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An Erotic Life  

CheekylandCouple 42M/45F  
6 posts
1/16/2021 7:16 am
An Erotic Life

is ready have some erotic fun & heat things up? My love and I created a sexxxy game & would love if you with us!

Here is the deal...we will regularly share a naughty mental snapshot that gets us hot (we prefer GIFs - but it’s taboo post those in these blogs - boo !). You will rate ! The exxxtra rating system we created will help reveal the naughty desires that rest within.

Join us as we sexually stimulate, encourage and pursue an active and deeper sexual discovery of everyone’s kinks and erotic desires. Yummmm.

Rate with 3 topics below on a scale of 0 to :
1. Fantasy - would you fantasize about what you are seeing?
2. Porn - would you enjoy seeing this acted out on porn?
3. Reality - do you want try what you are seeing? (We actually reserved an for this rating let each other know that we want try this out ASAP!)

So is ready ??

Let's get this party started with this hottie above in this even hotter scenario. She is licking her man's manhood while another man observes - or perhaps it is the reverse? Whatever turns you on! Our scores are: He rated a - - (He is DYING for this happen) and she rated a 7 - 8 - 7.

Now 's your turn! Rate away & feel free provide comments & thoughts. back often be turned on, with others, and learn what makes you and your partner(s) horny.

xoxo, [CheekylandCouple]
[An Erotic Life Blog by CheekylandCouple]

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 60M
927 posts
1/16/2021 3:25 pm

I would have to say...7 - 8 - 10! Its been so long since I have played with a couple...always thinkin about sex, spend evenings watchin porn, but I am needing some hands on with someone,,,Lickin, suckin, payin attention to my throbbin cock! And I so need to taste a woman!!

NCBeachguy17 58M
3 posts
1/19/2021 1:11 pm

If you ever need help or someone to watch or let me know. Be safe and have fun.

NCBeachguy17 58M
3 posts
1/20/2021 12:27 pm


AselectiveFWB 45M  
1 post
1/29/2021 6:05 am


WilmingtonFun137 40M
281 posts
2/25/2021 12:19 pm

8 - 5 - 8

I really like when my partner looks up at me and locks eyes with me while she licks. A lot of women just focus on the member, but I like the look. That said, I'm not really that turned on by a blowjob in porn.

You see light dappling on the water and forget the deep, cold dark beneath.

wilm28412 58M  
15 posts
2/26/2021 3:17 pm

Ill play : )

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