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E049: Holiday Sunday evening  

Clairew1959 62F  
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1/18/2019 11:02 am
E049: Holiday Sunday evening

During the late afternoon, Donald nudges Emma a few times to roll over so not to get too much sun on either side. He understands that after this day in the sun, and tomorrow, Emma will have tan lines from her suit which she doesn’t get when naked in the tanning bed.
This thought somehow arouses him to think about seeing some of her skin, covering her most private places paler than the rest. Like she is hiding herself from others, saving it all just for him. He knows he is getting a bit crazy with his lust for her, but he doesn’t care he tells himself. He has never in his life felt this way about anyone, and he does not want this feeling to end. Not yet.
In the late afternoon, they gather their things and head back to the van to drop them off, then head to the shower house to wash off the salt water. Emma and Donald are both rather sad that they must shower in different parts of the bathhouse marked off by sexes. They hurry through their showers and are soon back at the van.
Donald starts the grill and brings out a couple of steaks to cook. Emma mixes up a salad and pulls out rolls to warm. That will be enough for their dinner, even though they had very little breakfast or lunch. They sit at the outside table under the awning eating. A breeze comes up from the water, but it is not too cool.
After eating Donald tells Emma he has brought her mother’s diary with them and he thought they could enjoy a few more entries leading to her parents’<b> wedding. </font></b>Emma eagerly agrees. So, after cleaning up from dinner, they go into the van and cuddle on one of the benches by the table. Glasses of scotch on the rocks for both as Donald brings out the diary and opens it.

April 30, 1974
Edward came over this evening to supervise my packing for our honeymoon. After buying all those new conservative clothes for me, he told me that after the<b> wedding </font></b>those would be my wardrobe and the clothes he has let me keep for this week will be boxed and stored in the attic of our home.
I cried a little over this, and he asked me, ‘did I want a spanking for acting so childish about this?’
Now my parents were in the living room just down the hall, and there was no way I wanted them to hear me being spanked by Edward. No, they must never know about this side of our relationship, and even more how much I enjoy it.
I told Edward I would behave, and no, please do not spank me here tonight. He just patted my bottom a little and told me then I need to behave and act like a big girl who will soon be his wife and helpmate.
The helpmate comment didn’t sit that well with me as I do have slight feminist feelings, but in agreeing to be Edward’s bride, I doubt if I will ever fully express my views again. That is alright for what I get in return from him.
I watched as he carefully folded my clothes and placed them in the suitcase. He handed me a bag he had brought with him and told me it was a present for our honeymoon. I opened it and took out what I could only describe as an old lady swimsuit. Black, one piece, hardly any cleavage will show; the suit bottoms cover my ass fully to the start of my thighs.
I began to cry again, begging Edward to let me have a pretty swimsuit to wear. He put his fingers to my lips and told me to hush. He has had enough. He told me what he expects from me now, and I will not be displaying myself in public in such a manner.
“Charlotte, I do think you need an attitude adjustment this evening. I know you do not want me to spank you here, but I think we need to take a drive immediately. Your luggage is packed except for toiletries, so let us go,” Edward tells me in an even tone.
He took me by the wrists like a naughty and walked me down the hall. In the living room, he told my parents in a cheerful voice, that we were going out for a bit to get some air after packing. They just smiled at us and told us to have a good time.
Now I knew, in the end, I would enjoy what was going to happen, but at that moment feeling like Edward’s bad little girl being led to be spanked I just cringed.
At the car, he belted me in my seat before going to the driver seat and starting the car. He drove to that place by the lake where he had taught me and then gave me my engagement ring. This time when he came and opened my door and told me to get in the back seat, I know I would not be learning to suck his cock, rather I would be over his lap having my bottom blistered.
I knew I deserved it, I had stepped out of line from what was outlined for my life to be, but couldn’t Edward let me have anything a little sexy besides the underwear he only sees?
He walked to the driver’s side back door and climbed in, he slid to the center of the seat, placing each leg on either side of the hump and told me to lie across his lap. As I assumed my position for punishment, he took something from his pocket, opened it and laid it on the seat for me to stare at. It was a small ‘travel’ leather paddle.
When had he gotten that? It folded over to be the size of a wallet so to fit easily inside a pocket and be ready if punishment would be needed when we were out. I winced at the thought that he has prepared for needing to spank me when we were out somewhere. He would not do this in front of anyone, would he?
I found myself cowering at the thought as he lifted my dress to my waist, lowered my panties to my knees, and even unhooked my garters in the back and tossed them up on my back out of the way.
I trembled at what was to come.
“Charlotte,” Edward started, “You were warned once tonight about acting like a spoiled , and then you persisted in continuing to act so. I realize now, going forward you should not get a warning, rather spanked immediately when you act up. So now you are going to be spanked doubly for misbehaving twice to make you realize how you must behave.”
He continued as he started to rub my ass cheeks with his hand, “Your spoiledness is your greatest downfall, and we will work that out of you quickly if you have to be spanked several times a day even. I cannot condone such behavior in my wife. As added punishment, the first day of our honeymoon when we would have been at the pool for a couple of hours, you will spend the time standing in the corner.”
I started crying hard at that, even in that horrible bathing suit I love to be in the water and lying in the sun. To be deprived of that for even one day will be a much greater punishment than the spanking I am about to receive.
And then Edward started. The windows of the car had started to steam up as they were closed, there were no other cars nearby, so it did not matter how much I screamed and thrashed around as spank after spank rained down on me.
Back and forth over both cheeks timing each spank for the optimum sting as I began to cry by the fifth spank. I was not enjoying this at all, I did feel like the bad little girl who acted up and needed to be spanked.
Edward did not let up. Back and forth over both cheeks at least a hundred times before he began the repeated hand spanking on each cheek about ten to twenty times before moving to the other. My ass was burning from the punishment, tears are flowing down my face, and I am kicking my legs at each spank.
“Charlotte lift your ass up,” Edward tells me.
I do as I was told and now must bend my knees under me some to do so. And I soon realize why he has made me do this. My knees in this position to keep my ass up in the air did not let me flail my legs anymore. The sting of each spank hurt even more. He gave me a hundred more in different sequences with his hand before he rubbed my ass some and then picked up the new paddle.
He just rubbed it around and around my sore burning ass cheeks for a minute or two, and then unexpectedly the first spank with it landed on my right cheek, followed close behind by one on my left. And it began again, but with more sting from the leather.
I cried and cried as I told Edward I would be a good girl, a good wife. But he kept going. I felt like my ass was raw and I began to beg him to please stop, I was so sorry about how I behaved.
It had to be well over one-hundred additional spanks with the leather paddle I received. Some were now landing on my upper thighs above my thigh-high stocking making me winch at this new source of pain.
With my ass raised from his lap in the position he had made me assume, I suddenly began to feel myself becoming damp with juices flowing from me. No, not tonight I couldn’t, this just hurt so much, and I did not think I was getting any pleasure from it. But my body and the sexual part of my brain took over, and I did begin to lust for each spank.
Edward began to slow after the one-hundred with the paddle and asked me if I have had enough. I was now soaring towards a peak, I knew tonight I would not reach it, but I wanted it to go just a little further as long as it could.
“Only if you think I have had enough, if not, you should not stop,” I told Edward.
Edward was surprised at my response but tells me that perhaps a little more would do me good. And again, began to bring the paddle down over and over on my cheeks. I felt a warm glow spreading through my body, and I lifted my ass even more to receive each blow.
It now felt wonderful. He could spank me all night I thought, and I would not care. But just as I was reaching higher and higher, he finally slowed and laid the paddle aside, where I could see it. There was a part of me which wanted to take the paddle and kiss it all over for the rush it had given me.
Edward gently rubbed my ass as he said he hoped I had learned my lesson. I did not dare lower myself on his lap, or I would ruin his trousers. As he hooked my garter and pulled my panties up over me, I was so grateful. The panties would start to absorb the cum that was dripping from my vag. He lowered my dress over my ass and told me to sit up.
“Charlotte, I was very disappointed in you tonight. I hope you have learned your lesson about proper adult behavior. We will not have any after sex tonight; I think this needs to be a lesson for you so not to encourage such behavior again,” Edward lectured me.
I hung my head in shame and again apologized, but I so wanted him to get me home fast as I was beginning to cream the back of my dress with all that is dripping out of me. Sitting up feeling the hot sting from my spanking brought a new wave of arousal over me.
Edward came around and helped me into the front seat; I could only hope he did not notice any stain. He drove me home, and at the curb, I told him he did not have to see me in. He told me that even though it was now just a little after nine o’clock, I was to go immediately to bed, as bad girls are made to do.
I just said yes, Edward, I will, and I will try very hard to act in the manner you expect of me.
He leaned and kissed me on the cheek and said he hopes so.
I hurried from the car, holding my purse behind me. I hope he would think that I was just rubbing my ass.
Inside I hurried to my room and bath, stripped my clothes from me and jumped in the tub. I let the warm water rush over me as I held the showerhead on high between my legs and moaned and moaned as I came again and again. I was reliving the feel of the paddle spanking my ass.
When finally satisfied and feeling better, I climbed from the tub, turned to look at my ass to see how red it was in the mirror and seeing the brightness of it, rubbed some lotion and aloe on it to ease the sting a little. But not too much, I did rather love the reminder of the spanking.
That was the hardest and longest Edward had ever spanked me, and with no after sex. He must have been rather angry with me. And it was confirmed when I opened my purse as saw there was no hundred-dollar bill there.
I was disappointed a bit but realized I had overstepped the line he had drawn for me. I will try to improve so not to have a spanking like that again. But then again.
Donald and Emma are both so turned on by this entry for some reason. Emma feels her dripping in her panties, and she can see how hard Donald is under his shorts.
Donald lays the diary aside on a shelf above them and leans to Emma and begins to undress her. She, in turn, does the same to him. They cannot move fast enough to be undressed together right now. Today was probably the longest they had been together with clothes on.
Nude now, they rush to the bed where they pull back the cover and jump on it, kissing and caressing each other everywhere.
Emma moves down and takes Donald’s cock into her mouth and begins to suck on the glans as she caresses his balls and squeezes them some. Her other hand is clenching his shaft and moving up and down on it as she begins to take in more of him.
He howls with glee at her oral treatment of him. He strokes her hair as she sucks on him, getting him hard and stiff. Only when she feels him at his fullest does she lift her head. He flops her on her back and returns the oral favor. Down between her tights after kissing them, he takes the first outer lip in his mouth to suck on. Over and over she feels this lip swelling. Then to the other, until it too is red and swollen.
On to her slit to run his tongue up and down it to catch all her juices. So much is flowing from her Donald cannot lick it all up. Instead, he dives into her cunt with his tongue to play her there, which only brings more out of her. His chin and cheeks covered in her juices, but he can’t get enough of her.
He moves on to her clit but stops at her inner lips to suck on them some now. It is Emma’s turn to whimper in thrill as he does all this. She holds his head to her as she rubs his dome. She is not pressing him or forcing him to stay there, rather just letting him know how much she is enjoying what is happening to her.
It’s only after she cums the first time, with his fingers up her ass and vag while he sucks her clit that he raises himself and positions himself to enter her. He bends her knees up by the side of his chest and presses into her. She yelps with joy feeling him in her. He pushes into her over and over as they both moan from the sensation.
Emma soon begins to throb against him with each stroke. She is just able to reach around him to play with his asshole. Donald groans in delight at how Emma knows so well already how to increase his level of pleasure.
They carry on this way for a while until both feel themselves reaching the tip and leaning down to kisses Emma deeply, Donald spurts up in her and in response, she arches her back and grasps his shaft with the side of her vag.
They continue to kiss and kiss; they cannot let go of each other. It is like they are finding each other for the first time. But all things must end, and they fall apart a bit panting and gasping for breath.
As they begin to collect themselves, they begin to laugh about how sudden and wonderfully the passion had overtaken them. Being here in the van together is so different in a way. Emma had called him Donald several times during the day, never saying sir really, except for when she wanted him to play at controlling her orgasm when they first got here.
It is gentler though most sexually charged day. They are more equals here; and in this interlude together, that is how Donald wants it.
Emma leans to him and tells him in a small voice that she really needs to go to the bathroom before she sleeps. He feels the same way, so they throw on robes and grab flashlights to trek to the restrooms.
It is now almost two in the morning. Donald hadn’t noticed what with reading and playing it has gotten so late. But this makes it that when they get to the restrooms, no one is anywhere around, so Donald comes into the woman’s room with her. In a stall, she lifts her robe and sits with her legs apart. Donald opens his robe, and they pee as they have enjoyed before.
Donald aims his piss at her clit, and she allows all her pee to release in a heavy stream. She moans with the pleasure of the impact of Donald’s piss hitting her clit. She is still rather tender from all their recent play, so it does not take much for her to have a small orgasm.
Donald wipes her clean, and then by the light of their flashlights, they walk back to the van arm in arm.
Snuggled in bed now, they cuddle close together, the window open to feel the sea breeze and hear the lapping of the waves on the shore, they fall into deep and unhindered sleep, both exhausted from the day.

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