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E050: Memorial Day  

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1/19/2019 9:31 am
E050: Memorial Day

Donald wakes holding Emma close to him. He lays contently with his arms around her waist, his hand just gently brushing her close-clipped mons. He smiles now over Emma’s adventure on her last spa visit. He really would have loved to be a fly on the wall to see it all unfold.
Then he thinks about her with Connie. And while he acknowledges Emma might have a side of her that needs the touch of a woman from time to time, he grasps more how Emma had fucked Connie with the strap-on — bent forward some on her side and from the back. He realizes for Emma to do it that way, that must be a position she enjoys and from which she gets satisfaction.
He reaches down and begins to stroke Emma’s slit as she sleeps. Even in sleep she quickly begins to become wet. When Emma stirs, moaning in pleasure from what she is feeling, he tells her softly to bend forward some.
Donald runs his cock up and down her dripping slit. His cock has been hardening as he played with Emma and thought about what he wants to do. Lubricated enough, he positions himself on his side behind her and presses his cock into her dripping vag.
Emma moans with delight. What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. She lifts her upper leg over his thigh to make it easier for him to press in and out of her.
Emma loves the feel of Donald fucking her in this position; it is just a slow and relaxing act. Donald seems to understand and does not go too fast, rather making long slow thrusts in and out of her, pausing when fully in her to allow her to clench against his prick tightly. It is a wonderful, unhurried way to start the morning.
They continue at this leisurely pace, and amazing to Donald, not hurrying this way he is getting hotter and hotter. He realizes in a different way he is heading for a climax. Emma is too; it is nice and gradual heading to the culmination they both want, but do not have to hurry to reach.
Stroke after deliberate stroke Donald continues as they both enjoy this drawn-out dance between them. When Donald feels they are reaching the peak soon, he decelerates his pace even more and just holds himself inside Emma for her to enjoy feeling filled with him.
This delicate act between them, going on and on is something Donald has never felt before. How is Emma, who has no experience before him teaching him so much?
When Donald presses into Emma the next time and holds there, feeling her throb against him, not hard, just a gentle vibration, she says to him in a muffled voice, “Donald can we see how long we can just lay like this? The feeling of you fully up in me, just being there is so nice, and I want to see how long it can last.”
Donald has never heard of anything like this suggestion before, but then he thinks and remembers something like this from some Eastern sexual practices. It does feel so nice to lie inside Emma, still hard and wanting her, but yes, let him see how long he can hold this way.
He leans to Emma's ear and softly tells her that he will try as long as he can, as he is enjoying this immensely also. He kisses her ear and neck and then pulls her closer to him in this position as he rests his head on top her head.
Waves flow through both their bodies over and over; they can each feel each other’s body shudder as another wave washes over them. It isn’t a rousing, passionate climax each time, no a gentle stirring of their body that makes them both tingle so.
They lay like this for over an hour, just breathing in rhythm with each other. Neither of them wanting this feeling to end. They even then fall asleep with Donald up deep inside Emma still hard from the occasional spasm she has against him. They sleep this way for another hour until both shake awake.
“Oh Donald, this is wonderful, should we stop now, or should we see how much longer we can stay this way?” Emma asks him.
“We can stay like this all day if you want to,” Donald replies.
“I do want to, but I also want to have some time in the sun and water. Why don’t you go back to the slow thrusts again and see if that makes us cum,” Emma decides.
Donald does as requested and begins the so slow in an out again. Surprisingly after being meshed together for hours now, it takes only minutes before they both are rushing towards orgasms.
Donald does not speed up; he wants to see where this takes them in this manner, so measuredly he paces his stroke to allow Emma to grasp at him and hold him. It is not more than twenty strokes when they both lowly moan as they cum together in a quiet, but in an all-encompassing way.
Donald tells himself that he must remember this for them to do often and that he must get out the books he had on Eastern sexual traditions and techniques for them to try others in this way.
When they finally rise, it is after twelve. That is okay; they have the whole afternoon to enjoy themselves on the beach.
They throw some clothes on and hurry to the restrooms. Back in the van, they change to swimsuits, but before they leave Donald brushes Emma’s hair, she makes some sandwiches for them, and they put together a basket of things to take. Including Emma’s mother’s diary.
They find a place on the shore and set up camp. They run to the water and swim out to their dune. There they swim back and forth for a good bit, both enjoying being in the water. They play their dive between the leg game they created yesterday for a while before return to the beach and their blanket. Dried off and hair combed, they set out their luncheon feast and lay on their stomachs, propped up on their elbows looking at the water as they eat and drink.
Donald brings out the diary, and they quietly read the next entry together.
May 2, 1974, Thursday
Tonight is the last night I got to see Edward before the<b> wedding. </font></b>After spanking me on Tuesday, he did not come over last night. I am not sure if that was to be further punishment for me, or if it was as he told me that he was tied up with work finishing things off before we leave on our honeymoon.
I went shopping yesterday and bought this lovely negligée which I hope he will like for our<b> wedding </font></b>night.
He came over for dinner with my parents at six, and then after we went to a movie, but halfway through he leaned to me and said we needed to go to our house quickly. I knew not to argue though I was getting so into this movie.
He sped to our home, and we were inside in minutes. He hurried me upstairs to our bedroom and began undressing me as he undressed. I have never seen him is such a state of sexual frenzy.
“What is it Edward, what is wrong?” I asked him.
“I need to be inside you right now,” is all he said in return, and with that, he picked me up and dropped me on my back and was between my thighs.
He rubbed his prick up and down me a few times which did make me start to drip and wet his glans. And immediately he thrust himself deep in me. I let out a cry of surprise.
On his knees between me he just held himself there, his eyes closed, breathing deeply. This solitary act made me start to throb against him some as he just stayed there like a statue.
Finally, he opened his eyes, and said to me, “Thank you Charlotte, I just needed to be in you for a moment. I have wanted this moment since Tuesday, and we should have never gone to the movies, we should have just come here because it came over me again so quickly that I thought I was going to explode.”
And then he began to thrust into to me over and over, accelerating with each thrust. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist to hold on to him and keep him in me with the pace he was going. It all felt so good, him up inside me so deeply.
I had missed the feel of him in me too as it had been almost a week since we have had sex.
“Edward I am sorry I put us through this being bad on Tuesday, making you wait two more days to get the satisfaction you crave,” I manage to say as we pump away.
“Charlotte, I know, soon we will be together every day, so there will not be these times of drought again,” he replies as he shoves deeper into me.
I moan at each his thrusts and think about yes, in just two days, we will be man and wife, not to be parted, able to screw however and whenever we want to. That is so exciting to me.
It takes only a few more thrusts until I feel the waves crashing over me, and I arch my back and cry out. It is only a moment later when Edward also cries out, and I feel his cum exploding in me. We sigh deeply and drop together. Edward’s arms around me.
“Thank you, Charlotte, for understanding. Sometimes this overwhelming urge comes over me, and I will need you to be ready and available for me to screw immediately. Now that it has passed, we can take our time to explore each other,” Edward told me.
And we do over the next hour or two. Each was studying every part of the other’s body, testing to find sensitive spots, finding the spots we each get the most pleasure, it was like we were each mapping out a new territory we have acquired and want to find all its natural resources to use to the greatest good.
Edward found that he could make me squeal just by sucking my toes, but when I tried on him, he had no pleasure, but licking and massage his arch did delight him. Both of us loved the feel of fingers gently running up and down our inner arms from wrist to elbow.
Edward was very ticklish in his armpits, for me that was behind my kneecaps. Both loved the feel of tongues running up and down and around our inner thighs, and the same with running a tongue down our spine. That sent tingles running through us both.
So carefully, recording in our minds each delight or dislike we learned each other’s bodies. It was close to midnight when Edward noticed the time and hurried us to dress to get me home before too late. I did straighten the bed, so it would look fresh and ready for us when we returned.
As Edward drove me home, he told me he would not see me the following night as some of his friends and colleagues were taking him out for a bachelor party. I want to pout and complain, but after the wonderful evening we just had, I did not want Edward to pull over and put me over his knee again.
So, I kept quiet but was silently fuming inside. I have heard what happens at bachelor parties and where they usually go, and I did not want Edward ogling other women or more.
When he pulled up to my house, he did walk me to the door, and there kissed me with great passion and thanked me for all that had happened that evening. I kissed him one last time and stood to watch him walk away. That will be the last I see him until I meet him at the altar.
Donald and Emma look at each other as they finish the entry, they both nod and hurriedly pack their thing and run to the van. Yes, they need to explore each other in that way so to learn all about each other.
First, though, Donald suggests they go shower and prepare themselves. Emma looks at him quizzically, but then he hands her a shower bag with soap, shampoo, towels, and two premixed enema bottles.
“We both will before we shower, so we can fully explore each other in a clean way,” Donald tells her.
Emma agrees with what he is saying, but this might delay them for an hour.
“Don’t worry Emma; we have the rest of the day and evening. There are fireworks on the beach, but that is not until ten. We have over six hours until then.” Donald informs her.
She smiles at that and nods as they head to the showers.
Going into a toilet stall first Emma shoots the first full bottle up in her. She leans forward some as she waits for it to kick in. After letting that all out, she repeats the process to make sure everything is out of her. That took about forty-five minute.
Donald does the same and takes just as long. It has been a while since Donald has had an enema, so this time it does take a bit out of him, leaving himself feeling drained. He somewhat stumbles to the shower, but when the hot water hits him, cleaning all the salt from him be begins to feel better.
They both finish their shower at about the same time and meet at one of the picnic tables to walk back to the van. Inside, the door is locked, and the blinds pulled, Emma pulls the shift dress off her. It is all she wore back from the shower. Donald pulls his short off, which is all he had worn also. They kick their sandals aside and move together to kiss.
Donald pulls back some and lays his chin on Emma’s head. He is beginning to like being this way with her. He is just enough taller than her to make this a comfortable position. Emma finds she is enjoying this way of embracing too.
“Emma let’s take our time doing this. It sounds like such a sensible thing to do with you. I am learning so much from you and your parents this weekend. Opening my eyes to new things the Institute must begin to study in-depth,” Donald tells her.
He moves to get some wine for them to enjoy as they explore each other, and with his back turned from her, Emma builds up the courage to ask him what she has been mulling over in her mind since the first night. She had read his book and knew about the references to different ‘Subjects’ they had conducted sexual experiments with, studying their reactions. And after the conversation on Saturday between Donald and Connie, she is even more curious.
“Donald,” she starts. It does amaze her how suddenly this weekend, away from the house and town he is now fully Donald to her. “The Institute, and me. Am I one of the ‘Subjects’ you are studying? Are you writing up everything we do? How I earn each pearl? Have you given pearls to all your subjects? And what is happening this weekend, will you write that up and report on it to the others at the Institute? Will I find myself being mentioned in some new book you write?”
Donald is overwhelmed with Emma’s questions, and realize that he must answer her fully and completely, so she understands. So much for exploring each other tonight.
“Emma, come here and sit by me and we will talk about this,” Donald tells her.
She does and sitting side by side, glasses of wine in front of them on the table, Donald turns to her and takes her hand in his.
“Emma, yes, when I first invited you to my home, I planned to study you, see your reaction to different stimulants and techniques and see how willing you were to go forward. When I had learned that at your age you were still not only a virgin but with no sensual experience at all, even masturbating, you seemed too good to be true. After getting your email telling me about it I wanted to start immediately, but there were some other projects I had to get out of the way before I could turn my full attention to you. That is why it took me a week to respond to you. I hope you were not too upset not hearing from me then.”
Emma sighs to herself remembering her anguish that week wondering why he had not responded. It was nice to know the reason now. But the idea that he only thought of her to be an experiment, the next Subject, she wasn’t sure about.
She knows he did not know her then, but still. Though she did have to admit to herself, she was the one, confessing to him as she did, that opened herself to be considered that way. And it the back of her mind she always knew that was what it was.
Donald continued, “Yes, I have been writing up your reaction to things we have done, things you have learned about, but your identity is totally confidential. No one knows who you are. Even Connie only knows you like Emma, not who you really are or anything more than your basic sexual state before we began.”
Emma ponders these comments, now that Connie knows what she looks like, how hard would it be to find out who she was? She so wants to believe Donald, but she is unsure.
“Emma,” Donald squeezes her hand before he goes on, “For all the reports I am writing you are ‘Subject Z,’ my final subject. By the time of our second weekend, I knew that I could not fully report on you. Mainly it has been just a clinical write up of how Subject Z has responded to a new phenomenon. Nothing about your emotions, what you have told me, or not even that much about how open and willing you have been. That I have kept between us, I did start a private diary about our time together, what we did, how you showed your appreciation in return, only so I can remember each detail. Somewhat like your mother did in her diary.”
Donald begins to worry as Emma has not said a word as he has talked, he hopes she is not too upset about this, he could not stand it.
Then he feels Emma squeeze his hand and he is reassured.
Emma did this because him comparing his diary with that of his mothers. She knows why she kept it; Charlotte had been deeply in love with Edward. Could the same be true of Donald? She dares not ask that question, not yet. And his comment about her being his ‘final’ subject. Could that be true? Is it what she thinks he means?
Donald continues, “Emma, no one has ever received pearls before. Everything changed between us that week I punished you. Seeing how accepting you were about everything, though knowing you so wanted to learn more about the new world I had cracked the door to for you made me realize that outside of the basic experiments we would carry on, I wanted to swing wide that door to let you enter the palace of sexual delights.”
“And I wanted to be the one to guide you along the way. I have added many more things for you to experience so to learn about all the deviations in the sexual world fully. And while I watched you that night over the phone, I thought what a pearl in the rough you were but could see what was shining so brightly underneath. Which made me come up with the idea of the necklace for you.” Donald says.
At that comment, Emma smiles at Donald and leans and kisses him on the lips. That sweet kiss means more to Donald at this moment than if she would have thrown herself into his arms and fully kissing him.
Emma is so pleased to hear about her necklace, just her necklace, and that Donald is doing all of this just for her, yes reporting some things, but for the most part to help her grow and learn.
Donald smiles at her, and staring deep in her eyes now, much more confident, he says, “What happened this morning was new and exciting to me, taking sexual pleasure to a new level which the Institute has ignored. I do want to write about it, but I am not sure how without explaining how I have found out about this. And what your parents did, and I want so to do with you, is also something no one has ever mentioned it that way, and I do want to introduce the idea for a further study, but again I am in a dilemma about how to do so.”
Donald answers her last concern, “And if I ever write a book about what has happened between you and me, it will be so different than my other book, it would be more about how we both discover things together, as you have taken me to so many levels I never imagined. And you would have to approve it all before it could even be considered for publication. Or perhaps, in time, you would like to co-author it with me, telling your side of the story from your point of view.”
Emma laughs at this, the first sound she has made since Donald has started. “Yes, perhaps I should do that with you one day,” she chuckles.
Donald puts his arm around her and pulls her close to him. Her head rests on his shoulder. For her, this is the perfect place to be with Donald.
“Emma, do you have any other questions?” he asks her. “Even if not now, whenever you do from now on, please just ask them so I can reassure you.”
“I am a little concerned about Connie knowing about me and meeting me, but if it all comes out one day, I am not ashamed of this new life you have opened me to, so I guess what happens, happens,” Emma tells him.
“What a wonderful attitude to take Emma, but many things we have done and will do will stay between just us, the world does not need to know every detail,” Donald cautions her.
“And Emma, there are several more pearls to go. I know what I want you to experience with each, but I will explain them to you first, and you need to tell me if you want to or not. I will never force you into a situation like Saturday ever again. You are too important to me to ever hurt in any way,” Donald solemnly tells her.
‘Too important to him?’ Emma’s heart swells hearing him say this. Never could she had imagined the directions this weekend is taking. She is astonished that she even dared to ask Donald those questions, but his honest and sincere responses fill her with such joy. And to still have pearls ahead to earn, to learn, even more, she cannot wait.
Donald looks at the clock and sees it is now nine o’clock, he cannot believe they have been talking about this for over four hours, nor eaten anything since the sandwiches this afternoon. But both realize they are full of something else right now and are not hungry.
“Emma do you want to want to go to the beach to watch the fireworks?” he asks her.
She replies, “Actually, I am sort of tired now, could we go to bed? We could take the blind from the front window and watch them from the bed.”
“That sound like an excellent idea. And Emma, we are going to explore each other very soon, I want to know everything about your body and desires. But I am glad we had this talk instead tonight. I hope this calms your concerns.” Donald says.
“Yes, others might come up, but I will ask you if they do. And I want to know all about you too,” Emma responds.
Naked since they returned to from the shower, Donald turns out the lights and goes to the front of the van and opens the front blinds enough for them to see out. He climbs first into the bed to be against the back and then pulls Emma to him so they both will be able to see the fireworks from where they are lying.
Emma reaches behind her and begins to jerk Donald, so he hardens, when he has, she turns her head to him and says, “Could we try what we did this morning again? I would love to sleep through the night with you up inside me.”
Donald is more than willing to comply as that sensation would be wonderful for him again too. And his scientific mind gets the better of him wondering if they could sleep through the entire night that way. It would be interesting to find out.
So, Emma bends forward some, lubed from her juices, Donald is up in her just holding himself there. Emma leans back up and squeezes against him. He does not move at all this time after a couple of slow thrusts to get situated in her comfortably for both. He puts his arms around her and pulls her close to him.
As his hand lowers to play in her mons, the first firework goes off. The feeling of Donald being deep inside her again, just holding himself there pleasures them both immensely. And by the time the firework finale shoots off, they are both quietly snoring.

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