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E132: The honeymoon begins  

Clairew1959 61F  
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7/21/2020 12:46 pm
E132: The honeymoon begins

Joseph and Sasha drop Emma and Donald off at the airport. Hugs and kisses are exchanged as they leave. The bulk of their luggage is marked for their final destination, so they do not have worry about when changing planes. Donald has a carry on with the things they will need for tonight and tomorrow.
Emma knows what this first leg of the honeymoon is. They are headed to Boston to see Dorothy and Maude, just for one evening before their main flight leaves tomorrow afternoon. Emma is now starting to pester Donald some about where they are going. But he only tells her will be revealed at the proper time.
Sitting waiting for their flight, Emma does have other things contemplate. The main one being Sasha and Joseph. Their arrival together today for the drive to the airport was interesting, to say the least. And it sets Emma’s mind to contemplate.
She shares her thoughts with Donald, who smiles at her and , “Not even married a day, and already you are acting like a Sadie, wanting to match-make everyone.” Emma punches his arm softly on that comment but does blush and admits that yes, it would be wonderful if somehow Sasha and Joseph did hook .
Both are good friends, and while never had contemplated it, they did seem complement each other. Donald advises Emma just let what will transpire happen. They will see what the outcome is after their return.
Boarding the plane for the short jump South Carolina for the flight Boston, they settle in their seats and hold hands as the plane takes off beginning their honeymoon journey. It is late evening before their connecting flight lands in Boston.
Donald had told his aunts they would get a cab to the house as it was late evening when they arrive. As Emma and he walk through the exit at the airport, they are surprised. Dorothy and Maude are standing there, waving at them. Between kisses and hugs, Donald shakes his head at Dorothy and asks, “What if you had missed us coming out of the terminal?”
Dorothy’s replies, “Pish posh, we knew we would see you, now come on, the car is waiting.”
Donald is a little surprised that his aunt’s car is parked near the pull- zone, without a ticket. Someday he is going have find out how his aunt gets away with things like this. He knows she is extremely good at playing the ‘old lady’ card when needed, but sometimes her success amazes him.
Dorothy and Emma sit in the backseat while Donald rides front with Maude. There is some general conversation, but Dorothy is busy questioning Emma. Dorothy wanted know about the wedding, Emma’s new job, and how glad she is that Emma is an official member of the family now.
The ride is not too long, and they are back at the house in which Donald grew . It is wonderful see it again. Donald rescues the<b> wedding </font></b>cake from their luggage, luckily not too mucked about. They have a slice with champagne as the aunts toast Donald and Emma’s marriage.
There is a lot of chatting back and forth, but it is getting late. They will have tomorrow for more conversation. Dorothy directs Donald and Emma to a different room than his old one from youth. Telling them, it does have a bigger bed and more appropriate for the<b> wedding </font></b>couple.
It is a lovely room, and Emma notices the little things that Maude and Dorothy had added for their night here. Seeing more of the upstairs from when she and Donald were here last fall, Emma notices that there are several bedrooms in this house. The same way as the house on the Cape. At the Cape, Donald and Emma had only been in their room and knew about the aunts’ room. In reality, that also had several bedrooms.
Considering that both places had been the family homes of Dorothy and Donald’s father, it did make sense to have rooms for not just the family but visiting relatives and friends.
Settling into bed with Donald, Emma is now determined to find out where they are going to spend their honeymoon. After some casual chat as they lie facing each other, Emma shifts Donald and straddles his crotch.
Emma’s wet pussy is dripping on his cock, exciting him, but she will not let Donald enter her. Even as Donald grows to full potential. Instead, she is holding him like a prisoner. She clamps both of his wrists about his head and then begins to tickle his underarms. Donald cries from the torture, “Emma, stop, please, you know I am ticklish there.”
It does no good, and in reality, while sending shivers through him, the tickling is becoming somewhat erotic for Donald. Emma replies to his request, “Not until you tell me where we are going on our honeymoon.”
Donald playing along, says, “Never, not until tomorrow.” He begins to twist and turn under her torment. Doing so causes his cock to rub more and more against Emma’s wet and inviting slit. In truth, now the tickling isn’t the real problem, the desire to be inside Emma is.
Emma just grins at him wickedly and says, “I can keep this up all night, and not just the tickling, I think something else will be kept up until you spill the beans.”
Donald laughs at her, and in response to the sensations he is feeling, She moves around his chest and stomach with her wiggling fingers. After about fifteen minutes of this joint agony and ecstasy Donald give in, “Okay, okay, I will tell you.”
Emma just sits up straight as she still saddles him and waits.
“You are becoming a vixen at times now, Emma, another of your skills and talents,” Donald starts. “From here, we are flying to London, then on to Amsterdam, and then Paris for the next couple of weeks.”
Hearing this, Emma is overjoyed. For her to see Europe. To go to such new and exciting places, she can not believe it. Her life now is so incredibly different than what it had been for so long.
She swings her arms around Donald’s neck and covers his face and lips with kisses as she thanks him. When her lips have found Donald’s, Emma kisses him deeply as she lifts enough to allow his throbbing cock to enter the golden palace of joy finally.
Together as they kiss, they slowly churn against each other. Both are feeling the pleasure stirring in them, setting all their nerves on fire. Together they are climbing to the precipice. Closer and closer, with each thrust, they feel them reaching that goal.
Both are breathing hard, not able to kiss at this moment, Emma sits up straight and presses down over and over on Donald’s cock. Donald’s prick is pulsating against Emma’s scrunching vag. He lifts his hand and moves it to Emma’s mons. His fingers are rubbing down to find her clit, and with finger and thumb, he brushes back and forth over it, pinching it some.
Emma cries out in delight. Her pussy is quacking as the nerve endings are lite and that incredible all-encompassing rush comes over her. Her beating cunt is affecting Donald also, and he, in turn, feels the wave flow through him. They are both at the abyss. A rosy blush of arousal is covering both of their faces and chests.
A few more thrusts as Emma lifts and crashes down on Donald serves its purpose, and together they cry out as they cum. Semen spurting up in Emma, mixing with her juices flowing through her. She squeezes and squeezes his cock, making sure every final drop is drained from him.
Emma collapses on Donald’s chest, and he just rubs her back as he feels her pounding heartbeat in sync with his own. After a bit, Donald rolls Emma on her side, still so close to him. Donald kisses her head and tells her to sleep now as they will have a big day tomorrow, and a long night ahead after that.
The next morning, Donald and Emma visit with Maude and Dorothy over a lingering breakfast. After the eggs and bacon are finished, and before the Danish is brought out, Dorothy takes Donald into another room.
There Dorothy shifts from the sunny welcoming person she just was over breakfast to a serious parental role. Dorothy is all business as she begins, “Donald, your whole life, you have been somewhat annoying. Your sense superiority to all others, besides being haughty, arrogant, and pompous, I have always disliked. Your self-centered ways, Maude and I accepted as that was how you were. Maude and I still loved you, but often discussed how being so you would never meet anyone to be your companion.”
Donald blushes, knowing all his aunt is saying is true as she continues, “But, luckily you did find Emma. I don’t even want to know how it all started. Or how she even was willing to try with you. It is enough seeing she is changing you into a person Maude and I can not only love but like.”
Dorothy carries on, “Value this prize that you found, let her help you become a fuller person. Don’t you EVER do anything to hurt her or make her question why she is with you. Maude and I are both overjoyed with Emma, her compassion, caring, and seeing her total love for you. Let her help you to become a full, giving, and benevolent man.”
“What is ahead with your Institute is exciting and will make a mark in the world. You are the captain of this ship, show kindness and appreciation for those who are making it happen. Be the leader that is viewed as a generous and consider not a pompous asshole. Cherish Emma and let her help you be that you can, and should, be.”
Donald is taken back a bit by what his aunt is saying him but knows it is true. He is changing and does need Emma help him improve more. release those inner demons which he has kept for so long—forming a shell around him, leaving him without emotion or empathy for others.
Donald feels like he has just been chastised by his headmaster when fourteen. Everything Dorothy tells him is accurate. He moves her and hugs her, in a way that is much more sincere than he ever has. Donald is humbled by Dorothy’s words and realizes that he has kept Dorothy and Maude at arm’s length his life too. He acknowledges how he has conducted himself in the past and how his outlook has changed due to Emma.
Donald is meek as he replies, “Aunt Dorothy, I know this about myself and realizes Emma is making a better man. I will never do anything lose her. She is a part of now, and I don’t know if I could exist without her.”
Both with tears in their eyes hug again. Dorothy patting his back, “Well, just always remember this conversation. Take the high road always.” With that, she heads them back the kitchen and Maude and Emma, who have been chatting. Danish and coffee cakes are brought out, and for the next hour, they just enjoy each other’s company.
The time speeds by, Donald telling women about what is ahead for Emma and him for the rest of the month in Europe. Emma feels herself getting more and more excited about the adventure awaiting them but does her best not show her exhilaration too much.
she contributes is saying that now she understands why Donald pressed her get a passport a month ago. Donald tries assure her it was for her be able travel for business in the future, but the twinkle in his eyes gives him away as his ulterior motive.
The afternoon passes with Dorothy showing Emma a family album of pictures of Donald when young, his parents and grandparents. After Donald’s photos, those of Dorothy and Maude from when young and first in love are the most enjoyable. Both so beautiful, you can see the love in their eyes for each other.
In the late afternoon, they pack the car and go out eat at a wonderful little neighborhood restaurant. Donald and Emma’s flight leaves at p.m., but they will need be at the airport by seven. After an enjoyable meal filled with laughter, it is time head the airport. Donald and Emma promising a return visit this summer again when they will have more time spend together.
After tearful goodbye and best wishes, Emma and Donald find themselves at the gate waiting for their flight to board. When it is announced that first-class passengers may now board, Emma is astonished when Donald says that is them. The lavish and comfortable seats are more than could be asked for. They settle with Emma at the window seat to enjoy the landscape going by beneath them.
Drinks are served, and the takeoff is smooth. Their flight leaves Boston at p.m. and will arrive in London tomorrow morning at about eight-thirty. While a redeye can wear you out some, it does, in the end, offer more time when arriving.
By ten o’clock, Emma finds herself nodding off with just the dark ocean to look at beneath her. As she falls asleep against Donald's shoulder, he begins to ponder more about what his aunt said when she laid down the law to him today. Of course, he will never do anything to hurt or anger Emma, but Dorothy’s assessment of his life feels like a knife being stuck in him. Knowing each comment’s thrust is accur and he deserves it.
Donald mulls what his life was like before Emma entered it. And he was that his aunt claimed. Even more, as Donald had kept much from her. He never allowed anyone get that close him. Never permitted himself have feelings for others. Instead, he just stayed in an aloof plane with the bubbles he created around him keep him separated from others.
Donald knows what people think about him. But acknowledge in the last few months things have been changing, as he allowed himself pop many of the bubbles surrounding him more and more. In doing so, his interactions with others greatly improved.
It is due Emma. From the first night, she was with him, Donald’s armor began slip. Her open acceptance follow his instructions undress immediately. He smiles himself fondly remember how lovely she looked standing as he told her, fully exposed to him.
He knew then that Emma was not any great beauty. But her willingness to do she could please him made Donald look at her differently. Even then, he could see her inner beauty, which over the last months has surfaced for admire.
That first night, it was at that moment Donald felt for the first time a stirring. Feeling the sense that he was wanting care about someone else. And that she offered herself him without hesitation started him learn about consideration for someone else slowly. He realizes now what he wasn’t aware of then. She gave the greatest gift she had, her maidenhead, him without question or hesitation.
Donald nods off for a bit, dreaming of that first time.
As he is tying Emma’s arms and legs the bed, Donald begins caressing her forearms and calves as he does, making her almost swoon.
Donald slides on the bed beside her and begins caress her breasts. , the feel of his fingers touching her sends shivers and down her body. And when he pinches and rubs her nipples harden them, Emma gasps in joy. Donald feels something in him start tremble too.
But that is only the beginning, Donald’s hand moves down her stomach, as his lips lower over her nipple and takes it into his mouth to suck and lick. Ooh, what a wonderful feeling. The joy for Donald to take each nipple in his mouth and see how readily it response becoming rosy, full and stiff.
Donald’s hand is running gently over Emma’s stomach, almost like little feathers, just touching her. And then, she feels his hand scratching through her mons, going lower and lower. Donald is lusting for what delights she will reveal as he works his way through the jungle to the prize. Emma shows she feels sensations she never has before, the throbbing between her thighs. She cries out a little. In anticipation of what Emma has never felt, but instinctively knows that she craves.
Donald, recognizing her anguish, just teases Emma, running his fingers lightly over the top edge of her love box. Nowhere near where she is now rising, begging for attention. It is difficult for him to hold back now, but he knows for Emma to feel this fully he needs .
‘This is wonderful,’ Donald thinks. ‘Emma is so in need of self-fulfillment that she will probably agree anything right now.’ He can tell that even without direct attention, Emma is almost on the verge of cumming a second time. This time she will remember the feeling and know how it comes flow over her.
How does Donald want her experience that?
He removes his hand from her. He hears her sigh of disappointment. Donald strokes Emma’s already wet forehead and tells her she needs calm herself a little. She can’t burst and dissolve too soon.
She just looks into his eyes, panting a little. He so wants to lean and kiss over her face. experience the ecstasy of her lips his, their tongues intermingled.
Donald moves away from the bed, out of Emma’s sight. He undresses as he hears her sigh in disappointment. He comes back to stand by the bed. Emma lifts her head a little, looking in the mirror. She can see his beautiful naked body standing right next to the bed as Donald looks down soaking in of Emma’s charms.
He climbs the bed and kneels between her legs. He runs his hard cock and down Emma’s slit, in her juices lubricating himself. She groans with the rapture of this touch. When well wetted by her, Donald fingers Emma some to prep her virginal vag for the first time. Emma squiggling and squirming.
Donald thrust his prick into Emma. She let out a gasp, and while the first couple of thrusts are painful for her, the sweet, incredible pain, that is not really pain at all, overwhelms her. Emma is soon matching her pace with his, crying out in joyful abandonment.
It isn’t long before he feels the throbbing of her pussy and instinctively clutching of her vag. She presses herself up to him more and more. Donald acknowledges then that this woman/girl is getting to him, under his skin. Who cares about this just being another study, the latest Subject for him? Emma’s soft and wet body under his is offering much more than any scientific research. And he wonders if he could ever think about her in that way.
Emma revels in this feeling of Donald in her, pounding and pressing against her body. Donald bangs against her, touching her full body with every inward thrust. Then he releases himself in her, deep and fully. The wetness starts dripping out of her, over her inner thighs, and down through her ass crack. She is not going to move from this for any reason.
Donald rolls off her spent. “What has this woman done to me?” he thinks, “I need to get back into control of myself.” Though he desires to roll towards Emma and hold her tight, caressing her thighs, stomach, and breasts, he restrains himself. He lays on his back, out of Emma’s confined reach, and breathes deeply over and over to calm himself totally.
‘Yes,’ Donald thinks as he looks out at the black night through the plane window, ‘She captured me then fully and completely. I did try to resist it for so long, being the proud, arrogant, ass I was. But Emma had then made the first cracks in his facade. Not a big one, but one that began to expand and chip more and more of his protective cover away.
Over this last year, Emma has, little by little, began to whittle more and more away, teaching him to value and encompass being compassion faithful, caring, giving, and even humble.
Showing for her such compassion, taking that leap understand Emma’s feelings and desires as he took her through each pearl.
Wanting to be faithful unto her only and hoping he, for the most part, was enough for her in return. Donald thinks back on the afternoon he took Emma to be introduced to the club. He still feels a warm glow thinking how beautiful she was and how perfectly she presented herself. But also vividly remembering the pain and anguish he felt contemplating anyone else touch her. Donald now also realizes that where it could never equal the pain Emma suffered that day watching him with Connie, it had been tortured for him watching Emma and Connie together meshing so well.
From the start, he began caring more and more about Emma, and not it some silly study or game with the pearls. But knowing the delight she got from receiving each reward kept him on that path until completed. And now, that they have had since. Finally, him being able express the love which had been growing so long, getting stronger and stronger.
Donald offering more of himself others, being willing give of himself, and open himself more Emma and others now. Last Memorial Day weekend at the shore, Donald for the first-time telling Emma about his past. Well, the first time telling anyone that story. The feeling of relief and something more than flowed through him as he opened more and more was so different and rewarding.
Yes, Emma might say he has brought her so far in a new direction this year, but it is she who has brought him even further. Especially now, finally understanding being modest others. From that week when she took control of him. Even his first spanking from her. Donald learned the satisfaction of humbling himself to someone else. To acknowledge his ‘sins’ and the pleasure felt when pleasing someone else rather than just himself.
As Donald looks out as the sun begins rising ahead of them, he feels Emma stir beside him. He nudges her to look out at the pink hue appearing before them. Emma smiles as she wakes and looks, and then Donald turns her face towards his and kisses Emma so deep and long, trying to express the love and thanks he has for her in that kiss.

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