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E130: Just married  

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5/13/2020 7:01 pm
E130: Just married

The next few weeks fly by. Donald asks Joseph be his best man and witness, which Joseph, honored that Donald would think of him for this role, tells him, of course, he will. The minister, talking Donald, offers that his wife, an accomplished pianist, could provide some music for the event. Knowing her talent and grateful for the suggestion, Donald humbly accepts the offer.
Then there are Karen and Julie. Emma and Donald agree that it would be rude and cruel not invite them. So they do. Both are thrilled at being included in this small circle witness Emma and Donald’s marriage. They even offer film the wedding so it can be a live feed for Dorthey and Maude, and also a tape for them enjoy in the future.
Donald, not thinking about being able include his aunts, this offer is a fantastic suggestion. That evening, Donald and Emma make a video call Dorothy and Maude. Donald and Emma tell them about their upcoming wedding, and how Julie and Karen are going tape it so they can watch the wedding live. Both are overcome with emotions at this possibility.
Julie and Karen soon when the chapel figure out where best have the cameras, well tablets, from which tape and live-feed. They also figure out how they could have two locations tape one feed.
So now, instead of four and the minister, there will be eight at the wedding. Emma is charmed that it is happening this way, she really did not want exclude Karen and Julie, and now by remote having two more in attendance via the feed. So a total of ten people will be celebrating together.
Donald finds the perfect locale for them to spend their wedding night. Now a bed and breakfast, and a very highly rated restaurant. The B&B is an old plantation. Now renovated while keeping as much of the original style and amenities as possible. It is about a half-hour from them heading toward Montgomery, Alabama, where they will be getting a flight from tomorrow.
It has a beautiful room for Emma and him for their first night as husband and wife. But before that, Donald reserves a table for eight in the large dining room. It is in itself is rated five stars and offers excellent cuisine. Donald goes through their menu and picks out what will be served as an eight-course meal.
And for their honeymoon, Donald makes the arrangements, not giving anything away Emma. He wants it be a perfect surprise. The last two days before the wedding, Donald packs their luggage with that will be needed. Emma is curious as a about where they will be going, but even watching what Donald pack gives her no clues.
Emma delivers her dress Sasha the week before the wedding. Over Emma’s waxing, they talked about the impending nuptials. Then the day before the wedding, Emma and Donald have a freshen up session at the spa. For a while now, Donald, Emma, and Sasha have not played in that way. Considering the next day, nor is that on the table today.
And suddenly it is May fourth, their wedding day. Having the wedding at four pm will give them plenty of time to get ready. Emma and Donald wake around eight this morning. Both greet each other with silly grins on their faces for what is going to happen today. Emma feels the butterflies fluttering in her. She has not really accepted the reality that this is going happen.
They cuddle together, holding each other tight as they kiss. Emma and Donald kissing like always, especially in the morning, turns to groping and caressing. And not far behind, both are so horny, a lot from what is ahead this day. Donald kisses and down Emma’s body let her know how much he loves every inch of her.
Emma’s hands are over Donald as he does this, but when he spreads her lower lips and dives in, it is mostly his head she caresses as he gets her working a morning frenzy. She feels his tongue lapping at her clit, and his fingers slide into her welcoming wet cunt. Donald has mastered finding her g-spot so quickly to add to the effect of the attention to her clit. It doesn’t take long for her to be arching so close to the summit.
Realizing this, Donald twists around, moves his finger and lips from Emma’s honeypot, and thrust his full cock in Emma begin that final ascent together. The two of them feeling the thrusts, the throbbing, the clenching, and shaking of both bodies as they reach the ultimate point and together cum as an avalanche overcomes them.
They crash together, clinging to each other, as they now descend to earth once more. They are laughing over this mighty flood from both of them. They move together, holding each other. Donald pulls the sheet over them as they now are relaxed and fully awake for the day.
A couple of minutes later, there is a knock at the door. Karen walks in carrying a tray and a pitcher, followed by Julie with a second trap. “Happy today!” they both exclaim as they are not sure what to call this pre-celebration. “To a wonderful wedding day, the sky is clear, and it is beautiful out, a perfect day for a wedding,” they go on.
“To start,” Julie says. Then she looks at the two of them now sitting up against the headboard. She begins again, “Well, maybe not the start of the day, but a wedding breakfast for you both to enjoy.” All four laugh, while Emma is blushing a bit by what Julie alludes to.
They place the trays over both their laps and put the pitcher on the nightstand. Karen tells them to enjoy their breakfast and ring when they are done. They will get the trays. The breakfast looks delicious in every way. Scrambled eggs, but not too much, crisp bacon on one plate.
On another pl perfect French toast. It was not just any French toast. It is two layers of thick bread cooked to perfection, having crisp golden crusts around. Between the layers is a Mascarpone filling, the top covered in pecans, a big dollop of sweet butter is melting down the sides. There is a thermos of heated maple syrup, which from its smell must be mixed with some of the pecan whiskey they had made.
There is a glass on each tray filled with Mimosas, which is what is also in the pitcher. Picking up the glasses, Donald and Emma clink and take a sip. Ready to eat this fantastic breakfast, Donald turns and sees a small frown on Emma’s face, and her hands folded in her lap.
Donald comprehends immediately. He picks up his plate of bacon and eggs and moves it on to Emma’s plate. Then Donald does the same with the French toast. Moving his glass to her tray, he places his on the floor next to the bed. Then taking Emma’s fork, like that first morning together, and when he proposed, he fills the fork with some of the fluffy eggs and lifts it to her lips.
The smile she radiates on him as she chews, the first bite floods Donald with memories from the first time until now. He takes a bite himself, and then picks up a piece of crisp bacon and holds it to Emma’s lips to bite. He then takes a piece from the other end. Back and forth, they go until the slice of bacon is gone.
There is something so erotic about them eating this breakfast. The food is excellently prepared, which adds to it, but the mixture of texture and flavor, along with sharing, makes them both feel shivers running through their bodies. Each time Donald lifts the fork to Emma’s lips, and she opens to take a nibble, tremors radiates through Donald. Especially as he quickly takes a bite too to experience the same satisfaction with the food as Emma is. This is a new concept to study further. The sexual excitement of sharing food, enjoying the tastes like one, is a unique experience.
Back and forth between eggs interspersed with bacon mortals, they take their time over this part of the breakfast. All of it, the perfectly cooked eggs, the same with the crispy bacon, and the sips of mimosas brings on this orgasmic manifestation.
But it does not stop there. The bacon and eggs are just the foreplay. Donald puts the empty plate on his tray. He moves the plate of French toast in front of Emma and pours the still warm syrup over them. He cuts pieces for them, making sure to include the perfect crispy crusts along with enough of a bite to include the Mascarpone filling.
The food intercourse moves up several notches; the ideal mixture of sweet softness with crispiness is to die for. And when they get to the few ideal mouthfuls to finish, the soft inter pieces of creamy sweetness with just the hint of crispness in the pecan bits; put Emma and Donald’s nerves on fire.
By the time they finish breakfast, both are breathing deeply. Donald and Emma are a bit confused over what has just come over them. They are in a state equal to the refractory period after cumming. Both lean back against the headboard, breathing heavily for several minutes. Then they start giggling, leading to out and out laughing.
“This was interesting, Emma,” Donald tells her, “I think we need to look into the joys of eating also offering sexual pleasures.”
Emma laughs in response, “Well, dear, I guess this will be one of your first experiments with me for the research and literature you want me to delve into. Are you suggesting I turn my talents to a cookbook?” Both just laugh more over it.
Recovered now, Donald press the contact button for Karen and Julie. They arrive quickly to remove the trays. Karen tells Emma, “Go do your tanning time. We will get this all cleaned up and meet you for a massage when you are done.”
Emma agrees, and as soon as they are out the door, she climbs over Donald to get off the bed. Her ass over his lap as she does is too irresistible. Donald spanks both cheeks and tells Emma that it is for her to remember to be a good wife. Emma laughs and tells him, “Perhaps a few more spanks are needed for me to remember this. You know it does run in the family.”
She lowers herself over his lap, and Donald complies, spanking her to a rosy bottom, his fingers finding her clit to rub as he spanks her. This leads to her third orgasm of the day. After she recovers from panting as she comes, Donald spanks her cheek both one last time and tells her to get going now.
Emma climbs off the bed, relishing the warm ass she now has and heads to the tanning bed. As she steps from the bed, both Julie and Karen are there waiting at the massage table for her. They tell her, to help her relax, for the day ahead, they are going to give her a double massage.
Only once, months ago did Emma experience them both working on each side of her at the same time. The feeling of them kneading her muscles in her back, shoulders, arms, thighs, and feet feels terrific. She does feel them all loosen and take any possible stress away.
Emma walks into the bathroom. The steamy tub and Donald waiting, she knows she is going to be so relaxed and mellow after this. Emma almost unintentionally came when the two were massaging her back. Karen and Julie had aroused her so. Now in the warm bath, leaning back against Donald as he soaps her upper half before dipping underwater to wash those essential places, brings her again to the cusp.
They linger in the bath for a good while. Emma, turning around, washes Donald, caressing him for a while also. It is only when the water begins to really cool that they climb from the tub. Sitting on the side of it as Emma stands between his legs, Donald dries her completely. Then rubs lotion all over her beautifully tanned body. Then he has her sit on the stool while he blow-dries her hair, curls, and styles it.
Emma, at this moment, is more than what he could ever imagine him marrying. Yes, her being totally nude is adding to that state. Donald hates in some ways that Emma could not be just like this as they commit themselves to a life together. He signs a little and then does his toiletries while Emma watches him with loving eyes.
Watching him shave moves Emma. She knows, all in all, Donald is not the best-looking man, but he does have nice features, and in her eyes, he is perfect for her. And even from the start, she understood his personality quirks and realized underneath she could see who he really was, and accepted them.
Finished grooming, Donald leads Emma back to the couch in the bedroom as he goes and gets them each a glass of wine. It is now about two o’clock. Handing her a drink, he sets his down and busies himself getting dressed. He puts a pair of the silk boxers on, the ones Emma enjoys on him. Then a crisp white shirt, buttoning before pulling up the mid-gray pants of the suit he will be wearing.
He puts a pair of cuff links on, and Emma smiles as she realizes it is a pair of her father’s. Shirt tucked in and belt on, he does his tie, which is so close to the color of Emma’s dress. His suit jacket is over the stand waiting until just before they go to put on.
He comes and sits next to Emma, they kiss, then take a sip of wine, and he tells her it is time to get her makeup on. Earlier, Donald, doing Emma’s hair, pulled it up on her head like a loose hanging bun. The style silhouettes her face. He takes time and care over Emma’s makeup today, wanting her to shine for all that see her.
Finished and satisfied, he fluffs her hair a little, and they go to the bedroom. Donald starts by putting a garter on her. Next, he rolls silk stockings up her smooth legs and clips them in place. A pair of panties follow this. So close in color to her outfit. Running them up over her thighs and settled in her cunt.
He hooks a strapless bra on her the same color on her and settles her breasts comfortably in it. He steps back to soak in Emma’s beauty for a moment before having her step into the dress. He pulls it up and zips. Donald adjusts the dress to hang correctly. For the final piece to the ensemble, he has Emma sit on the bed, and one by one, he lifts her feet and slip on the matching shoes. It is almost like Prince Charming fitting the slipper on Cinderella.
To make sure she fills all the requirements for today, Donald clips a pair of pearl earrings on, from her mother’s jewelry collection, something old. Something new, he tells Emma is her wedding dress. Something borrowed, Donald hands her one of his handkerchiefs, just in case. Finally, taking a pale blue garter from his pocket, he runs it up her leg for something blue.
Emma is ready to be married.
Time is flying. It is almost now. Donald dons his suit coat and the two after smiling into each other’s eyes and kissing deeply, head to the car. They know Karen and Julie left a while ago to get things set film. Sasha is meeting them at the church, as is Joseph.
Arriving at -thirty, Sasha is waiting for Emma and shuffles her hurriedly the bride’s prep room. Donald greets the minister who directs him the place in which Joseph is waiting. Joining Joseph, the two men just talk about vague things until there is a knock at the door tell them it is time. They are direct enter at the side of the chapel. The minister’s wife is playing a lovely melody of tunes as they reach their point stand. Donald looks around for the first time and smiles at the transformation the chapel has gone through.
Donald sees Karen and Julie behind the filming tablets. In the small chapel, no one that far from each other.
Then the doors at the back of the church open, and Emma gasps. Lite candles and flowers are decorating the sanctuary giving everything a soft glow. Who has done this?’ Emma wonders. Everything is perfect, she thinks.
Sasha, besides Emma for now, begins walk down the aisle. Each holds a similar bouquet. A mixture of flowers that complements their dresses, Sasha’s a small one, and Emma’s not that much bigger. They come down the aisle side by side until just before the alter when Sasha steps forward and over allow Emma access Donald’s side.
Dorothy and Maude, watching the feed at home, are already having tears of joy run down their cheeks. Emma is so beautiful, Donald, so serious but handsome, waiting for her come his side. Actually, at this moment, they are not the only ones with teary eyes.
The minister begins the service skipping over the part about who gives Emma away as there really is no one. As the service continues, the group of eight together to participate in Donald and Emma’s wedding is really .
in the balcony, hidden from view, is the bank president. After learning from Grace about this impending event, he found out where and when, and he just could not stay away. He wishes the best for Emma but has come desire her so. He has see this happen make sure she is really happy.
There are tears in his eyes, too, watching the wedding unfold. He realizes Emma would never have been his. The bond she has with Donald is too strong ever to untwine. With tears in his eyes, he hears the two exchange their vows and what they have both written for today.
Donald is first with his statement, “Emma, at this time 365 days ago, I would never have imagined standing here today. But 364 days ago, I knew this is where I wanted to end with you. You have opened my eyes so many wonders and new feelings. I cannot imagine not having you beside every day from this day forward. You are not only my friend, my lover, my confidant, and now even my colleague; you are my soulmate.
“You have seen into my soul and helped grow. the years before you are meaningless. I have come understand that God was preparing understand the rare gift he was giving when you entered my life. What was before is the past. You are now my present and future. I now understand that God does allow everything happen when and how it should, lead where it will be.”
Tears are forming in Emma’s eyes hearing this, and Donald chokes back on some of his words. Sasha hands Emma a handkerchief dab her eyes. Then it is her turn.
Emma’s vows, “Donald, you are right. Just over a year ago, I could not imagine any of this was ahead of . I had thought my life was remain the dull day--day as always. I knew there has always been something crying be let free but never thought it would. I was content enough but did hope that some little ray of light would be given if even for a moment.
“Little did I know what God had in store. Not just a little ray of light but days and days of full sunshine. I know there will probably be times ahead, which are grey, but I am confident that a rainbow will appear after to lead us back to the bright days. I pledge myself to you fully. I will be with you the days of our lives regardless of what is ahead. I know with you by my side, I now have the confidence take anything.”
As the saying goes - by the time the two finish, there is not a dry eye in the house.
The minister finishes the service with Donald placing a wide gold band on Emma’s finger, and she the same him. And when the pastor says, “I now pronounce you husband and wife.” Donald is invited to kiss his bride. The cheer that comes from everyone in attendance sounds like ten times more people than are there.
As Donald and Emma kiss, the bank president slips out from the balcony with teary eyes. He hurries his car be gone before anyone sees him. It will be the secret his grave that he had been there, but while heavy in heart for himself, he is overjoyed that Emma has found such happiness now for herself.
Much hugging, kissing, and congratulations follow. Emma and Donald take a few minutes go one of the tablets, which has his aunts on a live feed. They talk with them for a few minutes. tearful, Emma and Donald accept their congratulations. Then confirm that tomorrow evening, they will see each other as the first stop Emma and Donald’s honeymoon. And this is a far as Emma knew about what is ahead.
After a few more pictures commemorate this day, the others cheer Donald and Emma off as they drive away the B&B. The others finish cleaning before they pair head the dinner ahead. The minster and wife in one car, Karen and Julie in another. As Sasha starts go her car, Joseph offers drive her, so they don’t each have make the trip alone.
Getting there ahead of their guests, Donald and Emma have time check-in and see their suite for the night. It is lovely in every aspect, including the large bathtub. Both Donald and Emma know they will find themselves in there tonight.
But the truly amazing thing in the room, beside a bottle of champagne, is a small -tiered wedding cake. The lowest level is only about inches, the next four, and the top probably two. topped with a bride and groom. It looks delicious, and you can tell a lot of work went into making and decorating it.
They see a note next to the cake and open it. Emma is in tears again when she reads, ‘We could not let you go without a wedding cake to bring you best wishes. We hope you enjoy it. We are so happy for you both.’ And it is signed by Julie and Karen.
“How sweet of them to take the effort to do this,” Emma comments. After dinner, they will have a slice, with the champagne. Now, after fixing Emma’s makeup to hide the tears, they head down the dining room.
As they enter the room, a band next the dance floor plays a fanfare announcing the bride and groom's entrance. The leader introduces them as Dr. and Ms. Ryan and congratulates them. Emma blushes some as at their table rise and clapping as they walk the table. Everyone else in the dining room joins in. Emma blushing can think is, luckily, it is not that crowded yet.
At their table, Donald and Emma sit side by side, which Sasha and then Joseph next her; Julie and then Karen are next Donald, and the clergy and his wife complete the table sitting opposite Donald and Emma. Drinks are served for start.
Joseph and encourages them the have their ‘first dance.’ Egged by Sasha, and then the rest when the next song starts, Donald and Emma do stand and go the dance floor. They hold each other close as they begin sway the music. The song is perfect and matches them so; Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Gardens. As they dance, Donald whispers in Emma’s ear, “I do truly, madly, deeply love you. I want be everything you ever desire.”
Emma smiles at him through tears and says she feels the same.
As the song goes into its first refrain, the rest of the wedding party joins them on the floor. The minister stands and takes his wife’s hand, seeing this, Karen and Julie follow after them. Joseph raises his eyebrow to Sasha and asks her if she would like to dance, and they too are now arm in arm on the floor with the others.
As they dance, Sasha comments, “This is the perfect song for Donald and Emma.” Sasha blushes at Joseph’s reply but then looks into his eyes. The song ends, and they go back their table. The first course soon arrives.
Conversation adds their meal. Ranging in topics from the work and plan for the Institute, to Karen and Julies dissertations, to religious aspects in today’s world. Laughter also fills their table. The talk would be in general for and sometimes move private conversations between two or . Emma notices that Joseph and Sasha often turn each other and talk between themselves. Both with grins their faces and laughing together. That is something for Emma to ponder.
The dinner is anyone could have dreamed of. Each course more exquisite than the last. Finishing the meal, after-dinner drinks are ordered, The minister and his wife decline saying see it was almost eight they should head home, he still has the final touches on tomorrow’s sermon to write.
through the meal, Emma’s and Sasha’s bouquets are sitting the table in front of them. The minister and wife start leaving, saying goodbye along with hugs. Emma turns Sasha, “Well, I think you are the only one really eligible, so catch the bouquet.” Saying this, she gently tosses her wedding flowers to Sasha, who blushes while laughing with Emma, and everyone else, over the silliness.
The remaining stay have one more drink and dance some more. Around -thirty, Karen and Julie bid their goodbyes, again with hugs, kisses, and some tears. Donald and Emma again thank them so much for the cake they had made, and everything else.
Karen tells them that what they do not eat, put in the box on the nearby table. They will come get it tomorrow and put it in the freezer for Emma’s and Donald’s first anniversary. The front desk knows to pick it after you leave.
The remaining four sit chatting as Donald and Emma finish their drinks. When the bridal couple finishes, it is about ten. They thank both Joseph and Sasha for standing up for them and everything else. Donald and Joseph discuss the arrangements for tomorrow.
Tomorrow around two, Joseph is going to come back to drive them to the airport. They are going to be gone for over weeks. Donald does not want leave a car in the airport parking for that long. is set, and with final hugs and kisses for the night, they head upstairs.
Back in their room, they move together and kiss, truly, madly, deeply. Then while not that hungry after the huge meal, Emma and Donald do want to taste their wedding cake. Together they cut just one slice out of the bottom layer, and holding it together both take a bite.
The cake consumed; they slowly undress each other. Donald comments that Emma’s dress was perfect for the occasion. Besides being practical enough to wear when out to a formal event. Emma agrees and is so glad Donald likes her appearance.
Next stop the tub, after Donald opens the champagne and fills their glasses. As the tub fills with warm water, Donald lovingly takes Emma's hair down and brushes it back to falling softly on her shoulders. He cleans her makeup off, and then just looks at her. This Emma, so beautiful to him in her clean, naked, state is all he could ask for.
During a lingering bath where they just softly caress each other side by side, Emma ponders if it would be possible to take the bottom layer of the cake to share with Maude and Dorothy tomorrow. Donald considers this and says he will ask Joseph to pick up a plastic container with a tight lid to put it in and it should work.
After their bath, Donald does text Joseph with the request, but no response is given.
Climbing into this different bed, but so big and comfortable, Donald and Emma first lie facing each other as they kiss and continue to caress. In many ways, this night is novel. Both seem to be very tentative with their touches and<b> strokes. </font></b>It is like they are together for the very first time.
Both are finding the wonder place each offer, Emma stokes and wanks Donald’s cock, as he runs his fingers through her wet pussy concentrating on all the areas she shows pleasure from his touch.
Between deep and full kisses, Donald tells Emma to roll over. Her back is now rubbing his chest. Donald says, “Remember that night last Memorial Day weekend when I was up in you as we slept?” Emma tells him, yes, and sparks being to flow through her whole body.
“Let’s try that tonight. I want our closeness which we found that way be how we start our married life,” Donald goes on. Emma, in agreement, presses closer to him. His cock is now resting against her dripping pussy slit.
Donald moves it back and forth a few times to get Emma’s natural lube to cover his glans and shaft. Then shifting some, his now very hard cock is up in Emma as deep as he could go. And he holds himself there, kissing the back of Emma’s neck. Which does send rays of shivers through her body.
Donald puts his arms around Emma as they drift off to sleep, their first as husband and wife, so complete and utterly together as they start this new chapter of their lives.

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