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It is nice to see that people are interested in Tim and Abbie's story, and all the off-shoots of their friend's inclinations. I love to hear comments about what you like and don't like about the story.
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Tim and Abbie 56: Mark and Brian moving forward
Posted:Apr 6, 2021 1:59 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 2:43 pm

Brian opens the door to Mark standing there with his head down, trying not to cry. “This is for you,” Mark says as he hands Brian the note of apology. “I know you probably don’t want to see me, but I am truly sorry for what I did. I understand how wrong it is, and I can only try not to in the future.”
Mark rubs his sleeve across his eyes and nose to catch the tears now falling like a young boy. He starts to turn to leave, never once looking Brian in the eyes. Brian is melting over how pathetic, and remorseful Mark appears. Brain chastises himself to be strong and not be wavered by how pitiful Mark appears.
Brian wants to take Mark in his arms and hold and comfort him but knows that this moment will define how their relationship will be going forward. “You don’t have to leave. Come in and sit on the living room chair while I read your letter,” Brian tells him.
Mark looks up finally with puppy eyes, like a pet being thrown a scrap of food. Brian isn’t sending him away, yet. There might be hope. He scurries to the chair and sits down, his hands folded in his lap.
Brian reads Mark’s letter through a couple of times to make Mark squirm a little. Not to be mean, but to get Mark in the right mindset for the serious conversation they need to have.
“Mark, I appreciate your apology to me, your recognition of what you did wrong, and why. That is a start in the process. But there is much more you are going to have to come to terms with going forward,” Brian says in a stern voice,
Mark is elated. If Brian is saying going forward, then he is not telling him that it is over between them. For the first time, he looks into Brian’s eyes with hope.
“These outbursts need to be controlled, and I think the first step is for you to come out to your friends and family at least. I don’t expect you to go shouting from rooftops for all to hear, but those close to you need to know so they can support you, which I think they all will,” Brian said frankly.
“I know I do. I am just so scared,” Mark replies in a small voice. “I saw James today, just before I came here. He suggests it is time also. I want people to know, but I am afraid of the reaction I will get. And while I am not justifying what I did in any way, Abbie told me last night that her facing being outed to a whole group she did not know by me actually helped her to realize there really isn’t anything to fear from it.”
“No, Mark, it does not justify it, and I am glad you comprehend that,” Brian said with a chuckle. “Come over here. We have a lot to talk about.” Hearing Brian’s invitation, something an hour ago Mark thought would never happen again, he hurries to straddle Brian’s lap and kisses him passionately.
Feeling themselves in each other’s arms kissing for the first time in what feels like eons, rather than not even a day, they cling to each other. Breaking apart, Brian brushes Mark’s hair aside and tells him they need to finish this conversation. Mark agrees.
“Brian, I know I need to open up and be honest about myself. It just seems so hard to me to admit what I know my father would consider a major failure. I frighten myself imagining how he would have reacted. I know he is gone now, but he still seems to have a firm hold over me,” Mark begins.
“I think I am ready to. Seeing Tim and Abbie and how he seems not to care what others might think. He loves her and is not ashamed to admit it. If I could tell people that I love you and you are who I am with no matter what anyone thinks, I could do that,” Mark went on.
The room is silent and seems to be spinning for both of them, acknowledging what Mark just said. He loves Brian!
Brian’s probing blue eyes stare into Mark’s brown ones. Mark loves him?!? And said it out loud? And he is willing to tell others? This is more than Brian could hope for.
“You love me, Mark?” Brian inquires. Mark blushes, conscious of what he just said. His deepest feeling out loud. He just nods his head. “Buddy, I love you more than words can say also,” Brian admits. Both have now entered a special bubble of just the two of them. The outside world and others do not matter. They are in love with each other and no longer afraid to admit it.
Needless to say, the rest of the conversation will be saved for tomorrow, as they kiss with such passion, feeling the love flow from each other. Brian and Mark are soon in bed. Clothes are discarded as they undress each other on the way.
Brian is on top of Mark, pressing and grinding against him. Both are getting harder by the second, kissing and licking each other’s necks and face as they do. Brian lowers himself down to be able to suck on Mark’s nipples, and Mark runs his hands through Brian’s hair and then up and down on his spine.
Brian goes lower and lower, licking and nibbling on Mark’s stomach and over his mons. There is already a bit of precum on Mark’s tip. Brian licks it up greedily and then begins to give Mark the best blowjob of his life. Brian takes him entirely in as he massages Mark’s balls before sucking on one after another.
Brian's hand moves back and explored Mark’s crack and back entrance. Lifting Mark’s legs high, Brian rims his hole to wet it enough. Then fingers begin to enter Mark’s cavern as Brian returns to sucking and wanking Mark’s cock.
Brian’s fingers now resting in Mark, he begins pressing them in rhyme against Mark’s prostate. Mark cries out in total bliss. Brian is taking him to a higher summit than Mark has ever been to before. Tears come to his eyes out of joy mixed with feelings that he does not deserve this for what he did.
At this moment, so sure of things between Mark and himself, Brian is optimistic that they can conquer anything together now. Yes, the big issue does need to be resolved, but there will be time for that later.
Right now, confidence in the love they have for each other is more than enough. Understanding the feeling he has for Mark, Brian comprehends that he never had these emotions for Gary. All he wants to do is keep Mark safe and happy. Brian cares so much about him. He loves Mark unconditionally, regardless of his faults and shortcomings. To be able to share experiences with him and grow together.
Mark never experienced these sentiments for anyone before. Sure, he cares for his mother and sisters, but that is more or less obligatory. And for his mates, especially Tim, but that is gratitude. To love someone fully, willing to defend them if needed, Mark grasps that he only sees his future with Brian being a part of it. To have come so close to possibly losing him would have made his life meaningless.
Mark is now committed to being the person Brian wants him to be. Not for Brian’s sake, but for his own. To find joy and happiness in the world rather than all the negatives Mark so often sinks to.
These thoughts crash through each of their heads in nanoseconds as Brian edges Mark closer and closer to the high dive.
Arching his back in response to the dual pleasure of having his cock sucked and ass played at the same time, a low moan is starting deep in Mark’s throat begins working up to a louder cry of abandonment when he cums, sending charges through his whole body.
Yes, cum spurts from Mark, but it is a clear, different type of fluids from the usual sperm. It is like an earthquake has happened. Mark’s entire body feels the effect of a perfect prostate massage, of which Brian is a master. It takes so much out of Mark, but well worth it. Mark rolls on his side, gasping for breath, feeling the aftershocks rumble. It feels like an eight-pointer just erupted in his body.
Brian holds him close, helping Mark calm himself. Brian is rather exhausted himself from the emotions and reactions of the last day. As Mark has come to treasure, Brian strokes his back and head, softly shushing him when he tries to talk or move. Not that Mark would want to be anywhere else than in Brian’s arms.
Brian tells Mark between kissing the back of his neck and nibbling on his ears that they will talk this all through later, but now, just relax and sleep for a bit. This is a welcome idea for both of them after the lack of sleep the night before.
A couple of hours later, they awake, and Mark now takes the reins and sucks and plays with Brian’s cock, balls, and ass how he so enjoys, licking up and down his crack, circling his rosebud while wanking Brian’s prick. Brian feels his stirrings start to build quickly at Mark’s touch.
Over the months, Brian has come to recognize that Mark does like to suck cock – well, Brian’s cock - which is as it should be. And Mark does seem to have an inborn skill to do so. How Mark licks and nibbles and sucks Brian’s love stick is amazing. His ability to gently bite up and down the vein at the back of Brian’s cock sends tremors through his whole body.
Mark’s tongue teases Brian’s balls to fill and harden, adding to the sensation. The semen builds, wanting release. When Brian reaches a full erection, Mark shifts himself enough to squat over Brian’s pecker to lower himself on it. Brian tries to get Mark to wait for him to reach for the lubricant. Mark shakes his head and presses down, taking all of Brian’s prick up into his ass. Mark’s cheeks are rubbing against Brian’s balls as he begins to bounce slowly at first, then increasing quicker and quicker. Mark’s balls are bouncing against Brian’s mons, his shaft whipping Brian’s stomach.
Mark’s face does show a bit of pain as he first presses down, but soon the repeating thrusts begin to bring him that pleasure he so enjoys. Over and over, Mark feels Brian’s throbbing cock press in deeper with each bounce. Mark’s sides begin to constrict and hold the invader firmly before lifting again to plunge on the cock he so loves again and again.
Brian knows the climax is close at hand. He usually pulls out of Mark before he cums, though Mark does like it both ways. In the position he is in right now, Mark is the one in control, so Brian has no choice but to erupt into Mark’s ass. They cry out together as they come simultaneously.
Mark climbs off Brian after a long kiss and hurries to the bathroom for a wet rag and towels for them both. Mark wipes Brian’s cock and balls clean while sitting on a wadded towel, collecting any the jizz dripping out of him. When finished, Brian has Mark roll over and carefully cleans his ass of any remnants from their adventure.
Mark tells Brian to stay put and turns on the tv for him to watch. Brian hears Mark moving around in the kitchen as he flips through channels. In just over thirty minutes, Mark climbs back on the bed next to Brian, sitting up against the headboard. In Mark’s hand is a large bowl of pasta with two forks.
Watching a sappy Hallmark movie, they share the dish as they laugh and play the game they invented when watching these shows. Mark is the one who had started it. He once mentioned that, of course, the network would never have a gay or lesbian couple in these romances.
So the two pretend the woman is another guy in the movie. One of the characters would inevitably say something that could be taken differently - if the conversation was between two men. Brian and Mark call it out to each other, roll with laughter, and say the line repeatedly, often even stopping and backing up the movie to hear it again.
For a day that had started as horribly as it did, it ends being the best day ever for the two of them. They are in love with each other. And besides loving each other, they like each other. Well, for Brian, most of the time; when Mark acted out like yesterday, it is a bit of a stretch.
Over the next few days, Brian and Mark do have several serious discussions about what steps Mark needed to make for his own happiness. They even have a joint session with James to discuss it fully.
In the end, plans are finalized, and they are ready to move to the future. But that would be jumping ahead, and other things are happening at the same time.
Tim and Abbie 55: And what about Brian?
Posted:Apr 5, 2021 11:06 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 2:43 pm

Brian is a highly intelligent and educated man. His high-level job at the bank requires him to make decisions quickly and decisively. He has a gentle authority which made others accept his requests and decisions without question. His humor is quietly made but always on target. Others might take a second to understand but then laugh heartily at the joke.
At forty-two, appearance-wise, Brian always is well-dressed and appropriate for all occasions. His clothes are perfectly pressed. Hours into the , he still looks fresh and kempt. He is tall in stature and gives off the feeling that he is well built his suit.
Kind and caring, he amasses many friends and followers from diverse parts of his life. On meeting, Brian quickly put people ease, making them feel confident sharing things they would never have considered telling anyone before. People feel safe knowing Brian will not betray the confidences they share.
Brian knew he was gay since turning , once puberty kicked in. Grasping the part about he enjoyed most was looking the other adolescent boys coming into manhood in the shower. Brian never acted on those feeling until he was in college.
Brian’s looks and appearance never set anyone’s gaydar off. He never hides his preference, nor does he openly flaunt it either. During his second year university, Brian had his first relationship with another . It was somewhat accidental how they came together, but they were happy together for the remaining three years.
When Brian was accepted into a graduate program, they went their separate ways. They had liked each other, but it was nothing really serious. It was more or less training camp between them: an opportunity to discover, fumble, and practice for future partners.
For the next five years, Brian dated occasionally but was focused on his career for the most part. At thirty, Brian began his first real relationship, falling in love for the first time, head over heels. Gary was around Brian’s age, and they had much in common. Gary was attractive and charismatic
It started casually, but soon Brian was infatuated, and things moved quickly forward. Shortly after meeting, they were inseparable, moving in together after knowing each other a couple of weeks.
Brian and Gary were together for years when it all came shattering down. Since then, Brian has just been with a few men casually now and then, never getting emotionally attached. Being blindsided by Gary, Brian took the break-up hard, even though he was the one to end things.
Everything had been good for the first four years or so, Brian thought. Then Gary’s job changed. Gary explained that with the new position, he would have to be of town most weeks. They still had wonderful weekends of unstoppable sex. But the separation, with Gary hardly calling or texting while gone, began to take its toll.
This lifestyle went on for four more years. Brian, while wrapped up in his job, was getting more and more depressed. It never showed as Brian did not wear his heart on his sleeve, but on many evenings alone, he would succumb to tears.
The finale began when Brian discovered something that he could not tolerate. Gary had a side piece when he was of town. Not just a side piece, but a relatively one. Gary was supporting this man/ whose occupation seemed to be making himself available for Gary to meet wherever he was working a given week. And who knows what the slut was up to on weekends when Gary was with Brian.
Brian confronted Gary about it, and there were several rounds of Gary promising it was over and how sorry he was. Gary would work from home for a couple of weeks after each promise, but then back on the road, the toy was with him again.
The final straw was when Brian, by chance, learned that Gary had not been made to take the -of-town position but had asked for it, even taking a cut in salary to do so. The whole affair Gary was having had started almost a year before his job change. Doing the numbers, Brian realized this runt with Gary had been nineteen when it all began.
The ending was quick and thorough. Brian found a house to purchase and moved of the flat he and Gary shared. He cut all ties with him and began a single life for himself.
Realizing his inner anger, which he could not shake, Brian began counseling with James. Their regular session helped Brian come to terms with his sorrow and resentment. Besides coming to terms with his relationship with Gary, Brian also learned not to be afraid to be close with someone again but to take time to get to know the person first.
After a couple of years of counseling, Brian concluded seeing James. He is now more stable, open to taking the time needed to get to know someone before going ‘all in,’ and ready to find someone who would be suitable for him.
James is who Brian called to set up an appointment at Pathways for Mark. When Brian saw James, Abbie and he never saw or interacted due to Brian’s sessions being in the early evening. It was after the sessions ended that Brian began to frequent the Wilde Peacock. Putting himself there to perhaps meet someone. He and Abbie would often over drinks and became friendly, but there were no sparks of attraction between them.
Then this last winter, an evening at the sports pub happened. Often, Brian thought of that night as a miracle bringing Mark into his life. Brian sometimes frequented the pub beside the Wilde Peacock. He liked the sports attitude and enthusiasm of the place.
That night had been a pivotal game between two rivals, Brian’s team against what he learned was Mark’s favorite. He had heard Mark getting more and more vocal as his team made mistakes or allowed the other team to score. Mark had peppered his comment with mentions of pansies and nancies.
By fate, perhaps, Mark, ordering another pint, was next to Brian at the bar when he made his loud comment about his team being a bunch of queers and fairies, playing so miserably tripping over their feet all the time.
Brian saw the humor in Mark’s statement, as Brian was accustomed to when amused, turned to Mark and calmly said in a clear voice for all to hear, “Actually, tripping over your feet is more a hetero thing, isn’t it? I thought fairies and queers were graceful and danced around.”
As soon as Brian said that, followed by the hush in the bar, he worried he was about to get punched. Never would Brian have imagined Mark’s reaction to his joke. Or that he would suddenly become Brian’s bosom-buddy. The first time right after the joke, when Mark flung his arm around Brian laughing, Brian froze for a minute, feeling this electrical charge crash through his body.
No, he could not be aroused by this more or less Neanderthal. And in the same manner, this guy could never be attracted to him in that way. But Mark kept coming back, and in the end, sat next to Brian and chatted long after his friends left.
As they talked and introduced themselves, Brian began to realize that outside of Mark’s crude comments, he was an interesting and funny guy. Brian started calling Mark, buddy, as they chatted, a reaction to Mark’s calling him the same. Then in the car outside Mark’s flat, when Mark initiated a kiss between them, Brian was surprised and rather ecstatic.
The kiss, short as it was, sent the electrodes on overload through Brian’s body. Brian knew Mark was very drunk. Was Mark just someone who was gaysted? That was the last thing Brian needed. Hooking up with gay poison was not an option Brian would ever participate in.
Brian’s compassion won out, and he helped Mark to his flat. After getting him comfortable on his couch, looking down on Mark fast asleep, Brian felt that incredible sensation running through his body. Brian felt the goosebumps on his skin as he brushed aside Mark’s hair.
Brian wrote the note with his phone for Mark to him if needing a ride back to his car. ‘If he calls, and we meet sober, perhaps it could be something,’ Brian thought as he drove home.
Brian never told Mark, but that Saturday morning, he was on pins and needles, wondering if Mark would call for a ride. Brian hoped he had not been too forward with the note, but he wanted to know what Mark’s motives were for kissing him. Was Mark gay or not? And was he really that attracted to Mark from just one kiss? Well, the kiss, and an enjoyable evening of conversation.
Mark was the first person Brian felt attracted to in years. The few he had been with since Gary was more from physical needs than a feeling of kinship.
The next day, learning that Mark now comprehended his true inclinations and desire for Brian, but just stepping over the fence, Brian warned himself that they would need to go slow. ‘Don’t get attached to him until he is sure about this. Just think of it as a bit of fun helping him learn the ropes,’ Brian counseled himself.
By the end of the weekend, Brian knew he needed to pull back some or lose all self-control. Leaving Mark Sunday evening, Brian did not suggest seeing each other the next day.
But Monday night, after they had watched the gay porn movie while they chatted on the phone, Brian was all in. Hearing the anguish in Mark’s voice, Brian hurried to Mark's side late at night to comfort him. Afterward, Brian knew he would see this all through with Mark no matter what happened.
Whatever powers brought them together, it was for a reason. Brian was thankful for that and was ready to put himself out there to care and connect with someone. That someone being Mark.
Mark agreed when Brian suggested he see a counselor and accepted a meeting with James. Brian did not mention James being his former counselor, not intentionally. He just did not think it was important. Brian also had Mark get tested for STD at Pathways while there. He saw his doctor for a similar test to be sure they both were clean.
After everything with Gary and realizing how he could have transferred all sorts of‘ diseases’ to Brian, he was adamant that anyone he was with was safe. Being tested and sure was a hard and fast rule for Brian before getting intimate with anyone.
The months flew by. Brian enjoyed every step Mark made on the stairs up to a full sexual relationship with another man. Taking their time allowed them to relish each new level fully, which if they had jumped headfirst in, they would have missed. How just making out and hand play could be so rewarding when and first exploring, but once fucking began, that type of play was mostly ignored.
Having time to perfect satisfying each other along the way offered Mark and Brian even after they ‘did the deed’ variations of ways they could pleasure each other. They also got to know each other so well, talking about their youths and friends. Mark often mentioned his mates who had been with him the night they met. Especially Tim and how he had so generously helped him and the others through .
That first night at the bar with Mark, except for their interactions, was a blur to Brian. That evening, Brian was unaware of who else was around them outside of Mark.
By spring, when they were together all the time, Brian would happen into the sports bar on Friday nights with Mark. First, coming in towards the end of the game, then sometimes at the start of the game. Before or after, Brian would go to the Wilde Peacock, which was a couple of blocks away. They never acknowledge each other these times but would each other silly messages until after the gang left. Then Mark would explain who each was and relay updates about each.
The one of Mark’s mates that was not there was Tim. But the irony of this was that night in April when Tim and Abbie first met, Brian was who held the door for Tim to enter the Peacock as he was leaving to join Mark at the sports pub.
Over the summer, the gang did not get together much on Friday nights, as it was the off-season. Between vacations and other activities taking up Friday nights, they would not come together regularly until the fall.
Brian and Mark’s time together was great. While neither had spoken the words yet, they both did love each other. Nor were they able to imagine life without the other now.
Everything was so good.
Excluding Mark’s outburst at times. Brian understood why Mark could explode so negatively, and in time could see when such eruptions were coming. If Mark felt that someone had gleaned that he was gay or said or acted in a way that made him think so, his ‘homophobic guard’ would be up and attacking.
They talked about this frequently, Mark was trying to change, but he was not ready or confident enough to come out of the deep closet he had been hiding in for over thirty years of his life. The ghost of Mark’s father often haunted him and channeled through him to spout his bigoted views.
After warning Mark after the last time that there would be consequences, Brian thought Mark might have finally reigned himself in.
Which is how Brian finds himself at the start of the game Friday night at the sports pub. Mark is so excited that Tim promises to join them for the game that night. Mark knows nothing about Abbie being a part of Tim’s life now. Brian never imagines that the Tim he knows with Abbie at the Peacock could be Mark’s Tim.
So when the shit starts flying, when Tim and Abbie come into the bar, Brian is in a front and center seat. Brian doesn’t know about Mark's acquaintance with Abbie at Pathways. He is floored when Mark’s ‘fight rather than flight’ reaction to Abbie occurs. How could Mark do such a thing to Tim’s partner if Tim is so important to Mark?
Brian hears Mark saying clearly for all in the pub to hear, “Tim, I didn’t know that you swung that way, and Abbie, is it? You do pull it off rather well.”
The color drains from Abbie’s . She grasps on the back of a chair and takes a couple of deep breaths. Looking directly at Mark, Abbie says calmly, in a clear voice that carries through the room, “Are you claiming you are without sin? Throwing the first stone? Often the one making the most noise is the one with the most to hide.” Her eyebrow raises some, and Mark blushes from her statement.
Watching Abbie’s reaction is enough for Brian, though he is pleased that she gave as good as she got. Even if no one but Mark knows what she is alluding to.
Brian throws a tip on the bar next to his half-drunken pint and leaves. He tells Mark there would be consequences. Brian discerns he has to stick to that to have any effect on Mark. And as angry Brian is at Mark at this moment, it is best that he separates himself from the situation.
Heading to the Peacock, Brian hears the chimes for texts and voicemail, but he ignores them when he sees it is Mark. Brian has a strong scotch at the Peacock. He turns the ringer on his phone off so as not to hear the repeated attempts from Mark.
When Abbie, Tim, and their friends come into the Peacock, Brian is interested to hear, if he can, if they say anything about Mark. The other couple, Grace and Sam, Brian met on previous occasions here. When Abbie comes over as soon as she gets a drink, Brian is surprised but open to what she might tell him.
Abbie relays to him about her conversations with Mark after Brian left, how Mark apologized, and her understanding of his reaction. Brian asks her if she is okay being so vocally outed in a place she had never been to before, or in front of Tim’s friends for the first time?
Abbie laughs and says, “Actually, Mark made one of my greatest fears happen tonight and showed me it was not really anything to dread as much as I do. I have never hidden who I am, but I do get away or pass a great deal. And now I realize that I shouldn’t care if people know. I was a bit afraid of how Tim’s other friends would react, but they all were so lovely and kind.
“And Brian, Mark is terribly upset about you leaving. Can’t you give him a break?” Abbie concludes.
“Abbie, I am sure he is, but this is not the first occasion he has acted out in this manner, and it is time for him to realize the outcome of such behavior,” Brian says. Abbie understands what Brian is saying.
“Don’t let him suffer too long, Brian. He seems underneath to be fragile. I am sure for someone like him, to come out himself is hard for him to contemplate,” Abbie replies. Hearing this, Brian begins to formulate a plan.
A short time later, Brian calls a cab to take him home. Like his mandate over Mark, Brian is careful himself when having more to drink than he should when out. He can get his car tomorrow.
Brian has a fitful night, much like Mark. Not having Mark cuddling to him left a massive void in Brian’s bed. All the messages Mark sent Brian knows are cries out to him. Brian does not read them so as not to break his resolve. Let Mark have a night to repent some. Tomorrow will be soon enough to deal with this issue.
Saturday morning, first fixing and eating breakfast, Brian sits down on his couch. Trying not to think about the absence of Mark beside him. Brian scans the texts Mark sent and listens to the voice messages.
Finishing, there are tears in Brian’s eyes over how pitiful and remorseful Mark sounds. Brian dresses and calls a cab to retrieve his car. Back home by mid-afternoon, Brian is surprised that Mark’s messaging stopped a couple of hours ago.
Brian, unsure of what is going on, figures he will wait until this evening to check on Mark. That will be twenty-four hours since Mark’s outburst. It should be long enough for it to sink in some to Mark about what can happen if he keeps having them.
Brian turns on a movie to keep him occupied and tries to relax. An hour into the film, his doorbell rings.
Tim And Abbie 54: Mark and Brian 2
Posted:Apr 1, 2021 11:45 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 2:43 pm

Draining the water from the tub, Mark fills it again with hot water. His tears are still flowing. He is not ready get out of the bath yet. His life has changed so much being with Brian. Mark knows that at times he acts like a teenage girl having her first big crush.
Mark can’t explain it even himself. Brian is the world him. Never has he felt so alive and like he finally is in the right place. Mark knows that if his father were still alive, even as as Mark is now, he would have been beaten an inch of his life.
Mark knows that his father’s influence does affect the inane comments he blurts out at times. Like tonight. How could he have been so stupid? Brian warned him, but Mark acted out anyways. Abbie is nothing to fear, but Mark felt like his world was about to come crashing down in that first moment. He isn’t ready to announce his sexual preference yet. Mark is only coming to terms with it himself.
Leaning back in the tub again, Mark remembers how things evolved with Brian, like a movie playing in his mind.
Over the next month, Mark and Brian did move forward more and more. Brian would always check that Mark was comfortable with each step. After the night at Brian’s, it was Friday. Mark’s night at the pub with his mates. Brian suggested a plan which, during the following months, they would follow pretty much.
Mark would meet his friends at their pub for the game while Brian kept himself occupied elsewhere for the evening. Most often at the Wilde Peacoc When the game ended or was in the last period, Mark would Brian, and he would come into the pub and sit at the bar. After the rest of the group left, Mark would join Brian for one more drink before heading to Mark’s apartment for the night. They usually went in Brian’s car as he was very adamant about Mark driving after he had been drinking.
Saturday mornings, they would collect Mark’s car and spend the weekend at Brian’s house. Mark would also stay there, for the most part, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night. After dinner on Wednesdays with his family, Mark would Brian when he was leaving, and they would meet at Mark’s flat for the night.
Yes, they quickly fell into being together every night. Mark, never sleeping with someone else before, found that he was so relaxed and able to slumber so easily with Brian.
Mark started joining Brian at the gym a couple of evenings a week after work, sometimes on a Saturday also. They went out to dinner, movies, plays, museums, and other activities, which were a new world to Mar Just being with Brian was a treat for Mark, but Brian finding different things for them enjoy together was a bonus.
On that first weekend, Brian and Mark began moving closer together sexually. Saturday, watching television, Brian placed his hand on Mark’s thigh and rubbed it gently. Mark was startled a little at the touch but smiled at Brian to let him know he did like that.
Brian continued to rub up and down and over Mark’s inner thigh. Both with pants on. Mark did harden from the attention, and Brian was very observant of that. He would stop for a bit for Mark to calm, then start again. By the end of the afternoon, Mark had been almost there several times. The final time, Mark was straddling Brian’s lap,
Brian could see Mark was close to cumming. He told Mark to go to the bathroom and relieve himself. Mark meekly did, though images of Brian’s hand on his thigh helped him over the edge to finish.
The next day, they spent the afternoon in a similar fashion. This time both were rubbing each other’s thighs higher and higher. When Mark saw Brian’s cock getting hard through his pants, he so longed to touch it and see what it would feel like. Sure, Mark knew what his own cock felt like, but to actually touch another man’s would be something different.
Through his therapy sessions with James, Mark learned more about James and he and Brian’s relationship. James was a psychiatrist specializing in diverse sexualities. James showed his knowledge with his comments and suggestions.
Mark enjoyed their sessions, even when facing some problematic issues from his past. He began to understand trying to live up to his father’s expectations led to Mark trying to be the macho-stud his father wanted. Being pampered by his mother and sisters also thwarted any alternate feelings not to disappoint them either.
They also talked each time about how far he and Brian had gone, how he felt about it; was he okay with what they did, and help Mark fully understand the physical and mental impact another step forward would mean.
Moving toward a complete sexual relationship with Brian, with James's help to prepare Mark, by Valentine’s Day, the men were approaching a full sexual relationship.
By his actions, Brian would introduce the next step Mark, then Mark, feeling okay with what was happening, reciprocating. As they moved closer and closer together, it helped a great deal that Brian and Mark were getting to know more and more about each other at the same time.
From the start, it was not just a sexual thing. Mark and Brian were becoming friends, liking each other. They would share stories from their past, things they liked, everyday events they thought funny or worthy of comment.
Mark comprehended early on that he was looking to Brian to explain things to him. Brian was helping Mark to understand not just sexual things but also new concepts and theories. Much like the relationship Mark had with Tim during their tutoring sessions, looking to Tim to explain things in a way Mark could understand. Mark was not dumb in any sense but needed to be told things in a way he could comprehend and understand.
Like with Tim, Mark respected Brian’s opinions and clarifications. He was in awe when he learned that Brian had attended the London School of Economics for his master’s degree in finance. It was no wonder that Brian held the position that he did. Mark was an enthusiastic student soaking in all that Brian imparted.
And sexually, Mark was just as passionate of a student, from rubbing thighs over their clothes to caressing each other’s cock’s in the same manner, to becoming more and more undressed with each other.
A Saturday morning a few weeks after they met, Brian suggested they shower together for the first time. They went to the bathroom, and Brian turned on the shower to warm. He turned to face Mark and slowly lowered his underwear. Mark gazed longingly at what he saw. Brian took Mark’s hand and placed it on his revealed coc Mark began touch it tentatively.
At the same time, Brian slid his hands inside the waistband of Mark’s underwear and slowly lowered them, fondling his ass cheeks as he did. Standing looking at each other, they did see their cocks side by side for the first time.
Mark’s penis was about seven inches long but relatively thic Brian envisioned feeling it up his ass, filling him so. Mark’s mons was unkempt and probably never groomed. The thick dark hair just called out be taken care of.
Mark felt Brian’s prick was bigger than his. But really not. In comparison, a little over eight inches in length, Brian’s girth was not as thick as Mark’s. Brian’s mons was clipped short and tailored looking, much like how Brian dressed looked – tailored and well put together.
Both rather hard now, Brian stepped closer to Mark, their glans and shafts now touching each other as they kissed deeply. Feeling Brian’s cock against his sent shivers through Mar
Brian took his hand and led him into the shower. Brian soaped Mark up all over, taking special care and attention to his ass and coc Mark’s arms were on Brian’s shoulders steady himself from the ecstasy he felt having Brian’s hands touch all over him for the first time. He couldn’t help himself and came, squirting on Brian’s stomach as he did.
Expecting Brian to be angry with him, Mark was thrilled when Brian just smiled at him, kissed him, then used his fingers to scoop up Mark’s cum. Brian lifted it to his mouth and licked his fingers clean. “Umm, Mark, you taste delicious. Would you like to sample your cum?” Brian said, looking Mark in the eye.
Mark was surprised that Brian so casually tried his cum. The whole oral part of things, Mark was not very schooled in. While he liked, to a degree, the females he had been with to go down on him, he had never licked a pussy or tasted their juices. Shit, he never even did much finger with them.
Now, standing under the warm water, tasting his own cum which Brian held up Mark, seemed the natural thing do. He opened his mouth and licked up the stickiness from Brian’s fingers. Going just a little further, Brian pressed his fingers into Mark’s mouth to suck on for a minute.
It was the same as with the pizza. Mark did seem to have a talent for sucking. After he removed his fingers, Brian kissed Mark again, sharing the final bits of Mark’s cum lingering on their tongues.
Brian again scrubbed Mark to clean away all remnants of what happened. He took some shampoo and washed Mark’s hair. Brian did love running his fingers through Brian’s thick and somewhat curly hair. Mark was in heaven during all this. He was taking in the smell of the soap and shampoo. He now smelt like Brian did.
Now holding the washrag, Mark scrubbed Brian in the same way. Being able for the first time to explore and touch all of Brian’s body enthralled Mar Seeing how Brian hung, the size and shape of his balls, and even just how lovely his thighs and ass looked.
Kneeling in front of Brian, Mark washed his legs. Brian was surprised but pleased when Mark kissed his inner thighs. Just a short kiss and lick on both thighs, but a sign that Mark was accepting everything so far.
At that moment, Brian was so tempted take Mark all the way. He was as hard as Mark had been. But he knew not . Instead, after Mark had washed Brian’s hair, they stepped from the shower. Brian took a towel and dried Mark off. Then Mark did the same to him.
Dried and both their hair combed, Brian suggested, “Mark, if you feel comfortable, how about we stay naked today? The house is warm enough, and it would be nice, at least for me, to gaze at your lovely body all day.”
Mark readily agreed, so naked they stayed. They had breakfast, searched the web some, watched a game on tv, and continued to touch and stroke each other all afternoon.
After the game, Mark asked Brian to lie on his stomach. Straddling Brian’s back, Mark gave him a long and relaxing massage. After, Brian did the same for Mar When done, he led Mark their bed (how Brian thought about it now), and they cuddled together for a nap.
Brian woke before Mar He immediately realized that Mark’s hand was around his coc Mark must have done that in his sleep. Not tight, but just encircling Brian’s shaft. It was rather nice.
Brian gently rubbed against Mark wake him and closed his eyes, and breathed slowly. Brian did not want Mark wake embarrassed where his hand was. As Mark opened his eyes, he realized where his hand was. Smiling himself, Mark ran his fingers up and down Brian’s shaft before letting go.
So it went the following weeks. When together, they were usually naked. It was the beginning of things and getting used to each other. Soon they were mutually masturbating each other. One evening, Brian settled Mark on the couch and leaned over, and took Mark’s prick in his mouth.
Just the glans at first, sucking and licking it. When Mark began to moan and harden, Brian took more in. Slowly, step by step until he had the whole cock in his mouth, sucking while his fingers played with Mark’s balls. Mark was in heaven. This felt better than any before. And Mark was astute enough now to realize that it wasn’t so much that a man was doing it, but that Brian was doing it. The man that Mark cared about and who cared about him in return.
Yes, the counseling sessions were helping Mark, along with Brian’s patience and kindness.
Onward they ventured. Soon Mark was comfortable sucking Brian’s cock, and as Brian expected, was exceptionally good at it. Mark learned to swallow Brian’s semen but leave just a bit on his tongue to share with Brian in a kiss afterward. It was how Brian did the first time when sucking him, so another pattern was set.
It took a while, Brian introducing Mark to ass plugs and explaining how they would help him prepare for anal intercourse. Brian started with a smaller one first, with a lot of lubricant. Then moving up in size and how long Brian kept one in. It helped Mark get used to such feelings and relax his sphincter. They also began finger play up each other’s assholes. Well lubricated, one finger, then , then explored each other’s anuses.
Brian taught Mark what it felt like and how give a prostate massage. This activity was regularly repeated both ways from then on. Mark’s body was coming alive all aspects of their sexual interplay. When with Brian, his body felt on fire and pulsating all the time. And even when apart, Mark’s cock twitched each time he heard his phone chime with a message or call from Brian.
Finally, they reached the point that Mark was comfortable and ready complete their venture of discovery. Like with every step forward, Brian discussed moving this point with him. Brian thought that Mark would prefer starting by fucking Brian, which often is how men would start before fully acknowledging they were gay.
Instead, Brian was surprised when Mark said he would like Brian fuck him first. Being so in awe of Brian, Mark took on the position of the bottom in their relationship, accepting what Brian suggested and wanting to learn from him.

And so, a wintery February afternoon, after over an hour of foreplay and kissing, Mark was led to Brian’s bed to lose his cherry.
Brian had him lie on his back and made him comfortable with pillows for his head. Brian lifted Mark's legs to his shoulders. Kneeling between them, Brian lubed his cock and rubbed it against Mark’s hole of entry. Brian squirted more lubricant on Mark and worked it up into his ass with fingers first.
Then, slowly Brian pressed his glans into Mark’s rosebud and settled there as Mark accustomed himself to this new object requesting entry to his cavern. When Brian felt Mark relax, he began to press more and more of his cock in. Mark accepted Brian’s whole shaft and felt Brian’s balls thumping against his ass. At that point, Brian began slowly to press in and out of Mar He increased his pumping more and more as he felt Mark’s prick growing against his mons and stomach.
Mark was crying out, but with joy, not pain. To Mark, it felt like Brian was becoming a part of him. They now were truly a couple, and Mark realized he loved Brian - an emotion he never felt before. Mark reached his arms to wrap around Brian’s neck and pulled him forward to kiss, hoping that it expressed all the happiness and excitement Mark was feeling.
And so things went through the end of winter, spring, and summer. Mark was still not ready to ‘come out’ but Brian understood. It was the same with Mark being the one to fuck him. While after the first time, Brian did suggest and offered to be the bottom, Mark was not ready to move to that until it was almost summer. And after that, while Mark would take that role at times, he was more content with Brian taking the lead.
In July they took a holiday together to Naples, Italy. They both got very tan and saw so much. Mark was like an excited , this being his first venture outside of England. Brian was charmed with showing Mark new things and explaining them him. Mark was an eager student and lapped up all that Brian shared with him.
That holiday was the happiest time in Mark’s life, sharing an adventure with someone he loved and even showing public displays of affection as there was no one they knew see. Mark had yet tell Brian he loved him. He was too afraid that Brian would brush such sentiments aside. And in the same way, Brian never mentioned the L word either.
Not all was totally rosy, though. Mark did slip into making derogatory remarks from time to time, and even some of his gay-bashing comments. Brian called Mark on this when it happened. Mark always apologized and talked about what he had done with James during his next session.
After the wonderful holiday together, when Mark made a rude comment about a waiter being a pansy, luckily out of hearing of the waiter, Brian showed his anger for the first time.
“Mark, you have to learn to stop doing this. It is going to blow up in your face one day if you keep it up. Every time you do this, it upsets me. If you do not refrain yourself, there will be consequences to be paid,” Brian told him in a stern voice.
Brian knew that when Mark felt threatened, he lashed out this way in response. In terms of the waiter, he had removed the extra place setting, so the were sitting next each other in the booth rather than across the table. Then topped it off by asking if it was a special occasion for them. Brian knew this was one of the things Mark cringed from when close to home: someone calling attention to the of them together as a couple.
Regardless, Mark needed to control himself. Mark did try, but sometimes things escaped his lips before he thought.
How it was tonight.
Soaking in the bath for over an hour, Mark thought about all these things. Tears are starting to dry as Mark remembers how it was with Brian from the start and how he now has probably ruined it all.
He stumbles to bed and curls himself in a ball. Crying almost non-stop for over four hours, Mark falls into a deep fitful sleep around am. Mark wakes around am the following day. He is tired and irritable from such little sleep. After looking at his phone and seeing no texts or calls from Brian, Mark again sinks into a pit of depression.
In the six months of seeing James at Pathways, Mark has never felt the need to call James’s private number. Today is different. Devastated and not sure what to do, Mark dials the special number the psychiatrist had given him. Mark leaves a message between sobs that he needs to talk to James and then sits on the couch, unable to do anything.
Mark jumps when the phone rings a half-hour later. While he is glad to see it is James returning his call, Mark is disappointed it is not Brian. Between bouts of crying, Mark tells James what happened, what he did, and Brian’s reaction of leaving and not answering his calls or texts.
James, working the timeline out, realized that it is not even twenty-four hours since this all happened. He can see that Mark is overreacting but is aware of Mark’s need for constant reassurance. James would like to talk to Brian to hear his side of what happened, but that would not be ethical. Besides, James decides that Mark needs to work through this on his own.
Worried about the state Mark seems to be in at the moment, James suggests that the meet at Pathways in a half-hour. If nothing else, it will require Mark dress and make himself presentable.
Mark remembers his car is still at the pub, so he tells James it would be closer an hour for him get there. Showering in a hurry, Mark is out his door and jogging the pub. It isn’t that far away, and the day had dawned bright and sunny after last night’s rain. Getting in his car, Mark recognized that the jog did him good. His crying is abated, and he is thinking clearer now.
At Pathways, James brings coffee for them both. Mark and he settle in chairs as they talk about what happened and how Mark can rectify things with Brian. He helps Mark comprehend that it is not that long since it happened, not even a day. James suggests that rather than sending texts or voice messages, Mark writes out an apology Brian and outlines what Mark is going do correct things with Abbie, Tim, and the others.
Knowing both men rather well now, James is sure that this is not the end of their relationship. If it is enough for Brian end things, James will be there help Mark through that. And Brian too.
Mark mentions that Abbie did talk to him privately times last evening. Once shortly after his outburst and again before leaving but giving no details. Knowing Abbie, James is not surprised at that. But from what Mark tells him about how Abbie reacted right after his outburst, James is concerned about how she is doing.
James gives Mark some stationery use and leaves him work on his note Brian. He goes into another office and calls Abbie. James explains to her he understands what happened last night and asks how Abbie is handling Mark’s public outing of her. Abbie’s recital of what happened pretty much matched Mark’s.
Abbie even laughs some, telling James that Mark, in a way, did her a favor, helping her to see that having people she does not know or have any connection to knowing her secret is not anything to be afraid of.
Abbie says confidentially that she can grasp what is going on with Mark and actually with who. James is amazed at Abbie’s knowledge of the situation. She explains that she knows Brian, saw him at the pub when they arrived, and noticed his departure shortly after what happened. Then later, she ran into Brian at the Peacoc There, she talked him some.
James always knew that Abbie would be an excellent counselor herself and is pleased about her conversations with both men. He comprehends Brian’s reaction the event and not being ready talk with Mark until he had time calm some.
Now knowing better about what happened, James checks on Mar He is done with his letter and knows what he needs do. James and Mark talk a bit, Mark telling him fully about his conversations with Abbie.
Mark starts, “Abbie really is a genuinely lovely person, and so forgiving and kind. After returning the table, chatting with the others for a while, Abbie came up at the bar where I had retreated.
“She told she understood why I reacted and said what I did. ‘It must have taken you for a loop seeing walk in with Tim, knowing where I worked,’ Abbie told . I agreed and admitted I was afraid. She went on, suggesting that while it was in self-preservation that I reacted how I did, in the end, I did her exactly what I was worried she was going do. She said it so matter of factually I felt even worse about my behavior.
“I apologized for doing such a mean thing, and she accepted graciously. Abbie even then talked a little about Brian and asked how long we have been together. Realizing she knew so much, I was again alarmed. But Abbie explained that she knew Brian for several now and had seen him here when they arrived.
“And that he was gone when she returned from the ladies' room. She nudged and kidded that being one who knows about such things, from my glances where Brian had been and repeatedly messaging on my phone, it was easy for her put and together.
“Then, as they left, she came over to me again and told me how nice it was to know who I was now. And that she is sure things with Brian will work out. Abbie said she is glad Brian and I have found each other. Laying her hand on my arm, Abbie concluded that as of late when she has seen him, Brian seemed so much happier than he had been in a long time,” Mark finished with a deep sigh.
Reciting what Abbie had said made Mark take a deep breath and, doing so, grasped that Abbie’s comments were so confident that things between Brian and him would be resolved. Mark could only hang on to that like a tree twig, hoping Abbie was correct.
James suggests Mark takes his note to Brian personally now. The worst that could happen is Brian does not answer the door. James assured him, “From everything you have told me about Brian and yourself, I am sure Brian is as upset and missing you equally right now.”
Mark gets in his car; sits for a moment to think about what he could say to make Brian know how sorry he is. Then before he loses his courage, Mark starts the car and drives to Brian’s house.
For the first time in a few hours, Mark reaches for his phone and realizes that he had left it on his coffee table in his haste to meet James. Who knows if Brian had tried to contact him or not? It doesn’t matter. He is at Brian’s house.
Mark, standing on Brian’s front porch, lifts his hand and knocks firmly on the door.
Tim And Abbie 53: Mark and Brian 1
Posted:Mar 31, 2021 2:26 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 2:43 pm

A cab drops Mark off at his apartment. The rain is finally ending, but Mark is still rather wet as he enters his apartment. He hurries to the bathroom and sheds his wet clothes. Drawing a hot bath, Mark grabs his phone in the futile hopes that Brian had called or texted. Nothing.
The tears start to fill Mark’s eyes again. ‘Why the hell am I so emotional?’ Mark chastises himself. He can’t himself. Mark has never really cared about another person to any degree. Sure, his mates are his mates, but not someone in a romantic way.
Lying in the tub feeling the hot water float over him, Mark goes back to that first Monday with Brian.
All-day at work, Mark kept looking at his phone. He managed to get his work done, but he tried to think of something to text Brian about as he did. Something not to sound needy but get a response, and maybe an invitation to do something that night.
Everything he thought of sounded so lame and obvious. Then around three o’clock, his phone beeped. A message from Brian!
Brian: Hey buddy, I talked with Pathways, and if you are available, they have an opening tomorrow at four. Let me know.
Mark: That was fast. Umm, sure, sign me up.
Brian: Good. Afterward, would you like to go out to dinner with me?
Mark barely contained himself and tried to hold back a minute from answering immediately. Which lasted seconds. That sounds great. I would like that.
Brian: Then I will pick you up at about six tomorrow evening. I’ll call you this evening to tell you more about your session tomorrow.
Mark: I’ll look forward to it.
Mark’s heart was beating so fast. Brian did want to see him tomorrow night. But the session first. He wondered what it would be like. He cleared his desk and packed up his laptop. Mark figured he would get some of tomorrow’s tasks done tonight at home so he could be out of work two-thirty tomorrow.
Brian and Mark did talk on the phone that night for a couple of hours. Luckily, Mark had just finished up what he wanted to get done for tomorrow. Brian explained a bit about what would happen in the counseling sessions. He admitted after a break-up, he had gone through counseling to him deal with how it had ended.
Brian did not go into details then; it was a story to tell Mark down the road. He did ask Mark if he had ever watched any male-on-male porn or erotica. Brian was curious just how much Mark truly comprehended what was involved in such a relationship. Mark confessed he had not ever, really.
Brian told him to turn to a specific channel that did show gay movies and clips. Together they watched one movie unfold, Brian urging Mark to ask any questions and tell him what he thought. Mark did have many questions about how it felt: did it hurt, was it hard to do?
Watching the movie with Brian explaining things made Mark realize that being with another man was more than just the kissing and rubbing the two had done this weekend. Mark did, in theory, know what two guys did together but never really thought about technical aspects.
For Mark, just discovering his attraction to Brian was eye-opening in itself. Brian had figured this might be the case, which is why he emphasized them going slow and counseling for Mark. Brian wanted to be sure Mark was okay with what he had seen and asked him. In a small voice, Mark replied he was.
“Buddy, you don’t sound that sure of yourself right now. Would you like me to come over for a little while so we can talk about this more?” Brian asked. Mark was kicking himself for acting so wimpy but did want Brian there holding him as he sorted things out in his head.
“Would you, Brian?” Mark whispered into the phone. Brian told him to hold tight, and he would be there soon. While waiting, Mark noticed the time. It was after o’clock. What type of shit would Brian think he was, wanting him to come to comfort him so late?
When Brian arrived, Mark was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts. Mark had not thought about putting more clothes on after hanging up with Brian. Mark had stripped down as he usually did when home from work and not going anywhere that evening. After he hand hung up the phone, his mind was whirling with everything he had seen in the movies. The movie was still playing, and Mark, like a deer in the headlights, just stared as a man mounted another and rammed his large cock into the waiting hole.
Twenty minutes later, Mark was pulled from his staring upon hearing his doorbell. Brian was standing there in just a pair of sweatpants and hoodie. Brian didn’t seem to mind Mark’s manner of dress at all. He pulled Mark into his arms, rubbing his back as he hugged him tightly.
“Buddy, are you alright thinking about the different ways we would be together? Maybe that movie was a bit much to understand. It is so different when there are mutual feelings of joy for both when in a good relationship. And don’t worry, we will not go any farther than you are ready to,” Brian comforted him.
“Thanks, Brian. I guess I haven’t thought of what it all meant. I am still trying to work out how attracted I am to you. Kissing you, what we did yesterday, and rubbing against you all were so new to experience. And I do want to do everything I saw. I just need some time to go to each level,” Mark told him in a soft voice.
Mark behaving this way and being shy now was new to him. Rather than being loud and boisterous how he usually was, now having these new feelings and longing for Brian made him softer and willing to show his naivety.
Brian kissed him sweetly. Oh, how lovely and soft Mark’s lips were. “Mark, we will go at whatever pace you need. But right now, I think you need to get to bed. I’ll stay with you until you are asleep. Would you like that?” Brian said.
Mark just nodded and kissed Brian again. He led the way to his bedroom, and Brian helped him crawl under the covers. Lying outside the covers, Brian wrapped Mark in his arms, Mark’s back up against Brian’s chest and thighs. As Brian rubbed Mark’s back, murmuring to him about nothing of importance, Mark soon was softly snoring. Brian smiled at that, kissed Mark’s forehead, and quietly left the flat.
The next day Mark woke up feeling much better and more confident about things. He was confident that he would get over his skittishness and be all a lover should be to Brian. Mark whizzed through the day at work, and a little before three was entering the Pathways' offices for the first time. He was quickly checked in and taken to a waiting area out of view of both Pathways and the hospital's comings and goings.
His counselor, James, was about Brian’s age and very friendly and reassuring. In the first session, they talked about Mark’s recent acknowledgment of his sexual preferences, a bit about his growing up and previous experiences. James had Mark fill out a few questionnaires about his family, friends, work, and such, so James had a better picture of Mark to start.
He stayed with Mark the whole time he was filling out the forms, answering any questions Mark had, and explaining the reason for asking the different questions. At the end of the hour, James talked about future sessions. Together they agreed that Mark would have standing appointments on Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to start. And James gave Mark his card with his private cell . He encouraged Mark to call if ever he needed to talk right away.
Mark felt good about how it went when he left. He got home in time to shower and change for Brian’s arrival at six. The entire evening Mark talked about how nice James was, how relaxed he made Mark feel, and what they talked about.
Brian shared Mark’s happiness and was glad it went so smoothly to start. He did warn Mark, “Buddy, I am glad you are comfortable sharing what you talked about. I do want to hear anything you want to share. If ever you talk with James about things you do not want to share, that is okay. These sessions are for you, and as they go on, you might want to talk with James about things you are not ready to share with me.”
Mark wanted to argue that he would never have anything he did not want to share with Brian but realized what Brian was saying and stopped himself. The dinner was nice, but over too soon. Brian drove Mark home. He again saw Mark to his flat door and did step in to kiss for a few minutes. But then Brian said he should be getting home as was late.
Brian asked what Mark was doing the next night. Mark did not want to this week but realized he needed to explain to Brian. Mark said, “On Wednesday, I usually have dinner with my and sisters. They seem to look forward to seeing me, and since my dad died especially, I feel I should visit them regularly.”
Brian understood and suggested that when Mark got home from the dinner, he call Brian to talk for a while. He did continue, saying, “Mark, it is important that you keep regular contact with your family and friends, especially as you work these new feelings and such out. Never feel you need to cancel plans with others to see me.
“That said, I hope you don’t have any commitments Thursday night. I would like you to come over to my house for dinner,” Brian commented between kisses. Mark readily agreed. And so the relationship began.
Suddenly Mark was visibly happier than his friends and family had ever seen him. There was a smile on his face replacing his usual scowl. He didn’t tell anyone why. But especially his mates on Friday nights noticed how often he was texting with someone and chuckling.
The first evening at Brian’s, Mark was overwhelmed with the size and décor of the house. Brian played everything down but was pleased about Mark’s enthusiasm over the place. They cooked dinner together, and Brian was surprised what a good cook Mark was. Mark confessed that he would often try the recipes using some of the more exotic ingredients he was for the store to know what it really tasted like.
Mark had brought a tray of different, unique cheeses, olives, and crackers with him. They enjoyed them some while dinner was heating, then later as they sat cuddled together watching a more erotic movie which was not so blatant as the one they watched while on the phone on Monday night.
It was almost when the movie finished. Brian told Mark he did not want him driving home after the glasses of wine they had consumed. Instead, he suggested that Mark spend the night.
Mark could not hope for anything more. Just undressing to their underwear, they climbed into bed together, and after kissing good night, Mark cuddled up to Brian with his head on Brian’s shoulder, breathing in that wonderful scent that he now associated with Brian. No playing around, just sleeping together. To both of them, it felt like how they should always sleep.
For Brian, it had been a good while since he had shared his bed. Mark, this was the first time he slept through the night with someone. All the females he had been with, Mark would always leave shortly after they finished . But this, with Brian, felt so right.
Tim and Abbie 52: The thing about Mark 2
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Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 2:43 pm

The rain begins let up some, and even Mark’s tears are pretty much cried out. Sitting looking straight ahead, he can see the lights being turned off in the pub. It is after midnight now.
How could things change so much in a matter of a few hours? At six pm, Mark and Brian were getting ready for the evening out. Brian was coming the sports pub first see Mark’s friend Tim is. Since spring, Brian comes the pub regularly see the group with whom Mark hangs. Later, Mark tells him who is who.
Mark is not ready come out his friends yet, so Brian and Mark don’t acknowledge each other more than a casual hello.
By now, midnight, Brian and Mark should be in Mark’s bed giggling together as they and talk about Mark's mates' most recent news. Instead, here Mark sits, just remembering and kicking himself for being such an idiot. He can almost hear his father admonishing him over his bad grades as his belt strikes over and over. Mark shivers at that memory, but as bad as he feels right now, such punishment would scratch the surface of how contrite he feels.
Sunday dawned, and Mark was up and fidgety. He so wanted see Brian today, but how? What could he suggest for a reason for them to be together? Flipping channels on his television as he pondered this, Mark landed on a station with a kung fu marathon. One after another, most with Bruce Lee.
All those oily skin males in ‘combat’ with each other. Mark, with new eyes, realized why he had gravitated to those types of movies so much. He did not care about the plots at all but watching bare-chested men with skin-tight pants did capture his attention.
Would Brian enjoy the silliness of such a marathon? Along with the display of testosterone on parade?
Mark checked the time and saw it was approaching noon. He texted Brian asking if he would like to come over and spend the afternoon watching these tacky movies and getting a pizza?
Mark was pleased when Brian replied within minutes that it sounded like the perfect way to spend a winter Sunday afternoon. He asked what he should bring. And while Mark said nothing, when Brian arrived, he had a twelve-pack of beer and a small bouquet of daisies, lilies, and roses.
Mark was embarrassed at the flowers, but deep down, he realized he adored that Brian would buy flowers for him. This also set a precedent from then on. Brian brought little gifts for Mark and paid for everything when they went out or were together. He explained it away, saying he made enough money to spend however much he wanted on his little buddy.
In time, Mark got used to this and found things for presents in return. New exotic items Mark ordered for the store, small trinkets that reminded him of something Brian mentioned, or just cards which over time got musher and musher expressing Mark’s adoration.
That afternoon, they sat next to each other, their legs touching, and Brian occasionally patting Mark’s thigh. They laughed over the movies' silliness, but both began getting and bothered viewing all the bare-chested, well-oiled men in the films. By the third movie, both were breathing heavily.
During one of the commercial breaks, Brian turned Mark, lifted his arms, and took Mark’s shirt off over his head. Brian sighed deeply[BS1] [BS2] [BS3] , seeing Mark’s lovely torso. Mark did not have much body hair. His chest was smooth and soft.
At five feet nine inches, Mark had been a solid mass, though not that tall, when playing football. Now, while Mark tried to keep in shape, between his sedentary job, consumption of beer, and indulging himself, he now tipped the scales at almost fifteen stones. He even had the start of a beer belly.
Brian slowly rubbed his hands up and down Mark’s chest. His fingers led the way, with his palm pressing in behind them. Mark moaned with enjoyment.
A few minutes later, kissing again, Mark unbuttoned Brian’s shirt and pushed it off him.
Now it was Mark’s turn to explore Brian’s chest and stomach. So nicely tanned and formed. Brian has a small triangle of greying hair on his chest. Not that long or heavy, just a soft brushing of almost fuzz where Mark was longing to lay his head.
At six foot two, Brian weighs about seventeen stones. He was well built and carried his weight well. Working out a couple of days a week, Brian had been bench pressing since he was in college. He could press two hundred and seventy-five pounds. As Mark gazed at Brian’s lovely body, he felt rumblings in his groin over the view.
Soon, they were in a frenzy of delight, discovering each other’s bodies. Where each other loved to be touched and where not so much. This mutual reconnaissance went on when the movie returned and on into the next commercial. Holding Mark close to him, as they watched the well-oiled upper bodies on tv flexing and posing, Brian said, “Too bad we don’t have any oil for us right now.”
Mark jumped up and hurried, almost running, from the room. He was back with a jar of cocoa butter. As he handed it to Brian, he shyly asked, “Will this do?” Brian grinned widely and told Mark to climb on his lap like yesterday. Mark complied quickly to sit in what would become their favorite way together - Mark straddling Brian’s lap facing him.
Brian opened the jar and took some of the butter in his hand. He ran it from Mark’s neck, down the center of his chest and waist, to the top of his pants. A deep sigh of contentment came from Mark’s lips. Brian took his time, starting at the top, rubbing the oil outward over Mark’s shoulders and down each arm. Then moved down a little to rub more into his chest and over his nipples.
Brian gave into temptation when Mark’s cute man boobs were cover in the cocoa butter and gleaming in the light, his nipples taut and ready. Brian leaned forward, first running his tongue around Mark’s areola, then he sucked on the nipple until rock hard before he moved to the other side.
No one, not any of the women he had been with, had ever sucked Mark’s nipples. The feelings provoked by Brian’s attention thrilled him. Mark was a little disappointed when Brian returned to rub the rest of the grease on his chest. But soon, the feeling of Brian’s oiled fingers and hands running all over his upper body returned Mark to a state of euphoria.
Brian did not stop when the front was finished. Rather, he pulled Mark close to him and began oiling his back. His greasy fingers running up and down Mark’s spine and out over his shoulders and waist had Mark panting. The movie was long forgotten. They had their own private bodywork going on.
When Mark was gleaming with oil, it was Brian’s turn. Mark took his time as he buffed the paste on Brian’s lovely chest. Mark asked Brian how he was so tan in the middle of winter. Brian laughed a little and replied that he had spent the holidays in Spain soaking up the rays and pleasant weather.
“Someday, buddy, I want to take you . would be so thrilling seeing you in just swim trunks, your body tan and oiled,” Brian purred him as Mark continued his mission. But the comment was not lost on Mark.
‘Brian was talking about things they would do together in the future. He does want to be with me for more than just this weekend.’ Mark thought to himself.
After both were oiled, Brian bent Mark back on the couch (luckily leather) and laid on top of him. Their greased chests and their clothed groins caressed against each other as they kissed and kissed. Neither had ever realized how wonderful it was to kiss so much. Together neither could get enough of each other.
At some point, Brian rolled Mark over, and they were lying facing each other. Both had been hard and so close to cumming but pulled apart before they did. It was like an unspoken agreement between them, to not go that far yet.
Brian was holding Mark in his arms as he reached and turned the tv off. Brian stroked Mark’s back to relax him. Mark nodded off quickly, feeling so safe and cared for in Brian’s arms. His head on Brian’s chest, where he had longed to be, Mark breathed the scent of the lovely cologne Brian was wearing. Not heavy but smelt so like the salty ocean mixed with fresh earthy aromas. Mark knew from that moment on, that smell would always remind him of Brian.
Brian laid holding Mark close. He, in turn, could smell Mark’s freshly washed hair combined with the cocoa butter. Yes, Brian did want to see Mark in small swim trunks, nicely tanned, lying on the beach beside him. Brian longed to do so much with Mark. He wanted to take their relationship to a fully sexual one. But Brian knew he had to take time for Mark to adjust to his newly discovered sexual preference.
Brian chuckled to himself, thinking about how newly self-acknowledged homosexuals were much like Born again Christians—jumping feet first without checking if this was the pond they wanted to swim in.
The newbies were so sure that they, and they, saw the way and the light. Forcing their newfound discovery on others had been Christians all their lives. Telling them they were not true believers as they did not flaunt their ‘faith.’ But after the first rush was over, many fall away, back their former selves and flaws. Comprehending their short venture, full of misunderstanding and mistakes, wasn’t the answer they were looking for.
Instead, if they had taken things slowly, small steps understand completely, they could have comprehended what was involved in time before announcing the world this new life they have found. If they had listened and learned from those had always been. Those accepted these tenets as part of their lives and did not feel they needed broadcast . If those had a true disciple guide them, they might have found that was what they desired and were seeking.
Mulling these thoughts, Brian nodded off also.
The two woke up about an hour later. Being winter, was already dusk. The hunger pains both were having made them aware that they were starving. A pizza was quickly ordered. Mark went the kitchen get plates and some more beers for them. When the pizza arrived, Brian threw his shirt back on, got the door, and paid for .
Mark again tried protest that he was paying for the pizza, but Brian just put his index finger against Mark’s lips and said, “Shh,” as he leaned kiss him again. Mark melted with the kiss and accepted that he would be a kept man with Brian, it appeared.
Over the pizzas, Brian began talk seriously about things, “Mark, I want this work between us for a long run. While I somewhat question why I do. Considering how you behave and what you say at times. I should be appalled by you. Instead, I am rather attracted you. Which is why we are going take slow.”
Mark blushed over Brian's statement that he wanted start something. He also felt guilt as he knew he could act up and say inappropriate things without thinking.
Brian continued, “I think that behavior is a defense mechanism avoid admitting yourself that you do have gay leanings. That happens more often than you think. Many of the biggest gay-bashers have latent homosexual urges.
"Your inclinations just came the surface two days ago. Or at least your acting on such urges. are many things you need think through carefully. Consider all aspects of what entering a gay relationship would mean. Not just sexually but also socially and personally.
“I would like you start counseling help you address all these issues. is an organization which is rather good in this area, The Pathways. operates out of the city hospital, and its counselors have outstanding reputations. Would you be willing do this?” Brian asked. “I have had counseling in the past, and did help me through issues I was having.”
Mark felt uneasy thinking about seeing a counselor and baring his soul anyone. But was Brian asking him. Mark already trusted him in so many things. Brian seemed so smart and logical. Mark agreed the counseling. Brian asked if Mark would like him set up the first appointment. Mark was more than happy that Brian would do this for him. If left himself do, probably, Mark would have avoided making an appointment.
Mark was curious about what help Brian could have needed seek counseling. But he knew that in time, if appropriate, Brian would tell him more.
That settled, as they finished the pizza, they turned the TV back on. Both agreed they saw enough Kung Fu for the day. Instead, they settled on a rom- watch. Brian and Mark discovered that both did like these silly type movies best. And sheepishly confessed that they did watch the sappy Hallmark movies too. They laughed together over this.
Mark took a big bite of his last piece of pizza, spilling a little sauce on his chin. Brian reached over with his thumb and wiped it up. Offering Mark his thumb to lick. Mark took it in his mouth and sucked the sauce off, and then continued sucking for a minute.
‘Damn, this guy is going to be a great cocksucker if this is how he reacts to a thumb,’ Brian thought.
When the movie ended, Brian said he should be heading home. They shared a lingering kiss at the door, and he was gone. Mark was deflated again. Why hadn’t Brian said anything about tomorrow together?
In the car, Mark’s tears, for now, are slowing. He recounts his shortcomings, of which he is becoming more aware.
While presenting a tough, confident image to others, Mark has as many, if not more, self-doubts than Tim. He needs constant assurance from others that they like him. Oh, Mark can bluff his way through, making rude remarks about individuals or groups. But Mark always feels like he is living his life with a mask on. Mimicking the things his father valued or thought. Not at all what Mark, deep-down, feels.
These last six months, being with Brian and the counseling sessions, Mark is starting to acknowledge his flaws. He has been trying to change to make Brian proud of him. He still screws up now and then, and Brian calls him on it.
Working with the counselor at Pathway, Mark is identifying why he reacts how he does. Recognizing these behaviors and identifying how he needs to change the negative ones. Helping him to accept himself for he is, not what he thinks people expect him be.
Mark now grasps that Tim is the first person saw his potential and encouraged him. Mark will always be grateful Tim for his help through school. So why did he act so stupid tonight saying those things to Abbie? To the woman Tim loves?
Oh, he knows, was the immediate ‘fight’ reaction when he saw Abbie and recognized her from Pathways. Mark had talked her a couple of times in passing. Seeing her enter the pub with Tim made him so afraid she might say something out him. Something Mark is not ready do yet. Brian understands that and is patient with him.
Mark realizes that his stupid reactive comments did Abbie what he was afraid she would do him. DAMN! How stupid could he be? And in front of Brian.
The last time, weeks ago, when Mark made an anti-gay comment, Brian warned him. Telling Mark that would be consequences if he kept making homophobic comments. He had been doing so well, and now this tonight.
‘Will Brian ever speak to me again? Or did I totally ruin everything?’ Marks wonders. He looks at his phone again. Still, are no calls or texts. is now going on two in the morning. He sighs deeply and phones for a cab. Yes, Mark could drive home, but with all he drank this evening and his crying jag, he knows he shouldn’t. One thing Brian has instilled in him. And Mark did not want add more sins the list Brian must be tallying against him.
Getting out of his car, the rain starting up again, Mark runs under the pub's awning wait for the cab.
Tim and Abbie 51: The thing about Mark 1
Posted:Mar 22, 2021 12:01 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 2:43 pm

Mark’s head is against the steering wheel, tears running down his face, equal to the rain hitting against the car’s windshield. He tries calling the on his phone for the sixth time in the last three hours. Still no answer. Nor have there been any replies to his numerous texts.
‘Damn, damn, damn. I have finally fucked up so bad that I’ve ruined everything,’ Mark laments to himself as he bangs his head against the wheel. Even his last text about him probably being too drunk to drive home did not get any response.
‘Mark, you ass, you are just a piece of trash like dad said,’ he reproaches himself. ‘The one good thing in your life, and you just had to fuck it up.’
Mark is too drunk, or he might have seen that his texts have not been read. But knowing that, at the moment, would just have upset him more. Mark can’t stop crying. He feels like it is the end of his world. And Mark had only started to feel alive this last winter.
For now, Mark is too upset even to start the car. And Mark has learned not to drive when he had drunk too much. One more thing, of so many, he has learned this last year. This begins a new bout of crying.
Mark sits in his car, tears streaming down his face, remembering.
It had been back in the winter, one Friday night, watching the match in this pub. Mark with his mates, Tim was even there then. A man was sitting at the bar watching the game between his team and Mark’s side. Mark began his regular chant about one team, or the other being homos, from how they are playing. Mark was the crudest of the lot of Tim’s pals. Often he would easily trip over the line of enjoying a drink and being drunk. And then there was no stopping what came out of his mouth.
Mark kept going on and on. After loud comments for an hour, Mark, wanting another pint, went up to the bar next to the man sitting. Ranting about what queers and fairies his team was. Complaining, they were playing so miserably, tripping over their feet all the time.
The man, probably in his late thirties or early forties, turned to Mark and calmly said in a clear voice for all to hear, “Actually, tripping over your feet is more a hetero thing, isn’t it? I thought fairies and queers were graceful and danced around.”
The whole bar was silent. Mark stood there for a moment with a dumb look on his face, like not comprehending, but then burst out laughing. He told the man he was right. While the team all looks like they had something up their asses, dancing was the last thing they were doing.
Mark ended up talking to the man for almost an hour as the game went on. He was slapping his back and acting like a long-lost friend. Early on, he introduced himself and learned that the gentleman’s name was Brian. There was something about Brian that Mark was drawn to. His quiet wit, knowledge, and comprehension became apparent as they chatted, and his endearing smile when he looked at Mark.
All his mates and their wives and girlfriends had left when the game was over. But Mark stayed and talked more with Brian. Mark like everything about Brian, all he had already noticed, but also his looks. Every time Mark looked at Brian, he felt absorbed in his clear blue eyes, and his dark hair sprinkled heavily with silver strands.
Brian was friendly to him, though somewhat warily. Mark was humorous in his own way when not on his homophobic soapbox. Mark had some interesting points of view on other topics. Brian stayed also. For another hour or so, he and Mark chatted.
Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, Mark kept on drinking as they talked as he found himself nervous in some way. When Brian said he should be going, Mark said he was too. They walked to the parking lot together. Brian noticed that Mark was in no shape to drive, so he steered him to his own car, saying he would drive Mark home.
Mark did not live that far away, and in any other circumstances, would have argued with anyone suggesting he needed a ride home. The idea of a few more minutes with Brian made Mark accept the ride at once. In the car, Brian asked Mark directions and found the way to Mark’s flat without too much trouble.
Pulling up in front of the complex, Mark turns to Brian. He placed his hand on Brian’s shoulder and said, “Thanks, buddy, this is kind of you to look out for me.” And doing so, he leaned in and kissed Brian on the lips. The passion that ran through him at that moment was incredible. Something Mark had never experienced before.
Brian barely responded to the kiss but did allow Mark to press his tongue into Brian’s mouth just a bit. Brian did enjoy the sensation of Mark’s lips on his but knew Mark was in no condition to understand what he was doing.
“Mark,” Brian replied, “I’m not sure you are going to make it to your door on your own right now. Let me you.” Saying this, Brian got out of the car, walked around to the passenger door, and helped Mark out. Getting the flat out of Mark and his keys to enter the building was a bit of an effort. Finally, in Mark’s flat, Brian steered him to the couch when Mark passed out.
Brian tried to make Mark comfortable, taking his shoes off and finding a pillow for his head and afghan for over him. Then took a minute to brush the hair from Mark’s eyes and look down on him.
The kiss from Mark had been surprising and rather thrilling. It had been a while since Brian had been with anyone. To be kissed such a homophobic was astonishing. What were Mark’s true leanings?
“Buddy,” Brian said, using Mark’s term, “What are you looking for? Could you really?” Brian knew Mark could not hear him, but looking down at him, Brian allowed his mind to wander a bit.
Taking a few minutes to find paper and pen, Brian wrote a short note for Mark to see when he woke up. The message gave Brian’s cell and said that if Mark needed a ride back to the pub to get his car to let him know, and he would come to get him.
The next morning, waking, not completely remembering everything at first, Mark saw the note. Everything came back in focus, and Mark felt himself harden some remembering the kiss.
Mark had played the stud since puberty when he was captain of the football team. He never dated any one girl for any length of time, but he always tried to have his way with them. Which never really satisfied Mark in the same way as seeing his teammates in the shower. He suppressed this side of himself, and yes, often overdoing the gay-bashing to compensate.
Mark blushed to himself. Yes, he had been drunk. But still, to have been that forward to kiss Brian. It was wonderful just that little kiss. He liked Brian, had fun talking with him, and did want to see him again. ‘But in what way?’ Mark pondered.
While Mark could easily have called a cab to take him to his car, reading the note for the fifth time, Mark caught the note's emphasis. Brian wrote it not as a polite offer but as a fact – he would come to get Mark. Mark was stirred this and took time trying to think what to say and then called Brian.
Brian agreed to get Mark to collect his car from the pub. He asked if Mark wanted to meet him out in front of the building, or should he come up first to Mark’s flat?
Mark mumbled to come up to his flat first, he guessed. And then Mark spent the next hour with butterflies in his stomach trying to pick out the best outfit to wear. He reprimanded himself for being so silly, and Brian could not be interested in him at all.
And with that thought crossing his mind, Mark had a huge moment of self-awareness.
Never, never would Mark consider himself being gay. Sure all the times with women, even when they were sucking him off, he had not felt stirred. And several times, he could not even get hard enough to enter the woman. On those occasions, to save his self-respect, Mark would blame the woman for not stirring him or such.
Sure he enjoyed seeing his teammates in the shower after a game, their lean, firm bodies with water dripping off them. It wasn’t as if he gave himself away with a saluting cock at those times. ‘Wait, what? He liked looking but would have never considered it a sign that he had such leanings,’ Mark chastised himself.
So what if most of his erotic dreams were filled with naked, well-built men. Mark never acted on any impulses or thought his feelings through. God him if he had when his father was alive. Mark’s father would have beaten him harder than he ever had, thinking his was becoming a queer.
Mark’s father was now dead for a few years. His and sisters would accept anything Mark did as perfect, so some of the worst barriers have been lifted. But again, did Mark want ‘barriers lifted?’ His feelings were so flip-flopping in his stomach. All Mark knew was he was going to see Brian again soon, and it made him feel so different. Actually happy and hopeful, something Mark rarely was.
When Brian arrived, they stiffly greeted each other. Brian suggested they sit down and chat a bit before getting the car. Mark knew it was to talk about what happened the night before, but he wasn’t sure what to say.
Brian was kind as he said, “I have a feeling what happened last night was the first time you ever did anything like that.” Mark hung his head and began to apologize profusely. Acknowledging that he did not even know if Brian was gay or not. He could only blame being rather drunk for acting that way.
Brian commented that he thought it was much more than Mark being drunk for him to act on such an impulse. Mark might need to confront and acknowledge his inklings. Brian then made Mark’s heart sing when he told Mark that, apart from Mark’s braggart ways and homophobic comments, Brian was attracted to him – who knew why.
Brian emphasized that he did not like Mark’s homophobic comments and behavior. He explained calmly to Mark that some males, becoming aware of their leanings, go to that level to ignore what they are really feeling. Looking fully at Brian now, trying to listen and understand, Mark was engulfed in Brian’s blue eyes.
Brian, actually in his early forties now, was an attractive man. He was over six feet tall, nicely built (from what Mark could see), and had a tan that just played off against his silvering hair. He had such a kind expression even when speaking about what he did not like, and his smile sent impulses crashing through Mark each time he did.
Mark, from Brian’s point of view, was good-looking himself. About five foot ten inches tall. Mark had dark brown eyes and brown hair. Hair that so often fell over his eyes, begging for Brian to brush it aside. Like Brian had before leaving last night. Mark was a bit muscular but was starting to get a beer belly.
They talked more as Mark tried to concentrate hard on what was being said. Brian calmly told him that, yes, he was gay. It had been almost a year since he was with anyone. While surprised at Mark’s advance in the car, Brian did enjoy the kiss.
Mark’s face reddened hearing this. Brian was so taken with his blushing face and those locks of hair falling over his eyes. Brian leaned toward Mark, brushed the hair aside, took his face in both hands. Brian pulled Mark to him for their first real kiss. The kiss went on for several minutes, during which Mark flung his arms around Brian’s neck as they did.
The feelings of arousal ran through Mark at that moment bring the fact home to him that, one, yes, he must be gay; and two, he so wants to be with Brian whatever way Brian wanted. Shit, he would be Brian’s slut if he wanted Mark to be. Anything to be blessed with seeing Brian smile at him.
It took a while for the two to pull apart, but Brian gently pushed Mark back, apart, still facing each other. Brian’s face was red, from the emotions running through him, but also that he acted so impulsively before finding out if Mark was gay or if last night it was just due to being drunk that he had kissed him.
Composing himself, Brian acknowledged to himself that the kiss did show Mark’s interest. “Buddy, we have a lot to talk about before this goes further. It is clear this is your first time with another man on any level, even just kissing. And probably even acknowledging these feelings to yourself, let alone anyone else. I am attracted to you and want to get to know you better. And if nothing else, you understand the emotions and desires you have,” Brian said.
“First, let’s go get your car, and we can take it from there,” Brian continued. Still reeling from the sensations that crashed through him as they kissed, Mark can only nod his head.
“Give me a minute to go take a piss,” Mark told Brian, who only smiled, knowing what Mark needed to deal with at the moment. It was very noticeable in the crotch of Mark’s pants. And Brian’s smile was also for the outline he saw there.
“Take your time,” Brian replied. He needed a moment to calm and shift himself also. In the short drive to the pub to retrieve the car, Mark wondered, ‘Is this going to be the end of seeing Brian today?’ Mark wanted nothing else than to be with Brian today, tomorrow, for as long as he could.
That kiss answered everything for Mark. Well, as far as knowing that no girl, woman, female, whatever they are now, ever made him feel the way Brian did. Brian’s lips, soft but firm; his tongue playing in his mouth sent such rumbling through his body. Just kissing Brian had made Mark hard. So much so that a little precum escaped, which Mark hope wasn’t visible.
Brian sensed Mark’s sudden uneasiness. They would have to go slow to be sure Mark understood completely and was comfortable with what it meant to be sexually intimate with another male. Brian reached over and placed his hand over Mark’s and squeezed it.
“Hey, buddy, are you okay? Do you have plans for later? If not, after getting your car back home, would you like to go out to dinner with me?” Brian asked.
Mark was relishing Brian calling him ‘buddy.’ He said it is such a sweet way that it felt like it meant so much more than Mark just being a pal or his mate. Brian was not sure why he kept calling Mark ‘buddy,’ at first was mimicking Mark using the term to him.
Mark squeezed Brian’s hand in return and said he would love to go to dinner with Brian. At that moment, Mark didn’t care where they would go, who would see them, or what they might think. He just wanted to be with Brian. Feel Brian’s lips on his again.
Those feelings of not caring who saw them and such would not last long. As Mark became more aware of what was happening, he was not ready to come out of the closet yet. Though over time, Mark was striving to reach the point to open that door. Holding Brian’s hand where no one could see felt so right.
His car returned to his flat; Mark again climbed into Brian’s car. Before he put his seatbelt on, Mark leaned over and kissed Brian again. “Thank you for helping me get my car. And for looking out for me last night and driving me home. Let me for dinner to show my gratitude to you,” Mark said as he pulled back from the kiss.
“Buddy, you do not owe me anything, and I invited you. Let me take care of you,” Brian replied, realizing that ‘buddy’ was now his pet name for Mark. A term of endearment Brian could use in public without raising eyebrows, but both knew what it really meant between them.
Holding Mark’s hand the whole way, Brian drives them to an upscale restaurant about thirty kilometers away. They chatted about the scenery this wintery day and how nice that the sun was out. They debated the merits of one football team over another and other things with no real meaning.
When they entered the restaurant and were lead to their table, Brian put his hand on Mark’s back between his shoulders to urge him to go first. Brian’s hand stayed there until seated at their table. Mark knew he needed to control himself. From just a casual touch like that Brian, he could feel himself start to stiffen.
The dinner was fabulous. The food so tasty, but it could have been sawdust for all Mark noticed. He was again mesmerized Brian. They talked about their jobs. Brian was a senior vice president at one of the larger banks. He was the head of their commercial loans department. Mark was astonished at Brian’s job. He would have never imagined someone of such stature would have wandered into the pub, and his life, last night.
Brian talked about his position, duties, and responsibilities in such a downplayed way. He was not trying to impress Mark but sharing pieces of his life for Mark to know him better.
Mark, in turn, explained his job as the head buyer for the grocery chain. With pride in his voice, he explained that he was responsible for the grocery stores moving to include more and more upscale and unique items. For the first time, Mark was not bragging about his accomplishments, but as Brian did, explaining about his job.
Mark outlined how he realized with the proliferation of cooking shows now available, even everyday housewives wanted to try the recipes and wanted a convenient place to purchase the ingredients. The smile he received from Brian felt like more praise and recognition than the raise and bonus he got after starting this new line.
They talked about things they liked to do, working out a couple of times a week, types of movies and music they enjoyed, all the fabrics of a first date. As they talked between courses, Brian would reach under the table and take Mark’s hand. Feeling Brian’s flesh against his, even if just their hands, sent a kaleidoscope of tingles through Mark’s body.
After dinner, Brian drove Mark back home. Parking the car, he got out with Mark and walked him to his door. Mark was so glad he was not leaving yet and treating him like a proper date seeing him home and safe. Then Mark blushed thinking, ‘Ass, ‘proper date’? While you might be changing the side you play on, you are not some teenage girl out with someone for the first time.’
Needless to say, Mark invited him in, and as soon as the door was closed behind them, they were in each other’s arms, kissing and pressing their bodies together. They worked their way to the couch, and as Brian sat, Mark straddled his lap, facing him as they continued to kiss.
Mark moved closer, so through their pants, their cocks were rubbing against each other as they both got harder and harder. It was not just Mark who was so turned on feeling the size of the other.
Coming to his senses, and knowing they needed to slow down, Brian broke their kiss. Shifted Mark so he was still straddling Brian’s lap but now arm’s length apart. “Buddy, we need to slow down some. There are things we need to talk seriously about. This is all so new and exciting for you, but we need to take it slow—one step at a time. I don’t want to go too fast, and you freak out,” Brian said.
“Mark, do you understand what I am saying?” he finished.
Mark so wanted to rush in headfirst to this exciting new world of emotions and feelings. He did understand, and Brian taking this stand for them both endeared him to Mark even more. “I understand Brian, thank you for thinking for both of us. I want something to build between us, and I do have many things to work out. We will go at the pace you set for us,” Mark said in a small, soft voice.
Hearing Mark’s reply Brian so wanted to devour him fully right then but keeps himself in check. He pulled Mark to him, so Mark’s head was Brian’s shoulder, and gently rubbed up and down Mark’s back. “Don’t worry, little buddy. We will have fun working our way through as you discover new things. It will be at the pace where you feel comfortable. But now I should get going. It is rather late,” Brian said.
At the door, before opening it, Brian kissed Mark deeply one last time. “Sweetie, those kisses are going to be in my dreams tonight,” Brian said as he swats Mark’s ass in goodbye.
After Brian left, Mark squeezed himself with excitement. He has no clear idea what will be involved but knows that just a touch, or a kiss, from Brian makes him feel so wonderful. Oh, the mechanics of them fully being together Mark understood in a basic way, but he was a bit vague on what specifically happens.
Then from the moments of glee he was feeling, Mark fell into a pit of despair. Mark realized they made no plans for the next time to see each other. He sulked a bit over that. Mark always did fling from one extreme of emotions to the other. More so than Tim ever was, Mark’s feelings of inferiority were just under the surface. The difference was, Mark was a master of hiding his feelings as a protective measure all these years.
A half-hour later, Mark’s phone dinged that he had a text. Mark smiled as he read Brian’s message that he just wanted Mark to know he was home safe. Mark replied with banal comments, and they texted back and forth for almost an hour.
Brian told Mark to get ready for bed as they texted. Mark did, telling Brian as he took each bit of his clothes off. Brian responded in like texts. Finally, when both were in bed naked, they said their final good night.
Sniffing and rubbing his red eyes, Mark in his car, in the rain, feels like the loneliest man in the world. That first day together had been so magical. The rocket he had felt learning that Brian was interested in him too. Even with his flaws, Brian liked him and wanted to him enter that new world into which Mark was stepping.
‘And then you had to screw it up,’ Mark laments to himself. ‘You knew what Brian had warned you about, but you just had to act like an ass.’
Mark is now feeling so remorseful for what he did to Tim and Abbie. Well, Abbie, really. It was all a reflex to protect himself. For the first time since this all started earlier this evening, Mark thinks about others rather than himself.
Tim and Abbie. A couple? Mark was surprised about that and that Tim would enter into such a relationship. Well, look at himself and the changes in his own life this year. Yes, Abbie is gorgeous, and they seem so devoted to each other. Like how he and Brian had been.
Worrying that it is all in the past for Brian and him, a new bout of tears starts flowing from Mark. Competing against the rain beating against the car.
Tim and Abbie 50: At the Pub for the match
Posted:Mar 16, 2021 9:47 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 2:43 pm

Friday arrives, and Abbie drives herself to work, telling Tim she will see him home afterward. She is a bundle of nerves today and keeps admonishing herself to relax and not worry. She is experiencing the same worries as she did over the party Microga. Abbie tells herself to how well that worked , worrying for nothing.
Abbie herself has self-esteem issues almost equal to those that Tim had. Tim has learned that most of the things he attributed to others were all just in his own head. But for Abbie, considering all things, this fear of interacting with groups with different outlooks on things is always there. She tries to play it down and not let it bother her. Being a transgender woman trying to live normally in a mainly straight world is filled with hurdle after hurdle.
Abbie drives herself to work so she can leave early. She wants time to get herself looking her best for what is ahead.
Grace, understanding Abbie’s nervousness, texts her throughout the , telling her to relax and everything will be fine. Abbie tries to, but for some reason, these warning buzzers keep going off in her head. Like being in the water at a beach. Everything looks clear ahead, and the bottom is still up to your knees, but then you take that one step more and realize there was the drop in the ocean’s depth, and you are now in over your head.
Abbie does breathing exercises to relax and has a stiff drink as she applies her makeup to help her . She knows part of her qualms is from stories Tim told her about his mates. Especially that one who is a bit of a loudmouth and bigot.
Happy with her makeup and her drink finished, Abbie feels more relaxed as she picks out a Kelly-green plaid dress that complements her red hair and makes her green eyes sparkle. It is lower cut and shows her bought assets at their best, especially as she has them on display framed with a black lace shelf bra. If looking at Abbie from the right angle, the dress allows a fleeting peek at her nipples. It is one of Abbie’s more casual dresses, so she fits in with the crowd she will be meeting and not appear overdressed.
She hopes these distractions will be enough to keep any comments being made until they get to know her and understand what she and Tim have. Content with her appearance, she hears Tim pull into the garage around . He comes in to find her ready and the table with her computer in the kitchen.
Tim whistles what he sees before him. Abbie smiles at him and tells him he should get ready too. She hears the shower running a short while later, and as she sits at the table, she envisions what she is not a part of right now. Tim’s lovely body standing in the shower, the water cascading down over him.
In her mind, Abbie visualizes what she is imagining. She feels herself getting aroused at the thought of Tim standing naked in the shower. Scrubbing soap all over his body, running his hands up and down his shaft to clean it nicely, then the water spraying all over his body to rinse himself.
In the shower, Tim is having some fantasies of his own. As he covers his body with soap, Tim takes his time washing his ass slit and then his cock. It is hard, not so much from his soap scrubbing but thinking of Abbie downstairs in her green dress. He so loves when she wears that shade. It does complement her red hair and makes her like an Irish lass.
Closing his eyes as the water runs over him, washing the soap away, Tim visualizes Abbie standing outside the shower with a towel for him to step into. Then her dropping to her knees and taking his cock head into her mouth to suck. Just the glans at first, her teeth lightly nibbling on that -rim of the head.
Tim leans back against the wall of the shower as he wanks himself over the illusion. Abbie is taking more and more of his cock into her mouth to suck and lick. He imagines her tongue running up and down his vein the back of his shaft. Nibbling up and down and running her tongue over him. Then her taking his balls, one by one, into her mouth to play with. Tim lets out a deep moan as he envisions Abbie sucking his now hairless balls.
Abbie has taken that part of his grooming in hand. Every couple of weeks, they spend an enjoyable hour when Abbie shaves Tim’s mons, balls, and around his asshole. Personally, Abbie has all her hair removed with lasers every few months. The softness of her skin all over is so lovely to feel. They have talked about Tim moving to that also, but Abbie is taking her time to get him to accept the idea.
Right now, in the shower, it is almost like Abbie is doing all these things to him just outside the shower door. His hand is moving rapidly, jerking himself. Getting closer and closer to the climax. Tim is amazed at how Abbie now has such control over him, even when not there. The mere thought of her can take him to an orgasm.
A few more strong wanks, and the resulting burst of sprays over the shower floor. Tim watches as the shower water washes it away down the drain. He is leaning back against the shower wall as he calms himself. After a final rinse, Tim steps from the shower and dries himself off.
He picks a pair of casual khaki with a paler green polo shirt. The outfit is similar to what he usually wore on pub nights. Between Tim’s running, athletics with Abbie, and now having clothes fitting him properly, he looks much different. And with no beard and a new haircut, the change in his appearance is astounding.
Tim and Abbie drive to the pub arriving just as Sam and Grace are also pulling into the lot. They walk into the bar together, and Tim sees his gang sitting at several pushed-together tables along the one wall with a good view of the televisions airing the game. As he leads them to the table, Abbie notices with some surprise that Brian from the Peacock is sitting at the bar. She will have to say hi to him after meeting the others.
Everyone at the table greets the three new additions with kindness. The go on about how good Tim looks. And asking if Grace is Abbie’s sister for how much they look alike. Just social chit- when Mark walks up to the table with a new pitcher of beer.
Seeing the new arrivals, he stops short and gasps, looking them. Then pulling himself together in the way Mark can, he says clearly for all in the pub to hear, “Tim, I didn’t know that you swung that way, and Abbie, is it? You do pull it off rather well.”
The color drains from Abbie’s , and she feels the room spinning. She feels she is about to faint. Everything she feared has happened. She has been outed in a public place where everyone heard and are looking. Never has Abbie experienced this before, and even imagining it might happen did not prepare her for this.
She grasps on the back of a chair and takes a couple of deep breaths. Looking directly at Mark, Abbie says calmly, in a clear voice that carries through the room, “Are you claiming you are without sin? Throwing the first stone? Often the one making the most noise is the one with the most to hide.” Her eyebrow raised some, and Mark blushes from her statement. He actually shuts up for a change and looks around.
Abbie steadies herself, and two of the women jump up and steers her to the restroom. Martha, her pregnant belly sticking out looking like she is ready to drop, wets some paper towels and presses them to the back of Abbie’s neck, telling her just to breathe slowly.
Debbie tells her to no attention to Mark. He is their resident ass. Why their husbands put up with him still is beyond them. They fuss over Abbie, admiring her dress and what a change there is in Tim, which they know is a result of her. After a few minutes, Abbie is calm and feels like she has known Debbie and Martha for ages. Neither make any mention of what Mark alluded to and just treat her as a new girlfriend. Telling her how glad they are that Tim has finally found someone, she must be special seeing how happy he is now.
They go back to the table. Mark is off at the end of the bar. Abbie notices that Brian is no longer at the bar, rather just a half-empty glass. She remembers how as the world was spinning, she noticed Brian looking over at the with a disappointed expression on his .
Abbie and the two women join the conversation with the others. Before long, all know each other better. Tim’s mates and ladies all are enchanted with Abbie’s American accent and want to know more about where she is from and how she happened to end up here.
Abbie answers their questions but does not name the where she works or what they do. Just that she is an office manager, she was unsure of the impact of stating where she works. Mark meekly comes back over to the table and sits a bit removed at one end, listening to the conversation. Looking at him, he appears to have something else on his mind.
Everyone is so proud of Tim for his promotion and all of his accomplishments. Matt and Peter get into a bit of an extended conversation with Tim about efficiencies lacking in the plant at Microga. Tim is interested in their insight. He inwardly smiles, realizing that the skills he had taught them so long ago, they are now regularly using. The ability to analyze and breakdown situations to theorize the problem and discover the solution.
Tim asks the two first when is the best time in their workday to talk about this further, and then arranges to meet with them on Monday to go into their observations and suggestions further. Both Matt and Peter are amazed as Tim puts their meeting on his calendar and sends off a message to his Administrative Assistant to block out time for the discussion and contact their managers. Both men quickly add it to their calendars also.
Meanwhile, Abbie watches Mark go back up to the bar and quietly moves from the to talk to him for a minute. She does understand why Mark said what he did. It did not take away the pain she felt from it, but she needed to reassure him a bit.
Tim looks over and sees the two of them chatting quietly and wonders what that is about. But both seem calmer as Abbie leaves Mark to return to the .
and info are exchanged between them all. Sam had been talking with Luke about construction and the difference between commercial and residential. Sam is impressed with Luke’s knowledge of the trade. Meanwhile, learning about Grace’s vocation in linguistics and languages, she is bombarded with questions. All are flabbergasted when Grace can tell each of them correctly where they or their families come from based on their dialect.
The likeness between Abbie and Grace is also a topic of conversation. Both the guys and the women repeatedly comment about the chance of randomly meeting your doppelganger and laugh and enjoy Abbie’s reference of Grace as her mini-me.
All in all, the evening goes rather well after a rocky start. When the game ended, the couples part heading out of the pub. Tim suggests Sam and Grace join them for one more drink at the Wilde Peacock, which they agreed to immediately. The evening has been an interesting adventure, and to talk, just them about it would be a nice wind-down.
As they leave the pub, Mark is the one in the who stays behind. the bar with his head hanging down, everyone calls goodbye to him. Abbie goes over to him and tells him she hopes they can meet again sometime and not to worry. Mark just nods his head but cannot speak.
When they reach the door, they see it is starting to rain. Not a lot now, but enough for all to make a dash to their cars with cheers of goodbye. In the short time until they arrive the Wilde Peacock, the rain is really coming down.
When the four walk into the Wilde Peacock a few minutes later, they all head over to the end of the bar where Les and Phoebe are sitting. Abbie, somewhat surprised, sees Brian down the bar and goes over to him. While the rest amicably, Tim sees Abbie and Brian in deep conversation.
About minutes later, Abbie rejoins the , not saying anything about her detour. Tim looks her questionably, but Abbie minimally shakes her head to relay that it is not something to discuss.
Later driving home, in the continuing rain, Tim asks Abbie what it was all about, her conversations with Mark and Brian? Abbie replies, “Mark did apologize to me, and he seemed sincere. Underneath, he seemed like an okay guy. You should give him some slack as it appears he is going through something right now.”
Abbie quietly continues, “To say more right now would be more or less gossiping, and more so, confidentiality issues must be observed.” Now Tim is really curious, but he would never ask Abbie to gossip. She assures Tim that everything might soon see the light of and he will understand.
Meanwhile, back the pub, Mark has one more pint. Probably one more than he needs. He stumbles of the pub and over to his car in the pouring rain. Mark climbs in, not even turning the motor on. Then he gives into his pent-up emotions and leans his head against the steering wheel. In anguish, Mark begins to cry.
Tim and Abbie 49: About Tim’s mates
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Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 2:43 pm

Tim always viewed himself as an outsider. He felt everyone viewed him as a in school for not having a father and wanted nothing to do with him. In truth, except for one day in school when he was about seven, no one ever thought about that at all.
That day was when the were asked to say what their fathers did. When it came to Tim’s turn, he blurted out that he didn’t know as he did not have a father. The giggled some, and at the break, one boy did ask Tim if he was a . Which caused another avalanche of laughing. the next day, as is in primary school, someone else was the target for ridicule for the day.
But Tim always felt that his classmates were always judging him about his illegitimacy. And in the same way that Tim viewed himself as friendless often, he had a of close friends since secondary school who cared for him and included him in things.
Tim’s mates started as a small of guys and now include their wives or girlfriends. He has been a part of their lives for twenty years now. The has been friends since their beginning at secondary school. Tim felt they were just individuals who tolerated him for what he offered them when he was , but over the years, Tim came to accept that they did like him.
In many ways, Tim was surprised that they still were friends and included him in things almost twenty years later. Though over the years, except for special events like weddings or 's christenings, Tim only met them at the sports pub on Friday nights to watch their team .
Since meeting Abbie in April, Tim has not seen them or been to the sports pub for the last five months. Most of the have called him to join them for the game or just drinks on several Friday nights, but Tim declined. This week they insisted he stop ‘avoiding them’ and join them to watch the game on Friday night.
Tim realizes he does want to see them all and have them meet Abbie, so he promised they would be there.
But back to the start.
Altogether, besides Tim, there were five guys in the that developed in school. It started when one of them sat behind Tim in math class their first year of secondary school. Mark, the football captain, who was chosen for that role more for his aggressiveness on the field and his muscular build than any real skill or intelligence. Mark was far from being a good student, barely passing a test, if even that.
Tim had known who Mark was for a few years but had never interacted with him until they were in the class together.
During the first test that autumn, Tim could feel Mark trying to see his answers. Math always was easy for Tim, along with most other subjects. Knowing Mark was trying to cheat off him, Tim didn’t care. If that was what Mark needed to succeed, whatever. Tim did not try to hide his paper, and actually, when he had finished the test, he pushed it to one side so Mark could have a clear view of the answers.
Mark did have enough sense not to use all of Tim’s answers, so it wouldn't be apparent he was cheating. Tim always aced the tests, so Mark knew he was the right person to copy from. When the graded tests were returned, Mark managed to get a B.
For the next few weeks, Tim did the same thing for their weekly tests. Mark’s math grades were improving, even if he did not know how to do the math. Mark was surprised and pleased that Tim so readily allowed him to cheat off him.
October, Tim grasped that he was not helping Mark at all and took a big chance. After class, Tim asked Mark if he could talk to him for a minute. Mark agreed, thinking, ‘I should have known, the little shit is going to want to keep helping him cheat.’ But he was surprised what Tim suggested.
“Mark, just copying my answers is not helping you learn or prepare you for work down the road. Football for you is not going to last, and eventually, you will need to be able to perform well in the job you chose,” Tim said with more confidence than he felt. Tim was sure Mark was about to punch him out for his comments.
Breathing deeply, Tim continued, “How about after your football practice, we spend an hour of me tutoring you in math so you can understand it? We could meet at the library, or wherever is good for you.”
Mark was amazed at what he was hearing. No one had ever offered to help him before. For someone to be willing to spend their time to try to get him to understand was beyond Mark’s expectations of people. When Mark asked Tim how much he would for tutoring, and Tim replied nothing, Mark was overwhelmed.
Mark readily agreed but suggested they meet in the equipment room after practice. Mark did not want to damage his image being seen in a library.
And so it began. Tim helped Mark, first with his math, but then with other subjects. Within a month, Mark asked if Tim would mind assisting a couple of his buddies in the same way. Tim agreed, and first, two more, and a few weeks later, another two joined the tutoring sessions.
All five of the guys were on the varsity football team. They were grateful for Tim helping them. So afternoons, Tim spent an hour or so in the gym equipment room helping them understand what went over their heads in the classroom. Tim did have a way of carefully explaining things using analogies that the five could understand.
Soon they were all improving in every subject and actually started enjoying what they were learning. When football ended, the tutoring continued. Now they met for a couple of hours each afternoon to cover all the subjects the five had questions about.
The five were well known around the school and were considered part of the elite. Suddenly when passing Tim in the hall, they would say hello. If they noticed Tim in the lunch line, they had him join their table to eat. None of the other students knew about the tutoring sessions. Instead just surmised that the jocks had made Tim their mascot.
For the most part, Tim still kept to himself and was sure all were judging him for being a . During the tutoring sessions, Tim relaxed and felt more confident. The guys all were getting better grades, on their own now, without cheating. After passing a test, the five would come into the equipment room cheering about the grades they just got.
Early on in these tutoring sessions, the school coach became aware of them in the equipment room each afternoon. He was worried at first about what they might be doing, especially having Tim with them. Were they doing something to Tim which he should be concerned about? But after eavesdropping on the and realizing that Tim was tutoring his team, the coach made sure they were never disturbed during their time in the supply room.
The coach never told anyone, but after that, he would go easy on Tim when he was not always successful in gym class’ physical activities. He would listen in from time to time. Hearing Tim explain concepts and formulas in a way that the jocks could comprehend, the coach thought Tim would make an excellent teacher one day.
But to back up a little. Why did Mark even agree to Tim’s suggestion from the start?
The truth lay in his family life. Mark had two sisters ten years older than him. His and sisters did coddle him, but his father was a different story. So pleased to have an heir when Mark was born, he rode Mark hard with expectations for him. He never finished school and felt that held him back from advancing at his job on the railroad.
Mark’s father’s measure of success for his was first athletic prowess, second, being attractive to the ladies and sexually active, and third having good enough grades to improve Mark’s chances of getting a decent job. He did not expect an all-A student. Bs and Cs were acceptable. Though when Mark brought home Ds or a failing grade, his father did not waste any time escorting Mark to the shed for some attention from his belt.
In reality, Mark’s father led him to the shed somewhat regularly for one indiscretion or another. His theory was that such discipline made Mark stronger and built his character.
This led to Mark learning the skill of cheating. Tim's offer to Mark was readily accepted as Mark knew deep down, cheating through school was not accomplishing anything. Mark was afraid of what his father would do to him if he ever learned about Mark cheating. Mark knew that his days of cheating without being caught would probably come to an unwelcomed end soon. It was only a question of how long his luck held out. Underneath, Mark did want to learn to be able to get passing grades on his own.
With Tim’s all through their time at secondary school, Mark did improve. Mark actually came to enjoy history and literature, and even math to a degree. Mark’s father, seeing his grades at first, wondered what racket Mark was playing. Over time, with Mark spilling out things he had learned over dinner to his and sisters, his father’s view changed. Maybe Mark wasn’t the dummy he had thought. As the years went , the dinner conversations would often be over Mark’s father’s head. Then he would just nod off and on during the meal.
their last year at school, the guys besides Mark – Matt, Peter, John, and Luke all had steady girlfriends. Matt and Luke were with the same girls they started dating a few years earlier. At first, the girlfriends were jealous of what the guys were doing each afternoon after practice. But as soon as they learned what was going on, they encouraged the guys. They all had their futures pinned to the four guys and did want their future mates to be able to provide for them well. They, too, showed attention to Tim at school.
Mark would have fleeting girlfriends over the years, but he never stayed with any of them for more than a couple of months. And rumors around the school were he would be a bit aggressive with females, egging them on to go further with him than they wanted to.
When one of the five passed a test, there would be a whoop and holler session at the start of tutoring. Then one day, Peter came in busting with pride. The history paper he had written earned an A. The teacher even commented on his insight into the consequences of the historical event. The whole crew celebrated his accomplishment.
What began as Tim just helping the guys with their school work turned into a friendship with them. In truth, Tim was the one who held back. The guys would invite Tim to parties, but Tim would come up with excuses why he could not attend.
When secondary school ended, the five guys were determined and dragged Tim with them to a local pub. None of them were of age yet to get beers served directly to them. Tim’s mates managed to get pints of ale having one of the older customers the drinks for them, being the ‘parental’ unit with them.
At the pub that day, Tim tasted his first beer. Oh, his would give him glasses of wine to accompany the gourmet dinners she would make; occasionally, an apéritif or digestif before or after dinner. Ale, though, was considered too plebeian to Cynthia. Tim did find he liked the taste. Perhaps in part as the others had encouraged him to join them.
There was more to this outing than just bringing Tim to a pub. After a round of drinks, the guys started making toasts, first to all of them passing and graduating. Then for Tim being second in their class and earning a full scholarship. But the most cheers were for Tim’s over the last few years to bring them all to a successful end of school.
Then Mark stood up and fumbled over the words, thrusting a box at Tim, “Just something we all got you for helping us through all this. We do appreciate what you did for us, Tim.” He sat down as Tim, his face fully blushed at this surprising addition, opened the package.
Inside was a new cell phone, a RAZR. It wasn’t the best model, but for them to get him one in thanks was overwhelming to Tim. Mark mumbled that they for a year of for Tim, “To make sure you keep in touch with us while you’re absorbed in your college courses.”
Tim thanked them all profusely, with tears in his eyes for what they had done. He knew they all had jobs after school and on weekends, but the idea that they pooled their to get him this, meant the world to Tim.
Tim did stay in touch and met them at the same pub on most Friday nights. They all were fans of one football team and enjoyed evenings of beer and cheering their team on.
Over the years, Tim finished college and got the position at Microga. The five guys all took different routes learning skilled trades or just jumping into jobs. The girls they had each been with since school days often accompanied them on Fridays. Soon these women became their wives or fiancées. Only Mark did not have a steady girlfriend. He would have a woman with him for a week or two. Then it would be someone else, or him himself as it had been in school.
Mark was the most boisterous of the . He would make inappropriate advances to women in the pub and egg the other guys to hit on other women if their spouses weren’t there. In time Tim did come to know that overall, Mark really was an ass. It was only due to the past kindness Mark had shown and interest in the other guys' lives that kept Tim meeting them on Friday nights.
The had shown such concern and were there when his died, though none of them had ever met Cynthia. That kindness had meant a lot to Tim.
After years of Mark’s bigoted and homophobic remarks, the evenings had been losing their charm for Tim. It was only knowing what Mark had shared with him over the years about his father that kept Tim continuing with him. Tim knew this negative side of Mark came from trying to be like his father and live up to his view of the world. And even though Mark’s father died a few years after Cynthia, those feelings were still embedded in Mark.
After starting at Microga, Tim recommended Matt and Peter for positions in the factory. Both were very appreciative of Tim’s getting them the jobs. Tim always made a point of stopping and saying hi to them when he was in the plant. They knew about Tim’s promotion, and both are so proud of their friend.
Matt, now married to Martha for a few years, was awaiting their first 's arrival. The last time Tim saw them at the pub was in April. Martha had just learned she was pregnant. Now she should be almost to her due date.
Peter and Sarah have had an on-again, off-again relationship for about years. But now they are engaged and planning a wedding next spring.
John went to trade school to learn computer programming and has a good job with a gaming company. He and Debbie have been married for over ten years but have no interest in starting a family.
Since finishing school, Luke has worked at a commercial construction company. He married Mary right out of school and now has a couple of . The older one was getting ready to start secondary school.
And then there is Mark. He, too, looked for work with no offers to football at a professional level when he finished school. Mark had known that football would end with secondary school, as he was not good enough to with the ‘big boys.’ Instead, he was offered a full-time position from his part-time job while in school as a stocker at a local grocery store. Over the last several years, Mark has advanced in the company.
Mark went from stocker to cashier and then to being a merchandise buyer for the store. Five years ago, when a large chain purchased the grocery store, Mark was promoted to head buyer for the district. All five, well, six including Tim, have done well for themselves and were living comfortably.
As of last spring, all of the others are married or soon to be so. That left Mark and Tim as the only single guys. It was interesting that while he egged the others on to flirt and try to pick up women, Mark never pushed Tim to approach women. Somewhat knowing that Tim was too shy and unsure of doing so.
It was just one of the small ways they all have looked out for Tim over the years. But now, with Abbie, and his promotion, Tim realizes that to not respond to their invitation would make it appear that he was now too above them, which Tim did not think at all.
Tim is proud of all of them and the accomplishments they have made. That Tim being a small part of helping them learn and succeed has been one of the shining lights in Tim’s dull life over the years. But to both the men and their wives, Tim was much more than a ‘small part’ in their lives. They all clearly remember what Tim did and feel they can never repay him.
When the request comes asking Tim to join his mates for the game in September, Tim knows it is time for them to meet Abbie and understand his life now. Tim does not think about how they might react to Abbie as he still is blinded his love for her. He could not comprehend anyone finding fault with her or their relationship.
Tim tries to tell Abbie about his mates and what they mean to him, but he is so unsure of the emotions he feels about them, he stumbles over his words. Abbie comprehends what Tim is trying to say but is still nervous about meeting them. How would they react to her?
Abbie knows she can ‘pass’ with strangers if just in a chance meeting of no length. But to meet up close, for an extended period, with people who would be judging if she is good enough for their mate is something different.
Abbie anguishes over what is ahead, and Thursday night, her apprehension is apparent to Grace right away. Taking Abbie aside to question her, Abbie spills all her worries out to Grace. Hugging her, Grace says, “So what if they figure things out? What does it matter to you and Tim? There is no way they can throw a wrench into things, and if they are loyal friends of Tim’s, as you say, they will be supportive of you when they see how happy Tim is. If it would make you feel better, Sam and I could join you tomorrow night, so you have some of your ‘team’ there for reinforcement.”
Abbie hugs Grace back and tells her, yes, them being there would be good. So after joining the rest and Grace having quiet words with Sam, Abbie tells Tim that Grace and Sam would like to join them for the game at the pub tomorrow.
Tim agrees that would be nice, not comprehending the reason for their participation. Plans are made, and it is agreed that Grace and Sam will meet Tim and Abbie at the pub around seven the next night.
Tim and Abbie 48: The summer comes to an end
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Last Updated:Mar 11, 2021 2:02 pm

Back home from the coast, it is soon September. Work for Tim and Abbie is fulfilling, as is the time they spend with their new circle of friends. It is a wonderful balance for them all. Since Ruth’s visit to Pathways, she and Phillip Clarke share a meal with Tim and Abbie about once a month.
The two do find plenty of time to share pleasures. Tim is learning to enjoy wearing a cock ring that holds his shaft tightly during foreplay and slows down the final release during intercourse. Abbie enjoys this also as it makes everything last longer.
Once they reach the point that both are naked and, through hand play, are each moving toward being fully ready, Abbie takes one of the metal rings, which fit snugly on Tim at this level, and slides it down his cock to the base. Tim, feeling this, gives a content moan as she does.
It is like a sign that both are ready to move to the final act. Usually, Abbie rolls on her back and lifts her legs over Tim’s shoulders so they can look into each other’s eyes as they accelerate to the final outburst.
Other times, Abbie will ride Tim, setting the pace for them. Or lying side side, Abbie’s back to Tim’s stomach as he slides into her with one of her legs thrown over his thigh. They enjoy so many ways, even Abbie on her knees, Tim entering her from behind. All offer different sensations for both of them, keeping things fresh and exciting between them.
After the incredible time they had on their holiday, Tim begins thinking about things between them seriously. He knows he loves Abbie and can’t imagine carrying on without her. He wants to find a way for her to know this, more than him just telling her.
His mind wanders back to the ring he found of his ’s. The one that Thomas, Tim’s father, had given her. Tim remembers her wearing it for several years when he was little. While he has next to no feelings for his father, he knows his treasured the ring. It symbolized Cynthia and Thomas together through the birth of Tim. Thinking about this, Tim decides he wants Abbie to have the ring.
Taking it to a jeweler to clean and resize, Tim is surprised what the jeweler tells him when he picks up the ring. Putting the ring on a velvet-covered display tray, he asks Tim, “Do you know anything about this ring?” When Tim shakes his head no, the jeweler continues, “It is made Elizabeth Gage, a top designer in the 80s. The queen and her often wore many of her designs, adding to her acclaim.”
Tim is astonished, but more so when the jeweler tells him that the ring is valued at over five thousand pounds. Mixed emotions run through Tim hearing this. ‘Why did his not just the ring when she needed ? Did Thomas care that much for his to her such a valuable ring?’
The jeweler continues, Tim only half hearing. “To resize the ring would have taken much of its value away, and the difference between what it is now and what you requested is minimal. It should fit your intended recipient.” Tim, still a bit confused, leaves the shop with the ring. It now does have more significance to him, but he is not sure how it changes things that much.
Ring now ready, Tim makes his plans.
On a Saturday at the beginning of September, after spending the day clearing up the yard and flower beds for fall, Tim suggests they go out to dinner. Abbie is more than happy with that suggestion.
Together in the bath, Abbie is leaning back against Tim as he soaps her breasts and shoulders, then down over her stomach and thighs, spending a great deal of time scrubbing her clit until Abbie cries with delight.
Tim’s full attention is on helping Abbie to reach that tremendous abyss. The suds add to the pleasure Abbie feels as Tim takes her glans between his fingers and plays her like she loves. The head of her clit presses into the palm of his hand, going back and forth as Tim’s fingers run and squeeze up and down her extended clit.
Abbie is squirming as the play continues. She is trying to hold back to enjoy as long as she can. Abbie can feel Tim’s cock, getting harder against her as each wave rushes through her.
It is always exciting to her when she feels Tim’s hard prick rubbing up and down her ass crack—not trying to enter her but enjoying the friction against her body. By now, Tim has Abbie purring like he loves to hear. As he continues, between rushes, Abbie gasps out for him not to stop, which he doesn’t.
Abbie knows she is reaching that point of no return; she rolls on her stomach as her gushes spray out over Tim’s stomach. The sight of her round and lovely ass cheeks bouncing as Abbie lets everything be released takes Tim to the point of joining Abbie, spurting himself.
Tim has not spanked Abbie since before their vacation. Her maintenance spankings on Wednesdays stopped then. Abbie seems to be behaving regarding the issues which brought it on. But Tim does acknowledge, to himself, something stirs in him when he sees her lovely ass cheeks naked and waiting before him.
During the maintenance period, Tim did come to comprehend some things. When Abbie lies over his lap with her pale cheeks lifted and waiting, Tim always gets enjoyment and becomes aroused. Seeing the first mark on each cheek, which is an outline of his hand before repeated spanks blend them, thrills him. Spanking that lovely ass to a rosy red leads to Tim hardening as much as Abbie does from the discipline.
Though while it does, Tim would never overstep their agreement for him being Abbie’s disciplinarian. No, spanking Abbie is for her own good when needed, not for him to get his rocks off over. But more than one night, while Abigail was spending her corner time, Tim did have to hurry to the bathroom to jerk himself off, envisioning her lovely red cheeks staring out at him as she stood in her time out.
Tim brings his wandering mind back to the present and helps Abbie wash their stomachs off before stepping out of the tub and wrapping themselves in thick, warm towels.
He leaves Abbie to do her hair and makeup. Tim chooses what he will wear tonight. He also searches through Abbie’s wardrobe and finds the dress he wants her to wear. Tim places it on the bed and finishes getting dressed. He fixes his hair how the beautician showed him and is clean-shaven from before getting into the tub.
When Abbie comes into the bedroom, she sees the dress Tim has laid out. She hasn’t worn that for months, she realizes, and thinks it would look good on her tonight. She finishes dressing and goes downstairs to where Tim is waiting for her.
Watching Abbie descend the stairs takes Tim’s breath away. She looks marvelous, as she always does, but tonight Abbie is wearing the dress she wore that first night Tim took her to dinner. He is unsure if Abbie remembers what she wore, but if it hadn’t crossed her mind when Tim tells her the cab is here for them, it suddenly becomes clear.
Abbie allows a small grin to cross her face as she comprehends that Tim is recreating their first date. When they pull up in the cab to the same restaurant as that night, Abbie is now fully grinning.
Tim helps her from the cab and steers her into the restaurant with his hand on her arm. The maitre d' shows them to their table, which Abbie recognizes as where they sat that night. Tim is recreating the evening perfectly.
‘Just though he doesn’t run away for a bit as he had later that evening,’ Abbie thinks as she smiles, ‘But even that worked out after all.’
They have a delicious dinner of several courses. Abbie feels almost stuffed but in a good way. Over after-dinner drinks, Tim brings out a small box (no, not a ring box as he did not want to scare Abbie into thinking it was something more than intended).
“Abbie, I would like you to have this. To show you how much I care about you and am so grateful you are in my life now,” Tim tells her. Abbie looks at the box, undoes the ribbon around it, and opens it. The ring shines up at her, the gold sparkling from being cleaned and the gems so colorful.
Abbie is a bit speechless, but as she takes the ring from the box and slides in on her right ring finger replies, “Tim, it is lovely. Wherever did you find it? I love it. If I had to pick a ring out for myself, I could not have done better.” She smiles warmly at Tim, causing him to blush some.
Tim tells her about where it came from, which just makes Abbie value the ring more. Knowing it had been his ’s and Tim now wanting to share it with her. She is overwhelmed when he tells her what the jeweler said about the designer and value. Abbie tells him she should have recognized it as an Elizabeth Gage design, as she has always admired her style.
The night could not be more perfect, well until.
Getting the cab back home, Abbie staring at the ring on her hand comes up short when Tim off-handily mentions something. “Abbie, next Friday my mates have asked us to come to the pub to watch our team starting match of the season.’
Abbie’s stomach turns over, and with all the food she ate feels like she is going to be sick. A few deep breaths later, Abbie contemplates what Tim is suggesting. She, meeting his friends for the first time. People outside their small circle who understand each other’s leanings and lifestyle. What would Tim’s friends be like?
Finally able to speak, Abbie replies, “Of course, Tim, if you want to go watch the match there and see your friends, I will be happy to also.” Not that she feels that happy about it, but it is a hurdle they will have to go over eventually.
Tim and Abbie 47: The vacation continues
Posted:Mar 1, 2021 1:36 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 2:43 pm

As the first week of their time at the shore winds down to the midpoint of their vacation, Tim and Abbie have chatted with several other guests about things they have done. There is one that stirs them as it is something they have never experienced. The choice of options to do so are varied, with each of the guests offering suggestions about their favorite.
They talk about the possibility as they lazily with each other one evening. Abbie is up straddling Tim’s waist and crotch but just rubbing gently against his member. Tim enjoying Abbie’s naked body in front of him, plays with her tits as they chat.
“It could be so much fun, and all said and done, would only take one day, or a bit more if we want to explore,” Abbie tells him as she pinches Tim’s nipples in response to what he is doing.
“But which route should we take?” Tim asks as his hands move back to caress her well-rounded ass cheeks. Abbie giggles at his attention, moving her hands down to rub up and down his sides and thighs. She can feel Tim starting to harden as she does and knows her clit is also growing from this slow and lethargic play.
“We have three choices, all around the same of time, it is just which place we would like to visit first? Jersey, Guernsey, or Cherbourg on mainland France?” Abbie replies. The two are discussing taking the ferry from nearby Poole to different ports in France. One is on the mainland and the other two are islands in the English Channel.
"There are midnight departures for all three locations, which gets us to the destinations nine to ten hours later. Sleeping on the ferry to wake up at the port for the day," Abbie says before they discuss further options. They could take another midnight trip back to Poole or stay over and enjoy the journey across the channel the next day.
“So Tim,” Abbie says teasingly, as she lifts herself to push down on Tim’s hard cock. Moving him up deep within her. “Which one do you want to take?” She leaves him little time to respond as she begins to ride him hard and fast. Tim feeling his prick so up into Abbie’s wonderful, hidden, small treasure cove, grunts and responds to her on slaughter with glee.
Both are now breathing very heavily as they speed up the moment's intensity, hardly able to talk at all. But Abbie is in a playful mood, and as she bangs down over and over on his shaft so thoroughly in her, she gasps out, “Which one will it be? Where do you want to fuck me first? France? Jersey? Or Guernsey Island?”
Tim, on the verge of cumming, cries out, “France, I want to fuck you in France first.” Laughing, Abbie clings to his neck, kissing him as she is pressing the last few strokes needed for both of them to release their juices. Tim’s up in Abbie’s ass and Abbie’s covering Tim’s stomach and mons.
The adventure ahead settled, Tim and Abbie have an early evening after making reservations for tomorrow night’s crossing. Both are extremely excited about the trip. Tim has never been out of England in his life. And it has only been the last month that he even has a passport, which his new position at Microga requires of their executives.
Even with her several years in the United Kingdom, Abbie has only been to the continent a handful of times. A couple of times to the Netherlands where things were supposed to be freer; once to Spain for two weeks in the sun; and once to Paris. So to see a different part of France will be such fun.
After the morning and early afternoon at the beach, both so tan and healthy-looking now, they spend the afternoon napping off the fresh sea air of earlier. Waking at nine pm, their luggage for the short trip packed, they drive the short distance to Poole. They have a nice, late dinner and are at the dock a little after for the ferry.
As they are taking the trip to mainland France, after short deliberations, Tim and Abbie decide to take the car so they can sightsee around the district. The vehicle secured in its place, the two stroll around the deck as the ferry takes off. From the bow, they watch the ferry cut its course through the dark waters.
It is all black around them, except for overhead the stars twinkle down on them, providing a little light. And the almost full moon shines so bright overhead. It all makes them realize how insignificant each of us is in the whole complex of our being.
They walk back toward where their car is parked. Tim and Abbie decide that they could be just as comfortable in it than in one of the cabins for the night. Tim climbs first into the passenger seat, tilts the back down, and pulls Abbie on top of him. The car is locked, and the tinted windows do pretty much block the view of anyone happening .
Abbie giggles as Tim wiggles out of his trousers, and she takes her panties off. The blanket they laid on in the National Forest is now a cover for them. They rub together for a bit allowing the friction to get them both excited. Their car is at the front of the boat, so the view ahead of them is that vast darkness.
Tim, holding Abbie in his arms as they both pause at the magnificence before them. The dark sky with stars allowing a glimmer of light against the dark waters, whose frothy white waves reflecting in the orb of the night is a wonderous light show just for them.
Both reflect on all the magic that has brought them to this point together. How chance, or a greater being, played such a role in making this happen. They both know in the whole scheme of things; they are mere specks of dust. But for themselves, as trivial as they are, to be allowed to find each other gives them both pause.
Suddenly, while so ready to, the idea of destroying this moment with sexual play seems irrelevant. It is enough the stirring both are feeling at the moment just gazing at the panorama before them. Eventually, they fall asleep for a few hours.
Just as dawn is rising over the water and the far-off view of land ahead, Tim and Abbie awake. A bit stiff from how they slept, but so happy together.
Their morning kisses now do lead to something more. Abbie can feel Tim’s morning hard-on against her. Her clit also is twitching with the morning. She lowers her hand to take Tim’s cock and wank it how he likes. Even giving soft swats against it a few times to it wake up.
Abbie has yet to feel comfortable spanking Tim’s penis like he does to himself but knowing it does arouse him. She often tries to make the motions at least that way. Tim is breathing heavily in Abbie’s ear as she twists around on his lap to face him. Her clit rubbing and arousing against his lower stomach.
Tim reaches down and begins to with her also. Together they work themselves up the steep climb both are longing to jump over. The blanket covering them is moving in a rhythmic thumping as they jerk each other faster and faster. No lips on each other, no filling openings, just an early morning mutual onanism.
Tim feels Abbie clenching his shoulder with her one hand, not on his shaft, telling him how close she is coming. Tim feels the same way, his body is churning, and his member is shivering at Abbie’s attention. Both are beyond speech at the moment, just enjoying this morning .
Almost in unison, they both cum. Covering both their mons and stomachs with semen. Holding Abbie tight, Tim reaches into the console and gets some tissues to clean up a bit. Cleaned, Abbie twists and turns so Tim can get his pants back up and buckled. Her panties will have to wait for now. They try to adjust each other, so they do not look too tousled and climb from the car to find restrooms to repair themselves.
After, they wander to the bow of the boat again and watch, with excitement, as the ship comes nearer and nearer to the shores of France. Abbie, who has traveled more, is still thrilled seeing them coming closer to land. Tim, who before this week had only seen the seashore a couple of times, really is overcome with anticipation.
They stay there, letting the wind blow over them as more people join them as they approach the shore. Soon the slow process of docking the ferry begins, and the announcements urge drivers to get in their cars to depart in an orderly manner. It seemed like forever, but Tim drives off the boat within a half hour and is on the road in France.
With their excitement of deciding to make this jaunt, neither Tim nor Abbie considered what they wanted to see or where they would like to go once here in any depth. So they just take off south down the coast as Abbie pulls up possibilities on her phone. They settle on stopping in Saint-Malo for lunch at one of the restaurants along the sea.
The ride is enjoyable, and with the roof and side windows open, the scent of the sea fills them just as the beautiful landscape does. the time they stop and choose where to eat, both are famished and a bit tired.
After a lovely luncheon of sea offerings, they head down to a shady spot on the beach to rest for a while. When they awake to feel the air has chilled some, Tim and Abbie are surprised to see it is after five.
They head back to Cherbourg, arriving in the early evening for another delicious meal before needing to line up for the trip back to Poole. It has been a fun-filled day, and Tim promises Abbie that they will come again, the next time to Paris and more. Abbie’s heart always stops a little when Tim mentions something in the future they will do together.
She knows they are fully committed to each other, but her past still does up at times, waiting for the second shoe to drop and Tim lose interest in her. Tim himself has similar doubts at times, wondering if this is all a dream he will wake up from. Just all a puff of smoke.
While both try to hide their insecurities from each other, knowing the feeling for themselves, they always seem to give the other reassurance when these worries waft over them.
The return trip is pleasant but uneventful. the time Abbie and Tim get back to the guest house, both are ready for a long morning nap. The rest of the second week moves along almost too fast. Both are getting even tanner on areas previously covered with garden wear.
On the beach, Abbie wears a skimpy bikini. Only Tim is close enough to her to sees the outline in the bottom. Seeing this leads to a formation in Tim’s swimsuit also. Tanner now, Abbie is somewhat less self-conscious about wearing makeup, which just gets washed away while in the water.
Tim is trying to come to terms with his feelings with Abbie. He realizes he does get aroused when seeing hints of her member. When Abbie walks away or in front of him, the swing of her hips and the knowledge of her lovely waiting deep cavern stirs him. There are things about their relationship that he realizes are deeply man with man, but how beautiful Abbie is and graceful hides that side so well.
Tim and Abbie 46: A trip to the coast
Posted:Feb 28, 2021 12:26 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 2:43 pm

mid-August, Abbie and Tim are settled into their new home and lives. It is incredible how far they had come since that night last April when they met for the first time. Four months for so many changes, and all so positive to happen. Let alone that it just feels like how it should be.
The house looks wonderful, thanks to Grace’s diligence. The yard and garden now a showplace which they both like to work in. Finding new interests together and learning more and more about each other’s past add to the firm bond Abbie and Tim now have.
Around this time, Abbie starts thinking about Tim’s comments about never really having a vacation growing up, or even in recent years. She has an idea and searches online, makes some calls, and finds just what she is looking for.
Over dinner that evening, she introduces the idea to Tim. “Honey, I have been thinking about you never having a real holiday. I’ve looked around and think I have found somewhere that would be perfect for us to go for a couple of weeks. It is on the coast, Bournemouth. I discovered a wonderful guest house with so many amenities and so close to the water. The house is Victorian and has limited spaces, so it does not have overwhelming crowds. And their menu sounds delightful.”
Tim sees Abbie’s enthusiasm rising as she tells him more and more about the place. She even runs to get her laptop to show him things. Tim feels this interesting feeling beginning to well in him. Not anything sexual, but the sensation of excitement about something, mixed with the knowledge that someone is doing some special, just for him.
As he looks at what Abbie shows him, he begins to be blinded his tears. No one ever did anything so focus on his happiness before. Yes, Les did try to Tim over obstacles in his youth, but this, being done just for him, makes his heart swell towards Abbie.
Abbie, seeing the tears in Tim’s eyes, stops mid-sentence and tells Tim, “If this is something you do not want, we don’t have to, Tim.” In response, Tim sweeps Abbie up in his arms and settles her on his lap as he kisses her over and over, telling her there is no way they are not going on this holiday.
Abbie squeals with delight and tells Tim, suddenly more serious, “Tim, I am glad you want to, and please do not be angry with me, but when I found they have an opening due to a cancellation, I booked us for two weeks. I am approved for the vacation time at Pathways.
“This is where you might not be happy. I talked to Ruth about the trip, and she relayed it to Phillip, who is more than happy for you to take the two weeks off. According to Ruth, he said, ‘Tim needs a vacation; he hasn’t taken one since he started here.’”
Tim swats her behind with affection and tells her that it seems she has taken everything into her own hands to plan. Abbie giggles and squirms with excitement as she details the plans to Tim.
The rest of the week is a flurry of activity getting packed and ready for their trip. They will take the SUV to have more room. It is under two hours to drive to the shore. But even such a short distance will feel like a distant land to them being at the seaside.
Tim was there once many years ago with Leslie and his for a day trip. But that was the only real outing to the coast that he ever remembers. For Abbie to remember where he said they had gone and got accommodations for them adds one more thing for Tim to love her for.
They tell their plans to the Thursday night bunch when they meet this week. All are excited for them and can’t wait to hear all about their vacation when they return. Les does that the rest of them might just take over Tim’s kitchen for their Thursday feast. And when Tim assures them that it would be fine, Phoebe tells him that Les is only joking, but Grace and Sam are welcomed to join Les and her at the Peacock on Thursday instead.
Friday evening is filled with final packing, loading the car, and after a light dinner, Tim and Abbie go to bed early. There really is no real rush to leave in the morning, but they plan on taking a longer scenic drive, first to Brighton, then along the coast west to Bournemouth.
The next day, Tim and Abbie enjoy the sea breezes and the different vista from their landlocked hometown. Feeling frisker and frisker, Tim and Abbie's hands keep touching and rubbing each other’s thighs along the way. About halfway to Bournemouth, things get the better of them. Driving through the National Forest, they find an out-of-the-way turnoff and pull in. They are hidden from the road the foliage when Tim stops.
Grabbing a blanket from the back, the two hurry over to a soft grassy spot under a tree. Tim has barely laid the blanket down before Abbie is kneeling in front of him, undoing his pants. Down they go, followed his undershorts. Abbie’s mouth is around Tim’s glans as her hands squeeze his balls and wanks his shaft. His breath is taken away; Tim lets out a low, sensual moan.
How well Abbie can always suck him. The pleasure she gives him feeling her mouth on his member stirs Tim so much every time. Abbie’s sweet tongue is licking and teasing his glans and slit. It sometimes feels like a kitten licking him to excitement. And when, like right now, Abbie lets out a hushed purr as she sucks and licks, the feeling grows even more. As does Tim’s cock.
It should be said that Tim always felt his cock was not that large, which did a big part in him never pursuing any sort of relationship before Abbie. And even when with the prostitutes, Tim felt they were being condescending to him. Never really looking at other men, whether in gym showers or at urinals, Tim had no basis for feeling this way. It was just one more instance of him feeling an outsider and object of ridicule or rejection.
Actually, Abbie’s was the first, up close, he had ever compared with. And it is true that she is not large, making it easy to consider it her clit. Tim began to accept that his equipment is not as small as he always felt.
With Abbie’s concentration and skill, Tim now gets very stiff and shows his real size. All things considered, it is on the larger size. How self-perceptions can make a person so unsure or feel inferior.
Together as Abbie keeps her lips clamped on Tim’s glans, they move. Tim is now on the ground on his back. Abbie is kneeling beside him as she continues her concentration on the lovely stiffy in front of her.
With Abbie’s attention right now, Tim’s balloon is being blown all the way up. His girth requires Abbie to use her thumb and middle finger almost to enclose it to jerk him more and more. Tim realizes that Abbie is bent on making him cum in her mouth, not to move to actual intercourse. He is alright with that, as Tim has come to know that Abbie loves the taste of his semen.
She takes his balls both together, and then one at a time, in her mouth to suck to harden. They are like two large, tough walnuts. They are filled with fluid that wants to flow through Tim’s shaft and out to see the world. Squeezing with her hand again, Abbie sees the first precum slipping from Tim. She greedily licks it up like a kitten with a bowl of milk.
Her soft, slim hands on Tim’s balls and shaft thrill him. Abbie’s gentle but purposeful touch always does that to him. She remembers back to the beginning how Tim would cum so quickly from the excitement of being touched. someone who liked him, not a random , made him cum before he wanted to.
Now, used to Abbie’s touch and skill, Tim can take his time and enjoy the ride to the top in a leisurely manner. Tim feeling her doing her finest tricks and treats, is swelling close to the peak now. He is so close. His cock trembling, even visibly shaking as the semen fills his shaft. It is like the sperm is lining up for the final out of him. He laughs to himself at that image. He remembers long ago watching a dated movie Woody Allen which included an army of sperm waiting for their orders. Everything you wanted to know about sex* - that was it.
Abbie is enjoying tasting Tim’s precum, an appetizer to the main course soon to be delivered. Touching and mouthing Tim’s cock is such fun. All the different things she comes up with to add to the enjoyment, Tim accepts unquestionably. It is like his cock has become hers completely and fully.
Abbie sucks and licks his glans before nibbling down his shaft, take more and more into her mouth. Tim moans so happily, and Abbie can feel him growing more and more. It is nice that Tim has become used to this and does not cum too soon anymore. Abbie understood from the start as she learned about Tim’s previous experiences. It was a normal progression of things.
At first, Tim was so aroused and cumming so quickly just from the touch of Abbie’s hand. When oral pleasure was introduced, him spurting before she got past his glans. But now, Abbie is fully rewarded for her patience and training. Tim can control himself and often lasts for over a half-hour or even more of playful oral stimulation.
Things are getting so much better. To a level that Abbie cannot even fathom them ever being apart again. She sucks Tim’s cock with skill, taking more and more of his shaft slowing between her lips for Tim to enjoy the warm, wet grotto of her mouth.
Tim is getting closer now, even doing mathematical calculations in his head does not alter the intense feeling of his cock in Abbie’s sweet and warm hollow. Tim feels from Abbie’s sucking the contractions of her mouth against his now pulsating prick, so wanting to hold on longer, but he knows it is a losing battle.
Abbie squeezing his balls and pressing against his taint is not helping him stay firm and in hand. His low moans now of total submission to the attention he is getting let Abbie know that release is on its way. No, pass on its way, Tim’s release is already filling his shaft and glans more. His glans has taken on a purplish hue as it fills with his semen begging to be released.
Tim gasps and moans at the same moment as his body shakes. Abbie holds his shaft firmly to continue to keep him in her mouth as the explosion occurs. She is rewarded with a cascade of his emission. Abbie gulps as each shot of semen fills her mouth and throat. At each jolt, she takes in all that Tim releases as he feels himself draining completely.
Tim lays back, breathing deeply as he composes himself after this escapade. Abbie, after swallowing the last contribution, licks that which escaped her mouth and onto his cock. Tim, now cleaned from his sexual jaunt, Abbie moves up to lay next to him on the blanket.
Tim hugs her to him and kisses her head, eyes, and lips in thanks. Still catching his breath some, Tim manages to say as he hugs her, “Abbie, you continue to surprise me with your skills and imagination. Finding ways to stimulate me sexually. More than just stimulate but edge me on to experiencing things I could never have imagined, let alone think I would ever get to do.” Abbie smiles at Tim’s statement and feels it is now a gauntlet thrown down for her to find new things and ways to pleasure him. What fun lies ahead.
They gather themselves together and walk back to the car. Looking innocent, but a little disheveled, as they start on the last part of their journey to Bournemouth. The passing view is lovely, and the feeling of contentment between them added to the lazy meandering as they approached their destination.
As soon as they exit the national park, Tim finds a roadside market to stop at. He goes inside to get them a couple of fizzy drinks and crisps. With their deviation in the forest, they have not had lunch, and it will be close to teatime when they reach Bournemouth.
While Tim is inside, Abbie looks around and sees a couple in their teens get out of a nearby car. She notices them as they are such contradictions to each other. When Tim returns, she asks him if he noticed the couple?
Tim said he saw them. Abbie then tells him about a game Phoebe and she used to like to play at the Wilde Peacock. She starts, “Now Tim, don’t take this wrong. This is not gossiping about people at all, it is just a fun pastime Phoebe and I would play at.”
Tim looks quizzically at Abbie as she outlines the game, “We would pick a couple or of people out from around the bar and then make up scenarios about them. The more outrageous would get more ‘points,’ but if we did find out about them, then the one who was closer to the real truth would win the round.”
“It would be a fun way to pass the time, and not knowing anything about the people but what you just see to try to guess what their story was, and what they are going to do next,” Abbie continued, “Seeing that couple made me think of the game. She is so preppy looking and him more grunge. How did they get together, which it was clear they are, and what are they up to going in the market?”
Tim laughs and thinks the game might be fun to pass the time now and then and replies, “No, Abbie, I guess that is not gossiping, and it sounds fun - but how will we ever know the truth with those two?”
Abbie, realizing Tim is getting into this game, tells him, “Oh, it doesn’t matter if we do find out the truth or not – though that is fun. Just the lives we can make up for them is the amusement mainly.”
For the next hour, the two making up a whole backstory for the couple, where they are going, and why. It passes the time and filling the car with laughter until they reach their destination.
And what a destination it is. Both gasp a bit as they come up the circular drive to the guest house's front door. It is so much more than what even Abbie, who made the reservations, imagined. A large Victorian home with double doors that open as they pull up.
Two men come out in black vested suits. One takes their luggage from the back, and the other, after helping Abbie out, goes around and takes Tim's keys to park the car. Led inside the man with their suitcases, they are in a vast atrium with a walnut check-in desk to one side.
It is like they are already old friends as the proprietor checks them in, and they are led their suite. So big and luxurious. Abbie hugs Tim in her excitement as they unpack and prepare themselves for their adventure ahead. Now settled, cleaned up, and changed from their driving clothes Tim and Abbie head downstairs.
The whole house is enchanting, like something from the twenties. Tim and Abbie walk down the staircase to the bar area. They had been told about the cocktail hour starting soon after their arrival, which sounds like a perfect way to start this adventure.
There are about ten couples in the lounge mingling together. While the house is large, they cater to only a dozen rooms of guests at a time. To be sure that all are treated like treasured guests whose every craving and want is provided.
Each is served a cosmopolitan, which fits with the whole feel of the guest house. Tim and Abbie mingle with the others. Most of the guests are return visitors each year. They tell Abbie and Tim about different things they must be sure to do during their visit. All of which sounds delightful.
The next few days are filled with time at the beach, visiting the local aquarium and museums, strolling along the pier. In between private time for themselves lifting them higher and higher.
It is a fantastic vacation, but the best might be yet to come.
Tim and Abbie 45: As do other things
Posted:Feb 26, 2021 1:44 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 2:43 pm

August does bring many new things into Abbie and Tim’s life. They would have never imagined that five weeks could hold so much. started out as told, with a new license for Abbie, a car for Tim, and what got to be part of their regular weekday schedule.
It starts with Abbie, seeing that Tim’s hair is getting a bit long and messy, taking things into her own hands. Since meeting Abbie that fateful night after stopping at his barber on the way home, Tim has had one haircut in June, which Abbie cringed over but said nothing.
Now, though, is time for Tim the role of his position. She calls her unisex hair salon and book appointments for both her and Tim. While now being a two-car household, Abbie and Tim, for the most part, still drive work and home together. So when Abbie announces their appointments as she climbs into the car on Tuesday evening, Tim is a bit taken back.
Tim questions what she means about both of them, and in between giving Tim directions to the salon, Abbie calmly explains, “Tim, your hair is getting long, which I love, but it so needs some styling. And I need to get a trim at the least, as it has been a few months now.
So Tim resigns himself to the ordeal ahead.
At the salon, Abbie is greeted as a regular customer, and the hair tech scheduled for Tim’s metamorphosis looks at him, runs her hands through his locks, and smiles, “Oh, I can see how this could be much more stylish.”
Tim blushes at the attention but allows himself to be led to a chair. Abbie is right beside him in the next chair and smiling encouragingly at him. Both are tipped back over the sinks for their hair to be washed. This is something Tim never experienced at the barber.
Even though Abbie is used to being shampooed now, it still does something each time her hair is washed like this. Tim makes the magic happen when he shampoos her hair but in a different way.
As said, is new Tim, along with the feelings he experiences. Feeling the warm water being sprayed over his head as he leans back in the chair is such a fantastic start for what is come. Tim closes his eyes as he feels shampoo applied and then the fingers scrubbing the soap in and massaging his head.
Tim’s mind wanders as he realizes that though is just his head being cleaned and rubbed, he feels the sensation through his whole body. is as though different parts of his skull are sending out messages various nerves in his body. is like someone turned on a full-body vibrator.
He doesn’t want stop. And the beautician is taking her time with him. She sees him shudder a few times and know the attention she is giving him is being fully appreciated. The heated water from the spray is running around Tim’s head, washing all the soap away. It is like a soothing stream calming him some.
Then the beautician again is rubbing his head, working in the conditioner. Again Tim’s body is trembling, feeling the sparks going off all over his body. When she gives the final rinse, Tim manages to come down from the lofty heights he just was taken to. She dries his hair, rubbing it with a warm towel.
Turning to lead Tim to her station, as he stands, Tim is unsure if he will be able to walk after that. But he can make it to the chair. Though used to it as said, Abbie goes through much the as Tim getting her hair washed. is just something about leaning back, giving control someone else care for your needs, which can feel so erotic.
Abbie is unsure if the beauticians know this feeling from experiencing or unaware of their power arouse customers for a few minutes. doesn’t matter. While can seem like goes on for a half-hour or so, in reality, the whole process is closer five minutes at best. The wicked smile and wink each other that Abbie sees as they walk their stations seem suggest perhaps they do.
Tim, so relaxed now, accepts having his hair cut and styled. Abbie is giving instructions from the next chair as her hair is being trimmed and fashioned. The beautician understands and agrees with Abbie’s vision for Tim and gets work. As she is finishing, she asks both Tim and Abbie about his mustache and beard.
Abbie looks at Tim, and seeing his new hair look, asks him, “Tim, do you want keep your beard and mustache? could just be trimmed, but I think you would great with it shaved off.”
Tim had been so proud of himself years ago when he could grow facial hair like this. But viewing himself in the mirror, he can see with his new ‘do,’ which he does like, perhaps clean-shaven would better. He tells the beautician yes, shave all off.
His immediate acceptance of such a suggestion surprises Abbie some, but she just smiles at him.
A warm towel is wrapped around Tim’s face, and he realizes that in part, he is agreeing to shed his beard so as to receive more personal attention. After a few minutes, the towel is removed, and the beautician begins to shave him with long, careful strokes.
With his eyes half-closed enjoying this, it is added to as the beautician, is well-endowed, bends over shave him, her boobs peeping out of her dress as she concentrates on her job. Tim enjoys the view as she does.
Another warm towel is wrapped around his face for a few minutes until was time for the unveiling of Tim’s new . As his chair is straightened back up and the towel removed, they all at Tim see. Tim in the mirror, Abbie and the beautician looking at him.
Tim looks terrific, so much better. But Abbie and the beautician begin laugh a little. An aspect of shaving Tim’s face in the summer is apparent. Tim looks at them both and then back at the mirror, and he begins chuckle also.
The whole bottom half of his face is somewhat pale, compared to his cheeks and forehead, which are tan from the summer sun for the last couple of months. While the three enjoy its humor, they all also know that such a until can get tanned is not a new executive's .
The beautician comes the rescue. She puts some cream on the bottom half of Tim’s face and then leads him to one of the tanning rooms the salon has. is a smaller room and geared for just a facial tan. She wraps a towel around the top of Tim’s face now and tells him to lean into the face guide to start.
Not even a half-hour later, Tim is finished and comes back out. His ‘new ’ is complete. The facial tanning does darken his lower face enough, so is not too noticeable. By the end of next weekend, being out is the sun working, will even out for sure.
Abbie’s hair looks nice also. always does, but with a couple of inches trimmed off and shaped, she looks so lovely. Leaving the shop together, Tim puts his arm around Abbie’s shoulder and says, “Thank you, my love, this does look much better than spending a few bobs on a barber’s cut. It will just mean getting used to shaving my full face again rather than just around the cheeks and neck.”
Abbie laughs and tells him that she could try to learn to shave him. But Tim declines the suggestion considering the ‘she would try to learn’ part.
Later that week, Abbie receives a from the Chairman’s wife. “Hi Abbie, this is Ruth Clarke. We met and chatted at the dinner for Tim at Microga a couple of weeks ago.”
Abbie collects herself, remembering meeting and chatting with Ruth at the dinner. It is interesting Abbie that Ruth does not mention anything about her husband is, Phillip Clarke, the Chairman of Microga. “Hi Ruth, how nice hear from you. How have you been?”
Ruth answers get the point, “Oh, we are both doing fine. Why I called, were you serious about giving me a tour of Pathways? I would so like to see and learn more about your organization. As long as is convenient for you, I do not want interfere with your work.”
Abbie is processing what Ruth is saying. She had invited Ruth when she expressed interest, but Abbie thought it was more Ruth being polite. But now so soon requesting it. Abbie responds, “Oh, Ruth, I would love show you around. How about Friday afternoon this week?” Abbie’s suggestion is based on the fact that she knows Les will be that day and thought the two women should meet if Ruth is seriously interested.
Ruth readily agrees, and is decided she would come on Friday at one o’clock. Abbie's mind, still whirling from the , spends about an hour outlining the areas and people Ruth should see. Abbie emails the different individuals, including the director, requesting them to be available that afternoon. That finished, along with the rest of her tasks for the day, Abbie heads out to wait for Tim to pick her up.
The director stopped her as she goes by and congratulates her for encouraging Ruth Clarke to visit. Abbie is a bit confused by his excitement and knowing Ruth Clark is. “Getting someone of her standing in the community consider perhaps donating and sponsoring Pathways would be a real plume in our cap,” he says.
Abbie, saying good night, as she goes out get in the car with Tim, wonders, ‘I didn’t think of Ruth’s visit like that, I hope they don’t push that agenda too much at Ruth.’
In the car, as they drive home, Abbie tells Tim about her , invitation, and the director’s comments. Tim agrees with her. It is interesting that Ruth Clarke has such interest in Pathways, and it is kind of Abbie to do so for her. As for the director’s second agenda, he too hopes it is not something pushed on Ruth.
Abbie tells him she picked Friday as Les will be at the Pathways that day and hope she can help buffer such attempts. Tim suggests they stop at the Wilde Peacock for a drink and to talk about it with Les. Abbie quickly agrees, both for the opportunity to explain to Les and go to the Peacock on a weeknight, which she doesn’t often do anymore.
The stop is well worth it. They have a great talk with Les, is all onboard offer defense if needed. They all laugh at this analogy. is lovely spend time with friends and the people they have come know at the bar. They stay for a couple of hours, catching up on all the different people's current activities.
Heading home with some -go food for the evening, Tim and Abbie are confident Friday’s tour will go well.
Friday afternoon arrives, as does Ruth Clarke. Abbie greets her and begins the tour showing her their facilities while explaining their help to the LBGTQ community without judgment or pressure. Assisting them with legal issues, including discrimination hearings and settlements. Counseling, from how to cope with family reaction to how to accept your leanings for yourself. Abbie touches on helping with sex reassignment surgery but does not make it a key focal point.
Early in the tour, Abbie introduces Ruth to Les, accompanies them on the tour and adds side points and clarification as they go. They spend over two hours seeing, but mainly talking about the functions of Pathways.
Towards the end, Ruth is introduced to the director, and while she is kind to him, she semi-brushed him aside from continuing with them. Back at Abbie’s office, the three women relax over cups of tea. Ruth then explains her interest.
“Phillip knows I was coming here today for a tour, and he fully supports it. He also is alright with what I am about to explain to you. And Abbie, he also with you sharing this with Tim,” Ruth begins.
Both other women are curious as Ruth continues, “Our , Sharon, is now approaching her mid-thirties. Sharon has been in a relationship with a transgender for over ten years. Sharon and Mike started together prior to Mike undergoing any sex reassignment surgery. He was from the start Mike to Sharon.
“Phillip and I were genuinely concerned at first, as we did not understand the situation or why they would be drawn to each other. But Sharon is our , and early on, we realized that we had accept and understand or lose contact with our probably.
“Since, we have learned more about it and been supportive through the surgeries Mike has had. He has yet had genital reassignment, and not sure he will. Over the years, we, Phillip and I, have gotten know Mike very well.
“We like and love him unconditionally, welcoming him as part of our family, knowing he is making our happy. Mike has appreciated this, as his parents have not been able come terms with their now being a man.
“But be honest, and I should probably not even care, but I don’t understand how sexually things work between Sharon and Mike,” Ruth concluded.
Both Abbie and Les are a little surprised with this confession but express their appreciation for Ruth being so open and offering any support they could provide.
Ruth smiles through the tears which are welling in her eyes, “That is so kind of you both. I am not sure if any will be needed, but it might. Phillip and I have been noticing some tension between Sharon and Mike lately. Pathways sounded like a source for counseling from individuals in the type of relationships.”
Their tea done, the three women come together in a group hug with promises to keep in touch. Ruth looks at the time and sees it is going on five o’clock, “Ladies, the tea was delicious, but would you like to get a cocktail to leave things on a more cheerful note?” Both agree that would be pleasant. Abbie calls Tim to let him know. He laughs and tells her not to have too many.
It is decided that Abbie will ride with Ruth and Les follow in her car. A place is picked about halfway between Pathways and Microga locations. Ruth calls her husband to tell him what is up, which leads to an interesting addition to the afternoon.
Phillip catches Tim on his way out. Phillip asks him if he knows about the ladies' cocktail hour? Tim laughs with him and says he has heard also. Phillip suggests they go somewhere else for a couple of drinks nearby and then join the ladies a little later to surprise them. Phillip has an ulterior motive for this suggestion but will let it be known at the proper time.
The ladies settled in a booth with cocktails chat amicably to start, then Ruth, hesitating some, shyly asks Abbie about herself, and her and Tim. Abbie knows Ruth is not just a nosey parker wanting the dirt, but a mother trying to understand her and doing her best to learn from others.
Abbie explains about her youth and self-discovery. The trial of making this change in her life; her family’s still not understanding or accepting; her experiences before Tim; and then the amazing surprise of Tim in her life. His accepting her for she is, and their working together to understand obstacles and how to work around them. Finishing with tears in her eyes now, about how she loves Tim so. What a good, ethical, kind, and loving man she is so grateful to have found.
“And Ruth,” Abbie begins, “To get down to the nitty-gritty of it all, this is just between us. I will try to explain sex between Tim and me. Though perhaps it should be told as two other people’s interactions. It is different from what is between Sharon and Mike, but many dynamics are the . First, understand, while sex plays a role, the feelings between the two people are what matters most. Knowing completely that the other person is going be for you, the kindness and caring you both have for each other, and yes, the love that develops.”
Saying this, Abbie begins her scenario.
The sexual relationship between a transgender female and her male partner is dependent on, or if and how much, sexual reassignment surgery she has had done. The surgery I had done is breast enhancement. I do take some hormone prescriptions, but just mildly. And I do have laser hair removal regularly remove all hair from my face etc.
Sex between a transgender woman on the level as I am and a partner can be different. If they ‘link-up’ just for sexual release with no real feeling for each other, it is all just technical and not all that rewarding. I have had enough experience with that in my past.
Finding a true partner, as I have finally, is different. Sex then becomes an act of love and can be so wonderful, as I have found out. The man and woman do not recognize the woman’s ‘equipment’ as anything other than their ‘clit’ – and in my case, my ‘clit’ is not very large, so it is easier imagine. The balls are seen as the labia, and what is referred as the ‘back vagina’ is seen as that also.
The woman does all the things any sexually charged female would do with their guy. Starting with long and sensuous kissing for a while as both caresses each other’s back and thighs. That brings such a rush through the woman’s and man’s, I think, bodies as foreplay begins.
This part is close what any heterosexual couple, or a transgender and his female partner. is amusing realize that the preliminaries are all so similar regardless of an individual’s leanings. We all are so similar in what arouses us, and we enjoy. Well, all sexually open individuals. Those repress human sexual nature can’t understand any of the enjoyment people find having sexual relations.
Moving on with foreplay, he moves down my chest and sucks and plays with my tits. Which while not large, the surgery did make them very firm and perky.
At this moment, Abbie realizes she is describing things between her and Tim and speaking that way. Oh well, the point of the description works either way and getting this point of relaying Abbie can feel herself aroused and speaking personally probable is the way continue.
That said, by now, we have undressed each other and ourselves as we move on. My clit is treated as you would any clit, but with a bit of a variation. Early on, I explained how I liked be touched , and Tim understood and copied what I showed him. The concentration is on the tip, rubbing and sucking and using his hand and fingers press the tip against his palm while squeezing and playing with it using his fingers.
Moving on, taking my labia suck on or hand- with, making them swell some also. They are full and now getting hard as he pays attention them before moving my vag. Usually just circling or pressing in with fingers and find my special spot excite me further.
In a woman, it is considered her g-spot, but for transgender women, it is their p-spot. Both so lovely have played with as it is arousing the woman more. Sometimes with the clit play combined with the vag attention can lead a first orgasm. Then Tim slows down some and goes back kissing and caressing. We work our way my being ready accept him. If not wet enough, lube is used make sure is a pleasant experience for us both.
Just as hetero couples, are many positions available from which choose. Tim was so caring our first time. was me on my back, legs lifted over his shoulders, as we stared into each other’s eyes as he pressed himself up in me slowly and rhythmically.
The feeling that washes over me is probably close to any other woman feeling herself filled and throbbing. I can feel the penis up in me trembling with each stroke, as my sides clench against it with each thrust.
My clit, while a bit larger again, slaps against his stomach and mons with each stroke. I am working toward a second orgasm, and the explosion inside him soon to cum. I offer some to the party by covering his mons and stomach with my juices.
After, we fall against each other, breathing hard. Slowly he will take his cock out of me as we hug and kiss. Stroking each other’s backs as after- as we calm from the high we both were on.
By this time, all three women feel their panties dripping. Abbie had climaxed during the finale of her story. Luckily, her dress is full enough that is no telltale stain. Feeling that release, which Ruth and Les also have, leaves them all breathing deeply for a moment.
They all squeeze hands in female comradery. Ruth changes the conversation, so they are soon laughing and having a lovely time just getting be friends. Which is about the time Phillip and Tim arrive. The women are surprised at their arrival. They move around in the booth. Phillip and Tim slide in next their partners, and another round of drinks are ordered.
Ruth monopolizes much of the conversation, telling Phillip about how wonderful Pathways is and all the good they are doing for the LBGTQ community. Les some, but Abbie more is somewhat embarrassed about the accolades being given the center.
Phillip, seeing and understanding his wife’s enthusiasm and how genuinely happy she seems, is pleased. The truth is Ruth has gotten herself distraught lately over Sharon and Mike. So concerned as appears be something becoming wrong between them. He has also been, but for Ruth, has been far worse worrying about all and having no idea what do.
For Ruth feel confident that is a place that could help them lift that burden from her shoulders is more than he could have asked for. Suddenly serious, Phillip turns Abbie and says, “Abbie, I know my wife has told you about Sharon and Mike. We are going to see them this weekend. If they are amicable, can a counseling session and whatever else deemed relevant be scheduled for them next week?”
Abbie, knowing that Phillip, as a father, is just as worried as his wife, replies, “I am sure we could work something out for them. Just you, Ruth, or Sharon and Mike, let me know, and I will get things started. Even this weekend, feel free to me.”
Tim is still a bit in the dark about this, but he understands she will explain it all later from Abbie's glance. Turning the conversation, Ruth praises Tim’s new haircut and how minus the beard adds his good looks. All laugh and agree. The early evening finishes with all in good spirits, confident in the outcome, and feeling a new bond developing.
Saying goodbyes, all go their separate ways, Ruth hugs Abbie and thanks her for revealing so much her. And she thinks she can understand, while different, the way Sharon and Mike share themselves with each other.
Driving home, Abbie with Tim, explaining all she learned today. Ruth and Phillip, discussing what Ruth learned and the optimism for help for Sharon and Mike. As she mulls over some of the afternoon’s revelations, Les with her thoughts, but then about soon seeing Phoebe and a fun Friday night ahead.
Tim and Abbie 44: The summer progresses
Posted:Feb 24, 2021 10:16 am
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 2:43 pm

Summer is at its halfway mark. The gardens are blooming to their fullest. The Thursday Bunch, as they have dubbed themselves, are all in a state of bliss. New love for all of them. Enjoying the days before noticing flaws. Totally enamored with their new mate. Time will take some of the stars out of all their eyes. But during this harmonious period, if perfect, it can be the backbone of what is ahead.
Tim is involved with getting his new division up and running properly. But he does not allow the added responsibilities to take anything away from the time he spends with Abbie. Les’s house, now almost finished, finds her and Phoebe on a spending spree much like Tim was a couple of months prior.
The two are having a wonderful time picking out what they want in ‘their’ house. Yes, Phoebe does agree to move into it with Les. She is learning to step back some from the creation she made of Wilde Peacock. She has a reliable staff she can depend on and does not need to be overseeing each detail.
And truth told, with Phoebe stepping back some, the staff not feeling under her microscope all the time, are blossoming in the new environment. Phoebe does share her feelings with Les that she isn’t needed anymore. Les assures her that without her overall management of the Pub, it would not be running so smoothly.
Grace and Sam are together every moment they can. It is summer, so Grace lets herself enjoy some downtime from her university studies to study Sam more. He is so kind, caring, and supportive of her. And his ability to run his construction business so successfully is amazing to her.
Sam is taking on more jobs, and as he sees the strain of expansion on his crew, he hires more to get the work done. He partners the newbies with seasoned workers who train them in how Sam expects the work to be finished.
In truth, Sam is a perfectionist, wanting any job that has his company name on it to be something even more than what customers expect. The strong compliments from satisfied customers are rewarding to him. Such insistence on perfection can be a drain on his crews. But when he gives them all bonuses at the end of each house project and verbally praises their work to the customer, his workers understand the of striving for perfection.
And during the summer, after getting her birth certificate altered, Abbie asks Les to teach her how to drive in the United Kingdom. Abbie never really drove cars that much in the past. As a youth at the family’s farms, she drove tractors, pickup, and such all over the property.
One Saturday morning sees her and Les taking off in Les’s car, telling Phoebe and Tim they are doing some shopping. Instead, Les drives to a country road that is not that busy. Abbie at the wheel, Les refreshes her on driving rules and more.
Not wanting to give it away, Abbie switches back to Les driving as they come home. That Monday at work, Les takes her to the license bureau to get her driving license. Nothing is said until that Thursday when her card arrives.
As the gathers for dinner, Abbie announces her achievement. “So Tim, this means that perhaps I will be the one chauffeuring you around now, Mr. EVP,” she with Tim. As the summer then progresses, Tim does have Abbie drop him at work and pick him up at the end of the day part of the time.
It is incredible how such a simple thing brings so much pleasure to Abbie. It is one more way she can finally show her independence, which in many ways were held from her in the past.
A few weeks after Tim’s promotion, he is given the keys to ‘his company car,’ a Mercedes C-Class sedan. He is a little dazed and confused until he is informed that the company pays for the car. It is one of the perks of upper management. When he calls Abbie that afternoon and tells her she doesn’t have to pick him up tonight, she is curious.
When he pulls in the drive shortly after her in the shiny new car, Abbie is blown away. All Tim says in a kidding way, “It’s a good thing we have a two-car garage, or we would have to fight over that space.” He picks Abbie up, kissing her as he spins her around, both laughing as he tells her where it came from.
Needless to say, the spinning around, laughing, and state of euphoria they both are in leads to a quick run up the staircase and clothes tossed aside for them to cling together and fall on the bed.
Abbie gets on top of Tim and begins to tickle him making him laugh harder. And something else is getting much harder also. When it is saluting, Abbie moves up more on his stomach and lifts and settles down on Tim. His prick deep up in her rear vagina. Tim let’s out a huge sigh as Abbie rarely rides him. It is such a great feeling.
Bouncing, adjusting her pace with Tim, they soon are enjoying this encounter in so many ways. Abbie faces him as she moves with the flow. Tim can enjoy her breasts bouncing in rhythm. No, there is not that much of them to bob, but it still is a lovely sight. And even more, when he can reach them with his hands. Playing fully with her as his cock is being taken care of.
They enjoy each other for a good while this way, slowing at times to just savor themselves so together. Abbie, just sitting there, feeling Tim’s cock tremble, while he feels Abbie’s sides contracting against him.
After a few rounds of fast bursts of riding, then slowing to a leisurely walk for a time before speeding up again, both know they are getting closer and closer. Abbie’s swollen clit is bouncing itself on Tim’s mons, and they gallop along. Tim reaches to hold it in his hand tightly as they jump over the last few hurdles.
Then the rockets red blaze commences. Abbie is feeling Tim explode inside her as she places her offering all over Tim’s stomach. Both are whipped and need a rubdown. They take their time collecting themselves, and while dinner is a bit late tonight, it gives Tim time to start marinating meat for the next day.
Life is good for all of them as the second half of summer arrives. Tim and Abbie are settling in together, finding a pattern for themselves. One part of it being Abigail’s Wednesday night maintenance spankings.
From the first Wednesday, following the night Abbie does not want to remember, the ritual begins. Knowing she needs this reinforcement, Abbie did not try to squirm out of it. Instead, the first week arriving home from work, Abbie kisses Tim and walks into the house ahead of him.
Abbie walks upstairs and opens the door to Abigail’s room. Taking a deep breath, she walks to Abigail’s corner and places her nose against the wall. Tim, following her, sees what she does and smiles a little. ‘My Abbie is taking this matter seriously,’ Tim thinks.
Tim changes to just boxers, just like a week ago, and finds a simple dress of Abbie’s. He walks up behind her, standing in the corner, and unzips her work dress. Allowing it to drop to the floor. Next, he unhooks her bra and takes it off her. Finally, her stockings and shoes add to the pile on the floor, which Tim moves away. Still facing the corner, Abigail just has on a pair of panties.
Which surprise Tim some. Usually, Abbie is wearing very skimpy and alluring panties, but today she is wearing more covering white cotton underwear. A small smile comes to Tim’s face as he realized she chose them for being spanked tonight.
Abbie does not want ever to admit it, but the moments as Tim undresses her to her panties arouses her to this strange new level. It feels like every fiber of her being is on fire from his casual touch. She even at times shivers visibly, which Tim wonders if she is cold.
Tim tells Abbie to raise her arms, and he slips the plain dress on her and buttons up the back. Tim then takes her wrist and turns her around to come to the bed. The paddle and hairbrush are sitting on the bedstand, ready, and able. Abbie trembles a bit, seeing them.
As Tim sits down on the bed to take her over his knee, in a small voice, Abbie asks him, “Sir, Mr. Hudson, am I going to have to sleep in here again tonight?” Her question comes out rather choked, and Tim sees tears filling Abbie’s eyes.
“No, baby, that will only happen when you are very, very bad. This that we are starting is just to be a reminder for you to be good. After we will have dinner and then go to bed together,” Tim comforts her.
Abbie smiles a some and rubs the tears from her eyes. Tim seeing her do this, thinks is action is so like a little girl caught being bad. Knowing she deserves what is coming but does not want to acknowledge she has misbehaved. But Abbie is a grown woman and knows the reason why this is happening. And Tim can see the enlarging of Abbie’s clit in anticipation.
At Tim’s bidding, Abigail lifts her dress to her waist and bends over his lap. She feels Tim’s fingers sliding under her pantie waistband. She lets a small gasp out as she feels herself throbbing for what is to come.
Abbie knows it is punishment to remind her how to behave. For her, on one side is the embarrassment and burning ass ahead. On the other side, there is always a feeling mixed with getting aroused with each sting to her cheeks. It is a complicated but treasured moment.
Tim rubs her cheeks some as he asks, “Abigail, why are you being spanked tonight?” Abbie tears now filling her eyes already, in anticipation of her having to confess her sins.
Abbie hesitantly replies, “I was very bad, getting involved with gossip which I should be stopping, not adding to. And treating staff members without respect and in full view of others. Now I will be spanked every week as a reminder to be good. And for any or major misconduct, I have committed during the past week.”
Tim, a bit surprised at the last statement Abbie makes. He calms himself so he can ask in a steady voice, “Abigail, are there things you did wrong, major or , this past week, which need to be dealt with?”
“Well, sir, I did allow coworkers to gossip around me, and while not joining in, I did not tell them they needed to stop. And, I am sorry, but I did get caught up in what they were alluding to. I did not spread it at all, but I should have spoken up that gossip is not tolerated,” Abbie confesses.
Tim surprised to hear this, collects himself and tells her, “Abigail, that is good that you are now learning to recognize when gossip starts and not engaging in it. But to listen to it and not voice concerns about how wrong it is, is not good. You are just learning this, but I hope soon you do begin to naturally speak up and stop it going further. We will add a bit to your spanking tonight to you remember to do that when something wrong is going on.”
Abbie tearfully replies, “I understand, sir, and I should be punished for that too.” At which Tim brings his hand down on her right cheek with a stinging spank. Soon followed one to her left cheek. Abbie gasps at each spank and kicks her legs some from the impact.
Tim spanks her hand for a good five minutes, talking calmly throughout, suggesting ways Abigail could stop such gossip from continuing or being party to listening to it. Through the free-flowing tears, Abigail agrees with all he is saying.
Tim slows his hand, Abbie's cheeks starting to appear rosy. He pats her back some, then moves his fingers between her spread legs. Yes, she is getting rather hard now. He had felt it on his one thigh as he spanked, but this confirmed it.
Abbie calms some, and Tim asks her, “Abigail, which would you prefer next? The leather paddle or the hairbrush?” Abbie is surprised Tim is giving her an option but then processing his words, she realizes that both, in the end, are going to be used.
In a small voice, Abbie tells him, “The paddle, please, sir.” She can feel from his body's movement; he is leaning over to pick the paddle up. And she is right when Tim resumes the bongo beat on her cheeks. This time with the paddle slapping against her cheeks over and over.
Tim does go a bit lower a few times and swats her upper thighs where most vulnerable. She cries and apologizes for all her wrongdoings. It is an act of contrition for Abbie. Vocalizing where she falls short and knowing this is the way to having such acts swept away.
Tim continues with the leather paddle for another five minutes, then switches to the hairbrush for the final five minutes. Abbie is crying fully now, but her crotch is burning hot against Tim’s knee, which is covered in the pre-juices flowing from her. Before he begins with the hairbrush, Tim slides his left hand under Abbie and finds her enlarge clit to hold, and stroke as the hairbrush comes down.
Abbie now totally cries out feels the final round sensation as the hairbrush spanks every inch of her cheeks. She knows she is fully aroused now and so close to discharging all her juices. “Sir,” she begins, “I don’t know if I can hold back anymore.”
Tim tells Abbie to let herself release, which she immediately does. Tim’s thigh is covered in her spunk. Tim does not let up on the end of Abigail’s spanking when she does. Rather, suddenly each spank with the hairbrush hurts even more.
Abbie realizes what she had read years before about if someone cums before being spanked, the sting has much more impact. She cries through the last couple of dozen spanks, and then it is ended.
Tim rubs her back and her cheeks softly. When her crying begins to subside, Tim turns Abbie on his lap and kisses her head as she calms herself. Somewhat pacified, Tim helps Abbie stand and tells her to return to the corner until he calls her to dinner. At that time, she may pull up her panties and drop her dress.
Abbie does as told, and when she comes into the kitchen, there is a lovely feast waiting for her. And a pillow on her chair. Tim and Abbie do not talk about what happened. Rather it is like any other night when home from work.
This pattern continues on Wednesday evening for the rest of the summer and into fall. Abbie does appreciate her Abigail time with Tim, and it helps her to behave more and more.

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