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The Canadian Catalogue model, the early years part 2  

CityLightsCpl 62M/65F  
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4/7/2020 2:36 pm
The Canadian Catalogue model, the early years part 2

As I mentioned in the first part of this post, the MeToo movement was non existent when I was a girl starting my modeling career in Toronto in the early mid 70s. Those of us who were young and fresh were pimped out to and others . I think being cooped up as we are now and talking to my husband and my and her partner about those days has brought all of those memories flooding back. I have to say as I watched the Harvey Weinstein saga unfold I could relate to all those women as in my early modeling days I was forced to fuck a lot of old fat sweaty married men or risk losing my contract, career and income.
After my first year in the business I realized I needed a protector, someone with enough clout in the industry to protect me enough to let me work.,I knew that this would also involve strings attached but I couldn't let things get any worse, the firm and I worked for treated me and the other girls as basically prostitutes who were on call 24-7. I had grown tired of having to suck cocks or fuck someone at interviews just to get my next gig.
My protector appeared in the form of a much older man, I was 19 by then and he was in his late 40s. Gerry was a commercial artist who had his own firm. He designed and organized the very popular window displays for the major Canadian and US retail chains. I can guarantee you that if you remember the fabulous window displays you saw in the major retailers across Canada in the 1960s through 1980s that Gerry was the creative force behind them. Gerry also did work for two of the largest US retailers as well, this was all back when department stores still reigned in the fashion and shopping world.
As I mentioned, Gerry was late 40s, in very good shape, always tanned, always had flair and style and he bore a strong resemblance to Burt Bacharach, the same facial features and thick wavy dark hair, only to mind Gerry was just that much more handsome.
I met Gerry through a fashion event. Gerry had hired me as one of the models to feature in what was a performance art type of fashion show. Essentially what myself and a few other girls were going to pose in a static window display mock up on a stage in front of buyers , retail executives and others. Then the scene would become animated as we began to move in an almost robotic fashion. It was performed in a series of vignettes, between each scene the curtain would come down, the scenery and setting would change and we would change clothes , there were 10 scenes and costume changes in all, myself and the other models were chosen because we all had some background in theater, be it amateur ( like me ) or professional. The show was a hit and afterward I congratulated Gerry and told him I'd work with him again anytime. It was one of the few gigs at that point in my career that I didn't have to give anyone my body to get a job.
Gerry called me about a week later and simply told me he needed a new muse and the position was mine if I wanted it. I said yes, we went out to dinner and then back to his home which double as a studio on Queen Street East, I was a commercial space in which Gerry had installed an incredibly beautiful and stylish apartment upstairs. He fucked me that first night and then laid down the ground rules for our relationship.
Gerry was very powerful both in the fashion industry and in others areas as well, such as politics , art and theatre, business and finance. He told me that I would be his exclusively, I would be available to him and only him, he would decide when we would be together and also he would decide who I would be shared with. I knew there would be a catch . One of the more appealing things I discovered about Gerry that first night was that he was a talented and successful artist and his paintings had sold around the world. I would pose for many of his works over the coming year and a bit.
I must say things got easier for me at my agency and with , I no longer had to fuck everyone and anyone who demanded. Gerry saw to that, my workload increased.
However, Gerry was kinky and he had his interests ....
One night Gerry took me to Ottawa with him, he told me we would be having dinner and drinks with some very important political people. I knew nothing about politics but Gerry assured me I just had to be on his arm, look pretty ,smile a lot and nod at everything that was said.
It was 1974 and fashion was well, really really awful. I still have a photo of me from that night. I wore a gold lame ( la-may) one piece jumpsuit that had a high collar, sheer gold sleeves and a zipper down the back, with it I wore gold sparkly platform calf high boots and my only other accessories were a black choker and clip on bangle earrings. It was the 70s remember. Underneath I wore white panty hose and a padded white bra ( I have diminutive breasts and resisted all attempts in my career to have implants, my husband loves my tiny breasted and so do I ).
Gerry introduced me around , I didn't watch the news or read the papers back then so even though Gerry told me these people were well known the fact was they weren't to me. It was mostly men there , some had their secretaries with them, I didn't meet any wives as I came to realize that there were none there. Just a private dining room in a high end hotel just in sight of the Parliament buildings filled with a bunch of middle aged and older men in dark pinstripe suits and their secretaries and Gerry and me.
There was a lot of wine with dinner and lots of whisky and rum as well, a lot of smoking back in those days, cigarettes and cigars. After dinner and dessert some of the secretaries wound up in the laps of their bosses, that didn't surprise me. I at some point asked Gerry why we there and he told me there was an advertising contract from the government that he and some business partners who owned and advertising firm were keen to get. Gerry told me he was picking up the tab for the night and he told me I would be required to work as well. He squeezed my hand until it hurt to make the point that i would be down on my knees or all fours at some point in the evening. The drinking continued and the men started to get handsy and groping whichever women came into their range.
I was sitting between two men who were insistent that I should be impressed by who they were, so I told them I was. One was stroking my long red hair which was parted in the middle and hung down to the small of my back, the other had his hand on my leg and asked if I was a real redhead ( if I had a hundred dollars for every time I get asked that in my life I would be a billionaire! LOL ), I of course told him I was but he wanted to see proof. I continued to be coy. The waitresses came in and cleared the table, more bottles of booze and wine appeared and things started to ,well, shall we say, get out of hand. At one point I looked to my left and noticed that two of the secretaries were naked and on the table with cocks in them, they looked like they had done this before, at some point the 5 secretaries who were there were all naked and were either on their backs or bent over the table getting fucked my mostly overweight older men with their pinstripe pants and boxers around during their ankles.
I was still receiving the attention of the 2 men who told they were important, they were getting impatient with me, one of them had his fingers in my crotch poking in the general area of my pussy while the other had his hand under my ass rubbing it, both were telling me they were going to have me. I looked for Gerry and he was at the other end of the room in an animated discussion with one of the men, he looked at me and nodded. I knew that was my signal so I stood up and told the men to stand up. I turned to face them and undid their flies and knelt back down and took both of their semi hard cocks out and began to alternate between Jenkins one while sucking the other. As I said , they were impatient and one of them grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up, spun me around, pulled down the zipper on my jumpsuit, removed it from my shoulder so it was down below my waist,then roughly pulled down my panty hose and pushed me face down on the table, I had my eyes closed as he entered me and began to rough fuck me , he had a fat but short cock and he fucked me hard, I knew the tops of legs would be bruised where they were being banged against the edge of the table. After a few minutes of the rough fuck,to which I was rapidly become numb, I felt a presence in front of me , I opened my eyes and one of the waitresses was bent over the table facing me. She was being fucked from behind by the other ' important ' man who had been sitting next to me. She was a pretty blonde,a little older than me, we were face to face and she smiled at me and I smiled at her and I leaned a bit more forward , as did she, and we kissed, it was both a passionate and a plaintiff kiss that told me she did not want to be there as well. Our kissing served to inflame our ' suitors' and they began to fuck us with renewed vigour, after a few more thrusts mine grunted he was going to come , I looked back at him and told him I wanted him to come in my mouth ,he pulled out of me , I turned around and knelt before him and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him while squeezing his balls. He came, nothing spectacular, just a couple of small spurts of thin white goo. I was unimpressed. I licked him clean, he slumped back in his chair, I pulled up my panty hose , took off my bra and stuffed it in my purse , my ' important ' told me I had ' tiny tips ' I thanked him for the compliment, he grunted at me. I slid my jumpsuit back up over my shoulders but left the zipper down to the small of my back. I walked around the table and took the pretty blonde waitress by the arm and told her we were leaving , she had just stood up and pulled her black panty hose up and pushed her skirt back down and fixed her blouse. Her ' important ' man was slumped in a chair with his small cock shrunk and he was red faced and looked like he was on the verge of a heart attack.
I walked towards the door , saw Gerry and I nodded back towards the two ' important ' men and he nodded back to me and I left the room.
In the hall the waitress said ' I'm Manon ' , it was the first time I realized she had a French Canadian accent . I said ' I'm Meredith ' . I told her I knew what I was doing in there but what was she doing in there. She told me that the General Manager told her another girl to go in there and do whatever we were told. I asked her if that was a fairly regular thing and she said it was. Although she hated fucking politicians and bureaucrats as they were cheap and arrogant and never slipped her money like the businessmen did. I told her I was going back up to my room and did she want to join me. She said ' ouI ' and we got in the elevator and went up and into my room.
Once we got inside the room Manon took me in her arms and we kissed someone more, she stopped for a moment and asked me if I liked girls and I told her that according to my 2 female roommates I really liked girls. We both laughed. We undressed each other, kissing and caressing, Manon had lovely perky boobs and big pointy nipples, like mine actually, which are great for sucking and biting. Our fingers were in each other's pussies and our lips were locked together, we were exploring deep inside one another, holding each other close, our breathing was intense , our bodies were hot, we came standing there, we continued to finger one another and we both spasmed a few more times. We both went ' whew ' at the same time and we let go our embrace and I led Manon to the bed. I laid her down with her legs dangling over the edge of the bed and I parted her really lovely long thin legs apart and I buried my face and tongue in her pussy, she pushed it towards me. My tongue started to fuck her pussy, her hips started to move up and down, I slid first one and then a second finger inside her and began to finger fuck Manon as I licked and sucked on her, I really wanted her and she obviously wanted me to continue, Manon was delicious and her juices flowed covering my face and I knew my make up was ruined but I didn't care, I wanted her to come for me. And cum she did , squirting in my face, her pussy and hips bucking and grinding into me. When her orgasms subsided I scooped her juices out of her and rubbed them over my lips and mouth and I pulled myself up and over her body and pressed her to the bed and kissed her passionately letting her taste her own juices , at this point we were both incredibly turned on. Manon asked me how old is was and I told her 19, she couldn't believe I had that kind of experience and then I explained about Gloria and Heidi, my 20something and 30something bi roommates and what they taught me. Manon said she wanted to meet them.
Then Manon slipped down my body and began to use her fingers and lips to excite me,and she did ,bringing me to 4 or 5 amazing orgasms , the only difference in her technique was that she finger fucked my bottom, I have always been able to achieve orgasm with anal play. We got into bed and under the covers and we continued to kiss ,deep passionate kisses, until we fell asleep.
I was awakened by Gerry around 1am as he returned to the room, Manon was still beside me sleeping on her front. Gerry lifted the covers and I could see the instant bulge appear in his pants as he looked at Manon's firm tight bottom. Gerry stripped off, stuck his cock in my mouth and I sucked him until he was his full 10 inches long and seven inches around monster. He crawled over me and spit on his cock and placed it at the opening of Manon's ass. Manon stirred and turned her head toward me and asked what was going on . I kissed her and told her that I wanted to share her with my boyfriend Gerry, she was in no position to say no so she shifted her body towards me and reached to me with her face and lips and we kissed and she told me it was OK and with that Gerry pressed the tip of his cock into Manon's ass, she moaned , Gerry leaned over her and said quietly into her ear ' give yourself to me ' , Manon moaned and said ' oui ' and she opened her legs wider while I held her in my arms and kissed her and reached under her to play with her pussy as Gerry went deeper and deeper into her bottom. Gerry's<b> strokes </font></b>became more frequent and deeper, Manon was wet from my fingers, I brought her to orgasm, she moaned, Gerry stroked harder and faster, I had stopped playing with Manon's pussy and now just held her in my arms as we kissed, deep passionate kisses, then Gerry came, heavy deep spurts filling Manon's bottom. Gerry lay on top of her for a bit and then he rolled off of her and lay with Manon between us. Manon whispered in my ear ' je t'aime ' and I smiled.
Gerry got up and washed his cock off while I slid down and licked Gerry's cum out of Manon's bottom, Manon came again as I did that. Gerry came out of the bathroom and saw us and smiled and he crawled back in between us and he kissed us both and we both went down on him. Gerry had amazing recovery and stamina and within minutes he was hard again and he rolled over on top of me , pushed my legs up to my chest and he began to fuck me deeply in my pussy. Gerry pounded me for about 10 minutes, I came again and then he rolled off of me and onto Manon for another 10 minutes or so and she came as well and then he pulled out and said he was going to cum, he knelt between us and we Manon and I put our faces together and he shot a load first in my mouth and then in Manon's, going back and forth between us until he was spent. Then Manon and I licked him clean and then we kissed deeply,sharing Gerry's cum that we had saved from swallowing ,knowing with both wanted to share that intimacy.
We all rolled over and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning to Manon stroking my face as she lay on her side facing me as Gerry fucked her pussy from behind. Manon and I kissed , Gerry came , the 3 of us got up, Gerry rang for room service breakfast while Manon and I showered and made love under the hot water. Mano got dressed, and left after breakfast, I gave her my phone number and address so we could stay in touch. After she left Gerry and I had an incredibly raw and passionate all consuming and intimate fuck.
On the train back to Toronto Gerry told me he thought the evening went well and that he was proud of me. He eventually got the contract. Manon came to Toronto to visit several times and my roommates really adored her , especially the oldest one Heidi who used to visit Manon in Ottawa as well.
One of the things I remember most about that era was that the men weren't into foreplay, at least not the men I was being used by, it was just suck them hard and open my legs. I don't miss that at all.

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