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E142: Five years later - the end?  

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7/31/2020 11:50 am
E142: Five years later - the end?

It is Emma and Donald’s anniversary. They have only been married for four , but they count the together from the first day they met, and everything between them began. So much in these short has happened. All for the good really, they are so happy together and have found perfect harmony.
Emma is now more or less the ‘face’ of the Institute, constantly being clambered for interviews and speaking engagement. Donald is much more subdued with his colleagues, even with being the CEO. This personality change is in part due to his weekly ‘maintenance’ spanking—the aftermath of being in panties and hose on those days reminds him to be gentler.
He and Emma complete their first book about the earning of the pearls and the effect it had on each of them. The impact on the general public for their book about the pearls is rather incredible. So many have commented on it and ask for advice to perhaps do the same. The first book is followed the next year with a study based on Emma’s mother’s diaries, which is well received. They travel often, at least for a couple of weeks every quarter.
The sexuality leanings of the country, well world, is rather astonishing as things change, and such discussions come out more and more in general conversations. Both Emma and Donald know that there is a large population who are not ready to join such discussions. Still, even that demographic is reading/hearing/considering what is being revealed.
Which explains why Emma is in such demand to spea Her emphasis on the emotional side of relationships endears her all that watch and listen her. She is pragmatic and can talk in a non-threatening way, about different sexual leanings. People hearing/watching her, while so against the concepts being presented, find themselves wondering about their leanings after listening Emma’s talk about such things in a calm and understanding manner.
Donald and Emma for themselves have found a perfect balance. The weekly maintenance spanking of each other does keep them focused on their commitment each other and adds some breath-taking times those days. In the basement, running the course, using the crowning chair, and other things do seem keep both in a loving and sexual relationship.
On the mornings that Donald sits on the side of the bed, the hairbrush on the stand next him, a rush so intense runs through Emma, physically shaking overtakes her as she lowers herself over Donald’s lap accept this weekly activity. As she feels Donald just rubbing her ass cheeks first, she shivers with anticipation. They have made these times into almost a ritual now.
As she bends over Donald’s legs, Emma asks him to please spank her to remind her to be a good wife. Donald then asks her of any improper behavior during the previous week that requires additional discipline? Both Donald and Emma, when in this position, over the other’s knees, can admit to shortcomings, neglect, or mistakes that have occurred in a cleansing way. Based on the response to that question determines in part just how long and hard of a spanking they will get.
Emma awaits the first spank after her confession. Donald begins with a spank firmly on her right chee Followed swiftly by the same on her left chee Back and forth, he rallies as Emma feels each sting, helping her remember be a loving, good, wife. As her bottom reddens, Emma also feels herself dripping heavily now. Donald has to feel it too as it is running on his thighs.
Donald enjoys when Emma’s moistness starts to stream over his glans, making him harden. His hand descends on Emma’s cheeks over and over. After several minutes he picks up the hairbrush to continue. Tears are running down Emma’s face now as she cries out from a mixture of pain and pleasure.
Emma receiving this punishment is so aroused but also feeling purified with this ritual. After being spanked with the hairbrush for a while, Donald stops and just rubs Emma’s ass as his other hand moves under them to finger her cunt to help her reach that pinnacle she has been moving towards throughout the spanking.
Hearing Emma’s deep sigh of contentment, Donald turns her to lay on the bed on her stomach. He crawls between Emma’s legs and lifts her ass so he can press his hard manhood up into her heated awaiting chamber. Emma groans with delight feeling Donald so up in her. He begins to fuck her. Slowly at first, but the crescendo growing as Donald goes on. Faster and harder, he presses and pulls himself in and out of Emma as she soon begins to grasp his prick with each inward thrust.
Both are panting heavily now as they, in turn, rise to that heady state just before the final gasp as they climax. They fall together, hugging each other for several minutes before going to the bathroom to bathe.
On these days, Donald is so gentle with Emma afterward. Washing her rosy ass with a soft cloth. After her spanking, Emma is always so loving and submissive to Donald for the rest of the day. As he is with her after his spanking day.
Their life is good. They compliment each other so well, and both have such an appetite for each other. They cannot even comprehend anything different between them. But changes are happening around them.
The best is that Sasha completing her masters is now working for ISE as one of their most promising IT personal. Her knowledge and college education in technology is most welcomed at the Institute. It is playing such a large part in the Institute venture into the web world.
She and Joseph are so close to Emma and Donald. Their fun, sharing time is limited to several times a year. They all know that to engage in such play more often, issues might develop. Their time together is so intense, needing to mellow some with their partners for a while after each encounter.
Karen and Julie drop a bombshell on them. Such amazing news. They have achieved their Doctorates in Sexual Studies and tell Emma and Donald tearfully that some things will be different. First, that they are moving to Boston as they have gotten jobs there. Then that Julie is pregnant!!
In the last few , with their meeting and visiting Rob and William regularly, playing together things happen. The four decides that both couples want to have a . As all of them move into their thirties, it is time to propagate.
During one visit a couple of months ago, the four try their best to fertilize one of the women. And Julie is the winner. Whether it is Rob or William, none of them wants to know. The will be their together.
The four somehow have meshed together, each couple with their own primary inclination, but also open to other things from time to time. Karen, Julie, Rob, and William will live together in the large house the men have. Of course, with the baby too. The logistics discussed and agreed to, all work perfectly. There are more than enough rooms in the house to accommodate everyone.
So, on an incredibly sad day all around, Donald and Emma, bid farewell to Karen and Julie as they departed for Boston. The women will be making their home with Rob and William so to be able to bring up the impending together.
The baby is born a few months later. Donald and Emma learn of the baby boy’s birth and fly up to Boston to be part of his baptism. It is a delightful few days with aunts, friends, and more. On the plane ride home, Emma, out of nowhere, mentions the dynamics of the whole situation being an interesting source of study. How the foursomes are so engaged with each other. The elder quartet for over fifty now. The younger four united through their new . And their ensemble with Sasha and Joseph as another mix of sexual coupling.
And from that seed, a new book is written.
Partly, from their earlier success, but the population beginning understand diversity more and more, the initial printing of the book is off the shelves as soon as it is available. Emma’s writing style, adjusting what Donald writes be more friendly, has followers groping for every offering they author.
So on their anniversary, Donald and Emma have published books already, and many articles for professional journals, and even more for general magazines and newspapers. One national publication asks Emma write a regular column for them. She offers instead that a publication department that has been created at ISE could provide regular contributions as their studies grow. Emma does not feel she could devote so much of her time for her individually supplying a column. The publication agreed, which places ISE even more into the public eyes.
Donald and Emma have mastered the perfect balance between them, who is in control on any given day. It is incredible to Emma how different her life is now. At such an apogee that she could never have imagined ago when she sent that first email Donald.
For Donald have answered, and then lead her this point, is fantastic. Both are so committed each other. They view the world outside them so differently. Now both with this inner-understanding can placidly deal with all that they confront.
Emma still wears her pearl necklace all the time. And Donald will pull on it from time time, which sends such a rush through her. Knowing, acknowledging in this way, it is not just about her earning pearls, but what developed between her and Donald in the process. Whenever Emma thinks of it, she trembles with joy.
Before the first book is published, Sasha tells Joseph as much as she learned about the meaning behind the pearl necklace Emma always wears. Joseph then gives Sasha one similar after going though paces of his choosing. It is not the same as Donald and Emma, as both have been sexually active over the before their meeting. Going through the steps fill the necklace bonds them together even better. Joseph tells Sasha as he adds each pearl how she has earned it.
They find the level of spanking for Sasha, something she, like Emma, craves, which is satisfying for both of them. The realms that Sasha is willing to go to amazes Joseph and increases his love for her.
A year after Sasha starts working at the ISE, she and Joseph marry. Donald and Emma are their witnesses. After Sasha and Joseph go on a beautiful and long honeymoon, they are back with Emma and Donald for their quartet.
The four try many different things together during their playtime. The men both wear panties and stockings one time. Or both men fucking one of the women at the same time, the other woman is playing with her breasts and rubbing her clit. The men together sucking each other’s cocks as the women pleasure each other with their fingers and tongues. They learn more about different fetishes from their research. Together the four try some of those to a degree also.
Donald and Joseph, after a few of just<b> tongue </font></b>and hand with each other, do move trying ass fucking each other. Both men pretty regularly are pegged by their spouses, but be willing and wanting with another is something they move slowly towards.
It actually started on the one date when Emma and Sasha don strapons and peg the men. As it happens, Donald and Joseph look at each other, judging each other’s level of pain and pleasure. That exercise triggers the want do so each other.
So, one afternoon while the women sit by with drinks in their hands, Joseph and Donald undress each other slowly. They are caressing as they go. Then the men kiss passionately as both their cocks harden. Their hands are all over each other as they fall onto the bed.
Between them the day before, Donald and Joseph had flipped a coin to decide who would be the first to be fucked. That results in Donald being first. As they both are now extremely hard, they each take a condom and puts it on the other—such an intimate gesture showing how strong the feelings are between them.
On his back, Donald lifts his legs to be over Joseph’s shoulders. Joseph squeeze lubricant over his cock head and around and in Donald’s ass. Then, watching each other to see any signs of distress to stop, Joseph begins to press his glans through Donald’s hole.
Joseph is careful not to press too fast or hard, so it is a few minutes until his full prick is up in Donald. At that moment, he leans and kisses Donald again. They pump together over and over. Donald’s anus begins to clench against Joseph’s cock as he presses. It is a slow ride until both are reaching the point of no return. As that comes, the force quickens, and minutes later, they both cum with abandonment.
Joseph pulls from Donald and removes both their condoms. Joseph lays next to Donald, hugging and kissing for a while. Both men have come to cherish these moments when they do loosen all society’s norms and can express completely the love they have for each other.
Emma and Sasha watching this are getting rather hot and bothered themselves. By the finale, they are stroking each other’s dripping pussies. As the men collect themselves, the begin kisses furiously as Sasha and Emma together reach climaxes.
All four shower together, everyone washing and stroking the others. They dress and go out to eat as planned. After dinner, they are back in the room, again naked, and the men reverse roles as Donald fucks Joseph’s ass.
This will be the first time Donald ever is the fucker of another man. The foreplay is much the same this time, but now it is Donald kneeling between Joseph’s legs as he eases his prick into Joseph. The feeling is similar to when he does this with Emma but different. Gazing at Joseph as Donald drives into him, seeing the expression on Joseph’s face, fills Donald with such compassion for his friend.
Both are breathing hard again as they pump together. Emma and Sasha are having their fun while watching this play unfold before them. All four’s fever is rising as Donald thrusts in and out of Joseph. As a group, this time, they all cum together. The quartet sings out as they do.
From that afternoon, the four are bonded together fully.

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