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E131: Sasha and Joseph  

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6/14/2020 12:54 pm
E131: Sasha and Joseph

After Emma and Donald leave Sasha and Joseph that night, things happen. Well, actually things started happening a bit earlier.
Sasha gets to the church early at the request of Karen and Julie. They have got a lot of flowers and candles to decorate the chapel and ask Sasha to help them. She is more than happy to, in just some shorts and a tank top then as she garnishes the church. The candles ready to be lit when Emma and Donald arrive.
Midway in the decorating, Joseph arrives, dressed for the<b> wedding </font></b>in a tie which will match Sasha’s dress. He joins in helping right away and soon seems to be Sasha’s assistant for the next hour. The chapel looks wonderful, and Sasha and Joseph find themselves talking about all sorts of things as they deck the church.
Realizing the time, Sasha hurries to the bride’s chamber to change into her dress. As she does, she does not know why her stomach is fluttering so. She is excited about Emma and Donald’s<b> wedding. </font></b>She is so happy for them. But something else is churning in her.
Changed, she arrives at the entrance of the church just before Emma and Donald arrive. Joseph is there already. He smiles at Sasha and says, “My, you do clean up nicely.”
Sasha blushes as Joseph continues to say, pointing at his tie and her dress, “It seems we are partners for this event.”
Sasha just laughs and replies, “I hope you don’t mind.”
“Not at all,” Joseph smiles at her as Emma and Donald pull up.
Then things get hectic as Sasha hurries Emma to the bride’s chamber, and Joseph directs Donald to the groom’s. They both have been told by Julie and Karen not to let them see the inside of the chapel until they enter to be wed.
All goes according to plan, and Emma and Donald are wed in a lovely service, touching them all. After, as everyone is getting ready to go, Joseph offers Sasha to ride with him to the dinner. In the car on the half-hour drive, they talk so comfortably as if they have known each other for years, not hours.
As Joseph drives, he keeps glancing over to Sasha beside him. ‘Who is this woman? I know she is a great friend of Emma’s, and it seems Donald also. She did tell me what she does now for a living as she finishes her degree. She is so quick-witted and able to have the most enjoyable conversations on all topics. While also beautiful.’
Meanwhile, Sasha is wondering much the same, ‘Who is this man? I know he is a close colleague of Donald’s, and it seems Emma knows him rather well also. It is so engaging conversing with him. And not bad looking either.’
As they pull up to the B&B, both wonder, ‘I wonder why Donald and Emma haven’t introduced us before?’
They join the others at the table reserved for them. All are waiting for Emma and Donald’s arrival. It is so wonderful seeing how both are almost aglow as they enter the dining room as the band plays a fanfare to welcome them.
When a little later, Joseph pushes the idea of Emma and Donald having the first dance, Sasha joins in on the chat to get them up and on the floor, laughing with Joseph as they do.
As the song goes into its first refrain, the rest of the<b> wedding </font></b>party joins them on the floor. The minister stands and takes his wife’s hand; seeing this, Karen and Julie follow after them. Joseph raises his eyebrow to Sasha and asks her if she would like to dance, and they too, are now arm in arm on the floor with the others.
As they dance, Sasha comments, “This is the perfect song for Donald and Emma.”
Joseph wistfully says, "Yes, it does fit them well. I would love to meet someone I could feel that way about… But perhaps I have.” Sasha blushes at Joseph’s reply but then looks up into his eyes. And for the rest of the dance, they do just stare into each other’s eyes.
When the song ends, a shudder passes through each as they return to whatever place they just were in and return to the table. Through the meal, they do join the general conversation, but more often than not, they return to their own private talk. Dancing a few more dances as the rest of the table does, when Donald and Emma say their goodnights, the two are left at the table alone.
Joseph suggests, “Let go over to the bar to sit, so we are not taking up this table.” Sasha readily agrees, and they settle themselves at the bar. Talking on and on, both get more demonstrative with their hands as they talk, touching each other’s arms to make a point, their thighs over silly jokes, hands brushing as they reach for things. The electricity of each touch is outstanding.
They find more and more reasons to run their hands over each other’s arms and thighs, in the midst of conversation. Soon both their hands are on the other’s thighs caressing them, and they look at each other deeply in the eye. Their extending peering makes them feel like they are searching and finding out so much about each other’s inner souls.
Both seem to be breathing heavily now. And the waves are crashing through their bodies. Moments later, Joseph leans to Sasha and kisses her long and hard. He pulls away, embarrassed that he did so, and starts to apologize for being so bold.
Sasha lifts her fingers to his lips, says, “Shh.” And then leans into him and kisses him back the same way. Neither is sure what they are starting, but at this one moment in time, it does not matter how this will end. Now it seems like they have found their soul mates. Sure, by the light of the morning, things may seem different. But, right now, in the afterglow of the<b> wedding </font></b>between two people who found each other and are truly, completely in love - and yes, a few drinks - the aura of this pair is exceptional.
They pull apart finally, and practicality takes over. Well, perhaps not practicality fully, more justification for the choice the two are making. Joseph is supposed to be here tomorrow afternoon to drive Donald and Emma to the airport. All their luggage is in Donald’s Navigator. The plan is for Joseph to be at the B&B to take them in that car. Then well, they never did work out how he gets his car and the Navigator back home. Sasha’s car is still at the chapel.
Both Joseph and Sasha so aroused and hot right now, following a long line of<b> wedding </font></b>party hookups, they are so filled with lust right now. Joseph shyly asks Sasha if she would like to stay here tonight if there is a room. Sasha agrees with the plan readily, saying it would probably be the prudent thing to do, considering how much they have been drinking.
Joseph leaves her, telling her to order one more round for them and goes to the reception desk. Yes, there is a room available on the opposite side of the place from Emma and Donald. He takes the keys and thanks them. Back at the bar that settled for the night, Joseph and Sasha have a couple more drinks, building up courage for where they are headed, it seems.
As they go up to the room, Joseph tells Sasha not to feel obligated in any way – he can sleep on the couch if she wants. Her response is to kiss him so fully, her arms around his neck as the elevator rises to their floor.
They walk arm in arm down the hallway to their room, adding kisses every few steps. There, Joseph opens the door and twirls her into the room. Behind closed doors, they can’t act fast enough to get each other’s clothes off. They fall on the bed, and Joseph’s rock hard cock is up in Sasha’s wet, waiting cunt immediately. They have not even bothered to pull back the covers yet.
Their passion heat ignites between them. What had started as a small twig burning earlier is now a raging flame between Joseph and Sasha. Joseph thrusts in and out of Sasha as she throbs at each movement. They are kissing each other over and over as they fuck. Never has either of them felt this alive with another person. They are feeling such heat between them.
This first coupling does not last long, as it had hours of foreplay leading up to this moment. But it is fine as both experience an exploding orgasm together. Falling on both their backs, they just laugh with such happiness over how wonderful that release felt.
Joseph helps Sasha under the covers, and they lay facing each other, as close as possible, Sasha’s breasts brushing against Joseph’s nipples. And they talk, in between stroking and kissing each other. Telling each all about their pasts, the hopes for their futures, their outlook on life, and more.
The one part Sasha leaves out is about her relationship with Donald and Emma. She glosses over doing their preening each week and what her job is. Joseph finds it interesting how intimate she is with both clipping and waxing them as she does. He that he probably needs some beautification himself.
Sasha says she likes what she has seen so far as she runs her fingers through his mons, but if he would like her to, she would be more than happy to trim him up. Joseph says he is going to hold her to that this next week.
The sun is just starting to rise when they finally fall to sleep. Sasha is leaning on Joseph’s chest and his arms are around her. Both are hoping as they fall asleep that whatever this is between them goes on and on.
Joseph and Sasha don’t wake until almost noon, smiling at each other as they do, realizing what happened last night was not a dream. Pleased to be together, they stroke each other and finger play over the other, arousing them more and more. Sasha throws back the covers enough and goes down on Joseph. His moans of enjoyment let her know he is liking what she is doing.
That is confirmed for sure when he pulls her body around. Her cunt is at his lips and side by side they orally push themselves towards the brink. Both are panting between licks and sucks, to the point they know the end is close. Again Joseph maneuvers around so they're on their sides; he has Sasha’s back to him as he thrusts up and into her from this angle.
Sasha gives out a gasp of surprise when she realizes how deep Joseph is up in her and how wonderful it feels. In and out, he pumps, each time just a bit further in as Sasha contracts on each thrust. She's holding Joseph as though neither of them ever wants to let the other go.
Sasha throws her top leg back over Joseph’s thigh to help him press deeper and deeper into her. Both are moaning, panting, and dripping from the excursion. They feel the final release starting to churn deep inside of them both, moving up more and more until it is going to bubble over the sides of this burning love pot.
And it comes. Once again, in unison, both explode. And again, the room is filled with giddy laughter of them realizing how intense this is between them. Sasha rolls and moves down to lick Joseph clean of their fused juices. Finished, she moves up to Joseph’s lips and kisses him for him to taste the blended cum.
In return, Joseph dives between Sasha’s thighs and licks her clean before both enjoy another mutual exchange as they kiss. Joseph and Sasha feel so relaxed that they could just stay here in bed for the next week, but obligations are remembered, and it is now after one.
Joseph reaches for his phone and sees the message from Donald last night about needing an airtight container. 'Oh shit, where is he going to find one now?' Sasha calms him, saying they passed a dollar store just before the B&B. She is more concerned about Emma and Donald seeing her today with Joseph and still in her dress from the<b> wedding.
</font></b>Then she remembers her shorts and top are in a small bag she left in Joseph’s car. When he asked her if she would like to ride with him yesterday, she did not bother to put it in her own car when leaving.
Joseph pulls his pants and shirt on. He takes her dress, and his jacket and tie, down to his car. He grabs Sasha’s bag and a pair of khaki shorts and polo shirt from his trunk, left there from playing golf a few days ago.
As soon as he is back with clothes for them, they shower together quickly. Well, not that quickly, as they make sure certain parts of each other’s anatomy are well washed. Dressed and respectful, the two go to Joseph’s car, and a quick trip to the dollar store has them back at the B&B on the dot to pick up Emma and Donald.
They hurry to Emma’s and Donald’s room to hand over the container. Sasha wonders what it could be needed for. She hangs behind Joseph as he knocks at the door. Donald answers and welcomes them both in with a wry smile when he sees Sasha with Joseph. Emma comes from the bathroom, also seeing Sasha with him; she raises an eyebrow but does not comment.
As Emma boxes up the bottom layer of the cake, Joseph babbles on about Sasha offering to come with him today so to drive his car back from the B&B after getting Emma and Donald to the airport.
It sounds reasonable, but the glow Emma is seeing on both Sasha and Joseph’s faces makes her think there is probably more to this story that has been left out. But she is glad Sasha and Joseph seem to like each other. It would be nice if all their friends did like each other.
She offers them a slice of the cake, telling them about finding Karen and Julie’s<b> wedding </font></b>offering. Sasha and Joseph accept a piece as they realize they are rather hungry. Emma and Donald join them with a small piece each. The rest is packed away for tonight in Boston.
In a fury now, they get their luggage down to the Navigator, the top of the cake to the reception desk for pick up. And they are off to the airport. It is hard for Sasha and Joseph to keep their hands off each other, but something unwritten between them keeps them from saying anything about who slept or didn’t sleep where last night.
Emma and Donald are seen off on their flight to Boston, and then on to other ports. On the way back from the airport, as both are famished now, Joseph and Sasha stop to get something to eat. They realize out of the watchful eye of Emma and Donald, they cannot keep their hands off each other.
Neither are ones for public displays of affection; today they toss that out the window and do not care who sees them being affectionate to each other.
They get back to the B&B. Joseph asks which car would Sasha rather drive, the Navigator, or his car? She decides to drive his car, following him back to town. After dropping of the Navigator, Joseph takes over driving back to the chapel to get Sasha’s car. There in the church parking lot, both are tongue-tied and unsure of what to say.
Neither wants just to walk away from this. Rather, they want this wonderful bubble they find themselves in to go on and on. Sasha and Joseph kiss and caress each other before Sasha gets out of Joseph’s car. When she finally moves to open the door, Joseph stops her, saying, “Don’t go.”
Sasha looks at him questionably, and he stumbles over his words, “Sasha, I don’t want whatever this is to end. I feel we need to get to know each other and spend all the time we can together to do that. Follow me home now, will you?”
Wanting to be sure they did now somehow lose each other in this planned maneuver, they exchange phone and address information. Both, as soon as alone in their cars, puts the contact information in favorites on their phones.
And so for the next three weeks, while Emma and Donald are honeymooning, Sasha and Joseph grow closer and closer together, sharing so many details about their lives with each other. Including all their previous sexual activities, for the most part. Sasha still hasn’t mentioned the big thing about Donald, Emma and her, but she feels she needs to talk to them before revealing that as they do now work with Joseph.
She does tell him there are some things down the road she needs to tell him, but at the moment she cannot. Joseph accepts this without question, saying that when Sasha feels comfortable telling him, he would be there to listen.
Both cannot believe how lucky they are to have happened to each other. It all seems so right between them. Even when they shared some of their kinks with each other, they seemed to play off each other nicely. It was a magical month in this bubble they have created around them. And they cannot imagine anything bursting it.
After being together almost every minute they are not working, or in school, when the first Friday rolls around Sash suggests that Joseph use Donald and Emma’s appointment time slot for her to groom him as he had asked. Joseph jumps at the invitation.
Experiencing lying on Sasha’s table as she closely clips his mons and more, feeling her soft breath on his balls as she blows the clipped hairs away, has Joseph hard quickly. After adding the oil and massaging his cock and balls nicely, Sasha asks if he wants any of this body hair waxed.
She explains, but not why he did, how Donald has come to enjoy hairless legs and arms. Sasha leaves out the chest hair suggestion. Sasha feels Joseph has just the right amount of hair on his chest, not that much, but enough to be a soft furry to lean her face against.
Joseph thinks for a moment and tells Sasha the just his legs for now. She warns him pulling the wax off with hurt some. Little is Joseph aware of how much 'some' is. As Sasha pulls away the first strip. He cries out a bit from the surprise. But then prepares for what will come. He makes it through the rest of the beautification program.
Sasha finished by rubbing lotion on his legs. She has Joseph roll over on his stomach and she gives him a wonderful back massaging. Sasha tells him to roll back over, and she does the same to his shoulders, arms and chest. Sasha takes a unique position to do this.
She climbs up on the table straddling Joseph’s hips as she works the magic of her hands. But other magic is included. She is not wearing underwear, so Joseph feels Sasha’s juicy wetness drip down on his prick and scrotum. She rubs herself over his junk as she kneads his upper body.
Joseph lifts up and gives her a loving kiss. And as doing so he also manages to slide his dick up in her awaiting love cave. Joseph cannot get enough of being in Sasha’s vag. Being fully one with her for these moments. They pump together for a bit, but then Sasha realizes that the massage table might not be the best location for them to cum.
She lifts herself off Joseph and takes his hand and leads him to her back room here. All so swiftly that Joseph isn’t able to complain about her pulling away. They fall on the bed Joseph now on top of Sasha and they continue the dance just started. Now in the comforts of the bed, they take their time. Letting each reach close to the brass ring, only to ease back to take this ride over and over again.
The sensation of both of their bare mons now rubbing together feels so different and magnificent to Joseph. Even their smooth hairless legs brushing each other send more tingles through their bodies.
They play with each other in all different ways and positions for the rest of the afternoon. They are just coming to know each other’s bodies intimately. So this time, taking a slow ride to the finish, they are discovering more and more about each other.
From the first thrusting and clenching, they switch to oral pleasure for each other. Next Sasha is straddling Joseph again as she bounces hard up and down on his alert cock. But again, just when the culmination might come, she slides off him and lies next to Joseph as they kiss and survey each other’s bodies with their fingers.
Joseph can’t believe that this vision of loveliness, this goddess to him, has entered his life and seems to want to stay. In the past, he has had a few longer-term relationships, but within a year or so they fizzled out. He has participated in research at the Institute for Sexual Exploration (ISE) opening his awareness of different kinks and fetishes.
He has been in a number of multiparticipant interchanges and has been with another male a few times. Joseph has always been the aggressor but wonders what a mutual interaction would be like.
All this he has shared with Sasha.
She, in return, tells about her recently ended bad relationship, experiencing feelings of mental, and some physical abuse. Sasha tells about her relationships with men and women over the last few years, and even how she first started.
Both cannot believe how lucky they are to have happened to each other; it all seems so right between them. Even when they share some of their kinks, they seemed to play off each other nicely. In fact, their fantasies are remarkably similar as to their sexual urges. And knowing they are both open to expanding things, to see how close they can get to their limit, thrills them both. But for now, just together and finding more and more about each other, while also bringing each other to extraordinary climaxes is all that is needed.
It all seems so right between them. It is a magical month in this bubble they have created around them. And they cannot imagine anything bursting it.
Here, now, in the backroom of the spa, as for who knows how many break times, between each major scene acted out, Sasha and Joseph talk. Sasha shyly tells Joseph about one of her kinks. Remembering how it had felt here in this room the first time urges her on. She knows she wants it to happen again, and again. Sasha realizes this urge to share with Joseph. It is in a small voice that Sasha confesses to Joseph that she has found she really enjoys being spanked and if she is out of line in any way.
Joseph, who has had the opportunity over the years of spanking a couple of women, and realizing how satisfying it is to him, smiles at Sasha and says, “Well so far you have done nothing but pleasure me more and more each time. But I will keep that fully in mind if I ever see cause to do so. Or would you like a regular ‘maintenance’ spanking to remind you to stay this wonderful for me?”
Sasha, not believing what she is hearing, is overjoyed and replies, “Yes, perhaps regular maintenance would be a good idea. We can talk more about it and make a schedule.” Saying this Sasha blushes as it is like she is assuming they will be together for a good while. She so hopes so, but who can tell.
Joseph is in the same mindset. Oh, is Sasha committing to be with me for the long haul? If only that proves to be true.
By the time approaches to pick up Emma and Donald from their honeymoon trip, Sasha and Joseph are meshed together as one. Most everything Sasha might need day to day is moved to Joseph’s apartment. She still has her backroom at the spa, but when the month ends and they have been together since the beginning of the month, Sasha ends her tenancy at her apartment and moves in with Joseph.
Joseph, during this shifting, starts to talk to Sasha seriously about finding a house for the two of them. They agree it would be the right move and decide to hold off for a week until the beginning of June to start searching.
And, suddenly it seems, it is the day to pick up Emma and Donald at the airport. Both look at each other nervously realizing that it is the tenth hour. All will have to be out in the open about them once their good friends return.

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