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E140: And More of a New Direction  

Clairew1959 61F  
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7/29/2020 9:51 am
E140: And More of a New Direction

After they dine and another drink, the four head back the bed for round . Donald on his stomach, his face in Emma’s twat, which is, as always, wet and ready. Sasha and Joseph are at each of his sides. As Donald licks and pleasures Emma, which is so nice to do, the other couple begin to massage, caress, kiss, lick, and suck, over his body
The massage they are giving Donald over his shoulders and down his back is added with the running of Sasha’s and Joseph’s tongues down his spine as if in a parade. Sasha is leading the way, with Joseph right behind.
Kisses, nibbles, and small pinches are scattered over Donald’s ass cheeks. It is a new feeling realizing Joseph is being part of what is happening. The feel of Joseph’s chin against him and his rougher tongue sends shudders of enjoyment through Donald’s body. To be enjoying Emma’s scent and flavor while two others are working their hands and mouths all over his body is taking Donald to a state of nirvana.
Emma runs her fingers through Donald’s hair as he is lifting her higher and higher. She knows it will only be moments before she cums. As Emma throws her head back and squeezes Donald’s shoulders, the wine of her desire fills his mouth. Both moan deeply as Sasha and Joseph work their way down Donald’s thighs and calves.
By the time Emma is calmed, Donald is told to turn over. The same routine that has been done two times now follows until the couple is now at his genitals. It is the moment of truth for Joseph. First, can he touch Donald’s prick? It felt so strange and good when Donald’s hand was on his shaft, but can he?
Sasha seeing some concern on Joseph’s face takes his hand and guided it to squeeze the bottom of Donald’s shaft. She caressed Donald’s balls as Joseph began jerking Donald. ‘How different, but similar to jerking yourself,’ Joseph thinks, ‘We are very similar in size, but realizing I am stroking someone else’s cock is strange.’
Donald, too, is feeling a man’s hand on his cock for the first time. It was always him serving the Perfect, who never really touched or sucked Donald. And there is more tenderness to Joseph’s hand, knowing Joseph is trying to pleasure him, not brutalize Donald. Donald lets out a sigh of such yearning he has from Joseph’s touch.
Joseph does it more and the fact that in jerking Donald, he is coming from a different angle than when he services himself. Joseph begins to enjoy this. When he looks at Donald’s face, their eyes meet, and Joseph can tell that Donald is reveling in this too. This sends a warm glow through Joseph and surprising to the other watching him. Joseph lowers his lips and takes Donald’s glans into his mouth. Just sucking and licking the head and slit to start.
Joseph suddenly realizes that knowing how getting a blow job feels to him, he knows what is enjoyable and what is not better than the women would. He uses this knowledge as he takes more of Donald’s shaft into his mouth. Donald overjoyed, with feeling Joseph sucking him, seems to realize the same thing.
While Emma sucking him is always perfect, as well as Sasha being enjoyable, Joseph does seem to know just how to pleasure Donald’s prick, which a woman cannot comprehend. And it is done by a man he knows, and does love, just as he loves Sasha. Never to the degree of loving Emma, but Donald, as his cock is sucked by another man, suddenly rises to a new level of understanding.
Loving people is not that hard. If you care for them, enjoy being with them, feel they think the same of you, and do have an incredible, enjoyable sensation when you are with them or think about them, then it follows that you will come to love them. Worry about them, want to be with them in any situation, and would defend them totally.
Donald then feels Sasha and Joseph together are licking his shaft and balls. Emma is looking down on him as she strokes his hair and shoulders. He and Emma look deep into each other’s eyes, and Donald feels like she knows his thoughts as she leans and kisses him fully. Lifting her head, saying quietly to him, “Yes, we now have two total and complete friends.”
With all the many touches from fingers and lips, Donald feels himself working towards the pinnacle. He does not want to scare Joseph shooting into his mouth for the first time, , but Joseph’s lips him are so arousing.
Donald cannot hold back, and while Joseph and Sasha lick the sides of his cock and sucking at his balls, it is all released. Not directly into either of their mouths but does drip down his shaft for them to lick .
Joseph and Sasha do clean Donald. For Joseph taste another man’s cum for the first time fills him with wonder. Donald’s taste a bit different from his own, but it is rather arousing be licking him clean. Joseph realizes that he is getting a bit hard over this. And thinking that Emma will soon have her mouth on him for her turn just adds the sentiment.
Emma, Sasha, and Joseph now do comfort Donald as he comes down from the summit he just was on. Their hands gently stroking him helps calm him. When Donald sits switch positions, he looks into Joseph’s eyes, and the two know there is now a genuine bond between them.
Donald and Joseph lean to the other, and suddenly they are kissing for the first time. The first, just a brushing of lips. Each with their eyes wide open looking at each other, their mouths open too, and they do genuinely and deeply kiss each other. They are sealing their friendship and love.
Sasha and Emma watch the men, and both feel rushes running through their bodies, knowing that the four of them are completely tied together. Emma and Sasha also kiss profoundly and truly to acknowledge this union.
It is now time, finally, for Emma to be the center of attention. As she moves to lie on her stomach, Joseph situates himself for Emma’s head to be in his lap. He already is rather hard, so Joseph’s cock is right by her lips.
Sasha and Donald move to their new positions. As they begin kissing, licking, and rubbing Emma’s back, Emma opens her mouth and takes Joseph’s cock into her mouth to pleasure. For the next several minutes, as Emma suck on Joseph and he runs his fingers through her hair, Emma is becoming aroused by Sasha and Joseph’s attention to her.
It is so like coming home again, with a wonderful new addition. Sasha and Donald do know all the places to excite her. Now, adding Joseph to the mix seems to complete their circle. It is all so magnificent. Only added to when Donald spanks her bottom before kissing and licking her cheeks. The second of feeling the sting makes Emma tremble with desire. From the feeling, Emma mumbles, “Yes.”
Donald and Sasha understand, so for a few minutes while Emma continues to suck Joseph, the two begin, together, to spank Emma. She is juddering with excitement. Emma lifts her ass, begging for more. But the two lean and kiss her now rosy cheeks as they work down the back of Emma’s legs.
Joseph is watching this in awe. Emma seems to enjoy the spankings, and he is even more aroused by viewing what is going on. Joseph looks at Sasha as she helps with the spanking, and she nods slightly to him. Suddenly, Joseph now knows a bit more about Sasha’s desires. Does she really want to be spanked also? It does seem like something to add to their sexual frenzy when alone to start.
Emma sucking him hard as she is spanked, while Joseph watching what is unfolding before him, takes him to that peak of no return. As Emma arches herself cumming from all that is happening to her, Joseph shoots his wad into Emma’s mouth. She sucks it down, enjoying the slightly different flavor of Joseph.
Emma turns over, and the new begins. Her breasts are suck by both Sasha and Donald as their hands flutter over her body. Emma feels herself lifting that higher plane again so soon. When Donald and Sasha move finger and lick her pussy Emma is overwhelmed. She has felt the two of them doing this her before. But it has been several months since the have played.
Each touch, kiss, lick from the other , keep Emma thrilled with what is happening her. Realizing she has people concentration on just her pleasure is prodigious. Every nerve in her body is electrified. Donald and Sasha now are fully quenching Emma’s needs as they lick and with her, Joseph looking into her eyes as he caresses her hair adds to the experience.
In Joseph’s eyes, Emma sees compassion, caring, and love. While not knowing him that long, Emma realizes that they are now much more than colleagues or friends between the four. This knowledge hits her as she gives into another climax adding to her furry. Her body quivers as wave after wave wash over her.
When she now comes back down to earth, the four fall together, hugging each other. Completely satisfied, it would seem from the afternoon , they move back the couches and have another drink.
While they calm themselves and enjoy sitting together nude sipping cocktails, Joseph mentions something. “Donald, while you have fucked both Emma and Sasha in your past , I have yet have such a delight with Emma. Would you be comfortable if she and I did?” Joseph asked tentatively.
Donald is quiet for a few minutes. First, he knows it is Emma’s choice make, not his. But in the same vein, the idea of Emma being fully embraced with another man is eye-opening for him. He feels insecurities building in him, Emma has only been with him that way, could he stand that someone else screwed her? What if she found it was better than being with him?
Donald is already that Emma has sucked another man’s cock, which, as he watched, did momentarily bother him, but he has done that with other women in front of her. And in the same way, he has also fucked Connie and Sasha in Emma’s view. So, he does, with this newfound outlook on things, realize that yes, what is good for the gander is good for the goose.
At the same time, Donald realizes that the bond now between the four is so tight it will not be broken. Donald replies, “That would be Emma’s choice, not mine say. But if you do want Emma, it is fine with . Perhaps we should both mount the women together.”
Emma and Sasha laugh at Donald’s comment. Then Emma, putting her hand on Donald’s inner thigh and kissing him, says, “If that is what the rest of you want to do, it is fine with me.”
So the four find themselves back in bed, coupling in a different manner, as they<b> stroke </font></b>and caress as couples. But at the same time, reaching their hands to their partners to squeeze. To let them know they are doing this together.
After some time in foreplay, the two men position themselves between the legs of the women. Emma and Sasha lift themselves, almost as synchronized swimmers, to wrap around their steeds waist. Feeling Joseph enter her for the first time, Emma gasps, realizing where she has gotten to in such a short time, really. Being fucked by another man besides Donald, here in this room, finding sexual satisfaction with other people. Her life has really taken a very sharp turn in the last what, eighteen months? And Emma knows, she would not want any of what she has experienced be changed in any way.
For a moment, Emma giggles quietly, thinking about her parents, and how if Charlotte and Edward had developed something with Susan and Tom together, what more fun they might have had in their lives.
As Emma feels Joseph pressing in and out of her wet and welcoming cunt she puts her arms around his neck as she trembles and shakes. Joseph feel her clamping against him now, urging him closer and closer to climax. Both are so intent what is happening between them. They are now oblivious Donald and Sasha, who, in reality, are in that same place.
Donald and Joseph thrust in and out of Emma and Sasha, who both are so flushes and twisting as they feel themselves throb more and more. They reach for each other’s hands now and squeeze together as they both reach their abyss. Crying out as almost one voice the women cum, pressing Joseph and Donald members firmly.
This results in both men to release their loads in the women. four are in such harmony now. Spent from their and falling together. It has been a fantastic day all around. Such boundaries crossed. Offering such new awareness for them all. As they all cuddle together, Emma and Sasha facing each other in the center, and Donald behind Emma, Joseph behind Sasha, they all seem able to hug each other as a group.
A new, so perfect, circle of friends.
They fall asleep this way. In the morning, the four washed each other in the shower, dress, and leave the hotel. While they may not always indulge in this that often, they will be together both as dear friends and playmates as the years roll by.

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