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E108: Donald begins his sub life with his Mistress  

Clairew1959 61F  
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9/22/2019 12:07 pm
E108: Donald begins his sub life with his Mistress

After Donald finishes servicing Emma, she pulls him up and kisses him deeply. This new adventure they are commencing is thrilling for both, but Emma does need to feel Donald holding her and kissing her, being sure that Donald is fully onboard with the new seas over which they are going to sail.
Donald's kisses tell it all. And when he lays his head on her shoulder, showing she is now the total caregiver and in , Emma sighs and readily accepts the new shores they are going to explore.
She stands, takes Donald’s hand, and today, for the first time, she directs him down the hallway with her hand on his ass. Donald revels in this feeling. Everything that is happening now is so stirring him. Not only is he enjoying the intense sensation that this is happening to him, but also now experiencing all the feelings Emma must go through when he does similar things to her.
Emma puts the special plug on the chair, makes him bend over the table now to be lubricated from the bottle on the table. Emma chuckles to herself, realizing that it has been on the table with the condiments, salt and pepper and such, since the first time she experienced this. Dorothy and Maude must have seen it. She knows that Julie and Karen probably have over the last months; a blush comes to her cheeks as Emma comprehends, who else must have noticed.
After lubing Donald well, she helps him slide onto the plug and adjust himself to this invasion.
As he settles, Emma makes him eggs, bacon, and toast - the same breakfast he first offered her. Emma opens a bottle of wine and pours two glasses, then brings the plate of food to Donald.
Taking clues from all that Donald did for her, she begins to feed Donald. He is overwhelmed, once again comprehending how she is making him submit is so close to what he made her do. Experiencing from the other side adds to the arousal he feels from bowing fully and completely to Emma’s whims.
Donald realizes she has complete control over him, and he will do anything she asks of him. Now being her pet, her submissive, is suddenly okay; and he discovers something in him wants her to take control, tell him what he must do to satisfy her. He wants to be her slave.
Well, part of him does. Donald knows he still likes to be in control, but for her to be his mistress, disciplining him and making him pleasure her, this is the other side of the coin he never explored before.
Donald does still feel much guilt and remorse for the hurt he caused Emma. Between bites full of food, he tries to tell her.
“Emma, I am sorry I have hurt you this way. Last night I was so afraid you would not return, and I realized how empty my life would be without you in it. The fear that I had done something which you could not forgive, or you had decided I was not worthy of you kept me up most the night with tremors of dread,” Donald meekly tells her.
Then the feeling of joy spreading through his whole body as Emma places her hands on each side of his face and turns him to look her in the eyes makes Donald know, one way or the other, all will be fine.
“Donald, I was very upset with you when I discovered the DVDs. It felt like an invasion of my trust in you. Thinking about it, I am starting to understand what drove you to do it. We will have to make things totally clear and honest between us. No more hidden things, especially you doing so,” Emma tells him.
And then she goes on, “I would never just leave you. We are invested too much in each other right now to ever consider it. But I knew I needed some breathing space to get a grip on what I found, to try to comprehend. I was home last night, I checked on you as you tossed and turned, just as you watched over me that night. I will be here for you, but you must NEVER let anything this huge be secret between us again.”
Emma lifts a bite of food to Donald's lips as she purrs at him, “I think you in this new role for a while will be good for you. We will play this out, along with coming to a fuller understanding between us over the next few days, and then we will see where we stand. How we both feel.
“But,” and Emma emphasizes the 'but' so strongly, “You need to tell me about each of your earlier subjects, who they were – well, not their names, but you know, what you did with them, and how long it lasted. I need to know all about you and your work now.”
Donald, wiggling on the plug, understands what Emma is asking - well, almost demanding - of him, and he understands why. Yes, it is time that he shares everything, and in this mode they are in now, perhaps it will be so much easier. He nods her head in acceptance of her request.
“Now, though,” Emma tells him, “I think I need to have your hard cock up in me as it has been over a day since feeling that.”
Emma mandates this as she knows Donald does need some release - oh, how he does, she can tell - but in the roles they have now assumed, she must be the one who decrees this act, not him with his lust.
She gives him a couple more sips of wine, empties her glass and stands. She helps him to stand, releasing him from the plug-in. He does have that feeling of emptiness that comes when a plug is removed.
She propels him down the hall to the bedroom. Emma’s hand now so firmly on his ass, as he would direct her, feels so right and proper. Donald feels himself hardening even with this small act. Emma notices his prick pointing the way to the bedroom and just smiles to herself.
This is going to be so interesting, to see where this all leads, she thinks. She has nothing, as yet, planned out, never imagining things would move to this level. But as resourceful as Emma is, these next days will be very enlightening.
Emma motions Donald to lie on the bed on his back. She still has the shirt on, but her panties had been abandoned earlier when Donald serviced her. She climbs atop him, straddling his hips as she directs his throbbing cock up deep inside her. In this position, she will be in control, deciding how fast or slow or deep she will let him go.
Donald seems to understand that immediately and submits to her rule. Emma rides him slowly at first, he so wanting to release, but now with this reverse play, he has a feeling that he will have to wait until Emma tells him he can come.
And the look on her face as she looks down on him seems to confirm that.
Emma feels Donald throbbing inside her, her walls want to clench hard against him, but she tries to resist for now. Let him be played with and taunted this way for a while.
She lifts herself almost off him, then slides him in only a little. Back and forth this way, Emma rides him as he moans in want.
Donald is so close to cumming. They both feel his precum dripping into Emma. She looks him straight in his eyes and tells him, “Don’t you dare until I say you are allowed to.”
With that statement, Donald is completely lost in her control. There is part of him that can’t fathom how she can take this position with him so easily but then does understand her upset about what he did could bring this on. It is so amazing to him and so totally arousing, taking him to this completely new headspace now.
If his mistress tells him he is not allowed to cum, then no, he will not until she gives him permission. But she is now holding him so firm, so deep up in her. It is so hard to not want to release.
But Emma just plays him, knowing how close he is to exploding but edging him on to see just how far he can. Minutes after minutes pass. And then...
“Alright, you may,” is all Emma says.
And Donald, beside himself, now does rupture up in her, sending all his semen and sperm spewing into her wonderful hot steamy cunt.
His whole body shakes with the release after all this time.
Emma, taking on this role as if it is her second skin, as she lifts off his flaccid cock, tells Donald, “I think you need to get to work here cleaning up this bit of mess you have made.”
Donald is more than happy to comply with his mistress’ desires and is down between Emma’s thighs licking, sucking, cleaning as best he can of all of her and his seeping juices.
He is now totally her pet. Donald wants nothing more than to serve his wonderful Emma, however she decides.
And he remembers what she said as she fed him. To tell her about all the subjects before her. His mind wraps around that and wonders, trying to remember each; can he really tell her about what he has done in the past? He knows she has no past before him, but will it upset her too much to know? None, until Emma, meant anything to him, but to tell each tale?
Donald knows he will have to if he wants things to be as they should with Emma. She tells him she will not leave him, but there is this part of him that wonders, and is fearful, that if he tells it all, Emma might change her mind.
All this runs through his mind as he makes sure that his licking and sucking are pleasurable to Emma, and she does seem to reach and submit to a wonderful climax from his devoted attention.

restate 75M
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9/23/2019 8:54 am

OMG! Your fingers strained after that marathon typing effort????

Clairew1959 replies on 9/23/2019 8:45 pm:
Actually, the fingers do seem to just dance over the keyboard to tell the next part ;> It does amaze me how this story is transpiring. Almost like it is not me telling it.

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