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The Canadian Catalogue model, the early years  

CityLightsCpl 64M/66F  
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4/3/2020 4:55 pm
The Canadian Catalogue model, the early years

Hi all, been awhile since I posted, given we are all housebound with coronavirus restrictions I thought this might be a good time to catch up on my posts.

Something I haven't done is talk about my early years and experiences. I moved to Toronto from Winnipeg right out of high school. I received a modeling contract after an agent happened to see me in a local amateur theater production in Winnipeg when I was in my final year of high school. I moved to Toronto in Sept of 1973 just a couple of weeks after my 18th birthday.

I've written in early posts as to how I wound up sharing an apartment in a high rise near High Park with 2 older models who were in their 20s and 30s and how we three became lifelong friends and how my first sexual experience was with the two of them so I won't repeat that here as you can find that in earlier posts.

I think what I'd like to tell you are some of the events, adventures and horror stories I experienced during that era in the modeling business.

Of course during that era it was before MeToo and the modeling industry was run by and controlled by men.
My first few months were filled with some mundane photo shoots, my first catalogue and magazine work was mostly my legs and feet as I modeled mostly shoes and hosiery. I'm small, actually tiny breasted, so was not doing a lot of clothing and fashion shoots initially. My corporate interactions at the agency were mostly with schedulers and administrative staff and I rarely interacted with executives as I was new and the attention was lavished on the income streamers, those models with the recognized faces and some fame.

It wasn't until the Christmas season that year that I started to meet the executives at parties. My girlfriends/roommates had taken me to a doctor and got me on the pill as they warned me I would eventually have to fuck some of the executives as that was the way the industry worked.

I learned this lesson at my first Christmas party that year . My roommates and I took a cab to a very large old estate type home in Rosedale for a party at the home of one of the largest at our agency.
I wore an electric blue cocktail dress with matching panty hose and heels and I wore my , then long, red hair down, my hair reached halfway down my back in those days. My roommates warned me to be careful at this party.
I wandered about with a glass of white wine which I hardly touched and introduced myself to people or just engaged in small talk, I didn't really know anyone save for my roommates and some of the other new girls. Around 10pm an older attractive woman introduced herself to me and she said she was the wife of our host and she asked me to follow her. My roommates who were standing with me knew the woman and said to her something about couldn't this woman find someone else but the woman said that I had been requested. My roommates told me to be careful and no matter what they wouldn't leave without me and they made that known to the woman who just nodded.
I was led upstairs to a mezzanine and then ushered into a room off the mezzanine which was a large dark paneled room that seemed like a library or home office. I immediately recognized Nicole, a petite blonde model who had started when I did at the agency. She was French Canadian and from somewhere in Quebec and her English was still weak. She was dressed monochromatically like me only all in white. There were six older men in the room, all in suits and in their 50s and 60s, they were smoking cigars and drinking whiskey. None were particularly distinguished or handsome. One of them spoke to Nicole and I and said he was our host and that our futures could be made or broken in the next 15 minutes. I looked at his wife who was still in the room and she would not meet my gaze. Nicole and I stood next to one another, Nicole was shaking and neither of us knew what was going on but our intuition told us we were no longer safe.
Our host, a tall rotund and unpleasant man, took Nicole roughly by the arm and told her to kneel in front of him. She look terrified and didn't understand what he was saying so he forced her to her knees as she whimpered ' non, non, ' . He then unzipped his fly and told her to ' reach in and pull out his cock '. Nicole stared blankly and kept saying ' non, non, je ne comprends pas '. He slapped her in the head and repeated ' reach in and pull out my cock you little bitch ' . Nicole started crying .
I said ' I will do it ' and I moved to kneel beside Nicole , pushing her out of my way as I did so and looking at the host's wife hoping she would stop this, again she would not meet my gaze. The host said ' good girl ' to me and I loosened his zipper more and fumbled in his underwear to find his cock. I had never done this before so I didn't know what I was doing or what I was looking for. Our host said ' oh for gawds sake ' and he removed my hand and told the other men in the room to get their cocks as he got his out and he told me to suck him.
I looked up at him and said ' I have never done that and I have never been with a man yet , and neither has Nicole ' , Nicole was still at my side and was literally clinging to me. Our host said ' I see ' . His wife piped up, finally, and said ' let me go get 2 or 3 more experienced girls ' her husband thought for a minute and looked at the other men who were looking at Nicole and me like they were going to devour us and he said ' no, this will be entertaining ' .
The next thing I knew I was grabbed by 2 of the men, as was Nicole, and our dresses were removed and our panty hose were torn at the crotch and we were both held sitting between two men on big leather couches facing one one another while a third man got in front of each of us with an erect cock and rammed it into our pussies. We both started screaming, we were both in pain, they took turns holding us and fucking us , each of them shooting their loads on our stomachs and faces , I wasn't wearing a bra, Nicole had hers ripped off, it was violent and we submitted as we had no other choice . Nicole and I were each fucked by all six men , we were bent over the couch and taken from behind, we had cocks shoved in our mouths while being fucked , we were both crying, tears running down our faces as our makeup was destroyed. Nicole had it worse than me as the men took her anally as well, they couldn't get their cocks in my ass,they tried but I was too tight. Our hair was pulled , we were called all sorts of nasty names , we begged them to stop but they would not. At so,e,point several more men entered the room and they took their turns with us as well. I think about 20 or more different older men fucked Nicole and me for over 2 hours , and then it was over, we were suddenly alone in the room with the wife, she picked us up and took us to a bathroom just off the room we were in and helped us to clean up. The wife said to me ' don't worry about this, it will be fine, I was you in this same situation 25 years ago' . When we went back out into the library my roommates were there and they got mine and Nicole's dresses back on,,removed our ripped and torn panty hose, found our shoes and had our coats and we were taken down a back set of stairs and out a side door and into a waiting cab . We took Nicole home with us that night. Nicole never modeled again but a few months later she joined an agency that provided high end . She called me a couple of years later and talked me into doing a one off weekend where we flew to New York City with some wealthy Bay st. financial executives , it paid well and I was almost hooked.

My roommates and I went to several more ' mandatory ' Christmas parties that season , I had to fuck and suck several more guys, I learned to wear stockings and garter belts for easy access for these men.

My career picked up and I wound up in several of the Spring and Summer catalogues for the major retailers . I was working non stop doing hosiery commercials for magazines and even some tv work as well.

However, to keep my career going I realized I had to make concessions that pretty much all included me giving up my body.

The next time was in February of 1974, I was called into the agency office on a Friday after a photo shoot and given an address and told I had been invited to a dinner party that Saturday evening and to dress accordingly. I asked for details but it was one of the secretaries in the Executive Offices I was talking to and she said the order was coming from the top and I wasn't to ask for details and I should show up if I wanted to keep my job, she was pleading with me so I suspected her job was on the line too. She told me to dress well and that I could borrow some items from the in house stock.
I went down to the in house fashion supply room and picked out a simple navy cocktail dress, black patent stilettos, a deep blue velvet overcoat with a black fur trimmed collar and a small navy clutch for a purse. The in house fashion supply rivalled any of the major fashion shops in Toronto.
I was to be at the address in Yorkville at 6pm sharp for cocktails. I added sheer black stockings ,black lace garter belt and black lace bikini panties and a black lace camisole to my outfit, no bra as I rarely wore one in those days. I ordered a cab and arrived at my destination about 10 minutes before 6pm. The address was a newly refurbished building that had been turned into condos. I stepped into the lobby and told the concierge the unit is was seeking. He asked me to wait and he got on the phone and called. He spoke to someone and then he told me to follow him, he put me on the elevator and pushed a floor number and stepped back and bid me a good evening. The elevator went up a couple of floors and the door opened and I stepped out and was immediately greeted by an early 40something man who I recognized. I had met him at a meeting a couple of weeks prior and he was a senior marketing person with a major retail chain whom were of our agency.
His name was David and he was handsome and quite fit, we'll dressed in a dark navy pinstripe suit, he had dark curly hair with a touch of grey at the sides and he was tall, over six feet. He was also American. He thanked me for coming and led me down the hall to his door. I still had no idea what was going on but did notice he was wearing a wedding ring.
He knocked on the door and it was opened from the inside by a stunningly gorgeous tall thin blonde woman, who also had a wedding ring on. I was invited in by her and David and I stepped inside. She introduced herself as Jill, David's wife. Jill was around 30 I guessed.,David took my coat and hung it up in a hall closet while Jill led me into the condo. Jill had on a gorgeous green silk designer dress in the Oriental style with a high collar buttoned up, the dress came to her knees and she had on black hose and black patent stilettos as well, she was taller than me in her heels, I'm 5'6" and was 4 inches taller in my heels, she was close to 6 feet in hers. Jill's hair was long and straight and parted to her side ,she has that angular face that is so appealing.
Their condo was gorgeous and modern, lots of art, comfortable but stylish furniture. However, it was 6pm and aside from David and Jill I was the only other person there. There were some lovely food smells, there was a table set with candles for 3 , the lights were turned down and there was some quiet background classical music playing.
David and Jill started to tell me how excited and appreciative they were that I was there and had agreed to join them for the evening. I must have had a confused 18 year old girl face on as I just looked at them perplexed and wasn't saying anything except ' thank you '. I asked if anyone else would be joining us and they said no that I would be just the 3 of us and the hoped that they and I would enjoy the evening. I was completely in the dark. They asked me is I would like a drink, I asked Jill what she was having and she said a glass of chablis, I said I would have one as well even though at that point in my life I had no idea what that was but was received when David handed us each a glass of white wine. I can only reiterate I wasn't really much of a drinker and still am not.
We sat on a large white fabric couch, Jill next to me and we chatted, Jill kept complimenting me on my gorgeous long red hair, I had tied it back in a long ponytailwith a navy ribbon, she asked if I was a real redhead to which David said he hoped we'd find that our later and it was then that the light bulb started to go on for me . I was there for them. We had another glass of wine, they asked all about me, when I told them I was 18 and wouldn't be 19 until August of that year they both looked at one another with a look that could only be described as uncomfortable, they thought I was older, I could tell, I wasn't sure what would come next after that realization but it looked liked they resolved to soldier on as they were committed and strangely so was I. They were both from the US, the had been married 5 years, Jill was 29 and David was 42, they did not have but David had been married before and Jill was formerly his secretary so I put two and two together but said nothing.
We had dinner, it was a seafood casserole that they had ordered from a caterer along with a spinach salad and a black forest cake for dessert. They were both flirting with me, a skill I had yet to learn so I just smiled a lot and complimented them both equally and I think they were making allowances for my youth and inexperience. I had acted in amateur theater since I was 8 so I knew how to play a role and did so and I think that covered up my lack of more mature social skills at the time.
David offered to clear away the dishes and Jill and I went back to sitting on the couch, David filled our wine glasses,,I was feeling a bit light headed as I wasn't used to drinking and I pointed this out to Jill. She laughed and told me not to worry if I had too much to drink as I could spend the night,and then she leaned into me and whispered that she hoped I would spend the night, Jill was tipsy as well. I found myself quite attracted to her, at that point in my life I had more sexual experience with women than I did with men. I had been sleeping with my 2 roommates for months at that point and had become very good at knowing how to make love to a woman.
David finished in the kitchen and rejoined us, he sat across from us and he had taken off his suit jacket and tie , Jill and we're sitting close to one another on the couch, she had her hand on my leg and she asked if my stockings were silk as they felt so gorgeous and I told her they were, a perk from a hosiery I did a photo shoot for. She remarked that you could not find them anywhere and she would love to have a pair as they were so sexy. I told her the tops were gorgeous too, incredible style and weave, she told me she would like to see that and by that point I knew I wanted Jill so I stood up in front of Jill and I asked David if he would unzip me. David was up in a flash and unzipped me tracing my zipper down to the small of my back with his fingers, it made me shudder and they both took notice. I stepped out of the dress as I let it fall to the floor and stood there facing Jill , so close to her I forced her to part her legs. Jill ran her hands over my stockings and over the tops of the stockings ad let her fingers caress my flesh at the top of my stockings, she kept telling me I was beautiful, I put my hand on her head and brought her face forward to bury her face in my garden, she moaned and sucked in air as she smothered herself in my scent. I could feel myself getting wet. David was still behind me caressing and squeezing the cheeks of my ass while leaning over me and kissing my shoulders as he looked down over me to his wife who had her face buried in my pussy. I had put my lace bikini panties on over my garter belt and stockings so when Jill reached up and hooked her fingers in my panties she was able to slide them off me and onto the floor, I stepped out of my panties and lifted one leg up onto the couch and moved my pussy into Jill's face , she remarked i was a natural redhead ,and she started to bury her tongue in my crack, licking and sucking. I held her head with my hands and began to moan as Jill was as good at this as my roommates. We stayed like that for awhile, I felt my orgasm building inside of me, Jill did as well and she became more passionate with anticipation. Jill brought me to a massive orgasm and my juices flowed out onto her face , she kept fucking me with her tongue and I came 3 more times , I was weak and almost fell onto Jill but David steadied me. I lifted Jill up and unbuttoned the buttons on her Oriental style dress and slipped it off of her, she looked exquisite, unlike me Jill had amazing breasts, full and erect with large pointy nipples which I immediately began to suck on as she began to moan, she wore no bra and she had on<b> crotchless </font></b>black panty hose so her gorgeous shaved pussy was open to me. I laid her back on the couch and I knelt before her and I buried my face in her pussy, she was wet and she tasted amazing, different from my two roommates, sweeter, I knew how to suck pussy and I went down on her and fucked her with my tongue and fingers, her pussy lips became swollen and exposed quickly under my ministrations , she was moaning and her legs , those long lovely,legs, were flailing , when I felt her close to her first orgasm I slipped two fingers into her now wet ass as her sweat and pussy juices and my saliva had run down into the crack of her beautiful ass. That sent Jill over the edge and she involuntarily convulsed and then came, I did not stop, maybe it was the wine, maybe I was aroused or maybe I was totally into this beautiful woman , I kept fucking her with my tongue, my fingers were in and out of her ass and pussy , I was relentless as my roommates had taught me, I did not let up and she kept having orgasms ,several until she begged me to stop.
She was laying on her couch,her breathing was heavy, she looked at me, we kissed passionately and she got up and took my hand and led me to the bedroom.
David had been sitting across from us watching us the whole time, he followed us into the bedroom, Jill and I both still had our stockings and heels on, I slipped,my camisole and Jill bit my nipples, it was painful and playful, we fell into their large king sized bed in an embrace and we kissed and began to finger one another again, it didn't take long and we were both having orgasms again, I was so turned on by Jill and she kept telling me she couldn't believe I was 18.
David now joined us in bed, he was naked and really fit, flat stomach, defined muscles, good sized cock but semi flaccid and in need of attention. Jill rolled over and went down on him, hungrily devouring his cock and I watched it grow to about 8 inches long and when I put my hand around it I guessed it to be about 7 inches in circumference, just a nice size. Jill and I took turns licking and sucking David's cock and balls . He wanted to fuck and Jill told him to take me first, I lay back on the bed, Jill sucked on my nipples as David spread my legs and pushed his cock through my lips and deep into my pussy in one thrust which made my body jerked and I squealed as Jill pinched both my nipples really hard, David leaned over me and smothered my mouth with his and his tongue found mine and we kissed deeply as he started to fuck me, I found his rhythm and moved with him, it was something that one of my roommates taught me as she fucked me with a strap on regularly. David lifted my legs up and pinned them back and he began to fuck me very hard and deep grunting and alternating between leaning into me and kissing me. Jill was telling him to fuck me harder and she was kissing me as well, I was totally,owned by them and they knew it. David told me he was going to cum, I told him to cum in me, I screamed at him to fill my teenage pussy with this cum, he went off like a rocket in me several times and I could feel his cum being pushed out of me even as he was still cummimg. He pulled out of me and Jill dove down and began to lick and suck his cum put of me, I came from her doing this to me, she slid back up my body and kissed me deeply and deposited a big load of my and David's juices in my mouth. It was heaven.
We all layman the bed together , we were all panting, Jill said she would get us all a glass of sparkling water and she got up, when she came back David was teaching me the finer points of giving a blow job. I spent the night and we made love several times including the next morning. I got together with them about once a month, Jill stayed over at my place a few times and my roommates, both girls in their 20s & 30s fucked Jill and enjoyed her. I got a long term contract with David's company and did several catalogue and magazine shoots for them over the years.

By the time the Summer rolled around,I was a veteran in the industry with just shy of a year under my belt, I had fucked most of the executive officers at the firm, even the token woman executive , had fucked several executives from firms who were , I had fucked men between the ages of 35 and 75 and I was still a month short of my 19th birthday, but I was working regularly, traveling the country for photo shoots and could find myself in most magazines and catalogues .

There was a summer party t a private estate of a up in Muskoka that we all had to attend, the only ones who ever got out of these were the girls who were married but even some of them took their husband's and went along. We were to be taken up in buses, presumably so we couldn't escape I guess. We were told what to pack and wear, given complimentary outfits from and we left early Friday afternoon with the return planned for Sunday evening.
We arrived around supper time, there were 2 bus loads of us from our agency and a couple of other agencies. It was a gorgeous old estate, classic Muskoka, we were given rooms to ourselves in the main building and in the surrounding cottages, because I had become a good earner I got a small cottage to myself, I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.
Our handlers told us to get freshened up and changed for a BBQ on the lawn in front of the main house overlooking the lake . I put on a little print summer dress with flat sandals and no underwear and wandered over to the main building and the BBQ. There was and bar but I chose a sparkling water and strolled around to see who was there. It was the usual assortment of married executives , most without their wives, some had their wives with them as did some of the other models have their husbands.
Food was served , chicken ,salad, desserts, I was hungry so I ate more than usual. One of the handlers came up and told me to walk around, smile and be pretty and don't disappoint any of the guests. I took my,long red hair out of the ponytail I had it in and let it fall down over my shoulders and back . The evening wore on, there were bonfires on the beach , some,people had guitars , looking back I'd say the whole evening and weekend felt contrived like most events I was forced to go to during my modeling career. I didn't drink, strolled around with a sparkling water all evening and never really settled at any one spot or with anyone in particular.
When it was dark enough for the handlers not to miss me I made my way back to my little cabin. I had to walk up a little path past another cabin to get to mine and as I did so I saw a couple sitting out on the little front porch of their cabin. I said hello and they smiled back and said hello. I wished them a lovely evening and they did the same for me. I did notice they were older as in their late 50s or possibly 60s older. As I just made it to my front porch they called after me and asked if I would like to join them for a chat and a beverage. My head said no but the handlers words of ' don't disappoint the ' came back to me and I turned and said sure I could spend a moment with them. I went back and the older gentleman gave me his chair and he say on the step. She offered me a glass of wine which I politely accepted. We introduced ourselves, they were Verna and Roger. He was a regional manager of a western Canadian smaller clothing chain. They were invited after his boss begged off the event and the company felt they had to send someone.
They asked me a lot,of questions about me, personal questions, did I have a boyfriend, how old was I ,did I have family,when I told them I was originally from Winnipeg they perked right up and said I was a good western girl, not one of those stuffy Toronto types, I laughed , in my mind I don't think I ever considered myself a western girl , I'd never even really been on a farm. It was relaxing to talk to them , they felt more like parents than anything else. We chatted easily and Verna liked her wine and she kept filling my glass while Roger worked away at a bottle of Canadian Club.
Roger was short, around 5'5" , Verna was shorter again , around 5'2". Roger had a pot belly and was balding with his grey hair slicked back, Verna had shoulder length grey hair , she had on a tight sleeveless cheap print top that showed a lot of cleavage, when she stood up i noticed she had big boobs, tiny waist, big hips and bum, she was wearing white culottes and sandals , Roger had on a tight shirt and beige shorts and sandals, they weren't style icons.
We talked,they were funny, we were off the beaten path so nobody came up by as as my cabin was the last in this row. They drank more, Verna opened another bottle of wine and I drank more, I shouldn't have but I felt safe, but that changed.
Roger got up and said he ' needed a leak ' and he went into their cabin. While he was gone Verna leaned over and said to me ' we both think you are a sexy little thing' . I thanked her and told her I thought they were a nice older couple as well. Verna leaned back over and said ' no, I don't think you understand, we were waiting for you, Jim said you wouldn't disappoint us ' . My head was reeling and I thought I was going to be physically sick. Jim was my handler at the agency, was a better,word for him . I looked at Verna and asked her exactly what she expected of me or from me. She looked straight at me and said ' honey, you're going to pleasure us '. I was more than half drunk but my first thought was my agency had pimped me, a top earning model out to a couple of hicks form a low rent discount chain. I turned to Verna and told her I still didn't understand. She explained that I was supposed to be given to her husband's boss but when he bailed out then the opportunity was presented to Roger and Verna . I was trying to figure out how to get out of this and I just said screw it, theyre old and won't last anyway. So I told Verna ok, let's get started . She told me to wait there and she filled my wine glass. I sat on their little porch with a great feeling of trepidation and waited, about 20 minutes passed and Verna came out of the cabin , she had changed, she was wearing a white lace bra ,white lace panties , white stay up stockings and white heels and she had like a duffel bag with her and she said ' come along, we are going to your cabin '. I asked about Roger and she said he was passed out .
We walked the 30 feet up to my cabin, I opened the door and we stepped inside and she looked at me and told me take my dress off . I did as I was told. Then she opened the bag and took out some stuff I didn't recognize but it looked like some sort of halter and harness and she had a riding crop. She told me to kneel before her and I did, not sure why. She took the stuff and laid it out and then she started to fit it on me, it was a halter and harness only for people. I asked her if this was dangerous and she said no and that it would be fun for me being a western girl and all, I had too much to drink and was actually tired and did not feel like arguing with her.
The next thing I know I'm in a halter,harness and reins and she is making me walk around the living area of the cabin in a circle . Verna is issuing all these horsey commands which I didn't understand but tried to figure out and obey . I said ' what am I supposed to be? ' . Verna replied that I was a ' pony girl ' . I had no idea what that meant but she was getting very turned on, I looked at her white lace panties and they were soaked, she would occasionally step in close to me and crack the riding crop across my bottom, I actually liked that and when she did it I got wet. Verna began to play with herself as she continued to make me prance around in circles , I told her I was getting dizzy, she stopped then and reached into her bag of tricks and pulled out a strap on attached to a huge black dildo. Verna strapped it on and with her holding tightly onto my reins she got behind me and bent me over a chair and she pushed my legs apart and she entered my now wet pussy and she began to stroke into me, yanking my reins and yelling horsey commands are me . I admit I was getting really aroused, it was crazy but I knew I was going to come and I did, several times. Verna came to and then she took the harness and stuff off me and she told me to wear the strap on and fuck her . I did , that was actually fun as she came a lot and I loved playing with her big boobs .
We spent the night in my bed, I woke up and went down on her a couple of times, she was a squirter which I managed to keep most of in my mouth. She went down on me, in the morning we fucked each other with her strap on. I asked her about Roger and she said I could go give him a mercy fuck if I felt like it while she used my shower. I thought what the heck and went over to Roger in the other cabin. He was laying in bed sleeping, I pulled the sheet back and started playing with cock, it wasn't bad actually, it was one of those cocks that curved upwards , he got hard quite quickly so I straddled him and rode him with my hands firmly on his fat belly. I came again twice , I had to do all the work as he just laid there and grunted until he came , he was a heavy cummer.
I went back to my cabin just as Verna was packing up her stuff. Verna said ' see you tonight sweetie ' . I said sure. While they were at breakfast I went up to the main building,there were 2 cabs out front , I took one, it was expensive but I got to a train station and then back to Toronto. Nobody said anything to me on Monday. Life and work went on.

funbccouple60 68M/66F  
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4/3/2020 11:51 pm

quite the story, but as you said that would not happen wetoo nowadays ....

but sounds ike you had some fun in your early life, wasn't that bad after the first experience with the gang bang bunch. But we did things like that to get a head in the 70ies ......

author51 59F  
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4/4/2020 12:31 am

Incredible story yet one that makes me still angry thinking about how we were treated back in those days by men.Whether they had power to make or break our career during those times..Thank you for sharing this my fellow Canadian..

CityLightsCpl replies on 4/4/2020 5:19 pm:
Thank you sweetie, I see you have someone ill with the coronavirus in your family, I am sending good thoughts your way Meredith

Hookup98765432 42M

4/4/2020 4:53 am

Very interesting story

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