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E137: The end of the honeymoon and the start of a tradition  

Clairew1959 61F  
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7/26/2020 1:44 pm
E137: The end of the honeymoon and the start of a tradition

The next morning, Friday, Donald is at dawn. He empties their luggage and puts their things away. The masks they brought with them Donald leaves on the coffee table by the couch in their bedroom for now. He slips out, as Emma sleeps and checks that everything is ready. Karen and Julie took care of every detail perfectly, as they always do.
Donald slides back into bed as Emma begins to stir around eight am. As she opens her eyes, she smiles at him, leans, and kisses him good morning. ' is right with the world,' she thinks.
Donald hugs her and tells her she needs get going, there is much ahead today. Emma is confused. They just arrived home yesterday. She thought they would take it easy this weekend before returning to the Institute.
Donald leads her to the shower and quickly gets themselves ready for the day. Emma is surprised the outfit he has chosen for her today is shorts and a tank top. She knows Donald likes her to be in dresses or skirts most of the time. She still is a bit foggy about what day it is and what is happening as they have a quick breakfast.
As they finish, Donald asks her if she knows what day it is, and Emma confesses she thinks it is Friday, but after time away, and the major time change, she is a bit confused. Donald tells her it is Friday morning and the start of Memorial Day weekend. Emma smiles, thinking back to what happened just a year ago.
Before Emma can even comment about it, Donald rushes on, “We are headed to the beach, like last year. We do not need to be in the office until Tuesday or Wednesday. I thought we should go back for the weekend at the beach as we did before.” Emma is thrilled and jumps and kisses Donald over and over.
He enjoys her excitement but finally pulls her away enough to say they need to get on the road soon if they want to get their spot again this year. Actually, Donald meticulous as he is arranged to have someone hold the place for them until they got there. But he is eager to be back at the beach. Where things started to change between Emma and him. He wanted to get there as soon as they can.
As they enter the garage, Emma sees what she had only glanced out of the corner of her eye when they arrived yesterday. The Volkswagen Van, their love bus, is cleaned, packed, and ready to go. Donald helps her settle into her seat, just as he had a year ago, and then they are off on their way.
While driving, Emma remembers Donald starting to open to her about his life that first time. Today though, their thoughts and talk are about more recent things. Karen and Julie’s revelation about their trip north and what that might mean between all of them. How nice it is that Sasha and Joseph have found each other. Who individually they care about so much, but now, as a couple even more.
Then the conversation shifted to something they know they have to talk about and explore. Would something between the four develop? Is something they would want and enjoy? Or would it damper their friendship? This deb not deciding anything, continued until they reach the beach.
Emma is ecstatic, getting the same lot again. Donald decides not tell her he made sure they could. They open the van and get things arranged, Changing into swimsuits, they are soon in the water. They swim in unison as they had a year ago out to their dune in the sea. Standing in each other’s arms, Donald repeats what happened a year ago. He pushes his hand down into the bottom of Emma’s skimpy swimsuit (which she realizes is the same one she wore a year ago) and rubs and plays with her pussy.
Emma feels herself getting wetter and wetter in a different way than the ocean tides. She holds on to Donald, her mouth next to his ear as she whispers how good that feels. She is starting to shake from the expertise of his fingers and lifts herself wrap her legs around Donald’s waist. The buoyancy of the water makes it is easy for Donald hold Emma in this position as his fingers do the walking through her slick slit.
Donald feels Emma’s whole body shaking as the tide of lust, not just the water rushes through her. She buries her mouth into his shoulder, biting it a little as she begins that incredible cascade rushing from her. Completely released now, Emma lifts her head to be against Donald’s neck as he feels her hot breath gasping against him. He caresses Emma’s back to help calm her.
Somewhat recovered, Emma dips down into the water, kisses Donald’s suit covered prick, and comes , swishing her wet hair behind her. She smiles at him and tells Donald she owes him one when they return the van.
Donald laughs and pretends start heading for the shore. Emma cries out him, “not yet.” Donald smiling, returns her, and kisses her assure Emma. They have the time in the world these days now.
After swimming and enjoying the water for a while, they lay their blanket soaking in the afternoon sun shining down on them. Late afternoon, they gather their things and head back the van.
Emma goes make their bed as she did a year ago and is surprised see a much thicker mattress than that thin rubber thing from a year before. She smiles a bit, somewhat missing that thin mat with humor. But Emma is both amused and grateful that Donald saw fit get a thicker pad for under them in the van.
That night, they head bed early. They were tired from the sun during the day, combined with the desire get at pre-dawn so they could shower together in the communal bathhouse. Comfortable together, Emma is lying in Donald's arms, her ass against his crotch as his cock slides between her legs to settle for the night, they talk some.
The conversation returns to the debate they had in the car coming here. The idea of them sexually playing with Joseph and Sasha. Emma broaches the ticklish area again. She quietly asks Donald, “Honey, it does not matter whether we pursue this or not. I think we all are at a different point in our lives now. While I would deeply miss the dimension that being with Sasha has offered us, I can understand if that needs to be something in our past.”
Donald just mummers his agreement against the back of Emma’s neck as she continues, “And possibly the really big roadblock, well two actually, first, would you be alright with Joseph touching, kissing, sexually interacting with me, and in front of you?”
Donald feels his heart stop for a moment considering this. He was so opposed to the men at the club even touching his Emma, but there is something about his feelings of friendship, and more with Joseph, he realizes he would not have the same qualms.
But then Emma brings the bigger question, “Sweetie, knowing your past and , how would you feel being sexual with Joseph? What do you feel you could do? Not do? There are so many different levels this could work out . You and Joseph just interacting with Sasha and and watching us together. Or that you also express your sexual feeling with each other. I am not sure where you are for of this, and if we can work it out between us, then we can do it fuller with Sasha and Joseph also.”
Donald, not clear in his mind how he feels, appreciates how caring and thoughtful Emma is considering this. She has so blossomed and grown in this last year. He had known that she was intelligent from her first him, which seems in so many ways so long ago. Now her natural insight issues and suggestions resolution has expanded so far from her community work.
Emma’s quick grasp of sexual situations, and understanding questions and advice, he sees this more and more when she is broadcasting online. The times where they or she isn’t just on display, but Emma’s interaction with the questions followers ask. This side of her, and her insight, is what will make ISE new venture a success.
His mind wandering, Donald knows this is his way of avoiding thinking about what Emma has raised. How does he feel about Joseph? How much intimacy would Donald want with Joseph? As Emma suggested, they could not directly interact at , but even then, would he want share Emma with Joseph?
For so many years, Donald presented himself as fully open sexual matters. Suggesting he is willing, if not already, experienced many sexual variances and fringe experiences. Donald realizes that he is more or less a bag of hot air. He realizes Emma sees through him, from the start probably. She truly is the one pushing them new limits. And in a way that he wants be maneuvered.
Is this just one more edge Emma is taking him ? Could he see himself wanking Joseph? Or Joseph doing that him? What about going down each other? Yes, so long ago, with his tormentor at school, Johnathon, Donald sucked his cock, and been buggered by him. But this would be different. He did so enjoy when Emma gave him a release, acting the role, and pegging him, but did he want a man buggering him now? And could he, would he, want to ass fuck another man?
The scenarios Emma plays with him are reenacting what he had been forced into so long ago. Did he feel any pleasure really from being taken from behind? It all confuses Donald so much. But deep down, he does know that Joseph is the first male he ever has felt anything for. First, as his compassionate colleague, then a level of friendship developing. Donald has confided more with Joseph than he has ever had with any other man. And Joseph’s responses always are thoughtful and compassionate.
Donald knows he has been lost in thoughts for a bit and did not answer Emma’s question. But he does not have an answer yet. So he leans and kisses the back of Emma’s neck, which she likes so much, as his only response.
Emma understands and is willing to wait until Donald does feel comfortable and sure of how he wants to reply. They fall asleep, contently for the most part.
At about five in the morning, Donald nudges Emma to wake. Still semi-asleep, she follows him to the bathhouse both just in robes. By the time that the tepid water hits her, Emma is awake and happy to be in Donald’s arms as he soaps her. Emma, in turn, soaps Donald all over also. Both are taking so much time and care over the special places of each.
By the end of the shower, Donald is at attention, and Emma is weak in her knees. Together they hurry back to the van to fall on the bed, ready to consummate their mutual lust. Donald’s throbbing member is into Emma’s vag deeply in seconds. Both are heaving a sigh of contentment from feeling each other in this way.
They have hours now until the rest of the beach stirs for the day, so pumping slowly, rhythmically, Donald plunges in and out of Emma. Both are letting out moans as he does. After banging Emma with her legs over his shoulders for a while, Donald shifts. He raises himself some and helps Emma roll over, be her knees for him enter her from behind, doggie style.
Both are panting as they pump and clench against each other, enjoying the incredible angle and ability press in deeper this position offers. Donald is on his knees behind Emma. He gazes lovingly at her two round orbs of her ass as he presses in and out of her. Emma, feeling each of Donald’s thrusts like they are going deeper and deeper, whimpers with excitement.
Donald lifts his hands and begins squeeze Emma’s tits and pinch her nipples full erection. She moans as he does. Then when the nipples are taken care of, he moves one of his hands Emma’s clit. As Donald thrusts over and over into her, his fingers pinch and rubs her clit, bringing Emma to a peak.
Emma cries out has she clenches Donald’s prick in her. Her back is arched as she presses her pearl nob into his hand more and more. Emma lets out a cry of total abandonment. She cums fully.
Donald, feeling her clenching him tightly, and the arousal of her release, cums quickly after. Filling Emma’s vag with his seed. Emma falls on the bed, and Donald onto her back, holding her tightly.
The sea air and breeze washes over them as they return to the ground from the lofty heights they just were on. They move to be comfortable next to each other and fall back to sleep for a few more hours.
The weekend progresses wonderfully, in the water as much as they are out of it. Laying in the sun to warm and tan, and then in the shade of a tree to relax together. Donald brought along a book of erotica, and as Emma lays with her head on his lap, he reads passages to her.
Some suggest ideas that they try when they find themselves hurrying back to the van after reading. Other things both think are avenues for ISE to explore. They now do have this incredible balance between their own wants and needs, and things that ISE could expand to. They spend a lot of time talking about different questions to add for subscribers to answer on their new sites. Both for their original profiles and ones for advanced interest.
The realization about how much data they soon will be collecting is an aphrodisiac to them both. Their lives have come so far in this year together. Little would either have imagined where they would be together, in so many ways, so quickly.
Emma, never having any relationship with anyone before, has no gauge to measure it on. Donald, only really for observations and research, was never with anyone more than a few months. To finally, after their middle age is floating in, now in their forties, to find each other. It is like the stars collided to make this happen. But Emma, and now Donald understanding more, realize it is God, the higher being, which has brought them together.
Donald never questions Emma’s faith and does go to church with her, and even joining. He feels this peacefulness from it. Donald likes the Reverend. The pastor has a good outlook on things, both religious and not. He understands and accepts, what he knows about Donald’s background, the work Donald does, and that Emma is being drawn into the field. In the end, it is more than just the fates which brought Emma and Donald together.
And even feeling this higher spirit over them, both think that being is of their lifestyle and inclinations. be able share yourself in so many ways with others, caring about each, without any abusing or forcefulness, is acceptable.
Before Donald and Emma know it, the holiday weekend is over. Last night they watched the fireworks as they had a year ago. Lying in bed on their sides, Emma’s back against Donald as he presses his cock in her settle. The front windows of the van are open, so as they lay as close with each other as possible, they watch the pyrotechnics display exploding before them.
Both say a silent prayer that they will always feel this close and connected. They each know the odds are so great against<b> couples </font></b>staying together for long periods. Issues raising their heads, which separate<b> couples. </font></b>But they hope that they will be spared and enjoy each other always.
Driving home Tuesday morning, with plans to stop at the Institute for a few hours, Donald and Emma are somewhat sad that their idyllic weekend, and honeymoon, are now at a close. But so happy for they experienced, and excited about the new epoch awaiting them. With work and them together personally. A good life is ahead.

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