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E052: Going home  

Clairew1959 62F  
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1/21/2019 3:02 pm
E052: Going home

The next morning as they pack things away to head home tears start to form in Emma’s eyes. Donald notices and asks what the matter is? Wiping the tears away Emma explains, “Donald, my parents would sometime bring me to the shore for a day, but I have never had a vacation away from home before. Thank you so much for giving that to me.”
Donald hugs her and wonders how a person could live to over forty and never been away from her home for a night before he met her. As they read more about her parents and their relationship, this is all somewhat confusing to him.
“Emma we will take other trips in the future, I will take you on a real vacation one day. Think about anywhere in the world you would like to go,” Donald promises her.
The ride home from the beach is rather quiet between them; both lost in their own thoughts. When home Donald tells her to take her time getting cleaned up, and he would be back around four o’clock from his class.
Emma indulges herself in a long, warm, bubble bath, then dries herself and does her hair. She misses Donald’s attention to her, but that is alright, she wants to be perfect for him when he comes home. Totally naked, she goes to the living room and reads more of the book he gave her on Saturday. All that seems so long ago now, and she can smile a bit over remembering Connie’s touch on her.
Reading the lesbian tales and remembering makes Emma dripping soon. And as she reads one very lusty story, she feels herself cum just from reading. It is a different and very interesting sensation. She hopes that Donald will not mind.
He arrives a little after four o’clock. Seeing her waiting for him naked, he tells her he will not be a minute and hurries to his room to undress. They are together on the couch kissing and groping at each other by four-fifteen.
Emma shyly tells him about cumming from just reading the story and he laughs and hugs her saying that is alright, she can’t control how her mind works as long as she did not touch herself to help things along. Emma swears that she didn’t, and he hugs her again.
“Do you want to read a little more of your mother’s diary before we eat dinner?” Donald asks her. He is soon going to to get them back on the pearl training, but what he wants to request from her next might be a bit difficult for her to understand and do for him. So tonight, they will relax reading more together.
“If that is what you would enjoy, sir,” Emma responds. And they are back into the ‘sir’ not ‘Donald’ world again.
Donald gets the diary, and as she snuggles next to him on the couch, he opens to the next entry.

Friday, May 3, 1974
I do not know how I have made it through tonight. I anguished most of the afternoon and early evening until something very unexpected happened. Edward was at his bachelor party, and I had been imaging all sorts of things happening at it.
Susan, my matron of honor, came over in late afternoon as her husband, Tom. As Edward’s best man, he was picking up Edward for their night of decadence. I was not pleased thinking what might happen. I had heard about what happened on such evenings, and I hope Tom had not gotten any strippers or girls to add to the fun.
Susan assured me that they were only going out to dinner, then back to a hotel room to watch some porn, but how did she really know what her husband had planned for my soon-to-be husband?
She and I went out to dinner ourselves, to a quiet Italian restaurant. By the time we had finished our meal we had emptied two bottles of wine and were laughing and giggling at everything happening around us.
Susan suggested we should go to a disco and dance and continue drinking for a while. I was all for it. If the goose could , so can the gander, and I know I have that backward a bit, but the thought is correct.
We found a seat at the bar and ordered a couple of cocktails, and after a few sips, we were up and dancing. A couple of guys danced over to us, and we began a circle dance the four of us. But then the music changed to a slow tune, and they each took one of us in their arms and just swayed with us. I felt his cock rubbing against my thigh as we danced.
If Edward found out about this, I would be over his knee for a good spanking. But let him have his fun tonight, and I will have mine. My guy kept holding me closer and closer, and I looked over at Susan as saw she was in the same situation, but it did not seem to bother her all that much, so I figured go with the flow.
But then he tried to kiss me, and I pulled back a little. I told him I was getting married tomorrow, but he just laughed and said, “Tomorrow is tomorrow, tonight you are still single.” The drinks were getting to me some, so I just laughed in reply and let him kiss me good.
They came back to the bar with us and hovered over us for most the evening. My guy had his hand on my shoulders and kept trying to lower it down first the back of my dress, but as the evening wore on, the front too.
I did put a stop to that. They bought us four or five more drinks and realizing how late it was getting, and I could get myself into a very compromising situation, as could Susan, who was having as much fun, I motioned to her it was time to leave.
The guys were somewhat disappointed, but I told them again that I was getting married in the morning, so I had to get home to sleep all this off.
When we got back to my house, we giggled and tiptoed to my bedroom — both falling on the bed.
Now, Susan and I have been best friends since elementary school and used to rub each other’s inner arms when watching a movie or filmstrip in class, but nothing ever anymore.
Until tonight.
I will just write it all off as we were so drunk and not realizing what we were doing, but as we laid on my bed laughing at the fun we just had, Susan rolled towards me and put her arms around me and kissed me. Not as a friend, no, how Edward French kisses me. I throw my arms around her and return the kiss.
Donald and Emma both gasp at this revelation. Emma’s mother, on the night before her wedding, playing with another woman?
It just felt so right kissing Susan. And she started to undo my dress, trying to get at my tits to suck them. I let her. to know what it would feel like. I start to undo her dress too so we both could be more exposed to each other.
And before we knew it, both of us were naked, rolling over and over together, kissing, sucking each other’s tits and our hands tentatively reaching down to touch each other in our love boxes. The first feel of her soft fingers running up and down my slit, polishing my clit and pressing in me just a little, made me cry out.
Susan clamped her lips over my mouth kissing me telling me not to make too much noise to wake my parents. I was panting as I nodded my head to her understanding. My fingers found their way to her slit, and I began to caress her in return.
We moaned and groaned quietly as we worked our way to a wonderful summit.
“Susan, have you ever done this before?” I whispered to her.
“No baby, but I have for lusted for you, my sweet Charlotte. This is just perfect. Who cares what the guys are doing right now, I want to take you over and over to climax tonight. It will be the only night we will ever have, probably,” Susan replied.
And she kissed me again as she rolled on top of me and thrust her knee up into my cunt over and over.
“Baby, can you spread your legs for me?” she asked, “I want to taste your lovely nectar at least once if you let me.”
I just gazed into her eyes and nodded yes as I spread wide my legs for her. She was down between me now, and I felt her sweet tongue licking at me. So different from Edward’s, but just as delightful. I put a pillow to my face as I groaned at her wonderful touch.
Over and over she licked and sucked me, and then, she moved her fingers to my back hole, and as she thrust three up my vag, another two went up in my anus, as she continued to lick and suck my clit.
I screamed out in pleasure, the pillow just muffling the sound as I came hard. What has Susan done to me? This delight was undefinable. Everything with Edward, even my spankings, were superb, but what Susan was doing to me then was another dimension.
And she didn’t let up, she sucked and fingered me until I came two more times. Only then did she raise herself and pulled me into her arms to cuddle me as I caught my breath.
“Did you enjoy that Charlotte? I think you did rather a good deal. Thank you so much for allowing me the pleasure tonight,” Susan whispered in my ear as she licked at it too.
I was swooning, I would never have expected this of Susan, but it just felt so right. I had never considered being with a woman, and how wonderful it could feel, but this just was perfect between us.
For the time all thoughts of Edward and Tom and what they were doing passed from my mind. Let them have whatever fun they wanted to. Right now, feeling so cherished by Susan was heaven.
But I knew Edward, or Tom, could never know about this, and we should probably never do this again. But as Susan pulled me close to her, my back pressing against her soft breasts and her hand just gently caressed my mons, all I could think about is how we could make this happen again. No, we can’t. Can we?
And then Susan whispered the most amazing thing in my ear, which would tie us forever together, “Charlotte, does Edward spank you for being bad? Tom does me since before we married, and I know I deserve and love when he does.”
I rolled to face her wide-eyed, “He does, Susan? Edward does the same to me when I misbehave, which is why we are hurrying the<b> wedding </font></b>so that he can have complete discipline over me. It does bring a rush on when it happens doesn’t it?”
Susan just grins at her, “Well perhaps we should continue having this fun when you return from your honeymoon, maybe once a week in the afternoon. Until we get caught and really spanked for our misbehavior.”
Charlotte just grinned at Susan and imagined how firmly she would be spanked, both if this ever got out, but yes, perhaps a midweek dalliance would keep things spicy in her marriage.
She just replied, “We will see Susan. But thank you so much for tonight.”
And holding each other tight, we fell asleep to be rested for my<b> wedding </font></b>day.
Emma and Donald stare at each other finishing this entry. Emma’s mother, with another woman, and considering continuing it after she married? And learning they both were spanked by their husbands. They just shook their heads at each other and wondered what further entries would tell.
Emma tells Donald she remembers, Susan, well, she and her mother did seem very close, and would once a year go away on a ‘retreat’ together for four or five days. Did her father ever suspect or find out? This is just a different dimension of her so conservative mother she would never have imagined.
With the lingering visions still in their heads, Donald and Emma eat dinner, and then fall together in bed, filling their own lustful desires.

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