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E058: The wedding entry from Emma’s mother’s diary  

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1/28/2019 8:21 am
E058: The wedding entry from Emma’s mother’s diary

Sunday had been overwhelming for Donald, and Emma too. They had not eaten at all with their exploration and had fallen into a deep sleep early. When they wake, they can only stare into each other’s eyes in total mesmerism.
They are now, almost there, not quite, to being so intermeshed with each other. It is amazing. For Emma to be at this point is somewhat understandable, but for Donald to cast off his arrogant ways for such lust and want, and yes, perhaps even to begin to love Emma? That in itself is astonishing.
Neither really must be anywhere today. The term has ended for Donald; the Institute can wait. Emma has no meetings, so they sleep in, so comfortable in each other’s arms.
For the most part, they lie with Donald’s arms around her, holding Emma close to him. But then they both stir a little and turn, and Donald is enraptured when, with his back close to her stomach, she puts her arm around him to hold him.
Never has anyone held him so. It is so comforting and giving him such a feeling of safeness like Emma is protecting him, instead of the other way around. Emma did not wake in doing this, so Donald knows she is not conscious of what she is doing, but he feels himself hardening, and precum leaking as she pulls him to her.
It is almost eleven when they do fully awake. They have slept for over fifteen hours, but after all that past between them yesterday, and this past week or so, they both needed the rest.
Donald, not to leave her warm embrace, but knowing he needs to, rolls on his back as her arm still is over him. He smiles good morning to Emma as she shakes her head some to awaken.
“Donald, what time is it? Have we really slept the morning away?” Emma questions.
“Emma, it is fine, I think we both needed the rest, and we have plenty of the day ahead. What would you like to do? We can take a drive, lay out in the sun some as it is getting warmer, or we could read the next entry in your mother’s diary. It should be her<b> wedding </font></b>day, and it would be interesting after her and Susan’s adventure,” Donald replies.
Emma ponders for a minute, and then, so shyly as it is such a decadent thought, replies, “I hope you do not think me depraved, but, could we go to my house, climb into my parent’s bed to read that chapter? To me, it just feels like where we should be as that chapter is revealed to us.”
Donald laughs hard. ‘What is his Emma becoming?’
“Yes, I think you might be right, lets hurry and get ready, we will pick something up to eat on our way, it is an excellent way for us to spend the afternoon,” Donald responds.
And so, having quickly cleaned and dressed, they are off in the Jeep to Emma’s house, with a short stop at the grocery store, where it is harder for them to keep their hands to themselves than choosing what to buy.
Pulling into her garage, Emma sees a couple of neighbors on the sidewalk looking at the different vehicle entering her garage. Emma, as she closes the garage door, smiles at what they must now all be thinking of her. Hardly ever home now, coming and going with suitcases, and men arriving with her. She ponders how much gossip she is creating now, but just laughs, shrugs her shoulders and realizes she does not care.
With food to nibble at, drinks to sip, and both undressed, they lie on Emma’s parents' bed, where it just seemed right to read this next portion of the diary.

May 6, 1974
The last four days have had my head spinning. After the night with Susan and learning the other side of things I knew I would need that in my life now too. We both did but knew we must keep it such a secret from everyone – our husbands especially.
I have not had a chance until now to record all that has happened.

Morning of May 4th
We woke the next morning rather early, to be ready by two o’clock, my<b> wedding </font></b>day!
Susan told me that she wanted to get me ready completely. At first, I was a little confused, but she led me to my tub and turned the shower on. She stepped under the stream and helped me it with her. I look questioningly at her, and she explained, “Charlotte, I am going to wash you for your nuptials.”
I giggled some at the thought and was totally on board for it.
She soaped a rag and began and my face, my neck, my arms and armpits, she stood so close to me our breasts and cunts were touching as she scrubbed my back. Then back to wash my breast which she did a thorough job on. Kneeling now, she washed each of my legs, lifting each foot to clean it well, before moving up my calves to my thighs, oh so close to me there.
But she moved her hands around and washed each of my ass cheeks and ran the cloth up and down my crack before she pressed it in my back hole to clean it nicely too. I moaned with excitement. I knew I was dripping hard now.
Then she leaned her back against the wall, turned me so my ass was pressed against her cunt and my back was rubbing her boobs and began to wash my stomach, then slowly, so slowing getting me so hot I couldn’t stand it. Then she soaped my mons and was rubbing me there over and over.
On to my lower lips, she soaped and squeezed them until they were swollen, then the same with my inner lips. Finally, finally, she began to suds up and down my slit, Susan pressed the cloth and two fingers in my vag, then moved to polish my clit. I started to cry out in my ecstatic state, but she was able to muffle my mouth with her other hand before I could be heard all through the house.
She leaned and kissed the back of my neck and slowed her rubbing as I came down from the climax.
I offered and tried to wash her in return, but she said, “No, this is your day, not mine. Remember I am your Matron of Honor today, and I am here to serve you.”
She washed my hair then so lovingly holding me the same way against her. When I was rinsed, she had me sit on the edge of the tub, and I watched her wash herself and hair — what a wonderful sight. But I so wanted to touch her, but she would not let me.
Having finished showering, she helped me from the tub and dried me off thoroughly. She ended with taking my clit in her mouth to slightly suck in; then she kissed it. She took me back to my room and had me sit on her lap as she massaged fragrant lotion over all my body. That felt even better.
Finally, she had me sit at my dressing table as she dried and styled my hair in an updo for today, then carefully applied my makeup. I told Susan about Edwards requirements of me from today on, and she made sure the makeup was not too much or too bold. Just the proper amount of blush, shadow, mascara, and neutral lipstick. She stood behind me, still nude, and looked at me in the mirror. She told me I was going to be a beautiful bride.
We heard my mother approaching, and quickly threw robes on. She knocked at the door and came in with tea and rolls for us. She began to tear up a little seeing me all made up and told me I was her beautiful . It was sweet.
As soon as she left, while drinking and eating, Susan sat at the dressing table and me on the chair again. Susan let her robe drop to her sides. While she would not let me touch her today, she did want me to drink in the view as much as I liked.
To me, she was beautiful also. She did her hair and makeup, as I watched, though staring more at her wonderful breasts in the mirror. When finished, she went and got the lingerie Edward had selected for my<b> wedding </font></b>day. All white silk, with lace on the low-cut bra.
Susan helped me into all of it, having me sit on the bed as she knelt to put my stockings on me and hook them to my garter. Her hands lingered and stroked my inner thighs as she did. I began to moan again softly. It was so delightful having her dress me this way and thinking with anticipation just as much of Edward undressing me similarly tonight.
Susan then got dressed, as I watched her put on her panties, bra and stockings. Followed by a slip, and then the dress we had chosen for her. Slipping her shoes on, she came to me and had me stand as she carefully lifted a low-cut, lace and silk white slip over my head and smoothed it down me.
Then she had me step into my<b> wedding </font></b>dress, and she pulled it up and straightened it on me. Leaning close to her, my head on her shoulder, shivers ran through me as she zipped me up.
With my hands on her shoulders, our faces, our lips so close together we felt each other’s rather heavy breathing, Susan helped me into my shoes. So close, so each other, but it was in the past, at least for now.
I was dressed for my<b> wedding. </font></b>It was after twelve o’clock, and we needed first to get some family pictures here, and then head to the church.
The next two hours was a whirlwind. Pictures were taken, then to the church where the photographer took so many more. Edward’s mother came to join us in the bridal lounge, tearfully telling me how lovely I looked, and she was so glad I would be part of their family now, all of us together.
Hugs and kisses were exchanged with everyone, and when Susan did, before freshening my lipstick once more, she kissed me chastely but fully on the lips.

Donald and Emma stop reading as they see a note in the margin which must have been written much later.

This is how from that moment on, Susan and I would always kiss, which we did whenever we met anywhere, even in front of Tom and Edward. They never said a word about it, but it was our secret reminder to each other of who we were for each other.

Emma laughs at this notation.
“It is true, that is how Susan and my mother would greet each other, even at the supermarket or when out to dinner. Susan kissed me that way too, and my mother did Susan’s . I always thought it was a little different than a kiss on the cheek, but never anything more about it,” Emma explains.
Donald laughs too and asks her to kiss him how Susan did to her, which Emma does. It is a rather soft, tender kiss which Donald could understand would be a secret code between Charlotte and Susan.
This entry ends for that part of the day. And from the date of the entry, there are still two and a half days to go.
Donald refills their drinks and asks Emma if she wants to continue. She replied at least through their whole<b> wedding </font></b>day.
“I can’t believe how my mother started that day, but it sounds like Susan did care for her so. Did this change her feeling for my father any? It didn’t seem so; I remember her almost worshiping him and at his beck and ,” Emma ponders.
“From what you have said about their and your mother and Susan’s ongoing , I would think she perhaps compartmentalized them and could love each in their own way,” Donald replies.
They lean back, Emma in Donald’s arms as he reads on. Emma loves to hear his voice as he reads from the diary.

Afternoon and Evening May 4th
The ceremony of our<b> wedding </font></b>was wonderful, as I walked down the aisle on my father’s arm and saw Edward, so handsome, standing there waiting for me. All thoughts of Susan ahead possibly left my mind. Edward was who I was marrying and all that mattered at that moment.
As I reached his side, he kissed my cheek in welcome. My father gave me away to him, and I did suddenly feel I was his now. We said our vows, and before we knew it, the ceremony was over, and Edward was truly kissing me as his wife.
Arm in arm, we walked up the aisle to greet everyone as they left the church to head to the country club for our reception. It was all rather a blur the next hour or so as we accepted congratulations from everyone, then all the pictures at the church.
Edward's car, all decorated, was waiting outside the church for us. We climbed in and drove off. Edward took a turn from driving directly to the country club and instead took us to our special place by the lake.
“Charlotte, I want to have you right now, before any more celebrating totally,” Edward told me.
We climbed in the back seat, he lowered my panties off me, undid his pants and lowered them some, and had me climb on his lap and very hard cock. I was so wet; partly still from Susan this morning, but also just Edward himself.
I slid his cock into my dripping cunt, and he began lifting and dropping me on him. I was soon throbbing, my vag was clenching against him, and it took no time for us to cum together. We clung to each other as we kissed each other over and over.
By the time we came back down from this high, my lipstick was rather smudged and my hair a bit of a mess. As we climbed back into the front seat, I tried to fix my hair some and put on more lipstick.
Edward just laughed some as he wiped my lipstick from his face and lips.
We were almost an hour late getting to the reception, but everyone was having drinks and visiting, so it seemed to go unnoticed. Susan saw us arrive and hurried over and led me to the restroom to fix my hair more so I would look good in upcoming photo shoots.
“So, I guess you are Edward's wife completely now,” she told me as she straightened me. “I hope you still want us too, my sweet.”
“Oh, Susan, my head is spinning with all that has happened in the last twenty-four hours. I know I want everything perfect with Edward and me. But last night, and this morning between us I think I will be craving that too. We will see what will happen,” I told her.
She did kiss me in the chaste lip kiss again and said she was sure we would find a way when I returned from my honeymoon.
The next four hours of the reception passed quickly, and before we knew it, it was after eight o’clock and Edward was helping me into the car again. We had about an hour drive to the nearest airport and would spend the night at the hotel there. The next morning, we would fly to the Cayman Islands for a week-long honeymoon.
As we drove in the setting sun, Edward told me how wonderful the day had been so far, but he hoped I did not drink too much and am okay.
I promised him I was fine but did feel a rather nice glow about me.
We checked into the hotel, and in our room, Edward did as I expected and slowly took every piece of my<b> wedding </font></b>attire off me. It was somewhat strange as he was still fully dressed as he peeled layer after layer off me. He undid my hair, so it fell to my shoulders, and then kissed me deeply.
I moaned from each of his caresses over my body as he did.
He told me he would be right back and went into the bathroom to undress and ready himself. While he was gone, I hurried to my suitcase and took out the negligee, almost see-through of white silk out and put it on. It, like my bras, was very low-cut, with my nipples almost peeking out. I hurried to the bed and turned down the sheets and stood beside it waiting for Edward to come back in the room.
And then shit hit the fan. When Edward walked back into the room and saw me in the sheer nightgown, he went ballistic.
“Emma, you are never... ever... to wear anything when we are readying for bed. I want my wife naked and waiting for me. I can’t believe you have done this,” Edward said in a shaking voice as he tried to calm his anger.
I burst into tears hearing this. “I only wanted to try to please you, Edward dear,” I stammered to him.
He came and sat on the bed and pulled me over his knee. Lifted the nightgown to my waist and started spanking me over and over. All the while he told me that while he understood my desire to please him, I must learn that I would never wear any nightwear ever again. Yes, a robe if needed, but nothing when we were in bed together.
I promised him I never would again and kept telling him over and over how sorry I was.
But the spanking continued until my ass was rosy and I had tears running down my face. Oh, to know that my first act as his wife was incorrect made me so sad.
Then the spanking stopped, Edward was gently rubbing my cheeks and told me he understood, but I needed to learn things quickly. He helped me stand and lifted the gown off me and threw it in the corner.
He lowered me on my stomach to the bed, lifted my ass so he could see my rosy ass as he pressed his now hard cock up in me. I moaned with delight. He thrust in and out of me over and over; we went on for almost fifteen minutes until we both peaked and came together. He lowered himself on my back, still in me as my throbbing milked his now softening cock of all its sperm.
Only then did he roll off me, pull me close to him and kissed the back of my neck. Just where Susan had earlier. And I realized, while so different when they each did it, I wanted both so much.
We fell asleep for a while and then were fucking again. How the night transpired. Sleeping a little, waking to fuck more, then back to a deep sleep.
Surprisingly, in the morning, we did feel rested enough as we readied ourselves for our flight to our honeymoon.

“Wow,” is all that Emma can say as Donald finishes this part of the entry. “What a<b> wedding </font></b>day my mother, and father, had. But for her, so many emotions running through her, so many things she needed to consider. We do somewhat know how it all ended over time, but for her to be on such a cusp at the time.”
Donald hugs her to him as he thinks about the varied secret facets of Emma’s mother’s life Charlotte kept hidden from the world for so many . He seems to understand that right now Emma is feeling very vulnerable, so holds her tight and kisses her head.
It is late afternoon now, time for them to have something to eat, and he will see if Emma wants to continue reading this entry after.

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