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She got turned on having me catch her being naughty.  

Cinatlone 48M/47F
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9/30/2021 11:49 pm
She got turned on having me catch her being naughty.

My girlfriend would get<b> drunk </font></b>and sometimes do things with other guys, sometimes my friends and intentionally have me catch her. Sometimes she would tell them that I knew about it and was totally cool with it so when I walked in DON'T STOP. Some guys she didn't say anything to. I'd walk in and he'd be running around apologizing with a raging hard-on.
In the beginning she told me what she was going to do but after awhile she liked the shock of it. Like when I couldn't find her or my friend and walked down into the basement and came around the corner to see her bent over, titties bouncing, and smiling at me. She told him I was cool about it because he just kept fucking her tight little pussy after I walked in. I just stood in shock. She smiled and told me to come over to her and the first thing she did was grab my hard cock. She pulled it out and told me "See, you like it. It turns you on!" and then started sucking on it. And NO, I wasn't real happy with walking in on my girlfriend getting fucked by one of my friends. She just knew that I was going to punish her little pussy for it later and suck on her pussy making her cum over and over until she begs me to stop.
As I would be fucking her or sucking on her pussy I would make her tell me what a little she was and also tell me everything she did in detail.
One time I got really<b> drunk </font></b>and passed out at a friend's house. Mistake. When I opened my eyes and was on the couch I looked over to see her getting fucked. She was moaning and told me that she didn't think I was ever going to wake up. She told me to be quite because his pregnant girlfriend was upstairs asleep. I was super pissed off and she said she tried waking me up over and over. Later she told me that when she was sitting next to me passed out that she grabbed my friend and tore his sweatpants down. He was totally freaked out but she didn't stop until she was sucking on his hard cock just two feet away from me. She said that they both kept watching and waiting for me to wake up, but I didn't. I asked her "Did it turn you both on watching me while you were sucking his cock?" She said it did. And he was definitely turned on because after she sucked his cock for awhile and told him to fuck her little pussy (on the couch next to me) he came in under two minutes. She told him to go down on her and jack off until he was hard again. So she layed down on the floor in front of me while he sucked on her pussy. After he was hard she had him fuck her little pussy some more next to me on the couch. When I woke up and seen her getting fucked I was furious. He was running around apologizing and saying that she said it was all cool. I told him that he better get upstairs with his pregnant girlfriend before I killed him or at very least tell her what a cheating piece of shit he was. My girlfriend started crying and telling me how sorry she was and how I was supposed to wake up and catch her and have a threesome. I told her to show me what she did. At first she was confused and didn't understand what I meant. I told her that she was going to do everything to me that she did with him. She tore down my shorts and started sucking my cock. Telling me what she said to him, how she was sucking on it and had me fuck her little pussy on the couch just like he was. I came pretty fast too and told her to lay down while I sucked on her pussy and made her tell me the whole time what a dirty little she was. I made her cum twice and she was begging me to stop and fuck her. Her pussy was extremely wet as I started fucking her. I asked her if It turned her on getting fucked by me right after cheating on me. She nodded her head and told me to fuck her naughty little pussy harder as she started touching herself. After awhile she started to cum and then asked me if I wanted her to suck on my cock again the way she did to him while I was passed out. I was still really pissed off so I just started fucking her mouth really hard and making her deep throat it until I had to cum. But I didn't cum in her mouth. I came all over his furniture. Two days later I told him that I wanted a pound of his weed, and $500 for my phone I broke the day before pissed off. At first he said no until I explained that he had no choice. After I got my pound and my money I called his 8 month pregnant girlfriend and told her everything. I'm sure he thinks about me everytime he pays support.

rm12506 61M  
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10/1/2021 10:46 am

She sounds like a hot little slut and you really like it!

Cinatlone replies on 10/2/2021 1:27 am:
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