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E117: Subject I  

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12/4/2019 3:42 pm
E117: Subject I

It is early evening by the time Emma and Donald have cleaned up from their dinner. Donald is just making drinks for the of them when the backdoor rings and Karen and Julie walk in with a pie. They are both in robes, which are a bit open, so Emma and Donald being completely naked are not that different in appearance. , all of them have been becoming more and more being undressed around each other, whether from massages or just being together, especially of late with Donald’s recitals.
“I just took this of the oven and thought you might like some dessert with us,” Julie tells them. Both agree that it would be lovely. Donald makes more drinks, brings them and plates the table, and the pie is cut.
As they enjoy the dessert, Emma tells Donald that this would be a good time go on with his stories of previous subjects.
Donald looks quizzically at Emma as Karen and Julie are sitting there too. He had told the part in their presence, but do so again? Emma nods him begin, and he realizes this next part did take place in this house some, so he starts.
, there are the final subjects, both different, but were ones since I moved here. Subject I was shortly after I arrived, and the Institute opened. I had just bought this house and hired Karen and Julie take care of it for . They didn’t know too much about research yet, nor what exactly was going on with Subject I. Subject J was about a year later, which Karen and Julie were more aware of.
Karen and Julie acknowledge this, and both virtually licked their lips as they always wondered about Subject I and speculated what was happening, but they never had a clue, so now they will know.
Emma is calculating in her mind. Donald arrived here years ago, he would have been forty- when doing the research with Subject I, and forty- years old when with Subject J. ‘So his last Subject was over years before we met,’ Emma thinks.
All eyes are on Donald now as he begins tell about Subject I.
Since I was with Subject A, Mary, I had not spanked any of the subjects I worked with. That whole episode of following her father’s instruction discipline her had been just that. Following his instructions, while I tried get her realize that type of life was not what she wanted.
I hadn’t thought about spanking as a proper punishment for someone, or that it could be sexual in nature. When I did it the few times with Subject A, as I said, it was help her come her own realization.
When Subject I came on the scene, she outdid Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shew tenfold. It took little time for the idea of dealing with her as the Shew seemed like a viable means to get her attention. And then it took on a different course and outlook.
Subject I was a spoiled, bratty, self-centered woman, to say the least. She contacted us saying she wanted us to train her to enjoy a more diverse sex life. After preliminary tests and interviews, she was recommended to me to work with as it might lead to more close-up research of deviancies.
She had seemed fine when trying to get accepted, but once she had her first interview session with me, her true personality came out in full force. I was ready to terminate things in the first fifteen minutes. I started by asking a little about herself, which she went off in a rampage about ‘she was there to learn, not to sit around chatting,’ and more and more along that , not giving a moment speak.
She kept pointing and shaking her finger at as she went on and on. As I said, I was ready just tell her . She was not paying for anything, so this behavior and complaining about us not doing what was expected was unacceptable. But as she did not let up I had enough. I stood, and in swift action I was holding her wrist, raising her from her chair, sitting on it and pulling her over lap. She gasped in surprise as she was not sure what was going on.
I had her dress pulled up the middle of her back, her panties down mid-thigh as she kicked and wiggled and demanded know what I thought I was doing.
With left hand firmly holding her waist keep her still, right hand came decisively down on her right ass cheek. She cried as I quickly followed that with a slap her left cheek. Then back and forth several times her ass started redden. I did not say a word, yet, just spanked her bare bottom as she kicked and screamed.
Finally, I slowed for a minute as she started to cry and began to tell her between spanks, “I (spank) will (spank) not (spank) tolerate (spank) this (spank) type (spank) of (spank) behavior (spank)” Keeping up the firm spankings I explained things to her, sometimes repeatedly on cheek or thigh then the other, or back and forth,
“You will do as you are told when here, you will not behave as you just have, you will not shake your finger at , nor will you be allowed talk back or yell at anyone. If you do, this is where you will find yourself, over lap with your panties down, receiving a spanking, which I think has been long overdue.”
I finished spanking her and pulled her stand. I told her to go to the corner to stand for a while. She stomped her foot and said she did not have to do what I said. I replied, “No, you can pull your panties up, your skirt and never return. Or you will get back over lap for more as that spanking didn’t seem do the job it should have.”
tone was calm, and she stood with a strange on her like she was trying decide what do. She did so want learn and expand her sexual skills, but her instilled brattiness was so embedded in her; she did not know how control her outbursts. She kicked out towards the chair leg but calf. I no longer waited for her decide, rather over lap again she went. I spanked her even harder for a good fifteen minutes.
She kicked and cried, but then a slight change seemed come over her, and she was gasping with each slap. I could see that the back of her neck was red, and her body was trembling. I slowed and just rubbed her cheeks with hand as the other spread her legs and moved between them. Touching her slit, I felt the wetness and realized what was happening to her. She squealed as I touched her there, but then started kicking her legs again, so the spanking resumed for another minutes or so.
When I finished, I took hold of her ear and stood her. I marched her to the corner and pressed her nose to the wall. She was crying with tears running down her . She started reach her hands her ass rub it, but I grabbed them and moved them for her hold behind her neck.
I spoke quietly and serenely, “You do not rub yourself after a spanking, and when you have corner time, your hands are kept folded behind your neck. Do you understand?” Subject I just nodded. I stepped back from her see if she would try move, but she stayed as she was told. I went back to desk and did some work for about a half-hour.
Then I walked up and stood behind her, she could feel breath on her neck as I told her to spread her legs. She complied, and I pressed fingers up past her labia and up and down her slit. It was rather covered in her sticky juices. Subject I gutturally moaned and leaned back into chest.
“Did I say you could move your nose from the wall?” I asked her as I spanked each of her cheeks once more. She cried and meekly said no as she pressed her back into the corner.
“Now it seems from appearances that you liked your spanking in some ways. Did you? What caused that? Did you feel you deserved to be spanked?” I whispered in her ear.
“Come,” I went on, and took her wrist and led her to her chair to sit. She did wiggle some from her still slightly rosy ass hitting the fabric. I moved and sat at desk. “Now, let’s try start again. Remember, if in any way, you act up, we will just repeat what just happened.”
Her panties were still around her knees, and her dress bunched at her waist. I told her to straighten herself before we began. Subject I lifted her panties back up on her and smoothed her dress. Perhaps considering I should have not allowed her such freedom quite so soon.
I asked her, “Do you understand why you were spanked?”
She replied somewhat hesitantly that not totally, she knows what I told her about talking the way she did, but to be treated so, like a little bad , she didn’t like.”
“No,” I replied, “You were treated like a spoiled, bratty, woman did not know how properly behave. And I will continue discipline you in this way you break that habit. When you show appropriate respect, then, and then, will I consider teaching you what you so want learn. But this lesson is going be foremost as I think it has a large effect on you not getting total sexual pleasure or sustaining a relationship.”
“THAT NOT WHAT I WANT!” she exclaimed and again the foot-stomping. That was going to have to end. “YOU HAVE NO FUCKIN’ RIGHT TO DO THAT TO ME, AND I WANT YOU TO DO WHAT I SAID FOR YOU TO DO.”
She was a slow learner. I opened desk drawer, and found a wide ruler picked it up, walked her, again by her ear, led her the bathroom off office. She tried pull away, but I held her firmly as I soaped a washcloth and stuffed it in her mouth when she opened it complain more.
“I will not tolerate such language, such shouting, or your demanding things you have no say-so over,” I told her as I pressed the cloth into her mouth farther as she choked a bit on the soap taste. “Now bend forward,” as I pressed her chest and stomach down on the counter. Her dress up and panties down in a flash again, and I began to spank her with the wooden ruler. She cried out through the washcloth on each<b> stroke.
</font></b>This spanking lasted about fifteen minutes. Her bottom had red lines across it, and her upper thighs by the time I slowed. “Now I am going to check you, and if you are how I expect you will be, then you will be hand spanked for more minutes,” I warned her as I pressed her thighs apart and did a finger check of her cunt. She was dripping, and shudders ran through her whole body at the touch of fingers.
“You are rather close cumming, aren’t you?” I demanded of her. She meekly replied she was. “Well, don’t you dare cum, you have minutes over lap and then, and then I might allow you .” I sternly told her.
Pulling her to a standing position, I removed the cloth from her mouth and again by her ear, took her to her chair where I sat, and pulled her over lap. As the hand spanking resumed, I told her that next visit, I would make sure to have a brush, paddle, and small strap to use if needed. She would learn to behave properly before I was finished with her.
When the spanking ended, I had her stand, I pulled up her panties and smoothed her dress down. “Now go, this has been a wasted session today. See the receptionist for the times for your next sessions when you . And all things considered, do not touch yourself or do anything to allow you to cum your next appointment, your behavior today does not warrant you that pleasure.”
She began to mutter about she didn’t have to come back if she didn’t want to and could do what she wanted on her own time.
“Enough,” I told her, “, I have spent too much time on you already. If you do not want to return, don’t, but you never will be allowed to again, and if you do climax in any way before your next appointment, you will confess and be spanked before we even begin, or I will terminate your treatment myself.”
That was enough to shut her up. The dripping wetness in her crotch, her soaked panties pressing against her, must have made her realize the other side she was getting from what all had happened today, so she just nodded in understanding and left.
The receptionist said she was very subdued when she requested her appointment schedule. But then a bit pressing when she learned we would meet times a week. She wanted every day but did not make an outburst and accepted what she was told. Just before she left, of assistants came her and handed her an envelope telling her it was her assignment from me have ready for her next session. She was read it and do as it said immediately when she got home she was told.
The message, when she opened it as soon as she got to her car stated: When you reach home you are to sit at your desk or table and spend as long as it takes you to write the following in perfect handwriting 500 times: I am a spoiled, bratty woman needs be spanked when I misbehave. The message concluded that if there were errors in her lines, she would be dismissed from treatment.
Tears did well in her eyes it seemed as she drove home. She did as she had been told and finished her lines while her stomach grumbled in hunger. It took her hours complete the task and finished by taking a picture time and date stamped with her phone as she had been directed do.
By then, her cunt was throbbing, and she so wanted release but contained herself fixing dinner and going bed early. This and what happened over the next days I learned during our next session days later.
Emma is enjoying this recital much more than she could imagine. This was where Donald perfected his wonderful spanking technique. While somewhat jealous of Subject I for being the first experience it, she did a silent thanks her for helping Donald acquire this ability.
As she thought about it, Emma is glad he had never taken her by her ear that way, she would not like it, but hearing about it happening did tingled through her. ‘Such a strange bag of dislikes and desires being so intermingled,’ Emma contemplates.
Karen and Julie sitting on the side of the table across from Donald as he spins his tale have been feverishly stroking each other’s spread, bare, thighs as they listen. Spanking and discipline were not things they engaged in, but the idea of it, and what Donald had been up when they first began working for the professor was arousing on this different level.
Pausing, at this point in his story, Donald looks around at each of the women wondering how they are taking this. They all smile encouragingly him continue, so he feels confident enough go on with this somewhat peculiar interlude with Subject I.
The second session started a bit better. Subject I did bring her ‘homework’ in a folder so keep the sheets clean. A printout of the picture showing the time and date was included. I made her sit there for several minutes while it appeared I was checking each sheet for possible errors. , I was applauding myself for her have so complied with her assignment.
I ripped all the sheets in half and threw them in the wastepaper basket. I could tell from the on her she was in anguish that her hard work was being so dismissed. I took the questionnaire I had tried to start at the last session again, but before beginning those question I looked at her closely and asked, “Tell the truth, as I will know if you are lying, did you touch or satisfy yourself in any way since days ago?”
Subject I blushed deeply and began stammer that no she had not. I opened the drawer desk and brought a wooden hairbrush with sharp bristles and laid it on the desk. “Let’s try again. Did you touch, with, or bring yourself orgasm since leaving here last time?”
She could see by the on and staring at the brush now in the open, that she had be truthful. But being her, she tried cover it all with excuses and how it wasn’t her fault or intentional. I opened the drawer again and laid an oval leather paddle on the desk.
She gulped as I said, “I asked you a simple yes or no question, did you in any way make yourself feel good sexually since I sent you home?”
She blushed deeply and admitted in a whisper, “Yes.”
I told her I did not care about any of the circumstances, but she had disobeyed the rules set down. “I should just make you now and not be bothered with you,” I told her. “What reason should I continue this if you will not do what you are told to?”
She was crying hard now, tears streaming down her . She confessed that after finishing her lines and dinner that night, in bed, still feeling her ass a bit sore from the afternoon punishment made her start drip and drip. She didn’t know what was coming over her, and she didn’t even touch herself; she had moved her hand her and rubbed her ass cheeks feeling the heat still there. A wild orgasm overtook her, making her back arch, her vagina throb, and intense shockwaves cascade over her body. It was of the best orgasms she ever had and had not done anything, just remembering being spanked for misbehaving.
This revelation intrigued me. That she could get such a sense of arousal of just remembering being spanked over someone’s knees was something worthy of further study. I could not let her know. Her biggest punishment would be being dismissed and sent away not return, which I knew I would use if needed.
Instead, I pointed a chair set at the side of desk, in easy reach of the accessories I just laid . I told her from now on, this would be where she was spanked when we were in office when told, she was, without hesitation, to go and stand to the side of the chair and wait for get situated. She was lift her dress and cuff it stay up at her waist.
“Now get there,” I told her. She hesitated for a few seconds, and after about had passed, I began slowly count. ………… it took she was standing in position raising her dress. I came and sat on the chair, and as I pulled her over lap I explained that if I ever had start counting for her obey, she better be where she was supposed before I got . Any after that the higher the count would add a great deal each spanking session.
She sniffled and said she was sorry; it was all just so new her. Her panties lowered. I made her spread her legs wide, telling her how she was position herself when being punished. She whimpered through all of this, somewhat knowing what was coming, but so in the dark about what the brush and paddle would feel like. The ruler had stung, and she hoped she would never experience that again, but these implements, now how bad will they feel?
The air wafted over her bare cheeks and tickled against the wetness already forming between her legs. She wiggled in anticipation of what would happen. I spanked each of her cheeks and told her to stay still, or it would be worse. And then I began. Spanking with hand first rosy both cheeks, then the leather paddle was soundly spank each cheek all around and her thighs. She cried and kicked with each spank. I moved hand from holding her back holding her cunt, fingers up in her vag a little keep her steady. The palm of hand grazed her clit, and I continued spanking her. The leather paddle did a nice job on her.
I should mention, after the initial visit with her, I went a purchased the paddle, brush, and a short leather belt with a handle. That she would learn about later. And a few of each for in office, in the session room, and even for at home. There would be tools needed for discipline ready at hand wherever we would be.
After being spanked for a good while with hand, then the paddle, then scratched a bit with the bristles before finishing with the hairbrush, I took her to the corner to stand. She cried the whole time she was there but looking over at her now and then I know she had to have cum a of times from the after feelings she was experiencing.
She behaved for most of that day’s session and did begin answer questions about her background and previous sexual activities. She revealed that she was the of a wealthy had more or less spoiled her, letting her have her way, especially when she acted or demanded things. She had never been called into for her actions or behavior.
I informed her that it was going drastically change as long as she was a subject for . Her behavior would be dealt with as needed help her get rid of these bad personal characteristics. I explained that they had a lot do with her not being able connect with someone and fully enjoy each other.
Throughout this interview session, which lasted about hours, she acted up a of times, but after a sound spanking she would calm for a while. The last time, while I knew it was from frustration as she felt herself getting closer and closer needing cum when she lashed in response a question about an earlier relationship I brought the leather strap out.
It was about inches wide and inches long. It had a firm handle for hold and gave a slapping sting with each spank. The irritating prickle which would run through her whole body beginning at the ass cheek spanked and flowing outward was almost overwhelming. It hurt and stung so, but the inner twinge felt like sparkles running through her body.
The last time she was in the corner, after about fifteen minutes I came behind her and began rub her slit, sticking a fingers up in her vag as I polished her clit with thumb. I let her lean back against as she began spasm and cum over and over. She was crying from that experience too. I had got her to open her inner emotions so much in just the sessions.
I kissed her neck as she calmed and told her I wanted her to behave herself our next session. Before she left, I gave her a small notebook, which I told her she had to document whenever she was short with someone, lost her temper, or behaved inappropriately. She was not to anything as for her begin acknowledge this behavior was the first step.
She agreed and asked if she would be reprimanded at the next session for her reported behavior. “What do you think?” I asked her, and she blushed, thinking about the lap time she would probably be spending in days.
After that, our sessions would begin by her handing over the notebook, inspecting it while she went and placed herself by the chair waiting for what would come. That part always took from thirty minutes to an hour. Then we would move to of the session rooms where I would undress her completely, then have her lay on the bed as I examined and played with her finding what things brought her the most enjoyment.
These sessions went on for about months, usually resulting in or more spankings during them as she acted up. She was starting become calmer and less bratty as time went by. And beginning let go more and more when we tried different things.
That was when I expanded the sessions be at the house sometimes. I was seeing her now days a week, we would spend time in the bedroom working on different techniques bring her the most pleasure. But in reality, she would usually act up at least once each session require a spanking. I came realize this was what she was now craving.
Julie and Karen speak up at this. They talk about knowing something was going on in that room, but as new working for him, they did not want be too curious. Though they had heard spankings being given a few times and did wonder. Especially the moaning that accompanied the crying.
Donald laughs a little at this. “Yes, she was enjoying herself more than learning to behave, I think. I thought at times she acted up just to get spanked after this had been going on for a while. It was all very interesting to me and did expand knowledge bank about this type of kink a great deal. And made realize, being in control over her administer the spanking was arousing also. I began get hard-ons when spanking her, which she would wiggle her went cunt against, ruining a few pairs of pants I would just be nude also when spanking her.”
“Her wet slippery cunt rubbing against hard cock, coating it as she withered with enjoyment as her cheeks were spanked and slapped rosy made aware of how much this type of situation worked for both parties,” Donald goes on.
“So tell , Donald,” Emma asks him, “Now that you have experienced being the receiver of the spanking, besides just the administrator of it, which is more enjoyable to you?”
Donald blushes scarlet, to have it disclosed to Julie and Karen that Emma now spanks him is embarrassing. But he realizes that just like them seeing him in stockings and the like, for this to be made known, does thrills running through him. He coughs and replies Emma’s question, “I like both sides of it, I am not sure if I prefer over the other, each gives such a different feeling, which enthrall . What about you?
Emma smiles at him and says it is much the with her. “At first, I wasn’t sure about giving you a spanking, but the feeling of empowerment which washes over you is as enjoyable as feeling yourself being taken in hand and disciplined like you want have happen.”
Karen and Julie at each other over these statements and wonder if leaving this aspect of their relationship is limiting the ultimate joy they feel together. Emma seems to sense what they are thinking and assures them that such activity is not for everyone, it just is something some people find to add to the mix.
Donald goes back to finish this part of his story.
Finally, with her attitude changed Subject I began cumming multiple times in all ways. The last weeks after a sex session, and spanking if needed, she worked online talking men try find someone right for her. I supervised these chats, and when I felt there was a good match, I had her compose and him a detailed message about how she needed regular discipline as she often acted like a brat, but if properly spanked when she acted up she would be good.
Subject I was so embarrassed have do this, but I told her she could not hide this issue from someone. She began chatting with one man and was very attracted to him, and it appeared him to her. The man was intrigued by her confession and asked her to explain more. She hesitantly did, along with giving basic information about our sessions and her trying to be better so to reach the point she was at now.
He knew about me and training and supervision of her and even mentioned he would like talk with some fully understand what Subject I required from a partner. He lived a short distance away, so it was arranged for him come house for dinner on a Friday evening.
I did have Karen and Julie prepare a meal for us but sent them for the night, saying they would not be needed Sunday.
I had the man arrive first, and I outlined what Subject I was like, and what she needed keep her in over cocktails. She arrived, and from the start was a little miffed that we would meet first without her. Her attitude was far from stellular, and I told him that if he wanted anything to work with her he needed to take her in hand right from the start.
He looked and me, and I nodded. She had been sitting next to him on the couch as she ranted on. With swift motion, he had her over his lap, with nod of approval raised her dress and pulled down her panties. And began.
She could not believe what was happening. His hands were strong and nice sized, so the red marks he left on each cheek stood . He kept spanking her for a few minutes before he began tell her how her behavior on arriving was totally unacceptable, and after a time for her when he finished, we would try again see if she could meet him for the first time acting properly.
She cried and cried and kicked and squirmed, but as said, he was strong and held her tight. She eventually calmed enough and was just crying from her punishment when he told her to stand and go to the corner she was told she could rejoin us. His forcefulness was like an elixir to her. Without any foot-stomping or arguing she went to the corner, her nose against the wall and her hands behind her head. She did not touch her bottom at all as she knew she was not allowed to.
We had a more drinks, talked together about general things as she stood in the corner. When our conversation turned to keeping her in and the discipline she needed, and what I recommended, we could see her squirming listening. The man walked over the corner, spanked both her cheeks a good times each, and told her to keep still. She cried she would. We then left her there as I took him to the bedroom to show him the spanking accessories which he might find useful.
While of her hearing, I did explain that he should never go so far lasting marks cause her too much pain. I explained the phenomenon of her getting so aroused from being spanked and how it could lead to a rather vivid sexual encounter afterward.
When we came back into the living room, he went over to her and checked her slit. To be so touched by someone she just met and did not know yet was strangely arousing to her. To be so swiftly spanked before they had even shaken hands, or kissed or anything, but now for his fingers, which had such a nice soft touch to them feeling how wet and sticky she had gotten did embarrass her some. But it felt so right.
He pulled her panties back over her cheeks and patted at her crotch to let some of the wetness soak in. He told Subject I he hoped she would behave for the rest of the evening so they could get to know each other, but if need what happened would be repeated.
He and I went back to the couch and chair and had her come over and stand in front of him and apologize for her behavior. I prompted her to thank him for spanking her, and should whenever she acted up so she would improve.
We moved to the kitchen to eat, and all went well she got testy when I told her to clear the table. She stomped her foot in front of him for the first time, and it had barely touched the ground the second time before she was back hanging over his lap, with her panties down again and her bottom being assaulted with his hand while I watched.
I suggested for him to check her again, and when he confirmed she was very wet, I suggested he her the bedroom corner for now, and he could continue dealing with her as needed there for the rest of the night alone with her. He thought that was a good idea and sent her the room and corner. She did as told but shuddered as she left when he told her that she would be getting a further spanking for not clearing the table.
He left her in the room for about twenty minutes while we cleared things away and had a final drink. He went to the room and walked up behind her. He undid her dress and lifted it off her. Then her bra, and finally pulled her panties off her and had her step out of her shoes. Still facing the wall, totally nude now, he ran his fingers checking her slit. She was soon dripping and moaning from him rubbing her clit and vag. He told her it was time for the rest of her spanking and led her to the bed.
It was then that she saw he was nude also now. And what a magnificent body he had. But besides seeing how wonderful he looked, she saw the brush and strap sitting on the bed. She knew what was ahead for her the next half hour or so. She fell over his lap; his cock already hard did find its way nestle in her slit as he spread her legs some and position her.
Again she felt his hand spanking her cheeks prime them. Then the strap was lifted and brought down on each cheek a dozen times. Then his hand first rubbed her ass then more spanking. When he slowed and rubbed her cheeks, he said they would save the hairbrush for another time.
She suddenly felt so cared for and looked over. He lifted her sit in his lap and began talk her about his expectations, and how things would be. Yes, she would be regularly disciplined as needed, but he wanted so much more between them. As he talked calmly about this her, his hands were running all over her body, exploring her every nook and cranny. She loved the feel of his touch. He had her lay back on the bed, he moved between her legs and entered her for the first time.
She behaved so well that they spent the night having wonderful sex over and over. In the morning, when they woke, the man told her that from now on, she would get a spanking every morning when they got up to help her remember to be good all day. If she misbehaved she would be spanked when needed, and if she was spanked more than twice a day for acting up she would not be allowed to climax that day.
It was a perfect situation for her. She realized she loved having her bottom spanked and punished when she acted up. months after, the were very happy, her having her morning spanking most days, and they were getting ready be married. After that first night, they spent every night and all the time when they were not working together.

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