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E104: Christmas celebration  

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9/5/2019 1:57 pm
E104: Christmas celebration

Dorothy and Maude’s train arrives in Birmingham around noon the next day. On rising, they have time to clean, dress, and pack their things, leaving time to watch some of the southern countryside go by as they approach their destination.
Once there, they rent a car, and after a short lunch are on their final lap to Donald and Emma. It is about a three-hour drive, but they take some back roads to enjoy the country around them, not arriving at the house until almost six o’clock. They have been calling Emma regularly since leaving the train so she will know when they should get to the house. Emma tells them to take their time, and whenever they make it is fine.
As darkness sets in, they pull into the drive. Emma and Donald, who have been watching out from the kitchen window as they fix the meal they will all have together, see them arrive and hurry out to greet them. Emma in tears almost from the feeling of love and affection she has for these women, and that they are joining them as a family for the holiday.
Once inside, their luggage stored in their room, and Dorothy and Maude encouraged to take their time getting cleaned up and settled, Donald and Emma return to the kitchen to finish putting the final touches on the meal.
The dining room table is set with the fine china from Emma’s home, sterling silverware, crystal glassware, and candles giving off a warm glow to the table. The fireplace is lite, the tree turned on, and cocktails sitting on to the coffee table in the living room.
Dorothy and Maude come into the room, looking refreshed, and a bit flushed. They have just enjoyed an amorous shower together. Both did so well know how to wash each other fully, bringing each to a quick climax of soapy pleasure.
In the shower, Maude’s hands between Dorothy’s legs scrubbing her slit and crack with pressure. The roughness of the washcloth making the juices flowing from her quickly. Then Dorothy feels a powerful abandonment as Maude not only concentrates on her clit but the fingers of her other hand play at and in her asshole. Patulous rushes which she feels send electrifying charges through her entire body as Dorothy succumbs.
Again steadier on her feet now, Dorothy drops to her knees and licks and sucks at Maude’s mons. Then down her slit, her tongue up in Maude’s vag as far as it will go. Finishing at Maude’s clit to suck and tease it to allow her to release in a cry out and shudder all that has been building up as they drove the last few hours.
They quickly dry and braid each other’s hair, and after a couple of more kisses and touches, they dress and go to the living room.
Again Emma greets them warmly giving each a hug and steering them towards the couch where drinks are set out in front of them to enjoy. Donald sits in the large armchair across from the couch and pulls Emma onto his lap. He enjoys her sitting there as she wiggles her ass so perfectly against his cock to bring a smile to his lips as they sit and chat.
After a while, Emma gets up and begins to bring the food into the table. They all gather around it and have a wonderful meal, accompanied by a couple of bottles of the wine Dorothy and Maude have brought them.
Back in the living room, they sip on the pecan whiskey Donald and Emma made while nibbling on Christmas cookies.
It is an early night for all of them, Dorothy and Maude tired from their trip; Emma and Donald from all their last-minute preparation today. All are still worn out from the fun they had engaged in the previous long night.
The next two days pass quickly with present secretly wrapping, more baking as Dorothy shows Emma some of her family’s favorite recipes, and the treats Donald enjoyed as a boy. Christmas Eve they all go to church and then back home to settle in for their winter nap.
During the night, a storm and frost blow in. Perhaps heralding the arrival of the newborn or Santa’s ride, but for whatever reason, the wind blows hard. At dawn, Donald gets up quietly so not to disturb Emma, dresses, and goes outside to check on the backyard. There are a few branches down, but no real damage to the property. It is rather cold out; he can even see his breath, which makes him hurry through his survey.
Returning to the bedroom, Donald undresses again and crawls back into bed with Emma. She stirs awake. His hands, chilled from outdoors, slide to her cunt. It amazes him how steaming hot Emma can be there so often. Almost too heated to touch, but this morning his cold fingers and hand resting against her burning mons and pussy emits a long low groan from her as she feels Donald’s cool fingers take the burning heat away from her.
It doesn’t take long for his hands to warm, and her heat to lift a little. They turn to each other and greet this special morning, their first Christmas together. Emma tingles with more excitement than she ever had on Christmas morning as a girl. Whether there were any presents or not, the gift of Donald himself is what she prizes the most.
Donald, gazing into Emma’s eyes is thinking much the same. To now have someone, so dear, so perfect, to share this day with he wants to shout out ‘Hallelujah.’
They waste no time in coming together, facing each other on their sides. Emma throws her leg up over Donald’s hip, and he presses his hard cock up in her. Smiling foolishly at each other, they shift and thrust back and forth, building up their desire. The heat of their passion warms both of them now as they feverishly bounce against each other, Donald going deeper and deeper into Emma’s pleasure palace with each stroke.
She grips him strongly on each press into her, to release for him to do it over and over.
Panting now, almost in unison, they do not want this to stop, but they do feel the advancing rush running through them both and know the end will be here soon. And what an end it is for them. Clinging to each other as the final thrusts bring them both to a heady climax. Cum pours from Donald, into Emma’s vag, mixing with all her stickiness bursting from her with each throb.
They laugh together in the total happiness they feel with each other.
Donald helps her up after a bit, they shower and dress for the day. Donald is wearing a dark green button-down shirt, with a red and green plaid tie. He dresses Emma in a shiny, low cut, waisted, with a flowing skirt green dress, close to the color of his shirt. They look lovely together as they stand admiring themselves in the mirror.
They go to the sofa in their room where there are presents overflowing the table in front of it. These are their special, private, gifts to each other.
Many are new sex toys for them to play with together, new lingerie for Emma, she hardly wears any set more than a few times anymore with Donald’s seasonal shopping sprees for her. Some silk boxers and such for Donald - Emma is learning to shop these days too. And of course, outfits for Emma’s winter wardrobe.
The excitement and joy which spreads over Emma’s face as presents after presents are given to her to open make Donald smile with the devotion he feels for her as she does. Never has Emma ever had a Christmas like this before, so many thoughtful and wonderful gifts from Donald to start her day.
Donald enjoys all that Emma has given him also, knowing the time and thought she put into each makes it so dear to him.
That part of the morning finished, they hurry to the kitchen to warm the sticky pecan buns Emma has made, make tea, a bowl of fruit, and mimosas. Donald ties a lace-trimmed apron around Emma to wear as she works. The full apron adds to the allure of her dress, making her look delightful to Donald.
They hear Karen and Julie come in the back door laden with gifts, as Dorothy and Maude come to join them also. All help to carry things into the living room, where now under the tree is overflowing with gifts. All know that just as Donald and Emma have exchanged their private gifts, the other two couples also have.
They sit on the floor around the tree, the fire once again glowing. Commenting on the sudden change in weather, and the frost in the air this morning, they nibble at their breakfast treats and settle in comfortably together. Karen and Julie are thrilled to finally meet Dorothy and Maude who they have heard so much about these last months. And the feeling is mutual for Dorothy and Maude.
All amiably get to know each other. There is no rush today. Karen and Julie will spend it with them.
Donald and Emma return to the kitchen to put the turkey into the oven to roast. The dressing had been prepared yesterday, and now it was just a quick effort to stuff the bird and get it cooking. It would be about four hours until it is done.
Back in the living room, with the drink cart and bucket of ice for all to indulge in as they choose, Donald turns on soft and low Christmas music. Around the tree, they begin to exchange gifts.
These are more ‘public’ gifts, but some very special ones too. It is nice that the four women, who have just met, have gifts for the others also.
Emma feels a glow of being with family, her family now.
Emma shyly hands Donald a gift from her. He smiles as he looks at it. Opening it he finds a box from the jeweler they are both so familiar with now. He lifts the lid to display an Akrivia Chronomètre Contemporain watch!
The elite of the elitist watch made by the newly discovered watchmaker Rexhep Rexhepi. Its accuracy has been often written about, and the Kosovo born designer, now only in his early 30s lauded as one of the best Swiss watchmakers working out of Geneva.
Donald trembles as he realizes the cost of this watch, its uniqueness and perfection. It is beautiful and tears come to his eyes realizing the effort Emma took to get this for him. Not caring who is watching, he pulls Emma closely to him and kisses her deeply. There are tears in Emma’s eyes realizing how much her gift as affected Donald.
Her hands trembling some also, she helps him put it on as everyone admires the workmanship of it.
Donald, now feeling his gift is so unworthy of what Emma has bestowed on him, hands her his present to her. She unwraps it to see a box from the same jeweler. She smiles as she lifts the lid. Lying on a bed of dark royal blue satin is a beautiful pearl bracelet. The pearls are a double strand with a gold heart clasp identical, but a little smaller, than the one around her neck.
She lifts it from the box and sees the little information card telling her these are Akoya pearls. Which must be what her necklace is made from also. Suddenly she realizes just how much Donald cared, giving her each of those pearls as she learned. The expense he spent to tell her she completed each step.
She looks closely at the bracelet enjoying its beauty as she runs her fingers over each pair of pearls. Not realizing, she is counting how many are on the bracelet and her grin widens as far as it can when she realizes that the bracelet has thirty-eight pearls also, just as her necklace does.
Donald takes it from her hands and clips it to her wrist. He comprehends that this was the ideal gift for Emma. Her kisses to him now show her pleasure.
They excuse themselves to ‘baste the turkey’ and hurry to the kitchen. Clinging to each other, they kiss with passion, both so aroused by their gifts and the thought that each had given into selecting them.
Emma gropes for Donald’s cock, undoing his pants and pulling his stiff prick out to rub against her apron. This makes a little precum drip on the apron’s skirt. He reaches under Emma’s dress and pulls her panties down and off her. He lifts them to his lips, and he feels the sticky dampness of them as he sniffs her wonderful sexual scent on them. He stuffs them in his pocket.
“I don’t think you will need these anymore today,” he whispers in Emma’s ear as he kisses her neck.
Donald lifts Emma up and she understands and wraps her legs around his waist. Her dress up around her waist now, Donald plunges into her as he leans against the kitchen counter.
Emma’s arms around his neck, her hand caressing his face, he feels her bracelet touch his cheek as she does. Emma can feel the leather of his watchband on the small of her back as he holds her to him as they fuck hard and fast.
The release of climactic proportions happens quickly as they both gasp for air as they cum. Emma leans her head against Donald’s shoulder for a moment as their breathing calms. He helps her stand, and after washing their hands they check the turkey and Emma baste it as Donald settles himself back into his pants.
They return flushed to the living room, commenting on how warm the oven is to try to cover themselves but as they make drinks for everyone, the mischievous looks between the four women show they are not buying that story.
After they chat and open the last gifts, then begin to play some games to occupy the time, the other two couples take turns checking on the turkey themselves.
When Julie and Karen go to check, they spend about fifteen minutes with both their skirts raised, panties lowered and dripping pussies crushing against each other as they press against the refrigerator. Taking turns as to who is against it to feel the most pressure from this quick coupling.
Rubbing nasties together hard, their fingers searching for each other’s clit to stroke together to a crashing climax.
In their throws of passion, kissing and sucking each other’s necks as they cum, they almost forget to baste the turkey before returning to the living room.
An hour later, it is Dorothy and Maude’s turn. Both are rather hot and bothered now. Seeing the other two couple returned rosy-faced. The drinks and the glow of the fire add to their arousal.
Maude lifts Dorothy up on the table, and slides her panties off her. She sits on the chair in front of Dorothy’s spread legs. As Dorothy leans back on her arms, Maude turns her attention to Dorothy’s cunt.
Kissing those inner thighs which she so loves, nibbling from Dorothy’s knees up to her fold and then down again on both legs over and over. Letting Dorothy begin to dribble her juices fully from her.
‘Yes, let them flow,’ Maude thinks as she now moves in to suck on Dorothy’s labia, sucking them into hard red lobes filled with the blood of desire. She fingers them apart as Dorothy spreads her legs more, and Maude dives into Dorothy musty cave with her tongue.
Dorothy lets out a little whimper of gratification. She squirms at the attention she is receiving makes her cunt throb over and over. Oh, Maude is hitting all the right spots.
Both knowing each other so well now, they can get each other to quickly cum. Usually, they like to ride their coupling out for long periods for complete enjoyment. But in moments like now, they quickly move to the grand finale.
Licking and sucking Dorothy’s juices brings her to release more and more as she climaxes. Maude feels herself soaking her own panties and is throbbing as much as Dorothy. Maude feels the shockwaves flowing through herself. Dorothy arches her back and lets out a low moan as the thrill crashes through her body too.
They laugh happily together as they check on the turkey and return to the others and the games they have been playing.
Needless to say, it is clear that all three couples were well pleased with the gifts they received from their partner.
The turkey is done, its red pop-up button sticking out to show its readiness. The turkey is set aside to rest as they all together finish preparing the rest of their dinner. Everything complete and on the table, now set for six, Donald stands at the head of the table and carves the bird. As he does, all are remembering how they ‘helped’ to roast it to this golden brown.
Dinner finished, Dorothy and Maude tell Donald and Emma to go take a nap if they would like, they will clean up the dishes. Karen and Julie chime in also saying they will help Dorothy and Maude. Emma says they can help too, but Dorothy shushes them off to their room.
There, Donald helps Emma out of her dress, and she stands before him in only her stockings and garter and low-cut bra. He puts the sheer apron back over her head and ties it to her back. There is something about Emma in it, her pussy peeking out at him, the silk stocking for him to rub his hands up and down against is all so appealing to him.
He undresses and then leads Emma to the end of the bed. “Bend over Emma,” he tells her.
She does as Donald tells her, feeling the fabric of the apron against her stomach and hips. She instinctively spreads her legs wide. She hears him moving behind her, and then feels so cool lubricant being run over her crack and rosebud. The anticipation of what is to come makes her juices begin to ooze from her.
Donald rubs the lube around her hole, sticking his finger in some to spread it on the opening to this back cavern. Then she hears something begin to whirl. It is the new vibrating butt plug he gave her this morning. Emma wiggles her ass welcoming it to enter her.
She feels Donald rubbing it up and down her crack, wetting it. Then she feels him press it against her opening, gently as possible. Pressing it in, over her sphincter, now sliding easily up into her. Oh the vibrations against her are so delightful. Then Donald turns it up a couple of notches and the feelings pulsate through her.
She crawls up on the bed, on her knees, legs spread awaiting Donald. He is between her knees, running his cock up and down her soggy slit, drenching his glans with her gummy fluids in preparation.
As Emma feels the vibrations spinning in her rectum, she feels Donald’s cock pressing up in her, thrusting in and out. The feeling of being filled both ways is so astonishing. She begins to purr in total bliss.
Donald can feel the vibrations against his prick also as he lunges in and out of Emma. She is so clenching against his shaft with each dive into her. The feeling is exalting. Between the pulsations of the butt plug in full throttle and the tightening of Emma’s vag on his member, it is something he has never really experienced before.
Yes, they have enjoyed sex this way with the plugs Karen and Julie gave them for their birthday, but they had left them on the lowest setting, and deflated them some when they went to fuck. Now, such a large one in Emma, expanding her so and on the high setting are sending tremors through them both.
They do seem to find new ways always to go that step further so often. Both in total agreement and enchantment as they discover new levels of amusement.
They pump and grind together as each senses how close to the brink they are reaching. It takes only seven or eight more deep prods until Emma entire body is quivering and her vagina is compressing so tightly on Donald. They both cry out together as they fall over the edge into sexual ecstasy.
Donald lays against Emma’s back, his now softening cock still up in her, feeling the vibrations from her ass taking them both to a second, more tranquil climax.
Donald lifts himself from Emma, presses the vibrating plug off and carefully removes it from her. They both move up on the bed to lay their heads on the pillows, and holding each other tight. They do both fall asleep for a couple of hours.

The four women, finishing the dishes quickly, working together so well as they chat about their lives. They realize how much they have in common, both couples meeting in college, and Julie and Karen comment that they hope they can still be together the same way Dorothy and Maude are, so many years later.
They all are having such fun together. They go back into the living room and fix fresh drinks. Then sitting at the end of the dining room table, they get out the cards again, but this time they decide to play strip rummy. The idea of doing so seems so silly but great fun.
Cards are dealt, the hands played. When the score for the hand is tallied, they have decided, the one with the lowest points for that round must take one piece of clothing off. They agree to play to 500 points. When a winner passes the mark, all the others, no matter how much they still have on, must totally strip for the victor’s pleasure. If someone loses all their clothes before that, they are then out of the game, must remain naked, and bring drinks and treats for the rest to nibble on.
Julie is not that good at the game and looses the first few rounds. Her sweater is gone, then one sock, and the other. Her skirt is off, and she is in just her panties, bra and blouse. She does ask then if<b> jewelry </font></b>will count and as all are having such fun, they agree they can, but only when someone is down to their underwear.
The other three others all lose a hand or two as they continue. Soon Julie is in her underwear, with only a bracelet and her earrings left before she must reveal. Dorothy has lost all to her undies and blouse, with some earrings and rings to shed if needed.
Karen is still in skirt and blouse, she has a couple of rings and necklace to use still. But Maude, knowing how to play this game well, has only removed her stockings and sweater.
But point-wise Dorothy is the one ahead with now over three hundred and fifty points. She knows how to really rack up the points and steal them from her competitors when they are still holding so many cards.
The game is getting rather interesting as they wade through discarded clothes to go get a plate of cookies and refill their drinks.
Back settled again, the next hand is played. It only takes a few hands for Julie to find herself completely undressed. The other three gaze on her beautiful body with relish. Dorothy and Maude sigh over her still so perk and firm breasts, her wonderful curves and the gleam of her saturated mons. Oh, she has been enjoying this game it seems.
Karen tells Julie, “As the first loser, I think you need to sit on each of our laps as we play a hand. The person holding you can do what they like touching you as we complete each hand.”
Dorothy and Maude look at each other, and slightly nod, that this could be such a different fun game to play at. Julie claps her hands in glee and moves to sit on Maude’s lap. She leans against her shoulder with her arms around Maude’s neck.
Maude runs her hands over Julies firm breasts, squeezing the nipples a little and the hand is dealt. She is having such enjoyment of Julie on her lap she does not concentrate on the game, and she is now discarding the last of her<b> jewelry </font></b>– it is now just her bra and panties left.
In some ways it is a little unfair, the younger women are wearing so much more jewelry, but how the hands work out, it is all equal in the end.
Julie moves to Dorothy’s lap now. She snuggles against her, and Dorothy places her fingers on Julie’s thigh, rubbing it in between playing her hand. Julie mews with pleasure and wiggles in her lap.
Dorothy wants to keep Julie there for a while, but her hand is so good she quickly shuts the other two out. And raises her score to over four hundred.
Maude loses that round and now is only in her panties. All three other women look at her breast with admiration. While they hang some, they are so full and luscious. Her nipples are so firm and inviting.
Julie moves to Karen’s lap now and enjoys her touch on her wildly soaking clit and slit. The hand is played, Karen so busy playing with Julie does lose this round and is now down to her undies and rings.
Back on Maude’s lap, Julie’s dripping on her bare thigh enraptures all of her concentration and she loses the hand. Now she is nude also.
Maude tells Karen and Dorothy that perhaps it would be better for them to sit on her lap instead. So Karen, now on Maude’s lap, feeling her juices slipping out of her mons to touch Karen’s panty covered ass; and Julie on Dorothy’s lap clinging to her neck as she brushes her boobs against Dorothy.
The hand is played, both Karen and Dorothy have delightful distractions as they play. With such diversions, they each score low, but Karen is now is down to her last ring before she reveals.
Dorothy adds to her score. Another hand or two and she should win. Maude asks if they would like to trade spots with Dorothy on her lap and Karen holding Julie. But all agree to stay as they are until the end.
Dorothy’s hand is getting wet and tacky from playing with Julie’s slit. She pinches and pulls at Julie’s labia making them swell for the attention. Julie’s head on her shoulder, her lips so close to Dorothy’s ear as she moans softly with each pinch.
Meanwhile, Maude has been pleasuring Karen through her panties in much the same way. Maude’s warm, firm hand caresses the younger woman’s pussy. Pressing against Karen’s clit to make her hum with decadence.
The hand goes to Dorothy once again, and Maude helps Karen out of her bra. Both don’t care about the last ring as Maude caresses Karen’s breasts and tweak her nipples.
The next hand, Dorothy loses, and discard her undies - she chooses them over her bra as she wants to feel Julie's moist offering dribble down between her thighs.
Up until now, none have kissed, Dorothy and Maude are still semi-processing what is happening. Never have they been with other women, alone or together before. But this is all such fun and feels so right. They look into each other’s eyes, and Maude winks at Dorothy letting her know that everything is alright, and they should play this fully out, well as far as it goes.
Karen and Julie are having similar feelings as they have never done anything like this before either. Both a couple of times each have played with other women alone, but never found anyone who could be as good as they were together. They too exchange glances and slight nods saying, yes, let’s see this through.
Almost as one, the younger women on their laps turn to Dorothy and Maude, lean to each other and kiss for the first time. Just on the lips to start, but when moans fill the room, mouths open and they explore these new erotic cavities.
After several minutes of kissing each other, Dorothy and Karen, both rather competitive, play the last hand. Dorothy passes the five hundred mark, but Karen was really not that far behind her in the end.
Maude helps Karen to stand, and takes her panties off her. Julie gets up and turns Dorothy’s chair so they can all stand in front of her in their naked glory. They help Dorothy stand and the three of them on all sides lower her panties and rub and caress her thighs, ass cheeks, and pussy making her cry out in delight.
Dorothy is just kissing each of them in thanks when they hear Emma and Donald moving around. They look at each other, laugh, grab up all their clothes, and Julie and Karen lead Dorothy and Maude through the frosty yard to their cottage.
All are shivering when they reach it, and quickly dive into the bed together, intermixing together, all touching and kissing and licking each other in a frenzy. Knowing, but not knowing, who they are pleasuring and receiving pleasure from and the coupling switches and changes between them.
The four spend pursuing this newfound pleasure well into the evening. The younger women loving the feel of an older woman for the first time, and Dorothy and Maude, remembering their early days fondling these young women.
Back at the house, Emma and Donald wonder where the women have disappeared to. Donald suggests that perhaps they decided to take a walk around the property in the crisp air. Together Donald and Emma begin to make turkey sandwiches and bring out the leftovers for an evening repast. Taking their time to prepare the meal and wait. Sitting together for a while on the couch, sipping on drinks and watching a classic Christmas movie.
It is a couple of hours later when they hear the women enter through the kitchen. They come into the living room, rosy-cheeked. Donald asked if they have been having a good time together.
They all titter as Maude tells Emma and Donald, “Yes, it has been very nice getting to know each other better.”
The food is brought out, and they eat, while Dorothy slips Julie’s forgotten earring to her as they sit at the table. Far enough away from Donald and Emma, the four women play footsie together as they eat.
As Julie and Karen go to leave, and the end of the evening, Dorothy and Maude hug them each tightly and whisper in their ears that they must try to find another afternoon to be together while they are here.

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