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The Interview that went Viral  

CityKinkster 49M
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3/16/2020 12:47 pm
The Interview that went Viral

You arrive for your interview at 1:50pm, calm and ready. You’ve had a nice lunch, a few drinks to relax and you’re 10 minutes early. You’ve got on a nice sexy outfit because you know it’s a man that’s interviewing you, so might as well use what god gave you. You’re good to go.

You’re asked to take a seat, so you do so and face the double doors of the boardroom. You can’t see into the boardroom, but there are windows. They are those one-way privacy windows. You take note and adjust your skirt and top casually. You can hear male voices inside and only hope you get a shot at the job because you know you are overqualified and could do it easily, yet the salary they are suggesting is much higher than expected.

Suddenly the doors to the boardroom open and two men exit, smiling and …. Bumping elbows.

Oh, that’s right, with all this virus stuff going on, we don’t shake hands. We bump elbows.

As the second man walks away, he takes a glance your way and smiles. The first man stands in front of the boardroom door and turns both his attention and his shoulders directly at you.

“Welcome, you must be my last, but not least, appointment. Please come in.” he says invitingly in a deep voice. He is rather tall, standing about 6’6” or 6’8”. He is wearing the usual blue/grey two-piece suit and a white shirt and tie. They are well fitted on him.

“Please, have a seat” he instructs, as he reaches over to a bottle of hand sanitizer, dispenses two squirts and rubs his hands together, all in one motion as he sits down. The rubbing of the hands, the smile and the sitting down give you a fleeting sexy thought and you can’t help but grin.

“So, you had no problem finding the office? I saw you arrive with time to spare.”

“No, I looked it up last night, so I had parking figured out and went for lunch around the corner, so I was here with lots of time to spare”

“You went out for lunch amid this pandemic!” His eyes widen. “Where did you go for lunch?”

Your face immediately goes flush, and you can feel it turn a little red. “Well, I went to the buffet around the corner, but I washed my hands before I ate and when I came into your building”

“You realize this is a contact virus! There are so many people that go in and out of that buffet restaurant. Your clothes, sleeves, everything touched those food counters and common areas. I’m surprised you wouldn’t avoid it all together before entering here.”

You can see that he is genuinely shocked, and you feel a second wave of heat and perspiration flash across your body. Your forehead, neck, even your breast cleavage suddenly feels moist.

As you lightly adjust your seating position and your blouse, you notice his eyes quickly size you up, pausing on your stockings and breast cleavage. In your mind, you’re thinking, you need to recover from this conversation and change his mind set.

“Listen, I really did think I was careful, but I wouldn’t want to jeopardize this interview. You should know I’m more than qualified for this position and really do need it.” He shakes his head, but not without continuing to look you over. You look over his shoulder and realize the glass windows of the boardroom are indeed two-way, all the way around.”

“Sir, as these are very unusual circumstances, let me make you an unusual offer. I have an overcoat in my other bag here. If you like, I will take off the suspect clothing, put it in the bag, and we can have the interview with me wearing the overcoat. I wouldn’t want to contaminate your boardroom or make anyone sick. The mistake is mine and I’d be happy to correct it.” Your delivery is accompanied by a smile that could perhaps be mistaken for an evil grin.

His eyes widen, but his unmistakable grin, despite what he says, tells you he is amused. “I didn’t mean to alarm you. I’m just being cautious and have to think about the staff and their safety.”

You decide to yourself, in for a penny, then in for a pound. “I completely understand and am happy to put your mind at rest” As you state this, you stand up and in one quick motion, unfasten your skirt and step out of it, then start unbuttoning your blouse.

“Oh wait, I didn’t think you were going to undress here! There is a woman’s washroom down the hall! Wow. Oh my god, I can’t believe you just did that.” He pushes back from the boardroom table, looking around as if everyone might see, but doesn’t get up and doesn’t stop looking.

“Sir, I’m an adult and I accept responsibility for my actions” you state with a smile as you continue to undo the last of your buttons and take your blouse completely off.

He shakes his head with a now obvious grin. “Well, this is certainly a first. Thank god the boardroom windows are mirrored, and no one can see this spectacle”

You reach down, pull the overcoat out of your bag, throw it over the back of the adjacent chair and begin stuffing your skirt and blouse into the bag. As you do, you look up and see him grinning and quietly chuckling to himself. You pause and begin chuckling yourself. The two of you break out in a light laughter.

“I swear, I’ve never done anything like this in front of a stranger. Let alone for a job interview.” You look up at him with what you know is now an evil grin.

“Perhaps you would at least like to put your overcoat on, if we are to continue this conversation?” He says with a smile and in a relaxed deep voice.

“Or perhaps you would like to interview me wearing nothing but heels, my stockings, panties and bra?”

He lets out an unexpected chortle and folds his hands onto the boardroom table. His entire body language has relaxed, and he is now both amused and aroused.

“Okay.” He says with a smile. “I will play along. I’m not going to lie, I’m enjoying this immensely, but I will tell you that this doesn’t mean you get the job at all.”

“Well, I realize we started this with me upsetting you, so let me do what I can to amuse you and put your mind back at rest. At this point, I’ll accept the consequences either way.” You lean back in the chair, pushing it away slightly from the boardroom table and cross your legs.

His grin is almost -like as he asks “Tell me about your credentials and why I should give your application serious consideration, despite this series of events and you being half naked for an interview.”

You begin to tell him about your education, previous employment experience, the additional credentials you’ve acquired over the years. You tell him about the people that you’ve worked with, what they are like and how you have benefited every company you’ve worked for. As you continue and he looks longingly over your entire body, you pause. You smile. You then reach down and slip off your heels one at a time? He looks at your smiling but slightly perplexed.

“I was just thinking that my shoes rubbed up against everything in the restaurant. I’ll just leave them by the door. I think 6 feet is the rule isn’t it?” You don’t wait for an answer but get up from the chair, swivel and walk over to the boardroom doors, bend over and place the shoes on the floor.

You can feel his eyes follow your body as you walk, staring at your ass and stocking covered legs.

You turn back, look up at him with a smirk and sit back down. As you ease back into the chair, you hear him let out a deep sigh as he grins.

He asks, as if nothing abnormal is going on, “Have you any experience with our or the software we use?”

Again, you continue to explain to him how you know the market, the industry, the he has and about the he wants. Again, you pause.

This time you look him right in the face to be sure he is both interested and seems aroused. You feel that both are in abundance and confidently, you lean down to show your breasts in their bra, while you roll down your stockings one at a time. Without looking up at the reaction, you casually announce,

“Now that I think about it, I think my legs must have brushed up against the table legs and counters”

You take the two rolled up stockings and toss them into the bag, finally looking back at him with a crooked gin.

He leans forward, placing his left elbow on the table and places his chin in his hand. With a quiet smile he asks. “If what you were wearing was contaminated, would it not then contaminate everything you were wearing? You may need to leave here wearing nothing but that overcoat!”

“I’m sure you are right.” You smile back, as you grab your panties with both hands, lift your knees up and quickly slip them off, gently tossing them too into the bag. You don’t even look for a reaction before reaching back and unlatching your bra and releasing your breasts and your now hard and pointed nipples.

You feel a wave of heat and moistness, but this time its not across your forehead and neck but rather between your legs, with a slight tingle in your toes.

You can see that you’re having an impact on him as well, because there is a bulge in his pants and what looks to be a small wet spot of precum showing through. He certainly isn’t making any effort to hide it.

Suddenly, you have an evil thought that you can hardly contain, and you let out a giggle.

“What is it?” he asks with a boyish grin.

“Well, because of the virus, we have to keep at least 6 feet away from one another, and I wouldn’t want to alarm you again. So, how about you take that cock out of your pants and<b> stroke </font></b>it for me?

You can keep asking me questions and while I answer them, I will rub my clit for you. I promise not to cum until you do, but when you feel like you’re going to cum, you have to start counting down from 10.”

He didn’t even answer. He simply unzipped his pants and pulled is boxer/briefs aside. His thick cock bounced right out as if spring loaded. It immediately began to drip precum which he worked all over his cock with his left hand. As he stroked, you rubbed your clit with two fingers, keeping pace with him.

The two of you kept pace, with a combination of interview questions, moans, personal questions and just general interest. The two of you were caught up in a masturbation marathon of fast and slow. Never wanting it to end.

You were imagining how hot and soaking wet he must be in that suit as he worked his cock and balls in front of you. Suddenly, he asked you. “Tell me something. You are certainly qualified for the job. That is for certain. But what we are doing here would make working together professionally very difficult. Don’t you think?”

You continue to rub your soaked clit. Your knees are up, and your feet are up on the edge of the chair. You look over at him and say “Actually, I thought if we kept doing this together, we would actually BECOME professionals! I hope this boardroom is available often!”

Suddenly you hear… “10, 9, 8, 7….. “

…….You got the job.

CityKinkster 49M

3/16/2020 3:40 pm

First blog so interested in your thoughts.

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