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Tim and Abbie 03: Sunday  

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8/24/2020 12:15 pm
Tim and Abbie 03: Sunday

It was rather league what transpired between Abbie and Tim the night before. Something teens would start at, though today they would have probably gone much farther. For Tim, inexperienced as he is, feeling Abbie’s soft hand on his cock wanking him was heaven. Even if all his contact with her so far has been through her clothing, it is intense. Yes, lingering questions. So many questions but being with Abbie that way is so good.
After everything from the night before, Tim wakes, feeling as if he has slept better than he has for a long time. Rolling over, he feels a wet patch by his crotch. When he gets up and looks down at the stain, he realizes how and rather tattered his sheets are. Looking around his whole room, he acknowledges he has changed nothing since he was a , or before. How could he ever consider bringing a woman here? Especially someone as important him as Abbie?
He strips the bedding and begins making a -do list in his head. But is he jumping the gun? Tim does need really think this all through.
At this moment, he is feeling more alive than usual. But this euphoria he feels right now is just the aftermath of last night Tim knows. He can feel Abbie’s soft hand on his cock still. He starts harden again with the image.
Then the light of day shines through, and he does know he has work through all the questions Abbie raised last night and many more. His mind wanders, and he thinks what an extraordinary woman she is understand. He does have come terms with all this before they can go any farther. Shaking his head, Tim decides go for a run, knowing his mind will wander as he does, but at least he will get some exercise and fresh air.
This time there is no question where his route will take as he deliberately includes Abbie's block on his circuit. He knows he shouldn’t do this, what if she looks out, or is coming out, and sees him? Will she think him a stalker?
Tim always does have a habit of looking at things in the worse scenarios, which is not helping really as he begins contemplate the questions he knows he must face. Tim begins ticking them off. How far will he be comfortable and willing go?
He isn’t sure. Oh, it was lovely kissing Abbie last night and peeking down her top for a glimpse of her breasts. He would so like to touch, kiss, and suck them. Her hand on his cock, ooh, and when he felt her lips for that second on his glans. All of those things he knows he likes.
Tim blushes, remembering feeling her cock through her dress, and him being aroused doing so. Especially when Abbie suggested he thinks of it as her big clit. But something stirred in him, acknowledging it was a cock, and he did enjoy rubbing it. Just how much more than that?
Could he fuck Abbie considering how it would have to happen?
Tim wasn’t sure. And to be truthful, several of the times he had been with a woman, he softened before he could enter them. That alternative way, would it cause the same effect or worse? He is still a bit embarrassed at how fast he came last night.
(But actually, that is mostly in Tim’s mind as he did not shoot all that soon after arousal).
Would Tim ever feel comfortable sucking her ‘big clit’? Or, for that matter, even stroking and pleasuring it regularly?
Again Tim just doesn’t know. His body is working against him as Tim feels his prick rising in his sweatpants. Thank goodness they are really baggy, so it doesn’t show. But Tim stops to catch his breath and wonders why each time he thinks of Abbie’s cock, he gets so turned on.
Would he at some time want Abbie to fuck him?
Having Abbie suck him and jerk him, Tim knows he will love and not want to end. But could he? Press himself up in her. Besides his performance worries, would he be repelled by anal and sex? That he does really have explore more. And he knows it is only fair want pleasure Abbie as she would like in return for what she seems so willing do for him.
And his friends, acquaintances, colleagues, could he introduce Abbie them as his girlfriend? Would any of them suspect?
Damn, that is the hardest part of it all. How would his buddies and others react? And could he stand tall and accept their judgment of him? Or could it turn everything between Abbie and him sour? Damn, more questions than answers. He needs help thinking this through.
Tim realizes now that he was rather blind the facts, mesmerized by the beauty Abbie created, but would others see it that way. Or would the truth be realized by them? And would he care if they did know the truth?
Again, Tim is so unsure about this. Shit!!! Tim just wants be with Abbie, though he knows he still isn’t sure how. How open and willing could he be? And all this about dealing with the rest of the world too.
Tears start streaming down Tim’s face, making him angry that he can’t control his emotions better. He knows it is all due to his past. But come on, he is over thirty now and should be past all these feelings of inadequacies.
Tim was born in 1986. The illegitimate only of a woman in her forties. The result of her affair with a foreign married man. She had been swept off her feet by him when suffering from middle-age doldrums. Realizing she was pregnant, the man just walked away, leaving her to fend for herself and her .
She worked hard all her life, which wasn’t that long really, as she was dead by the time she was sixty-five and Tim only in his mid-twenties. Cancer took over her so quickly, spreading before anything could be done. Now eight later, Tim has become depend on their neighbor, Leslie, who his mother always was close since soon after they moved into their house twenty ago. Leslie comforted him and mourned with him after her death.
Due the circumstances of his birth, Tim was often picked on at school growing up. He internally longed for a ‘real family’ and feels so inferior others. None of which is his fault, but he never could comprehend this and work through these demons he has.
Tim was and still is, in many ways, afraid of sex. Though he so longed for someone hold, caress, and cherish him. Tim’s mother, while not unkind, was not often demonstrative with him, so he craved affection but was so scared try find it. But who did he want this affection from?
Tim’s mother was apt take him probably not fully appropriate places and activities from a young age. At seven, she took Tim to see The Crying Game. Not understanding the movie at all, he was enamored with the lovely young woman, who he somehow comprehended was not a woman. Tim knew not to ask his mother about it, but for it would cross his mind, and he would wonder.
Later, when Tim was in his teens, frequently visiting video stores, he came across many movies with similar themes, and he would spend hours in his bedroom watching them and learning to masturbate. He was so aroused with the ‘woman’ in them. And when it was revealed that they were actually men, he would get hard again.
Since then, Tim preferred those types of movies or clips. The ones showing lovely ‘women’ who, when looking at, you would not consider what they are hiding. When he saw The Danish Girl, he ended up buying the DVD and watching it over and over. She was so lovely. Yes, he understood it was a man, but just so much more delicate and beautiful than the actual women in the film.
The thing was with watching these films, and Tim’s growing feelings of arousal that way, he didn’t equate it with desiring such a person. And even while on camera, it was revealed that they were a man, Tim only saw them in his mind eye as a beautiful woman.
That is just Tim’s makeup, and comprehension of things, which has exploded for him now. So many things are baffling him.
All this whirls through Tim’s head. Remembering this, as he finishes his run, makes him pant and his heart race. He has never thought about it, but is that who he is attracted to? And what does it mean?
Confused, he doesn’t even stop for coffee for Leslie and him but hurries home and showers. A bit calmer now, he hears his phone ringing. Hoping it’s from Abbie, Tim checks and is a little disappointed to see it’s is Leslie calling, "Morning Tim, I hope you are okay. I heard you come in late last night and then go out earlier. I saw you return a while ago. Is everything fine, do you want to talk?"
A little annoyed about the tabs Leslie seems to be keeping on him, Tim replies in a gruff voice, "Everything thing is fine." But he immediately realizes he does need to talk to Leslie about all this which is happening. In a kinder voice continues, “I just got out of the shower after a long run. I would like to talk to you. Could I come over in a bit? I am sorry, with everything, I did not even stop for coffee.”
Leslie tells him she will put a pot on and make them breakfast and tells him to come over when he is ready. Before leaving, Tim checks his fitness app. He realizes his runs both yesterday and today are at a record pace for him. ‘What is Abbie doing to him? Just how good for him is she?’
Opening the door, Leslie sees Tim looking happier than she thinks he has been since before his mother died. Though below that happiness, she can see into Tim’s soul as she has been able to for so long now. She sees the confusion there too. Smiling internally for the positive, she doesn't say anything.
Leslie serves breakfast and coffee, and they talk in general without touching the subject both are keen to discuss. Abbie.
Knowing Tim so well, Leslie realizes she will have to open the topic, so finally asks. “What happened after our brief talk last night? Did things go, okay?”
Replying, Tim tells her about going back to Abbie’s flat, his almost walking away again, but Abbie opening the door to him. Abbie’s tear-stained face, and the tears he had shed too. And how they just fell to kissing each other really for the first time. Not fully but letting each other know they were ready to start and see what would happen.
Tim realizes that it is so easy to talk about all this with Leslie, and he is not sure why. He would never have been able to talk about this with his mother. Leslie is so accepting and understanding. Now that he has confessed to her, the biggest thing about Abbie, talking about her to Leslie is so easy.
Tim tells Leslie he did apologize for acting so rudely. Leslie again smiles to herself, ‘So like Tim to feel everything is his fault. And he is actually using "her" to describe Abbie. Does Tim realize what a tell that is?’
Flustered, Tim asks Leslie what she thinks, “Is it normal to think of Abbie as a woman despite having a cock and balls? She says to think of her cock as her big clit. Does that make sense?”
Leslie replies, “Yes, with trans, that is a common way to think of it. Actually, women who a femdom role in a relationship and ‘sissify’ their partner refer it that way too.”
Now Tim is totally confused, “Does Abbie want to sissify ?”
Leslie pats Tim’s hand, “No, Tim, that is when a woman dresses a man in women’s underwear and clothing. Abbie is in the female role and wants a man be with her, I am sure that is not anywhere in her wheelhouse of sexual interests.”
Tim starts wonder how Leslie is so knowledgeable about this. He knows she counsels a group at the community center since retiring but is not totally clear what type of group it is. Thinking this, Tim asks, “Leslie, can I ask how you know this? I understand if you don’t want to answer, I’m not trying to pry.”
“Oh, Tim,” Leslie says, “Do you understand the group I run? What is the focus? Or really what my job was when I worked? Or, for that matter, my own inclinations?”
Tim replies, “No, Leslie, I’m not sure I do. I know you worked for and the university and now volunteer some sort of local group but more than that, no.”
Leslie tells Tim her past, well not all of it, but as much as she knows he can handle at this time.
I went college in the seventies. It was the height really of the women’s movement. Women’s Studies programs, and degrees – which I got – just started being accepted as valid programs. It was the Our Bodies, Ourselves era. Sexual exploration was encouraged, well, not as open as today, but lesbian options were prevalent.
And I was easily drawn in. While never thinking of myself as anything other than a woman. I did only want to be with another woman. The one time I had been with a was a disaster. And when soon after I seduced my first woman, I was hooked.
I was, and still am, I guess, a bit of what is considered a butch. Getting a pretty girl succumb my charms, letting more or less be the one in control was my pattern.
Being the ‘butch,’ the more mannish, and dominant partner in the relationship. You know how I dress, almost always in khakis and tee, plaids, or polo shirts. My hair cut shorter, and rarely any makeup. That was .
I never felt I was a man, that is what transgender is. Never even considering surgery make so. No, I just liked taking the dominant role in things, being in charge, the stronger partner.
I was successful in my career, getting my doctorate and teaching woman’s studies, and then LGBT courses. When I retired from the university, I was still recovering from your mother’s death. Needing an outlet of some sort, I began counseling and running sessions at the community center for gays, trans, and even those with different fetishes.
Offering support and understanding about issues with family, community, even themselves. Helping individuals find happiness in who they are and not be ashamed of themselves is the main focus. Understanding that they should not worry about the choices they make. And, no, they should not be judged by anyone.
Suddenly, Tim’s eyes are open to who Leslie really is. It does not bother him in the least. Though there is one somewhat nagging question for him. About Leslie and his mother. They were such close friends all those . Were they more than that? But today is not the moment to go into that. He has so much more to understand about himself.
Tim tentatively asks, “So my worries and concerns are not unknown or new to you? Have you met others like me, unsure of what they are feeling or how to proceed?”
“Well, most people I deal with are gay. They talk from that side. How they are treated at times differently, coming out, being accepted. But they do discuss being with people who are discovering that side of themselves for the first time with them. Which is what you are talking about,” Leslie responds. “You need to consider if you can go into what underneath is really a gay relationship with Abbie.”
Tim quickly says, “But I don’t think of Abbie as a , she is a woman. Am I wrong think that?” But as he says it, he remembers about the movies, and what went through his head while he ran this morning. “Leslie, am I gay?”
“Honey,” Leslie comforts him, “It is going be a very grey area for you. And what type of intercourse you engage in with Abbie. It is one thing suck what you are feeling is her clit - but if underneath you feel it is what it is, you will probably know. And how much farther would you go? It is all where you feel you are stepping over the line.”
She continues, “Often men who engage in threesomes with a woman and another man, acting as the bull for either a ‘sissy’ man or cuckold while letting the man ‘service’ them – suck their cock or finger them, in their mind the ‘bull’ does not feel they are engaging in a homosexual act. Even if in the bull role, they ass fuck the other man. It is all a matter of mindset and denial, really.
“And I guess it is how far you will go, what your personal belief is in reference Abbie. You do think of Abbie as a woman and refer her as ‘she.’ That is the attitude you have now. But is it truly how you see things between you?” Leslie is now making Tim’s mind swirl again with so many variances he has consider.
“Please help understand. I want give her pleasure, and have something real with her,” Tim begs.
“Tim, how much do you know about gays and trans? Or deviant sexual practices? Or, for that matter, sex in general?” Leslie says gently.
Tears in his eyes, Tim admits, “Honestly, very little. What makes it deviant? Is it wrong feel the way I do?”
Leslie can’t help herself, feeling for Tim so, she pulls him in her arms and says, “No, honey. Everyone’s choices should be their own, and no one else’s business. But unfortunately, that is not always the case. And you do need think about how your circle of friends and the world you live in will react. And could you handle it.”
Knowing she has given Tim some hard truths, Leslie is pleased with his response. At least he does want make this work with Abbie. “Will you help ? Help be truthful with myself about all this?” Tim can’t stop himself from going on, “Before knowing the truth, I thought Abbie was a woman, surely others will see the same. Won’t they?”
Leslie ponders a minute to work out how to say what she is thinking. She looks into Tim's eyes and then says, "Tim, Abbie is who she is. The fact she has extra appendages is a fact of nature, similar to some people having blue eyes and others brown. At all times, be honest with her.
“If she is the person for you, then grab hold of her, talk, be open at all times. Treat her as the woman you see her as. Darling boy, there is nothing wrong with you. You are showing a maturity that pleases me. You aren't dismissing Abbie but seriously thinking about her,” Leslie reassures Tim.
“Something you need to think about. Are you attracted to Abbie because of her mind and personality or because of the body you thought she had?" Leslie hones in on the main point.
Looking at Leslie, Tim listens and tries to process everything she says but quickly realizes this raises more questions. Tim sits there, thinking.
This is all too much for me to comprehend. Leslie, a lesbian, and a butch, she says? All the questions she is raising. All I want is to be with Abbie and feel her warm touch. And to make her happy. Happier than she ever has been. Never to have the tears in her eyes over me as she did last night.
Leslie breaks his pondering, “Tim, I think the next step is for you and Abbie to come here for dinner tonight. Abbie, from what you have said, wants you to be fully sure before going forward at all. And perhaps with me as a third party and counselor, we can together address the issues you must come to terms with.”
Tears in his eyes, Tim thanks her, that yes, that might be a starting place.
He hurries home. Tim can’t believe it is already in the afternoon. Have he and Leslie talked that long? He calls Abbie for the first time. This invitation should not be texted. She answers on the second ring and says, “Hello Tim.” His heart surges that she has put his name with his number on her phone and is willing acknowledge she has.
He does find himself stuttering a little, so unsure about her answer, “Abbie, would you join for dinner at my neighbor’s house at five? I know it is a bit strange of an invitation, but she has always been close for and is in a position understand and help try figure out things for us.
“It was her suggestion that we should talk about things, my concerns, yours, and as she is an LGBT counselor, she could help us some,” Tim rambles on.
While Abbie is surprised at this, she never would have thought Tim had such access the LGBT world, her heart thumps thinking about how seriously Tim is taking all this, and what it might mean. “Tim, that sounds like a good idea. A good starting place. What is her address? As you mentioned, it is not a far walk for me,” Abbie tells him.
Mannerly, as he has been brought up, Tim is ready say he would come and get her. But then questions confront him about the darker side of entering into something with Abbie. He becomes chicken thinking about being seen walking down the street with her on his arm or holding his hand. So instead, Tim just gives her the address and says he looks forward to seeing her.
As soon as Tim hangs up the phone from Abbie, he is cursing himself for being so weak and scared. He wants Abbie so much, but he is in conflict with all the issues which have been suggested. He can only hope that Leslie can work magic and help them through many of them tonight. Tim knows it will take time to deal with everything, some not even realized yet.
Having made the phone call, Tim is pleased and excited at the prospect of seeing Abbie again so soon. But then he starts thinking over the conversation with Leslie. The things she told him to think about.
Is he gay? How can he be? To him, Abbie is a woman. How can that make him gay? Does it matter what label is attached to a potential affair with her? What will others think? Will they realize and stigmatize him as being gay? Should he worry, or is this another example of how he thinks the world sees him?
Already, a lot of the time, he feels people tolerate him being there. Should he really be bothered about what they think? Should he stop trying to please everyone, even if he doesn't really agree with them?
Thinking back, he starts to realize how big the seismic change he has undergone in less than forty-eight hours. Never has he felt so welcomed as he did in going into that bar. The guy opening the door and encouraging him to enter. That man seemed genuinely pleased to see him. Once in there, he felt ‘at home’ like this was ‘his’ bar, and these people were his people.
Then Tim worries, such as he always does, too much over things. ‘Was that man gay and checking me out? Did he think I was too?’
Now, that adds to him wondering, would he feel the same going back again? But if he did, it would be with Abbie, wouldn’t it? Could he make a new circle of friends? Who would help and support him as he comes to terms with the major changes in his life Tim is contemplating making?
Now knowing Leslie is a lesbian, Tim knows she won't think any less of him being with Abbie. That speaks for itself. But being assured one person supports him, is that enough?
Then he worries, is he rushing things? For all he knows, Abbie will reject him. Tim hopes that won't be the case but knows only time will tell.
Thinking this, he looks around and realizes how drab and old his home looks. He keeps the place clean always, as his mother taught him. But it is just dark and unwelcoming really for someone so special to see. How can he bring Abbie there?
Immediately he starts to clean, but all too quickly, it's time to get ready. Jumping again in the shower, his hand with the cloth lingers over washing his cock, remembering Friday night. He does start to harden, but he catches himself, knowing that this isn’t the moment to give in to temptation. Does it now matter that what he thought of Abbie then has altered?
Out of the shower, standing naked, he takes his phone and calls Abbie. He is so stupid and cowardly to not offer to get her to her here. Besides, he should get a bottle of wine for dinner.
“Abbie,” Tim says when she answers, “I am glad I caught you, I hope you haven’t left yet. I will come and get you, so you don’t have trouble finding the place.” Abbie thanks him, and Tim tells her he should be there in about fifteen minutes. Dressing quickly in jeans and a polo shirt, he heads out. He will stop at the shop on the way back to get the wine, so he does not keep Abbie waiting.
When Tim gets to Abbie’s flat, he is disappointed to find her waiting for him in front. He was hoping for a few minutes in her flat kissing and touching before they left. That is out of the question now.
He is a bit more confused when she just takes his hand and shakes it in greeting. Abbie does hold it for a few seconds so he can feel her soft touch. He realizes now that Abbie, not knowing what he has decided, is keeping things non-sexual between them for now.
She does not even take his arm or hand, though he does offer as they walk down the bloc Tim tells Abbie as they approach the market that he needs run in it for a minute. Abbie tells him she too wants to get something. While Tim gets the wine, Abbie goes to the bakery counter and gets a box of pastries.
She explains to Tim they are as thanks to Leslie for having her to dinner. Tim grins that the wine is for that too. Now with packages in hand, they walk the rest of the way. They don’t really talk, rather just enjoy the niceness of being together, flows through them both.
Arriving at Leslie’s house, Tim introduces Abbie, “Leslie, this is Abbie. Abbie, this is my friend Leslie.”
Leslie cuts in, “It’s Les, actually. Tim thinks of me as Leslie, which is fine, but most of my friends call me Les, it fits me more.”
Tim is taken back as the woman who is like a second mother to him has always been Leslie to him. But then he remembers his mother used to call her Les. And Leslie, well Les, would call his mother named Cynthia, Cyn, pronouncing it ‘Sin.’
Les takes them into the dining room, thanking both for their offerings. She has Tim open the wine while getting the rest of the food for the table. “Let’s eat and get to know each other some before we get to the real conversation,” Les proposes.
Over dinner and dessert, they chat amicably. Abbie is open about her past. Les immediately realizes that Abbie is American, not British, and asks how Abbie came to be here now.
Abbie tells them both about her past, helping Tim to know her more.
I was born and grew up in a rural area of Nebraska. Wheat and corn country. The farm belt of America. But also the Bible belt too. When I realized in my teens how I really felt about myself and my disposition, it was not too keenly accepted.
My family has a large agricultural establishment, so we were not hurting for in the least. When I finished high school, I went east college. My parents were glad. They could not accept that I felt l was more a woman than the they had. They supported through college, and when in my senior year, I was offered a scholarship study in London, I jumped at the opportunity.
Having half the world between and my family was the perfect solution for them. I would still be ‘Abe’ them but now could freely transform Abbie. In London, I soon found a gay and trans community which I immersed myself in.
When I graduated eight ago, I began working in London for a branch of the same organization I do now. I worked my way up in about four when I was offered the office administrator job at the location here. I jumped at the opportunity as I knew this would be a quieter, more relaxed community than the hustle and bustle of the city. And I was assured that this was a somewhat LGBT accepting place to live. And the promotion was nothing to sneeze at either.
Since I came to the UK, I started dressing as a woman more and more. I began letting my hair grow and started having my body hair regularly removed by laser. It wasn’t twenty-four/seven yet but moving towards that.
Before I did take the position here, the organization allowed me a leave of absence long enough to have breast surgery. After that, I completely changed my wardrobe to all-female attire. So I have been here for about now, as Abbie has arrived.
My apartment is convenient for work, right on the bus line, and with some nice places for me spend leisure time accessible by walking or short bus rides. Nice places like where we met Tim the other night.
After Abbie finishes her history, Les tells Abbie some about her past, much what she told Tim this morning. Abbie asks Les if she is seeing anyone now. Les replies, not for about eight or so now, but she realizes she should begin make an effort again.
Tim is silent about his past, it is something he needs share with Abbie, but much of it is hard for him talk about, it will take time for him feel ready open up. Leslie knows this, and Abbie somehow quickly picks up on it too.
So the conversation turns to the real things they need to talk about. Tim does hesitantly tell Abbie he wants to be with her, to see if something could develop between them. He does think of Abbie as ‘she'. Though he understands, in reality, he has to accept her as ‘him’ also. He tells he is still not sure how well he will accept the possible stigma being in such a relationship will put on him, but he does want to try.
At about this point, Tim excuses himself to the bathroom. While he is gone, quietly and quickly, Les explains one part of Tim’s past to Abbie.
“Tim is illegitimate Abbie. His mother had an affair with a married man in middle age and was surprised at Tim being the result. The man stepped out of their lives quickly, so Tim has only had his mother, and me, as his support and family. He always felt, and still feels, people look down on him about this. So making this type of decision about you is a big step. And may take time,” Les says.
Abbie nods in understanding. She will wait until Tim is able to tell her this himself, but it is good to know. It helps in understanding what Tim is really going through, making such a major life decision. And in such a few short hours really.
Tim comes back, and Les encourages them both to talk about their concerns, expectations, and hopes. Abbie assures Tim that they will take it very slowly for him. So he will not be scared or hurt. Tim is grateful.
Then Abbie takes a paper from her purse, “Tim, this is a certificate stating that I have been tested and STD free. It was done a couple of weeks ago, and I have not been with anyone since then. As the testing is available at the organization where I work, I do it regularly to be sure.”
Tim realizes Abbie has been much more sexually active than he has been. When she asks if he has ever been tested, he turns bright red. But he pulls himself together enough to confess, and in front of Leslie too. “No, I haven’t, but I think I should be right away. I haven’t had much of a sex life except me jerking off from time to time. But about twice a year for the last four or five, I do have such a strong urge for contact and sex with someone else. Because of that, I go to a ,” Tim says in a low voice.
Abbie smiles so lovingly at him and covers his hand. “Tim, that is very understandable. Everyone needs physical contact and release at times. Considering what is available, sometimes it requires the solution you have used,” Abbie comforts him. “Yes, you should be checked right away, though. I’ll tell you what, tomorrow, after you get off work, come to the hospital where the organization is located. You know the hospital, don’t you?” Abbie inquires.
Tim now knows where Abbie works, and it is only a couple of stops past where he gets off. He could even walk there, and then, for sure, Abbie and he could ride home together. He tells her yes and listens to her direction as to where to go in the building.
Abbie explains that he will have to give a urine sample and have a blood test. Both can be done in about fifteen minutes. And his results will be available the next day. She can even bring the envelope with the results to him if he signs a release for her to pick them up.
All seems settled about this, and Les compliments Abbie for being health-conscious and knowing this is a major concern in the gay community, especially. Though she does add that the sexually active community as a whole, when having multiple partners, should be just as diligent and concerned.
Abbie agrees, and the conversation shifts to issues in the communities in which both Les and Abbie wor Tim follows the conversation, learning and absorbing more and more about these subsections of the general population.
At about eight after a final glass of sherry each, Tim tells Leslie he is going walk Abbie home, as it is now getting dark out. Abbie and Tim depart, both feeling much better about starting this relationship between them.
Outside, Abbie asks which house is Tim’s. Tim the house the left of Leslie’s as they stand looking at them. “One day, I would like you come see the house, but I would like get it cleaned up more before I do,” Tim tells her.
As they turn head Abbie’s flat, she takes his hand and squeezes it as they wal It feels so good and right Tim. He is so happy he starts swing their arms a little.
At her apartment, Abbie invites Tim in. He readily agrees, and as soon as the door is closed, he has Abbie in his arms and is kissing her deeply and passionately. Abbie does not hold back and returns the furor.
Somehow they do make it over the couch, and Tim sits down, holding Abbie standing between his legs. “Abbie, could I see it?” he asks shyly.
‘It’ what does Tim mean?
Then Abbie understands and lifts her dress up her waist. She is hard now from their kissing, and her cock/clit is outlined in her silk panties. Tim lifts his hand, and his fingers brush over it. Feeling the shaft, up the glans which he rubs gently, then back down. He does not touch Abbie’s balls, though. He is not ready for that.
Abbie can tell Tim is hard too from the bulge in his pants. She asks if he would like to open or take off his pants so it doesn’t strain against him too much? Tim moves his hands and undoes his trousers and takes them and his shoes off. He does keep his boxers on, but his glans is sticking out just a bit.
Tim turns his attention back to Abbie’s crotch. “May I take your panties off?” he asks.
Abbie smiles at him and nods, thinking what a sweet, polite man he is. But so unsure. Give him time, he will know what is allowed without asking permission.
After one more soft caress over it as Tim sighs deeply, he moves his fingers up in the band of the panties, sliding his hands back to cup Abbie’s ass cheeks as he slowly lowers the panties. Rubbing her cheeks, then thighs feeling their smoothness as his erection increases. Over her calves, then helps Abbie step out of them and her shoes.
Abbie lifts her dress over her head and drops it. Now Tim can fully see her in just lace bra, garter belt, and silk stockings.
Tim is in awe as he looks at her smooth, hairless mons. Abbie’s skin looks so soft and lovely. At first, he is afraid to touch, but then Abbie takes his hand and brings it to her stomach for him to start there. Once she has him rubbing in a gentle pattern, she directs his hand down to run back and forth across her mons.
Both are sighing.
Tim looks at Abbie and sees while not a bad size, even erect as it is now, she is not very long, maybe only about five inches. And not too much girth. Her balls actually are small too, about the size of pinballs. Thinking of this as Abbie’s clit could be possible.
Abbie asks Tim, “Do you want to touch my clit? You do need to treat it as one. I like it when it is done that way. Do you know how to with a clit?”
The last question Abbie asks very kindly, knowing now that Tim might not know how do certain things. Even with a woman, or for that matter might never have. So she wants him feel comfortable telling her and asking for help do the right thing.
Looking deep into Abbie’s eyes, Tim shakes his head no. She just smiles at him, leans and kisses him, and tells him that is fine, she will show him how.
And Tim’s first lesson begins.
Abbie shows him how to just hold the glans in his fingers, rubbing around and around. Over the slit and pressing in it a little. When a little precum appears, she directs him to hold the glans, the tip of her clit she calls it, in the palm of his hand. Then she has his fingers rub and circle around the bottom half.
She uses language for him to think he is pleasuring her clit, and he is a quick study and is soon making Abbie writhe in delight. She knows she is not far from coming now, so she shows him how to back off a bit to slow the elation letting the arousal ride through her a second or third time.
After about twenty minutes of instruction, Abbie takes Tim’s hand away, telling him he can more in a bit, but she wants him do something for her now. Tim pouts a little but removes his hand as Abbie sits down beside him.
Abbie says, “Tim, all men like be jerked in different ways. The ways they like the best make them cum. And how they pull back let the arousal linger. Just like I like be touched like it is my clit, in a different manner than just squeezing and moving up and down the<b> shaft. </font></b>I need you to show how you like it done, so I know what you enjoy the best.”
Tim realizes, first, that yes, he has been jerking someone’s coc But him, it is his darling Abbie’s clit. This is a fine line he is beginning wal Second, he is being requested wank himself in front of someone else. Something he never did. But it is Abbie requesting he do it, and he can deny her nothing.
Lifting his ass, he takes his boxers down his calves. As Abbie watches closely, Tim begins place his hand on his prick and squeeze and wank it. After several yanks, Tim takes his hand and smacks his glans and sides of his<b> shaft. </font></b>Rather hard, before returning tug it. This back and forth between jerking and smacking go on for several minutes.
“Sweetie,” Abbie asks gently, “Why do you slap yourself so? Does that add your pleasure? Is it something you want me do?”
Tim realizes for the first time that this part of him wanking is like a punishment for doing such a thing himself. But at the same time, he does feel a satisfying sexual stirring from it too. He tries to explain this to Abbie, and she leans and kisses his lips, then his cheeks, eyes, and forehead while stroking his face.
“I understand, honey. It is, as all things sexual, such a mixed bag of emotions involved. And we all bring our histories with us. Do you want me to try and wank you now? Do you want me to spank your cock too? Tell me how hard,” Abbie comforts him.
Tim looking in her eyes, with tears, tells her he would like her to, both. Abbie laughs and moves his hand back over her clit as she firmly grasps his<b> shaft </font></b>in hers. Tim knows that Abbie is not laughing at him, just from the joy of the moment.
This is the first time he doesn’t feel someone is judging him and feeling he doesn’t measure up.
“Actually Tim, not tonight, but I think I might like feel you slapping my clit some too, so I can experience what that feels like,” Abbie tells him as for the first time he feels the palm of her hand smack against his cock sending tremors through his whole body.
Life could not be any better.
For the next hour, Tim and Abbie mutually masturbate each other in their preferred manner. Slowing often to allow this journey to last. Together they cum spurting their juices on their stomachs. Abbie gets a wet rag and returns, wiping herself off and then Tim. She has thrown a short robe on over her undies, but it is still opened some.
As she cleans his cock and balls, Abbie says, “Next time we will use oil when we do this. It makes everything feel even more lovely.” Tim is overjoyed to hear this. There will be a next time. And the idea of using oil. That would be something new to experience.
Abbie helps Tim back into his shorts and trousers, taking her time tucking him in and zipping him up. This will become the normal course of things for them. Tim comes to realize Abbie does like dressing and adjusting him, and he loves her doing it.
Tim does not want to leave, but it is now after ten and knows he must. They both need to be up in the morning to catch the bus. And knowing they will definitely be together on the ride home too sends surges of happiness through Tim.
As they kiss in parting, Abbie tells him, “I will be sure to save you a seat next to me on the bus tomorrow morning.”
That promise is enough for Tim to return home, feeling he is floating on air. 

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