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Im Chloe. I love to moan.  

ChloeReigns1 35F
520 posts
6/8/2019 9:02 pm
Im Chloe. I love to moan.

Its true. I cant help it.

I moan and i like to scream.

I love sex and everything that comes along with it. It feels so fucking good and i just love exploring deeper and deeper!

If im sucking dick or licking pussy, i moan.
If Im getting licked, i moan even louder.
If im getting fucked, i moan even LOUDER.
If your licking, fingering or pounding my ass, Im SCREAMING.
... i fucking love it so much.

I would love to know how many neighbors ive woken!

When my daddy is telling me to be quiet, or dont scream... i go crazyy! And I often end up getting myself gagged. And that makes my pussy even wetter!!

Ive heard some say loud women are a turn off.

I cant help it!

Do you enjoy a loud woman/man in bed?
Yes. Scream baby!
Some moaning, no screaming
Only moan when Daddy says.
Gagging you from the beginning.
No moaning. No screaming.

kk_dream_flyer76 43M
43 posts
6/9/2019 9:25 am

screaming is great except if it is forced and outrageous for no reason
you would never do that would you
if you scream
ohhh daddy fuck my bald little pussy
it feels so goooood daddy
that is super hot. hope the neighbours do not call the popo. awkward

kk_dream_flyer76 43M
43 posts
6/9/2019 9:26 am

by the way you can call me daddy anytime sweetie

69ereatwetpussy 58M  
3728 posts
6/9/2019 10:53 am

I'ld love to lick you till your moaning Albg louder the better.
I know I'm pleasing you just the way you are moaning and when you hit the right notes I know I'm doing the job right

FixxerDerek 38M
41 posts
6/9/2019 6:52 pm

I love all of the vocalization. My only problem with it is it turns me on too much and i want to cum too fast. So, not so good for round one, much better for rounds 2 3 or 4.

realldeall57 62M  
58 posts
6/10/2019 4:52 am

the louder the better. The louder you get, the harder we fuck until we are both so loud we draw a crowd.

134 posts
6/10/2019 1:46 pm

me too hehe miss hot lady

proteus_2a 54M
7929 posts
6/10/2019 11:10 pm

The more , the better my lady !

Cheers - P

sensualist_nomad 35M  
33 posts
6/11/2019 8:12 am

I love a loud woman who can't and doesn't want to hold back. If a guy doesn't like a loud woman, that just means he can't handle her sexual energy.

Love2PleaseU92 59M  
50 posts
6/14/2019 7:31 am

cant wait to hear your scream while im eating your pussy and fingering your ass baby girl mmm

Hotkinkcpl69 34M/28F
13 posts
6/17/2019 5:53 am

The louder the better

Leegs2012 47M
55337 posts
6/20/2019 1:33 pm

I love to moan too! I really moan loud when the tip of my nipples and cock are rubbed gently.
I cry if I am cuffed or tied up and that happens

DarkNJPassenger 43M  
407 posts
6/24/2019 4:26 pm

Loud as you want to be, if the neighbors have a problem, it's their problem.

JamesVback 41M  
123 posts
6/30/2019 1:28 am

Anyway...enjoy...and come true...x

James Valentine

tantallblue4u 55M
273 posts
7/5/2019 9:44 am

I want to see the videos.

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