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E105: New Year’s Day – the end of the diary  

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9/7/2019 8:06 am
E105: New Year’s Day – the end of the diary

Dorothy and Maude spend the week with Donald and Emma. Twice more, the four women do together. Once in the afternoon when Donald and Emma are both out, and one night when the two older women slip out in the night, as arranged, to spend the night with Karen and Julie. The morning after night together, all are a bit groggy at breakfast.
Donald and Emma want Dorothy and Maude to stay through New Year’s, but the women say no, they want to enjoy being on the train heading home on New Year’s Eve. Everyone is regretful about their departure, but on the morning of the thirty-first, they depart. Their train is leaving Birmingham at 2: afternoon, arriving home in Boston New Year’s Day around seven in the evening.
Dorothy and Maude have one more chance to talk privately with Julie and Karen, inviting them to visit them in Boston or at the Cape next summer. All agree they will.
It is strange this new attachment the four have formed. Not hurting their relationships with their partners in any way, but somehow adding something more to their sexuality. As time passes, Karen and Julie will discuss it in-depth, analyzing this aspect of sexual satisfaction, realizing this might be the premise for their doctoral dissertations.
The four women from Christmas communicate often, and in time, Julie and Karen do go to visit the older women several times. It would be a few years until they all told Donald and Emma about it, but those two have an inkling of something more between the four women and celebrate their closeness with them.
After seeing Dorothy and Maude off, with tearful goodbyes on the morning of the thirty-first, Emma and Donald spend a leisurely day together, then dress up and go out to celebrate the arrival of a new year.
After a late dinner at an exclusive restaurant, they take their time over drinks, talking, and awaiting midnight’s arrival. A band is playing old melodies, and Donald asks Emma to dance.
It seems amazing, but in the seven months they have been together, they have never danced. It just hadn’t really come up.
Donald takes Emma in his arms, her one hand on his shoulder, the other holding his hand, his around her waist holding her tight, they begin a slow dance. Emma almost swoons being in his arms like this. She has never danced with a man before. Oh, her father danced with her at father- dances when she was young, and at wedding receptions now and then which they attended, but never has a man held her in his arms close twirling her around the room.
She tries her best to follow his lead, and soon they are as one floating around the dance floor.
Donald cannot remember ever feeling this way with a woman in his arms dancing. Emma just fits so right. Why has he not danced with her before? is going to change going forward as this pleasure is overtaking him.
They dance a lot evening as midnight approaches. When the countdown begins, Donald hands Emma a glass of champagne and wraps his arms around her shoulder.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
As the room fills with shouts of ‘happy new year,’ Donald pulls Emma to him, kisses her deeply and then whispers in her ear, “Happy New Year, Emma, may the coming year bring new and wonderful changes for us together.”
Emma’s eyes water at this wish and kisses him back. Neither of them realizes how very soon changes would happen to them together. They dance a couple more times and then head home content, for a night of continuous tender lovemaking.
The next morning they take their time rising and preparing for the day. It is late afternoon, with snacks at hand as they cuddle on the couch when Donald suggests they read more of Emma’s ’s diary.
As they start reading, neither realizes this would be the last entry Charlotte made.

Saturday, January 2, 20
I feel my end will soon be here. I have been losing this battle these last several months. I am weakening, but still, try to stay as strong as I can. Emma is so attentive to , almost putting her life on hold to care for . She is such a good .
Susan visits almost every day in the afternoon. And Edward sits with in the evening and holds close to him as we sleep. I know they are both so worried about .
Edward and I have not had sex for over a year now, he so concerned about my wellbeing, but I miss it so. Some afternoons when we are alone, Susan will slip her hand under the covers and slide into my panties to pleasure me; ‘keep my juices flowing,’ she tells me. We laugh a lot, and often she will sit or lie with me on the bed, caressing and kissing each other gently.
She too seems so concerned about hurting me in any way. But I tell her when I can feel my fingers in her warm, soaking slit it seems to send strength through me. She knows I am just saying for the most part, but I do feel less pain when she is bringing to climax or her.
Years ago, after I learned about it, I did tell Susan about Edward and Grace. She sympathized with but helped realize it took nothing away from what Edward and I had. Now it comforts to know Edward has someone to tend to his needs.
Today, Saturday, Edward was home, and Emma had gone out for the afternoon. At noon, he brought me my lunch on a tray. He sat beside me and fed me as he has now done for the last few months. I can really feed myself, but he seemed to get such pleasure from this I have let him. Savoring each bite full, I so long for Edward’s touch again, especially across his knees, submitting myself fully to him.
All I could think, is, ‘please, just one last time.’
Somehow, my lustful thought must have shown on my face. Edward asked me what is on my mind. And I did it. I suddenly knew how to get the thing I so wanted one more time.
“Edward, I have never said over these many years, but I know about you and Grace,” I told him.
His look of astonishment told it all.
“It is alright, but I should have told you I knew all these years. I realize my error now,” I said, knowing I have set the trigger I so wanted.
Edward knew what I was confessing and why, but he seemed unsure. His voice quivering, he said, “Charlotte, was rather bad of you not to tell when it happened. I am not sure how I should react to this.”
He looked into my eyes and realized the longing, which was overcoming , the need for one last time how it had been from the start.
He composed himself and continued, now knowing how the afternoon would out, how I wanted it to, “Charlotte, was very naughty of you, and you know the consequences of such behavior.”
‘YES, he would give this final pleasure.’ I looked at him with downcast eyes knowing he understood my needs now and would fill them for .
Edward put the tray aside and sat on the side of the bed. “Charlotte, you know how we deal with you when you have been naughty,” he said as he patted his thighs.
I felt the steamy juices dripping from already as I turned to lay across his lap. Edward lifted my nightgown up over my back. There was something so arousing about this. It was only since I have been more or less bedridden I have worn a nightgown, though most nights Edward helped out of us to sleep.
His fingers slid into the waist of my panties, and I felt the palms of his hands run over my cheeks as he lowered them to my knees.
“Charlotte, are you sure you are up to this?” Edward asked , suddenly concerned.
“Edward, yes, I know I did something wrong and should accept the consequences,” I replied.
And he began to spank my cheeks, not really as hard as he as in the past, but he kept up the banter about how it was so bad of me not to have told him to reach wonderful place his spankings always led .
Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank… on and on it went. I felt my cheeks and thighs begin to burn and know I was nice and rosy now.
No brush, which would have been nice, but was okay, he did give what I had so longed for. After about ten minutes, I felt his fingers move under to my cunt. He felt my wetness flowing from . As he continued spanking his fingers began to with my clit, rubbing and pinching it to reach the summit.
And I did, cumming hard, crying out, tears streaming down my cheeks. It felt so good for him to one last time show me how much he cared about me he would correct my behavior this way.
A portion of , as he was spanking , accepted this spanking in part for the one confession I could never tell him. No, I could not tell him about Susan and , it would hurt him too much, and it is too late now. But with each swat and smack, I thought about him punishing for crime too.
When I came, it was as if I was absolved of everything, said, and unsaid.
As I came down from the of my climax, Edward rubbed my ass cheeks; I felt his hardness against my mons. I knew both of us needed between us also. When he helped to sit up, I kicked my panties off and turned to kneel, my legs spread, my nightgown raised over my back, my rosy ass wiggled at him inviting him.
“Please, Edward,” I begged.
His clothes were quickly off, him behind between my legs, his hard cock running up and down my slit lubricating it. Then I felt him in again. Oh, it had been so long since I experienced him where he should be.
He was tender with his stroking until I cried out, “harder, harder,” and he sped up his thrusts going deeper in , filling my cunt with his throbbing prick. Over and over, he plunged into . I began to clench against him with each<b> stroke.
</font></b>At moment, I could have died and not regretted it as my life now was complete.
Our interchange, our lovemaking, went on for over three-quarters of an hour. Edward would push in and out of me hard, then slow to a steady rhythm for a while for us to enjoy this utter closeness.
Finally, we both were reaching the ultimate conclusion, and with a final hard lurch in me, Edward came harder than he had in a long while. I screamed out as electrifying shocks spewed through my body.
He rolled me on my back and was down between my legs, cleaning me, licking me, nibbling me. I came again from his attention. But he did not let up. I told him to turn as I wanted to taste him too.
Edward quickly did, and the moan he let out as my lips touched his glans said it all. He hardened as I sucked and slide my tongue over his glans, then taking more and more of his shaft in. He was still trying to capture all the pasty cream flowing from me. We worked in harmony as we licked and sucked each other, showing our long-denied yearning for each other.
We came again, Edward for the second time, me for the fourth.
After, Edward stood, lifted me to his arms and carried me to the bathroom. He sat me on the stool as he filled a warm bath. Pulling my nightgown from me, he helped me in and climbed in behind me.
For the next hour, he washed and caressed me, exploring my whole body as he did when we first came together. I tried to turn to wash him, but he would not let me. Just holding me close to him as he lathered and rinsed me.
When finished finally, Edward climbed from the tub and helped me out. Drying me fully. Then lifting me in his arms again, he carried me back to our bed.
He asked if I wanted him to change the sheets, but the fragrance of our recent coupling lingered, and I wanted to enjoy it as long as I could, so I told him no.
He helped me in the bed, tucked the covers around me, and told me I needed to rest now. He would be back when I awoke. I was surprised, but I did fall into a deep sleep right away.
A couple of hours later, around six o’clock I woke feeling better than I had in a long time. I turned and laying on Edward’s pillow beside me, I saw a special one-hundred-dollar and a ring box.
When I opened it I gazed at a wide band of gold encrusted with pink diamonds. It was large enough to fit on my middle finger, next to my wedding ring. As I went to place in on my finger, I saw it is engraved. It said, ‘C – I will love you until the end of time – E.’
There was also an envelope which I opened. The short note said, ‘Charlotte, you have been all, totally, what I have desired in a wife. You were, still are, perfect to me. I am not sure how I will exist without you. Please know none of other really matters. I am not sure how or why it happened, but you are my all, the completion of myself. I love you so much more than you could ever know. Edward.’
I fell to weeping over this wonderful sentiment from Edward. He has now made my life complete. I placed the ring on my finger. I will never take it or my wedding band off.
I hobbled to the dresser to conceal the ‘payment’ and get my diary to record the events of today. I know this will be the last I enter, as I must now also hide this diary away in my drawer, so it is not to be found Edward.

As Donald finishes reading this final entry, tears are streaming down Emma’s face, and she is sobbing, clinging to him. He kisses Emma’s head over and over as he pats her back telling her everything is okay.
Emma finally calms herself enough to gulp out at him, “You don’t understand. It all makes so much sense to now. I remember day so well.”
Donald hugs her to her relax enough to tell him what she so needs to.
Emma begins her tale about what happened, completing Charlotte’s and Edward’s story, “ Saturday, I remember. My gave tickets to a for and Susan’s Anne to go to. It was supposed to be a bit of reprieve for caring for her. Anne and I left morning around , it was a matinee in Montgomery. My must have planned day somehow.”
“When I got home evening, my father told he and my had eaten dinner already and to let her rest. I went to bed. The next week she was so much more active and alert. I thought she was going to recover even,” Emma says as more tears fill her eyes.
Donald’s fingers lower to her pussy and back and forth in her saturated slit to her compose herself enough to continue.
After gulping in breaths to steady herself, Emma goes on, “ Monday though, my father retired officially. He had sold the bank about five years prior but stayed on to see the transition. Personally, knowing his love of control, I didn’t think he would ever retire. But so suddenly part of his life was over. And from then on he devoted himself fully to my .”
Emma says, “Susan would come to visit sometimes, telling him to take a break. While my seemed healthier for about a week, she went into a swift decline. I did tend to her, and she and I did have some occasions together alone; but most often, my father, Susan, or both were at her side. Each holding one of my ’s hands.”
The feel of Donald’s fingers caressing her clit, not trying to excite her, but to Emma relax as she told what she remembered was so appreciated.
“And then not even a month later, the end came. My was gone. With a smile on her face. Both Susan and my father holding her hands tightly, at the bottom of the bed,” Emma tells Donald.
“It was funny, just before she died, she looked so searching into my eyes and winked at . Something she never did,” Emma comments with wonder, “Was she trying to tell me what I would find down the road? she was so happy at moment?”
“It doesn’t matter, but she did have all who loved her there when she took her final breath,” Emma goes on.
She leans and kisses Donald, then resting her head on his shoulder.
With sorrow in her voice, Emma finishes, “My father’s health declined quickly after . He never went to the bank again. Grace came a couple of times to the house to visit, but he would say he was too tired to see her, so just she and I chatted. Now I realize after last with my , he severed all ties with Grace. I do feel sorry for her some.”
now, Emma is calmer, she is enjoying the attention of Donald’s fingers, and she realizes she now can put everything to rest about her parent. She is grateful her left her this diary to explain things, but more so she is so indebted to Donald for coming into her life to her be at the place she can understand it all.
She sends up a silent prayer for her parents, then turns in Donald’s lap and kisses him deeply this time, letting him know how much she cares.

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