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Welcome to my blog!
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Moonlighting Catalogue model
Posted:Jan 21, 2021 3:37 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2021 5:54 pm

If you have read first installment of my early life as a model in Toronto you will have read about dramatic incident at my first Christmas party with and how myself and another French Canadian model named Nicole were turned into the toys for a couple of dozen men. If you haven't read , please do as it leads into this event.
After that Christmas party my career took off as I was seen as a ' who would go along ' . It was Seventies and men still ran modelling agencies and controlled the advertising world. I back that time in my life and realike it was simply of having a career that I had always wanted. Enough about that.
After the events of that Christmas party Nicole never worked as a model again, she floated around and couch surfed for a couple of months before joining a end companion in Toronto. We stayed in touch and had dinner together often as that shared experience bonded us in some way. Nicole, who was petite with long blonde straight hair and a natural beauty with no enhancements whatsoever was popular at the agency. Nicole was always bringing back clothes and gifts from some of the exotic trips she was taking with well heeled . She was often in Florida, California, Caribbean and Europe with her , flying private jets or first on the airlines.
One Friday morning, it was about 6 or 7 years after that Christmas party where we first met, Nicole rang and said she had a huge favour to ask, I said I would do anything for her and then she told me a she had been partnering with had come down with a bug and couldn't join her for a meeting with in New York that was going be an all weekend event and would I fill in. I told Nicole that wasn't the favour I expected be asked , she told she knew that but also told me how much I would make after her agency took their cut for the weekend and she said there was always an incredible tip from the as well. I was hesitant, I was married to my husband Mark at this point and he hadn't left for work when Nicole rang so I asked his opinion. He said if it was a one off and we'd get enough for a week away somewhere that I should go for it as he was working all weekend on a project anyway. So, I told Nicole I would go and asked her what I should bring for clothes. It was February so it was cold. Nicole told me to bring cocktail dresses, stockings,heels, lingerie , twice what I would normally need for a weekend in case I needed to change often and she told me wear business attire as we were flying first from Toronto to New York.
I met Nicole airport and she had our tickets, we checked our bags and such, boarded our flight, Nicole and I almost matched in Navy blue Chanel suits , I was wearing a skirt and she wore pants and we both had boots with heels and navy hose , with my long red hair and her with her long blonde hair we attracted attention and I remember how sexy that felt.
Nicole gave me details as to what the weekend would entail, we would be joining executives from a Canadian energy company to attend some private cocktail parties and dinners, we would have most of Saturday ourselves. She also said we might be asked put on a show for the men and their guests and she asked if I was comfortable with that, Nicole and I had never slept together and I told her that it appealed to me, she kissed me on the cheek and then told me I would have sleep with most or all of the and their guests depending on what transpired as she still wasn't sure.
We arrived in New York and went straight to the end hotel where there was a message for us to meet the 6pm for drinks in the hotel bar. We had about an hour get ready. We dressed each other, I wore an electric powder blue off the shoulder knee length cocktail dress with my pearls, a strapless tight black bustier that Nicole buttoned in the back, black lace panties, black lace garter belt , opaque black stockings and black suede stilettos with a four inch heel. Nicole wore a sparkly gold short tight cocktail dress that accentuated her perfect shape and she wore white lace lingerie, garter belt , opaque shiny stockings and gold stilettos , we both wore our hair down.
We were prompt arriving downstairs at the bar and Nicole recognized the immediately and they greeted us and introduced themselves, I noticed wedding rings on their fingers, I had left mine home. Nicole and I were in our mid twenties at the time and these men ranged in age from late thirties into their sixties and there were about a half a dozen of them, a lot of pinstripe grey suits.
The next few hours were drinks, followed by dinner at a steakhouse, then Playboy Club ( it wasn't my first time in one but that is another story) and then back to the hotel around midnight, Nicole and I had sipped wine or sparkling water all evening so we were sober while the men were well lubricated, one of ones and one of older ones were almost a passed drunk stage so that left four for Nicole and to contend with.
We went to a suite that they had rented,separate from our rooms, and that was to be the plaything suite. The oldest of the gentlemen, a tall broad shouldered ruggedly handsome man in his sixties told us to put on a show while he and the others got comfortable on sofas facing the bed after pouring scotch for themselves .
Nicole and I kissed and embraced and then we each undid the zipper on our dresses and we slipped them off and let them fall to the floor, then we sort of floated onto the bed as one of the executives scooped up our dresses and I saw him hang them in a closet, for some reason it had occurred to me that particular fellow was Gay as he was giving off that sense , he was very sweet to us during the whole evening and very attentive to our needs . Anyway, Nicole and I began to kiss and caress and our hands began to explore,one another, we became quite passionate as I think we both realized that we had always wanted one another. We took the show we put on for the executives to a whole new level as we slowly removed each other's lingerie and stripped down to our garter belts, stockings and heels and our hands and fingers were working each other's pussies feverishly as we took each other to orgasm,completely into one another and hearing the appreciative comments from our audience , we came together, it was wet and sticky, Nicole had squirted, I had my juices flowing of , we were literally gasping for breath and each other's mouths as we kissed deeply and roughly and our moans had our audience all with their cocks out. Nicole and I kissed and then sat on the edge of bed and our audience, now ,naked and hard, clapped, except for two who had passed out and the fellow who I did establish was Gay and who was on his knees in front of his boss, the older tall broad shouldered man, sucking his cock. The remaining two guys moved towards us, mine was in his fifties, not unattractive, Dad body, nice cock, Nicole's was in his forties, she got the better of deal, he was really handsome,fit and hung. We knew what was coming next so we lay back on the bed and took them inside us, mine just pumped himself into me in about 5 minutes and then collapsed on top of me while Nicole's took another 5 minutes to come. After that the older gentlemen still getting his cock sucked waved us away and said they'd be in touch tomorrow. We gathered our lingerie and dresses and purses, put on a couple of hotel robes and made our way to the elevator and down to our room. We showered and got into bed and made love again, sweetly this time, we each went down one another, it was lovely.
The next morning we were awakened by a phonecall around 8am Nicole answered, I listened as she said yes several times,,commented this wasn't regular but understood the request and she copied down some numbers and then she hung up and looked at me " look Meredith, this is kind of an unusual request that I don't usually get, that was the older requesting that we go take care of the two fellows who passed out last night's morning wood " . I laughed and said ' why not, won't take us long and we can go for breakfast and shopping ' . Nicole laughed and tore the paper in two and asked which one I wanted and I asked which was which and she didn't know so I just took one of the room numbers. Nicole said we didn't have get dressed so we grabbed a quick shower together, tied our long hair back in ponytails, put on sneakers and our hotel robes, each took a room key and said we'd meet back in our room when we were finished.
The rooms were on different floors so Nicole got off on her floor before me. I got to the room I chose and knocked on the door, took a moment for him to answer and when he did once again I had drawn short straw with the other guy in his sixties, a tad overweight, bald and not that tall being my assignment.
He grunted at me come in, he was wearing a robe as well, he got on the bed and lay on his back and opened his robe and told me to get to work. A pleasant surprise was that he had a large fat cock, too fat to get my mouth around so I had to lick him with my lips and jerk him off, he got hard quickly and that thing turned into a monster, I was actually getting quite aroused at this point as I was solely focused on his cock. At some point he told me to get on him and I did because I wanted that thing in me, it didn't go in without difficulty because of his girth but I was incredibly wet which made it somewhat easier, I was facing him with my hands on his fat chest and belly and I began to ride him, slowly at first, he asked me to let my hair down so I reached behind me and did so, he told me I was the same age as his da----ter and he began lift his broad body and thrust into me as he was getting aroused as well. He pushed me off of him and told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed and then he knelt behind and shoved his fat prick into me again with such force I whimpered . Then he grasped my long red hair and gave me a proper going over, I came, and then he came, a lot, and then we both collapsed on the bed with him rolling over on his back . I leaned over and kissed his cheek and got up, slipped my robe and sneakers back on and left the room. As I waited for elevator I felt his juices start to leak out of me and run down the inside of my legs, there was a lot of juice. I got on the elevator and it was 8 floors down to my floor and I hoped no one else would get on. It stopped at the next floor and a cute couple my age got on , they looked at me oddly and I smiled and then they said they were newlyweds and I said so was I ( I'd been married a few years at that point but thought would explain looking like I was freshly fucked with juices running down my legs ) . I got off at my floor, wished the couple well and went to our room. Nicole still wasn't back so I showered and dressed and waited, after waiting an hour i went downstairs to the restaurant and had the breakfast buffet. I went back to the room just as Nicole was arriving back, her had wanted a couple of rounds with her, I told her what happened to , we laughed, Nicole showered and dressed, she grabbed a bagel from breakfast buffet and we went shopping for rest of .
Nicole and I dressed for evening when we returned our room. I kept it simple with a black silk blouse, black leather short skirt, chunky gold jewelry and earrings, underneath I wore a black lace camisole, no bra, black crotchless panty hose and black patent leather stilettos with a four inch heel. Nicole wore a red very low cut in the front and back cocktail dress, which showed lots of cleavage and side boob, no bra, her tits at that age were magnificent, no underwear, red lace garter belt, red stockings and shiny red stilettos.
That evening, similar schedule, the had been at a conference , we arranged meet 6pm in hotel bar, it was our gentlemen, they said we were going be joined by colleagues of theirs from another energy company, Nicole glanced the older , the one in charge so to speak and he quickly told Nicole their colleagues were bringing their own ' friends '. We were joined about 20 minutes later by a of about men, Americans unlike our of Canadians, they had women with them ( Nicole found they worked for a New York end agency ) . The American men were in their thirties to sixties as well, the women were an interesting mix and ranged in age from mid twenties late forties, gorgeous and lovely, Nicole and I had some entertaining conversations with them over the evening, they were a unique mix of teachers, nurses ,secretaries moonlighting, 2 were married like me.
We had cocktails and then dinner at a lovely Italian bistro followed by another visit to the Playboy club. The men were more 'handsy' this night our plus Americans didn't care who they groped or put their arm around, none of our got as tipsy as they had the night before and the American crowd was better holding their drink.
We arrived back our hotel, again the same suite as the night before was arranged, Nicole and I weren't sure of the plan so we watched as the Americans took lead, the American women stripped down to their lingerie and began, all of them, on the bed together, Nicole and I followed suit and stripped down to our lingerie stockings and heels like our American counterparts and joined them on thebed.
Interestingly one of older American gals took a fancy to me,she had been paying a lot of attention to me during course of evening. The girls were fondling, kissing and going down on one another but this older brunette sort of peeled me off the pile and led me off the bed to a divan upon which she reclined on and told me to kneel in front of her, she was gorgeous, brown curly hair, not shoulder length but not short, brown eyes,very pretty , lovely curvy body but tall and wearing expensive silk opaque stockings, white Satin garter belt and bra , gorgeous cream coloured pumps , a white Satin thong that she told me to remove , I was mesmerized and did as I was told, after removing her thong she reached down and lifted me up to her and we kissed passionately and then she told me to go down on her, I did as I was told, she was delicious and responsive and I was completely lost in her smells and taste and had tuned rest of room until I felt hands on my bottom and fingers in my pussy as I was completely exposed by my crotchless black panty hose. I lifted my slightly to my lover while still maintaining my lips firmly on the lips of her pussy and notice her bra was now off and she had such lovely full breasts and a cock in her mouth as someone was standing over her. Then I felt hands on my ass and a cock making its way into my very wet pussy, slowly first and then the thrusts became more rapid, I didn't remove my mouth from my lovers pussy but my was being driven deeper into her thighs and crotch with each thrust causing to gasp for air times. Then she pushed me away and the cock that was in her mouth replaced my mouth in her pussy, she was being fucked by one of the Americans, I was on my hands and knees and I turned around to see who was fucking me and it was the handsome guy from the night before who had been with Nicole . He eventually filled me with his just as the fellow who was pounding away the woman whose pussy my mouth had been on moments before came. He got off of her and she motioned for me to crawl over to her, I was still on my hands and knees, and she grabbed my hair and forced my down in between her thighs again and my tongue founds it's way back into her, I licked all of that man of her and she came from my attentions, my was covered with her and his scent. I stood and kissed her again and we smiled a knowing smile just as I was pulled away by two more of Americans and taking me to the bed to be spit roasted by them.
I had sex with almost every man there that night and most of the women, a couple women( including the mature woman who took a shine to me) brought strap on dildos with them and took turns fucking each of us women as the men watched or recovered their strength to go at us again.
We were released from custody, so to speak, around 3am, Helen, the mature woman I had been with, asked if she could spend the night with Nicole and me as she was too tired to go home, she wasn't really, she just wanted to have me and Nicole. We got back to the room, undressed, showered together and climbed into bed, Helen told us she was 50,divorced, a schoolteacher trying to make ends meet and she lived outside New York in some suburb I'd never heard of . We collapsed into each other's arms , Nicole fell asleep in the other bed, I went down Helen again and then she put on her strap on and went to work on me, and my gawd I remember how many times she brought me orgasm to this . Helen left next morning, she had a large handbag with her with street clothes in it, we promised stay in touch and wrote for awhile but then I just never heard from her again.
Nicole went for about 20 minutes that Sunday morning before we went to breakfast, she handed an envelope which included my fees plus tips, my husband and i went Vegas that March with my ' earnings ' . Nicole got married a few years later when she was about 30 to a 28 year old tech geek who had invented something which was making him rich, he was a of hers, they fell in love, she had and grandchildren and they are still married and both still friends of my husband Mark and me . I went on one more encounter for Nicole after that New York trip and almost, almost became a part time Meredith.
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It's a family affair
Posted:Aug 15, 2020 2:03 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2021 5:55 pm

I haven't posted in a bit, Mom has been posting about her early years as a model and with the pandemic there really hasn't been a lot going until recently. As close friends know My partner Gina and and our two small have been staying here in Vancouver with my parents Mark and Meredith because it was safer than being in California at the moment. Mom is a prolific poster here and I post as well and we must get Dad post his adventures too because we just had one.
Dad has been out on the golf course of l a favourite past time of his that he had been missing and he has been hanging with his group of guy friends doing guy stuff. So Dad comes home one day and says he wants talk Mom and about a conversation he had that day with one of his buddies. So that night after the were in bed Mom, Dad, Gina and I had a late supper and Dad told us about his conversation earlier.
Dad had stopped for a beer after a round of golf with one of his usual foursomes at the golf club, one of his old golf buddies was there, a fellow by the name of George. George is older than Dad and a widower whose wife passed away about 5 years ago. I had never met him but he has slept with my mother a few times when Dad brought him home after golf in the past years and since his wife died. So as you are aware we are a pretty open family, I have slept with my parents , my Dad is the father of my girlfriend Gina's and the of my late husband is the father of my so nothing shocks us. Anyway,back George. When George asked Dad if he could have a private word with him Dad just assumed that George wanted sleep with my Mom again or introduce him some of Mom's single senior girlfriends but he didn't, George wanted tell Dad a story.
George told Dad that a couple of years after his wife passed away his 's marriage ended and she moved into their old family home with George. George told Dad his is 32, George and his wife had her late and she is their youngest ,she married young and never had . Dad said he asked George, who is in his early 70s where this story was going. George continued and said that he had always spoiled his youngest and they always had a close relationship including being very affectionate physically with one another with hugs and her sitting in her father's lap or curling up with him on the couch and so on.
At this point Mom, Gina and I could see where this story was headed and we told Dad so and Dad said exactly. After the , whose name is Jennifer, moved in with George she just reverted back to being his little again only differently in that she would roam around the house in her underwear and bra or skimpy nightwear and such, would insist on sitting on George's lap with hardly anything on and calling him daddy, lots of displays of affection, we were getting the picture.
George told Dad he never had any sexual thoughts about his ,at least he didn't think so until he started getting hard ons when she sat on his lap and then at bight he would masturbate and fantasize about her. Then one night he had just gotten into bed and had started to play with himself when Jennifer entered his room, she climbed into bed with him and told him she had heard him playing with himself at night and she told him she would take care of it and she did. George said for a couple of weeks every night and sometimes in the morning, Jennifer would jerk him off. That then moved to Jennifer giving her father oral sex and insisting he come in her mouth and then after a month they began to have sex and she moved into his room with him and they have been in an intimate relationship for the past couple of years and he had to talk to somebody about it and he knew he could open up to Dad because after sleeping with my Mother, George knew he could trust Dad.
Dad told George he hoped he could help him understand whatever feelings he was having because of our intimate relationship, so Dad gets the Father/ relationship when it involves sex as well. I've actually never felt any guilt or any remorse about my intimate relationship with my Father, I know Dad struggled a bit but I've noticed when I'm riding his cock and Mom is riding his face that he doesn't show any guilt or remorse LOL.
Dad said he asked George where the relationship with his was going and he said George said he hoped that she would meet someone as she was wearing him out having sex 3 or 4 times a day. She no longer worked, George is well off having sold a large construction group that he owned and he has no worries for . George said Jennifer likes shop for sexy clothes and looks the part when they go out behaving more like his wife than his . George told Dad that he doesn't think his other and their spouses have figured out what is going on yet.
Dad asked George if he wanted to end the relationship with Jennifer and George said no but that rather he wanted to introduce her to new people and expand their sexual relationship . Dad asked George if that was what Jennifer wanted and George said that he told Jennifer that was what he wanted and her response was that she would do whatever her Daddy asked of her.
So this was George's ask, George asked Dad if he would be interested in a Father swap, exchange Daughters for a night or weekend. Mom interjected here with how virile and how much stamina George has and the fact he has a large cock help and he is fit as if to tell me that I would enjoy him. Dad looked at me and said ' so ? ' . I asked Dad what he thought and he said he was up for it, Dad also said George wanted to get into the lifestyle and have his as his partner in the lifestyle until they both found other more socially acceptable partners. That part made the four of us at the table laugh. Mom and Gina told me to go for it so Dad and I decided we would so we arranged a date that happened 2 weeks ago.
Mom and dad rented a condo unit for Gina and me and the here in their building so the night of the date Mom came to our condo and spent the night with Gina and the . Dad and I were going to meet George and Jennifer at a restaurant near us at a table George reserved on the outside patio. Then Dad and Jennifer would come back to my parent's condo and George would take me to their family home in Point Grey so I took my big handbag that I pack for the beach or out shopping with the and put some overnight stuff in it like a change of clothes, lingerie and some adult toys . I'm taller than Mom, I'm 39 now, have long dark hair, olive complexion ( from my Dad ) , unlike Mom I have breasts, I'm a D cup, lovely ass that men love and long legs and am as pretty as my Mom. I wore a white print sundress with a floral,pattern that buttons down the front and comes to my knees with a pair of white strappy sandals ,no hosiery, just simple white lace bikini briefs and matching white bra.
George and Jennifer were already there when we arrived, it was just a short 2 block walk to a spot on False Creek. George looked more handsome than I anticipated, he stood up and he was tall, swarthy with a sun tanned and lined face and a full head of wavy grey hair and a trim but large build, I've been with a lot of older men and he was more than appealing. Jennifer was cute, petite with brown hair in sort of a page cut and she had on a yellow sleeveless sundress with matching sandals and I noted she had a large handbag with her as well, much like myself and I wondered what was in hers , I actually fancied her as well.
We shared a meal, couple,of bottles of white wine, great conversation and then we decided it was time leave. Jennifer and I went the girls room first, we had a quick , I told her my Dad was great and to have fun and that I hoped I'd get to see more of her. She smiled and blushed a little and told that would be nice.
Off I went with George in his Range Rover parked nearby. His home was gorgeous, older and more grand than the one I grew in,but it was close our old home in Point Grey.
George poured us a drink and we sat a love seat outside the terrace at his home, the garden was private and not overlooked by the neighbours, he made the first move and put his arm around me and we kissed, he has lovely soft lips,then my dress was unbuttoned and his very skilled fingers found my pussy and he brought me to an orgasm right there on the terrace. I got his cock out, and Mom was right, it was lovely and large and I peeled off my bikini briefs and mounted him right there. He is a very good fucker, we matched shrieks and I came again and then he came in me and asked after the fact if that was ok, I said it didn't matter now and laughed ( side note, I was pregnant earlier this year but had a miscarriage in my first trimester, I like being pregnant and want another ). We moved into the house and George's bedroom, I asked George excuse for a moment and took my bag and went into the ensuite to change. George shouted that he was going to use the bathroom and he'd be back.
I was only wearing a bra and my strappy sandals with a heel at this point so I took them off and took out my favourite anal plug and some lubricant and eased that into my bottom. Wearing an anal plug during sex keeps me in a constant state of arousal, I often wear it shopping as well, so if you see a tall dark haired beauty walking through Costco downtown with a smile on her face say hello LOL. Then I pulled on a pair of crotchless black panty hose followed by a black corset with lace trimming that my tits spill over the top of and a pair of shiny black stilettos with a 6 inch heel that I only ever wear in the bedroom. I checked myself in the mirror, brushed my hair, fixed my makeup, gave my pussy one last hygienic check up and walked back into the bedroom. George was waiting for me on the bed and and I could see my look had the right effect on him as he said wow and I could see signs of life in his flaccid cock.
George stood up and led me to the bed and asked me to sit on the edge, I did and then he told me to lay back and he positioned himself between my parted legs and he went down on me . As he was enjoying my pussy, and I was enjoying him enjoying my pussy, he is great at oral sex, he discovered my button plug and I told him to press on it as he fingered and licked me which heightened the sensation I was feeling from him going down on me... I came, really came.
George stood up, left me where I was, lifted my stockinged legs over his shoulders and he reached under me and pulled, no yanked out my anal plug and then he rimmed his stiff large cock into my ass, luckily I had put lubricant on my plug as he pushed into me fast and hard, so hard I gasped for air and let out a large half moan half scream. Then he started pumping into me,grabbing my hips,holding me forcefully in place, he was masterful,,I was loving it having not had a good fucking in awhile. I pleaded and begged with him to fuck me harder and he did, it was becoming painful and he dug deeper into me but the pleasure was incredible, I fingered my pussy and squirted on us as he continued his thrusts for about minutes and then after I had a couple of orgasms he pulled out and stepped back putting my legs down and I slid off the bed and took him, ass to mouth and swallowed his cock ,pumping it until I felt his veins tighten and his body go stiff and then he exploded into my mouth, a huge load which I swallowed. Then, I flopped back on the floor with my back against the bed. George leaned down and kissed me tenderly and then said he would get us cold drinks , I moved up onto the bed and lay. He rejoined me with glasses of lemonade for us, we drank those ,we talked, he got hard again and this time we fucked passionately in the missionary position as he wanted to kiss me deeply as we fucked, he exploded again in me, so much that when he did pull out it trickled out of me. We made love again a couple of times that night, he went down on me a couple of more times and then we fell asleep and made love very sweetly and tenderly the next morning,he made me breakfast and drove me home and picked up Jennifer.
So, the aftermath is this. Dad enjoyed Jennifer and she enjoyed Dad. George and Jennifer have been back 3 times since that first encounter 2 weeks ago. Jennifer has been with Dad again, Dad and Mom and with me and Gina. George has been with me and Gina twice and with Mom once. We have a very close circle of friends we are meeting with now during this pandemic and we are going to introduce George and Jennifer to them, in fact tonight. Mom is already talking to some of her girlfriends about doing a mother swap, we have done similar things in the past and Mom actually has the hots for one of her girlfriends 22 year old granddaughters, they are not in the lifestyle but Mom spends a lot of time with them so will be interesting to see how Mom makes that happen. So, hoping to post more soon, also hoping Dad will start to post as well. Bye for now , Francie ( Francesca) .
The Canadian Catalogue model, the early years, part 3
Posted:Apr 8, 2020 5:55 pm
Last Updated:Apr 10, 2020 10:26 am


So, recap, I started my modeling career in 1973 right out of school, my first sexual experience that Fall was with my older roommates Gloria ( was was in her 20s ) and Heidi ( was in her 30s ). They got drunk Donini one night and gave my first ever orgasms. My first penetration by a man happened at a Christmas party that was put on by of the agency is worked for. Actually, it wasn't just one man, it was many men who fucked my self and another model my age repeatedly for 2 hours straight, it wasn't really sex, it was an assault by a bunch of men who were between the ages of 35 and 75 and who were all executives with major retail chains, fashion manufacturers and distributors and advertising executives. That persistent environment wherein I was pimped out regularly to caused me to seek out a protector and I found that protector in Gerry who you met in part 2.
Gerry was in his 40s, a powerful figure in the fashion and modeling world, as well as the world of politics, business and finance. Gerry was a commercial artist who ran his own very successful business designing window displays for national retail chains in Canada and the US. Gerry's first passion though was his art and more particularly his painting. He explored many types of styles like surreal, impressionism and mixed media. Gerry loved to paint,often after we fucked, it was fucking as I loved him and respected him but I wasn't in love with him, he would go back to working on one of his paintings in progress, I loved watching him paint. He was a creative man and that had its appeal.
Gerry did many paintings of me, portraits, full length nudes, front and back , he painted me in costumes from historic periods with my long red hair and down, I was a serving wench, a ladies maid , a regal woman from the th century , an 18th century , and more. Sometimes he would just do paintings of my pussy or my bottom or my legs, my bottom and legs are my best features I thin He rarely painted my breasts alone as he often told that when he was on top of in the missionary position that my tits were so small it was like fucking a, well, for decency sake let's just say a younger .
Gerry planned one elaborate and large painting of and it was be in the mixed media style, he posed me and took Polaroids of me posed sprawled put on a medium blue leather couch with one leg positioned stretching the top of the couch with my foot resting top of the back of the couch, my long red hair was down covering my tiny breasts. I was naked .
The painting took a couple of months to complete, it was on a 4ft tall by 6ft long canvas , it was a large painting, the largest he ever did of . During the period he was painting this masterpiece there were several times after we fucked that he told me he was keeping my stockings, or keeping my soaked panties or one of my camisoles , he said he needed them for this painting which, again to reiter was in the mixed media style which meant it would have different textures and feature pieces pushed into the art which related to me.
The night of the unveil he invited me over for a celebration. I thought it was to be the of us but when I got there Gerry wasn't the only man in his studio. There were other young men close my age. They were students of Gerry's from an art class he taught at Ryerson. I dressed from head toe in my favourite colour ( it is still a colour I wear a lot of today ) and that is medium/electric blue. I had a short medium/blue polyester shift dress with a high collar, matching panties , thigh high stockings and flats of the same colour, I was very monochromatic save for my long red hair which was tied back in a ponytail with a white ribbon.
I asked Gerry what was , and he told take off my dress and panties and lay the couch. As I did this he told the young men to strip as well. I now knew something strange was going to happen, Gerry loved to watch me have sex with other men and women and by this time I was 19 and had probably ( been told to ) fucked 0 men . Gerry said this was about performance art and what myself and the young men were going create was the finishing touch to his latest masterpiece , his piece de resistance . The young men had been briefed and we're minus their briefs. They were standing over and Gerry said let the performance begin. The first young man mounted and began fuck missionary style , he was quite fast and I felt his cock tense quickly and within a few minutes he pulled out of and got off and went around stand beside Gerry and while I couldn't see what he was doing I suspected the young man was jerking off over my painting. The next 5 guys took from behind, my side, or again missionary style except for the last fellow who just gave a rough mouth fucking. I remember not enjoying him because I have a small mouth, still do, and it took me years to finally be able to take a large cock in my mouth. Each fellow pulled out of me before he came and went around and stood beside Gerry who directed them where to put their splatter.
I had yet to see the painting, the last person to shoot his load over my painting was Gerry himself. I hadn't bothered to get dressed, Gerry got me a glass of wine and then he led me around the easel and for the first time I saw the painting.
I gasped ,it was a large work as I mentioned and it was in the mixed media style with rough and course textures of paint. The face was definitely me as was the body, there was a collage of momentos of me as well. My upper leg, the one going up the back of the couch had a piece of a black sheer stocking, one of mine on it, the lower leg had a piece of a red sheer stocking, there was a piece of one of my blue lace panties covering my pussy and my tiny breasts were covered by a piece of an orange lace camisole. The pieces were all torn bits from the original lingerie. In one corner of the painting there was a photo of me from a catalogue shoot in which I am turned away from the camera and am modeling a brown suede vest and skirt with a white blouse and knee high flat boots, another corner had my legs, a photo taken from a famous panty hose commercial that I was one of the models there was a gorgeous photo taken by Gerry with a 35 mm camera of me in a peasant dress with my hair braided sitting in the grass looking across at Toronto from Toronto island, there were other little bits and pieces, earrings I thought I'd lost, pieces of press photos of me , it was about and it was covered in men's cum. I loved it, it was big and magnificent and it was about .
I was so into the moment that I suggested to the young men that we fuck again, they agreed and this time they were more enthusiastic and into it and I demanded they spill more cum the painting , Gerry agreed and he fucked as well, I did enjoy his cock as it was inches long and 7 inches around when hard ( he measured it for me once) , we had more wine and got dressed and I asked Gerry what he planned do with the painting.
I wasn't totally prepared for his response. He said he was giving it to as a parting gift, he was breaking with . Fifteen minutes later I found myself in a cab with the painting in the trunk of the big old cab my way home with tears streaming down my cheeks.
So, there are several paintings of me out there from my time with Gerry, his artwork became collectable and valuable over time, and the 4ft by 6ft mural mixed media piece he did of me ? It hangs over the head of our marital bed, every year our anniversary I suck my husband off and then jerk him off over it, it is the only time it leaves the wall save for when we move, it has followed us through our marital life. I also have 2 smaller pieces Gerry did of me, one in which I'm reclining nude with my back him and another of as Marie Antoinette as interpreted by Gerry. Former lovers of mine during that period in my life gave them to me some years later as a very kind, generous and thoughtful gift. Some of you reading this will have seen the paintings when you were guests in our homes in Toronto, Vancouver ( and for a couple of years in Saint John NB when we loved there for 2 years do to my husband's work ).
So Gerry was my protector through my 19th year, he extended his protection beyond our period together which enabled me to keep,working steadily. I met my husband when I was 20 and he was just starting at University of Toronto. We married after he graduated with his first degree when he was 22 and I was 24. Mark was both a lover and a relative of my roommate Heidi, she introduced us and we moved in together when Mark was 19 and I was 21 and we have never looked back, but you can read about that here in my prolific blog which I share with our who is also in the lifestyle.
The Canadian Catalogue model, the early years part 2
Posted:Apr 7, 2020 2:36 pm
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As I mentioned in the first part of this post, the MeToo movement was non existent when I was a girl starting my modeling career in Toronto in the early mid 70s. Those of us who were young and fresh were pimped out to and others . I think being cooped up as we are now and talking to my husband and my and her partner about those days has brought all of those memories flooding back. I have to say as I watched the Harvey Weinstein saga unfold I could relate to all those women as in my early modeling days I was forced to fuck a lot of old fat sweaty married men or risk losing my contract, career and income.
After my first year in the business I realized I needed a protector, someone with enough clout in the industry to protect me enough to let me work.,I knew that this would also involve strings attached but I couldn't let things get any worse, the firm and I worked for treated me and the other girls as basically prostitutes who were on call 24-7. I had grown tired of having to suck cocks or fuck someone at interviews just to get my next gig.
My protector appeared in the form of a much older man, I was 19 by then and he was in his late 40s. Gerry was a commercial artist who had his own firm. He designed and organized the very popular window displays for the major Canadian and US retail chains. I can guarantee you that if you remember the fabulous window displays you saw in the major retailers across Canada in the 1960s through 1980s that Gerry was the creative force behind them. Gerry also did work for two of the largest US retailers as well, this was all back when department stores still reigned in the fashion and shopping world.
As I mentioned, Gerry was late 40s, in very good shape, always tanned, always had flair and style and he bore a strong resemblance to Burt Bacharach, the same facial features and thick wavy dark hair, only to mind Gerry was just that much more handsome.
I met Gerry through a fashion event. Gerry had hired me as one of the models to feature in what was a performance art type of fashion show. Essentially what myself and a few other girls were going to pose in a static window display mock up on a stage in front of buyers , retail executives and others. Then the scene would become animated as we began to move in an almost robotic fashion. It was performed in a series of vignettes, between each scene the curtain would come down, the scenery and setting would change and we would change clothes , there were 10 scenes and costume changes in all, myself and the other models were chosen because we all had some background in theater, be it amateur ( like me ) or professional. The show was a hit and afterward I congratulated Gerry and told him I'd work with him again anytime. It was one of the few gigs at that point in my career that I didn't have to give anyone my body to get a job.
Gerry called me about a week later and simply told me he needed a new muse and the position was mine if I wanted it. I said yes, we went out to dinner and then back to his home which double as a studio on Queen Street East, I was a commercial space in which Gerry had installed an incredibly beautiful and stylish apartment upstairs. He fucked me that first night and then laid down the ground rules for our relationship.
Gerry was very powerful both in the fashion industry and in others areas as well, such as politics , art and theatre, business and finance. He told me that I would be his exclusively, I would be available to him and only him, he would decide when we would be together and also he would decide who I would be shared with. I knew there would be a catch . One of the more appealing things I discovered about Gerry that first night was that he was a talented and successful artist and his paintings had sold around the world. I would pose for many of his works over the coming year and a bit.
I must say things got easier for me at my agency and with , I no longer had to fuck everyone and anyone who demanded. Gerry saw to that, my workload increased.
However, Gerry was kinky and he had his interests ....
One night Gerry took me to Ottawa with him, he told me we would be having dinner and drinks with some very important political people. I knew nothing about politics but Gerry assured me I just had to be on his arm, look pretty ,smile a lot and nod at everything that was said.
It was 1974 and fashion was well, really really awful. I still have a photo of me from that night. I wore a gold lame ( la-may) one piece jumpsuit that had a high collar, sheer gold sleeves and a zipper down the back, with it I wore gold sparkly platform calf high boots and my only other accessories were a black choker and clip on bangle earrings. It was the 70s remember. Underneath I wore white panty hose and a padded white bra ( I have diminutive breasts and resisted all attempts in my career to have implants, my husband loves my tiny breasted and so do I ).
Gerry introduced me around , I didn't watch the news or read the papers back then so even though Gerry told me these people were well known the fact was they weren't to me. It was mostly men there , some had their secretaries with them, I didn't meet any wives as I came to realize that there were none there. Just a private dining room in a high end hotel just in sight of the Parliament buildings filled with a bunch of middle aged and older men in dark pinstripe suits and their secretaries and Gerry and me.
There was a lot of wine with dinner and lots of whisky and rum as well, a lot of smoking back in those days, cigarettes and cigars. After dinner and dessert some of the secretaries wound up in the laps of their bosses, that didn't surprise me. I at some point asked Gerry why we there and he told me there was an advertising contract from the government that he and some business partners who owned and advertising firm were keen to get. Gerry told me he was picking up the tab for the night and he told me I would be required to work as well. He squeezed my hand until it hurt to make the point that i would be down on my knees or all fours at some point in the evening. The drinking continued and the men started to get handsy and groping whichever women came into their range.
I was sitting between two men who were insistent that I should be impressed by who they were, so I told them I was. One was stroking my long red hair which was parted in the middle and hung down to the small of my back, the other had his hand on my leg and asked if I was a real redhead ( if I had a hundred dollars for every time I get asked that in my life I would be a billionaire! LOL ), I of course told him I was but he wanted to see proof. I continued to be coy. The waitresses came in and cleared the table, more bottles of booze and wine appeared and things started to ,well, shall we say, get out of hand. At one point I looked to my left and noticed that two of the secretaries were naked and on the table with cocks in them, they looked like they had done this before, at some point the 5 secretaries who were there were all naked and were either on their backs or bent over the table getting fucked my mostly overweight older men with their pinstripe pants and boxers around during their ankles.
I was still receiving the attention of the 2 men who told they were important, they were getting impatient with me, one of them had his fingers in my crotch poking in the general area of my pussy while the other had his hand under my ass rubbing it, both were telling me they were going to have me. I looked for Gerry and he was at the other end of the room in an animated discussion with one of the men, he looked at me and nodded. I knew that was my signal so I stood up and told the men to stand up. I turned to face them and undid their flies and knelt back down and took both of their semi hard cocks out and began to alternate between Jenkins one while sucking the other. As I said , they were impatient and one of them grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up, spun me around, pulled down the zipper on my jumpsuit, removed it from my shoulder so it was down below my waist,then roughly pulled down my panty hose and pushed me face down on the table, I had my eyes closed as he entered me and began to rough fuck me , he had a fat but short cock and he fucked me hard, I knew the tops of legs would be bruised where they were being banged against the edge of the table. After a few minutes of the rough fuck,to which I was rapidly become numb, I felt a presence in front of me , I opened my eyes and one of the waitresses was bent over the table facing me. She was being fucked from behind by the other ' important ' man who had been sitting next to me. She was a pretty blonde,a little older than me, we were face to face and she smiled at me and I smiled at her and I leaned a bit more forward , as did she, and we kissed, it was both a passionate and a plaintiff kiss that told me she did not want to be there as well. Our kissing served to inflame our ' suitors' and they began to fuck us with renewed vigour, after a few more thrusts mine grunted he was going to come , I looked back at him and told him I wanted him to come in my mouth ,he pulled out of me , I turned around and knelt before him and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him while squeezing his balls. He came, nothing spectacular, just a couple of small spurts of thin white goo. I was unimpressed. I licked him clean, he slumped back in his chair, I pulled up my panty hose , took off my bra and stuffed it in my purse , my ' important ' told me I had ' tiny tips ' I thanked him for the compliment, he grunted at me. I slid my jumpsuit back up over my shoulders but left the zipper down to the small of my back. I walked around the table and took the pretty blonde waitress by the arm and told her we were leaving , she had just stood up and pulled her black panty hose up and pushed her skirt back down and fixed her blouse. Her ' important ' man was slumped in a chair with his small cock shrunk and he was red faced and looked like he was on the verge of a heart attack.
I walked towards the door , saw Gerry and I nodded back towards the two ' important ' men and he nodded back to me and I left the room.
In the hall the waitress said ' I'm Manon ' , it was the first time I realized she had a French Canadian accent . I said ' I'm Meredith ' . I told her I knew what I was doing in there but what was she doing in there. She told me that the General Manager told her another girl to go in there and do whatever we were told. I asked her if that was a fairly regular thing and she said it was. Although she hated fucking politicians and bureaucrats as they were cheap and arrogant and never slipped her money like the businessmen did. I told her I was going back up to my room and did she want to join me. She said ' ouI ' and we got in the elevator and went up and into my room.
Once we got inside the room Manon took me in her arms and we kissed someone more, she stopped for a moment and asked me if I liked girls and I told her that according to my 2 female roommates I really liked girls. We both laughed. We undressed each other, kissing and caressing, Manon had lovely perky boobs and big pointy nipples, like mine actually, which are great for sucking and biting. Our fingers were in each other's pussies and our lips were locked together, we were exploring deep inside one another, holding each other close, our breathing was intense , our bodies were hot, we came standing there, we continued to finger one another and we both spasmed a few more times. We both went ' whew ' at the same time and we let go our embrace and I led Manon to the bed. I laid her down with her legs dangling over the edge of the bed and I parted her really lovely long thin legs apart and I buried my face and tongue in her pussy, she pushed it towards me. My tongue started to fuck her pussy, her hips started to move up and down, I slid first one and then a second finger inside her and began to finger fuck Manon as I licked and sucked on her, I really wanted her and she obviously wanted me to continue, Manon was delicious and her juices flowed covering my face and I knew my make up was ruined but I didn't care, I wanted her to come for me. And cum she did , squirting in my face, her pussy and hips bucking and grinding into me. When her orgasms subsided I scooped her juices out of her and rubbed them over my lips and mouth and I pulled myself up and over her body and pressed her to the bed and kissed her passionately letting her taste her own juices , at this point we were both incredibly turned on. Manon asked me how old is was and I told her 19, she couldn't believe I had that kind of experience and then I explained about Gloria and Heidi, my 20something and 30something bi roommates and what they taught me. Manon said she wanted to meet them.
Then Manon slipped down my body and began to use her fingers and lips to excite me,and she did ,bringing me to 4 or 5 amazing orgasms , the only difference in her technique was that she finger fucked my bottom, I have always been able to achieve orgasm with anal play. We got into bed and under the covers and we continued to kiss ,deep passionate kisses, until we fell asleep.
I was awakened by Gerry around 1am as he returned to the room, Manon was still beside me sleeping on her front. Gerry lifted the covers and I could see the instant bulge appear in his pants as he looked at Manon's firm tight bottom. Gerry stripped off, stuck his cock in my mouth and I sucked him until he was his full 10 inches long and seven inches around monster. He crawled over me and spit on his cock and placed it at the opening of Manon's ass. Manon stirred and turned her head toward me and asked what was going on . I kissed her and told her that I wanted to share her with my boyfriend Gerry, she was in no position to say no so she shifted her body towards me and reached to me with her face and lips and we kissed and she told me it was OK and with that Gerry pressed the tip of his cock into Manon's ass, she moaned , Gerry leaned over her and said quietly into her ear ' give yourself to me ' , Manon moaned and said ' oui ' and she opened her legs wider while I held her in my arms and kissed her and reached under her to play with her pussy as Gerry went deeper and deeper into her bottom. Gerry's strokes became more frequent and deeper, Manon was wet from my fingers, I brought her to orgasm, she moaned, Gerry stroked harder and faster, I had stopped playing with Manon's pussy and now just held her in my arms as we kissed, deep passionate kisses, then Gerry came, heavy deep spurts filling Manon's bottom. Gerry lay on top of her for a bit and then he rolled off of her and lay with Manon between us. Manon whispered in my ear ' je t'aime ' and I smiled.
Gerry got up and washed his cock off while I slid down and licked Gerry's cum out of Manon's bottom, Manon came again as I did that. Gerry came out of the bathroom and saw us and smiled and he crawled back in between us and he kissed us both and we both went down on him. Gerry had amazing recovery and stamina and within minutes he was hard again and he rolled over on top of me , pushed my legs up to my chest and he began to fuck me deeply in my pussy. Gerry pounded me for about 10 minutes, I came again and then he rolled off of me and onto Manon for another 10 minutes or so and she came as well and then he pulled out and said he was going to cum, he knelt between us and we Manon and I put our faces together and he shot a load first in my mouth and then in Manon's, going back and forth between us until he was spent. Then Manon and I licked him clean and then we kissed deeply,sharing Gerry's cum that we had saved from swallowing ,knowing with both wanted to share that intimacy.
We all rolled over and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning to Manon stroking my face as she lay on her side facing me as Gerry fucked her pussy from behind. Manon and I kissed , Gerry came , the 3 of us got up, Gerry rang for room service breakfast while Manon and I showered and made love under the hot water. Mano got dressed, and left after breakfast, I gave her my phone number and address so we could stay in touch. After she left Gerry and I had an incredibly raw and passionate all consuming and intimate fuck.
On the train back to Toronto Gerry told me he thought the evening went well and that he was proud of me. He eventually got the contract. Manon came to Toronto to visit several times and my roommates really adored her , especially the oldest one Heidi who used to visit Manon in Ottawa as well.
One of the things I remember most about that era was that the men weren't into foreplay, at least not the men I was being used by, it was just suck them hard and open my legs. I don't miss that at all.
The Canadian Catalogue model, the early years
Posted:Apr 3, 2020 4:55 pm
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2022 7:10 am

Hi all, been awhile since I posted, given we are all housebound with coronavirus restrictions I thought this might be a good time to catch up on my posts.

Something I haven't done is talk about my early years and experiences. I moved to Toronto from Winnipeg right out of high school. I received a modeling contract after an agent happened to see me in a local amateur theater production in Winnipeg when I was in my final year of high school. I moved to Toronto in Sept of 1973 just a couple of weeks after my 18th birthday.

I've written in early posts as to how I wound up sharing an apartment in a high rise near High Park with 2 older models who were in their 20s and 30s and how we three became lifelong friends and how my first sexual experience was with the two of them so I won't repeat that here as you can find that in earlier posts.

I think what I'd like to tell you are some of the events, adventures and horror stories I experienced during that era in the modeling business.

Of course during that era it was before MeToo and the modeling industry was run by and controlled by men.
My first few months were filled with some mundane photo shoots, my first catalogue and magazine work was mostly my legs and feet as I modeled mostly shoes and hosiery. I'm small, actually tiny breasted, so was not doing a lot of clothing and fashion shoots initially. My corporate interactions at the agency were mostly with schedulers and administrative staff and I rarely interacted with executives as I was new and the attention was lavished on the income streamers, those models with the recognized faces and some fame.

It wasn't until the Christmas season that year that I started to meet the executives at parties. My girlfriends/roommates had taken me to a doctor and got me on the pill as they warned me I would eventually have to fuck some of the executives as that was the way the industry worked.

I learned this lesson at my first Christmas party that year . My roommates and I took a cab to a very large old estate type home in Rosedale for a party at the home of one of the largest at our agency.
I wore an electric blue cocktail dress with matching panty hose and heels and I wore my , then long, red hair down, my hair reached halfway down my back in those days. My roommates warned me to be careful at this party.
I wandered about with a glass of white wine which I hardly touched and introduced myself to people or just engaged in small talk, I didn't really know anyone save for my roommates and some of the other new girls. Around 10pm an older attractive woman introduced herself to me and she said she was the wife of our host and she asked me to follow her. My roommates who were standing with me knew the woman and said to her something about couldn't this woman find someone else but the woman said that I had been requested. My roommates told me to be careful and no matter what they wouldn't leave without me and they made that known to the woman who just nodded.
I was led upstairs to a mezzanine and then ushered into a room off the mezzanine which was a large dark paneled room that seemed like a library or home office. I immediately recognized Nicole, a petite blonde model who had started when I did at the agency. She was French Canadian and from somewhere in Quebec and her English was still weak. She was dressed monochromatically like me only all in white. There were six older men in the room, all in suits and in their 50s and 60s, they were smoking cigars and drinking whiskey. None were particularly distinguished or handsome. One of them spoke to Nicole and I and said he was our host and that our futures could be made or broken in the next 15 minutes. I looked at his wife who was still in the room and she would not meet my gaze. Nicole and I stood next to one another, Nicole was shaking and neither of us knew what was going on but our intuition told us we were no longer safe.
Our host, a tall rotund and unpleasant man, took Nicole roughly by the arm and told her to kneel in front of him. She look terrified and didn't understand what he was saying so he forced her to her knees as she whimpered ' non, non, ' . He then unzipped his fly and told her to ' reach in and pull out his cock '. Nicole stared blankly and kept saying ' non, non, je ne comprends pas '. He slapped her in the head and repeated ' reach in and pull out my cock you little bitch ' . Nicole started crying .
I said ' I will do it ' and I moved to kneel beside Nicole , pushing her out of my way as I did so and looking at the host's wife hoping she would stop this, again she would not meet my gaze. The host said ' good girl ' to me and I loosened his zipper more and fumbled in his underwear to find his cock. I had never done this before so I didn't know what I was doing or what I was looking for. Our host said ' oh for gawds sake ' and he removed my hand and told the other men in the room to get their cocks as he got his out and he told me to suck him.
I looked up at him and said ' I have never done that and I have never been with a man yet , and neither has Nicole ' , Nicole was still at my side and was literally clinging to me. Our host said ' I see ' . His wife piped up, finally, and said ' let me go get 2 or 3 more experienced girls ' her husband thought for a minute and looked at the other men who were looking at Nicole and me like they were going to devour us and he said ' no, this will be entertaining ' .
The next thing I knew I was grabbed by 2 of the men, as was Nicole, and our dresses were removed and our panty hose were torn at the crotch and we were both held sitting between two men on big leather couches facing one one another while a third man got in front of each of us with an erect cock and rammed it into our pussies. We both started screaming, we were both in pain, they took turns holding us and fucking us , each of them shooting their loads on our stomachs and faces , I wasn't wearing a bra, Nicole had hers ripped off, it was violent and we submitted as we had no other choice . Nicole and I were each fucked by all six men , we were bent over the couch and taken from behind, we had cocks shoved in our mouths while being fucked , we were both crying, tears running down our faces as our makeup was destroyed. Nicole had it worse than me as the men took her anally as well, they couldn't get their cocks in my ass,they tried but I was too tight. Our hair was pulled , we were called all sorts of nasty names , we begged them to stop but they would not. At so,e,point several more men entered the room and they took their turns with us as well. I think about 20 or more different older men fucked Nicole and me for over 2 hours , and then it was over, we were suddenly alone in the room with the wife, she picked us up and took us to a bathroom just off the room we were in and helped us to clean up. The wife said to me ' don't worry about this, it will be fine, I was you in this same situation 25 years ago' . When we went back out into the library my roommates were there and they got mine and Nicole's dresses back on,,removed our ripped and torn panty hose, found our shoes and had our coats and we were taken down a back set of stairs and out a side door and into a waiting cab . We took Nicole home with us that night. Nicole never modeled again but a few months later she joined an agency that provided high end . She called me a couple of years later and talked me into doing a one off weekend where we flew to New York City with some wealthy Bay st. financial executives , it paid well and I was almost hooked.

My roommates and I went to several more ' mandatory ' Christmas parties that season , I had to fuck and suck several more guys, I learned to wear stockings and garter belts for easy access for these men.

My career picked up and I wound up in several of the Spring and Summer catalogues for the major retailers . I was working non stop doing hosiery commercials for magazines and even some tv work as well.

However, to keep my career going I realized I had to make concessions that pretty much all included me giving up my body.

The next time was in February of 1974, I was called into the agency office on a Friday after a photo shoot and given an address and told I had been invited to a dinner party that Saturday evening and to dress accordingly. I asked for details but it was one of the secretaries in the Executive Offices I was talking to and she said the order was coming from the top and I wasn't to ask for details and I should show up if I wanted to keep my job, she was pleading with me so I suspected her job was on the line too. She told me to dress well and that I could borrow some items from the in house stock.
I went down to the in house fashion supply room and picked out a simple navy cocktail dress, black patent stilettos, a deep blue velvet overcoat with a black fur trimmed collar and a small navy clutch for a purse. The in house fashion supply rivalled any of the major fashion shops in Toronto.
I was to be at the address in Yorkville at 6pm sharp for cocktails. I added sheer black stockings ,black lace garter belt and black lace bikini panties and a black lace camisole to my outfit, no bra as I rarely wore one in those days. I ordered a cab and arrived at my destination about 10 minutes before 6pm. The address was a newly refurbished building that had been turned into condos. I stepped into the lobby and told the concierge the unit is was seeking. He asked me to wait and he got on the phone and called. He spoke to someone and then he told me to follow him, he put me on the elevator and pushed a floor number and stepped back and bid me a good evening. The elevator went up a couple of floors and the door opened and I stepped out and was immediately greeted by an early 40something man who I recognized. I had met him at a meeting a couple of weeks prior and he was a senior marketing person with a major retail chain whom were of our agency.
His name was David and he was handsome and quite fit, we'll dressed in a dark navy pinstripe suit, he had dark curly hair with a touch of grey at the sides and he was tall, over six feet. He was also American. He thanked me for coming and led me down the hall to his door. I still had no idea what was going on but did notice he was wearing a wedding ring.
He knocked on the door and it was opened from the inside by a stunningly gorgeous tall thin blonde woman, who also had a wedding ring on. I was invited in by her and David and I stepped inside. She introduced herself as Jill, David's wife. Jill was around 30 I guessed.,David took my coat and hung it up in a hall closet while Jill led me into the condo. Jill had on a gorgeous green silk designer dress in the Oriental style with a high collar buttoned up, the dress came to her knees and she had on black hose and black patent stilettos as well, she was taller than me in her heels, I'm 5'6" and was 4 inches taller in my heels, she was close to 6 feet in hers. Jill's hair was long and straight and parted to her side ,she has that angular face that is so appealing.
Their condo was gorgeous and modern, lots of art, comfortable but stylish furniture. However, it was 6pm and aside from David and Jill I was the only other person there. There were some lovely food smells, there was a table set with candles for 3 , the lights were turned down and there was some quiet background classical music playing.
David and Jill started to tell me how excited and appreciative they were that I was there and had agreed to join them for the evening. I must have had a confused 18 year old girl face on as I just looked at them perplexed and wasn't saying anything except ' thank you '. I asked if anyone else would be joining us and they said no that I would be just the 3 of us and the hoped that they and I would enjoy the evening. I was completely in the dark. They asked me is I would like a drink, I asked Jill what she was having and she said a glass of chablis, I said I would have one as well even though at that point in my life I had no idea what that was but was received when David handed us each a glass of white wine. I can only reiterate I wasn't really much of a drinker and still am not.
We sat on a large white fabric couch, Jill next to me and we chatted, Jill kept complimenting me on my gorgeous long red hair, I had tied it back in a long ponytailwith a navy ribbon, she asked if I was a real redhead to which David said he hoped we'd find that our later and it was then that the light bulb started to go on for me . I was there for them. We had another glass of wine, they asked all about me, when I told them I was 18 and wouldn't be 19 until August of that year they both looked at one another with a look that could only be described as uncomfortable, they thought I was older, I could tell, I wasn't sure what would come next after that realization but it looked liked they resolved to soldier on as they were committed and strangely so was I. They were both from the US, the had been married 5 years, Jill was 29 and David was 42, they did not have but David had been married before and Jill was formerly his secretary so I put two and two together but said nothing.
We had dinner, it was a seafood casserole that they had ordered from a caterer along with a spinach salad and a black forest cake for dessert. They were both flirting with me, a skill I had yet to learn so I just smiled a lot and complimented them both equally and I think they were making allowances for my youth and inexperience. I had acted in amateur theater since I was 8 so I knew how to play a role and did so and I think that covered up my lack of more mature social skills at the time.
David offered to clear away the dishes and Jill and I went back to sitting on the couch, David filled our wine glasses,,I was feeling a bit light headed as I wasn't used to drinking and I pointed this out to Jill. She laughed and told me not to worry if I had too much to drink as I could spend the night,and then she leaned into me and whispered that she hoped I would spend the night, Jill was tipsy as well. I found myself quite attracted to her, at that point in my life I had more sexual experience with women than I did with men. I had been sleeping with my 2 roommates for months at that point and had become very good at knowing how to make love to a woman.
David finished in the kitchen and rejoined us, he sat across from us and he had taken off his suit jacket and tie , Jill and we're sitting close to one another on the couch, she had her hand on my leg and she asked if my stockings were silk as they felt so gorgeous and I told her they were, a perk from a hosiery I did a photo shoot for. She remarked that you could not find them anywhere and she would love to have a pair as they were so sexy. I told her the tops were gorgeous too, incredible style and weave, she told me she would like to see that and by that point I knew I wanted Jill so I stood up in front of Jill and I asked David if he would unzip me. David was up in a flash and unzipped me tracing my zipper down to the small of my back with his fingers, it made me shudder and they both took notice. I stepped out of the dress as I let it fall to the floor and stood there facing Jill , so close to her I forced her to part her legs. Jill ran her hands over my stockings and over the tops of the stockings ad let her fingers caress my flesh at the top of my stockings, she kept telling me I was beautiful, I put my hand on her head and brought her face forward to bury her face in my garden, she moaned and sucked in air as she smothered herself in my scent. I could feel myself getting wet. David was still behind me caressing and squeezing the cheeks of my ass while leaning over me and kissing my shoulders as he looked down over me to his wife who had her face buried in my pussy. I had put my lace bikini panties on over my garter belt and stockings so when Jill reached up and hooked her fingers in my panties she was able to slide them off me and onto the floor, I stepped out of my panties and lifted one leg up onto the couch and moved my pussy into Jill's face , she remarked i was a natural redhead ,and she started to bury her tongue in my crack, licking and sucking. I held her head with my hands and began to moan as Jill was as good at this as my roommates. We stayed like that for awhile, I felt my orgasm building inside of me, Jill did as well and she became more passionate with anticipation. Jill brought me to a massive orgasm and my juices flowed out onto her face , she kept fucking me with her tongue and I came 3 more times , I was weak and almost fell onto Jill but David steadied me. I lifted Jill up and unbuttoned the buttons on her Oriental style dress and slipped it off of her, she looked exquisite, unlike me Jill had amazing breasts, full and erect with large pointy nipples which I immediately began to suck on as she began to moan, she wore no bra and she had on crotchless black panty hose so her gorgeous shaved pussy was open to me. I laid her back on the couch and I knelt before her and I buried my face in her pussy, she was wet and she tasted amazing, different from my two roommates, sweeter, I knew how to suck pussy and I went down on her and fucked her with my tongue and fingers, her pussy lips became swollen and exposed quickly under my ministrations , she was moaning and her legs , those long lovely,legs, were flailing , when I felt her close to her first orgasm I slipped two fingers into her now wet ass as her sweat and pussy juices and my saliva had run down into the crack of her beautiful ass. That sent Jill over the edge and she involuntarily convulsed and then came, I did not stop, maybe it was the wine, maybe I was aroused or maybe I was totally into this beautiful woman , I kept fucking her with my tongue, my fingers were in and out of her ass and pussy , I was relentless as my roommates had taught me, I did not let up and she kept having orgasms ,several until she begged me to stop.
She was laying on her couch,her breathing was heavy, she looked at me, we kissed passionately and she got up and took my hand and led me to the bedroom.
David had been sitting across from us watching us the whole time, he followed us into the bedroom, Jill and I both still had our stockings and heels on, I slipped,my camisole and Jill bit my nipples, it was painful and playful, we fell into their large king sized bed in an embrace and we kissed and began to finger one another again, it didn't take long and we were both having orgasms again, I was so turned on by Jill and she kept telling me she couldn't believe I was 18.
David now joined us in bed, he was naked and really fit, flat stomach, defined muscles, good sized cock but semi flaccid and in need of attention. Jill rolled over and went down on him, hungrily devouring his cock and I watched it grow to about 8 inches long and when I put my hand around it I guessed it to be about 7 inches in circumference, just a nice size. Jill and I took turns licking and sucking David's cock and balls . He wanted to fuck and Jill told him to take me first, I lay back on the bed, Jill sucked on my nipples as David spread my legs and pushed his cock through my lips and deep into my pussy in one thrust which made my body jerked and I squealed as Jill pinched both my nipples really hard, David leaned over me and smothered my mouth with his and his tongue found mine and we kissed deeply as he started to fuck me, I found his rhythm and moved with him, it was something that one of my roommates taught me as she fucked me with a strap on regularly. David lifted my legs up and pinned them back and he began to fuck me very hard and deep grunting and alternating between leaning into me and kissing me. Jill was telling him to fuck me harder and she was kissing me as well, I was totally,owned by them and they knew it. David told me he was going to cum, I told him to cum in me, I screamed at him to fill my teenage pussy with this cum, he went off like a rocket in me several times and I could feel his cum being pushed out of me even as he was still cummimg. He pulled out of me and Jill dove down and began to lick and suck his cum put of me, I came from her doing this to me, she slid back up my body and kissed me deeply and deposited a big load of my and David's juices in my mouth. It was heaven.
We all layman the bed together , we were all panting, Jill said she would get us all a glass of sparkling water and she got up, when she came back David was teaching me the finer points of giving a blow job. I spent the night and we made love several times including the next morning. I got together with them about once a month, Jill stayed over at my place a few times and my roommates, both girls in their 20s & 30s fucked Jill and enjoyed her. I got a long term contract with David's company and did several catalogue and magazine shoots for them over the years.

By the time the Summer rolled around,I was a veteran in the industry with just shy of a year under my belt, I had fucked most of the executive officers at the firm, even the token woman executive , had fucked several executives from firms who were , I had fucked men between the ages of 35 and 75 and I was still a month short of my 19th birthday, but I was working regularly, traveling the country for photo shoots and could find myself in most magazines and catalogues .

There was a summer party t a private estate of a up in Muskoka that we all had to attend, the only ones who ever got out of these were the girls who were married but even some of them took their husband's and went along. We were to be taken up in buses, presumably so we couldn't escape I guess. We were told what to pack and wear, given complimentary outfits from and we left early Friday afternoon with the return planned for Sunday evening.
We arrived around supper time, there were 2 bus loads of us from our agency and a couple of other agencies. It was a gorgeous old estate, classic Muskoka, we were given rooms to ourselves in the main building and in the surrounding cottages, because I had become a good earner I got a small cottage to myself, I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.
Our handlers told us to get freshened up and changed for a BBQ on the lawn in front of the main house overlooking the lake . I put on a little print summer dress with flat sandals and no underwear and wandered over to the main building and the BBQ. There was and bar but I chose a sparkling water and strolled around to see who was there. It was the usual assortment of married executives , most without their wives, some had their wives with them as did some of the other models have their husbands.
Food was served , chicken ,salad, desserts, I was hungry so I ate more than usual. One of the handlers came up and told me to walk around, smile and be pretty and don't disappoint any of the guests. I took my,long red hair out of the ponytail I had it in and let it fall down over my shoulders and back . The evening wore on, there were bonfires on the beach , some,people had guitars , looking back I'd say the whole evening and weekend felt contrived like most events I was forced to go to during my modeling career. I didn't drink, strolled around with a sparkling water all evening and never really settled at any one spot or with anyone in particular.
When it was dark enough for the handlers not to miss me I made my way back to my little cabin. I had to walk up a little path past another cabin to get to mine and as I did so I saw a couple sitting out on the little front porch of their cabin. I said hello and they smiled back and said hello. I wished them a lovely evening and they did the same for me. I did notice they were older as in their late 50s or possibly 60s older. As I just made it to my front porch they called after me and asked if I would like to join them for a chat and a beverage. My head said no but the handlers words of ' don't disappoint the ' came back to me and I turned and said sure I could spend a moment with them. I went back and the older gentleman gave me his chair and he say on the step. She offered me a glass of wine which I politely accepted. We introduced ourselves, they were Verna and Roger. He was a regional manager of a western Canadian smaller clothing chain. They were invited after his boss begged off the event and the company felt they had to send someone.
They asked me a lot,of questions about me, personal questions, did I have a boyfriend, how old was I ,did I have family,when I told them I was originally from Winnipeg they perked right up and said I was a good western girl, not one of those stuffy Toronto types, I laughed , in my mind I don't think I ever considered myself a western girl , I'd never even really been on a farm. It was relaxing to talk to them , they felt more like parents than anything else. We chatted easily and Verna liked her wine and she kept filling my glass while Roger worked away at a bottle of Canadian Club.
Roger was short, around 5'5" , Verna was shorter again , around 5'2". Roger had a pot belly and was balding with his grey hair slicked back, Verna had shoulder length grey hair , she had on a tight sleeveless cheap print top that showed a lot of cleavage, when she stood up i noticed she had big boobs, tiny waist, big hips and bum, she was wearing white culottes and sandals , Roger had on a tight shirt and beige shorts and sandals, they weren't style icons.
We talked,they were funny, we were off the beaten path so nobody came up by as as my cabin was the last in this row. They drank more, Verna opened another bottle of wine and I drank more, I shouldn't have but I felt safe, but that changed.
Roger got up and said he ' needed a leak ' and he went into their cabin. While he was gone Verna leaned over and said to me ' we both think you are a sexy little thing' . I thanked her and told her I thought they were a nice older couple as well. Verna leaned back over and said ' no, I don't think you understand, we were waiting for you, Jim said you wouldn't disappoint us ' . My head was reeling and I thought I was going to be physically sick. Jim was my handler at the agency, was a better,word for him . I looked at Verna and asked her exactly what she expected of me or from me. She looked straight at me and said ' honey, you're going to pleasure us '. I was more than half drunk but my first thought was my agency had pimped me, a top earning model out to a couple of hicks form a low rent discount chain. I turned to Verna and told her I still didn't understand. She explained that I was supposed to be given to her husband's boss but when he bailed out then the opportunity was presented to Roger and Verna . I was trying to figure out how to get out of this and I just said screw it, theyre old and won't last anyway. So I told Verna ok, let's get started . She told me to wait there and she filled my wine glass. I sat on their little porch with a great feeling of trepidation and waited, about 20 minutes passed and Verna came out of the cabin , she had changed, she was wearing a white lace bra ,white lace panties , white stay up stockings and white heels and she had like a duffel bag with her and she said ' come along, we are going to your cabin '. I asked about Roger and she said he was passed out .
We walked the 30 feet up to my cabin, I opened the door and we stepped inside and she looked at me and told me take my dress off . I did as I was told. Then she opened the bag and took out some stuff I didn't recognize but it looked like some sort of halter and harness and she had a riding crop. She told me to kneel before her and I did, not sure why. She took the stuff and laid it out and then she started to fit it on me, it was a halter and harness only for people. I asked her if this was dangerous and she said no and that it would be fun for me being a western girl and all, I had too much to drink and was actually tired and did not feel like arguing with her.
The next thing I know I'm in a halter,harness and reins and she is making me walk around the living area of the cabin in a circle . Verna is issuing all these horsey commands which I didn't understand but tried to figure out and obey . I said ' what am I supposed to be? ' . Verna replied that I was a ' pony girl ' . I had no idea what that meant but she was getting very turned on, I looked at her white lace panties and they were soaked, she would occasionally step in close to me and crack the riding crop across my bottom, I actually liked that and when she did it I got wet. Verna began to play with herself as she continued to make me prance around in circles , I told her I was getting dizzy, she stopped then and reached into her bag of tricks and pulled out a strap on attached to a huge black dildo. Verna strapped it on and with her holding tightly onto my reins she got behind me and bent me over a chair and she pushed my legs apart and she entered my now wet pussy and she began to stroke into me, yanking my reins and yelling horsey commands are me . I admit I was getting really aroused, it was crazy but I knew I was going to come and I did, several times. Verna came to and then she took the harness and stuff off me and she told me to wear the strap on and fuck her . I did , that was actually fun as she came a lot and I loved playing with her big boobs .
We spent the night in my bed, I woke up and went down on her a couple of times, she was a squirter which I managed to keep most of in my mouth. She went down on me, in the morning we fucked each other with her strap on. I asked her about Roger and she said I could go give him a mercy fuck if I felt like it while she used my shower. I thought what the heck and went over to Roger in the other cabin. He was laying in bed sleeping, I pulled the sheet back and started playing with cock, it wasn't bad actually, it was one of those cocks that curved upwards , he got hard quite quickly so I straddled him and rode him with my hands firmly on his fat belly. I came again twice , I had to do all the work as he just laid there and grunted until he came , he was a heavy cummer.
I went back to my cabin just as Verna was packing up her stuff. Verna said ' see you tonight sweetie ' . I said sure. While they were at breakfast I went up to the main building,there were 2 cabs out front , I took one, it was expensive but I got to a train station and then back to Toronto. Nobody said anything to me on Monday. Life and work went on.
Another nephew
Posted:Mar 25, 2019 1:13 pm
Last Updated:Jul 23, 2022 12:14 pm

So my husband and I are settling back into our home ( condo ) here in Vancouver after being away since last Fall. Our travels took us to Ireland, California, Thailand and the Florida Keys. I don't have much to say about all that as for the most part we really didn't enjoy Thailand so not that keen to talk about it. We arrived back here in Vancouver almost 3 weeks ago.
Shortly after arriving back here in Van my husband's nephew from Calgary got in touch. You may remember from my early blogs that he has been a lover of mine since 20. He is 22 now. He asked if he and his younger brother,my husband's youngest nephew could stay our place while they did some skiing up Whistler. The youngest nephew turned 19 in Feb. We of course said yes as my husband and I adore his nephews and nieces and I had not seen his 22 year old nephew since last year. They arrived on a Thursday morning, we fed them and my husband and I drove them up to Whistler,we had lunch and they went off skiing and the two of them caught a shuttle back to Vancouver that night. I put them both in the guest room. I chatted with our 22 year old nephew when his younger brother went off to bed. He was tired after a long day but he asked me if I'd look after his younger brother the way I looked after him. I asked him to be more specific. He told me his younger brother was, as far as he knew, a virgin who masturbates way too much. I laughed and asked what he meant by too much and he responded by saying all the time. I asked our nephew if his younger brother knew about us and he told me that he had told his younger brother that Aunt Meredith had taught him some things about being a man and that he should learn them as well but he had to keep it a secret. I asked him how his brother took in this information, our nephew looked at me and said he thought his brother was confused because he didn't really get into details and he was hoping I'd fill in the blanks, that comment made me giggle. Our nephew went off to bed and I told him I'd think about it. I talked to my husband and he laughed and asked me how I planed to seduce his youngest nephew without scaring him half to death. I admit I was quite aroused by the whole situation.
The next morning I got up early so I could get the nephews some breakfast and then get them down to the shuttle for Whistler. I showered and got dressed and stuck my head in to wake them up and tell them to get showered, the eldest nephew was still sleeping and the younger one was already in the shower. I peeked in at him, he has a lovely lean taut body,not that tall though, around 5'8" if I was guessing, he was stroking his cock, my first thought was he is going to clog the drain but then I realized just how much cum has flowed down that drain and I laughed to myself. My second thought was realizing the intensity with which he was stroking himself. He seemed transfixed and lost in thought. He has a lovely cock, not as long as his brother's but more girth and large balls, a rather lovely penis indeed and his pubic hair was trimmed which made me wonder who he was trying to impress. I left him to his orgasm, for which he didn't even flinch but I could see he did ejaculate a lot. I went back and shook his brother awake before the younger nephew noticed me. I fed them,winked at our older nephew as he went out the door with his brother and my husband who drove them to the shuttle and who would pick them up again later that day as they said they'd be back in time for supper. I told my husband about watching the youngest nephew in the shower and how he was so rigid and detached as he stroked himself. My husband and I both agreed he was hard to get a sense of and had always been so, whereas his older brother and sisters were very warm and empathetic people the youngest nephew always seemed distant or distracted. His older sisters are gorgeous young women in their 20s who I have always had a little crush on since they became young women,they are the of my husband's brother,my husband also has a sister with who are in university and out in the working world as well.
I still wasn't sure how to seduce the youngest nephew,while he is somewhat chatty and very polite all I really got out of him was he likes food, video games, sleep and masturbating. My husband and I went about our Friday catching up on things we'd let slide for the past few months while we were away. The eldest nephew texted my husband around noon and said he wouldn't be having supper with us as he was going out with our friends Ari and Sylvia's grandson that evening. You may remember that grandson as also being a lover of mine and of his grandmother's as is our eldest nephew. Sylvia's grandson and our nephew are a similar age and have become very good friends. So that would leave my husband and me with the youngest nephew for the evening.
The nephews arrived back around 6pm, the eldest showered and changed and headed off to meet Sylvia's grandson for burgers, a movie and then some bar hopping. I made the youngest nephew a lasagna and my husband and I asked him if there was anything he wanted to do that evening. He told us no and said he probably just watch something on his tablet and some video games and he wandered off to the spare room. My husband asked me if I had a plan or if I was stumped, I told him I'd check on the nephew after a bit. Around 8pm I made popcorn and took that and a soft drink into the youngest nephew, I knocked on the door and went in, he was sitting up on the bed with a t-shirt and sweatpants on watching his tablet. I put the drink and the popcorn on the night table and asked what he was watching. ( I had hoped he was watching porn as that would've made things so much easier). He was watching a TV show, The Big Bang Theory. I had nowhere to go with that one. I asked him if he wanted some company and said I could sit and watch his show with him. He shrugged and said ok so I went around the bed and got on it and sat up next to him so we were touching. I asked him why he liked that show,I was trying to find an opening to get to a naughty or suggestive conversation. He told me he was a bit of a nerd, my husband and I do know he is apparently a whiz at math and he is taking engineering at University this year. We talked about that and he drank his soda and ate some popcorn, I asked him if being good at math was a great way to meet girls, he told me it was a great way to meet girls who liked math and we both laughed and I felt a wall start to down. His show ended and he told me he wanted to wash his hands so he wouldn't get the 'goo' from the popcorn on his tablet screen. I thought really quick and said give me your hand and I took his hand and proceeded to lick the 'goo' ( the fake buttery stuff and salt) off his fingers . He just looked me and I looked into his eyes as I sucked and licked each of his fingers clean like they were cocks. It had the desired effect, he had a bulge in his sweatpants. He had gone very quiet. I stopped my licking and sucking and asked him if he had a conversation with his older brother about me. He nodded yes, I asked him if he knew how to keep a secret, he said yes. I ran my hand over his crotch,he was very hard. I took his tablet from him and reached over him and set it on the nightstand. Then I told him to lift his bum so I could lower his pants,which he did and then I did. He had loose boxers on and I reached in the fly and pulled out his fat cock and I stroked it. He stammered about his uncle,my husband,I said that he was OK with this and I told him not to speak. Then I went down on him and licked ,sucked, kissed, nibbled and caressed his beautiful young fat cock. It is about 7 inches long ,a nice average size. I thought like most boys his age he would rather quickly but he did not, 20 minutes later and I was still sucking and stroking him. I peeled off my Lululemon pants ,panties and sweater and got on top of him. His cock was hard, his body was rigid, I asked him if he had ever done this before and he said no. I began to ride him and he remained mostly motionless and expressionless. I told him it was time for him to do some of the work and I rolled off of him and lay on the bed and told him to get on top of me. He did as he was told and I guided him into me. Then I told him to fuck me, I asked him if he ever watched porn and he said he did and I told him to fuck me just like they do in porn videos, he did exactly that. He gave me an incredibly good pounding, for at least a half an hour, just before I almost got too dry down there to continue he finally came, a lot, so much that it ran out of me but I really needed that moisture. I rolled him off of me and began to kiss him sweetly and tenderly and reminded him that was our secret. He asked me to kiss him some more as he said he hadn't kissed a girl yet either and he was enjoying it. So I did. And he got hard again, rather too quickly. And he wanted to fuck again, so I got on my hands and knees and guided him into me from behind. I showed him how and where to hold my hips and told him to give me another good fucking. He did ,for another 20 minutes before he came again. I told him I needed a break and gathered up my things and told him to help himself in the kitchen. What I found interesting was his lack of expression or emotions while we had sex,it was almost mechanical. I went into my bedroom and joined my husband and told him the sex was good but how mechanical it felt. I had a shower and put on a dressing gown and read for a couple of hours while my husband fell asleep. Around midnight I went out to the kitchen to get a glass of juice. The youngest nephew heard me and he came out to the kitchen as well. I asked him how he was and he said he was amazing. He asked me for more, I laughed and told him he would have to do so something for me first. He didn't understand so I took him into the bedroom and I explained to him that he was going to learn how to give a woman pleasure. He was, is, a very willing student as I guided him on how and where to touch me with his fingers and his mouth, this is where this mechanical nature of his emotions came into . He was diligent and patient, took instruction very well and brought me to orgasm. I thanked him and told him he could fuck me again,he did and l remembered to have some lubricant on the bedside table this time as he lasted for over 30 minutes,followed by us cuddling and kissing,him going down on me again and bringing me to orgasm and then him taking me again. We both fell asleep around 2am or so. I was awakened by a cock sliding into me a bit later,it was the older nephew just arriving home. He came in me quite quickly and then he rolled over and went to sleep. I got up and went to my own bed. The next morning my husband got up and made them breakfast and took them to the shuttle.
I was talking to my girlfriend Ortrud during the day about the events of the night before. Ortrud you may remember from my blogs, she is the subject of my blog on the elusive older bi mature female. Ortrud was very intrigued by my young nephew. Ortrud, to jog your memory, was a former ballerina and dancer back in the day in Montreal, originally she came from Europe. She and her husband retired here a number of years ago and he passed away a few years ago. Ortrud is tall, slender, wiry with striking looks and long thick silver hair that she always wears in a tight chignon. She still has the thin wispy figure of a ballerina and she does yoga and dance routines every day to stay in shape,she still teaches on occasion. Ortrud is in her very late 70s and she is quite simply elegant in manner and dress . Ortrud lives with a girl named Jasmine who just turned 30, they have been together for about 3 years and I introduced them. Jasmine is a gorgeous and petite little redhead with a goth punk vibe ( Jasmine's description of herself ) who skateboards,snowboards and plays video games with one personality while attending performing arts events with Ortrud dressed in formal evening wear with another personality. They are a perfectly matched tea set. Ortrud called me later that day and asked if she and Jasmine could 'borrow' the younger nephew. I laughed and said I'd ask him.
The lads returned home around 6pm again, the older nephew was tired but I told the younger one about my friends Ortrud and Jasmine. He asked what they wanted of him and I told him all he had to do was pleasure them. He wasn't tired so I told him to get cleaned up, fed him and my husband and I dropped him off at Ortrud's that night. Ortrud called me the next morning and said they wouldn't see me at church and could they keep the youngest nephew for another night. He got on the phone and said he'd like to stay. So we didn't see him again until Monday when Jasmine dropped him off on her way to work. He went skiing with his brother on Monday and they left on Tuesday.
I asked Ortrud how it went and she said it was marvellous. She loved how mechanical he was and responsive, they loved he could fuck on demand. She was laughing as she told me how she was sitting in her favourite chair on Sunday afternoon reading and she could tell him to fuck her and he would over and kneel in front of her and she would put her legs apart and on the arms of the chair and lift her skirt, part her underwear and slide him in. She loved watching him and Jasmine video games with Jasmine on all fours and him behind her with his cock in her. He slept with them both nights and went down on them diligently and patiently until they both came. They both taught him how to enjoy anal sex with a woman. I can only imagine how that went as Ortrud and Jasmine use the largest strap on dildoes I've ever seen on one another. Ortrud told me they had a bit of an ulterior motive. They made sure that the youngest nephew came in Jasmine each time because they want a . That was a twist I wasn't expecting. It is important to them that the donor be anonymous and unaware.
So, having both of my nephews who are the sons of my husband's brother I'm thinking I'd like to have his daughters and maybe him and his wife as well, and then possibly my husband's sister and her husband and their sons and daughters who are in university or out in the working world. A girl can dream can't she ?
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Thanksgiving Potluck and Play
Posted:Oct 9, 2018 11:07 am
Last Updated:Apr 3, 2020 7:00 pm

So, we invited some friends round last evening for an end of the Thanksgiving weekend get together. We thought most would be tired from the weekend and we were right as it turned out as only about 6 couples and a few singles showed up. Actually most who showed up live in our building which is quite convenient in many regards. We just did a potluck as we knew people would have leftovers they wanted to use up. We also told people to come casual as it was a Monday night and really,who wants to make an effort on a Monday night ? .
I had a few dishes left and most brought a couple of dishes as well so there was lots of food to go round for the 20 or so people. Everyone started arriving around 7:30pm and no one planned for a long evening.
My husband just wore khakis and a Polo shirt, his usual attire, I wore a pair of my nearly sheer black yoga pants and little ballet slippers and a bulky sweater with my red hair tied back in a ponytail. Everyone else was pretty much dressed the same.
We ate off paper plates and drank wine,or beer and chatted and and caught up. My big black bull Robert was here , he had to be on a flight early this morning so he didn't stay late , he did what he called a 'spunk and spin' in my girlfriend Jane from downstairs and he was gone by a little after 9pm.
Our dear friends, and neighbours, Ari and Sylvia from down the hall brought a friend of theirs named Greg. I had bumped into Greg in the building but have never really had a chance to meet him . Greg's wife has Alzheimer's and is in a care home. I have never met her. Greg has recently been receiving mercy sex from Sylvia. So that was interesting. Greg is 70 , slight but muscular build, has all his hair which is reddish blonde with grey ,he has a handsome face ,looks younger than his 70 years, he told me he works out everyday ( but not at one of the 3 gyms my husband and I frequent). Greg has a goatee, not a big fan of goatees because my skin is so sensitive to facial hair,but on him it looks handsome and it appealed to me. He and I chatted quite a bit as the evening wore on, people started to either play or call it a night, by around 10pm there was only Greg and I left chatting in the living room as the 8 or so people left were all naked ( including my husband) and playing in our spare bedroom. Greg was caressing my bottom as we stood and chatted and then we kissed,it was a delicious and lingering kiss,all lips and no tongues,little nibbles,it made me tingle.
I suggested we move to the master bedroom for some privacy. Greg undressed me ever so slowly and kissed my body all over, I reciprocated and undressed him in the same manner. We slid into bed together and we kissed and explored each other's bodies with our tongues and fingers. I went down on Greg and his cock responded rather admirably, he was erect quite quickly , a good size cock, sort of fat and about 8 inches long.I lay back and he got on top of me and entered me , all the while we were kissing ,he started to stroke in and out of me,slowly at first and then faster , he reached down and let his fingers flick my and he brought me to orgasm twice. There was an intensity to our lovemaking, real passion, not contrived passion, at some point he flipped me over on my tummy and he entered my pussy from behind,thrusting in and out of me,and he once again brought me to orgasm. Then he slid out of me and lifted my bottom and guided his fat cock into my tush, it was a unique feeling having that fat cock that was uniquely fleshy and hard softly entering me there, first he was gentle with me then his strokes became harder and deeper into me, I was moaning and within minutes he brought me to orgasm yet again, then he ravaged and ravished my ass with aggressive and forceful thrusts deep into me, I was moaning and grunting at this point and then I could feel his body go taut and he gave me one last thrust deep into my ass and he came, oh my gosh he came ,several times, his body writhed and contorted as I felt him splash inside of me and then collapse on top of me. We lay still for a moment and then I heard clapping and looked to the side of the bed where everyone who was left had gathered to watch us .
Sylvia told me she knew I'd enjoy Greg , and I did. And I will enjoy him again soon. He makes a pleasant change from all of the young men and boys zip have been with latelym,but , and I say, but, I have no plans to give up all that young cock just yet .
Being a woman who is in her 80s or just turned 91 shouldn't be any reason not to have fun,should it
Posted:Sep 13, 2018 8:35 am
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2020 1:51 pm

What a summer that was, had so much fun meeting young men in the parks and trails on the lower mainland and at Grouse and Whistler the past couple of months,thank you to all you fun and open minded young men .
Meanwhile, for the last 3 weeks or so our old and dear friend Stephanie is here visiting with a gal pal of hers Frances. Stephanie as you may remember was an old friend,now a widow, who we reconnected with in the past year. My husband and I were playmates of Stephanie and her late husband in the old days when we lived in Toronto. Stephanie lives in a seniors complex in Toronto now and she came out this time for some touristy stuff and to have a little fun. Frances is her friend,a neighbour at the same complex and in her 80s. Frances is a cute and perky roundish but not little woman with a funky fashion sense ,she is a long retired grade school teacher and widow. Stephanie if you remember is a stylish petite woman who still works out and does yoga with a striking attractive face a gorgeous hairstyle that is short ,parted to the side ,gray with a long for forelock dyed black. Stephanie still turns heads .
Frances has never been exposed to the lifestyle before and she has been intrigued by our adventures and the stories Stephanie told her of how when my husband and I were a young couple in the lifestyle she , Stephanie , and her husband who were 30 years older than my husband and me, used us like toys, they did too .
Stephanie wanted to have her 91st birthday here with my husband and me and our friends. Frances came along for the trip and out of curiosity. Stephanie wasn't here 24 hours and she was already bedding a couple of my young lovers but she wanted us to plan something special for her 91st. Stephanie wanted a group of men to satisfy her and she wanted a really large birthday cake with lots of frosting that could be literally smeared over her body and licked off by all. I'm nothing if not obliging .
So, one evening last week my husband and I and a few single female friends and couples friends organized a birthday party for Stephanie. We organized finger foods and drinks and ordered this really really large slab birthday cake that took my husband and our neighbour Ari to pick up and deliver here. We invited several couples and single female and male friends between the ages of late 50s to early 80s and we invited a dozen young men between the ages of 17 and 22, of which 8 showed up. We all ate and had drinks and then my girlfriend Sylvia and I took Stephanie into the guest bedroom and we dressed her in new all white lingerie that we bought her for her birthday. A white lace bra,white lace panties,white lace garter belt ,white stockings and she borrowed a pair of my white heels, then we led her back out to the living room and laid her on a white sheet on the floor. Then I invited everyone to take a handful of the cake and begin to cover Stephanie with it. It was quite fun, the more mature people sensually massaged the cake on to Stephanie while the young fellows slapped it on and rubbed it in. Stephanie seemed to enjoy both approaches . After Stephanie was fully covered from her face to her toes I invited people to lick and nibble it off of her, everyone dived in taking turns ,as there was close to 30 people in the room there was never a shortage of people licking and nibbling at her,I particularly enjoyed smearing cake over her lips and kissing her, several of the men followed my lead and did the same, the men and women who were between Stephanie's legs licking and nibbling and tugging aside her panties brought Stephanie to orgasm a few times. Cake was licked and nibbled off and eaten and more cake was applied until it was all gone and Stephanie was a gooey sticky but very sexy mess. Then the took over and began to make love to Stephanie, gently at first and then as they grew more exuberant quite roughly, flopping her around on the sheet on the floor,themselves being covered in icicing and crumbs which Stephanie licked off of them when she would get free . For at least an hour she had 3 or 4 cocks in her at a time while the rest of us stood around and watched and had drinks . This was Stephanie's night and we weren't in a rush to interrupt. After and hour Stephanie and the boys came up for air, Stephanie was covered in cum and icicing, she took a drink of water and asked who or what was next. I stripped off as did everyone else and we all joined her and the boys on the floor and became a got sticky pile of bodies . It was a great night and a great way for Stephanie to turn 91.
Now, you are probably wondering about Frances. She wasn't there ,she had a date that night and stayed out all night with a young lover of mine,he is 28. When Stephanie and Frances first arrived we asked Frances if she was interested in exploring her sexuality . She had already told Stephanie that she had not been intimate with anyone for many many years. The last time she was intimate with anyone was about 6 months after her husband died and it was with one of his friends and he was only the second man she had been with in her life. He had passed away over a decade ago. I asked her if she ever had fantasies about much younger men,she said she had but never really went beyond that. So,one thing led to another, my husband's 20ish nephew was here and I told Frances she could have him and he was quite keen so that happened, then that led to Reilly my friend Jane's great nephew and then that led to my friends Ari and Sylvia's grandson, all of this in the space of a few days. The boys all told me she was quite fun but I never got to watch. Then I introduced her to a young accountant friend of mine from the gym and she has been going out on romantic dates with him, picnics and dinner ,he even took her sailing and she has been having sleepovers at his place. I asked him how it was going and all he said was ' she likes me to call her grandmother when we are having sex' and then he smiled.
Hot week weather wise and otherwise in Vancouver !
Posted:Jul 26, 2018 10:04 am
Last Updated:Apr 8, 2020 10:26 am

I am sure everyone is enjoying this spectacular weather in Vancouver this week, I know I have been doing so.
My husband and I were over on Vancouver Island visiting and playing with friends recently. On the ferry ride back I was feeling naughty and my husband was feeling adventurous so he dared to seduce a young man sitting near us in one of the lounge areas. I went over and sat next to him and asked what he was reading as the title looked familiar and we struck up a conversation and after a few moments I asked him point blank if he would like to follow me back down to the car deck and have sex in the backseat of our suv. He was a tad shocked and said he had never done anything like that before and I told him it was time he did ! We went downstairs to the car deck and got into the back seat of our suv,thankful for tinted windows . I proceeded to go down on him then lifted my skirt and go on top of him and rode him. He fucked me twice during the trip back , large loads ,he wasn't very sexually experienced but he was eager and around 22 .
That got my husband and I to thinking about other ways we could initiate public or semi public sex,or rather ways that I could . We thought about some ideas and this week with the hot weather we decided to try some fun things and see where it led to .
On Monday afternoon we took our bicycles out and pedaled the few blocks over to Stanley Park. I had a tube top,short jean skirt and flats on. My husband sat on a bench minding the bikes and reading while I went for a stroll through the park not too far from him. I was looking for particular types , joggers , young fit, quite a few passed me,some interesting people walked by me as I strolled about. One fellow went by and caught my eye and I turned as he jogged past and I said ' nice buns'. He stopped and turned around and smiled and said thank you, I looked about and there was no one near so I asked him ' would you like to bend me over behind the bushes ? ' . He asked if I was serious and I crooked my finger and told him to follow me and into the bushes we went and into me he went. Great vigorous energetic fuck for about 10 minutes ,no conversation, he came and said thank you and off he went. I composed myself and walked around for a bit more until I encountered another jogger and repeated the process of telling him he had nice buns, asking him if he wanted to go behind a tree with me etc. And having him lay me down on the ground and fuck me ,only pulling out for me to take his load in my mouth. After that I wandered back to my husband,told him about my adventures and we biked home.
Tuesday my husband and I went back to Stanley Park only this time late morning as opposed to the afternoon so I wouldn't chance bumping into the same joggers. I wore a little pink top I wear to yoga, a pair of my pink 'defective' Lululemon yoga pants/ tights that are more than somewhat transparent and sneakers. We took our bicycles over again. I repeated my process of walking along the pathways ,my husband not far away on a bench reading. I didn't encounter any interesting joggers but came across a fellow a little older than me who was walking his dog. I stopped to admire his and told the how lovely she was and what a handsome owner she had. I flirted with him and he flirted with me and I asked if he'd like to have me and he said yes very quickly and we wandered into the bushes not too far from where my husband was seated. Well, this fellow bent me over and tore my yoga tight and took me bent over a fallen tree from behind. Fabulous stamina , slapped his balls against my bum for a good 15 minutes as his long thin cock went deep inside me. I love long thin cocks to perform oral on so I asked him to pull out before he came and ejaculate in my mouth, he was very obliging . The sat patiently the whole time. He left and I made my way through the bushes back to my husband with my bottom exposed through the ripped tights. We got on our bikes and pedaled home, amazed at how few people noticed my pink bum hanging out of my pink tights. The bike seat left my bottom all chafed .
I told my girlfriend and neighbour Sylvia about my antics and she said she wanted to join me. So, yesterday she and I, without our husbands in tow went up in the gondola to the top of Grouse to walk on the plateau trails and see who we'd meet. We dressed for hiking with sneakers and short shorts and t-shirts and little rucksacks with water and blankets. On the ride up we were pressed in with a crowd and we were next to a couple of very young New Zealand students around 20 ,a couple of boys on a break traveling in Canada and the US. We chatted them up a bit and then more so after we got off the tram at the top. Sylvia,if you have read my early blogs,is a stunning tallish woman, fantastic body and has dramatic facial features and spikey grey hair,she turns heads. We started walking with the boys to the trail heads and we signed in and walked a ways up one of the trails with the boys, there were no other hikers near us, I asked them if they would like to with us. They asked to explain and I said let show you and Sylvia and I each took one by the hand and led them off the trail and down a gulley out of sight of the trail,spread out our blankets and peeled off our clothes and then their clothes and we went down on the boys and then had amazing sex with them for about an hour and a half. We're not sure,they didn't say,but they might have been virgins because for about the first ten minutes of us going down on them they were in shock . Sylvia and I took turns with them and that was fun. They were funny,fit and fun, nice cocks ,not overly large and lots of stamina and quick recovery time. They went on their way up the trail and Sylvia and I went back to the lodge and caught the tram back down the mountain .
So, Sylvia and my girlfriend Jane from downstairs whose great nephew has been supplying Sylvia,my and myself with a gaggle of teenage boys to with this Summer,well, the 3 of us are picking out tiny outfits to wear to go for a stroll in Stanley Park this afternoon Meredith
The Grandmother
Posted:Jun 10, 2018 1:23 pm
Last Updated:Apr 8, 2020 10:26 am

Our had her baby earlier in May. I am now a grandmother to a beautiful little grandson. If you remember from an earlier post the father of the is the of our 's late husband. So the family connection is retained.
I haven't been playing much of late because of the responsibilities of looking after our grandchild and also this is a busy season for a local charity that I have been working with for years here in Vancouver.
Our got back into the swing of things this weekend playing with some fellows. I warned her that she might not be healed enough for vaginal penetration yet so in her wisdom she bought some lubricants and went with anal and oral sex, she is such a pragmatic girl . Our will be staying here for awhile longer.
Being a grandmother now has me thinking about a whole new set of social and sexual opportunities. I am wondering if any of my friends or followers have fantasies about their grandparents or have enjoyed intimate relationships with grandparents, so many of you have had relationships with parents and siblings but I'm wondering if there are any out there who have experienced this type of play ? Obviously I will never get to experience this because I'll likely have one foot in the grave before my grandson is old enough to enjoy

Update June 12 : When I saw Mum was complaining that I was having fun while she was looking after my infant ,well, I wasn't going to take that bent over. So I reached out to some of her playfriends to find some unique young lover or lovers that Mum had never met before. Mum's girlfriend Sylvia ,who lives with her husband Ari on the same floor of the condo tower here, had recently taken two teenage boys as lovers. These young guys were at a bah mitzvah that Sylvia and Ari were at recently and she told me she had given them both hand jobs in an ante room at a convention centre. In the past month she has invited them to her condo a couple of times to play. I had Sylvia arrange for them to come to her condo last night and then told Mum Sylvia wanted to see her about something. Mum came back down the hall around 11pm with the crotch torn out of her leggings and still covered in these teenage boys cum around the inside of her thighs and on her face. I asked her how it was and she said " marvellous " . Apparently the two boys are around 18. Sylvia was telling me and Mum that religious ceremonies are a fun way to meet young men , we're going to follow up on that LOL . Francie.
Jane and more on the age of consent
Posted:Apr 12, 2018 1:40 pm
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2020 11:00 am

So,regular readers, my new friend Jane was telling me about some of her adventures in the past few weeks since we met and I introduced her to the lifestyle. Last night over some cocktails with a few of my girlfriends and my with Jane ( before we had a lovely evening of cock with a group of young men) we convinced Jane that she should write something in her own words ,rather than my second hand words, here on my blog that I often share with my . So,without further adieu here is Jane in her own words .

Hi, not sure who I am saying hi to actually LOL. So, Meredith, her Francie and her girlfriend Sylvia and some other gals convinced me to write something here about myself and my experiences of late. If you read, or do read Meredith's blog on ' I had to look up the age of consent ' you will know what I am talking about.
So, who am I ? I'm a never married 63 year old woman. Recently retired from Federal govt in Ottawa,moved here to Vancouver to be near my only family ,the of my late sister and her husband, my nephew ,his wife and their my great nephew and great nieces. I am 5'8" tall, weigh 125lbs, I'm slim with average breasts and have been told I have a nice posterior. My hair is grey and short and I am fussy about the way I like having it styled ,my face I've been told is pretty,if I had to describe it I would say it is thin and angular with small features and high cheekbs. Like Meredith I have modelled in the past but not professionally ,only for charity events .
My sexuality is something quite new for me. I had not had intimacy for about 20 years until a few weeks ago. My last,partner was a long term relationship with a married man, he never left his wife,my heart was broken and I just withdrew after that. In some ways though I became an advocate to other women in my circle to not have relationships with married men.
I think I became sexually aroused a few months ago when I saw the way my great nephew Reilly was looking at me. Then,after my accident this past winter, I became keenly aware of his excessive attention towards me as he almost seemed to jump at the opportunity to be with me when I was laid up for a bit. I hurt my lower back in a fall but recovered nicely and was enjoying the attention from Reilly so much I really played it out much longer than I should have.
I would purposely walk around my condo when he was here wearing skimpy clothing. Or tell him I was tired and was going to lay down for a bit and either remove my clothes or wear see through nighties. I knew he was watching me from my bedroom door which I would leave ajar and leave my bedside table light on so he could see me and I could hear him mastubating in the bathroom after he had been looking at me and that would arouse me even more. I was shocked at the feeling I was having but it made me realize I'm not dead yet and life is meant to be enjoyed. LOL
Well then, you read about how my first encounter came about with Reilly in Meredith's blog about age of consent. It is what has happened since then that has me surprised with myself. I had no idea I had such feelings,emotions and desires left in me.
After my first time with Reilly,which lasted all evening and into the next morning,until he left for high hool, Reilly is 17. I found I wanted more sexual experiences, not just with Reilly but more and different fun. I am a woman unleashed,unbound,unconstrained and much like Meredith I want to have no inhibitions and no limits.
I have been with Reilly almost every day since that first time. He texts me when he is on his way up in the elevator,I get naked and lay face down on my bed and he is naked and hard when he gets on the bed on top of me. He has an amazing cock,long hard and thin and I have discovered the joys of anal sex with him and the orgasms I have from anal sex are amazing.
I talked to Reilly about other boys that are his friends, his pals are ages 16 to 22, they all on various sports teams together. I asked Reilly if he thought any of them could be discreet enough to join us for some fun. It took him a week or so but he found 2 of his pals were up for it. One is 17 like Reilly and South Asian and the other is 22 and black ,he and Reilly play basketball together. Reilly brought them over Saturday morning.,I dressed in one of the new outfits that Meredith helped me pick out . It was a pink fishnet bodystocking, I wore white pumps with it. The boys liked it and they liked me. I sat all on the couch and told them to take out their cocks . They did and I began sucking and licking with each boy ,all really lovely cocks,especially the black one,it is huge. We moved to my bedroom and they just started sticking their cocks in me, I was on top of the South Asian guy,the black guy was behind me sliding into my ass and Reilly was standing over me with his cock in my mouth. They fucked me for about 4 hours. I particularly enjoyed the black young guy as he was quite vocal and aggressive . I'm not ashamed to say he made me feel like his .
After that episode I talked to Meredith about black guys. She arranged for me to hook up with her bull Robert and a couple of other black guys. I see each of them individually a few times a week. I love being told what to wear for our encounters by each of them. My collection of lingerie, stockings,heels and slutty dresses,skirts and tops has expanded exponentially in the past couple of weeks. I've diovered I'm submissive, love to please and love to be taken hard and often by dominant men. In the past 2 weeks on average I've been with 2 different men every day, couples on the weekends . And, of the black guys Meredith set me up with took me out for a lovely and romantic dinner and then to one of his buddies places for a gangbang with several white and black guys that are pals of his that he plays tennis with. Great bunch of guys between 30 and 60 old. My God what a time I had of it,my asshole is still stretched LOL.
Meanwhile , I go to sleep most nights and wake up with my 17 year old cute,fun and hung great nephew. Because,as he tells his parents,I am still recovering from my fall. But the reality is I'm recovering from denying my sexuality all those years. .
If you want me to write more,let Meredith know. This was kinda fun and it has made me horny LOL . Kisses , Jane.
I had to look up the age of consent
Posted:Apr 10, 2018 12:44 pm
Last Updated:Mar 25, 2019 8:31 am

My husband and I arrived back in Vancouver mid March or so after our winter sojourn in Southern California. We were there to be near our who lives there but is presently here in Vancouver awaiting the arrival of her first baby.
Coming and going ,in and out of our condo building I saw a lot of new faces here as well as some of the old ones . I should point out that I went down to Southern California last August to be with our after her much older husband died suddenly and I pretty much stayed there with the exception of a few trips back for appointments ,those trips were usually flying visits so I did not notice many neighbours had moved and some had passed away.
In late March I noticed I kept bumping into a young man on the elevator or coming and going in the lobby and even seeing him at the food store around the corner. He started saying hi first I think. I noticed him because he is tall and slender, well over 6 feet tall with curly brown hair and a lovely smile and teeth emanating from a handsome young face. At some point we were on the elevator coming up together and I introduced myself and asked if he was new here or if I just hadn't noticed him before. He told me his name was Reilly and that he came by every morning early ( which explained my bumping into him on my way to the gym) and again in the evenings. He has a great aunt who lives in our building,she moved in last Fall and she slipped and fell on some ice and injured herself and was still not fully mobile so he was helping her by doing her shopping,paying bills and running errands and such. He explained his parents and he were the only family his great aunt has. His great aunt lives on the floor below us and I said if he needed any help to come and knock on my door or text me and I gave him my number and told him our condo number.
Reilly texted me the next day and said he could not get over to see his great aunt and could I possibly just stop by and say hello to her on my way out. I sent him a note saying I would and he told me his great aunt's name is Jane. I stopped and saw Jane that morning ,early, on my way to the gym. She hobbled to the door and opened it and I introduced myself and she said that Reilly told her I might be stopping by. Jane offered me tea and I accepted. We had a great chat. She had not met anyone in the building because her accident happened shortly after she moved in. Jane is gorgeous ,she is around 5'7" with short grey hair,she is very sleight and thin with a pretty face. She told me she is 65 and relied from the Federal govt having worked in Ottawa for years and she moved out here to be near her nephew and his family ( Reilly's parents) as they are the only family she has now as she never married. She said she is well enough to get around now but that Reilly is sweet and dutiful and she adores his company so she doesn't discourage his twice daily visits . I asked her where Reilly worked or went to school during the day. When she told me where he went to school I immediately realized that was a high school and she told me Reilly had just turned 17. I was shocked because I was entertaining thoughts of entertaining Reilly . I told her she was so lucky to have a handsome and charming young man at her Beck and call. Jane laughed and agreed with me and added she thought Reilly was an old soul. I told her I'd call in again and suggested we go out for lunch as she told me it was time for her to get out now. She had fallen on her tush and bruised her lower back , the injury was severe enough that it took her awhile to recover,she had also bumped her head in the accident and had a concussion as well. She said the concussion was very hard to recover from and it affected her balance for awhile so she had been afraid to go out. I told her she could take my arm for her foray back into the world . We exchanged contacts and I went off to the gym.
Reilly texted me later that day and I told him his great aunt was fine and she was looking forward to seeing him after school. He sent me an odd reply that just said he was a mature 17. I sent him a smiley face as a reply as I wasn't sure what else to do. Reilly texted me again that evening after 9pm. He was downstairs at Jane's and could he see me. I was actually getting ready for bed. My husband had some of his vanilla buddies over for their book club night so I told him I'd have to meet him somewhere other than our condo. He invited me down to Jane's. I threw on a pair of black leggings and a bulky sweater and some flats and took the stairs down to the next floor. He was at the door standing just outside waiting for me and he motioned me in and I followed. We went back into the living room and he was speaking in whispered tones ,he told me Jane had gone to bed and he said he was planning to go home later. I asked what he wanted to talk to me about . He fumbled a bit and then told me he thought I was hot, his words . I thanked him and reminded him I knew he was 17. He reached over ,I was sitting next to him on the couch,and he kissed me and I let him. Then he had his cock out, oh my gosh is it ever long and thin, I told him he was being a naughty and presumptuous boy. He just waved this really lovely long thin cocks at me and his cock became very hard. I him we couldn't do anything here as we might wake up Jane. He said she was a ' deep sleeper' and he knew this because he watches her sleep from time to time. I asked him what he meant by that and he said his great aunt Jane turns him on,again,his words. At this point I should mention he had my sweater off and was licking and sucking my nipples. I said 'oh what the heck' and got up on the couch on my knees with my hands on the back ,facing the wall and told him to peel my leggings down and take me from behind. It wasn't his first time because he was good,very good, he started in my pussy and then slipped his cock into my bottom. His long thin cocks is the kind of cock I can take anally and I did and I came several times and I let him cum in my bottom and then I pulled my leggings back up as they were down around my knees. I wanted his cum to trickle back down and into my crotch to show my husband.
I asked Reilly if he wanted to sleep with Jane. He said he did and I told him he should. We both left together. The next morning I got a text from Jane. She asked me to stop by and I did on my way back from the gym. We sat down,she poured tea, I drank mine and we chit chatted and then she told me she had been peeking around the corner and watched me with Reilly,she heard my voice and that was why she came out of her bedroom. I told her Reilly really wanted to sleep with her. She said she knew and that she wanted to as well. She told me she had been pretending to sleep all those times he watched her,she would either sleep in the nude or with sheer nighties on. She had never seen his cock until last night. She asked me what I thought she should do and I said sleep with him. Then we had a long conversation about sexuality at our age, young lovers and I told her about my husband and my 40 years in the lifestyle. That really intrigued her and I've since introduced her to some friends in the last couple of weeks but I'm getting ahead of myself.
The next morning Jane asked me to stop in. The evening before she had put on a pair of tight black yoga pants, a bulky sweater and little ankle boots with heels. When Reilly arrived she led him to the couch and kissed him and then told him she wanted him to do to her what he had done to me. She said he had his cock out in minutes and she was sucking him and then they went to her bedroom and made love several times that night and the next morning before he left for school. They are now lovers, Reilly and I have been together a few times ,Jane has been with my husband alone and with me and she has met some of our friends and played with us. Until she made love to Reilly a few weeks ago it had been 20 years since she had sex. In the past three weeks she has had sex every day with Reilly and several times with some of my male lovers . There will be more to add to this shortly Meredith
A pregnant and her libido that just won't quit
Posted:Apr 10, 2018 11:24 am
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2021 9:59 am

As many of you know, or have read, our is pregnant with a by her late husband's . Our is expecting in about a month ,or less, from now and my husband and I could not be more thrilled.
Our has moved back to Canada to have her and my husband and I and our have rented a one bedroom furnished condo in our building here for her. We had stayed near her at her home in Newport Beach for the winter so we have been with her since pretty much last Summer when her much older husband passed away suddenly. It is wonderful having all this time with her because if you are a regular reader of my blog or a friend you will know that my husband and I also share a loving and intimate relarionship with our .
Our Francie arrived back here in Vancouver over the Easter weekend. Her lovely girlfriend Gina will be visiting at the weekends and then will be staying here for a couple of months after the baby is born. Gina, is of course about 3 months pregnant by my husband. Gina is planning to return to her native Ireland for the birth of her . She and my are planning to get married when Gina is here after Francie's baby is born here in Vancouver.
One of the interesting things my husband and I have noticed is just how much our 's libido is increasing with the duration of her pregnancy. Our wasn't here a day and she was wanting cock . My husband obliged her over the Easter weekend while her girlfriend Gina and I made love several times, I'm deeply in love with our future in law . Also we had friends visiting as well who took care of some of Francie's needs .
Last week I contacted my local black bull Robert and asked him to drop in on her , he did , every day. Robert told me she wore him out which I didn't think was possible given his stamina . Over the past weekend Francie and myself and a few girlfriends went out on the town. I can't get over how gorgeous Francie looks pregnant. She is a bit taller and much darker than me with shoulder length dark hair and eyes, she looks like her father . Francie was wearing a red long knit maternity dress that hugged her curves. Underneath she wore black lingerie ,stockings and heels. Men were fawning all over her at the bar we were at . She brought two young men home for herself, they were both in their late 20s and I actually knew them as I had been with them before and that was why they approached us . Myself and my girlfriends each picked up a fellow,my chap was in his 60s and very handsome. We had a party here at my husband and my condo until Sunday morning. Partners and cum were exchanged by all. Gina shared my fellow with me.
This week Francie has been going to the gym every morning with me and bringing home former lovers of mine to her apartment. Two at a time the past couple of days .
I've felt more like my 's social secretary the past 10 days arranging play dates for her here as well as Doctors appointments and blood tests and exams and such .
So, as I said, my husband and I are in awe of her libido and sexuality at the moment. Even as I type this she is in our spare bedroom making love to two of my young lovers who attend one of the gyms I go to. The noises coming from my and these two 30something Bulls are just wild , they have been in there for over 2 hours ! Meredith

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