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It's a family affair  

CityLightsCpl 64M/66F  
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8/15/2020 2:03 pm
It's a family affair

I haven't posted in a bit, Mom has been posting about her early years as a model and with the pandemic there really hasn't been a lot going until recently. As close friends know My partner Gina and and our two small have been staying here in Vancouver with my parents Mark and Meredith because it was safer than being in California at the moment. Mom is a prolific poster here and I post as well and we must get Dad post his adventures too because we just had one.
Dad has been out on the golf course of l a favourite past time of his that he had been missing and he has been hanging with his group of guy friends doing guy stuff. So Dad comes home one day and says he wants talk Mom and about a conversation he had that day with one of his buddies. So that night after the were in bed Mom, Dad, Gina and I had a late supper and Dad told us about his conversation earlier.
Dad had stopped for a beer after a round of golf with one of his usual foursomes at the golf club, one of his old golf buddies was there, a fellow by the name of George. George is older than Dad and a widower whose wife passed away about 5 years ago. I had never met him but he has slept with my mother a few times when Dad brought him home after golf in the past years and since his wife died. So as you are aware we are a pretty open family, I have slept with my parents , my Dad is the father of my girlfriend Gina's and the of my late husband is the father of my so nothing shocks us. Anyway,back George. When George asked Dad if he could have a private word with him Dad just assumed that George wanted sleep with my Mom again or introduce him some of Mom's single senior girlfriends but he didn't, George wanted tell Dad a story.
George told Dad that a couple of years after his wife passed away his 's marriage ended and she moved into their old family home with George. George told Dad his is 32, George and his wife had her late and she is their youngest ,she married young and never had . Dad said he asked George, who is in his early 70s where this story was going. George continued and said that he had always spoiled his youngest and they always had a close relationship including being very affectionate physically with one another with hugs and her sitting in her father's lap or curling up with him on the couch and so on.
At this point Mom, Gina and I could see where this story was headed and we told Dad so and Dad said exactly. After the , whose name is Jennifer, moved in with George she just reverted back to being his little again only differently in that she would roam around the house in her underwear and bra or skimpy nightwear and such, would insist on sitting on George's lap with hardly anything on and calling him daddy, lots of displays of affection, we were getting the picture.
George told Dad he never had any sexual thoughts about his ,at least he didn't think so until he started getting hard ons when she sat on his lap and then at bight he would masturbate and fantasize about her. Then one night he had just gotten into bed and had started to play with himself when Jennifer entered his room, she climbed into bed with him and told him she had heard him playing with himself at night and she told him she would take care of it and she did. George said for a couple of weeks every night and sometimes in the morning, Jennifer would jerk him off. That then moved to Jennifer giving her father oral sex and insisting he come in her mouth and then after a month they began to have sex and she moved into his room with him and they have been in an intimate relationship for the past couple of years and he had to talk to somebody about it and he knew he could open up to Dad because after sleeping with my Mother, George knew he could trust Dad.
Dad told George he hoped he could help him understand whatever feelings he was having because of our intimate relationship, so Dad gets the Father/ relationship when it involves sex as well. I've actually never felt any guilt or any remorse about my intimate relationship with my Father, I know Dad struggled a bit but I've noticed when I'm riding his cock and Mom is riding his face that he doesn't show any guilt or remorse LOL.
Dad said he asked George where the relationship with his was going and he said George said he hoped that she would meet someone as she was wearing him out having sex 3 or 4 times a day. She no longer worked, George is well off having sold a large construction group that he owned and he has no worries for . George said Jennifer likes shop for sexy clothes and looks the part when they go out behaving more like his wife than his . George told Dad that he doesn't think his other and their spouses have figured out what is going on yet.
Dad asked George if he wanted to end the relationship with Jennifer and George said no but that rather he wanted to introduce her to new people and expand their sexual relationship . Dad asked George if that was what Jennifer wanted and George said that he told Jennifer that was what he wanted and her response was that she would do whatever her Daddy asked of her.
So this was George's ask, George asked Dad if he would be interested in a Father swap, exchange Daughters for a night or weekend. Mom interjected here with how virile and how much stamina George has and the fact he has a large cock help and he is fit as if to tell me that I would enjoy him. Dad looked at me and said ' so ? ' . I asked Dad what he thought and he said he was up for it, Dad also said George wanted to get into the lifestyle and have his as his partner in the lifestyle until they both found other more socially acceptable partners. That part made the four of us at the table laugh. Mom and Gina told me to go for it so Dad and I decided we would so we arranged a date that happened 2 weeks ago.
Mom and dad rented a condo unit for Gina and me and the here in their building so the night of the date Mom came to our condo and spent the night with Gina and the . Dad and I were going to meet George and Jennifer at a restaurant near us at a table George reserved on the outside patio. Then Dad and Jennifer would come back to my parent's condo and George would take me to their family home in Point Grey so I took my big handbag that I pack for the beach or out shopping with the and put some overnight stuff in it like a change of clothes, lingerie and some adult toys . I'm taller than Mom, I'm 39 now, have long dark hair, olive complexion ( from my Dad ) , unlike Mom I have breasts, I'm a D cup, lovely ass that men love and long legs and am as pretty as my Mom. I wore a white print sundress with a floral,pattern that buttons down the front and comes to my knees with a pair of white strappy sandals ,no hosiery, just simple white lace bikini briefs and matching white bra.
George and Jennifer were already there when we arrived, it was just a short 2 block walk to a spot on False Creek. George looked more handsome than I anticipated, he stood up and he was tall, swarthy with a sun tanned and lined face and a full head of wavy grey hair and a trim but large build, I've been with a lot of older men and he was more than appealing. Jennifer was cute, petite with brown hair in sort of a page cut and she had on a yellow sleeveless sundress with matching sandals and I noted she had a large handbag with her as well, much like myself and I wondered what was in hers , I actually fancied her as well.
We shared a meal, couple,of bottles of white wine, great conversation and then we decided it was time leave. Jennifer and I went the girls room first, we had a quick , I told her my Dad was great and to have fun and that I hoped I'd get to see more of her. She smiled and blushed a little and told that would be nice.
Off I went with George in his Range Rover parked nearby. His home was gorgeous, older and more grand than the one I grew in,but it was close our old home in Point Grey.
George poured us a drink and we sat a love seat outside the terrace at his home, the garden was private and not overlooked by the neighbours, he made the first move and put his arm around me and we kissed, he has lovely soft lips,then my dress was unbuttoned and his very skilled fingers found my pussy and he brought me to an orgasm right there on the terrace. I got his cock out, and Mom was right, it was lovely and large and I peeled off my bikini briefs and mounted him right there. He is a very good fucker, we matched shrieks and I came again and then he came in me and asked after the fact if that was ok, I said it didn't matter now and laughed ( side note, I was pregnant earlier this year but had a miscarriage in my first trimester, I like being pregnant and want another ). We moved into the house and George's bedroom, I asked George excuse for a moment and took my bag and went into the ensuite to change. George shouted that he was going to use the bathroom and he'd be back.
I was only wearing a bra and my strappy sandals with a heel at this point so I took them off and took out my favourite anal plug and some lubricant and eased that into my bottom. Wearing an anal plug during sex keeps me in a constant state of arousal, I often wear it shopping as well, so if you see a tall dark haired beauty walking through Costco downtown with a smile on her face say hello LOL. Then I pulled on a pair of<b> crotchless </font></b>black panty hose followed by a black corset with lace trimming that my tits spill over the top of and a pair of shiny black stilettos with a 6 inch heel that I only ever wear in the bedroom. I checked myself in the mirror, brushed my hair, fixed my makeup, gave my pussy one last hygienic check up and walked back into the bedroom. George was waiting for me on the bed and and I could see my look had the right effect on him as he said wow and I could see signs of life in his flaccid cock.
George stood up and led me to the bed and asked me to sit on the edge, I did and then he told me to lay back and he positioned himself between my parted legs and he went down on me . As he was enjoying my pussy, and I was enjoying him enjoying my pussy, he is great at oral sex, he discovered my button plug and I told him to press on it as he fingered and licked me which heightened the sensation I was feeling from him going down on me... I came, really came.
George stood up, left me where I was, lifted my stockinged legs over his shoulders and he reached under me and pulled, no yanked out my anal plug and then he rimmed his stiff large cock into my ass, luckily I had put lubricant on my plug as he pushed into me fast and hard, so hard I gasped for air and let out a large half moan half scream. Then he started pumping into me,grabbing my hips,holding me forcefully in place, he was masterful,,I was loving it having not had a good fucking in awhile. I pleaded and begged with him to fuck me harder and he did, it was becoming painful and he dug deeper into me but the pleasure was incredible, I fingered my pussy and squirted on us as he continued his thrusts for about minutes and then after I had a couple of orgasms he pulled out and stepped back putting my legs down and I slid off the bed and took him, ass to mouth and swallowed his cock ,pumping it until I felt his veins tighten and his body go stiff and then he exploded into my mouth, a huge load which I swallowed. Then, I flopped back on the floor with my back against the bed. George leaned down and kissed me tenderly and then said he would get us cold drinks , I moved up onto the bed and lay. He rejoined me with glasses of lemonade for us, we drank those ,we talked, he got hard again and this time we fucked passionately in the missionary position as he wanted to kiss me deeply as we fucked, he exploded again in me, so much that when he did pull out it trickled out of me. We made love again a couple of times that night, he went down on me a couple of more times and then we fell asleep and made love very sweetly and tenderly the next morning,he made me breakfast and drove me home and picked up Jennifer.
So, the aftermath is this. Dad enjoyed Jennifer and she enjoyed Dad. George and Jennifer have been back 3 times since that first encounter 2 weeks ago. Jennifer has been with Dad again, Dad and Mom and with me and Gina. George has been with me and Gina twice and with Mom once. We have a very close circle of friends we are meeting with now during this pandemic and we are going to introduce George and Jennifer to them, in fact tonight. Mom is already talking to some of her girlfriends about doing a mother swap, we have done similar things in the past and Mom actually has the hots for one of her girlfriends 22 year old granddaughters, they are not in the lifestyle but Mom spends a lot of time with them so will be interesting to see how Mom makes that happen. So, hoping to post more soon, also hoping Dad will start to post as well. Bye for now , Francie ( Francesca) .

VicCock4fun 66M
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1/4/2021 8:42 am

What a wonderful story...............lucky family

Trapper69 64G  
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9/23/2021 11:27 pm

Family love can be so wonderful. and when friends join in, it's even more exciting! Francie, Thanks for sharing this experience with us!

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