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E102: More from Emma’s mother’s diary  

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9/3/2019 1:44 pm
E102: More from Emma’s mother’s diary

Between playing their different games, Emma now broadcasting on one of the adult sites they found on a regular basis, and just life in general, the fall does seem to fly . Before they know it, it is Thanksgiving. Their first together. This year has been filled with so many firsts and then repeats. It is hard to imagine it is only eight months since Emma attended the lecture Donald gave. And six months since this all began with them.
Neither had really done much for Thanksgiving for years, so when Julie and Karen tell them they are fixing a full dinner for them day they did not argue as the thought of turkey and the trimmings sounded wonderful.
And it is. The four eat together in the early afternoon, and after some pumpkin and pecan pie, along with the special pecan drinks for dessert all are stuffed and happy. The dishes are done, and everything cleaned up, Julie and Karen kiss them both and head back to their cottage late afternoon for a ‘nap’ they say.
Emma and Donald make a couple of more drinks to sip on and head to the couch. It has been a lovely day, and while still some of it ahead, they are feeling lazy with no desire to do much of anything.
When Donald suggests they read a bit more of Emma’s ’s diary, which they haven’t much for a while, Emma agrees it sounds like an excellent idea.
The diary is brought out, Emma snuggling in Donald’s lap, they begin to read.
June , 86
Edward and I have been married for years now. Emma is almost ten years old. So happy in school and rather self-reliant luckily. She is a quiet though. Susan and I have had years of wonderful times together too. Every Wednesday, for most of the time, and often for lunch with women’s groups one or two times a week, dinner with husbands every other week. All is good.
No one has ever suspected anything about Susan and me, which makes our time together so much more special. We both enjoy our time and discipline with our husbands so much, but these Wednesday afternoons, while our girls are at school, helps us bloom and feel our full sexual potential.
Susan does like me to wear the sexy lingerie Edward buys for . Slowly taking it off . She tells she wishes I would wear the sexy outfits I used to back before I married but understands why I must not . She is more than content just to strip of my dowdy outfits to run her hands over my hidden scanty bras and panties, then slowly undress to take full advantage of .
I do seem to find myself falling under her power and spell as much as I do Edwards, but I give as good as I get in return. the end of Wednesday afternoons, we are both a sweaty mess, our juices mingling together all over each other. And our kisses mixed with our combined fluids so intoxicating.
Emma has almost caught us now twice, coming home before we have finished our bath together. Luckily, she knows just to go to her room and begin her homework when she gets home. I would call out to her asking how her day was, with Susan kissed my neck as she fondled my clit and vag for one last lingering time.
Fridays, Susan and I usually meet at the hairdresser's in the morning for our shampoo and set to get our hair done for the upcoming weekend. Yesterday was one of those days. But it turned out so different.
We both sometimes have massages next to each other, gazing into each other’s eyes as we feel the firm hands work their wonders on our backs, knowing we both are so naked under our towels. Now and then we will go to the same changing room after and kissing deeply so to muffle our cries as we finger each other to a quick climax.
Yesterday was one of those days. Which when it happens, leaves me so horny and hungry for something more. Which is what led to what happened and my discovery.
Feeling wet and wanting, I went to the bank to see if Edward would like to take me to lunch. I don’t often do this, but sometimes when I have been so bold, he is so aroused our lunch takes place a couple of towns over in a hotel room. Usually he spanks for being so brazen and then, such lovemaking follows. And another hundred-dollar will be found on my pillow night.
So hoping for such an afternoon delight, I drove to the bank. I walked in through the lobby, and while a few of the tellers probably saw , I know my way to the president’s office, and no one would ever question his wife going directly there.
When I get to the outer office, I am surprised to see Grace is not at her desk where she is always stationed unless running some errand or at lunch. Well, it is still a little early for her to be at lunch, so I looked around to see if she was anywhere nearby.
No, she was nowhere to be seen.
Now I do not like to go to Edward’s office unannounced, but perhaps would guarantee a spanking, it has been a few weeks, and I was somewhat longing for one. I went to the door of his office and began to open it.
Thank goodness, I only opened it a crack, just enough to see in. To see Edward sitting on his couch, his pants open and down around his knees, and Grace kneeling in front of him sucking his cock.
Edward was pressing against the back of her head and telling her to take it all in. Grace was choking a bit but was trying too.
What was going on? How could Edward? And Grace?
I stood mesmerized, watching for several minutes as she sucked and sucked him until he pulled from her and explodes over her lips. Grace lapped it all up and murmured. “Thank you, master.”
I wonder what this horrible relationship Edward was engaging in with her was. He did not offer her any real sexual pleasure/release. Instead, she was just servicing him. As she does as his secretary, giving her all to meet all his needs.
I felt somewhat sorry for her.
But then he told her to stand and lift her skirt. He looked at his watch and told her five minutes only. Then he pulled her panties down to her thighs and finger fucked her cunt for five minutes. She moaned and withered from his touch. I know what she was experiencing. Just any sort of attention from Edward was so rewarding.
But the five minutes was not enough for her. When Edward withdrew his hand, took a towel, and wiped himself clean, both his fingers and cock, you could tell she has not climaxed. Close, but no.
And Edward did not even wipe her wetness from between her legs. Rather just told her to pull up her panties.
I quickly closed the door then and hurried from the office. Out of the bank and headed home.
My mind was whirling. What was going on between Edward and Grace? How long has it been going on? I was fuming so much as I drove home.
Once there, I poured myself a glass of sherry and sat and thought.
In a bit, I was calmer. I realize I have had Susan for all our marriage, so how could I judge Edward?
But then I started to feel sorry for Grace. How she must worship him to allow her this degrading position with him. To receive any sort of favor from him.
in itself made angry at Edward again. And then I thought more. Every year for her birthday, Christmas, and Secretary’s Day, he always made get an appropriate gift for Grace, he could not even shop for her himself?
I turned on a pop radio station, something Edward did not approve of and listened to the newest Madonna songs and top ten. I even danced around our living room with an abandonment I had not felt in year when “Spirit in the Sky” came on.
When I heard Emma opening the front door, I quickly turned off the radio, then called my to ask them to keep Emma for the night. She agreed and said she would be over to get her shortly.
When my got there, Emma’s bag was packed for a weekend at her grandparents. My looked at , questionably, as if trying to figure out what was going on. But left things unsaid and left with Emma.
I still was so confused about what I was feeling. My husband was cheating on with his secretary. I could not really complain as we have sex several times a week, and it still is inventive and wonderful, so nothing was being taken away from me. But, he feels he needed someone else too.
Though then I remember the “Master” comment Grace made when on her knees. Did Edward need to have such control over all women who were a part of his life? To show who totally was in ?
Then my mind wandered, and I really became angry for some reason. I began to ponder, ‘Does Edward spank Grace like he does me?’ Just the thought of tipped the scales for . No, I must be the only one he disciplined. He cannot do it with anyone else. Please, not .’
Even writing this now, I realize how foolish and unreasonable I am being, but act between us, even more than sexual intercourse was something just between Edward and me. Not to be shared with anyone else.
I fell to a crying fit over the thought of this. Which is how Edward found me when he came home. He demanded to know what was wrong, and I was short and snappy with him, which did not bode well.
He asked where Emma was, and I told him at my parents for the weekend. Which he replied was probably for the best considering how I was behaving. He again ordered to tell him what was going on. I almost spilled out what I had seen, but caught myself in time, realizing what a can of worms it could open.
Instead, I just glared at him for a few seconds, before bowing my head in submission. was all was needed. He knew he was in control again and told to get up to the bedroom and get the brush out.
All in all truth, this is what I wanted so much. I scurried up the stairs to our room. Stood beside the couch with the brush in my hand waiting. I could feel myself starting to throb in anticipation.
Edward made wait way for several minutes. He had fixed himself a drink which he brought up with him, set it down on the table the couch, took his time taking his suit coat and pants off. Then undressed to just his boxers before sitting down and motioning me to come in front of him.
He reached behind me and unzipped my dress and let it drop to the floor. He told me to lift my arms over my head as he took my full slip off me. Then undid my garter belt and lowered my stocking off to a heap on the floor too.
There I stood in my bra and panties in front of him. The brush in my left hand waiting for his command. I could feel my juices gathering in my cunt and beginning to drip down my thigh some.
“Charlotte, I do not know what has come over you today. Perhaps I have let a little too much time lapse since you were last spanked. Is what got you out of sorts today?” Edwards questioned .
“We will rectify situation immediately,” he continued as he motions for me to bend over his lap.
He ran his fingers inside the elastic of my panties and pulled them down to my knees as I lifted to allow it. His left hand moved to my slit, and I heard him tsk-tsking about how wet I already was. His right hand ran over my ass cheeks, just circling them in preparation.
It does seem like a long time since he has given me the spanking I crave, and I was so ready for it. While Edward will never know, I feel I deserve this for spying on him today, for having double standards about both our individual needs and overall misbehaving with Susan all these years.
Edward started with a hand spanking, back and forth over both cheeks, circling them to make sure every inch of my bottom was reddened. the ninth or tenth slap, I was crying and promising to be good. It felt like such a joyous release of all my tension.
the time he took the hairbrush from me and started its rounds over my cheeks and upper thighs, I was, as I cried, feeling so relaxed. Edward would not take this much trouble to punish me if I was not the most important thing to him.
Let him have whatever he needs with Grace, I know he always does come home to me, is a wonderful lover and disciplinarian for me. Since our marriage, I have come to realize I need as much as the love and affection he offers too.
The spanking goes on for almost a half-hour, finally slowing, Edward asked if I have gotten it out of my system. I cried yes, I have, and will be his good wife. He made stand in the corner for another half hour.
Then he came up behind me, and I felt cool lotion being rubbed on my behind. His hands circling around and around and then moving between my legs to rub up my soaking slit, finding my clit and rubbing it until I arched back and came.
He picked me up then and carried me to the bed. On my knees, as I knew how he liked to fuck me at these times, my legs spread, I felt him position himself between my legs and press his hard cock head up into my vag.
I cried out in wonder of feeling it enter me. Edward was relentless. Pounding into to me deeper and deeper with each thrust. Making me gasp each time. He was so thick and hard it was amazing.
Let Grace suck him every day if it meant in the end, he came home and fucked me this good.
After we both came hard, we fall together in a sticky pile, kissing and caressing each other. Only later do we go and take a nice long hot bath together. I blush some thinking about how often I have been in this tub with Susan after our couplings.
I should feel so guilty about it, but it just seems like it is just a different facet of my life, which now I realize Grace is the same for Edward.
Everything will be fine between us, each with our individual needs, but our true, full needs, for each other.
This morning when I got up, Edward brought me breakfast in bed. On the tray was another crisp one-hundred-dollar , and a beautiful sapphire ring. We spent the whole day in bed together, discovering all over again every point of pleasure we each had.
I realize from now on, I must make sure to get Grace very special for each holiday as she has added something to Edward’s and my marriage.
Finishing reading, Emma is a bit dumbfounded at this revelation about Grace. She sees the older woman in such a different light now. What a sad, in many ways, the life she must have lived. Being so faithful to her father, giving him everything he demanded of her with nothing much in return.
“Donald,” Emma says, “I need to pick out some of the better pieces of my ’s<b> jewelry </font></b>and give them to Grace. I will tell her I found them, with a note from her saying she wanted Grace to have them. I hope Grace will understand my knew and did not mind if not, it would be a remembrance of my father for her.”
“How sad to have to live in the shadows all these years, never being able to let her feelings show,” Emma is almost in tears thinking about this.
Donald holds her tight and pats her back thinking, only his Emma would be so concerned about the feeling of her father’s mistress.

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