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E141: Their life goes on  

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7/30/2020 11:03 am
E141: Their life goes on

In the months that follow, Emma and Donald work diligently perfect the new acquisition of the Institute. is going so smoothly. They spend a week with Dorothy and Maude at the Cape at the end of summer. A well-needed rest. At home, they balance work and their lust well, so is course.
Donald encourages Emma more and more speak at conferences and lectures. She is shy do so at first, which is funny in a way as with a mask hide behind, she is very vocal and well-spoken the broadcasts they do. But with time, she now is getting more confident about speaking in public.
Donald is amazed at Emma’s insight into things sexually and making people feel comfortable with their individual kinks and fetishes. She has several analogies now to explain the way different people think about their own sexuality, and using them in speeches encourages more and more individuals to go to the new websites.
From Emma as the principal spokesperson, the number of members at the sites has increased significantly, and the data coming in from them are contributing to the research of sexual interactions tremendously. The insights being made and the understanding of fellow humans is magnificent.
Before they know it, Donald and Emma are the media darlings, being on almost every talk show and news bites sharing the findings the Institute has gleaned. It is on the national telecast that Emma expounds on her analogies, making people realize it does not matter your sexual desires, each is unique in themselves
Emma’s two favorite ones are about bread and drink choices.
The world is full of different types, especially when it comes to their sexuality.
There are so many who are happy with the Wonder white-bread life. It works, it holds their sandwich, and it fills them. Others, finding there are all sorts of bread to choose from. Some do want to taste and try different ones. Wheat bread, with it earthy crunchiness; a nice baguette, crispy on the outside with soft center; pita bread or wraps offering a cover for different delicious fillings; a croissant with its flakiness and sweetness; sourdough, that yeasty mix of flavor and texture.
Some find one type they enjoy and stick with that; others like to try all different kinds to experiences new and exotic things, even returning to the basic white bread at times. It does not matter. And today, more of the population seems to be wanting to enjoy such diversity, especially as they seek to find their sexual boundaries and limits.
What we chose to drink is by our choice. Some can exist on water alone and are satisfied, never really knowing the flavor of other liquids. That is fine.
Some will enjoy coffee or tea as their preferences, with different complements as they offered. Some with different pops/sodas to add a small bit of spice to their lives.
Others find enjoyment in different cocktails and drinks. You have your everyman chugging down beers, the refined women sipping on their wine, and then there are some more adventurous. The different liquors offered. Some with nice side tastes, others just as they are served.
Finding the right combination of flavors to satisfy your inclinations – maybe different drinks for different occasions – some do imbibe too much. Still, even then, the pleasure they find in that choice seems to give them what they are looking for. Some never take a sip of anything but water, if they are happy that way, why try to change things. And even that group, which I confess I was part of for too many years, wondering about and hoping for something different to satisfy my taste, but afraid to venture out. None are wrong or right. Just as sexual choices should be accepted and enjoyed by those who lust for them. A water drinker should not shun the bourbon on the rocks any more than the margarita enthusiastic shun the rum and coke drinker.
We all have different levels of enjoyment, especially in our sexual inclinations. To accept and respect our differences is so important.
And then Emma moves to explain how the new meet and greet website the Institute is now running helps people to find others who do share the same preferences. How first acknowledging your own desires, it is then easy to find a mate with the same outlook.
On the shows, while Donald starts, he will just sit back and let Emma shine. She has such a positive and welcoming persona at these times. She speaks with confidence and in an easy to understand way that more and more people are joining their websites.
Emma laughs when Donald tells her how well she has done after each appearance, whispering in his ear, “Well, you putting the plug up in me beforehand has given me some nice incentive.”
Donald laughs with her but knows that preliminary is something Emma loves and helps her focus.
And with her talking about the site helping find people with similar interests, it adds a different aspect to the questions the Institute asks on the profiles. She is taking the matching to a higher level.
It is easy to have people check off what activities they enjoy, their physical image, even their sexual likes, and kinks. Emma encourages the team working on this part also to ask questions about what a person prefers: Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip; Beatles or Rolling Stones; Big Bang Theory or Breaking Bad; Coke or Pepsi; Charles Dickens or Mark Twain; the beach or the mountains. The options go on and on.
Not questions about their sexual interest, but what their preferences in the world. Choices which underneath also are reflections of their political and spiritual leanings. Emma leaves the logarithm and matrix used to map personality profiles to the experts ISE has visually.
Emma gets the Institute to understand that these differences, if not compatible, can add to unsuccessful pairings. It is this type of quiet suggestions that Emma makes, which gets the ISE to realize there is so much more than just sexual activity or attraction involved in peoples finding the right mate.
The Institute is blossoming. The new complex, which is so massive it is hard to believe, is close to being finished. The staff has enlarged tenfold. The results of the questionnaires and surveys from the members are producing such interesting data. An excellent team of statisticians is analyzing it daily.
The Institute has surpassed anything Masters and Johnson ever gathered, let alone Kinsey Institute. It is gratifying that both have asked for the Institute of Sexual Exploration to share their data. Even internationally, everyone in the field is eager for the release of ISE’s latest findings.
Emma and Donald balance their lives with other activities too. They and Sasha and Joseph often dine, attend performances, and just visit over drinks at least once a week. In the early days, Sasha is busy finishing her master’s degree but always is willing for a break. The four’s playtime occurs sometimes but is not a scheduled thing.
Emma and Donald regularly attend church. After meeting the minister and his wife at Emma’s and Donald’s wedding, Sasha and Joseph often join them. It is a balance to their daily trade.
Donald and Emma, totally anonymously, with their masks on, do continue about one evening every couple of weeks to broadcast on the meet sites which they now more or less own. They will perform on camera at times, but now it has become more of a forum for individuals to ask for advice about things. At times, Emma and Donald do demonstrate how to answer the caller’s problem best sexually.
All of the queries are monitored by the ISE publication team, which Emma meets with weekly to help provide answers and classify the topics begin asked.
The response they get from some of their demonstrations is rewarding. The evening that Emma donned a strap-on and Donald bent on his knees as she pressed the dildo up into him slowly, explaining how to make the experience pleasurable for both involved had their highest hits for one broadcast. And the replay numbers were enormous. They could even track how many times one individual would re-watch it.
The vision of Emma behind Donald between his legs, which are spread, lubing her ‘cock’ and his awaiting hole sends rushes through them even when watching what they had filmed. Donald’s face with a bit of anxiety on it as he feels the glans rub against his crack in preparation to enter him. The first push is a bit painful as his sphincter accepts the assault. Emma holds herself there for a minute or two as Donald becomes accustomed to this intrusion. Then little by little, she presses more and more up in him with each thrust.
The dildo she is wearing is over ten inches, and Donald, after the first few thrusts, is begging Emma to push more. Emma doing this to him makes him realize that in the future, perhaps Joseph and he will go this far with each other. For now, it has only been fingers and lips on each other when all four play.
Now thrusting more and more of the phallic into Donald’s ass, Emma leans and kisses the back of his neck to let him know she is there. Her one hand goes under him to jerk his now hard cock as she presses in and out of him.
Donald’s increased panting lets Emma know he will climax soon, so she begins to ride him faster and harder. Donald is in heaven, feeling her in him this way. It is not a recreation of the little bedroom play when he is back at military school. This is Donald, willing, and ready to be ass fucked as a part of his sexual education.
The broadcast ends with Donald spurting his load and Emma comforting him after she pulls out of him. She explains to the audience that affection and love always should be a part of any coupling. The feedback from these broadcast is analyzed after to get an even better idea of the population’s interest and questions about different sexual practices.
All in all, Donald and Emma have found a perfect balance between business and personal life. Work, play, believes, leisure, family, and home are separate in some ways and blended in others.
Yes, life is good.

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