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E106: Emma’s discovery on a Monday in January  

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9/10/2019 9:20 am
E106: Emma’s discovery on a Monday in January

The second Monday in January, Emma and Donald wake, have their regular morning sex, shower and prepping for the day. Emma is home today working on a grant proposal for one of her organizations. Donald is teaching his class and then stopping at the Institute for a while. He tells her he will be home around four o’clock. All is good between them.
Emma sits at her laptop at the dining room table, but as she completes the application, she needs to go to other sites for information to include. She realizes she really needs a pad of paper to take notes.
While Emma has never really entered Donald’s study as it was his domain, she has seen from the door the multiple computer screens lining the wall and desktop on one side of the room. Papers, books, and all sorts of things are scattered around the desk and table. On the one wall is a cabinet with office supplies which she knows of as Donald has gotten her things from it in the past.
Feeling so comfortable between them now, Emma does not hesitate to go into the study and to the closet for paper. She gets it and is turning to leave when her attention is caught a container next to the computer which is labeled ‘Subject Z.’
She now knows is who she is in his studies, and her curiosity gets the better of her.
She opens the container to find many DVDs inside. She lifts the first and sees it is labeled, “Subject Z first visit: Pearl One: May 4th.” What is this? Emma lifts one after the other and sees each are labeled with notes of which pearl it was or other notations from other events.
Emma is blushing hard, the blood rushing to her face as so many different feelings run through her. Embarrassment about what must be on these disks, anger Donald could do such a thing, curiosity about just what is on them.
The grant totally forgotten now, Emma takes the container and goes to the living room. She puts the first disc in the large screen tv’s player, and she sees herself, largely displayed on the screen.
Standing in the living room on spot, still dressed, just after she entered Donald’s house for the initial time. Emma is mesmerized as she watches and hears first discussion over again.
Donald leads Emma to place, and then calmly and quietly tells her to take off all her clothes.
After looking at him questioningly and he nods his head a bit, Emma begins to unbutton her blouse. As he stands beside her, with almost a look of indifference on his face, he takes each piece of clothing as she removes them, folds them and places them on a stool at the side of the room.
Totally nude now, Emma stepped out of her shoes, which Donald takes and places with the rest, and tells Emma to put her hands behind her head on her neck, as she had been trying to hide herself with them. Emma does as instructed.
Emma ponders as she sees this all replayed in front of her, ‘How was I so willing to do what he told like ? How did he have such power over from the start?’ She knows the answer deep inside her, she had longed for what Donald offered her from the start so much complying with each of his commands seems the right thing to do.
There is something about his voice and how he so matter-of-factly tells her what to do it is so easy to follow his directions, still even now. Emma continues to watch and consider things as the tape unfolds.
Emma stands there in the center of the living room, naked and trembling, as Donald, dressed in a business suit and tie, minus the jacket, walks around her looking at her closely.
“Now, before we begin Emma, there is the matter of your being late. What time did I tell you to arrive? I expect you here at time. my watch, you were five minutes late.” Emma hears Donald question Emma in forceful manner.
Emma just blushes.
And then Donald comes up next to her, raises his hand and spanks each cheek five times. She jumps, quivers, and let an “ooh” escape with each swat.
“Well should take care of issue for now, but please remember all you are being told and taught, so we do not have to repeat a lesson,” Donald says.
Emma nods her head and lowers her tear-filled eyes.
Donald takes her the chin and raises her head. You can see just his touch sent shivers through her.
“Don’t lower your head unless I tell you you must – keep your eyes, and ears open so to learn,” Donald admonishes Emma.
Donald then runs his fingers lightly over her body, shivers continue to run up and down Emma’s spine at his touch, and something else, on camera you can see there is wetness forming between her legs.
Emma remembers much of first evening here, but seeing it replayed in front of her, and on the large screen makes it so lifelike, brings all those first emotions and feeling flooding over her again.
She watches to the end of this disc, tied on the bed, Donald running the vibrator over her exciting Emma for the first time in her life. Emma remembers so well, but seeing it happen in front of her retells the story from the beginning.
Emma listens to the conversation they had as she laid tied, and Donald began caressing her body for the first time.
Donald speaks quietly to her as he sits on the side of the bed next to her, “Emma, there is so much for you to learn, and what you will experience, expanding your perspectives, but as you do, I want you also to learn to accept your master who will make all these possibilities happen. You must learn to accept and submit yourself to the will of who is over you, and only then will you understand and fully appreciate all of your potentials to feel and crave. Do you think you understand what I am telling you?”
Emma nods.
Donald shakes his head, and tells her, “When those who control you ask you a question, you must speak up and answer respectfully.”
Emma clears her throat and says clearly, “Yes, Sir, I understand. And want this.”
Watching, Emma sees Donald smiling at her slightly and caressed her face a little and hears him tell her she was a good girl, and he could tell she would learn quickly. Remembering how he smiled at her first time does send a wave a pleasure through Emma’s body as she relives evening.
Donald stands and goes to the dresser and returns with a wand-type thing – maybe eight to ten inches long, a slim shaft, but a shining silver head about an inch an inch and a half.
Seeing all this happening from a different angle is making Emma wet, but underneath her anger is growing.
Donald presses a button on the shaft, and the head starts to vibrate, and then he presses it again, and again, and it speeds up. Emma’s eyes grow wide as she watches tethered to the bed.
Donald comes and sits down beside her again, and for the first time, moves his hand between her legs, to sacred place, no one had ever touched on her before. His fingers moved to her outer lips, and gently spread them, and then her inner lips, and then taking the vibrating stick, he slowly presses it against her slit, which is rather wet, and runs the pulsing head up and down her slit before settling on her clit. Emma gasps. Donald now places his hand on Emma’s stomach and gently rubs it, telling her to relax, just relax.
Seeing her body quiver and hearing her gasps, Emma recalls the feelings which ran through her as this happened.
Emma squirms beneath Donald administrations and moans and starts to beg him to stop – but again, his finger is on her lips, and the look on his face tells her to be silent.
Instead, she takes the finger into her mouth and sucks away on it. Donald allows her to, and after a few minutes, presses a second finger into her mouth as he directs the vibrator over her clit and pushes it against her.
The ums and ahs from deep in Emma's throat begin to grow. Donald presses a third finger into her mouth, and as she sucks hard on them, he begins to push and thrust his fingers farther and farther into her mouth.
Emma choked a little, but his stern look makes her stop at once and instead starts sucking harder and allowing him to press his fingers in further and further. Suddenly it seems as if his whole hand is in her mouth, up over his knuckle, and the tips of his fingers pressing against the back of her throat. Emma does not stop, instead keeps sucking and sucking on them.
Donald moves the stick from between her legs, and as she sucks on his fingers, trying to hold on to them, he slides them from her mouth.
The look of anguish on her face brings back all the feelings Emma had at moment. She reminisces how she internally cried out ‘Noo’ - knowing not to make a sound like , as tears form in the corner of her eyes.
Donald just smiles down at her, then leans and kisses her forehead, and says, “’s enough for you right now. Just nap for a bit, and perhaps we can move on in a little while."
He returns the stick to the dresser. He turns the lights down; the drapes are drawn, so this did darken the room a good bit. With one last<b> stroke </font></b>of Emma’s face, he tells her to close her eyes as he places a mask over them, blocking out all light. He leaves the room, closing the door almost all the way.
Lying in the darkness, feeling the wetness dripping between her legs, and clenching, tears drip down the sides of her face.
Emma watches herself squirm and wiggle on the bed after Donald leaves her. Emma sees how her new sexual desires run through her oh so ready body. She cannot believe how much sticky wetness is flowing from her as she lays there.
Emma smiles a little seeing Donald had left the door opened some when he left her, realizing from the start he was making sure he cared for her. Emma recollects she was not sad, no, just frustrated she had finally come so close and for Donald to then pull it away from her.
The mixed emotions Emma feels reliving first night with Donald confuse her. She takes disc out and then watches bits and pieces of others.
She watches what Donald had shot from his end as he made her finger masturbate, showing him what she had done after arriving home first night. Hearing his firm voice again admonishing her for inappropriate behavior.
Donald her for the first time. Her learning to suck his cock properly, him going down on her, teaching her pleasure. Then from her bed with the vibrator, he sent her home with as they talk about her finding her ’s diary. Bringing her to a climax with the vibrator and realizing this was the angle Donald saw as she did so.
There was him putting the nipple and clit clamps on her as she lies on the bed, and later the happened with them on. Her on the living room coffee table him bringing her so close to cumming but denying her. The basement the first time fully replayed over again for her.
Then her with Connie learning to use a strapon. Emma looks for the logical next disc, Donald and Connie together as Emma watched on in agony. But it is not there. Emma’s heart softened a little, realizing Donald must have discarded pearl earned.
There was a tape showing her how she had looked on camera performing for the online audience, and finally her on display at the club for Donald’s colleagues. Viewing this, Emma fury grows. Seeing from all angles now and realizing even in the club room and dining room there had been cameras filming her.
Emma wonders how many of Donald’s colleagues have seen these videos. How much has he shared or written about her? Damn, it does not matter if he hides her behind ‘Subject Z’ – it is her life he is documenting so completely, with never letting her know.
Her wrath is insurmountable at the moment. Emma checks careful and sees the recording of her earning her thirty-seventh pearl is the last disc. Donald did not tape when she helped him through his nightmare, which calms her slightly.
But, she is so angry at Donald for what he did, without letting her know.
It is a little after three o’clock now, and Emma quickly writes a note to Donald on the pad she had retrieved starting all this. She put the first disc back in and freezes the frame as Donald is bringing the vibrator to her clit for the first time.
The note atop the container of discs on the coffee table, she hurries and grabs her coat and purse and goes out to her Mustang and roars out of the drive. She is not sure where she is going, but until she can cool the fury, she feels she does not want to be anywhere near Donald right now.


Donald arrives home just before four o’clock. As he pulls into the garage, he is surprised to see Emma’s car gone. He figures she ran out to the store for something.
He goes to their room and undresses, to surprise Emma when she gets back. He has been feeling rather horny all day and has been anticipating a sex-filled evening with her. It is all natural now between them how often and how well they intertwine.
He walks into the living room and stands shocked, unable to move when he sees what is frozen on the television screen. All he can think is, “Holy shit! What happened? How did she find these?”
He turns his attention to the coffee table and sees the full container sitting there, and his heart sinks. Especially seeing the note laying on top of it.
He finally wills himself to move to the couch and picks up the letter. Tears fill his eyes as he reads what Emma has left.
I cannot believe what you have done. And never told me. Right now, I am beyond fury. The rage in me knowing you have done this and wondering who has seen these are insurmountable. I need to space myself from you until I feel calm enough to listen to your explanation about all this. I feel like you have broken a trust between us, severing us apart.
Donald is heartbroken, and he suddenly does understand just exactly what means. His body shudders as his mind races to the idea Emma might have left him forever. Tears are now running down his cheeks, he never cries, why is this affecting him so. He is a mass of emotions and feeling.
Guilty about what he did, hurt Emma could even think he would share these with anyone, contrite and penitent he had done something to hurt Emma so. And longing so for her. So afraid he has ruined everything beyond repair.
He fixes himself a stiff drink and just stares at the frozen screen. Did Emma find these videos so repulsive? Each time he watches them, seeing Emma blossoming more and more, it just increases his desire for her, and makes him care more and more about her. Did she not see how beautiful she is in these?
Donald wonders how many she watched and seeing how they are placed back in the container, realizes she has looked at least in part at most of them.
He spends the evening thinking about Emma’s reaction and beginning to see things from her perspective. He realizes he had expected this response probably, which is why he never shared them with her. If he had earlier on, would she have seen them in a different light?
And through all this, not once is Donald angry Emma entered his study and found them. No, he could not find any fault in her actions or reaction, this is her home now too, and he should have never barred her from his study as if it is a prohibited space to her.
All the should haves, could haves, shouldn’t haves run over and over in his head. A few drinks later, he is opening crying over what could be his loss. Having not eaten since breakfast he stubbles to the bedroom and fall on it weeping.
The pillow is soon soaked. Donald tosses and turns all night in fitful sleep, wondering where Emma is, who is she with, will she forgive him and return.
He suddenly realizes he is feeling everything Emma must have night after her confession about what happened at the spa, and him banishing her to spend the night alone. All the feelings she must have had come over him tenfold. He would submit to whatever punishment she feels he deserves, willingly, only to have her back with him again.
He falls into a deep sleep around dawn, having cried himself out and exhausted.

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