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The Cafe - Part II  

Chase672020 53M  
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9/5/2020 6:16 pm
The Cafe - Part II

As she slowly rubs my hard shaft against her clit, I can feel just how wet she is getting. Then she slowly slide my cock inside. Just the tip at first, easing in my shaft inch by glorious inch. With each stroke her kisses becoming more passionate. "You like that?" she moans. "faster" I tell her. She leans back grinding her wet pussy against my hard cock. Her finger rubbing her throbbing clit as her body begins shake. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum", she yells. She lets out a large gasp as her hips buck against . She and both pause as we catch our breath. I open the car door and her outside. I yank off my shirt and lay her the hood of her car. As she lays there her legs spread just a tiny bit. I position myself between her thighs, sliding her skirt over her hips. A cute little landing strip over her swollen labia. Using my thumbs I part her<b> lips </font></b>revealing her clit. I bend down and begin lick her pussy, softly at first working my way from her love hole her clit. I put her clit in between my<b> lips </font></b>and firmly suck while using a finger inside. I arch my finger and brush against her spot. She arches her back while playing with her tits through her shirt. As she arches, I push my face closer and while licking feverishly, I introduce another finger. Each stroke of my finger brushing by her love button. Her moans getting louder only being drowned out by the sounds of the water and birds nearby. "Fuck now!", she screams. I look over her little love mound and tell her, not yet. I'm not done here yet. Succumbing my tongue and fingers, she grabs the back of my head and moves in rhythmic harmony maximizing her pleasure. My free hand slides her shirt and begins with her very erect nipple. "I need your cock inside now" She demands. As I stand, I grab the base of my shaft and begin tease her a little more...

... be continued.

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author51 57F  
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9/13/2020 9:19 am

Mmm well written and most erotic..Thanks for sharing it..Looking forward to reading more....

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