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E018: Pearl Eight  

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10/29/2018 1:53 pm
E018: Pearl Eight

Donald can’t believe how far he has brought Emma in just one day. Not even a day. Six new pearls earned in that time. He knows he needs to let her recuperate from her pre-lunch session.
After he places her seventh pearl on her necklace, he helps her stand, lifting her off the butt plug she is sitting on throughout the meal. A small sigh escapes her, but she smiles at him.
“Emma, I think you should nap now for a while. You have accomplished a great deal today so far. So, yes, young lady, a nap for you for at least an hour.”
Donald places his hand on her ass cheek and directs her to her room.
Emma really does not want to nap now, she wants to learn more and more as fast as she can so she can be his desired sex slave. She realizes this is what she is becoming, willing to do whatever he tells her to, and enjoying all of it.
She tries to protest and say she is not tired, which only results in her cheeks being spanked as they walk along the hall to the bedroom.
“You sound whiny when you protest what I tell you to do, which shows you do need a nap, Emma. Now are you going to climb into bed like a good girl, or do you need more attention over my knee?”
Now Emma is relishing every slap to her ass as they walk along, and actually would like to be over his knees again, but she knows she must be good. So, she climbs into bed when Donald pulls back the covers.
He tucks her in and leans and kisses her forehead.
“I won’t tie and mask you today, with the curtains still pulled, when I turn the lights out it will be dark enough for you to sleep. And I know you will for me, won’t you.”
“Yes, Donald,” is all that Emma could reply in a small voice.
The lights out, Emma rolls on her stomach and enjoys the warmth of her just spanked ass. And she imagines being over Donald’s lap again and him spanking her with the paddle. And she begins to drip.
She falls asleep with her arms over her head, to keep herself from touching herself as Donald had this morning. It had felt so good, and now she knows what to do. Yes, he is stirring many new sensations in her these last several hours. Sighing with contentment she dozes off.
And good to his word, once he sees her asleep as he watches from his computer screen, Donald sets the timer on his phone for one hour. When the time is up, he comes and sits at her side on the bed. Just the feel of his near presence stirs Emma from her sleep.
And watching her sleeping and then arising fills Donald’s heart. ‘What is this effect she is having over me?’ he wonders.
Roused now, Emma sits up, smiles at him, and leans and kisses Donald, her arms around his neck. He should stop her, but he is so stirred by her excitement of just seeing him. They do kiss for a bit.
“Emma, I think with all this play today, you need a bath.”
Emma pouted a little. She doesn’t want to be apart from Donald again to take a bath. But that quickly changes to a big smile as he takes her hand and leads her to the bathroom. He has her sit on the wide ledge of the large tub as he fills it with toasty warm water. He climbs in first and leans against the back, then helps her to slide between his spread legs.
“This is wonderful,” is all Emma can think.
As Donald soaps a cloth and begins to wash Emma’s arms he asks her, “So why the pout? Don’t you like to take a bath.”
Emma is embarrassed by why she pouted and replies sweetly, “Oh no, this is a wonderful way to take a bath.”
And she leans against his chest, feeling his hard prick pressing against her crack. Her asshole is still a little sore from what happened before lunch, but it is such a nice, enjoyable sore.
Donald washes her arms, neck, moves to her chest and squeezes each of her boobs and nipples as he washes them. It is a unique cloth he uses. On one side is soft cotton, the other is a sort of mesh which is a bit rough against her. He goes back and forth with which side he uses, scrubbing her with the mesh side until her skin is rosy, then the soft side to gently caress her.
The feel of the mesh over her nipples hurts some but in an arousing way. Then Donald moves down over her stomach and then the mesh is rubbing against her clipped mons. Ooh. Then the softness of the cotton side. She is really soaped up.
He moves down to wash her thighs, calves and then lifts her feet so he can scrub and wash them. Donald is so thorough on each inch of her. He brings the cloth back up and scrubs her inner thighs. Then lifts her legs on each side of him so Emma is spread wide. Oh, the mesh first on her outer lips, then they are spread as he scours her slit, into her vag some, then over and over on her clit.
Emma lets out a low moan.
The rough cloth against her stirs her so, but then the gentleness of the cotton after, she knows there is a lot of her cum on the cloth now as Donald soaps it up again.
He has Emma roll over on her stomach leaning toward the faucet, her legs on each side of his thighs.
He hard cock is now lying in her slit, the glans just brushing the opening of her cunt. Emma sighs harder as he begins cleaning her back, down to her ass cheeks. The roughness all over her cheeks, then thighs is delightful.
Then Donald spreads her cheeks and runs it up and down her crack, over and over. Then around and into her rosebud. She cries out in abandonment. The soft side follows the same pattern making her whine with pleasure.
As he finishes, Emma feels him press further into her. Oh, what a wonderful experience.
Something comes over Donald as he feels himself up in Emma’s tight, wet, pussy. Seeing her lovely ass cheek in front of him, rosy now from being scrubbed, he cannot help himself.
“Emma, I do not think you were truthful about why you pouted. Do you want to tell me the truth now?”
And with that, Donald raises and then brings his hand down and spanks Emma’s lovely ass. She responses with a gasp. A second spank hits the other cheek. These really sting a lot. With her bottom wet, and just roughed up a minute ago, the pain of the spanking is intensified. As more and more spanks are administered to both cheeks back and forth, and then repeatedly on each cheek, Emma begins to really cry.
As Donald continues to spank her, she feels him getting harder and harder inside her. Every spank makes her lift a little, and then back down feeling his cock stroking in her as she does. She begins to clench his prick with the sides of her vagina.
“Emma are you going to start explaining, or do you want the spanking to just go on and on?”
Truth be told, Emma would love this to go on and on and never stop, but she knows she has to answer him.
Between her tears and cries, she chokes out, “I thought you were going to make me take a bath on my own, and I didn’t want to be apart from you again after my nap.”
Donald continues to spank her a bit more until her cheeks are so very rosy. Feeling himself up in her as he is, he knows that they will be in this position again and again in times to come. And knowing that, and Emma’s tight squeezes to his cock, makes him take her by her hips and lifts her up and down on his cock faster and faster.
Emma has been bracing herself on her elbows through the spanking, and how lifts her head and back up a little more so to be able to ride Donald this way. It is not long until they both cry out in unison, Emma’s back arching and Donald exploding inside her.
After coming back down to earth, Donald pulls her back up on his lap. Drains the tub some, and fills it again with hot water. He wets Emma’s hair with the shower head, and as she leans against him he shampoos her hair. Feeling his fingers massage her scalp is marvelous. He keeps this up for a while as he talks to her. Her sore, warm ass rubs against his thigh as he does.
“Emma, I am very pleased with your waxing and clipping. Even your nails are perfect. I have set up a weekly appointment for you with Sasha each Friday, so you will be flawless each weekend for me. It will be at one p.m. each week, and after you are finished you will come directly here.”
Emma looks up at him searching his face. ‘Does he mean we will only be together on the weekends?’
She timidly asks him about this.
Donald hugs her before going back to the shampooing and tells her, “No, we will see each other during the week too, this will just be so our full weekends together will be ideal. While you were sleeping I put a special app on your phone. It will allow you to open and pull into the garage. The door there will lead right to this room.”
“I will always tell you when you are to be here, and you are not to arrive more than ten minutes before the time. I will also tell you if you should be waiting for me in position in the living room, or to be in your room waiting on the bed for me. At times there will be other instructions too. But I know you will follow them completely and correctly. And the final thing, you are never to explore this house at all. You will learn about other places as time goes on, but you will only be allowed in them when told. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Donald. I will enter from the garage and come to my room or the living room only and nowhere else when I arrive.”
Emma is filled with glee at the thought that she will first, be seeing him so much, and second, that he is allowing her access to his house.
Donald brings the shower head up over her and begins to rinse her hair. When done with that, still holding the shower head, he takes soap in his other hand and washes between Emma’s legs once more. Then with the shower head on high, he brings it between her legs to rinse her pussy slit.
“You did get a bit messy with everything before,” he tells her.
The powerful pulse of the sprayer is arousing her again. Donald spreads her lips wide and directs it right on her clit until she cries out in pleasure. All Emma can think is, ‘Please, let this just be the first of many baths we have together.’
Donald quickly washes, then gets out of the tub. He throws a towel around his waist and helps Emma from the tub. He wraps her in a big towel and begins to dry her all over. Emma is just contently sighing. This is all too magnificent. Yes, that week of punishment was horrible, she will never do anything to have that happen again. But now, all that Donald is alluding to in the future. Yes, it is even more than she could have asked for or even dreamed of.
The marvels of the feelings which have come over her with each pearl earned, she wants to experience over and over.
Donald pulls a seat from under the large sink counter and has Emma come and stand between his legs. He picks up a bottle of lotion and begins to rub some all over her body. Her arms, her back, her still pink ass, down her legs, up her thighs, and over her stomach and breasts. His wonderful caresses doing this is making her head spin. Finally, he lifts her on the counter and takes one foot at a time and massages lotion into them.
He then sits her on the seat and standing by her begins to blow dry and style her hair. Her hair is not that long, and he seems to know just how to hold the brush and allow the warm air to dry it. Emma feels herself getting wet as he does this. ‘How can such simple things turn so erotic for her when Donald is doing them to her?’
When he finishes, he sits on the counter, his towel dropping to the floor. He brings a makeup mirror close to the counter edge and pushes the makeup forward. “I want to watch you put your makeup on Emma,” Donald tells her.
Now, Emma really is not that skillful at putting on makeup. She manages mascara, a little eyeshadow over the lids, some blush and a little lipstick. What is before her now is much more. She hesitates a little and then begins with the mascara. She does okay, but there is some smeared under her eyes. She looks around searching. ‘Does she open the drawers to see if she can find something?’
Donald looks at her quizzically and asks what she is looking for.
Emma shyly replies, “Some cotton swabs to clean what I messed up.”
Donald chuckles, and opens a top drawer and brings the box out. “Emma, everything in this bathroom, and as you will soon see in your bedroom, you can look at all you want. And you need to tell me if you need something I have left out.”
Emma smiles at him, and then sticks a cotton swab into her mouth to wet it, then rubs the smear away. She picks up the eyebrow powder, and though she seldom has used any, she likes the look it adds to her eyebrows. Now the eyeshadow. As said, she only uses one shade on her lids. She never quite understood how to do the full eye look. She runs the swab over the lid color, there are four different shades of brown in the tray and each is marked where to apply.
After she gets the lid shade on she looks at Donald and confesses she is not sure how to proceed.
Donald smiles at her and moves off the counter, takes the palette in his hand, and has her watch as he expertly applies the crease, upper and tip color which really does make her brown eyes shine. It looks so much more exotic than anything she has ever worn.
She grins at her new appearance and then applies the deeper blush and darker lipstick. She looks so different, while still the same. The look does give off a sexual facade. Her parents, if they could see her now, or knew all that she has done today, would be rolling in their graves.
There she sits, makeup on, but naked in front of the man of her dreams who is also naked, and a little hard again. She leans forward and takes Donald’s cock in her hand and jerks it as she lowers her lips to his glans. She sucks a little on it while jerking him and caressing his balls. He moans with satisfaction.
His student is learning so well, and already making sure he is pleasured all the time. His pride in her goes up and up.
He lifts her up, and as he looks down he sees slight traces of her lipstick on his glans. So exciting. He leads her back into her bedroom and has her stand by the dresser.
The dresser has six drawers, three on each side. As Emma watches, Donald begins to open each drawer starting with the top left one. Emma gasps as she sees it is filled with silk panties of every color and type. There has to be over twenty-five pairs there. And all so lovely, and she can tell they are brand new.
Donald takes out a pair of royal blue bikini type and lays it on top of the dresser. He opens the drawer beneath it. It is filled with as many bras, all seeming to match the panties. Emma feels herself start to drip as Donald removes a very low cut royal blue bra from the drawer and places in next to the panties.
The next drawer is divided, on one side are numerous garter belts in many colors, and the other side holds stocking of assorted colors and types. Thigh highs, fishnet, pantie hose, which as she leans and looks closer she sees the pantie hose are all crotchless, and actually opened in the back some too. There are even some lace trimmed ankle socks.
Donald removes a blue garter and nude color thigh highs. She has never worn anything like this before. As she looks in the mirror above the dresser and sees herself standing here naked with the new makeup she just trembles with anticipation.
The opposite lowest drawer has some corsets, chemises and bustiers. All things she has never worn but looks so interesting. Donald does not take anything from that drawer, telling her they will be things she will wear down the road.
The next drawer up has all sorts of flimsy negligees, which Donald and just smiles telling her sometimes he will want her to wear something special for him when they are alone. ‘Or other times,’ he thinks to himself but does not say. Emma is not ready to understand that part yet.
Emma is beginning to become overwhelmed with how much money he has spent for all this. She knows he is a best-selling author besides everything else, but so much, just for her? She feels tingles going up and down her spine realizing he must be planning something long term with her.
The top right drawer is all that is left, and Emma remembers one thing that was placed there on her first visit. And yes, when Donald opens that drawer it is filled with sex toys. Some she recognized others she pondered what and how they would be used. She saw the lovely vibrator she had felt on her the first time. And there are plugs of varied sizes, but the rest, she will wait until Donald uses them to teach her more.
He leads her to the large clothes closet and opens it. There are again over twenty dresses, all beautiful and very sexy hanging there. Some other outfits which seemed different and she wondered about, but again time will tell.
And shoes, so many different shades, and styles, but all very high spiky heels. She is glad she is learning to walk better in them.
Donald takes a royal blue dress which is really low in front and has a scooped back from the racks and a pair of matching high heels with open toes. He carries them back into the room and lays them on the bed. He gets the undies from the dresser and comes and stands by Emma.
Now, this is something that Donald does desire to do. To dress Emma. To make her look just as he wants her to. It adds to his control over her. To be the one who tells her what to wear, and put it on her.
He starts. He places the skimpy panties near her feet and has her step into them. Then slowly, so he can caress her up her calves and thighs as he raises them, he pulls them up her. He hears her shudder as he does, and with his hand at the back, he caresses her wonderful cheeks which are still just a light shade of pink from her spanking in the tub. He can feel the smallest bit of warmth still on them. And her guttural moan as he rubs them tells him she is loving this too.
He moves his hands around, and his fingers rub up and down her very wet slit. “Oh Emma, you are so always ready for me, aren’t you? But, we must dress to go out for dinner.”
Emma just moans and sees he is still hard from when she put her makeup on. “Sir, should I relieve you so you are alright to go out?” she asks hesitantly.
“Yes, Emma, perhaps you should finish what you started in the bathroom.”
Emma kneels down in front of Donald and takes his cock back into her mouth. She only spends a minute or so on his glans and slit before she presses down and takes as much of him as she can in her mouth. She really does not want to gag and ruin her makeup now, but she does so want to please Donald.
Donald can sense this, and he keeps her from fully taking him into her mouth and throat. Rather he presses in and out of her enjoying the sweet wetness of her mouth. He reaches for her hand, taking it from his balls, and guides her once more to his taint. She presses against it over and over. Then he guides her hand back farther, to his back hole, and she understands immediately.
Emma removes her hand for just a second to rub in up and down her soaking slit to lubricate her fingers. Then she is back with that wetness circling and then pressing into his hole. The whole time keeping up with her sucking on his cock.
Donald is beside himself. Is Emma really becoming his sweet, beautiful, wonderful slut? He acknowledges her flaws which he has seen from the start, but for these last twenty-four hours, she has so transformed and become something delicate and breathtaking to him.
She sucks him so well, and the feeling now of her fingers up his ass brings him quickly to a climax. It had been building so long, the release as he spurts into her mouth feels so good. And realizing how many times he has come in this brief time. ‘Can it be six times since she arrived yesterday?’
Emma laps it all up and as she removes her finger from his ass licks and cleans his cock so nicely. Donald helps her to stand, he kisses her deeply. She swoons at this attention. He tells her perhaps she should go and fix her lipstick some before they continue.
As she goes to do so, he looks down at his now flaccid dick and loves the traces of her lipstick all over it.
Emma composes herself in the bathroom. Washes her hands, brushes her teeth, and then applies more lipstick. She smiles a Cheshire cat grin into the mirror before she returns to the bedroom. Oh, she is soo happy with her life right now.
Donald is waiting for her, himself more composed now, holding the bra for her. She goes and stands close to him so he can bring it up her arms, reach behind her and snap it closed. Then she feels his hands on her breasts, positioning them so they are correctly in the bra, giving her wonderful cleavage to look at.
He next puts the garter belt on her and reaches up into her panties to bring the straps down inside them. He pulls a little so the belt is just around her waist, and the panties below them, but the straps are hanging out. Yes, she is situated to have her panties off but stocking still on.
Donald has Emma sit on the bed as he kneels in front of her and takes the first stocking and rolls it down to bring it over her feet. The thrill of feeling him raise the stocking up over her ankle, her calf, her knee, her thigh, and up to clip the strap to it, has both of them breathing so heavily.
And to experience it a second time for the other leg. They both are almost panting from this. Donald runs his hands up and down her legs over the silk stocking and tremors run through Emma, and him, as he does.
He helps Emma stand and just runs his hands up and down her sides as he enjoys how sexual she is now in this lingerie. So different from hardly a week ago with her so unappealing bra and panties. ‘How has she come so far so fast?’ He knows she has to have had these inner desires in her, so repressed for too many years. To see her blossom so quickly and fully, he worries that he must keep his new flower alive and not burn her out.
Donald helps her first into the shoes at her feet. Her height raises so she is now only about three inches shorter than him and makes her lips so close to his. He can’t help himself. He leans and kisses her over and over. All that she has done so far deserves some compensation he tells himself.
He pulls apart from her now and sees that again her lipstick is somewhat smeared, but it looks so enchanting to him. He lifts the dress up over her and slides it down over her hips and thighs. It is so low in the front, the first time really showing Emma’s cleavage. And the back dips down to just above her bra. The nap of her neck is so open and appealing with the beginnings of her strand of pearls.
He huskily tells her that perhaps one more refreshing of her lipstick is needed, and that then she should sit on the couch and begin to read the book he has left there for her while he dresses. She quickly fixes her lipstick, thinking, ‘My how much Donald has taught me over in such a fleeting time.’ She then hurries to the couch to see what he has left for her to read.
It is a book by Anais Nin, Delta of Venus. She opens it to the first chapter and quickly realizes that this is like nothing she has ever read before. She is engulfed as she reads the first couple of chapters while waiting. She feels herself dripping in her new panties. She begins to get more ideas about what is possible sexually. If all of today has not opened her eyes wide, this makes sure she does not want to close them for a long time.
She makes it through the third chapter, finishing as Donald walks into the room. She lusts for him so much as she sees him standing before her in a gray suit, white shirt, and a royal blue tie which matches her dress.
He pulls him up to her, the book dropping on the couch, and kisses her so long and deep she is amazed that she can still stand. Her legs are like jelly.
He pulls away from her, pretending that the kiss did not just happen. And she knows, deep inside, she has made an impact on him. Not that he is ready to acknowledge it, but yes, she has. She smiles inwardly to not give her new found knowledge away.
Donald places his hand around her waist and guides her out the bedroom door, down the hall and to the door to the garage. Now she knows the path she is to follow.
In the four-car garage, he helps her into a Jaguar, even reaching over and clipping her seatbelt on her. It is a beautiful car, British Racing Green with dark tan leather interior. She looks as she sees that he also has a Jeep of the original vintage with a removable top in yellow which she can tell has the ability to go off-road. And ‘Oh my,’ an original Volkswagen Van from the sixties or seventies. Both of these look like in mint condition. All are so intriguing to see. Especially seeing the space where her car should pull in to park in the future.
She sees all this quickly as Donald walks around and gets in the driver’s seat. He opens the garage door and backs up and out on the street. Emma, as the realization hits her is again in seventh heaven. ‘Donald is taking her out, in public, is this like their first real date?’ If she thinks of it as such, she realizes that it is her first date ever really.
That is if you forget that unfortunate disaster of going to the movie with that boy her first year in high school. He tried to hold her hand, but his fingers were so greasy from the popcorn she pulled away. As soon as the movie ended, he more or less dumped her at the entrance of the theater. The seven blocks she had to walk back home resolved her to not try that any time soon again.
Now over twenty years later, she is throbbing at the thought that Donald is taking her out.
He drives them to a very elite and expensive restaurant. Up to the valet service. He comes around and helps her out of the car. She does look so tempting and delightful that he is not surprised at the stares she gets as they enter the restaurant and are led to their table. And the best part, Emma is so engaged with being here with him, she does not realize the appreciative stares she is getting from men as she walks by, and a few women also.
As they are seated, Donald immediately orders drinks for them, tells the waiter Emma does not need a menu and starts to look over his. Emma understands fully, she is under his charge. He will order everything for her, and she will need to eat it regardless of what it is. She quivers at this realization. But then she feels Donald’s leg rubbing against her inner thigh as they are close across from each other at the table and she just knows everything will be fine.
The waiter returns with their drinks and Donald orders for the both of them. First an appetizer then salad for each, the main course, and a bottle of wine to complete their meal. He winks at her and she knows it means she can take the first sip of her drink.
Donald leans towards her over the table and tells her, “Emma, when the salad arrives, not before, I want you to slide your foot out of your shoe and lift it to my crotch and caress me with your toes and sole while we eat our dinner.”
Emma’s mouth is again an “O” as she understands what he wants, and she wants to comply immediately. But he has told her when, so she must wait. Ooh, this is part of the torture he brings her to so easily. Now, knowing what is possible, and wanting it now, making her wait, twitching, for when it is allowed.
The appetizer is excruciating, though Donald does lift forkfuls of the oysters to her lips to swallow. Finally, the salad arrives, her foot has been out of her shoe since Donald first told her what he wanted. Her leg has been twitching since, wanting to lift it to where he wants. Finally, she can. She presses her toes and sole against his covered prick again and again.
She is throbbing herself inside.
“Slowly Emma, we have a whole meal to get through,” Donald says as he lowers one hand under the table to caress her silk covered foot and ankles.
Feeling this, Emma is frozen, she just sits here sighing. Donald tells her to relax and start eating her salad, as he does his, as he continues to rub his hands over her foot and press it into his cock more and more.
Donald does not want to cum now, leave a stain on his pants, but Emma’s touch even this way is so intoxicating. He moves her foot to his thigh and continues to massage it as they finish their salads.
Their main course comes, and though identical, Emma sees that it is all her favorite indulgences. Something she would never order for herself, but loves so much. She just gleams at Donald as they take their first bites and he continues to massage her foot.
Halfway through the meal, he tells her to switch feet. She does as directed and her left foot now, out of her shoe, is laying at his crotch. She feels his hand caress it, and she so wants to give him pleasure too. But she realizes what that would mean out in public.
Instead, she just sighs at his administrations to her foot. Little gasps escape her as she eats as he presses into such wonderfully responsive places. She feels her legs almost melting at this touch. How she manages to finish her dinner through this all amazes her.
Now on Donald’s side, he does have to stop her feet pressure, though it is so enjoyable, and will need to play this out fully at home soon. But he cannot cum when out in public. Well, yes could, but not when it leaves a wet stain on his pants. So, he raises her foot off him and begins the under the table treatment to her feet and ankles. The response from Emma so entrails him. Her gasps and moans as she eats make him know he is still keeping her in the highly aroused state she has been in since last night.
‘Was it only last night this has all really started? Have we come this far in only so few hours?’ All of this is getting beyond Donald’s comprehension. Somehow Emma raises the bar so high.
Never, in all his experiments to help women reach their full potential before sending them down the road, has he ever seen someone like Emma. How much she has taken today, learning so fast, and almost demanding to be taken to the next level immediately.
He has never used the pearl rewards with anyone else. Well, one, back when he was just out of grad school and starting to pursue this line of sexual reasoning. But while that girl, well woman, seemed to want and need it, after only three pearls she shied away. It was disappointing, but with his research over the years along with his special colleagues, they have advanced their studies so much.
‘Does he want Emma to be a part of that study? Or is she his precious gem to enjoy for himself?’
All of this just cascades through his mind as they eat. She is his raw gem in front of him. Tonight, she looks so enticing. And yes, Donald sees the stares at her from around the restaurant. All lusting for Emma, but it is so satisfying to know she is his.
Dinner and the bottle of wine finished, Donald helps Emma rise, and with his hand on her ass cheek, and seeing the forlorn looks on the faces of all that have been gawking at her, he leads her out of the restaurant.
As he settles her in the car, and climbs in himself, after pulling away from the restaurant entrance enough, he stops, leans over and unclasps Emma’s necklace. The sigh from her in anticipation of what this might mean is heavy in the air.
“Emma, for everything this afternoon and evening, and understanding foot play for me, yes, another pearl.”
Emma has to maintain her self-control as Donald once again places the chain against her lips and the eighth pearl drops into the necklace.
The drive back to the house is rather quiet as both contemplate what has happened today, and where they are in all this.

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10/31/2018 11:11 am

These stories are giving me a very strong sexual outlet. I am so horny from reading this that my underwear has a very large wet spot. My penis is actually aching it is so hard. I loved so much about his. I loved the part where they bathed together and Donald rubbed the rough cloth over and even in her vagina and clit. I loved Emma's make-up and dress and her crotchless stockings. I love how horny these stories make me. I'm going to go to my bed to masturbate, and I'll be thinking of this post while I do it.

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