed went check it out. I saw my stage manager bring the last small table onto stage. "I'm taking off", he told me, "Do you mind locking up?" I gave him a little smirk, "I'll take care of it, go get some rest". We watched as John left the theater. I went over and locked the door, keeping us from being disturbed. Jennifer and Angela grinning from ear to ear.

I walk over to the couch sitting on the stage. The house lights are off, only some stage lighting remains on. Somewhat illuminated, I adjust my vision to see these two beauties before me. They order me to the couch and have me lie down. As I try to sit up, Jennifer pushes me back down, "Sorry Mr Director, you'll just have to sit back and watch". Jennifer brings one of the dining room chairs from the set and moves it closer to me, just out of arms reach. She tells Angela to do the same. Jennifer undresses Angela and sits her on the chair and then removes her own clothes.

Angela is flush and blames it on her Irish ancestry. She sits on the chair, facing me. She slowly spreads her legs, causing her lips to spread at the same time. I can see how wet she still is by the light illuminating her juicy cunt. Angela keeps staring at me as she awaits Jennifer's next move. Jennifer looks at me, "What do you think? Should I have my way with her?" I smile and nod my head in overwhelming approval. Jennifer locks eyes with me and runs her hand down across Angelas hard nipples. She continues on down her stomach, through her love mound. Using her finger, she rubs Angela's throbbing clit. Angela closes her eyes and tilts her head back. Her hands massaging her nipples as Jennifer continues to work her clit.

I want to get up and join, but Jennifer forbids me to move. After a little playing Jennifer sits on her chair. Her fingers immediately playing with her own dripping pussy. Angela uses her own fingers to penetrate her. Both girls are staring directly into my should. Using my peripheral vision, I make out how intense these girls are getting. I unsheathe my cock and begin stroking it, keeping the same rhythmic tempo as my little nymphs. Angela, being extremely turned on watching me, breaks eye contact and fucks her pussy with so much passion she cums in seconds.

Jennifer breaks eye contact with me and bends down to taste her little understudy. I hear her tongue lapping up Angela's juices, as she screams in extacy. I pull off my pants, getting a little more comfortable. Jennifer grabs Angela's chair legs and scoots her chair closer to me. Jennifer reaches over and strokes my shaft. Faster and faster her hand moves. Angela begs to get on top of me, but Jennifer denies her request. Jennifer reaches over and sucks my cock like her life depended on it. Angela watching goes back to rubbing her pussy.

Jennifer comes over to me and mounts my cock. She's so wet that she almost cuts immediately. Angela joins us on the sofa, her tongue licking Jennifers tight little asshole. Jennifer sticks her perky tits in my face. My mouth covering her erect nipple, I tug and nibble just a little. Her arm around my head keeping my face buried, she lets out a scream as she grinds hard on my cock. Angela walks over to my head and straddles over my face. Her little furry pussy spreads open as she squats down. I begin to lick Angela's wet cunt, making sure I work her swollen clit and sliding into her little love hole.

Unbeknownst to me, Angela is dying to ride me. She begs Jennifer to let her, Jennifer cums once more and decides to switch. Angela, without any hesitation, fucks me furiously. Fast and hard. Her moans echoing in the empty theater....

...to be continued.
The Understudy - Part II
Posted:Oct 6, 2020 8:07 pm
Last Updated:Oct 7, 2020 5:57 am

As I feel Angela use her mouth in the wettest way possible. She appears be experienced in sucking coc Jennifer looks up at and smiles, "She's going fit in nicely." Jennifer gets behind Angela and slides her pants down her knees. Angela pauses lift her knees allowing her pants be pulled off.

Jennifer rubs her finger along Angela's saturated satin panties. A wet spot right over her slit. Angela begins moan as Jennifer strokes her. Jennifer stands up and quickly loses her clothes. Not a big strip tease move, more of a direct down business move. You know, the kind us men do way too often. Jennifer returned back to her position behind Angela and licks on her wet panties. Angela rocks her hips against her face while she continues to swallow my shaft. Her mouth moving faster and faster. Her moaning increasing as Jennifer continues to lick her wet pussy.

Jennifer sits on the makeup table with her legs spread wide. Her little pussy glistening in the bright lights around the mirror. She begins to rub her clit as Angela works my shaft like its her destiny. Jennifer watching as she introduces her fingers into her hot cunt. Angela stops to watch Jennifer. She stands up and pulls off her wet panties. She runs a finger through her well trimmed bush. She sits down on the chair right in front of Jennifer. She moves her fingers away and starts to use her talented tongue on Jennifer's throbbing clit. "Oh my God" Jennifer moans loudly.

I get up and walk behind Angela and have her get up from the chair. I push the chair away and rub my hard cock against her wet pussy. My cock slides in deep. Each thrust in Angela causes Jennifer to receive better oral than I could imagine. Jennifer putting her hands on Angela's head pushing her closer to her wet pussy. "Fuc I'm going cum" Jennifer says, trying keep her from screaming, she covers her own mouth. Her hips gyrating against Angela's tender face. As Jennifer cums, so does Angela all over my hard coc It's not long after that I unload inside her quivering love hole. As we stop, I can hear noises coming from the stage. It seems like our set builders are setting up the stage for the upcoming performance. Immediately my mind came up with a new adventure...

...to be continued
The Understudy
Posted:Oct 5, 2020 6:21 am
Last Updated:Oct 6, 2020 7:30 pm
I've been involved in the theater for most of my adult life. No, I'm not talking about movies. I started out as an actor, performing in local theaters. This passion soon poured into other roles. I've been a director, producer, stage manager, and actor culminate into my big break.

I have been tasked with directing my newest . This theater is the biggest one I've been in, this side of Broadway. Seats over 500 theater lovers. This is huge. I walk out onto the stage in this now empty theater. My steps being echoed throughout. Stage lights are on making difficult beyond the 4th wall (theater term meaning audience seats) 's kind of an ominous feeling being in the empty theater. Kind of exciting, but a little uneasy just the .

My leading female character, Jennifer, is drop dead gorgeous. She has long flowing reddish-blonde hair. She's been acting for several years and was thrilled that I asked her take on this role. We fooled around a little in the past and my lustful thoughts aside, knew that she would be perfect for this production. Her downfall is that she's sometimes too busy. Another director had to struggle during one of her shows when she had to bail out. He swore he'd never use her again. I knew what I had to do, find an understudy.

I went to my dressing room to mull over the headshots and resumes when i hear a tap on my door. I turn to see a beautiful redhead with long flowing hair in my doorway. "Hi, I was told to see you" she says. "I'm wishing to audition for an ensemble role". Ensemble is just background. It's a good way to break into theater, but such a small role. I asked her what acting experience she has. She handed me a very plain resume and her headshot. I was exploding inside, this is my lucky break. "How about instead of ensemble, you can be the understudy for my lead role?" "Oh but I don't have that much experience". I assured her that she'd be just fine. Not to sound too pervy, I explained that she looked similar to Jennifer, my lead actress. Her face lit up as she did a little "happy dance". She gave me her info and I called for Jennifer to come to my dressing room. "So. Angela? Do you like to be called Angela or Angie? "Oh please, you can call me anything you like. I can't thank you enough for this big break"

Jennifer walks in and sees Angela. "Hi I'm Jenny. are you?" I interrupt not trying upset my lead. "Jenny, this is Angela. She will be your understudy. Don't get upset. 's just that...." Jennifer smiles. "I understand and be honest, I'm kinda relieved and flattered. I've never had an understudy before" So, Jennifer, Angela and I sit down and go over the script. We set up our rehearsal times and Angela grabs her bag and goes home read over the stage .

"She's cute" Jennifer says me. "I'm a little jealous" I tell her that this was a professional move. "We had fun last time and I think we should revisit that" Jennifer begins unbutton her shirt. Her perfect perky tits looking right at me. Her pink nipples aching to be played with. "I missed you" she tells me. Her eyes, green and very sultry gazes down at my cock, which is poking through my slacks.

Jennifer kneels before me and unzips my pants pulling my cock through the slit. Her wet mouth covering my cock. I can feel her saliva dribble down my shaft. She sucks it faster and faster. Her hand rubbing her exposed breasts. I suddenly hear footsteps coming down the hallway. I try to pull Jennifer off my member, but she continues on not caring sees us. Angela stops at the office doorway and sees Jennifer. "Oh I'm sorry, I thought I left my phone here, I'll leave you guys alone". She turns to exit, but finds herself frozen watching Jennifer swallow my hard shaft. Jennifer stops and looks up to Angela. "Do you want a little taste? Understudy?" Angela biting her lower lip suddenly drops her bag on the floor and kneels next to Jennifer. Jennifer backs off, still holding the base of my cock and putting the head into Angelas eager mouth....

...to be continued
Posted:Oct 1, 2020 2:04 pm
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2020 3:00 pm

I'd like thank everyone for their comments on my stories. I've decided to take a break from writing these tales of erotica. Maybe come with some new ideas and maybe add some pics for a little flavor. I'm not one of those people who will just copy and paste photos of people without their consent. Not to mention, it takes away from the realism, I'm trying to write.

I have some ideas on future stories and will probably resume in a few days. But since I started these, I've stopped writing plays. Playwriting is and has been my true love.

For those who've commented on my stories, thank you and I look forward to writing more soon.
Night School - Part V
Posted:Oct 1, 2020 12:20 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2020 2:08 pm

As Miko presses against the glass. My hands on her hips as each thrust gets harder and harder. Her face pressed against the window. I feel how wet she is getting as my body braces for my own eruption. Each stroke deep and methodical. She knows I'm going explode inside her quivering pussy. "Yes" she moans, "Cum inside ". I look down and see her juices once again covering my throbbing coc My hands dig into her hips as I unleash the fury. Harder I slam inside her unloading more cum each and every time until my body stops inside her. My throbbing cock still summing. I let out a loud groan as I climax.

Miko goes back to the table and sits on the edge. She orders me to sit in my chair while she performs. Miko begins rubbing her swollen clit. My face directly in front of her as she rubs herself to an orgasm. She leans back a little. Her upper body swaying back and forth like a cobra ready to strike. Her moaning becoming louder as she turns herself on performing for me. She uses 2 fingers to speed up the process. Within a few seconds, I watch her pussy contractions as she builds up to her epic orgasm. She lets out a loud scream while her body shakes uncontrollably her juices flowing out until one more flick of her finger. She sprays her juices all over my face. I taste her as it runs down from my cheeks to my mouth. My tongue licking it as quakes in front of me. She lays down on the bed. Her body moving with every rapid breath as she recovers.

Miko looks up and smiles. She giggles and asks "Does this mean I pass the class?" I laugh and tell her, "without a doubt"
Night School - Part IV
Posted:Sep 30, 2020 11:45 am
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2020 12:03 pm

As I continuously thrust into Miko's wet love nest, my hands reach under her lower back and lift her . Her angle now allows the head of my shaft work her g spot. She reaches behind her and holds the edge of the table. With each thrust, the table legs scrape the floor. "Fuck, we're going get caught if this table won't shut the hell ". I slow down my movements, thinking that should ease the poor table.

Miko orders sit a chair. I oblige and gladly sit a chair. She lifts one leg over and quickly slides back in. Her arms around , her little feet the chair brace. Miko starts riding as hard and fast as she can. Her nipples pressing against , they are so erect, I can feel them leaving dimples my chest. I lean her back and cup her breast. Leaning forward I start sucking Miko's dark hard nipples. She starts fuck faster. I can feel her breath against as she moves her mouth closer. "Kiss " she orders. I pull my mouth of her nipples as she buries her tongue deep in my mouth.

Her moaning resonating. My hand slides back to her ass as she continues to ride . I slide toward her wet pussy. The sounds of my cock as it enters and leaves her pussy gives a sound sweeter than imagined. I continue to move my hand, I feel my cock as she thrusts her pussy against . I feel her wet cum as it coats my shaft. She leans back, her hands the back of the chair giving her support. Her body grinding my cock. As she begins cum again, she rests against .

"Are you done" I giggle. She tells that she just needs catch her breath. She gets from my cock and walks over the window. She looks over her shoulder, smiles seductively and leans forward. Her cute little ass sticking out. I grin devilishly as I walk her. As I stand behind her, I stroke her back with my left hand while I grab the base of my shaft with my right. I rub the head along her asshole. Slowly entering her. She gasps and pushes her ass against , matching my slow and steady pace. As I speed , she mirrors my speed. Harder and faster. Her breath fogging window in front of her...

... be continued
Night School - Part III
Posted:Sep 29, 2020 12:03 pm
Last Updated:Sep 30, 2020 5:45 am

As Miko matches my every thrust I use my thumb massage her cute little asshole. She reaches back and spreads her cheeks. She had be thinking the thing I was. She looks over her shoulder back me. Her mouth open and her eyes shut. I can't get enough of her wet pussy slow down, let alone stop all together. She opens her eyes just enough to back at me. Her moans barely allowing any coherent speech flow. "Fuck my ass". She glides forward removing my cock from her. My shaft coated with her love juices as I put the head of my cock in her asshole. Her body flinches as I slide in deeper. She pushes back against me slowly, taking every inch I have offer. Her whimpering turns into screaming as I slam my cock deep in her asshole. Her skin glistening with sweat.

She takes off her shirt, followed by her lacy bra and gets up from her desk. We walk over to a table located in the front of the classroom. I shove the books and papers onto the floor and lay Miko on the table. Her nude body flushed as she lays on the cool table. I lift her legs high in the air and slide her across the table to my awaiting cock. Her nipples rock hard. Our eyes lock as I feel her hand on the base of my shaft. Without breaking her stare, she guides me into her love nest. She tilts her head back and gasps as I thrust deep inside her....

...To be continued
Night School - Part II
Posted:Sep 28, 2020 12:41 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2020 6:42 pm

As Miko swallows my shaft, I look down at her. Her helpless eyes gazing into my eyes. Part of felt guilty for taking advantage of her, then I thought about it and recalled that she made the first move. I reach down and hold her under her upper arms and guide her up. My cock dripping with her saliva. She uses the back of her hand and wipes her mouth.

I sit her the desk and bend down. She's wearing a little skirt and as it slides , I can see that she is not wearing any panties. She was wanting this for awhile it seems. My hands rub her thighs as I bend down. I begin kiss her inner thigh. I can feel how warm she is as my lips move closer her freshly shaved pussy. A little shadow still remains. My fingers move onto her lips as they slowly part. She is soaked. I rotate my hand and slide a finger inside her. She reaches down and takes my hand and inserts another one of my fingers. Her hips rock back and forth matching my movements as I continuously lick her inner thigh.

Her hand on my head, sliding my face closer to her wet pussy. I use my tongue and flick her clit. She arches backward as she lets out a loud moan. The combination of my fingers and my tongue cause her to leak her juices on the desk chair. I place her clit in between my lips and suck, while my tongue continues to give her maximum pleasure. Her hips moving back and forth on her cum soaked chair. I continue to move faster as she matches my pace. Her moans becoming louder and louder, until she quivers and trembles.

I stand in front of her, my cock throbbing as she turns around. She takes her left knee and places it on the desk. Her skirt rises as she bends over. Her tight little ass begging for my stiff cock. I place my head on her wet opening. She quivers just a little, until I introduce myself inside. Slow at first. Her hands gripping the side of the desk as she pushes back against ....

.... be continued.

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