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E136: Back home  

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7/25/2020 1:59 pm
E136: Back home

On the plane headed home, landing first in New York, then a connection to Montgomery, Alabama, Donald and Emma talk over the plans for the changes at ISE (Institute of Sexual Exploration) now with this significant acquisition.
The evening after the lecture, Emma arranged the starting of a website for individuals to apply to the ISE or submit ideas or questions. The site is up and running within a day. An email sent with link information to all attendees at the conference. Already hundreds of resumes have been received.
When they wind down for this high they are riding, and as they are both about to nod off, Emma tells Donald there is something she has been thinking long and hard about since the first day in London and wanted to discuss. Donald, curious, is all ears to what Emma wants to say.
Murmuring so not to be overheard, Emma begins to explain, “Honey, when you asked me to spank you to help you remember to be a good husband, along with when you spanked me on our<b> wedding </font></b>morning, makes me think. It might be a good motivation for us to each have ‘maintenance’ spanking regularly, to remind us of what we have, and can so easily in the world today lose.”
There are small tears in Emma’s eyes as she says this. Donald understands what she is saying and readily agrees that it could be a good incentive for their marriage. The talk about how they would go about this, how often, and when, along with other aspects.
It is decided between them, except for weeks with holidays, for now, on Mondays and Tuesdays, they would get up earlier, and one or the other would be spanked, both by hand and hairbrush or paddle. It would be a reminder that they do not wave from their marital vows. Emma tentatively suggests, and Donald wholeheartedly agrees that on the day he is spanked by Emma, he would wear panties, garters, and stockings that day to remind him of his softer side.
Emma asks if there is something extra that she should submit to on her spank day to help her remember and focus. At first, Donald hesitates, but then suggests that perhaps having some nipple clips on for the day could help. Emma responds that yes, and occasionally the clit clamp, or plug also. So that is all settled. To start, it would be a weekly ritual, but as time passes, perhaps not as often.
Then Emma brings up the second concern, “Donald, I need to understand your need since at the museum and our leaving confessions on the wall. How often does the want overtake you for us to act out the scene in the small bedroom?”
Donald blushes deeply now as he replies, “I don’t know, it doesn’t invade my thought as much as it used to, but now and then, for some reason, I cannot fathom, the necessity for that reenactment comes over me.”
Now Donald has tears in his eyes, Emma holds his hand, squeezing it as she assures him, “Honey, it is fine, we just need to find a way for you to let me know when you have this urge so I can make it happen for you. I so want you to exercise all of your demons no matter how you need to accomplish that.”
Donald hugs Emma to him as he whispers in her ear, “Darling, oh my darling Emma, I will find a way to give you a sign when it is needed. Perhaps hanging the tie on the doorknob to alert you.” Emma hugs him back, and before kissing Donald assures him, that would work.
The most important things at the moment settled so lovingly between them, both doze for the last few hours of the flight. As they wait for their connecting flight to Montgomery, Emma texts Sasha telling her they will soon be home.
Emma has not heard much from Sasha while they were in Europe, and Emma is eager to find out what happened between her and Joseph. When Sasha replies that she and Joseph will be there to pick them up from the airport, a surge of joy fills Emma hoping that means something has occurred between the two.
Showing her giddiness as they board their plane, Donald delivers a well-earned spank to Emma's cheeks as they walk down the jetway, making her jump a little and turn and stick just the end of her tongue out at him. Donald moves close to her and whispers in her ear, “Someone is going to need a really good maintenance spanking this week.”
Emma grins at the comment, and when seated, she excitedly tells Donald about who is meeting them and what it could mean. Donald smiles at her but tells Emma that she should not get carried away, making up scenarios, or she will be given a spanking right now.
Emma quiets herself. But the whole flight to Montgomery, she is throbbing. Imagining here on the plane, Donald turning her over his knee, lifting her dress, pulling down her panties, and giving her a good spanking as the other passengers in the first-class watch.
Her twitching at this image makes Donald look at her, and when she whispers to him that she thinks she might have this strong desire to be displayed in public, a tendency of now wanting to expose herself to others. Donald wonders what she is getting at until Emma tells him her most recent fantasy right now.
Donald laughs and asks just how wet Emma is now. She blushes and replies, "Very." He tells her to slide her panties off her, fold them in a tight bundle with the dripping wet crotch showing and pass it to him to sniff and lick to enjoy.
Emma, sitting at the window seat, knows no one will see her unless walking by the aisle and looking over, but Donald is giving her a release of the on-display fetish she seems to be developing but in a safe way.
She lowers her panties down, lifts them over her knees, and bends over to fold and tuck the underwear into a small packet with the wet, saturated, crotch accessible. She straightens herself and hands Donald the packet.
He lifts it to his nose and sniffs in the aroma fully, and as Emma watches, he runs his tongue up and down over her drippings, smiling the whole time. After he pockets her panties, he leans and kisses her so she can taste her own sex on his tongue.
Landing in Montgomery, Alabama, around noon, Donald and Emma make their way to baggage claim and the exit. There to greet them is an excited Sasha, hanging on to Joseph’s arm. She lets go and rushes to Emma to hug and kiss her. She turns to Donald and squeezes him also as Joseph comes to the group to welcome Emma and Donald back also.
After a few minutes of greetings, Donald heads to the baggage claim to get their luggage, and Joseph to bring the car to the curb. It is during that short time that Sasha and Emma have a hurried conversation.
Sasha tells Emma all that has happened between Joseph and her since the<b> wedding. </font></b>How they quickly have become inseparable. Sasha includes that they are now living together and looking for a house to buy. She tells Emma she has more news about her job at the spa and other things, but there is one thing she needs to discuss with her, and Donald, also immediately.
Emma looks at her quizzically as Sasha blushes a bit as she explains, “I have not told Joseph about the three of us on Friday afternoons. I want him to know, but I felt it is your and Donald’s choice for him to know what has gone on between the three of us. Are you okay with me telling him?”
Emma hugs Sasha and tells her that she will let Donald know also, but of course, it is alright, it was something they all engaged in willingly. While it is not something they would want the general public to know, she is sure Joseph will be discreet. Emma goes on, “Would you like Donald and me to be with you when you tell Joseph? Perhaps if he has questions or anything, we could be buffers.”
Sasha agrees that might be a good idea and suggests they stop for lunch on the way home, and they tell Joseph then. Emma agrees to the plan and leaves Sasha to watch for Joseph as she joins Donald getting the luggage and quickly tells him what is planned.
For a moment, Donald becomes very red in his face as he thinks about his colleague knowing about this part of his life, but then, he does realize Joseph is not the type to judge and will keep the information to himself.
So, the car loaded, the four head for home. About a half-hour in, Sasha suggests they stop at the charming bistro ahead for some lunch. All agree, and they find themselves seated at a table on the terrace away from other diners.
Over a drink, things start with Emma and Donald congratulating Sasha and Joseph for finding each other. Donald that Emma, who he discovers is inclined to matchmaking, hadn’t even thought of the two of them being so right for each other. Emma laughs with the rest and tells Donald that she had been rather wrapped up in a new job, planning a wedding, and such to consider it. But is so happy that Sasha and Joseph have discovered their common interests and how well they do mesh together.
After their lunch is served, the real conversation begins. Sasha turns to Joseph, blushing as she starts, “Joseph, I want to tell you one thing about me that I haven’t yet. I have wanted to from the start, but others are involved, and I felt they had a say in what I tell you.”
Joseph looks at her and then Donald and Emma, who nods slightly.
Sasha goes on, “I met Emma when Donald sent her to the spa when they first had met. Something clicked between us from the start. Well, it led to me giving her more than a trim and waxing one Friday afternoon. Donald was a bit upset at first about it, but then he began to accompany Emma to her spa session, and I started grooming him also.”
“From that, it evolved into the three of us together after their appointments in the back apartment. All equal and enjoyable, pleasuring each other and ourselves.” Sasha finishes. Joseph looks from one to another of the three, finally resting on Sasha who is looking so uneasy waiting for him to say something.
“Sasha,” Joseph says, “I can see how the three of you could very much enjoy each other’s company in many ways. It was something that started before we met. I am wondering, do the three of you want to continue how you have?”
Donald speaks first, “Joseph, if you and Sasha are committed to each other, it would not be right for the three of us to do so.”
Emma pipes in, “No, not just the three of us excluding you. Would you like the four of us together, Joseph?” The other three gasps at Emma’s suggestion and the table is silent for a few minutes, all just eating and thinking about what Emma just proposed.
Breaking the uncomfortable silence, Joseph says, “Well, this is all rather new to me right now, and I have not had time for it all to sink in. I believe that is something to consider after we have a chance to talk individually with each other, and again as a group. Donald and Emma, you are much more than just colleagues to me. Your kindness and friendship mean a great deal. After my feelings for Sasha now, you both are near the top of my list of family and friends.”
All smile at Joseph, and Emma replies, “Joseph, I, and I am sure Donald, feel the same way about you and Sasha. And it is something to consider seriously. I am sorry I somewhat blurted that out. I would not want to do anything to ruin our friendships. But if it is something we all could enjoy, it could add another dimension to our friendship. So let’s all think about it some, talk about other things now, and if and when it seems right, we can address this idea again.”
The other three agree to this as a good plan, and the conversation changes quickly to Sasha telling Donald and Emma about the other changes in her life going on.
Sasha explains that she is not working at the spa anymore as Joseph has encouraged her to take classes in the summer full time. This way, by year-end, she will have her masters completed in Information Technology. Donald and Emma are sorry to hear that Sasha will not be priming them. Sasha says she understands, but she has been researching a different method of removing body hair and wants to suggest they try it. “You too, Joseph, if you want to,” Sasha says to include him.
Sasha goes on to explain laser hair removal to them. How it would work, what the results would be, the costs, the level of pain involved, and finally, explaining that it will take several sessions the first time to remove the hair entirely. The three are engrossed in what Sasha is suggesting, and it sounds like a great alternative. Joseph is not sure how much of his hair he would want to be removed, but Sasha assures him can have as much, as little, or not at all if he wants.
As they leave the bistro to continue on their way home, it is decided that Sasha will select the best facility and schedule appointments. The remainder ride is filled with telling each other about what they have been doing since last together, about the honeymoon and house hunting. The time passes quickly, and they are at Donald and Emma’s home. The car unloaded and the luggage put in the bedroom, Emma encourages Joseph and Sasha to stay for a drink.
During which, Emma runs to the bedroom. She makes a bit of a mess looking through the luggage for the presents they bought for Sasha and Joseph. An individual gift for each, as Emma, wasn’t sure if the two were together when selecting. But they are so similar that they complement each other.
Hearing their arrival, Karen and Julie come into the living room, welcoming Donald and Emma home. Between comments about how tan Karen and Julie looked, and another scurry by Emma for their gifts, all have a second drink before Joseph and Sasha take their leave. This time at the door, after hugging Sasha and kissing her, Emma hugs Joseph and kisses him chastely on the lips. Donald embraces and kisses Sasha, and does hug Joseph, without kisses. All feel the comradery that is building between them since their conversation earlier in the day.
Back with Karen and Julie, Donald fills their glasses again, and the two women look at each other and with a small nod, begin to tell Donald and Emma about their holiday with Dorothy and Maude. Donald and Emma are a bit surprised to hear the details. Both had an inkling that something happened over Christmas, and knew the four are in regular contact with each other. But it is news to Donald and Emma the level this friendship has grown. Now others also within the group is a bit surprising. But both are happy for the women and tell them of course, Rob and William will be welcome whenever they would like to visit.
After some snacks, while telling their adventure, and Emma and Donald are talking about their honeymoon, the fourth part. “Everything is ready for you, Donald,” Karen says in leaving. Emma looks questionably but lets it pass.
In their room, Donald sees the mess Emma has made looking for the gifts, pull her to him, spanking her bottom as he kisses her. The next thing Emma’s dress is off and only her bra remains. It has been fun this whole afternoon going pantiless.
Donald's hands are not the only ones busy as they kiss. Emma has his shirt unbuttoned and off him. His belt unhooked, and pants unzipped and down, his boxers to his ankles out of which he steps.
Falling on the bed together, Emma on her back, Donald is over her on his elbows. He looks deep into her eyes with love. “Mrs. Ryan, this will be the first time we make love in our bed as husband and wife,” Donald says.
While Emma is not really into that Mrs. stuff, she understands what Donald is saying, and why he said it that way. Smiling and throwing her arms around him, she replies, “The first of many, many times I hope.”
They both take their time, kissing more, moving their lips and hands over each other’s bodies. Emma running her fingers up and down Donald’s spine as he licks and sucks at Emma's neck and shoulders. Down further to take her breasts one by one into his mouth. Circling his tongue around and suck to harden. Emma’s hands now are squeezing each of his ass cheeks and running over the back of his thighs.
Donald’s hand, not holding Emma’s tit, is working his way up each of her thighs. Slowly and softly, running his fingers up and down, making Emma whimper with anticipation. His fingers finally move to her love center and carefully spread her labia to open the doors to her waiting and wet essence.
Sliding his fingers into this marvelous palace of pleasure, he runs them up and down Emma’s slit as she moans more and more. Donald presses two fingers up into Emma’s warm waiting cave and buffs Emma’s clit with his thumb. He moves his mouth down from her nipples. Donald licks his way down over her stomach, around her belly button and on to her mons. Both of their hairs have grown out a bit due to their honeymoon, but it is still short and sexy as Donald licks his way through her forest.
His ultimate goal is achieved. He is sucking and teasing Emma’s clit with his tongue as his fingers play inside Emma. Finding her g-spot to press against to delight her. Emma’s hand has found his cock to squeeze the shaft and wank him. Donald’s balls are hard as rocks, filling with his substance waiting to be fired.
When both are moaning in hungry eagerness, Donald lifts up between Emma’s legs up onto his shoulders. He guides his throbbing cock to Emma’s entrance and presses in her slowly and completely. Both sigh, feeling like they are truly home again. Donald holds himself there as he feels his cock throbbing and Emma’s sides contracting against him over and over.
Donald could stay like that and let Emma’s clutching bring him to climax, but the excitement of thrashing together is greater at the moment, so he begins to pull out and thrust back in over and over. Both have deep blushes over their skin and are shaking from the growing elation of what is so near.
They try to hold back, but all that has happened since they left Amsterdam is adding to their desire. Leaving Amsterdam at dawn there, to now finally be home together, over twenty hours later, it is hard not to give in to their lust entirely. A few thrusts and holds later, both explode as sparkles erupt throughout their bodies. Happy, elated, and satisfied, Donald and Emma cling to each other as they come down from the high they were just on.
Kissing each other, they wiggle around to get under the covers. The unpacking will wait until tomorrow. All else doesn’t matter. They are in their home, pressed against each other tightly, feeling their mutual love. Both fall to sleep.

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