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E116: It is now Donald’s turn  

Clairew1959 61F  
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12/4/2019 12:27 am
E116: It is now Donald’s turn

Emma wraps her arms around his chest and caresses his nipples and man breasts as she kisses his head and neck. “Donald, you might resist what is going to happen next to begin with, but I know that underneath, it is something that you do want to experience fully.”
Donald wonders what Emma has planned, and just rises when she does and follows her to the living room as she pulls him by his hand.
At the couch, he sees the laptop open on the cocktail table, and as Emma sits, with him between her legs again so he can do the typing, he realizes this is so close to him sitting on her lap. He knows he is taller and heavier than Emma, and sitting on her lap is not practical, but like this, he feels so close to her. He feels her wet dripping cunt against his ass cheeks, his now smooth back rubbing against her boobs and hard nipples.
Yes, he could get used to sitting this way.
Donald sees that the computer is logged in to the adult meeting site which he had Emma join months ago. There is a notebook next to the computer, and he sees an email address he does not recognize, and password written on it.
“Yes, Donald, that is going to be your username for the account you are about to set up,” Emma tells him. He blushes deeply when he sees the name Emma came up with was ‘ObsequiousSwitch.’ Oh, she is going to make him disclose his inklings right away.
“Go ahead, Donald, start setting up the account. We will go through each of their questions, and you will answer them all truthfully now,” Emma says to him. Her voice is kind, and he is lulled into this desire to put himself out there.
The beginning is easy, his username, basic demographics, which they do alter just enough to keep his real identity hidden. Emma tells him that they will answer all the questions before he writes his profile to help him decide what to say. Donald is glad about that. It had been so easy to set Emma’s account up, but now, it is him on the line, makes it seems so different.
The demographic things had been more or less painless, but now he has to say his sexual preference. He starts to check ‘straight,’ but Emma softly stops him. “Donald, are you sure you are not now something a bit different? I don’t mean from your past per se, but some of your inclinations now?”
Donald hesitates and realizes what Emma is alluding to. His enjoyment of the pegging and strapon, does it show he is curious that way? He has tried to ignore the implications of such, telling himself that it is a woman doing it to him, which is what is enjoyable, but underneath he does know. Again blushing deeply, he clicks the ‘bi-curious’ box, and Emma rubs his shoulders and kisses his cheek, murmuring, “doesn’t that feel better admitting to it?”
Now Emma is not thrilled with having Donald acknowledge this disposition of himself, but she knows for them to truly be meshed together and enjoy each other to the ultimate, both need to be open and honest about their curiosities. Whether they ever acted on such proclivity on Donald’s part is something else again, but to admit wondering about different alternatives is important to express.
Now all the likes, interests, or ‘wonders about things.’ So many kinks and fetishes to check off. Emma and Donald go through the list and honestly discuss each. Is it something he would like to engage in? Or does it seem like it is beyond either of their borders of comfort? They have expanded their outer boundaries so much, both of them, but there are always limits that are not wanted to cross.
It is a welcoming conversation for them both to fully know each other, where they both have progressed to in the eight months since they first met. Considering how they are now sitting, which emphasizes to where they are now evolved, is a bit mind-boggling to them both.
Donald between Emma’s legs, her ankles over his knees, spreading his thighs apart. She gently caressed his thighs as her other hand gently holds his cock – not tempting him at all, but his cock is like Pinocchio’s nose. As Emma asks each question or says each kink, Donald realizes when he admits to perhaps wanting to experience it, he throbs some and grows a little. Emma just smiles each time and occasionally pinches his glans through the cage to help the precum escape.
Both realizing it, Donald turns to Emma, and they embrace and kiss each other deeply and lovingly for a long time. How even this seems so right and normal for them, it just explains in its own rather strange and mysterious way how right they are for each other. Understanding and helping each other reach the outer limits of their desires and needs.
Breaking from each other, Emma helps Donald write his profile now. He states that he is a willing subservient to his mistress, but can also take control, a perfect mix for him and his mate. He is open to exploring new and different things and welcomes conversations with those who might be interested, but he is committed to his mistress/sub, and it would be with her full knowledge and permission that he did so.
Together they finish getting the account set up. They acknowledge the wording, while not exactly the same, gives the same perimeters that Emma’s account does. They are satisfied with Donald’s new profile.
But pictures are now needed.
Emma takes a stool over against a neutral wall, which shows no signs of their home, she throws this soft cream sheet over it. She has Donald stand as she rubs just a little more oil over his chest and thighs to make sure they shine. Then she places a somewhat hooded mask on his head. It hides his hair, and while his eyes show out through the slits and his mouth is on view, the top of his face and cheeks are covered with this peacock feathered mask. The feathers are not too long, but its blues and greens do give off the appearance of the strutting proud male.
Emma has him sit on the stool with his legs spread wide for the first picture. She takes her time positioning him for each shot and makes sure the lighting depicts him in the best way.
Legs spread and cock cage on display. Bent over the stool with his ass cheeks spread. These do not show his head. Then one of him standing in the subservient waiting position legs apart; then his mask is showing.
Emma takes the cock cage off him and tells him to stand. While she videos, he is to jerk himself to hardness. The thought of this being recorded makes Donald worry slightly that under such pressure, he would not get hard. This concern is unwarranted as within a couple of minutes Donald is displaying a rock-hard cock and quivering balls for all to see.
She edits the pictures, makes some black and white, including his video as it gives a unique feel. Donald looks at the pictures Emma has created and blushes some from how revealing they are. But his inner mega-man feels his heart pumping up in the pride of his presentations.
All are added to his account, and Emma makes Donald himself press the button for his profile, with pictures, go live. Now to wait and see.
To fill the ‘wait time’ Emma, well aware of how hard Donald is now, freed from his cage, begins to jerk him herself to get him more aroused. Donald moans from the attention and the rushing running through his body.
His mask still on, adds something to this encounter for both of them. Emma leaves him for a few minutes and returns wearing the mask she has worn during her performances, and together they fall to the floor to couple. Emma turns the camera back on to record this event.
Donald's tongue does come out so well from his mouth slit, and he uses it excellently to lick and suck Emma’s slit, the juices are flowing so readily that there is so much to enjoy. She moans with delight from the attention, and her mask covered head flips from side to side as Donald finds all her special spots, which makes her so happy.
She holds Donald to her cunt as she strokes his covered head. There is such a suggestion of mystery about this comingling with their faces covered from recognition. Emma starts to imagine it is a stranger who got into the house who is ravishing her. Donald is imaging a similar situation of an unidentified lady whose legs are spread and welcoming him on the floor of his living room.
Emma turns enough to take Donald’s cock in her mouth, and the deep sigh from his lips tells it all. Feeling her tongue lap against the vein at the back of his cock while sucking more and more of him in. Then Emma covers his balls one by one with her lips and sucks them to help them fill fully.
Both are so focused now on pleasuring their mysterious partner all thoughts of being filmed evaporate. But the video is capturing everything. When Donald moves his head from between Emma’s thigh, she automatically lifts her legs to drape over his shoulders so he can enter her directly.
Donald’s glans is glistening with precum from her oral attention, he holds his shaft and directs it into Emma’s cunt in a slow thrusting motion. Enjoying each stroke, which goes deeper until he is fully up in her and her vagina sides are throbbing against him.
Emma’s legs clasp together, putting Donald into a neck hold as he pumps in and out over and over. He looks down at her and smiles, which just shows with his mask. Emma leans up and kisses him to let him know how much she is enjoying this.
Emma moves her legs enough so they are around Donald’s waist as they roll over. Emma is now on top of Donald controlling this interchange. She lifts herself up and down on his now throbbing cock, his whole body is shivering from this strange and erotic fucking they are now engaged in.
Emma masked as she is, hiding who she is, and Donald himself also so anonymous, has both of them shaking with excitement. Emma thrusts herself down hard on Donald, taking him in as deep as possible. They both moan with pleasure as Emma’s sides clench and hold Donald’s shaft deep in her cave.
Emma’s juices are so flowing right now, his cock is cover in sticky wetness as they resume the thrusting and holding. A lot of the liquid drips out of her in strings dribbling on his balls and sliding down over his asshole and crack. Both are so wet as they consummate this perfect moment.
Finally, after what seems like such a long time, both are on the cusp of cumming. Emma first throws back her head as her back arches, her legs squeezing Donald’s hips as she cries out in pleasure. Donald lets himself release all that has been building up in him, the wanton look in his eyes as he discharges all that has been filling his cock and ball lets Emma know just what a wonderful emancipation of himself this act has brought to him.
They pant and fall together, getting their steady breathing back. Emma moves enough to turn the camera off. As they calm and comfort each other from this amazing moment of abandonment, they slowly remove each other’s masks.
Once composed, they climb up on the couch, and Emma clicks to have the video they just made to play. They hear repeated pings of the computer announcing incoming messages as they watch in wonder the reenactment of what just happened.
Doing this gets them both aroused again, and Emma realizes that the two of them will spend many evening in the future watching those videos which Donald had made as she earned each of her pearls.
An hour later, they spend time reading all the pinged messages to Donald’s new profile. Curiously, many are from men, and actually older men, who ‘likes’ and comments on Donald’s pictures and message that they would love to play with Donald’s cock.
Others are from women, older and younger, who, for the most part, want Donald to be their pet for them to enjoy. Those messages get a short reply from Donald saying that he would never stray from his mistress, and while their invitations are nice, the most he would ever do is broadcast for interested parties to watch.
Answering the messages takes about an hour or so. Emma clicks on the broadcast button to begin filming the blank wall Donald had stood in front of when she took his pictures. She puts his mask back on him and straightens it. Emma whispers to Donald that to finish this, for today, he needs to go stand against the wall, leg spread, and jerk himself for his spectators.
As soon as he walks towards the wall, his bare ass on display, viewers start watching. By the time he turns around, spreads his legs, and takes his balls in his hand first to squeeze them some, the numbers are mounting, and comments are coming in.
Emma smiles and nods encouragingly to him, and he takes his shaft in his hand to begin to<b> stroke </font></b>it.
Emma replies to the comments as ObsequiousSwitch’s mistress saying he is in training and new to broadcasting, so this short show is to get him comfortable before the camera. Many send messaging of encouragement to Donald as his body begins to judder as he feels himself moving to the point of surrender to his body’s, well his prick’s, desire. He feels his balls swell, filling with semen once more, his cock is getting harder and harder. Many viewers, the older males especially, type comments that they would love to be sucking such a beautiful dick.
Emma is copying and pasting all the incoming comments to a document for Donald to read after the broadcast finishes. She begins to envision ways in which Donald can see the comments as they come in also. And a method of having their voices altered enough that they could have the audio on to reply to viewers.
Precum begins to drip from Donald’s glans, and the watching crowd goes wild. Emma is rather enthralled with this performance herself. He begins to shake his cock back and forth and even takes his other hand and smacks it from side to side before taking the shaft firmly between his thumb and forefinger and rapidly jerking himself to a final climax. The cum shoots from him and arches some to spurts to the floor.
As soon as the cum has shot from him, Emma ends the broadcast and tells him to come to her. Standing in front of her, his cock soft now, but covered in some of his juices, Emma pulls Donald to her and holding his ass cheeks, licks, and sucks his cock clean. Then spanking his behind tells him to get a towel and clean up the ‘mess’ he made.
On his knees, his ass facing Emma for her enjoyment of the two red hand marks on each cheek, he wipes up all the cum from the wooden floor. Donald too is enjoying the sting of his cheeks and the excitement he felt as he was the subject of a broadcast.
Both Emma and Donald realize they are famished and turn the computer off as they go to fix dinner. As they eat, Emma remembers the first time Donald had her perform on those websites for viewers' enjoyment. They have done it a few more times since then, and she does rather enjoy exhibiting herself to others. She asks Donald how he feels about being an erotica star on the site, and he blushes as he confesses that it has been rather enjoyable.
Emma promises they will do it again soon, as she has some ideas. After that, they eat in silence, as they both contemplate that.

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