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E139: A new direction  

Clairew1959 61F  
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7/28/2020 7:57 am
E139: A new direction

The next day the four drive together to their final appointment for the time being. Donald loves the feeling of his skin free of hair. On his maintenance spanking days, wearing the silk pantie and nylons under his clothes, feeling the smoothness of his legs in the stockings keeps Donald semi-hard all day. The feeling of rubbing his limbs together with Emma, not to mention their mons, both so soft and luscious.
After their appointments are finished, they bypass the whirlpool today. Back in the car, they are on the road again for about a half-hour. James driving turns into a luxurious hotel parking lot. Donald goes inside and soon has the key to the room he reserved. He comes out, and they pull around to the entrance closest to the room.
The four enter the hotel together and soon in their room on the top floor. The view is terrific, and being so high up, they can keep the drapes open to enjoy the sunlight without any observers. Donald whispers to Emma, “Well, you can imagine people peeking in if it adds to this for you.”
Emma smiles as she replies in a low voice, “I think what we are about to engage in will be enough on its own today.”
From a small bag, Joseph brings out bottles and drinks are shared among them. As they sit on the couches by the window, all look at the vast, oversized king bed in front of them. Donald takes a small jar from the bag. He explains that there are four slips of paper that they will pull for the afternoon ‘game’ Donald and Joseph came up with.
They explain to Emma and Sasha that the top number on the slip is one to four – the order that they each will be the ‘center of attention.’ Below is a triangle with the remaining three numbers at each angle. This shows where each of the other three will be placed to service the center of attention. The points represent the head, on the left, on the right.
The person at the head will, in part, be serviced by the center as the right and left use fingers and mouths to explore and get to know the center’s likes and dislikes. After twenty minutes or so of attention, the center will move to the right position, the next number will now be the center, and the other two locations move to the next area.
Slips are pulled with Joseph getting number one, Sasha number two, Donald number three, and Emma number four. The women immediately know that this was the best lineup, Donald and Joseph will not have to be the top for each other. They could pace their exploring to what they are comfortable with now.
And so the game begins. Joseph lays on his stomach in the center of the bed. Sasha slides his head on her lap with legs spread to start. Joseph immediately begins to kiss and lick her thighs, moving up to her cunt, which is already dripping. Donald is on the left side and Emma on the right. Emma and Donald begin to massage Joseph’s shoulders, arms, and back in unison. Soon Emma is leaning and kissing and licking up and down Joseph’s back send the first tingles through him. The sensation increases as he feels Donald now doing the same on his other side.
Together Donald and Emma run up and down Joseph’s back, licking up and down his spine in unison. Then Joseph’s ass cheeks are being kissed and nibbled on. He feels both Emma and Donald’s fingers following each other over his crack, circling his rosebud and pressing in just a little.
Joseph, as he licks and enjoys Sasha’s pussy feels himself hardening from the attention being paid to him. Donald and Emma finish their trip lower over his thighs and calves. At Joseph’s feet, they take time to suck his toes and lick the bottom of his feet before they tell him to roll over. While Sasha is a little disappointed as she is so close to coming from Joseph’s lip service, she knows she will soon be enjoying all three of them paying her special attention.
On his back now, Emma and Donald continue at his feet, sucking and licking them and then begin with lips and fingers to run up Joseph’s calves and thighs. It is a mixture of the tongues running on him, and the fingers trailing behind just lightly tickling him. When they get to Joseph’s hips, they bypass his cock and balls, for now, and continued this attention up to his chest.
Sasha, meanwhile, is bent over his head and kissing Joseph as his head lies in her crotch. Joseph can feel her moisture wetting the back of his head as he lays there. She, too, is caressing his shoulders and arms. After Donald and Emma move to suck on his nipples some and move back over his stomach, Sasha plays with his stiff nipples pinching and caressing them.
It is now reaching the do or die moment for Donald, and Emma too. He and Emma are now together staring at Joseph’s hard cock. Joseph is well endowed, and as Donald looks and admires Joseph’s assets, he is wondering for a moment if he could do a blow job on Joseph. Emma looks with admiration at Joseph also, and realizes, if she does take Joseph in her mouth, it would be the first man besides Donald she has ever gone so far with.
Emma leans and kisses Donald deeply, which seems to send permission through both of them. And as Sasha watches with intense interest, Emma and Donald begin to lick together up and down Joseph’s shaft. They both take one of Joseph’s balls in their mouth and lick and suck at them before returning to his shaft. Emma is now sucking on Joseph’s glans as Donald pumps his shaft with his hand.
Joseph is getting close to erupting. Emma takes more and more of him in. As Emma does, she is comparing the similarities and differences between Joseph and Donald’s cock. She sucks Joseph as Donald’s hand at the base of Joseph’s cock is squeezing him hard; his other hand is pumping Joseph’s balls.
Sasha moves her eyes from the show going on below to kiss Joseph. Her kiss rockets Joseph to releases all his penned-up sperm into Emma’s mouth. She laps it up. It amazes Emma how much it tastes the same, but with a slight difference, from Donald’s semen. As she licks Joseph clean, Donald bends his head and licks some of the remains away, tasting Joseph himself for the first time.
Joseph feels his whole-body trembling as he feels Donald’s<b> tongue </font></b>licking his cum away. It even causes a second little fountain of juices to come out of him. And as he feels Donald’s mouth on his head licking it all up, a strange, warm, and tender feeling towards Donald overtakes Joseph.
Joseph has admired this man for so long and has felt a close friendship with him since they began working together. To have Donald now touch him in this new erotic way seems to evolve this comradery to a higher level.
Donald is feeling the same about Joseph, crossing this threshold, not sure how much more they will move to, fills Donald with joy. Not the dread from old prep school days when he had to suck the Perfect’s cock. Now, this is in companionship with another, perhaps actually the first real friend Donald has ever had.
All calm from this first round excitement. They shift positions, Sasha the center, Donald at the top, and Joseph and Emma across from each other at the sides. Sasha rolls on her stomach and takes Donald’s cock in her mouth. She has done this before, but usually with Emma at her side, licking and sucking him together. Sasha’s hand holds Donald’s balls, squeezing them as she takes more of his prick into her mouth.
Emma and Joseph are busy massaging Sasha’s back, up and down over her ass cheeks, down her thighs and calves, and then her feet. Back up her legs and Joseph urges Emma to hold Sasha’s ass cheeks apart as he rims her rosebud for a few minutes.
Sasha is moaning now when she rolls over. She feels Donald’s hard prick pressing against the back of her neck. Donald rubs her shoulders as Joseph and Emma each take one of Sasha’s breasts in their mouth to suck and with her nipples. It is a wonderful sensation feeling two people sucking her tits at the same time. Noticing the differences in technique and just having both breasts so engaged at once.
Emma’s and Joseph’s hands are running over Sasha’s stomach and mons as they suck. Getting closer and closer as Sasha yearns for them to reach her treasure throve. They lower their lips, running the tips of their tongues down Sasha’s sides and hips. They spend time kissing and nibbling at her thighs while their fingers a duet in her snatch.
It feels wonderful. Two hands are rubbing and fingering her up and down her steamy seam. Sasha whines from her enjoyment, but also the frustration of Emma and Joseph playing with her so, teasing her and not beginning lick and suck her region of delight.
Knowing that Sasha is almost her ultimate peak, Emma spreads her lower lips wide as Joseph goes in enjoy the juices he likes the best. Emma is still sending love kisses on Sasha’s thighs and is content just watch so up close as Joseph brings Sasha a climax.
As Sasha shakes and groans as her back arches up, Joseph moved away from her pussy let Emma enjoy some of Sasha’s elixir. Emma helps Sasha ride her orgasm completion, sucking on her clit then tonguing her vag back and forth as Sasha sees this fury to the end.
Emma lifts her head as Sasha quivers as the last pulses of her climax wash through her. Emma leans to Donald and kisses him deeply so he can taste Sasha’s sweetness too. Joseph is caressing Sasha’s face as she begins to steady her breathing. It takes her several minutes to recover as all three around her caress her body and help her down from the high she just was on.
The four know after two rounds they need to recuperate. Emma is the first to move from the bed to the couches and pick up her drink for a long gulp. The other three follow, leading to new drinks being made.
Donald finds the room service menu, and they all choose something to eat. It is only about four o’clock, but all are rather famished. There are two more rounds to go, so food and drink will help get them back in focus. An order is placed. Sasha and Joseph slip to the bathroom to take of nature’s , and for a few minutes for each couple share how they are feeling. When there is a knock at the door for delivery Donald and Emma are wrapped in the terry cloth bathrobe the hotel provides.
Both couples have similar chats see how each is feeling about what is happening. Emma wants make sure Donald is okay with Joseph being part of the group. Sasha is also questioning Joseph about the same thing. Both men respond the query from their partners in the same way that while it is a different experience than they ever have had, it just seems right with the four of them.

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