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Tim and Abbie 05: Tuesday  

Clairew1959 61F  
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8/26/2020 3:15 pm
Tim and Abbie 05: Tuesday

Climbing on the bus Tuesday morning, Tim is delighted to see Abbie sitting there. He hurries to the seat next to her, being the one to kiss her good morning first today. “Thank you for last night,” he tells her in a low voice. Abbie smiles in return.
The ride to work is too short. It seems to Tim to be too soon when he must leave Abbie. With a quick kiss goodbye and promises to text during the day, he makes his departure. Knowing now how close Abbie is to him during the day, only a few blocks, makes Tim feel good. It is like Abbie is with him all the time now. Just a little out of view, but so available.
His morning passes slowly, he feels, but today there is a smile on his face that won’t go away. A disposition he rarely is in at work. Tim’s coworkers notice this change about him. And his phone pinging several times over the last four hours.
They ponder, ‘Who could he be in contact with? His cellphone never is heard ringing, or for that matter him on it, during the day.’ Some are so shocked they even begin to gossip a bit together about this ‘new' Tim.
Just before noon, Tim gets another text from Abbie. She and he had sent meaningless messages back and forth a few times already. But this, one those around him note, he is spending a good while answering back.
Abbie: I have your results. They just came in. I’ll have them for you this evening on the bus.
Tim: What time are you going to lunch? Would you like to meet? I am so excited to see the report. I could take you to lunch, and you can give it to me then. Actually, going to lunch with you would be such fun. Where would you like to meet?
Abbie laughs a bit at Tim’s reply. His eagerness. But to be honest, she can’t wait to see what the results say either.
Abbie: Do you know the little sandwich shop about midway between our stops. On the same side of the street as both your office and the hospital are on?
Tim: Yes, that would be perfect. What time?
Abbie: How about twelve-thirty. It should only take us about five minutes for both of us to get there.
Tim: I’ll be waiting for you out front. Thanks so much.
Again, the others in the office watch as Tim leaves at a quarter after twelve. Another strange occurrence for Tim.
Tim always brings a sandwich in a brown bag for his lunch. It is a ritual to watch him take the bag from his briefcase, lay the sandwich on the bag next to his computer at one o’clock, and eat while he works.
A buzz starts around the office about this, how there is something different about Tim. He’s worked at this company since he got his degree ten years ago. Tim showed his worth early on. Streamlining operations and workflow first for his own work. Then humbly suggesting bigger changes with has increased efficiency of not only Tim’s department but the entire company.
He should have risen in the company long ago, but he just plods along with his job, not asking for any recognition. But that is Tim. All knew his shyness and sense of not being worthy of anything. All like Tim a lot and respect him, not that he is aware of this.
Tim hurries to the restaurant, the idea of seeing Abbie in the middle of the day so arouses him. He realizes that more and more his prick is hardening in his pants just thinking about it, and hopes it is not too much for people to notice.
Arriving there by twelve-twenty, a good ten minutes early, he stands in front of the restaurant trying to calm himself and then thinks what Abbie is bringing with her. That seemed to help his cock dwindle fast.
He knows or thinks he does, that surely the agency he uses for the prostitutes check them regularly. Surely, they are truthful, and the women are all clean. And, after all, he did always use condoms, so surely he is clean. But it does nag at him. What if he is the one unsafe for them to go forward?
Abbie walks up just then and takes his arm and steers him into the sandwich shop. Finding a table a bit away from others they sit, and she hands him the envelope. Now Tim’s heart is beating wildly. He wants to know, but does he in Abbie’s presence?
“Abbie, please, you open it and tell me. I am too nervous,” Tim pleads.
Taking the envelope back from him, Abbie smiles and asks, “Are you sure, Tim?”
With the nod of his head, she opens the envelope and takes out the report to scan. “Baby, all is good. Both of us are clean. Now it is just where does this go with us?” Abbie comfortingly says.
Tim, so reassured, leans to her and kisses Abbie full on the lips. He does not care who is looking. Tears of joy in his eyes, he tells her in a low voice, “I want to take this as far as we can. I want you totally, completely, deeply, and always.”
As soon as he says it, Tim blushes, realizing what he has revealed. But Abbie just takes his hand and squeezes it telling him, “Tim, I am sure we will experience so many wonderful firsts, seconds, and always, but I know we need to do it one step at a time. To make sure you can cope with what is happening.”
While Tim knows what Abbie is saying is very true and wise, at this moment, he would like to rip her blouse open and dive into her tits. That's just to start. Then get Abbie down on the floor, her skirt up to her waist. Followed quickly by pulling down her panties and his cock, which is again throbbing pressed up in her love hole. Fucking her so hard. Harder than he ever has been able to. Abbie grabbing his ass, pressing him in more and more. Her legs wrapped around his neck, making entry so easy.
Tim’s face reddens with this image crashing through his mind, and Abbie can see he is enthralled in some fantasy. She just places her hand on his thigh and when the waitress comes to take the order, it does for both of them.
“Baby, everything will happen at the right time and place. Right now, we need to have some lunch, both get back to work, and then, tonight, yes, you can come home with me after work,” Abbie tells him.
Tim has no idea what he had for lunch, only the kissing on their departure outside the restaurant with Abbie. He is floating on a cloud all afternoon. Giving his colleagues more reason to notice and wonder.
When he gets on the bus, Abbie is waiting for him, his seat beside her open, he hurries to her side. Meaningless chat about their day covers the ride to Abbie’s flat. When Tim stop arrives, and he gets to stay on, he starts to grow. He tries all the tricks he has heard of to distract his mind from this sensation.
But as they walk the block to Abbie’s place, Tim carries his briefcase in front of him some.
The moment the door is closed behind them, Tim has Abbie in his arms, kissing her how he has longed to for two days now. Abbie can feel his longing, and she has a similar tingling through her body.
They press their bodies together tightly to feel each other even through their clothes. As they kiss, Tim and Abbie move towards the couch. There, Tim presses Abbie’s back on the pillows and lays on top of her. Abbie feels Tim rubbing his hard cock against her thigh as they kiss.
She is afraid he might explode too soon. The night has yet to begin.
Abbie gets Tim to sit up as she does beside him. “Baby, I have a present for you, from the other night,” Abbie tells Tim. He blushes deeply as he has nothing in return for her.
Abbie gets up and leaves the room for a minute to reappear with a gift bag. Tim wonders what it could be. As he removes the wrap, he smiles some. It is a bottle of bubble bath and a soft washcloth.
“Now, sweetie, you have what is need to have a bubble bath, alone, or better with me, either on video or in real life,” Abbie says. “And that is an idea, to get nice and relaxed, let’s take a bath together, with a glass of wine.”
A bath together, seeing each other in person fully, completely, naked, and to be in reach to touch each other?
Tim’s head is spinning, “That would be really nice, Abbie.”
“Well first, let’s get undressed. Though let’s undress each other very slowly,” Abbie suggests as she swings herself up to saddle Tim face him. She begins by undoing his ties and pulling it off.
Then the first button of his shirt. The second. The third. By now, Tim is fumbling to undo her buttons to reveal her bra and lovely chest.
Abbie meant it about taking their time. When she had the third button undone, she slides her hands inside Tim’s shirt and starts to squeeze and play with his tits. He moans with desire. Then the fourth button is undone and more access to his chest hair, which Abbie scratches her fingers though and twirls it around her fingers.
Tim loves this attention, but he feels his balls filling as full as they can handle. And Abbie, on his lap, can feel the same stiffness in his cock happening. She quickly unbuttons the last of his shirt as he does her blouse. They both remove them, then Abbie fall to her knees in front of Tim’s spread legs and undoes his pant.
He lifts his ass enough for Abbie to pull them off him. He is now completely naked in front of Abbie. And his cock is saluting almost bouncing off her close forehead.
Abbie sees the precum already present and moves Tim’s<b> shaft </font></b>so she can lick the tip of his glans. That is only the start. Abbie runs her moist tongue back and forth over Tim’s slit, then around and around the glans. Moving her mouth down a little, she now nibbling at the crease below the head as she sucks hard on the glans.
Tim feels cum beginning to churn within him. He wiggles a bit, trying to keep himself from cumming too soon. Abbie, realizing what is happening, lifts her head for a moment and says kindly to Tim, “Sweetie, whenever you need to release, do so. The night is still young, so we can work up to it again.”
Never has anyone been so understanding to Tim. When he had cum quickly with the prostitutes and the girl from college, they just dismissed him as finished. For Abbie to say she plans to get him aroused again, and again, makes his whole-body shiver.
Abbie is now back down over his manhood. Taking more and more of his<b> shaft </font></b>in. Then moving out and running her tongue over his<b> shaft </font></b>and balls. Could it be, that as she personally knows what is pleasurable, Abbie is much better at offering lip service than a woman can?
He is so close to cumming, but Tim wants to hold back until he gets to see and feel Abbie fully too. With kindness, he pushes Abbie back from his cock and says, “Let me finish undressing you before we go any further.”
Pleased, Abbie stands and allows Tim to unhook her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Then he undoes the stocking from her garters and slides them down her legs, enjoying the feeling of soft skin and silk together. He lifts up and unhooks her bra, and when her delightful, perky, boobs are on display just inches from him, Tim pulls Abbie on to his lap again and begins to suck and lick them with abandonment.
How Abbie is sitting has Tim’s cock between her legs, rubbing against her pantie crotch. It feels so good there. Caressing her big clitty.
It is like Tim is exploring a new world. He is having a hay day running his fingers and tongue up and down the mounds and valleys of Abbie’s chest. Her breasts are lovely to look at, but even better to suck and play with.
Abbie, enjoying the treatment Tim is giving, leans back some with her hands behind her to keep her up on Tim’s lap. Tim hears her moaning with contentment. His hand on Abbie’s stomach, just about the band of her undies, moves back and forth, moving closer and closer to sliding inside the panties.
He makes his move and begins to tug the panties off. Abbie lifts herself to allow him to. The quick work with the garter and it is out of the way.
But now that Abbie is also naked, he is faced with the dilemma ahead. Tim still wants to keep sucking Abbie’s tits. No, Tim is not yet ready to stop. He wants to enjoy this experience more.
Meanwhile, Abbie’s ‘big clitty’ is rather hard already too. Tim questions himself, ‘Can he touch it directly? Is he ready for that?’
Seeing the outline the other night, and more fully on camera yesterday isn’t quite the same as seeing it pointing up at him as Abbie sits back down on his lap. And his cock tip there between Abbie’s legs rubbing against her<b> shaft.
</font></b>He closes his eyes for a minute and realizes he truly enjoying this sensation. Especially, back to the items at hand, he continues for about five more minutes worshiping Abbie’s breasts. She squirms from his attention to her tits, but the feel of Tim’s cock rubbing against her sends out electrifying shock waves through her body. She reaches between them and, holding both Tim’s cock and hers, Abbie together gives wonderful service to their<b> shaft </font></b>and balls.
Now feeling his balls squeezed together with Abbie’s, and the action on his<b> shaft </font></b>and head, it is not going to be long now. But feeling Abbie against him this strange new way, he knows she is going to cum at the same time. With him. What an amazing concept.
He lifts his face from Abbie’s tits and pushes her back just enough on his lap that the two at attention between their legs are now rubbing glans together. Tim moves Abbie’s hands from her big clit and takes over stroking it how she taught him to do.
Abbie is jerking him hard, and even slapping his<b> shaft </font></b>and head a few times like he has shown her he likes. “Tim, let me feel it, spank my clit like you do yours,” Abbie begs in a whisper.
Tim does as requested, Abbie feels the sensation of the sting against her private plaything. It is different, but she realizes she rather likes the thrill that crashes through her after each swat. And she knows Tim is not striking her very hard, not like he does on himself.
But it does have an effect she finds she rather likes. Well sometimes. They slap at each other, and the firm grip each has on the other, squeezing up and down, wanking each other like there is no tomorrow.
It is only moments more, their cock heads touch, both explode covering the other’s shafts and mons with sperm. Panting from the final release, Abbie leans to Tim and kisses him, then slides down between his legs and licks Tim clean. Enjoying the taste of their mingled cum.
When he is cleaned up, she stands and kisses him again, “I’ll be right back, let me go clean up a little,” she tells Tim. Tim is grateful for this, as he is not sure he is ready to do lip service to Abbie’s big clit. Abbie knows Tim’s limits as they begin down this road, and he is so grateful for that.
Abbie returns in her robe, opened enough for Tim to enjoy the inner view still. She sits beside him on the couch, him still nude, she barely covered. “Why don’t we watch some telly for a while, then it will probably be time for you to head home. You find a good show, and I will get us some wine.”
Tim is now conflicted. Abbie is telling him that this is all there is going to be tonight? What happened to the bath she mentioned? Yes, sitting here with her doing a normal thing like watching tv will be nice. But to know that his curfew is soon ahead. But Abbie is right. It is a work night and staying up too late for either of them is not a good idea. And it is already after eight.
Abbie returns with the bottle of wine, some glasses, and a wonderful spread of cheese, meats, and crackers. Tim didn’t realize until now he is rather hungry. It has been several hours since they had lunch.
They sit and watch a meaningless show, eating and drinking as they do. But often, both their hands find their way to each other’s cock/clit and just stroke it a bit gently, letting each other rise again some but not to the pinnacle point.
When ten o’clock approaches, Abbie, without saying anything, helps Tim back into his shirt. Buttoning it. Then his boxers and pants. Abbie makes sure Tim is settled in his boxers and pants before zipping him up and buckling his belt. This new ritual thrills Tim each time Abbie does it, though it pains him too as he knows she is sending him off for the night.
Getting Tim’s shoes and socks back on, Abbie tightens her robe a bit and sits down next to Tim again. She turns his head, and they do kiss with passion for a few minutes.
Then Abbie blindsides Tim with her statement, “Tim, baby, I will not be on the bus tomorrow, I have to go to the London office for the day tomorrow. This happens every month or so, no big deal, I just take the train in and hopefully be home before too late. Though sometimes it can be approaching nine p.m. when I get home. Let’s hope that it will be much earlier than that when I get back. If I am home early enough, I will let you know if you would like to come over.”
Tim does not know what to say. He just nods that yes, he would like to come over. Then he is being dismissed for the night. After a few more kisses, Abbie leads him to the door. But then stops him. “Oh wait, your present,” she says, hurrying to pick up the bag from where it was left.
“This is for you to have, we will get to our bubble bath here, but something you can enjoy at home too,” Abbie says sweetly.
Tim thanks her, kisses her, and holds Abbie tight for almost a minute. Pulling away, he knows there will be more, so why is he feeling that same sense of dejection?
Walking home, Tim imagines all the negatives, was Abbie disappointed in him for not going down on her yet? No wait, she was the one who said she needed to clean herself up. Tim knows, like always, he is reading way too much into everything that happens.
So she has to work in London tomorrow. Hopefully, she will be able to get back early. And then Tim begins planning his day tomorrow.
Tim has so much accumulated vacation over the last ten years. Never taking more than an occasional day off now and then. The longest was when his mother died, and even then, he was back to work within a week.
So, Tim has a huge bank of vacation/personal time off. Working so much overtime, which at the company is compensated with time off. And that is not including all the lunch breaks he works though.
Yes, when Tim decides on his walk home that tomorrow he will take time off, it will be readily approved, he knows. But will that get the gossip mills churning more? Taking the day off, he can decide what he wants to do with the house. Do what he can to get the house ready for Abbie to see very soon.
That settled, when Tim gets home, he falls quickly to sleep, but only after he sees the text from Abbie.
Abbie: Did you make it home, okay?
Tim: Yes, I did. Have a wonderful day in London tomorrow. But I hope it is a short one that you will be home in time for us to see each other.
Abbie: Me too. I’ll text you when I am free for a moment tomorrow. Sweet dreams.
Tim: You too, and actually, you are helping me to have regular sweet dreams now. Of you.
Abbie only sends a smiley face in response. The flood of happiness streaming over her hearing Tim say this is so special. ‘Damn, I am going to make sure I get out of there by three, so I can be back in time for us to see each other.’

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