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E100: Somethings borrowed  

Clairew1959 61F  
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8/30/2019 10:46 am
E100: Somethings borrowed

During the fall, Donald’s obsession with Emma’s feet and toes seem to grow. Often when they sit on the couch reading or watching a show, he will have her lean against the pillow at one end of the couch, with her feet on his lap. Totally content, Donald massages her feet for hours. From time to time, lifting one to suck on each toe and lick her soles. He finds himself spending more and more of this time with her big toes in his mouth, sucking contently as he runs his tongue between her nail and flesh.
After an afternoon of such play, Donald discovers himself longing for something more. He tells Emma to prepare herself as he gives himself a thorough enema. Emma now is coming to know this need of Donald’s every month or so. It is an interesting game that they play, and now it seems a part of their on-going schedule.
She goes to the closet in the smaller bedroom where they play this out always. There Donald has stored her "suits" to wear. He bought some different ones for the fall, but the one for today will be rather different in a way.
It is a replica of his old school uniform. He also has one for himself, which he plans to wear today. Donald’s need to repeat what he went through back so many years ago seems to be a repeating need of his.
He explained to her a week before that with her it seemed like a safe and controlled place where he can, for a short while, satisfy this strange longing he has to keep repeating what happened back then. Then, he hated it and thought he would never want to experience anything like it ever. But as he grows to know Emma, and her capabilities, her doing this for him seems to turn the nightmare into a pleasant dream.
Emma puts on the special strapon Donald had bought for her to wear after the first time. It is dual headed, and nice, smaller cock to slide up in her, which the base laid nicely in her slit, rubbing against her clit. The larger prick at attention for use on Donald.
She dresses in the white button-down shirt, with the school tie. The boxers, dark pants and belt, finishing with the blue blazer with the school’s emblem on the pocket. She goes to the nightstand by the bed and takes two condoms out and places them in the center of the bed. She then goes and sits at the desk with a book opened. As she waits, she does read some of it. There are several books of erotic stories Donald has put in here for her to enjoy while she is waiting for him to finish preparing.
A few minutes later, there is a timid knock on the door. She calls out, “Come in.”
Donald enters wearing an identical school uniform. His hair is slicked back as it is still a bit wet from the shower he must have just taken.
She turns in the chair and grins at him. “I see you can follow instructions. As I told you at dinner, it is time for you to be reminded of your place here,” Emma says in a gravelly voice.
“Yes, sir, I understand. I am here for your enjoyment, for any whim you might have,” Donald replies in a weak voice.
“I am glad you are coming to learn what is expected of you. It has been a while, and I do feel a need. You will have to serve for me as we are not allowed to leave the campus during the week. Otherwise, I would be enjoying some girl in town, but you will have to be my bitch for tonight,” Donald’s tormentor from his youth tells him.
Donald feels like he is back in the Prefect’s dorm room about to be forced to submit himself to this brute. Shivers run through his body as he realizes that doing this now with Emma playing the role does arouse him so. He feels his cock already hardening and pressing against his fly for release.
Emma notices too and decides to add that to the story they are weaving between them.
“So, you say you don’t like my attention to you, but I see you are rather eager for our play to begin,” the Prefect tells young Donald who blushes deeply at this comment.
“Come here,” the Head Boy commands him as he turns his chair to face the bed.
Donald goes and stands right in front of his now master. He knows what he has to do. He has been taught well about what is expected. He lowers himself on his knees between the perfects legs. Donald can see the outline of his large, hard, cock in front of his face.
Donald gulps, this is the beginning of his submission to his tormentor. He lifts his hands and unbuckles the perfect’s belt. Then unbuttons his pant. Donald feels the trembles running through him as he lifts his index finger and thumb to pull the fly down.
Now the worst part. Donald must reach in and pull the cock and balls out through the boxers slit. Standing hard in front of his face, Donald sighs as he feels the hand on the back of his head, pressing him forward to take the glans into his mouth.
He does as directed. The strapon is so lifelike. The material soft and pliable making it feel like he is taking a real glans, including that slit, into his mouth.
Like he played with Emma’s toe, he slides his tongue back and forth over the slit which allows him to press in just a bit. His hands are on the base of the shaft, squeezing it up and down as he begins to suck more and more in.
The hand on the back of his head presses more of the prick into his mouth. Donald gags a little but allows more and more to push in now at the back of his throat.
“Suck it good, cadet, make me nice and hard for you. Show me how much you want this,” Donald’s captain tells him.
The softness of the cock in his mouth does feel so real life. It was an excellent purchase, and Emma is playing the role so well for him. Donald feels himself wetting his trousers with precum already.
Emma makes him suck on her for almost twenty minutes, helping Donald to get in the headspace for what is to come. Donald enjoys how Emma changes things and the timing every time they do this, so he is unsure when and what will come next. Finally, she tells him to stand up and get the rubbers. As he turns to do so, he feels hands come around his waist to rub his hard cock through his pants. Donald knows the wet spot has been felt. Donald is bent forward some as he reaches for the condoms on the bed. As he feels the hands on him, he freezes in this position to wait for what is to come.
The hands lift up and undo his pants. He knows what will soon happen as he feels first his pants being lowered to his ankles, then followed by his underwear.
“Step out of your pants I want you to be spread wide,” he is told. Donald does as he feels himself blushing when the hands reach back to his cock and<b> stroke </font></b>it, seeing how hard he is, and the cream which has already spilled from him.
“Hand me one of the condoms, you are already starting to make a mess,” Donald is told.
He reaches back to hand one of the condoms to his nemesis. He hears the package being open and then feels the hands on him again as they roll the condom up his shaft to cover him. To keep him from "making a mess" as they both know he will cum before this is over.
The Prefect stands behind him now, and Donald knows what is happening as pants and underwear are also lowered and stepped out of.
Donald is made to turn around and put the condom on his master’s cock. Holding the phallic in his hand, so hard and ready for him, he runs the condom up the massive shaft. As he does, his tormenter squeezes his balls a little and mocks him some. The tips of their covered glans rub against each other like dogs rubbing noses in greeting.
Donald is turned around now, and his back is pressed down on the bed. His ass raised, his legs spread wide, he feels the approach up between his legs, the cock head rubbing up and down his crack.
Then he feels the lubricant being dripped on him, around his hole and some up in him. There is something new that is added which Donald did not expect. He feels a lube launcher being pressed up in his asshole and a stream of lube squirted in his rectum.
He hides his head in his arms, awaiting what will probably be a long and hard onslaught.
Donald braces himself as he feels the glans of the cock against his asshole, just beginning to press into to him. Oh, this is the moment when he knows he is the Perfect’s complete and total ass slut. And somehow now, rather than hating what is coming, he finds himself so aroused to have this done to him.
Emma knows that Donald is in his own zone, she is aware of what is going through his mind. She wonders a little if she might have gone a bit too far adding the surprise of the launcher, but she does want him well-oiled for this, and from his reaction of trembling so when it is inserted she is sure he is enjoying it immensely.
Emma presses her cock farther in Donald, now a good three inches in, with five more possible. “Beg me to fuck you, cadet. Let me know you really want me fully,” she says in a gruff voice.
Donald panting cannot believe she is making him say this, but it is turning into the best fantasy play at this game they ever did. “Yes Sir, Master, please, oh please, fuck me like I deserve to be fucked,” he cries.
Emma moves her hands to the sides of Donald’s head to brace herself to push in farther, but she does move one hand to caress his face. “Yes, you are my good little subservient, you are beginning to know your place and enjoy our special time together, aren’t you?” the Prefect comments.
Donald whines, in reply, “Yes, Sir.”
Emma presses in on the next thrust three more inches. She bounces in and out of Donald’s ass as he moans and trembles.
Should she press all of this cock up in him? Can Donald handle it? Is he in a good space right now? Emma wonders all these things as the game plays on.
“Do you want all of me, cadet?” the Head barks at Donald. It adds to this whole situation and fantasy that the Prefect, his Master, never does use Donald’s name. He is like a non-entity, just there, bent over, for the Prefect’s pleasure.
“Please, sir, more cock please,” Donald spills out. He is so in this place. In reality, he knows what is going on, and it is Emma doing all she can to fill this strange need of his which keeps arising. But, he is in the place, in his old Head’s room, submitting himself, now fully and willingly. Never would such responses have escaped his lips then, but now, the ass pounding he is having fills him completely.
Donald knows he is on the brink of cumming. Emma can sense this too as she rams the strapon into him fully. Donald lets out a cry experiencing all of this toy so up in him. He feels the soft balls banging against the back of his balls.
The thumping on his balls does make him explode. The condom is filled, he worries that some might even seep out.
Emma, knowing from the shaking of Donald’s body as she thrusts over and over into him that he has come. She continues her attack for just a minute or two more, then pulls out of him. Donald collapses on the bed, fully and completely spent.
“Cadet, dress and get out of here, until next time. You have serviced me well tonight,” the Prefect tells him as he gathers his pants and goes to the bathroom.
Donald totally exhausted from this experience picks up his pants and underwear from the floor. The filled condom is hanging from his flaccid cock, ready to drop off. He carefully takes it off. Ties the end and lays it on the desk for his ideal Prefect to find. A token of gratitude for what has transpired.
He doesn’t want to, but knowing it is all part of this game, he puts his underwear and pants back on and goes to his bedroom to undress from this costume.
As he hangs this outfit in his closet, which is mostly empty now, all his daily clothes have been moved to their bedroom, he shudders some as he thinks about how well Emma can take the dominate role when needed to give him the experiences he so finds himself wanting.

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