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First trans encounter, enjoyable~  

ChiguyXO 32M  
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3/19/2020 5:21 pm
First trans encounter, enjoyable~

Her name was Nikki. We rendezvoused at a neutral spot before going off together. We both looked pleased to finally meet in person. I had expressed my passion and restraint towards waiting to meet her, holding back all my temptations until the promised hour. Pleased with the initial encounter we head for the car driving to our hotel. We make small talk and come to the subject of my short lived abstinence upon awaiting for her arrival, as she takes her hand and places it across my lap feeling a granite column ready to burst from overwhelming water pressire. Every time shed squeeze the sensation would burst from my waist to my toe and throttle the accelerator, forcing a halt on our passion due to hazard.

As we approached the room I took her arm through arm as we headed towards the room. We got comfortable and I was full with vigor. She was surprised by how much protection was accumilated for this venture, and I happy to be prepared. I had no problem stripping myself of all my layers and restrictions, and she extatic to approach to the next stage, slowly starting to place her lips on my excited member and caressing like a feline grooming her paw until ready for the passionate entanglement.

Nikki slowly finished her crawl to a comfortable destination and went into the final strech, paws burrowed into the sheets and hind side as high as can be stretched. Myself admiring the view prepared for the initial engagement slowly placing my hands on her back and positioning for a experience of a lifetime.

The first gentle strike felt exhilarating, my<b> stomach </font></b>turning from all forms of emotion, gently increasing frequency of in's and out's.. thrusting in as deep as willing and out far enough to see the granite column being positioned and ready to be dropped into the post hole, her moans getting louder and louder.. I can still hear her in my daydreams. I assumed my restraint would reach its peak quicker then Nikki but abruptly she needed a brake, initially i assumed a fatal error had been made on my part, but on her way back Nikki had confined that she needed time to recover.. and my naivete had also made me miss her peak ecstasy. If there was one regret I had, it would be not turning her over and watching her climax before me.

After a short pause we had initiated in the second round, even for the short brake my temptations were beyond me. With Nikki's return I started to explore a bit, taking a hard right, hard left, going deep and looking around as if searching for a remote in between the cussions, the moans increasing.. my climax reaching its peak, warning her ahead of time she sprung into action by removing the barrier and releasing the flood gates to such high pressire getting shot into the air from the high concentration of built up ecstasy and delighted Nikki.

We made love twice over before time had exerted itself and reality returned from this plesaurable experience.

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3/19/2020 6:18 pm

hot story

lighthousecollec 57F  
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3/19/2020 8:58 pm

Very nice. You going to see her again

I have set up a private mailbox on my Blog for your convenience.

justralph12 62M
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3/20/2020 1:22 am

Wow...what a mental vision

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